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10 Fun and Exciting

Date Ideas


or a relationship to flourish, you need to be comfortable in one another’s company…plus, it’s raining outside and neither of you really feel like dressing up and going out for a date. If this is the case, we have some fantastic stayhome date ideas. Whether you’re still getting to know each other or you’re looking to take things to the next level, we’ll have some tips for you! Before getting started, we should note that a clean home will go a long way. We aren’t saying you should hire cleaners and have all the surfaces shining, but take a look around and make sure your guest will be comfortable in your home. Cook a Meal Together Rather than sitting awkwardly on the sofa and trying to make conversation, why not make some food together? You don’t have to be professional chefs to do this (in fact,

it can actually be more fun if you aren’t so good!). Before they come over, talk about what you can cook together and make sure you have all the ingredients. From here, you can turn on a little music, have fun in the kitchen, and then sit down with a bottle of wine afterwards. Play Board Games Do you both enjoy getting away from technology and spending time playing board games? Why not bust out a couple of the classics and have some fun this way? If you’re still getting to know each other at this stage, board games will ease the tension and allow you to see the competitive streaks you both have. In the early stages, don’t choose adult games that could cause offence but there’s nothing wrong with spicing it up with strip Twister or Scrabble (with naughty words only!). Have a Tasting Session Why not set up a tasting evening for your (or their) favorite drink? Whether it’s wine or whisky, vodka or tequila, buy a variety of flavors and find the differences between them. Soon enough, you’ll be sounding like a pro as you detect the slightest flavors from one drink to the next. If they’ve attended a tasting evening before, they may even teach you a thing or two about the palate and how you should be getting the different notes. If you’re going to choose this one, make sure you have some spring water at the ready and unsalted crackers (to help cleanse the palate between drinks). To be a little more adventurous, you could even serve up some canapés.

4 Luxe | www.luxebridge.com

Get Creative with Cocktails While we’re on the topic of alcohol, who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Even those who swear against drinking cocktails are soon surprised at the amazing flavors. Just like the cooking idea, making cocktails will allow you both to let loose, relax, and get creative. To start, all you need is a basic cocktail-making kit (these can be found online) that includes a shot measure, shaker, strainer, and ice. As long as you have a base alcohol - like tequila or vodka - you don’t have to mix spirits and the different flavors you’re able to create may just surprise you. If you have very little experience of cocktails, we recommend some exotic fruits and several mixers. With tiny umbrellas as the finishing touch, you’ll have the recipe for a brilliant stayhome date. Lounge During a Movie Marathon Who doesn’t love a good movie? Sure, there might be debates from household to household about which genre is best and whether the sequels are better than the originals, but there’s nothing better than sitting down after a long week at work and watching a movie. If we all love them so much, why not spend time together doing exactly this?

For a cozy time, make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks, popcorn, and some comfortable clothing (you could make this a rule!). From here, there’s one missing ingredient - the films. On what marathon should you embark? Most importantly, it needs to be something you’re both going to enjoy. If you’re bored of the standard marathons, why not choose a specific actor or a theme for your films?

With a bottle of Italian wine, homemade pizzas (you could make them yourselves and combine two of the ideas from this list!), and even an Italianinspired movie, you’ll be bringing the country right to your very home.

If the movie choices are poor, the worst thing that can happen is that you’ve got a bad film to talk about (or you could both fall asleep on each other!). On that note, make sure you’ve got some eggs for the morning! Enjoy Some Seasonal Decorating Of course, this particular tip is designed for Christmas; it’s a movie scene the cinema has shown time and time again. There’s eggnog in the kitchen, the radio is blasting Christmas classics, and two people are enjoying each other’s company while decorating the tree. However, it’s a classic scene for a reason - it’s

www.luxebridge.com | Luxe 05

a great way to spend time with someone. Not only can you sing and dance, you can talk about past Christmases and share memories together. Once you’ve spent an hour just trying to get the lights untangled, you could even help each other wrap the presents (especially if you’ve both been putting it off!). With any luck, they’ll be super organized and you’ll have all your presents wrapped in one night. For those planning this route, don’t forget the mistletoe. If Christmas is some time away, you could still use this home-date for Halloween, Easter, etc. Set Up a Romantic Dinner In all relationships, whether in the early stages or some years later, there’s something that often goes undervalued and underappreciated - effort. Sometimes, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars, you don’t need to buy expensive gifts, you don’t need to make all kinds of extravagant gestures, you just need to show you care and this is why we’re suggesting a romantic candlelit dinner. After some tidying, choose some soft music, light the candles, open a bottle of wine, and set the table nicely. We recommend a three-course meal, and make sure there’s some aphrodisiacs on the menu; this includes a chocolate dessert, champagne, oysters, asparagus, and more. With a no-phone rule in place, you can simply talk about life and dine in the candlelight. Offer Your Babysitting Services There’s no reason why you can’t have a great date and do a good deed at the same time. While we aren’t saying you should knock door-todoor to see who needs a babysitter, you can certainly give any friends or family members an opportunity to have a night off. While they go off out and have a night of peace, you can watch cartoons, built a blanket fort, and do some coloring. Once they go to bed, then the

attention can switch to each other for the adult section of your evening. Before you shy away from this idea, having a child in the room can be a great way to counter any awkwardness. Thanks to their innocent view of the world, they’re likely to get the conversation started somehow. If you’re panicking at even the thought of looking after a child, just breathe…perhaps you have a friend with a pet instead? Listen to Music (Make a Playlist) In the hustle and bustle of our lives, listening to music often has to take a back seat or we listen while doing other things. With your stay-home date, you can listen to music and even make each other a little playlist. As you may have realized with these last two tips, we want to bring the innocence back to relationships and bring things back to basics. Remember when we were kids and had nothing to worry about in life? Well, let’s get those times back. If you’re in the early stage of the relationship, there are bound to be fun debates as you discover their musical tastes. While it’s not CDs and MP3 players these days, this can still be achieved with iPhones, iPods, and other devices. After swapping playlists, you’ll quickly think of them the next time you’re driving or in the gym! Create a Themed Night Finally, you could turn your home into a specific city or country (anywhere in the world!). For example, we’ve seen people have fantastic themed nights in Mexico, France, Italy, Japan, the UK, Australia, and more. Since you’re probably aiming for a romantic evening, we recommend Italy. With a bottle of Italian wine, homemade pizzas (you could make them yourselves and combine two of the ideas from this list!), and even an Italianinspired movie, you’ll be bringing the country right to your very home. To take it one step further, why not go back in time too? You could try London in the 1950s, Italy in the 1980s, and plenty more besides. If the relationship works out, this could become something you do every month.

Conclusion Although we’ve had a lot of fun with these ideas, and even been a little silly, stay-home dates can be some of the best so feel free to let your imagination run free. As the relationship progresses, these stay-home dates become a team effort and they allow you to create memories that last a lifetime despite being cheaper than every other date!

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Styles of Spring for 2019


ith the crazy cold and the polar vortex, it seems everyone is counting down the days until the spring thaw hits. We’ll be celebrating warmer weather and we’ll be doing so in total style. The styles of spring for 2019 are here so ladies, get ready to go shopping to rock them in your wardrobe. Here’s our favorites!

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No, it’s not that nightmare of a shirt Jerry Seinfeld was forced to wear in the episode with Kramer’s low-talking girlfriend. These ruffled blouses are sensually stunning, fabulously-feminine, and wonderfully flattering.

8 Luxe | www.luxebridge.com

1. Butterflies You’ll be aflutter with one of the only bugs that isn’t icky. Butterflies are symbolic of spring so it’s little wonder that designers are incorporating them in their styles. Look for butterfly adornments on strappy gowns and tops. 2. Feathers Light as a feather, this style isn’t for the birds. From tops and dresses covered with them to simpler embellishments, it’s easy to find a style that helps you take flight. 3. Earth Tones For those of you that are a little more traditional, perhaps you’ll find earth tones to be more palatable. These lighter colors like sand, cream, and tan are sweeping the runways. Best of all, they’re very easy to pair with your other wardrobe favorites to make your stylish debut in spring. 4. Black and White Checkered Who doesn’t want to be in the winner’s circle? If you’re imagining a garish racing flag though, you can breathe a sigh of relief. While checkered and black and white,

these styles don’t scream of NASCAR but rather, offer a flattering optical illusion that is highly slenderizing and flattering on just about any figure. 5. Catchy Nets Here’s another unexpected thing that’s coming into play this spring – net styles. They’re absolutely catching on with every designer out there. Inspired by the sea, this easy, breezy style has come a long way since trashy fishnet stockings. It’s textured and playful, overlaid on top of simpler fashions for a fantastic effect. 6. Brilliant Yellows If going for those earth tones is too basic for you, perhaps you’d rather shine in yellow. For 2019, the yellows are bright and cheerful like marigolds, lemon, and rich, creamy butter. From coats to gowns, adding a pop of brilliant yellow to your collection will liven up your personal spring collection. 7. California Cool Miles of beaches. Laid-back style. Effortless fun. Ah, yes. It’s totally California. Surferchic is huge right now. Board shorts prints,

mermaid-cut skirts, and retro-faded tops are really making waves in the fashion world for 2019. 8. Pale Blue Ah, like the color of Easter eggs, this is a sublime way to color your spring world. If yellow feels too bold and eccentric for your style, this sweet pastel color is coming around in cute dresses and fun patterns that are demure and divine from Marc Jacobs and your other favorite designers. 9. Blocks of Color From primary colors to black, white, and grey, this blocked style is anything but boxy. It’s edgy, fun, and completely urbane, a fantastic way to make a statement anywhere you go. 10. Crochets Your grandma will be thrilled! Perhaps that sweater she knitted you all those years ago is still tragically unhip, but the styles they’re rocking on the runway like from Michael Kors most definitely are. We’re seeing them in peasant skirts and dresses for a very casual yet classy style. 11. Neon And we’ve officially circled back to the 1980s, but we couldn’t be happier! The neon styles in the 80s were wild and fun, and we’re all for bringing that back. The modern version of neon is much more flattering though than decades ago. Nab a few key neon pieces and mix and match them for a vibrant way to welcome spring. 12. Dots Fans of polka dots, rejoice! They are SO in! We’re talking big ones, small ones, even a mashup of both for a sophisticated spring style. 13. Biker Shorts Didn’t we just proclaim the 80s were back? Well, here they are again in the form of biker shorts. Somehow though, the big fashion houses from Fendi to Chanel have made them cool by pairing them with feminine tops, dresses, and coats. This isn’t the same as what your creepy neighbor wears when he goes jogging. In fact, you’ll be

quite surprised how the biker shorts of spring 2019 are so much better! 14. Retro Tie-Dye It’s not just the 80s that’s getting a revisit. The old hippie days are back too. A total shame you tossed that old, faded Grateful Dead shirt, huh? No matter! You can find plenty of tie-dyed styles in stores near you to rock out with this spring! 15. Mixed Patterns It used to be that clashing patterns were an absolute no-no. But all the major fashion houses have found a way to bring harmony to colliding patterns. It’s somehow extraordinarily girly, fun, and delightfully sexy with a swirl of differing patterns united by common colors. We’re really loving this! 16. Plastic Coats Functional and fashionable, plastic coats of the see-through variety are ultra-hot for spring 2019. You’ll be seeing them everywhere including from Kate Spade and you might as well grab one. They’re perfect for those spring showers, plus everyone can see your other fabulous spring styles underneath! 17. Zebra Prints Take your wardrobe on safari because zebra prints are back in! That’s fantastic news if you still have pieces from its last run in style about a decade ago! 18. Ruffled Blouses No, it’s not that nightmare of a shirt Jerry Seinfeld was forced to wear in the episode with Kramer’s low-talking girlfriend. These ruffled blouses are sensually stunning, fabulouslyfeminine, and wonderfully flattering. Get ready to love them! 19. Two-Tone Maxi Dresses We can’t say enough good things about maxi dresses. Until they’ve upped their game with two tones, and now we’re totally swooning. Just gorgeous! 20. Metallics It’s time to shine on for 2019. Metallics are everywhere, even in plaid. The future is most certainly here.

With all these exciting spring styles, you can start plotting your next shopping adventure once the snow clears out of your driveway. www.luxebridge.com | Luxe 09

Makeup Tips for Young Women


ounger women have the advantage of glowinglyyouthful skin in their corner, but unfortunately, they lack the experience to know how to do it just right. You don’t have to do much to make yourself look your most beautiful. Makeup in your 20s should be on a less-ismore approach. Don’t believe us? We’ve got the experience to tell you what we wish we knew in our 20s so you can look drop-dead gorgeous. Here are our top 5 makeup tips for young women.

1. Go sheer Unless you’re performing on stage, there’s no reason for cakey, heavy foundation. Yes, it’s good for hiding blemishes and blotchiness, it’s also hiding your youth. If you like getting carded when you meet your gal-pals for cocktails after work, try out foundations with sheer coverage. NARS is a good one for this, or you can try a BB cream like this one by Garnier which is great for blemish-prone skin.

2. Erase dark circles

4. Make your eyes the prize

Dark circles are no one’s friend. Whether you were up all night finishing a report or dancing until way later than you should have been, covering dark circles up expertly is the key to keeping that freshfaced, bright-eyed look you want. You’ll love this one by Tarte that can also be used as a highlighter. Buy them in bulk. You’re going to use them for everything!

When you’re young, you can get away with just about any eyeshadow color that works with your skin tone. One of the hottest looks by far is the smoky eye. It’s come a long way from the days of endless black smudges. While charcoal colors are still used to get the look, many makeup artists have caused other less traditional colors to trend in the smoky eye style, like peacock blue or diamond shimmer shadows. Have fun playing with it to create the look you like best. And just a note – it’s not just for night-time anymore. You can create a daytime smoky eye to get the same smoldering effect that won’t look like a goth phase when you’re at the office.

3. Illuminate everything Enjoy that shimmery shine now ladies, because once you start moving out of your 20s and through your 30s, this look will make you look try-hard and old. Highlighters are a wonderful way to add that runway-fabulous style to your everyday routine. Check out videos for how to apply them correctly

5. Matte those lips Before your lips get lined with age, line them with lip liner and fill them in with a deep matte shade. The trend was made famous by Kylie Jenner of course, and whether you’re a fan or not, you’ve got to admit it’s a fantastic look. Check out the stellar selection by MAC for colors you’ll love.

Take advantage of these top makeup tips while you’re in your youth, before you get to that age when you need anti-aging creams and primers! 10 Luxe | www.luxebridge.com

Get Your Body ! r e m m u S r o f y d a Re


videos so you can burn that butter wherever you are. Great moves that build strength and get your muscles working for you even while you’re at rest are squats, pushups, and lunges. You don’t need any equipment either!

he weather outside is most definitely frightful, but in a few more months, it will be time to pack up your beach bag and head to the pool or beach to celebrate the sun. While being trapped indoors might mean you’re munching more than usual, turn that around by getting your summer body on fleek right now. You can either over-snack and feel sorry for yourself in a few more months or use this time wisely and rock that bikini body. If you’re choosing the latter, here’s how to make that summer body hotter than the sun!

12 Luxe | www.luxebridge.com

2. Get on that butt and gut

1. Start strength training There’s “snow” excuse to skip your workout even if you can’t get your car out of the driveway. Instead, check out videos for awesome strength training

Whether you go for a bikini or one-piece, you’ll feel so much more confident if you get those muscles responsible for your butt and belly looking tighter. Not sure what moves to make while trapped inside watching the snow fall? Try videos like this one here to help you focus on those prime parts two to three times a week!

Water helps your body’s circulation which carries oxygen with it to all your organs and muscles. 3. Make water a priority Drinking enough water is essential for weight loss. You could be working your butt off (literally!) and you’re results will slow if you’re not staying properly hydrated. Water helps your body’s circulation which carries oxygen with it to all your organs and muscles. Plus, it helps your skin look glorious too. If you find it too boring, try adding some fresh slice of fruit to infuse it with natural flavor and an extra boost of vitamins and antioxidants too.

the labels. Look for hidden sugars and never buy foods with a lengthy roster of ingredients you can’t pronounce. It’s a true recipe for disaster for your summer body.

5. Learn when to say when

4. Stay away from processed foods

A little wine with dinner is always nice, but if you’re having it every night, start cutting back. Vow to enjoy your drinks on weekends or special occasions instead. You’ll see the pounds melt away faster because you’re lobbing off tons of calories every week that you’d normally be drinking up.

Your body needs carbs, but it needs good ones, not refined carbs like white bread, pasta, cakes, or cookies. Stick to eating more natural and fresh foods and when buying prepackaged items, read

If you follow these quick tips, by the time the weather is warmer you’ll be completely confident in your swimwear, guaranteed!

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Sadithi De Zilva Casting Manager for Luxebridge


hen she’s not jet-setting around the world, getting her next degree, or hitting the gym, you’ll find Sadithi managing casting, auditioning models, overseeing makeovers, and successfully helping models get published!

14 Luxe | www.luxebridge.com

I love traveling. Even if it’s just across state lines for the day. Exploring and getting out of my daily routine really helps me reset and not go insane. Q1 What are 1 or 2 exciting things you’re working on at the moment? Currently, I’m in the developing stages of creating my own fitness line! It’s so new and exciting and basically all I can think about! At the same time, I’m also working on my degree which is stressful but something that is so important to me. Q2 What goes through your mind when a model first walks in through the door for an audition? Attitude. I’m not phased if a model is nervous. That’s natural. I look to see if she’s actually interested. You’d be surprised by how many models come in and act like they don’t want the job. It’s a competitive business and there are plenty of models in the industry. Even if they have the skills, if I don’t see passion, commitment, and drive, I don’t want to work with them. Q3 What are some mistakes you often see models making in their career? The two biggest mistakes are not doing your homework and showing up late. Before you come to a casting, do your research on the brand/ agency. If you come in and you don’t know what type of shoots or what type of models they hire, you’re wasting your time and everyone else’s! And don’t be late! The agency isn’t going to wait for you. If you miss your opportunity, thats it. Q4 What is the highlight of your work day? When I see the model really coming into her own. It’s always exciting to see the model, really getting into the poses, or the photographer cap-

turing the perfect moment. It makes all the hours spent casting, training and prepping worth it. Q5 How would you describe your own style when it comes to fashion? Glam-Girl-Who-Never-Got-Out-Of-Her-Emo-Phase. Q6 Is it true there are videos of you out there .. deadlifting? Haha Yeah! That’s my favorite exercise actually! I started lifting when I was fifteen and fell in love with how empowered I felt! You can see some of them on my insta @sadithidez (#shamelesspromo) Q7 Who do you look up to? Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna, Gina Rodriguez, and my mom. Not in that order. Q8 With your crazy schedule, how do you relax (if you ever do!)? I love traveling. Even if it’s just across state lines for the day. Exploring and getting out of my daily routine really helps me reset and not go insane. Also Netflix. Tons of Netflix. Right now I’m binging “The 100”

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