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L U X E L U X U RY C O A S TA L E S TAT E L I V I N G From the Umgeni to the Tugela, Kwa-Zulu Natal North Coast, South Africa





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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.�

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Holding a masters degree aloft like a shining light, I emerged from the gloom of the University photographic darkroom at Rhodes, sans skin pigmentation, smelling of chemicals and in the other hand clutching a camera like Golem held his ring. Then I spent fifteen years trying to figure out how to earn a living with these two prizes. While travelling in the east, camera still clicking away optimistically, I had a brush with one of the coldest places on the planet in mid winter. A few icy nights in a small prefab building in the mountains of Kashmir, wearing all the clothes in our backpacks, left my wife and I with a passionate desire to never be cold again. Combine that with the experience of working as a photographer and editor in Joburg and I found myself with a tropical desire to not wear a collar every day. The North Coast presented a location where we could avoid single digit temperature readings, regularly wear flip flops and visit the beach on most days of the year. It is a location that is difficult to beat. It’s a great place to work hard, play hard and bring up kids. As luck would have it, we were keen on all of these things. I have been privileged to cover many of the estates on the North Coast as an editorial, architectural and real estate photographer. This is a task made easier by world class architecture, an incredible setting and a property development industry that continually attracts the best and brightest. The energy of the place is addictive and my photo subjects just keep getting more interesting as factors like the environment are incorporated into estate design. Cell: +27 83 441 3144 | www.chrisallanphoto.co.za | www.peppermintpix.co.za




CREATIVE MANAGER stephanie@luxemediagroup.co.za

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I completed my Interior Design Diploma in 1996 with a distinction in photography. That should have been my fist clue in choosing a career path. I worked in London as a designer for a few years before I realised that I could not ignore the call to photography any longer. I took numerous courses before finally taking the leap and going it on my own. Specialising in Architectural photography gave me an opportunity to combine my passions for Design and Photography. It gives me immense pleasure doing what I love on a daily basis. The saying “if you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life” is almost a reality. I just need to work out how to incorporate camping, hiking and a spot of fly fishing into my work day! Cell: +27 78 351 7198 | www.ekophotographic.co.za



I am an experienced professional freelance photographer who works for many quality magazines. I love interiors, beautiful spaces, décor and architecture, so photographing beautiful houses is a treat for me. I also do commercial and advertising photography and have done the photographs for two cookbooks. Whether working in my studio in KZN, on location locally or internationally, I feel perfectly balanced with my profession and my creativity. Cell: +27 82 652 3388 | www.sallychance.co.za 06



FISHWICKS DURBAN | 031 268 7300



From the



orking with a team of passionate people who support and encourage you is the best working environment one could ask for, but it is the amazing people that we have met along the way that has been truly inspiring. Deciding to launch a publication at this busy time of year has had its challenges but getting out there and seeing what our terrific piece of coastline actually has to offer, has been an enlightening experience. We all tend to stay within our neighbourhoods, with our usual routes to drop the kids at school, certain places we like to shop, favourite beaches we go to at the weekends, but there is a whole big world out there, literally on our doorsteps that is waiting to be discovered! We have filled our first issue with a collection of stories we have gathered along the way, from beautiful home features, inspiring local personalities, the awareness and benefits of estate living, upcoming developments and a focus on lifestyle and community living. Estates in the area, whether they are firmly entrenched or are about to launch, have an astounding array of facilities and amenities. Buyers are certainly spoilt for choice. There are some superb magazines published in this coastal region and we hope to compliment them with LUXE which will position and promote luxury coastal estate living from the Umgeni to the Tugela Rivers. We will be growing and developing our feature map in the centre of the magazine with useful information not only covering secure gated estates and the communities, facilities and

amenities that each offers internally, but to also other relevant information for this area as a whole. This will provide those looking to invest into this rapidly expanding, popular coastal corridor, the opportunity to compare and be better informed. I unfortunately cannot thank each and every contributor (you know who you all are!), but one such person really has stood out from the rest in her selfless pursuit of helping each person she meets to really make the most of themselves. We met Liza Gresse by chance at a business breakfast she hosted at Prince's Grant Estate, after sailing past the 'Stanger' turn-off which is now KwaDukuza! The way she spoke on the day was so motivational, we knew we had to share her with our readers. After reading her article on Surfing Life, I'm sure you will agree. All our contributors have given us something that is appealing and we hope you find it as informative and inspiring as we have. We look forward to bringing you the next issue of our quarterly publication which will be out in March 2016 where we will have more exciting features and news relating to this exceptional stretch of coastline. The team at LUXE hopes you enjoy our first issue.

Stephanie Editor


Realise that now, in this moment of time, you are creating. You are creating your next moment. That is what's real.�

Sara Paddison 07


NORTH In secure lifestyle communities, the security, exclusivity, control & facilities all add value factors that attract home owners.


t is no secret that gated estates are growing in popularity and are a hot topic of discussion. These developments though are nothing new and are not unique to South Africa.

It is important to appreciate that secured communities are not a recent phenomenon. They have, for example, been common in Chinese cities for more than a millennium. Some of the earliest gated estates were built by the Romans and there are examples as far back as the Incas of Peru. These communities are common place in India, Ecuador, Indonesia, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, the UAE, the USA and many more. In Brazil, gated communities are called “condominio fechado” (closed housing estate). In Argentina they are called “barrios privados” (private neighbourhoods). Mexico arguably has the largest population living in secure gated community homes in the world. According to some estimates in 2010 there were over fifty million Mexicans living in gated communities. Gated estates and communities allow individuals and families to flourish while maintaining an ambiance of freedom and safety that suburbs once promised. The biggest draw to gated estates is the security with the comings and goings to the estate being controlled, monitored and recorded. The residents of these communities have the control over the neighbourhood which ultimately means greater stability in property values.


Well run gated estates tend to be quiet, peaceful and private neighbourhoods that provide a safe environment to raise families where landscaping, facilities

and amenities are provided and well maintained. The gap in value between comparable homes is growing with homes in gated estates often fetching a premium in excess of 30%. There is evidence that property in the coastal corridor between the Umgeni and the Tugela Rivers are achieving a higher return, and appreciating at a rate greater than properties in other areas. With gated estates gaining popularity in South Africa, it is interesting to note that over half of these are in Gauteng with Durban having the least of the three major metros (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban). Gated estates and secure complex living in this coastal corridor are in ever increasing demand with a limited and decreasing number of freehold sites available within the existing estates for purchase directly from developers. The King Shaka International Airport, Dube Tradeport and other significant infrastructural upgrades in the area are adding momentum to the northward pull from Durban. This is evident from the substantial demand for property in the North, much of which is focussed on gated estate living. Not so long ago, this coastal corridor was made up of sleepy little holiday villages, but no longer. They are now bustling with various new developments which include new shopping facilities, hospitals, golf courses, schools and amenities which are all servicing the rapidly expanding permanent residents moving into the area. Email: adam@wildgeesedevelopments.co.za

IMAGINE THAT... your children can disappear fishing or cycling for hours without a care. you can run or walk at night without fear of what may happen to you along the way. you can sleep with your windows open or leave home without even locking up.”

Lloyds Personal Touch and local area knowledge ensures a more effective marketing strategy for your property.



Servicing: Ballito / Sheffield

Chakas Rock / Brettenwood Estate Dunkirk Estate/ Port Zimbali Estate Hilltop Estate


PROPERTY DEVELOPER Adam has over Twenty-Five years’ experience in Property Development. This experience includes in-depth knowledge in many varied aspects of property development including the following: Identifying viable projects (Ideas and Risk Assessment); Project Management and Execution of Development Processes; Land Acquisition and Negotiation; Legal Aspects and Requirements; Master Planning and Design; Development Facilitation; Service and Infrastructure Requirements; Funding; Valuation, Sales and Marketing; Cost control; Construction and related processes. Adam is accomplished at building and being part of effective property development teams. He is excited about being part of the LUXE team.

Lloyd Rees 082 449 3299 lloydsrealestate.co.za

Fear is what stops you, courage is what keeps you going!” -Unknown

SU R F I N G L I F E & Overcoming the fear of falling My daughter has been surfing since she was 14 years old. She is now 25, a Candidate Attorney and still finds great joy and solace in surfing the waves of the ocean as well as life. I enjoy accompanying her to the various surfing spots on our beautiful North Coast.


itting on the beach I marvel at the courageous men and women who woke before dawn, endured the cold water and paddled through barrelling waves, risking shark attacks, all for the sake of maybe catching an epic ride. Watching from the beach, it is easy to tell the surfers apart by their style of surfing, their handling of the board, their skill and their playfulness. What really struck me though, was what they had in common. No matter how good, how experienced, how graceful they were on the wave, every surfer ended their ride in precisely the same way: By falling. “Flocks of seagulls, mist of the ocean, nice waves, beautiful sunset, its all about getting back on your board and doing it again and again.” - Audra Bukaukas

Some surfers had fun with their fall, while others tried desperately to avoid it. And not all falls were failures - some fell into the water only when their wave fizzled and their ride ended. But here’s what I found most interesting: The only difference between a failure and a fizzle was the element of surprise. In all cases, the surfer ends up in the water. There’s no other possible way to wrap up a ride.


That got me thinking: What if we all lived life like a surfer on a wave? It would mean that we would take more risks.

What if you have that scary conversation you’ve been avoiding and it ends the relationship? It would hurt.

That difficult conversation with your boss (or employee, or colleague, or partner, or spouse) that you’ve been avoiding? You’d initiate it.

What if you follow through on the business idea and lose money? It would feel terrible.

That proposal (or article, or book, or email) you’ve been putting off? You’d start it. That new business (or product, or sales strategy, or investment) you’ve been over-analysing? You’d follow through. And when you fell - because if you take risks, you will fall - you’d get back on the board and paddle back into the surf. That’s what every single one of the surfers did. So why do we fear to surf the waves of life? Why do we fear falling? Why don’t we accept falling - even if it’s a failure - as part of the ride? Because we’re afraid of feeling. “Waves are not measured in feet and inches; They are measured in increments of fear.” - Buzzy Trent Think about it: In all those situations, our greatest fear is that we will feel something unpleasant.

What if you submitted the proposal and you were rejected? It would feel awful. Here’s the thing: More often than not, our fear doesn’t help us avoid the feelings; it simply subjects us to them for an agonisingly long time. We feel the suffering of procrastination, or the frustration of a stuck relationship. I know partnerships that drag along painfully for years because no one is willing to speak about the elephant in the room. Taking risks and falling, are not something to avoid. It’s something to cultivate. But how? Practice. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” - John Kabat-Zinn Practice which you get by taking risks, feeling whatever you end up feeling, recognising that it didn’t kill you, and then getting on the board and paddling back into the surf. Have that difficult conversation. Listen without defensiveness when

your colleague criticises you. Name the elephant in the room. Get rejected. Feel it all! Feel the anticipation of the risk. Feel the pre-risk cringe. Then, during the risk, and after, take a deep breath and feel that too. You’ll become familiar with those feelings and, believe it or not, you’ll start to enjoy them. Even the ones you think of as unpleasant. Feeling is what tells you you’re alive! Soon, you won’t fear feeling. You’ll pursue it like those courageous early morning surfers. You’ll wake up before dawn and dive into those scary conversations and difficult proposals. You’ll take the risks that once scared you. You will fall; sometimes you’ll even fail, because: “Life is like the ocean. Some days are calm. Others are rough. What matters are all the amazing things that make it come alive.” - Sarah Then you’ll get up and do it again. Surfing the waves of life and overcoming your fear of failure. You will then start living. You will then start having fun!

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” - Phil Edwards

LIZA GRESSE Liza is Director of UBUHLE HR, a national HR and Management Consultancy focussing on Leadership Development, Organisational Development and Productivity Improvement. She is Programme Director for the “Women Leadership Journey” in association with Dutch partners, “Mutual Learning Journeys” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has vast expertise in the fields of Leadership, Organisational Change, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence and Intercultural Intelligence. She is a practising Leadership end Executive coach, coaches clients in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates and works with a wide range of organisations and people in both the private and public sector. Liza is a passionate and inspirational speaker and facilitator who has inspired, entertained and touched audiences. Her expertise in the fields of Leadership, Human behaviour science, Human Productivity Improvement, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Intercultural Intelligence, and Social Intelligence help to bring out the brilliance in people. Liza has assisted organisations and teams internationally across various sectors to increase their bottom line and improve the productivity of their workforce. Liza is passionate about empowering people to “lean” into their lives and to live their full potential. Moving people across the globe from being “Good” to being “Great”

“Where excellence is a habit” liza@ubuhlehr.co.za +27 (0)83 633 6548 | +27 (0)861 256 724 www.ubuhlehr.co.za

UBUHLE HR & Management Consultants

ELEGANT COASTAL CALM On the sea facing ridge of Simbithi Eco Estate, a little bit of The Hamptons has come home to roost. With a relaxed, beach style and decorated in a classic and sophisticated way, this home epitomises its owners' natural sophistication. Photography Chris Allan Photograph Location Simbithi Eco Estate


pon entering this expansive property, one is transported directly to the luxurious beach style of The Hamptons, a group of villages and hamlets in the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, which form the South Fork of Long Island, New York, United States. Not at all like how the architectural style of Simbithi Eco Estate is usually interpreted, but a style very close to the owners' hearts after numerous visits to The Hamptons and is a contemporary interpretation of the Simbithi Natal veranda farmhouse aesthetic. Designed by local firm CA Architects, the entrance of the home forms a welcoming U-shape with a calming white and grey exterior. The landscape design incorporates the required indigenous planting requirements of the estate, as well as ensuring that it becomes an extension of the surrounding natural environment.

“The brief from the client was for a comfortable family home that must be beautiful and timeless�, said Llewellyn Cronje from CA Architects.


The design encompassed these requests while responding to the required design ethos of Simbithi Eco Estate, providing for harmonious relationships of internal and external living with architecture that compliments the diverse environment and eco systems on the estate but is also ageless in its detail.

Although only lived in for four months, the home is open and inviting, perfect for entertaining.


"Exposed beams with open ceilings above the breakfast nook, coupled with a wide bay window ensure the kitchen is literally flooded with light"


he soothing interior with light sandy coloured wooden floors throughout continues the beach feel. Subdued splashes of colour added to dreamy creamy white walls and ceilings maximises the feeling of open plan space. The house has another U-shape, on the sea facing side of the home, a wrap around entertainment area features an undercover lounge and dining area, braai and fire pit area and swimming pool. Glass stacking/sliding doors open up the living space to the outdoor living area, creating a positive flow between the two. A generous kitchen with an enviable built in breakfast nook overlooking the garden is on one end of the ground floor. The marble counter top island


dominates the space with custom made chandeliers and hanging lights (from Ambient Luce) over work spaces, creating a visual impact and softening the multi functional space. White subway tiles utilised as the splash backs add a slightly retro feel. On the opposite end, a custom designed bar (by Conrad Inspired Furniture) with soft lighting and ample seating, a must area for the owners as entertaining is important to them, opens out onto the outdoor braai area, once again making use of stacking doors to merge the spaces should the weather permit. The downstairs guest room with en-suite is perfectly positioned for privacy, providing guests with their own secluded sanctuary. All bedrooms feature high open ceilings with white painted beams but

Get creative with your space. Inspiration is all around us and it is you, the client, that ultimately shapes the end result.”

“White shutters used throughout the home provide the ideal balance for privacy and light control.”

upstairs in the main bedroom, together with the stunning sea views and the stacking wall of windows, the combination creates a fantastic space. Add stylish wallpaper, sumptuous deep pile carpets and a walk in dressing room en-route to the decadent double bath master bathroom complete with fairy lights and walk-in shower, provides the ultimate wind down after a long day. The girls' rooms are fit for princesses and the custom made built-in bunks are perfect for sleep overs. Both have en-suite bathrooms fitted with baths and showers. The pyjama lounge and study nook link the children’s rooms to the main bedroom. Although newly built, the home is warm, welcoming and homely. The owners have created a space that is perfect for their needs as a family whilst still maintaining the easy coastal living feel and merging the indoors with the outdoors, all with an added touch of luxury.

“Elegant and equally stylish, the master bedroom suite offers the perfect space to retreat and relax.” 15

Art brought to light

KZN Distributors: Malinda Pretorius 071 447 2169 • Debbie Kloppers 082 858 2218 www.ambienteluce.com 021 853 2555






We are a domestic garage door company based in Ballito, KwaZulu Natal servicing the whole of South Africa. We do repairs, installation and automation of garage doors. Did you know that your garage door is possibly the biggest moving part of home which potentially makes it the most dangerous unless it is regularly serviced? We’d be happy to take a look and advise you. Contrary to popular belief, when your garage door gets heavy, that’s not the time to automate. Wrong!! Fix the door then automate. We are a company that specializes in domestic garage doors and automation. New installations form a major part of our business as well as repairs to existing garage doors and their motors.

Just Doors has been proudly serving the greater North Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal since 2006. Just Doors specializes in domestic garage doors and garage door openers. Just Doors is a family owned and managed business so you know you will always get the personalised attention you are looking for. Just Doors is always keeping up with the newest and best quality products assuring our customers have a variety of products to suit their needs.

Tel: 032 586 3261 | Mobile: 082 303 2330 | Email: info@justdoors.co.za | www.justdoors.co.za 12 Canton Park, R102 Imbonini, Umhlali


Hank McGregor, his 14 month old son, Thorsten and wife, Pippa McGregor. 18


Hank McGregor, fully kitted out and ready to tackle the surf.

Somewhat of a local legend, literally born and bred with the ocean Hank McGregor epitomises the coastal living dream. Having recently returned from his 6th title win at the World Marathon Championships, we caught up with him to chat about family, estate living and his passion for paddling. Photography Chris Allan Photograph | Location Salt Rock Main Beach


eeting with Hank and Pippa McGregor on an early sunny morning at Dunkirk Beach Club to interview them (I thankfully missed the much earlier photo shoot which they gamely took on), it struck me that this is exactly what we are showcasing in our magazine: the sun, the sea and the amazing people that make up our corner of the world. Somewhat nervous to interview the couple as I had done the obligatory Google research to familiarise myself with the sport and Hank’s achievements, I was pleasantly surprised at both Hank’s humility and Pippa’s grace. With their little boy, Thorsten, peeking from under the table with his big blue eyes, the couple filled me in on their life story so far. Pippa and Hank met each other through the paddling circle both were involved in. Not only does paddling run in Hank’s blood, but Pippa represented South Africa and although she does not compete professionally anymore, the couple completed the 2015 ‘Social’ Dusi together and managed to set a new record.

Married for only two years, the couple have been together for around ten years. While visiting friends in Dunkirk Estate, Hank was impressed with the safety, wildlife and open spaces.

“I trained using the 43km Durban to Salt Rock route for years and always ended up in the area. More and more weekends were spent further north.” After living in Umhlanga for a number of years, the couple eventually decided to buy a home in Salt Rock 4 years ago and settled on a semi complete free standing spec home in Dunkirk Estate. One of the biggest draw cards for choosing Dunkirk was the then upcoming Beach Club. Safety was another big deciding factor for the couple, with Hank taking part in national and international events on a monthly basis. Pippa was delighted with the move, even though as a Merchandise Planner for Mr Price she spent the first 2 years travelling to and from Durban, only getting to enjoy the lifestyle on weekends.


“ 20

The open space in our country is amazing. Having travelled to exotic far flung places all over the world, my heart is still in South Africa.�

No more 7 to 7 days for me, with plenty of support with like-minded, young (or young at heart!) families in the area.” Whilst still living in Durban, Pippa was part of the Regents Running Club and it was the one thing she missed once they moved out this way. So she decided to start up “Salt Run”, a runners group that runs 10km twice a week. “There is of course safety in numbers, particularly when running so early in the morning but besides that, there is a very cool vibe with everyone involved, its very informal with a great sense of community”, says Pippa. There are around 30 to 50 runners in the group, who are encouraged to ‘rock up and run!’. Hank spent the first 2 years of his life on a yacht circumnavigating the globe with his family as his father’s initial passion was yachting and yacht racing. At the age of 9, he participated in the Mauritius Ocean Classic, the youngest ever participant - yachting from Mauritius to Durban and arriving in Durban during the terrible 1987 floods. At 16, he left Durban for the states via the Caribbean and spent 6 months out at sea, turning 17 whilst on the yacht. “An absolutely incredible experience!”.


“It was only after having Thorsten and leaving work to be a stay-at-home mom, that I really started appreciating all that the area has to offer.

Junior World Champion Flatwater Marathon in Sweden, 1996. Multiple South African K1 and K2 Champion, Flatwater Marathon. Multiple South African K1 and K2 Champion, River Marathon. Multiple South African Single-Ski and DoubleSki Champion (including winning Flatwater Marathon, River Marathon and Surfski titles all in the same year – a record). Winner of every major river title in South Africa, K1 and K2. Winner of a record nine Berg River Canoe Marathons – at 230km the longest canoe marathon in South Africa. Winner of every surfski title in the country, from lifesaving through to the long-distance Cape Point to East London race. Six world marathon titles – five K1, and one K2 with Jasper Mocke. South African K1, K2, K4 Sprint Championship titles. National colours in surfski, marathon, sprints and lifesaving. Molokai Challenge winner.

Initially inspired to take up paddling by his dad, Lee, who has won national colours in four of the nine paddling disciplines and who is a current K1 and K2 World Champion in senior marathon competition. “I won the Junior World Title in 1996 and there is only one thing you can do after that and that is to win the Senior Title!”, said Hank with a wry smile. With his absolute passion for the sport, Hank is now inspired by being an inspiration to younger athletes. “After achieving your goals, set new goals and become a role model”. Motivated by his friends, his wife and family, and fellow competitors, he receives strong support from all of them. In 2014 he won the Sports Paddler of the Year and has now been nominated for 2015 - Hank is recognised worldwide by his peers. Hank owns a construction company, Lee’s Plant Hire, with one of his biggest supporters, his mom, Skyy McGregor and uncle, Dave Townsend. Having the flexible working environment that he does is not lost on Hank, being able to pursue his passion so relentlessly whilst still having a 9 to 5 job must be quite a juggling act. “My mom is extremely supportive and very proud of me and what I have achieved, although I fear that she is now more focussed on her grandson than on me!”. Having reached the pinnacle of his career, he hasn’t stopped enjoying the sport - this is possibly what makes him such a great sportsman.

To find out more about how to get involved in the sport in SA, check out Canoeing South Africa www.canoesa.org.za. Check out Salt Run on Facebook or call Pippa on 073 163 1219.


A WORD FROM CANOEING SOUTH AFRICA Canoeing South Africa represents a multitude of paddle sport disciplines. From beginners to Olympic athletes - all welcome! Canoeing South Africa (CSA) is the controlling body of most paddle sports in the country. The definition of canoe/kayak activity is defined as any water sport in which a paddler uses a single or double bladed paddle to propel a craft while seated or kneeling, in a forward facing position. There are a number of disciplines that fall under this definition. The most popular ones that are competed in South Africa are: Flatwater Marathon (and River Marathon); Sprints; Slalom; Surf Ski; and Canoe Polo. Each of these disciplines has its own world championships, and for all intents and purposes, is a separate sport on its own. South Africa ranks amongst the top countries in the world in both Surf Ski (Ocean Racing) and Marathon racing. Last year, for the first time since the world marathon championships was started, a country from outside Europe won the best kayak team in the world. It was team South Africa. Hank did the elusive double by winning both the K1 and K2 titles with Jasper Mocke. This year, he won the K1 title again, but narrowly missed winning the K2 title, taking the silver with Jasper Mocke. Andy Birkett won the prize for being the best ranked K1 marathon paddler in the world this year, after he had accumulated the highest number of points over the series. At the inaugural Ocean Racing (Surf Ski) world championships held in Portugal in 2013, South Africans won both the men’s (Sean Rice) and women’s (Michelle Eray) titles. Our ski paddlers have dominated the world series this year. The sport, as such, does not receive very much in the way of sponsorship. However, all of the major races have individual sponsors. The 2 major races on the calendar are the Dusi (FNB)and the Fish River Marathon (Hansa). Both of these races receive between 1500 and 2000 entries, in any given year.

We have a very full calendar, with racing taking place in most of the unions each weekend. The majority of our popular races are marathon races that are held on rivers. This is in contrast to the rest of the world, where the emphasis is on the Olympic disciplines. This has resulted in a highly enjoyable paddling environment and a high retention rate of older paddlers.” We have an extremely well organised development program that has been highly successful. This has resulted in paddlers from previously disadvantaged communities winning major races. In the Dusi this year, over half of the top 20 crews had paddlers from these communities competing. Although traditionally paddling has been seen to be a male dominated sport, there are a large number of women who take part. The standard of women’s paddling has improved dramatically over the past few years, with Bridgitte Hartley being the first South African to win an Olympic medal. If you need to get in contact with anyone at CSA or in relation to media contact the following: President – Christo Horn president@canoesa.org.za 082 853 0330 Secretary General – Colin Simpkins sg@canoesa.org.za 083 263 1927 22

VA R I O U S D I S C I P L I N E S SPRINT CANOEING The principal discipline in canoeing is sprint canoeing. It is one of only 2 Olympic disciplines, and is the discipline that we, as a federation, spend most of our time administering. Sprint canoeing is held on flat water and is raced in lanes over 200m, 500m and 1000m. These distances are raced in K1’s (single kayaks), K2’s (double kayaks) and K4’s (a kayak with 4 people in it). They are also raced in C1’s (single canoe’s), and C2’s (double canoes). The terminology used in this country is a little confusing. We refer to our races as canoe races, and our boats as canoes. In fact, a canoe is a boat that a competitor sits or kneels in, and paddles with a one bladed paddle. The craft that we use for our races is actually a kayak. One that you sit in and paddle with a double bladed paddle. CANOE MARATHON Marathon racing is the most popular discipline in South African canoeing, and a vibrant calendar of events takes advantage of the many excellent paddling rivers and flat-water courses across the country. SURF SKI Surf ski paddling in SA has developed from the shorter Life Saving “around the can” events, into the strong offshore sport that it is today. The sport is run under the auspices of CSA but still has very strong ties to the Surf Lifesaving Clubs that initiated many of the races and still act as hosts. CANOE POLO Canoe Polo, a spectacular and rapidly growing discipline of the International Canoe Federation, is unlike other Canoe sports. Canoe Polo is a game of two halves of 10 minutes each where two teams of 5 players battle it out with a water polo ball. The aim is to score into a goal, which is suspended 2 meters above the water at each end of a rectangular ‘playing pitch’. These pitches can be on open water or they can even be on a swimming pool. The sport is as much fun to play as it is to watch. Canoe polo is currently played in KwaZulu-Natal (Durban and Pietermaritzurg), Gauteng, Knysna and Cape Town. Canoe Polo is played at a World Championship level and is a sport in the World Games (held every four years). Canoe Polo is seen as an ideal vehicle for introducing the sport of canoeing to new paddlers. The game is exciting and fun to play and since the boats are quite stable it allows new players to become competitive very quickly.

SU TS BY THE SEA While the North Coast boasts big surf, shopping and style, it is also home to some of the best law firms in KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa. One such firm is Cox Yeats. |

Images Supplied | Location Umhlanga Ridge


tarted in 1964 by Graham Cox, who was later joined by Jeremy Yeats, the firm was for many years based on the Victoria Embankment in Durban. With a forward thinking vision for growth of expertise in mind, the firm relocated to the Umhlanga Ridge in 2010 with a contingent of sixteen professionals. The change of location, along with the introduction of new and motivated young attorneys has reenergised the already well respected firm. There are now over thirty-two professionals in practice at Cox Yeats, assisted by more than thirty support staff, where a fair number have more than twenty years service with the firm. It is one of the most specialised practices in the greater Durban area. The firm, under the guidance of senior partners Michael Jackson, Alastair Hay and Roger Green,

is all about high quality legal work, understanding the objectives of business, individual care for clients, balance and integrity. Thanks to its expertise and reputation, Cox Yeats challenges the perception that only Johannesburg firms set the standard. Rated as the best small law firm in South Africa by PMR, it has become a highly sought after place to work for top varsity graduates and attorneys throughout the country. Attracted by the coastal lifestyle and the opportunity to use their skills for quality clients, many of the professionals at Cox Yeats have moved there from a selection of the country’s largest firms. Jenna Padoa is the most recent of the professionals to have worked through the ranks to partnership level (effective from March 2016). According to

Specialised Teams:

Text Cheryl Kirsten


HEAD: Michael Jackson, Managing Partner EMAIL: mjackson@coxyeats.co.za


HEAD: Richard Hoal EMAIL: rhoal@coxyeats.co.za


Jenna Padoa works in the Commercial and Natural Resources Team.

Jenna it has been a hard but satisfying climb and it is thanks to the networked approach within the firm that she has found success. “Legal work has become so specialised and this, combined with the pressures for prompt and effective solutions, means it is essential to have a network of experience and a culture which encourages team work”, says Jenna. Asked what she thinks about the future, Jenna had this to say:

“There are a number of excellent law firms on the North Coast, particularly in the Umhlanga legal precinct. What we try to do is differentiate ourselves while maintaining our core philosophies of quality and value. I think we are succeeding and will continue to do so.” www.coxyeats.co.za Contact number: 031 – 536 8500

Business Law Engineering and Construction Law Litigation Property Services Maritime Law, International Trade and Insurance Mining and Minerals Administration of Estates and Trusts Estate Planning Agriculture and Environmental Law Empowerment and Transformation Tax Law Labour Law Competition Law Insolvency and Recovery of Assets Intellectual Property

21 Richefond Circle PROPERTY

HEAD: Robin Westley EMAIL: rwestley@coxyeats.co.za


HEAD: Andrew Clark EMAIL: aclark@coxyeats.co.za


Ridgeside Office Park, Umhlanga Ridge

HEAD: Thys Scheepers EMAIL: tscheepers@coxyeats.co.za


HEAD: Chris Haralambous EMAIL: charalambous@coxyeats.co.za

031 536 8500 / www.coxyeats.co.za




RESPONSIV Text Jarryd Murray MAP Architects



Images MAP Architects | Location Ballito

odern, traditional, Balinese etc. - all styles aside - Space, form and light are the fundamentals that lead to great architecture. Although the various estates in KwaZulu Natal have adopted their own unique architectural guidelines, they all promote well considered design and planning. The Kwa-Zulu Natal climate and environment is well suited to site specific, responsive design that encourages indoor - outdoor

living, with the aim to maximise internal spatial impact and create a seamless connection with nature. Large openings brings the outdoors in while deep overhangs providing shading and protection from the elements. Natural light and ventilation is optimized with larger span openings. The landscape and topography of the site should determine a footprint or plan that is sensitive to the natural contours to avoid large earthworks and costly retaining

structures. The undulating topography in Kwa-Zulu Natal allows for sites to be elevated with great inland or sea views. Framing and maximising the views will add inherent value to the property. Exposing the structural integrity of a building is key to celebrating space without the need for additional or unnecessary ornament. Together with honesty in material will result in a timeless building that does not date along with current trends.

“A house in Simbithi Estate that is true to its structure and materiality - it utilizes a charcoal off shutter concrete to ground the structure, while a lightweight roof almost disappears between the vegetation and sky." 26


Space, form and light are the fundamentals that lead to great architecture.”

“Multiple levels are used to achieve a building that is sensitive to the natural site contours, openness of the public spaces create a seamless and intimate connection with the outdoors.” 27


paces should flow and relate to one another to reflect the lifestyle and activities of the people for whom they are designed. Courtyards are always encouraged to provide additional outdoor living areas. Well designed courtyards provide protection from the harsh NE or SW winds and aid in natural lighting and ventilation.

JARRYD MURRAY Director - Map Architects

Jarryd Murray is an architect and director of Map Architects. MAP architects specializes in site specific, responsive architecture within the residential, commercial and public sector.


032 946 0406 079 496 2758 info@mapgroup.co.za www.mapgroup.co.za

Most of the local estates have adopted sustainable principals and energy efficient design as a response to current energy and water shortages. Technology in this area is advancing at a rapid rate and it is important to have up to date knowledge of the latest systems and service providers.

liberating. Where are they? They are just gone, like leaves falling on the ground and scattered by the wind. It is very helpful to know that the awareness that life is just the one thing after the other, one present moment followed by another present moment. Just gone. The ancient Greeks realized this. They saw life like the flow of a river. Every moment the stream takes a new turn, forcing everything in its way on a journey to the sea, when everything is carried along and is spewed into an endless ocean, deposited on the ocean floor.

NICO ROOS Nico Roos is a local clinical psychologist and author of popular psychology books. He can be contacted at nicopsych@gmail.com

Panta Rei


ife is just the endless flow of things in time. Everything comes and goes in an endless stream of thoughts and emotions. Nothing is permanent. Everything changes from moment to moment. The good and the bad, the pleasure and the pain, fame and shame – all come and

- everything flows

go. Every experience you ever had is over. Every thought, every wish, every mood and emotion passes. You have had every emotion possible – guilt, sadness, jealousy, anger, pride and shame. Where did they go? They just passed in an endless stream of what we call LIFE. Acknowledging that can be

One generation follows the next, each generation pushing the previous one along in an endless and relentless flow of time. Our children grow up and we grow old, pushing, pushing, pushing. And where does it leave us? The liberating idea is that life is just a flow, one generation pushing the next along, building on the wisdom or folly of the previous. And so life continues in an endless cycle of being born, living and dying. Now what is liberating about that? Maybe it can help you to imagine that the circumstances you are dealing with now isn’t happening right now but a year from now. Then simply ask yourself: “Is this really such a big deal? “ In most cases it is not such a big thing as you are imagining it to be right now. Whether it

is an argument with your spouse, child or boss, a mistake, a lost opportunity, a failure at work – chances are that, a year from now you are not going to care. It may be one more irrelevant detail in your life. While this simple game won’t solve all your problems, it may give you a lot of perspective. It may cause you not to take things too seriously. Life is happening now, yes, that we cannot deny. But sometimes it may be a good thing if we project ourselves into the future and ask ourselves: “How would I feel about this thing in a year’s time? Will it still be such a big deal? Is it really so important”? Maybe it will just give you the perspective that this “big thing” is just another snap shot of the countless little hassles of daily life, which will pass in time and which you will just reflect upon later and decide: “It passed. It is gone- just one more notch on my guitar”. Life is indeed happening right now. But try to gain some perspective. When faced with a problem you are dealing with now, and ask yourself: “How will I feel about this in a year’s time?” And then decide: “Is it really that important? Is it worth the agony? Or will it only pass, like everything else in life”?

MOIRA MIRTLE Moira Mirtle runs Meaningful Minutes, a community organisation working with schools and charities in our area. She can be contacted at meaningfulminutes@ceasy.co.za




always wanted to run my own business and over a year ago, the light bulb not only lit up but just got brighter as the idea evolved. I saw a niche for a service that was needed which ironically enough combined my experience in both schools and outreach. In order to submit the relevant documentation for registration of a students’ Matric Certificate, valid and legitimate proof of community service hours are required. I also noticed that the majority of students’ parents are not aware of this condition. This is an out based task Connecting communities to charities - an and has to be performed events company with a difference.” off school premises with authentic charitable organisations within your community, and this is what triggered the inception of my idea. It was vitally important for me that I make each minute meaningful, and hence the creation of the company name…Meaningful Minutes. This idea grew into a full complement of added extras, which I was eager to offer in order to make sure it made the entire event memorable. By the end of the experience, all students have a deeper understanding of the plight of those in need within their community. Basically, I act as a conduit and connect communities to local charities by running events with a difference. All events are designed and executed in a way that is safe yet fulfilling, and knowledge is gained through involvement and interaction. Anyone interested in joining hands in either the charity portfolio as a recipient, or a donor or any queries please check out my website www.meaningfulminutes.co.za and Facebook as Meaningful Minutes for inspiration and updates.

The estate gives home owners the unique opportunity to take in breathtaking vistas & natural flora and fauna from the comfort of their homes.�

With significant private open space, walking paths along well-managed wetland areas and a fantastic community centre, Kindlewood provides an oasis in the heart of Umhlanga.

FO KINDLE Text Gareth Bailey | Photography Etienne Koenig at EkoPhotographic | Location Kindlewood Estate, Umhlanga

Kindlewood Estate’s lifestyle offering sets it apart. With its vast green areas, outstanding facilities and advanced security; Kindlewood Estate epitomises the concept of estateliving. It is no wonder that it is regarded as one of the most successful estates in the North Durban area. 32


aunched by property giants Tongaat Hulett in 2007, Kindlewood Estate is a 62 hectare, 5 phase development that includes 176 sites and, on completion, will house approximately 573 residential units.

The estate’s contemporary Natal veranda style of architecture is characterised by green roofs and a combination of cream and earthy face brick walls, designed to complement the natural landscape. Large wrap-around verandas encourage high quality outdoor living and entertaining that capitalises on the surrounding views. In addition to this, Kindlewood has been designed with a green focus, adopting elements of sustainable design, as well as water and energy efficiency initiatives. Phases 1 and 2 are sold out completely and phase 3 is currently more than 80% sold. We are confident that the newly launched phase 4 will achieve the same level

of success, and will further elevate Kindlewood’s status as one of the prominent addresses in the area. The demand for gated estates continues to soar as people seek homes that offer secure, high quality environments where children can explore and play outdoors rather than engaging in “digital couch-surfing”. Kindlewood Estate differs from other gated communities in that it features 14 hectares of green open space and wetland area that gives home owners the unique opportunity to take in breathtaking vistas and natural flora and fauna from the comfort of their home. In addition the estate offers a community centre and function venue fully kitted with soccer pitch, tennis court, swimming pool and cricket nets. 33

Phase 4 will comprise 10 residential sites as well as a retirement village comprising 272 units. Facilities within this development will include a luxury clubhouse with lap pool, pub, dining lounge, library, management and nursing offices, as well as step-down facilities. We are very excited about this proposed retirement scheme as retirement options are in high demand and short supply in the North Durban suburbs. Planning is well under way and further information should become available soon. Land prices at Kindlewood Estate currently start at R1,175,000 for 1,000sqm. Our experience shows that this product, given its prime location, facilities and size, is extremely attractive and likely to appreciate well above market average in the short to medium term. Sectional title opportunities are available from between R2,75 million and R6 million whereas freehold homes start at about R5.5 million.

Emphasising the estates appeal, Gary Liebenberg of Lorber Projects, developer of The Kindles, a sectional title complex within Kindlewood Estate, confirmed that they have successfully developed 13 houses, which have all been sold.

“Kindlewood is the only gated estate with more relaxed pet policies as well as live-in staff accommodation options. Residents do not have golf membership fees or annual subscriptions; however you have a golf course on your doorstep. All of these elements set Kindlewood apart from the others,� says Liebenberg. Kindlewood Estate offers tranquil, modern living with nature on its doorstep and is, quite simply, not only an astute property investment but also a desirable lifestyle choice.

Call Tyson Properties Umhlanga, accredited agents of Kindlewood Estate, for more information on 031 561 6100

GARETH BAILEY Principal - Tyson Properties Umhlanga

Gareth Bailey has been active in the Umhlanga property market for the last 10 years after returning from Cape Town where he completed a Business Science degree with honours in Information Systems. Tyson Properties Umhlanga seeks to deliver a superior service to its clients in the Umhlanga area and its surrounding suburbs. Tyson Properties' affiliation with Christie's International Real Estate has firmly entrenched the brand in the luxury segment of the market.

MEASURE OF SUCCESS Text Lucille McFadyen Kitchens for You


Images Etienne Koenig at EkoPhotographic | Location Umhlanga Rocks

Buying a new kitchen is a huge investment and few home owners are knowledgeable about all the elements that go into designing a perfect, well functioning kitchen. Text Gareth Bailey Tyson Properties | Photography Supplied | Location Kindlewood Estate, Umhlanga


o matter how much or little you spend on the fixtures and fittings, a great design will always be the key part to creating your dream kitchen. If some aspect of the layout is not right, kitchen tasks will soon become a chore.

Stage 1 Planning.

Receiving help from a Kitchens For You designer can be well worth the investment and a way to avoid costly and frustrating mistakes. The success of a kitchen is entirely down to the initial brief and the more detailed it is, the better. Do your research before you meet with your kitchen designer so you have a general idea of the look you want and have your appliance needs confirmed. Stay away from a designer that does not take the time to meet with you to discuss these.

Stage 2 - Visuals and approval. A computer generated image is produced to discuss with the client.

A good designer needs to discover your likes and dislikes, how you live, cook and entertain and also what your needs are as an individual, or within your family elements. An experienced designer can configure your basic measurements into an efficient layout. It has become increasingly popular for our clients to Stage 3 The kitchen brought to life.

A good designer needs to discover your likes and dislikes, how you live, cook and entertain and also what your needs are as an individual or within your family elements.

request cabinets with modifications so don’t be afraid to demand a kitchen that is tailored to you and designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. The key thing is to have lots of meetings and ask questions so that you know about every stage. A good kitchen takes time to plan and bring to life so be patient, stay focussed and avoid

the flashy items that you find on international websites. They are not always available in South Africa and will often exceed your budget. We know how excited you will be to put your new kitchen to work but a bad layout is the last thing you want to regret and to have to live with.

ESTATE UPDATES “What exceptionally exciting times to be a town planner in this area. AF Planning was established in 1999 and I have watched this area grow from a sleepy holiday village to the hive of activity that it has now become. AF Planning have been involved in many of the existing gated estates and are in the planning stages of a number of impressive new estates within this breathtaking coastal corridor. In addition to the up and coming secure residential developments, there are exciting new shopping centres, schools and other commercial and industrial developments that will soon compliment the massive expansion taking place in this area.� Francois van der Merwe Town Planner

(t) 032 946 5922 (f) 086 771 4104 (c) 083 631 6996

HAWAAN FOREST ESTATE ON NATURE'S DOORSTEP Hawaan Forest Estate is a secure gated nature Estate in the heart of Umhlanga. This small, exclusive and well maintained Estate offers the peace and privacy of an upmarket suburban Estate albeit in a Nature Reserve. The majority of homes are primary dwellings, creating a special sense of community. Those families who have bought and settled on the Estate are all adamant that this is the only and best place to live and bring up children. They all say that although the Estate is close to everywhere, Gateway, schools, the beach and village, as well as King Shaka airport, living on this exclusive Forest Estate is an amazing experience. The forest is vast with wonderful birds and wild life. The buck can often be seen grazing along the fringes of the forest. The open space and the exclusivity of this Estate will ensure that the value of homes and land here will just keep on growing. The Estate measures 157 acres with building rights for 165 homes. There are still developer plots available. These, together with a few resale plots, have become very sought after. Tyson Properties has been very active on the estate since inception and holds sole mandates on some of the most exclusive properties on the estate. Call Tessa Douglas on 031 561 6100 for further information.

SIMBITHI ECO ESTATE PARADISE LIVING AT ITS FINEST A paradisical living and lifestyle place like no other, Simbithi Eco Estate offers home owners the best of lifestyle-orientated facilities with a foundation built firmly on ecofriendliness. Simbithi is a 430ha estate of international acclaim where every possible precaution was taken to minimise environmental impacts through proper geology and soil assessments, water resource and drainage appraisals, land use and vegetation studies, and aesthetic, historical and cultural appraisals. Simbithi consists of spacious plots, stand alone sectional title units, apartments, community centres with swimming pools, tennis courts, 18-hole executive golf course, clubhouse, bar, restaurant, equestrian centre, open green areas for sporting activities, beach access, adventure golf playground, pre-school up to grade three and 24-hour security. Safety is a priority at Simbithi with a centralised control room; ensuring a safe, carefree environment where residents can embrace the great outdoors. 36

ZIMBALI WEDGE LIVE | WORK | SHOP The Zimbali Wedge is proud to announce its dynamic, premium and exciting destination retail node, which complements our upmarket smart office, commercial component as well as our secure pet friendly residential estate. Live and work in the heart of the action surrounded by the finest restaurants, boutique stores, and specialty food & convenience outlets, all carefully selected just for you! A host of exciting brands and several new stores have been secured to complement our anchor tenant. Strategically located on the border of Zimbali North gate, with access just off the M4, there is no better location to enjoy the comfort and luxury which the Wedge has to offer. All 3 nodes combined, will create a unique experience focusing on convenience with a variety of choice and professionalism. For more information visit our website on www.zimbaliwedge.com







Loxley Estate embodies the elegance of the Dolphin Coast and the unique serenity of a secure, boutique lifestyle estate. Loxley Estate is just a short 5-minute walk from the secluded rock pools and pristine beaches that Sheffield Beach has to offer and will consist of 27 freehold subdivisions. The estate has a wetland conservation area and will be meticulously landscaped with indigenous planting to all common areas. Residents will enjoy the use of a gym with a view next to the pool area where you can relax and enjoy the sounds of nature and the sea. All the homes at Loxley Estate will be designed with privacy in mind. The architecture will complement the natural environment and follow a contemporary vocabulary to reflect a sophisticated, elegant lifestyle. The estate has high level electric perimeter fencing with a manned gate house that offers 24-hour guarded security which ensures both privacy and peace of mind.

PRINCE'S GRANT LUXURY PRIVATE RESIDENCES Prince’s Grant offers world class facilities to its guests, including tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, canoeing on the lagoon, and 2km of pristine beaches. There are beautiful walkways through the forest, where guests can view wildlife or the 300 species of birds. With large greens and impressive fairways, this championship quality course creates a completely unique and challenging experience for golfers of all abilities. The artful design of greens, hazards and bunkers make it an interesting challenge for the higher handicap, and provide ample risk and reward opportunities for the top golfer. The 4 star Lodge boasts 15 beautifully appointed and recently refurbished rooms. Seven rooms are on the top floor of the Lodge building, and eight further rooms are at the Umdoni Suites annexe, very close to the main Lodge building. Prince’s Grant is the perfect destination to have your team building, wedding, conference and much more!

MOUNT RICHMORE MODERN, CHIC, UPMARKET & EXCLUSIVE Mount Richmore are now ready to launch Phase 2 of this much anticipated development with services to sites in phases 1 and 2 complete. In 2016, construction will commence on a shopping centre, a medical centre, a daycare clinic and the Curro Pre-School. With a total of 2,400 sectional title units or homes in this development, and 1,100 of these being in Phase 1 and 2, investors will certainly be spoilt for choice. Future plans include another shopping centre, a hospital, retirement village, restaurants and an office park. Modern contemporary architecture coupled with fantastic amenities and close proximity to the coastal lifestyle, makes this the estate to watch. 37


The paved, 3km long promenade runs south from the Breakers Resort towards the lighthouse and towards Durban in the far south. The promenade spans the popular apartment and resort complexes that line the golden sands of this premier beach resort destination.�




A firm favourite with locals & visitors


hether its for a leisurely stroll, a faster paced jog or run to keep in shape, or somewhere for the dogs to take you for a walk, the Umhlanga Promenade provides a scenic route along the world famous golden sand beaches and warm Indian Ocean holiday destination of Umhlanga. Indigenous gardens line the length of the promenade with numerous restaurants and coffee shops with seating almost on the beach where even Fido will get watered. Stopping off for a coffee or something to eat is convenient and quite possibly very decadent if you end off at the Oyster Box Hotel. The Umhlanga Lighthouse is a 21 meter circular concrete tower painted white with a topside red stripe. An area landmark and popular subject of local artists and photographers, it was installed in 1954 and is fully automated. With a light range of 24 sea miles at a focal plane height of 25 meters above high sea

level, it has never been attended by a lighthouse keeper with the official warden once residing at the adjacent original beach cottage of the area, now the Oyster Beach Hotel. The 'whale-bone' themed pier stretches out to sea for 80 meters. Built after high seas battered the coastline in 2006, the pier is in fact a cleverly disguised continuation of a storm-water culvert to ensure dispersal into a deep-water sea channel. Plenty of public seating and illumination in the evenings, has ensured a favourable public comment. To the north, the promenade ends at the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve, a 26 hectare nature reserve on the shore of the Indian Ocean. The reserve encloses the Ohlanga River's lagoon and mouth, offering two walking trails to explore the fascinating coastal and dune forests. Home to numerous bushbuck, blue and grey duiker, smaller mammals and bird species, the reserve certainly makes for a worthwhile day trip.


Palm View F ur




Hambanathi la Mla




R10 2

we We R102

Mount Edgecombe Rockford

King Shaka International GPS co-ordinates: S 29° 36' 52" E 31° 06' 59"


ff's Road


Dube Trade Port GPS co-ordinates: S 29° 37’ 19” E 31° 05’ 57”

Um Co

Tongaat Toll Plaza




Crocodile Creek GPS Coordinates: S 29° 33’ 404” E 31° 10’ 168”

Flanders Mall Furth



Mt. Edgecombe Estate Two Old Town Italy



's R oc



roo s tb


ti o

ch ea


Oyster Box Hotel




Se nB

uMhlanga Lighthouse

l ne

l ot

Granada Square

h Um

uMhlanga Promenade

n ti

Chartwell Center


La Lucia Mall

Virginia Center

Surfers Kiteboard Training Beach

y ne Fin

Umdloti Center Kitesports

d Um

Glen Ashley

uMhlanga Lagoon & Nature Reserve

2 R10

Zimbali Coastal Estate



Crawford Preparatory

La Mercy

Sibaya Casino and Entertainment World

Gateway Wonder Market

La Lucia

Crawford College


The Crescent

Sunningdale Center

Glen Anil


c ea



lan Ro ck s


Estate Name

Dunkirk Estate Loxley Estate Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate 2 Mount Richmore


29°48.96 S 31°23.70 E


Estate Manager Robin Streit 032 525 4404 29°48.13 S Estate Manager 31°25.66 E James Hesse 082 921 0044 29°43.19 S Estate Manager 31°02.65 E Terry Keller 031 502 5360 29°48.94 S Estate Manager 31°23.40 E Theo van As 071 879 6030

Prince's Grant Coastal Golf Estate

29°21.21 S 31°22.07 E

Simbithi Eco Estate & Country Club

29°30.29 S 31°13.10 E

Umhlali Golf Estate & Country Club

29°30.44 S 31°11.42 E

* TBB - To Be Built ** OTP - Open To Public



% Open Space # Freehold # Sectional Title # Retirement (Conservation) Total Completed Total Completed Total Completed Golf Homes Units Units Course


Holiday Letting Permitted


52 Ha









Dash Apartments


5 Ha












208 Ha

Certified Conservancy







Yes 2




± 200 Ha


1 352






















1 525

1 042




Hotel TBB 2016












Estate Manager www.princesgrant.co.za 1 357 Ha Roelf du Toit 032 482 0002 Estate Manager www.simbithi.co.za 430 Ha Steve van Greunen 032 946 8360 Estate Manager www.umhlalicountryclub.co.za Bill Ferrar 032 947 1181


Information on this map has been provided by estate representatives, alternatively is available from public sources. For enquiries please email stephanie@luxemed




BALLITO GPS: 29°30.29 S 31°13.10 E


Shakas Kraal

Steve van Greunen 032 946 8360 www.simbithi.co.za





SALT ROCK GPS: 29°48.94 S 31°23.40 E


Flag Animal Farm GPS Coordinates: S 29°.26.981 E 031°.14.557

Theo van As 071 879 6030

mhlali Golf and ountry Estate


uMvo ti

Groutville Microlight School

Palm Lakes



Fuel Station


Litchi Orchard

The Quarters Lifestyle Center Ballito Junction

Mvoti Toll Plaza

Mt. Richmore


Brettenwood Loxley

Canelands Hotel



Blythedale Coastal Resort

an e




Ma rot

Simbithi Eco Estate

Salt Rock Hotel


y Ba









B ly

's R





le y



s nd d la




a He



ch ea




Robin Streit 032 525 4404



GPS: 29°41.13 S 31°25.66 E


h ac

GPS: 29°48.96 S 31°23.70 E

ac Be

i on



p Ele





ie l ef f

lt R



c Ro a's ak




B rd


lla Wi



Prince's Grant

Kevin 082 303 5439


James 082 921 0044


Robin 072 279 7535



Tu g





Zinkwazi Beach



Glendale Heights uMvoti



Blythedale Beach


Mozambique Botswana

Tinley Beach Namibia


N2 Swaziland

Ballito Richards Bay

South Africa


2 N

2 N

Blythedale Beach

lo uM d


King Shaka International Airport



La Mercy






Umhlanga Rocks

Cape Town

Port Elizabeth

Durban North

. Shopping Restaurant No





Yes Country Club Yes TBB

Yes 2 TBB

Beach Clubhouse Equestrian Nature / Clubhouse Facilities Walking Trails Yes Residents only No No No

Yes Residents only Yes Residents only Yes Country Club Yes Residents only




Estate Amenities Running Dams Swimming / Biking pool(s) Trails Yes

Yes 2

Yes 1



Yes 1










Gym Spa Squash Tennis Bowls Kids Open play play area field


Office Other Park





















Yes 3






Yes 3
















TBB - Medical Centre, Hospital, Medical Clinic & Daycare

Building commencing 2016








Yes 2

Yes 3










Lagoon, beach, bird watching, canoeing, weddings & conferencing








Yes 26









Eco Kids


Adventure Golf









Yes 2



Yes 2

Yes 5

Yes 2






LUXE aim to grow the map with each issue and invite all general and estate managers to contact us to include their estate information and free snippet.



Umhlanga Promenade with 'whale-bone' themed pier | Chris Allan Photography








1 2

00:34 01:15 02:07

06:52 07:40 08:43

12:57 13:48 15:02

18:58 19:47 20:59










03:21 04:56 06:13 07:06 07:49 08:26 09:01 09:35

10:11 11:39 00:11 01:07 01:50 02:26 03:00 03:34

16:46 18:12 19:07 19:47 20:22 20:55 21:27 21:59

22:43 --:-12:41 13:26 14:04 14:38 15:11 15:44

 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

03:14 04:45 06:14 07:17 08:05 08:47 09:25 10:01

10:01 11:32 00:11 01:18 02:05 02:45 03:58 03:58

16:35 18:10 19:14 20:00 20:38 21:13 21:48 22:22

22:32 --:-12:45 13:37 14:19 14:57 15:33 16:08

10:09 10:44 11:21

04:07 04:41 05:17

22:31 23:04 23:40

16:17 16:51 17:26

12:00 00:19 01:03 01:58

05:55 06:37 07:27 08:28

--:-12:44 13:37 14:46

18:04 18:47 19:39 20:48

10:38 11:15 11:53 00:10 00:51 01:36 02:33

04:34 05:10 05:47 06:27 07:10 08:01 09:05

22:57 23:33 --:-12:34 13:20 14:14 15:57

16:44 17:20 17:57 18:37 19:22 20:16 21:32

03:09 04:38 06:04 07:11 08:06 08:52 09:34

09:48 11:17 12:33 01:06 02:02 02:48 03:30

16:15 17:47 18:59 19:54 20:40 21:21 21:58

22:20 23:53 --:-13:32 14:21 15:04 15:43

03:51 05:33 07:00 08:02 08:49 09:29 10:05

10:32 12:09 00:53 01:58 02:46 03:26 04:01

17:07 18:42 19:48 20:36 21:16 21:51 22:23

23:17 --:-13:23 14:17 15:00 15:37 16:11

10:12 10:49 11:25 11:59 00:14 00:47

04:09 04:45 05:20 05:55 06:29 07:06

22:34 23:08 23:41 --:-12:34 13:12

16:20 16:55 17:28 18:01 18:35 19:10

10:38 11:10 11:40 12:10 00:20 00:49 01:20

04:34 05:05 05:35 06:05 06:35 07:06 07:42

22:54 23:23 23:52 --:-12:40 13:13 13:51

16:43 17:13 17:42 18:11 18:39 19:10 19:47

 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  12 13 14 15 16 17  19 20 21 22 23 24  26 27 28 29 30 31 44


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Launching Phase 2 early in 2016, and moving ahead with the balance of the development, Mount Richmore is set to be one of the biggest secure developments on the North Coast in the new year. With sites in Phase 1 and 2 already serviced, this is an exciting prospect for new home owners as transfers can be effected without any delays. Mount Richmore, when completed, will offer investors and home owners the following amenities: • • • • • • • • • • •

Aerial view of Curro School, shortly after completion in 2014.

Mount Richmore is not just another gated community, modern chic upmarket and exclusive best describes this signature development.


ount Richmore is situated in the heart of Salt Rock. The development offers the ideal coastal lifestyle with everything the modern family or individual could want.

Two shopping centres Clubhouse with swimming pool (completed) Curro School (completed and in operation) Curro Pre-School Day Care Centre Medical Centre Hospital Medical Clinic Office Park Restaurants Retirement Village

URBAN CHIC Text Theo van As | Location Mount Richmore Estate

Based 25 minutes North of Durban and 15 minutes from King Shaka International Airport, Mount Richmore offers easy access to major highways linking the business districts of Durban, Umhlanga and Ballito. Furthermore, Mount Richmore is placed in reach of the greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park, as well as Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Nature Reserve and hence offers the full African experience on Mount Richmore's doorstep. Boasting 188 hectares of rolling hills and sea views with the added benefit of being within close proximity to world class beaches including the ever popular Salt Rock Beach, Mount Richmore includes an array of lifestyle facilities including sports facilities, communal pool and clubhouse all built around the modern "urban chic" theme. There are substantial "greenbelt" and park areas, adding to the uniqueness of this magnificent address. Mount Richmore is not just another gated community; modern chic upmarket and exclusive describes this development.

For more information, contact Theo van As on 071 879 6030 or theo@mountrichmoresales.co.za www.mtrichmore.co.za 45



Designed with kids in mind, the Kids Play Park will be open to the public and is situated at Simbithi Country Club, Shakas Rock Road, Ballito. Text Steve van Greunen | Location Simbithi Eco Estate


imbithi Country Club Kids Park will be designed and situated in the amphitheatre at Simbithi Country Club. The project will be project managed by Rene Leitch of Famous Fun Factory and architect Llewellyn Cronje of Cronje Associated Architects.

The Kids Park will be completed in two phases with phase 1 being the installation of the kids play area, which will be completed by 10 December 2015 and the extension of the current deck area off the Fig Tree Restaurant with undercover seating anticipated completion in February 2016.

Steve van Greunen General Manager Simbithi Eco-Estate & Country Club 032 946 8360 | www.simbithi.com 46

We feel that with the ethos of Simbithi being about family and lifestyle that this would be an added extension to our services that we offer both our residents and guests�, says Steve van Greunen, General Manager of Simbithi Eco Estate.

Jacana at Simbithi is conveniently located close to an access gate and the N2 freeway with all necessary public amenities nearby and just 10 minutes from King Shaka International Airport. Big 5 game reserves and other first class tourist attractions are nearby and easily accessible on a day trip basis. Ballito is on your doorstep and home to world class private hospitals, schools, shopping centres, etc.

Jacana at Simbithi is a 74 Unit development in Simbithi Eco Estate, ideally situated on prime land in close proximity to the new Simbithi play park & clubhouse. The first phase is scheduled for completion at the end of 2016.






Location Simbithi Eco Estate

acana is arguably the best unit development Simbithi has to offer and happens to be the last, thereby promising a rare and exceptional opportunity for discerning investors to stake a claim on this upmarket and sought after address within the Golf Course phases of Simbithi Eco Estate. Launched in July 2015, the first phase of Jacana at Simbithi comprises thirty nine units made up of 24 Simplex Apartment, 8 Duplex Apartment & 7 Free standing Villa style opportunities. Priced on launch from R2.2 million, Jacana offers two, three, four and five bedroom units, thus satisfying demand within a broad spectrum of the residential market here on the Kwa-Zulu Natal Dolphin Coast.

FACILITIES INCLUDE: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Nature trails Numerous Fishing Dams 18 hole Matkovich designed, Executive Golf Course Multi use sports field (Rugby, soccer, cricket, volleyball, etc.) Floodlit Tennis Courts Several Restaurants and Bars at the Country Club and Office Park State of the art kiddies interactive play park 5 Community Centres 4 Swimming Pools MTB Trails Equestrian Centre Adventure Golf Picnic & Braai areas Beach Gate Fishing in the numerous Catch & Release Dams Gym Eco Kids Preschool (to grade 3) Suite Hotel Office Park


The architectural style and design ensures maximum privacy with intention to Y LY the estate as LY into the natural surroundings and general look and feelIENDof DL Nblend ND R IE R R IE TF TF TF E E E P P P a whole. Living life to the full in a serene and secure community environment is what Jacana at Simbithi is all about.




Unit Type A1 | Ref – JAC 43 Ground Floor Simplex with 2 or 3 bed Option Size 161m2 Double Garage or Single Garage with 3 Bed option Pets Yes

Unit Type A3 | Ref – JAC 65 2 & 3 Bedroom Simplex Units Size 145m2 - 160m2 Price R2,200,000 - R2,425,000 Beds 2&3 Bath 2 Garage 1 Parking Bay 1 Pets Yes

The facilities available to Jacana residents are simply world class and the variety leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you're a food or nature lover, avid golfer, birder or keen fisherman there's something for everyone Jacana at Simbithi is a 74 Unit development situated on prime land in Simbithi Eco Estate with the at Simbithi Eco Estate and as first phase scheduled for completion mid 2016. Jacana is arguably the best unit development Simbithi has to offer and happens last, thereby promising a rare and exceptional opportunity for partto beofthethis wonderful gated discerning investors to stake a claim on this upmarket and sought after address within the Golf Course phases of Simbithi Eco Estate. community you will have access Sales enquiries to all the fantastic facilities and JR Property Group – Sean Newton 082 332 2309 sean@jacanasimbithi.co.za | www.jacanasimbithi.co.za amenities in and around the http://www.facebook.com/jacana.at.simbithi estate. Unit Type A2 | Ref – JAC 56 2 & 3 Bedroom Duplex Units Size 152m2 - 205m2 Price R2,295,000 – R2,495,00 Beds 2&3 Bath 2 plus Guest Loo on ground floor Basement Parking Bays 2 Storeroom 10m2 Pets Yes

Unit Type C | Ref – JAC 53 4 Bedroom Simplex Size Price Bath Garage Pets

240m2 - 260m2 R3,950,000 - R4,200,000 3 2 Yes

For detailed info please visit www.jacanasimbithi.co.za




JR PROPERTY GROUP - Sean Newton 082 332 2309 sean@jacanasimbithi.co.za | www.jacanasimbithi.co.za http://www.facebook.com/jacana.at.simbithi 47

Jacana at Simbithi is a 74 Unit development situated on prime land in Simbithi Eco Estate with the first phase scheduled for completion at the end of 2016. Jacana is arguably the best unit development Simbithi has to offer and happens to be the last, thereby promising a rare and exceptional opportunity for discerning investors to stake a claim on this upmarket and sought after address within the Golf Course phases of Simbithi Eco Estate.

Unit Type A3 | Ref – JAC 65 2 & 3 Bedroom Simplex Units

Unit Type A2 | Ref – JAC 56 2 & 3 Bedroom Duplex Units

Size Price Beds Bath Garage Parking Bay Pets

Size Price Beds Bath Basement Parking Bays Storeroom Pets

145m - 160m R2,200,000 - R2,425,000 2&3 2 1 1 Yes 2

152m2 - 205m R2,295,000 - R2,495,000 2&3 2 + Guest loo on ground floor 2 10m2 Yes

Unit Type C | Ref – JAC 53 4 Bedroom Simplex Units Size Price Beds Bath Garage Pets

240m2 - 260m R3,950,000 - R4,200,000 4 3 2 Yes

For detailed info please visit www.jacanasimbithi.co.za

World Class Facilities The facilities available to Jacana residents are simply world class and the variety leaves nothing to be desired. Nature trails Numerous Fishing Dams 18 hole Matkovich designed, Executive Golf Course Multi use sports field (Rugby, soccer, cricket, volleyball, etc) Floodlit Tennis Courts Several Restaurants and Bars at the Country Club and Office Par State of the art kiddies interactive play park 5 Community Centres 4 Swimming Pools MTB Trails Equestrian Centre Adventure Golf Picnic & Braai areas Beach Gate Fishing in the numerous Catch & Release Dams Gym Eco Kids Preschool (to grade 3) Suite Hotel Office Park

Unit Type A1 | Ref – JAC 43 Ground Floor Simplex with 2 or 3 Bed Size 161m2 Double Garage or Single Garage with 3 Bed Pets Yes

Sales enquiries JR Property Group Sean Newton 082 332 2309 sean@jacanasimbithi.co.za www.jacanasimbithi.co.za http://www.facebook.com/jacana.at.simbithi

GREENING HARD SPACES King Shaka International Airport is unique in our

South African context of airports. One finds oneself in the privileged position to sit outside in a variety of restaurants, while enjoying a true connection to not only the landscape of the airport grounds, but more importantly that very landscape’s ability to bring the romance and tranquillity of the Kwa-Zulu Natal's rolling hills right into this otherwise very movement oriented space. Text Lucas Uys | Images Uys & White Landscape Architects | Location King Shaka International Airport

Zen landscapes with pebbles and rock, but still unmistakably African


he landscape celebrates the unique characteristics of our indigenous plant communities in the context of the North Coast surrounds. As this landscape matures, the character of those represented plant communities namely Palm veld, coastal forest, Acacia thorn-veld and coastal grassland, shines through. Certain portions of the landscape are extrapolated in more stylized formal patterns, reminiscent of a Zen landscape with pebbles and rock, but at the same time intertwined in an unmistakeable African charm. The underpass is a very functional design intervention in the airport context, and in this case we implemented it in conjunction with a sloped


Indigenous plants are used extensively, paying homage to the wide selection available in our province

undulating landscape. Upon arrival, the overhead plane dissipates, the underpass opens up, you enter a social grand arena arrival space, doubling up as an amphitheatre after which you reach the terminal building. A key element in our philosophy behind the design of this park is that as you move through the hierarchy of spaces, it is perceived as a journey while everything around you is designed to hide parking lots, roads and everything else that usually makes airports and traveling tedious! So much more than just another bed of flowers! On a more technical note, the planting design and choice of species are compliant with the

environmental management planning guidelines and sustainable design methodologies. The Airport precinct comprises a soft landscape area of around eleven hectares. To populate this park, eight thousand trees were planted and almost a million shrubs and ground covers and five hectares of instant lawn were used! King Shaka International Airport is a true exhibition of landscape character. Over time, as it matures, it will only enhance that truly unique experience.

UYS & WHITE Landscape Architects | T: +27 (0) 32 947 2401 | info@landscapesa.net

While waiting for a flight, enjoy the park like feel with pockets of seating overlooking the rolling lawns

Shrubs and trees are cleverly used to hide hard parking spaces and roads

From your employees’ health to your personal wealth, we’ve got you covered Our services include: • • •

financial planning investments healthcare

EMPANGENI | 1st Floor, Yellowood Lodge, 6 Norman Tedder Lane, end of Turnbull Street, Empangeni PSG Wealth Financial Planning (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider. FSP 728

Gert Smith Financial Adviser T +27 (35) 77 27365


he global launch of Blythedale Coastal Resort took place on the night of the 28th of October 2015. This massive development was launched almost simultaneously in Durban, Johannesburg, London and Dubai, with over 1000 people in attendance. Approximately 850 people chose the option of live streaming the event from the comfort of their homes. The land released on the night was from two sections of the development, namely Blythedale Ocean and Forest. 270 freehold sites were purchased, generating around R500 million in sales. “But it hasn’t stopped there” says Andrew Thompson (Development and Sales Director). “The enquiries, number of contracts received as well as deposits being paid since Wednesday are coming in at a full swing”. This exciting development is situated along the KZN North Coast, just 25 minutes from King Shaka International Airport and a mere 10 minutes north of Ballito. The North Coast has been a property development hotspot for a few years now, as can be seen by the success of developments such as Simbithi Eco Estate, Zimbali and Brettenwood. There has been a gradual shift in investment from Durban along the North Coast as people recognise exciting investment opportunities and experience superb quality of living. Blythedale is simply the next level of estate living along the North Coast of KZN and in South Africa as a whole. More than just another property development, Blythedale Coastal Resort offers a sense of community, delicately balanced with the privacy that you would require from a holistic, all-encompassing resort estate. More so, there is a harmony of understated elegance that goes hand in hand with the breathtaking natural surroundings of this North Coast getaway. Blythedale Coastal Resort features 3km of prime, unblemished North Coast beach front, providing for some dazzling views of the pristine Indian Ocean. The beach is ideal for both swimmers and fishermen, with white, sandy beaches perfect for swimming, interspersed with rocks and gullies; optimal locations for the casual angler. Other fishing spots include the picturesque dams and lakes, ideal conditions for kids and adults alike. The tranquil coastal forest at Blythedale contains over 200 species of subtropical birds, indigenous to KwaZulu-Natal.

PARADI FOUND Blythedale Coastal Resort spans a thousand hectares of tranquil forest, rivers and estuaries; all set alongside a three kilometre stretch of untouched ocean frontage. Enjoy the outdoor lifestyle that is synonymous with the KZN North Coast. Text Jason Taylor | Photography Supplied | Location Blythedale Coastal Resort

The most exciting Beach Resort Development to be launched in South Africa. With components of Blythedale Ocean and Blythedale Forest recently released to the public at the global launch, there is a growing sense of anticipation for the launch of the next three phases of the development, the latest of which will hopefully be released by 2017.”

Mark Taylor CEO eLan Group

The 320 hectare natural forest also features an abundance of wildlife, such as bushbuck, reedbuck and two species of duiker. There will be no manmade structures encroaching on the forest’s natural beauty; with conservation being the main concern and with the endgoal of achieving nature reserve status.

adventure, enjoy being active and exploring the wonders of the outdoors, this estate is a dream come true.

Blythedale features five estates (Ocean, Forest, Golf, Hills and Equestrian), as well as a water-park and 600 room resort hotel and spa. Each estate is unique in the lifestyle it has to offer.

Overlooking an 18-hole championship golf course, Blythedale Golf provides optimal estate living. Set on hilltops surrounding the course, properties are blessed with stunning views of the valley and nearby dams. This luxurious estate boasts a driving range and putting green; as well as a Pro Shop and clubhouse restaurant. The golf course will be designed and built by two of the world’s best course designers.


Blythedale Ocean offers a retreat from city stresses in some of the world’s most sought after beach front property. An integral part of Blythedale, it offers the security of the Resort whilst you enjoy the freedom of a stroll on Blythedale’s beautiful beaches. Blythedale Forest is everything that the concrete jungle is not. For those who have a yearning for

With over 50km of nature trails to be completed by 2016, residents can enjoy the peace of a walk through the indigenous forest or the exhilaration of a cycle or trail-run.

A blueprint for future developments, Blythedale Hills will comprise over a thousand units, set aside as an inclusionary affordable housing component and built along the same architectural guidelines as the rest of the Resort. Blythedale’s emphasis on education and community upliftment sees two

on-site schools serving the local community and the unique housing structure will add to the spirit of Ubuntu. It combines commercial, retail and residential, with each home owner a prospective business owner as well. Blythedale Equestrian offers thirty sprawling freehold sites, integrated with equestrian facilities in the Resort’s smallest and most exclusive estate. Enjoy navigating horse trails beneath the forest canopy and along the banks of the Umdlotane River, as the entire Resort is open to all who call Blythedale home. With components of Blythedale Ocean and Blythedale Forest recently released to the public at the global launch, there is a growing sense of anticipation for the launch of the next three phases of the development, the latest of which will hopefully be released by 2017. With properties starting at a very affordable R450 000, this is a development that can benefit people from all walks of life. Book a site tour online at www.blythedale.co.za and become a part of breathtaking Blythedale.

"Featuring five estates as well as a waterpark and a resort hotel & spa, Blythedale has something for everyone." 53



Zimbali Coastal Resort spans 456 hectares and there are many secluded residential areas within the estate, one being this home located in a cul-desac, perfectly positioned for the holiday home that it is. Photography Sally Chance | Location Zimbali Coastal Resort


n entering the home, there is an almost hushed silence. The double volume, glass fronted entrance hall welcomes you into a chic interior, quite fittingly reserved for the pages of a magazine. "I was literally given free reign with this home", says interior designer SchanĂŠ Anderson from Olala Interiors, who undertook the 12 week installation of the home which she just recently completed. "We were given a blank canvas as the home was purchased fitted and built, directly from the developer, Saxony Developments". With the owners residing in Johannesburg and using the home for holidays on the coast for both their family and friends, it was important to incorporate the feeling of being in a luxurious boutique hotel. "My clients

have travelled extensively and love the exquisite detail and appreciation of interior design that boutique hotels offer", says SchanĂŠ. The result is a contemporary style with a twist of understated elegance.

Plenty of seating and conversational areas with a spacious open plan layout were essential when considering the design and decor. "The couple entertain a great deal and wanted the home to allow them to do so while still giving them privacy. This was achieved with the bedrooms and living area upstairs". Geometric elements feature time and again, from the wallpaper, wall mounted mirrors, to the rugs used to demarcate the various zones within the home. Luxuriously heavy, opulent fabrics were used for the soft furnishings to soften the modern architecture of the home. Hanging pendant lights, custom made for the client, are prominent throughout the home but none more so than the one above the floating staircase. The kitchen is mostly white with sleek Caesar stone counters, built in appliances and a purpose built breakfast bar. The bespoke leather bar stools add a touch of masculinity to the space. Glass doors throughout the downstairs living area provide access to the outdoor deck and swimming pool - perfect for entertaining.



Wood, polished Kiaat or lacquered black is presented throughout the home and blends seamlessly with the contemporary furnishings. 56

The subdued palette with an emphasis on black is complimented by strong pops of colour. A case in point is the velvety royal blue sofa with gold trim and the oversized ottoman in the same fabric in the lounge area, perfectly offset with the caramel high-backs, juxtaposed with dark curtains and feature wall. Decadent pieces such as the baby grand piano, the ultra fabulous 'Construction Lamp' from Moooi, ornate drinks cabinet and stylish, oversized works of art from Imbizo Art Gallery contribute to a Gatsby era feeling.

"The client requested that we stock a library with a wide range of books from history to cooking to sports and biographies - great fun for us!" says SchanĂŠ.

At the top of the stairs, another conversational seating area creates the central hub from where there is a fantastic flow through to the main and childrens' bedrooms and sumptuous ensuite bathrooms. The clean, uncluttered lines throughout the upper level ensure that the furnishings: full curtains, rich deep pile carpets and rugs, chandeliers and embellished headboards are apportioned their own space to shine!

Clean, uncluttered lines with plenty of space in the bathrooms. The geometric elements follow through here too.

The master suite is lush and lavishly appointed.

Simbithi / R13.6m

Ref# 1BO1241856

4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 3 garages Unsurpassed Excellence - A stunning contemporary 703m2 home with emphasis on luxury lifestyle living offering large open spaces, flowing seamlessly from the living area and gourmet kitchen to a large wooden deck surrounding the swimming pool offering 4 en-suite bedrooms, study, playroom, theatre room, staff quarters.

Simbithi / R5.434m

Ref# 1BO1240954 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 3 garages Well Priced Private Family Home - A residence of calm and character overlooking the Warbler Dam situated on the Eco side of beautiful Simbithi. A compelling front door into the entrance hall which flows into the open plan lounge, dining room and bar area. A well-appointed gourmet kitchen with a separate scullery.

S i m b i t h i E c o E S tat E bea van der merwe 072 756 7753 Sascha bausch 076 451 0879 marcelle conradie 071 302 3010

Simbithi / R2.55m

Ref# 1BO1241948 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages Modern Townhouse Living - This exceptionally modern cat friendly, 203m2 duplex with open plan living areas, kitchen and covered verandah has excellent views over the estate. The main bedroom has a full en-suite bathroom and plenty of wardrobe space.

Simbithi / R7.5 m

Simbithi / R11.95m

Simbithi / R16.4m

Ref# 1BO1243942 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4 garages This house has been fitted with 6 Kilowatts of photovoltaic panels on the roof which will make the house “ESKOM PROOF� and 20,000 litres of stored water with pumps and filtration systems. There is also a 300 litre solar geyser, attached to an intelligent Rinnnai gas geyser in the event that there is no sun, the house is fully air-conditioned with Carrier inverters air-cons. Staff quarters an added bonus!

officE 032 946 3430 ballito@pamgolding.co.za pamgolding.co.za/ballito

/PamGoldingProperties @PamGoldingGroup

Ref# 1BO1241283 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, 3 garages Sumptuous Splendour Overlooking The Golf Course - Panoramic views and contemporary architecture designed by Mark Leslie Smith, this spacious home creates a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Ref# 1BO1243865 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 garages Private Perfection - Intelligently designed residence set on a beautiful wetland overlooking the Fish Eagle Dam. Serenely positioned on a 2,719m2 double stand this 861m2 north facing masterpiece offers everything a discerning owner requires. Fire pizza oven on a large entertainment patio, wine cellar, central vacuum system, automated 25KVA generator system, and much more.

Zimbali coastal Resort / R18m

Ref# 1BO1242174

4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 garages Taking full advantage of its breathtaking position and panoramic, all-round views, this home offers an entertainer’s delight with its expansive and partially double volume reception whilst full length fold-away panels create an interrupted flow onto vast patios highly elevated above the 5th fairway with infinity pool and Jacuzzi.

Zimbali coastal Resort / R12.995m

Ref# 1BO1200022 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 garages A perfect balance between inspiring architectural feats and the soothing elements of casual, relaxed living. Most of the home with magnificent open exposed beams, beautifully landscaped lawns, protected patios with pizza oven and rim flow pool, has been designed on a single level platform, without compromising a family’s need for private and individual spaces.

Z i m b a l i c o a S ta l R E S o R t Sascha bausch 076 451 0879 marcelle conradie 071 302 3010 bea van der merwe 072 756 7753

Zimbali coastal Resort / R6.8m Ref# 1BO1244445 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 garages Beautifully hidden away in a quiet cul-de-sac this tastefully appointed villa exudes a unique sense of tranquillity and peace, comforted by the effortless ambience of completely step-less living. Large, open plan interiors offer an extended flow onto a covered patio with scenic views of lush level lawns and pool….The ideal setting for a lazy Sunday family lunch or sundowner drinks.

Zimbali coastal Resort / R7.99m

Zimbali coastal Resort / R5.95m

Zimbali coastal Resort / R4.25m (incl. Vat) Ref# 1BO1215623 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms Superbly spacious semi-detached duplex unit beautifully set in a secluded corner of this brand new development in the centre of Zimbali. Entertainer’s dream lounge and dining areas with open plan Caesar stone kitchen and travertine floors open up through full length fold way glass panels onto a wonderful patio overlooking landscaped lawns and indigenous vegetation.

Ref# 1BO1231561 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2.5 garages With convenient proximity to the main Zimbali Gate in the northern part of the Resort and set within one of Zimbali’s most popular developments you will find this 360 sqm treasure… nestled between golf fairways, whilst highly elevated to offer magnificent views over the Resort and down towards the sea.

officE 032 946 3430 ballito@pamgolding.co.za pamgolding.co.za/ballito

/PamGoldingProperties @PamGoldingGroup

Ref# 1BO1163459 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 garages In a scenic golfing fairways setting this immaculate home has been beautifully crafted to offer a luxurious and comforting sense of tranquillity. A granite top kitchen forms part of the home’s spacious semi open plan reception areas with 2 two lounges flanking the large covered patio and wooden pool deck ….. both a family haven and entertainer’s paradise alike.

BAD I N ESTOR BEHA IOUR Investing is a science with exact methods but often unpredictable outcomes. Like any science or precise skill, there is always the possibility of human error.


hen a biologist tries genetically modifying a grape vine the result is unpredictable but not necessarily catastrophic. When an investor makes a mistake, the effects can be quite far reaching. One of the main factors leading to human error in investing is the human mind and the emotional impulses it experiences. The graph below shows how investors can be led astray by their emotions when buying and selling investments.

Unfortunately many novice investors invest somewhere between the ‘thrilled’ and ‘euphoric’ points when the price of the investment is reaching its peak and then sell it somewhere between ‘worried’ and ‘defeated’, making a large loss. Stubbornness in an investor can lead to an overly extended hold-period, investing on the basis of past successes and relying on information that aligns with their own, predetermined opinions. An overconfident investor believes that they are invincible and that the moves they make are sure to lead to success. This mindset can lead to blunders like trading too often, not diversifying their portfolio or taking on too much risk. In order to be a calculated and therefore successful, investor you have to be able to separate your fears and joys from your investment strategy. Emotions should be an after effect of a strategic decision.


An investment strategy should be straightforward, concise and strict. There should be no room for confidence, panic or even hope. Your decision to buy or to sell should be based purely on technical or fundamental analyses. The point where you buy or sell should be defined and exact. Your risk appetite will determine how high or low your personal investment strategy sets that point, but once they’ve been plotted, you can’t disobey them. Say for instance you find yourself in the following situation: You buy when a company is undervalued by the market, a trend a lot of other investors may pick up on as well, which in turn allows the share price to rise - above what you paid for it and eventually above what the company is actually worth. At this point it’s always prudent to sell as you make a positive return while avoiding the chance of facing a loss when the rest of the market realises that the share is overvalued. This is how institutional investors go about trading and that should be the way you trade; making decisions based on facts, expertise and technical analyses. Not on fear or confidence. If everyone is going one way, it does not mean you have to follow suit, particularly if it means disregarding your investment strategy. Once you’ve made the decision to swim upstream you can either emerge as a savvy investor who, despite all the wider market’s opinions stuck to your guns and kept moving forward, or you can be that guy who listened to no one and lost some money. If you find yourself in the latter position, you’ll have realised that your investment strategy could use a few tweaks. But if you’re in the former situation, you’ll have made some profit. Either way, you’ll have stopped your emotions from the getting the best of you and you’ll have learnt something.

Gert Smith is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and a Financial Adviser at PSG Wealth Empangeni. With 19 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Gert specialises in investments. PSG is a leading independent financial services group, with an extensive national footprint, Namibian operations and a Mauritian presence. Listed on the JSE as PSG Konsult, the company has been in operation since 1998, and offers a value-orientated approach to clients' financial needs, from asset and wealth management to insurance. PSG Wealth, a division of PSG, provides a comprehensive wealth management offering, designed to meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses.

GERT SMITH Financial Planner & Adviser PSG Wealth Empangeni

SAFE & SECURE IPSS Electronic Security services over 45 guarding sites in the Ballito, Salt Rock and Sheffield Beach area. The company has positioned itself at the middle to top end of the security market and offers full security solution to all their customers.


ver the last few years the South African security industry has reached a level where most of the major role players in the industry are large international companies. Whilst acquisitions have shrunk the market to a large extent nationally, they have at the same time opened up opportunities for security companies, like IPSS Electronic Security, to operate a more personal service.


IPSS Electronic Security has emerged as the most significant privately owned security company in the Dolphin Coast area. The company was established in 1985 to serve the industrial area of Isithebe. In 2002 IPSS Electronic Security split into two businesses, namely IPSS Security Operations and IPSS Electronic Security. IPSS Electronic Security moved its operation into the Dolphin Coast area with the view of concentrating its interests.

He has a long standing record in the Special Forces, has served as head of the VIP Protection Unit for German and Belgium Members of Parliament and is well known in the Dolphin Coast Community and abroad for his achievements in the successful fight against crime.

IPSS Electronic Security is experiencing unparalleled growth. DESERT CHARM TRADING 183 PTY (LTD) trading as IPSS Electronic Security is a privately owned company and registered with all relevant security regulatory bodies.

“Our reputation, expertise, resources and service delivery have exceeded the expectations of many of the blue chip companies.”

The company, headed by the director, Frank Labidi, has over 60 years of combined military and law enforcement experience.

Frank is the founder of Salt Rock Neighbourhood Watch, excommittee member of several

organizations combating crime and a well known business person in the Dolphin Coast area. In 2002, he joined the company as an active partner and was elected as Secretary of SAIDSA / Natal in the 2007. The new operations director Brennon Knott is an ex member of the Riot Police (now Public Order Policing) and has joined our team officially in June 2015. Brennon has extensive experience in the Security Industry, heading large Security Firms in Johannesburg as Operations Director.

In 2003, IPSS Electronic Security was awarded the SAIDSA approval in the following categories: Approved 24 hour control centre; Approved armed reaction units; Approved installer. In 2015, IPSS Electronic Security was awarded the SAIDSA approval for ALL categories: Alarm Installations; Alarm Monitoring; Armed Reaction; CCTV Installation; CCTV Monitoring; Electric Fence Installation. Supervision - IPSS Electronic Security’s day and night shift managers visit all guarding sites on an intermittent basis over a twelve hour period. These sites are visited regularly during a 12 hour shift, in addition to electronic movement downloads of our guards on a 24 hour basis. Regular and systematic on-site training and evaluation is carried out to ensure that a professional standard of service is maintained.

L eading You Into A Secure Future

Shop 14a, The Circle, Ballito, 4420 0861-32-4777 | 032-946-2400 info@ipss-security.co.za | www.ipss-security.co.za Facebook: IPSS-Electronic-Security

24 Hour Control Centre - IPSS Electronic Security is the only Ballito based security company with a full “SAIDSA” approved control centre. Our 24 hour control room is most probably the most advanced and technologically fitted 24 hour control centre in the Dolphin Coast area. Radio Communication Network - Over the years we have developed a dedicated two-way radio network covering a 100 km radius from our 24 hour Ballito control centre. All our staff are in constant radio contact with each other and our control centre and are encouraged to share information via the radio network in order to react to any potential threat swiftly and efficiently. All members of management are available 24 hours via the radio network. IPSS Electronic Security upgraded its radio network at the beginning of 2015 and has the best possible radio network coverage in our area of operation.

IPSS Security Team VIGILANT 24/7, 365

“Where there is art – there is creativity, progress and hope”

ART SCENE Isabel Roos, owner of Imbizo Gallery in the Ballito Life Style Centre, requested Barbie Meyer, well known artist, playwright and actress, to write an article on the value of art in our homes. Barbie does regular supper theatre performances on Herman Charles Bosman in collaboration with Imbizo Gallery. She interviewed a number of prominent artists who regularly exhibit at Imbizo about their views on art and art collecting. This is the first of a series of articles forthcoming in the LUXE magazine.

Art in our Hearts & Homes

Text Barbie Meyer www.barbiemeyer.com | Images Imbizo Gallery www.imbizogallery.co.za


hen we were growing up my Mother used to pin various pictures of beautiful sculptures and paintings on the back of our loo door. These assorted pieces of paper and cardboard would remain on the door until the corners were yellowed and dog eared. My Mother would then help us hunt through calendars, magazines and second hand shops to find new ‘artworks’. This was the spot where we children were let loose to choose whatever we liked as long as the pictures made our hearts soar. The images have left an indelible stamp on my heart. I vividly remember Matisse’s goldfish, Bushmen paintings on cave walls, Henri Moore’s oversized sculptures lolling on grassy fields, Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night as well as his wild and woolly purple irises and the list goes on. A wonderful lesson to learn from a young age methinks – that art does indeed belong in both the heart and home.

Marke Meyer life size bronze entitled


Art in a home is a highly personal choice. It is so much more than just décor; it speaks volumes about who we are. Stand in a house for just a couple of minutes observing the choice and placement of art and this will tell you a great deal about the home-owner. Art is really the signature and essence of a home. The documented differences between a first and third world country are things including number of sports fields, galleries and theatres - things to make us think & challenge our minds. But whichever country we find ourselves in and whether we have large public theatres and galleries on our doorsteps or not, it is possible to have a first world mind. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful and thought provoking art can help do just that. I asked two well known and established, full time artists, Izidro Duarte and Marke Meyer, to give us their personal thoughts on owning and buying art.

Marke Meyer with his suspended sculpture entitled



MARKE meyer BM: Marke, your home is also filled with art – what to you are the benefits of owning original art? MM: Artwork operates on a higher level to ordinary products. It can have a positive or a negative impact on one’s emotions and psychological state. It may even challenge one’s perspective on the artwork’s subject matter. Whatever the case, this to me is the purpose of an artist: to evoke a response in the viewer. Owning a piece of art gives the owner a sense of inclusion in the workings of the mind of that artist. By proxy, and through engaging in the work, the owner becomes something of an artist himself. This can be an exciting and enlightening experience. Artwork of course, can also merely be enjoyed on an aesthetic level. We all understand beauty in terms of line, rhythm, balance, colour, elegance and form, all of which affect the viewer on an emotional level. Including work that appeals to you aesthetically, allows for enjoyment, calm and harmony; a treat for all the senses. I personally prefer art works with a conceptual bias as they challenge the mind and not only the eye. Owning art in your home is a process of discovery…you can’t beat that!

BM: What makes you buy a piece of art? MM: Well that’s an easy one. Art simply has to have both an emotional and a cognitive impact on me. The artwork must communicate something to me. I want to be able to sit back at the end of a busy day and be mesmerized, challenged or beguiled by my acquisitions. Art must beg a response from me.

BM: Which South African artists’ work do you own or admire? MM: Artworks that I am fortunate enough to own include: Michael Cañadas’s quirky bronze buffalo, driven by a vulture and a monkey, called ‘Bushveld Express’; a collection of poetic art jewellery pieces from the series ‘The words we use’ by Gela Tölken; and many abstract oils and mixed media work by the Duarte trio (Izidro, Everett and Frances) who are also personal friends of ours. I love the bold and confident brushwork of Everett Duarte’s abstract paintings and his use of evocative colour.

Our house is filled with artwork and literature on Art.

Marke Meyer with his suspended sculpture entitled


Other artists that I admire include: Anton Momberg, a sculptor whose highly refined figurative pieces often have a subliminal message; Jacques Fuller, a sculptor whose playfulness veils a sharp satirical wit; Terri Broll, an artist whose paintings are laced with interrogative introspection and offer a brooding sense of disquiet in the characters that populate her work. Gerhard van Eck is a sculptor that has recently caught my eye: by exaggerating the muscle form of his ‘cute’ and whimsical characters, he adds a vibrant energy to his work – I like that.” 64

And from my studio window I look out onto a reclining, life size piece of sculpture by Marke Meyer. I see it at different times of day and it’s constantly changing and looks different in different lights. I love that.”

Izidro Duarte sculpture


IZIDRO duarte BM: Izidro, I see your home is filled with art – both yours and others – what to you are the benefits of owning original art? ID: The very obvious thing for me is that art, and being surrounded by it, lifts one up into a spiritual realm. People need art. It makes us think and escape the mundane in life. As spiritual beings we try to make sense of the world and God has given us the ability to see beauty. How wonderful is that! If we didn’t have that ability, we would just see everything on a very base level and would not be able to consciously acknowledge that things are beautiful. I find that the more I surround myself with beauty the more I hunger for it.

BM: What makes you buy a piece of art? ID: Well I don’t only buy - I swap too (chuckles). For me it’s not about owning art for investment purposes – that is just a bonus. I love to witness, and am inspired by, someone’s attempt at perfection and excellence. It gives me a sense of reason for doing what I do which is finding myself on a daily journey, endeavouring to create something wonderful and perfect. I love to touch that invisible beauty of seeing how far an artist has gone to achieve a particular degree of expression and expertise.

BM: Which South African artists’ work do you own or admire? Oh my, there are just so many – how much time to do you have?! Perhaps I’ll start with a friend: Titta Fasciotti. I love and admire his paintings. I also have a beautiful bull by sculptor Kurt Lossgott – wow, that man really understood form.

Izidro Duarte in front of one of his paintings.

I would love to acquire a Robert Hodgens or a Battiss or two. Helmut Starcke is another incredible painter – he paints landscapes within landscapes with every piece holding a message and a concept – brilliant.


Abstract oil by Everett Duarte.


in Modern Homes

Text Barbie Meyer www.barbiemeyer.com | Images Imbizo Gallery www.imbizogallery.co.za

SIZE COUNTS - The modern trend is to go big. Don’t be fearful of filling an entire wall or column with one piece. This becomes the focal point of a room, uncluttered yet bold. If you have a collection of smaller pieces – perhaps black and white photographs or botanical studies - consider grouping them or framing them in one large frame to fill a space to give the feeling of a large and cohesive unit.

include concrete composites, recycled scrap metal, perspex, stainless steel and aluminium.

TRUST YOUR GUT - If you love a piece and something about it resonates with you and makes you think – buy it. If you can’t afford it, jolly well save up and buy it. Art is a personal choice – it says something about you and your home. Hang or place a piece because it makes your heart soar. Don’t place it because it ‘matches the curtains’ or it was gift and you feel obliged or you don’t like it but it is an investment. If you are buying investment art make sure you love it enough to live with it every day in your living space.

Sculpture is best placed where it can be viewed from all angles – if large enough it can be very effective placed directly on the floor. Smaller pieces can be positioned on an existing table or plinth. Speak to the Gallery owner or artist themselves about the recommended height of the plinth. Some modern sculptures are even suspended and can be hung no matter how high or low the ceiling is – these are exquisite in a double volume area.

SCULPTURE IS COOL - In modern homes wall space is often minimal with open plan designs, large expansive windows and areas of double volume taking up more space than in the past. A perfect solution is sculpture. Sculpture is usually made in specific editions. Check to see how many have been made of a piece: a general edition number is twenty before the mould is destroyed. Any editions less than this are even more desirable. Check for the artist’s signature, the foundry stamp and the edition number on the bronze. You can also insist on a certificate of authenticity which verifies the above. Bronze sculpture is highly sought after although there are many other mediums that are also durable; these 66

PLACING & LIGHTING - For smaller paintings, drawings and photographs, hang at eye level. Work on about 150cm from the floor as a guide. Larger pieces work well hung from floor to ceiling this makes a grand statement in a home.

for a traditional space and vice versa. This may well add quirkiness and interest to an otherwise very predictable area. If a contemporary artwork sits well above a beautiful antique who says it can’t work? BUY ORIGINAL - Check to see if the artwork is original and signed. A signed print is also very acceptable. Commissioning an artist to create an artwork of a specific size and content is also a wonderful way to get exactly what you want and what your space requires. A commission can often turn into a wonderful dual journey of two minds: yours and the artist’s. Give the artist a clear indication of what it is you require as well as your budget but remember to allow him or her space and leeway to do what they do best – create.

There is nothing quite as lovely as a beautifully lit piece of art. Good lighting gives gravitas to the piece and makes it ‘pop’ in its surroundings. Ceilingmounted accent lights work well. These are essentially ceiling fixtures that can be recessed or surface-mounted. They can be articulated to direct light onto individual artworks. They can also be supplied with a range of light beam spreads, so you can ensure that the light washes over most of the artwork. RISK THE OLD WITH THE NEW Consider a contemporary piece of art

Isabel Roos, Art Consultant Imbizo Gallery & Barbie Meyer, Actress, Singer & Lover of the Arts

PREPARING STUDENTS For their futures

Text CrawfordSchools™ | Photography Matthew Willman | Location Tongaat North Coast & Armstrong Ave La Lucia

CrawfordSchools™ has been a part of the South African education system for over 20 years. Together, the schools that make up the Crawford Collection are situated in KZN including the North Coast and La Lucia campus, while the Gauteng campuses include Bedfordview, Fourways, Lonehill, Pretoria and Sandton.


rawford College North Coast also provides separate boarding facilities for grade 8 to 12 male and female students, in a safe and secure ‘home-from-home’ environment. The students enjoy a supported and guided extended family system in which they can take advantage of the abundance of opportunities available within the enriching Crawford ethos. As trailblazers in innovative and critical-thinking education, CrawfordSchools™ prides itself on successfully producing confident, happy students who are equipped to take their place in a 21st Century society and make a success of it, at any level. They provide opportunities and resources that encourage students to accept challenges, participate effectively, think independently, question critically and become lifelong learners - the kind of knowledge acquisition and skills required to be successful in a global world. CrawfordSchools™ is a progressive educational institution that offer every student the opportunity

to thrive and excel as individuals. Building on the foundations which have been laid through the excellence of Crawford’s Pre-Primaries and Preparatory schools, and fostering skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. The Colleges tailor each student’s timetable to suit their academic needs, with a variety of traditional as well cutting edge option subjects on offer. Crawford students study the IEB curriculum and write the Victorian Certification Assessment Authority (VCAA) examination, as their prelims, in their Grade 12 year. Teachers create a vibrant, stimulating and enjoyable environment where their aim is to teach independent thinking and to encourage habits of work and study which equip each student to succeed. In the Sporting enrichment curriculum, CrawfordSchools™ offer a variety of sports of a traditional competitive as well as individual nature. The competitive sport aims to encourage

students to develop through team play, leadership and good sportsmanship. These activities include hockey played on world class AstroTurf facilities to tennis, soccer, rugby, cricket and many more. While the individual sport teaches their students of self-fulfilment, and social interaction, that include fencing, surfing, equestrian, and swimming amongst a few others. In the Cultural enrichment curriculum, performers and debaters can take their places with the best of the best on world stages. The cultural enrichment is at the very heart of their ethos and curriculum that leaves students self-assured, confident, and independent well-rounded individuals. The Old Crawfordians have established a formidable presence over the years and have accomplished great things. They’ve made their mark in the world, from Johannesburg to New York, Sydney and London. For more information please contact 0860 724 665 or visit www.crawfordschools.co.za or www.oldcrawfordians.com

For the culture enthusiasts, Crawford offers a rich cultural programme.

Academics are at the forefront of Crawfordology. 68

“Crawford encourages imaginative play.�


Barnyard Theatre

Gateway Theatre of Shopping Umhlanga w w w. b a r nya rd t h e a t re . c o . z a | 0 3 1 5 6 6 3 0 4 5

13 Oct. 2015


Viva Las Vegas Musical legends that have rocked Vegas!

10 Jan. 2016

31 Dec. 2015

Pumpkin Theatre La Montagne Ballito

Celebrate New Year's with a three course dinner, Danny Fisher Live Show, DJ & Dancing.

13 Dec. 2015

w w w. p u m p k i n t h e a t re c l u b . c o . z a

Old Friends A tribute to arguably the worlds greatest duo, Simon & Garfunkel

21 Dec. 2015 Blarney Brothers Blarney Party at the Barnyard

28 31 Jan. 2016 TO

California Sunshine A tribute to the birth of the LA Scene

02 Feb. 06 Mar. 2016

12 Dec. 2015


La Vida Party to the sounds of Latin America

Litchi Orchard Seaforth Avenue Salt Rock

18 Dec. 2015

Day Market 9am to 1pm

Litchi Orchard

Jan. 2016


Day Market 9am to 1pm

29 12 19 Dec. 2015

Night Market 5 to 10pm

TO Umhlanga Tourism Umhlanga Summer Festival Umhlanga Main Beach



TO Dec. 2015 Gateway Theatre of Shopping


Adventure awaits at Gateway's festive entertainment zone! Giant jungle inflatable • Animatronic animals • Birds eye bridge • Lost boys clubhouse • Girls jungle club & much, much more! w w w. g a t e w ay w o r l d . c o . z a | 0 3 1 5 1 4 0 5 0 0

w w w. u m h l a n g a t o u r i s m . c o . z a

12th & 13th - 2 Day Surfing Contest 13th - Early morning Trail Run starting at 06:00 on Umhlanga Promenade | register at www.roag.co.za 14th to 18th - Fun & Games for the little ones and parents at Millennium Stage Umhlanga Main Beach 17th - Carols by Candlelight Charity Event starting at 18:00 Granada Square, Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga 70

Information correct at the time of going to print.

Seaforth Avenue, Salt Rock Special 'Litchi Fest' Night Market 5 to 10pm

w w w. l i t c h i o rc h a rd . c o . z a

OUTDOORS & Around town

Text Fiona Reid | Photography Supplied



Long-time friends, Raymond Friedman, Paul Shepard and Billy BrentonFranks (ex Marco Polo) run this family-friendly establishment. Set in the lush Dunkirk Estate, sheltered by two magnificent giant fig trees, the cubist design lends itself to a light, contemporary space perfect for casual style dining. Ray’s offers a small menu interspersed with weekly specials of tuna, fresh caught fish, mussels and their famous “low and slow” food. Regular dishes include freshly made pasta, fabulous salads, and wood fired pizza and quality ingredients are used, such as homemade stocks and free range meat and chicken. Craft beer of Devils Peak, Poison City and CBC will quench your summer thirst, whilst there is a delicious small wine menu and unique cocktail options. Ray’s offers outside catering and will also accommodate small events in the “Common Room” for any celebration. Residents and their guests using the beautiful lap pool have a Poolside menu to choose light meals and cocktails from whilst they while away the North Coast summers.

Newcomer to Umhlanga, Fourteen On Chartwell has only been open a few weeks, just in time for the festive season. Think old world class, with handmade retro floor tiles and green wooden chairs, custom brass chandelier, and a beautiful oval bar dominating the room. Pavement tables invite the who’s who to check you-check me in the hustle and bustle of the Umhlanga strip. A more relaxed option offers either the booth at the back or the lounge area – clever concept of dining in comfort. The beer menu is impressive with six craft beers on tap and a very extensive bottled craft beer selection. Classic and signature cocktails offer a fun alternative, as well as a good wine range. The menu is designed to compliment the craft beers whilst savouring delicious ”Finger & Fork” dishes. Old feel good favourites have been given a twist, think Lobster Mac & Cheese or a jaffle “saam’ to bring back happy childhood memories. The burgers are delicious with a signature bourbon relish and the “spiked” milkshakes add a fun dimension to ending a night out.

Where: Dunkirk Estate Clubhouse, Salt Rock | 032 525 4505 When: Open Tues to Sun for breakfast & lunch | Wed to Sat for dinner Why: Fabulous food | Free WiFi | Takeaways available | Bookings essential

Where: 14 Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga | 031 561 1017 When: Booking essential Why: Not just a pub – it’s upmarket, understated and a cool experience 71

HEALTHY LIVING We see these words all the time, everywhere! They become entangled with the flavour of the month diet drawing us in to make a miraculous transformation. Catchwords of slick slogans that trigger guilt that we need to do something NOW “just in time for summer”. Text Fiona Reid | Images Supplied


uperfoods arrive in übercool packaging, promising longer eyelashes and a fabulous personality. Why do we torture ourselves with last minute fixes and put major pressure on ourselves to lose the weight or get the muscles “for a while”? We should be in the habit of taking care of ourselves every day. Healthy living is not a diet. No counting of numbers, weighing portions or pills and shakes. It is not a detox or a ridiculous pineapple only diet. Our lifestyles are busy and we are so much more time efficient, but we don’t pay attention to ourselves. There has been a shift worldwide to a conscious way of living and this is because the statistics of “dis-ease” have increased. Have you noticed the rise in the number of people you know who have cancer, diabetes, heart conditions or autoimmune diseases? They seem to be getting younger and it is alarming when you realize that no one is immune, as the disease does not discriminate. Our bodies were created perfectly, so what has changed in our lifetime or what are we doing wrong? Experts say that our food and lifestyles are the problem, but how exactly? The world has become fast, efficient and immediate, and we get caught up in that zone too. Food manufacturers are constantly offering “easy” meals, food for convenience or a shake that can replace a meal, all in the name of saving time. There is no substitute for real, good, whole food. Time is of the essence though, and in our efficiency to be more productive and successful, we keep packing it all in – work, exercise, social, family, and we do it well. The down side is that your body cannot do this effectively forever. Here is the catch…something happens to bring you back down to earth. Your body tells you that there is an imbalance; and you need to take note and repair it. So you might suffer from one or more of some of these more common issues: insomnia, inactive thyroid, high blood pressure, weight issue, bloated feeling, stress, repeated headaches, high cholesterol or generally not feeling well. You think that this is “normal” for you, and that you’ve had it for so long, that’s just the way you are. None of the above is “normal” for anyone, and should not be accepted as such. These are brought on by lifestyle choices, but they become your “norm” and ultimately lead to bigger health issues.


Finding the balance is the challenge. How can you live healthy and maintain your body and mind optimally? Here are some tips so that you will get the most out of every day:Sleep – feeling tired and ratty will make you ineffective and miserable. Over indulging on alcohol or food before going to sleep will make you feel uncomfortable and keep you up. Make a habit of going to bed within a reasonable hour and drink a hot drink without caffeine. Healthy sleeping patterns promote good brain function and general wellbeing. Drink water – so much has been said of this, and its true. It increases skin hydration, prevents headaches and flushes out toxins and bacteria. Water keeps you alert, keeps hunger pangs at bay and is the life source of your body. Do make sure that you drink “clean” and filtered water and that you know the source does not carry many heavy metals or an overload of chlorine. Eat real food – no, not out of boxes, packets or bottles. Processed, fried and ready-to-go foods make you feel full but give you no energy or sustenance, not to mention the additives present to preserve the ingredients!!! Instead, eat fresh, wholesome, good ingredients that will make you feel energised, satisfied and ready to go. Reduce or remove sugar intake – enough said! This is a golden rule as sugar intake has been traced back to almost every ailment. Be aware that honey, nonnutritive sweeteners and fructose are also sugars – use in moderation. Food source – when you shop or eat out, ask questions about where your food comes from. Make certain the meat you buy is antibiotic, hormone and additive free, and that your vegetables are from a non-GMO source or organic. You wouldn’t add antibiotics and pesticides to your food, so don’t buy from companies who do. Food toxicity in your body is a major contributor to autoimmune diseases, so the less you eat, the better for you.

Read your labels – become consumer savvy and ensure you buy preservative and additive free. Manufacturers are manipulative in labelling “less sugar”, “fat free” or “preservative free”. With every ingredient they say they don’t have, there will be something else to fill that gap and this is often sugar. The first three ingredients on any label constitute the bulk of the product in that order. Choose wisely.

phone down and let it take a message. Nothing is that important that it cannot wait and our digital world is not ever that stimulating. Give yourself and your brain, time to have a real conversation with someone or allow yourself free thought and imagination without being bombarded by selfies, useless information and retarded videos. You’ll become more interesting and mentally independent.

Don’t indulge – it’s just not worth it! Our summer season is a social time and it’s our reward for a hard year, working and taking responsibility, so it’s natural to want to cut loose. Be clever with your alcohol intake without paying the price. Try to drink water in-between drinks. Excess will be a reminder of exactly that.

Let go of stuff – get rid of negativity and anger. Your mental well-being is so vital and affects your health enormously. Emotions dictate whether you feel great, or lousy. Everyone knows the physical sensation when you just don’t feel great but you don’t know why. This is when something is worrying you, someone has disappointed you or when you feel like you want to get even. Put negativity and anger into a box, label it and pack it into the back of your mind. You are not responsible for other peoples’ actions but you can control your own so don’t make yourself sick on someone else’s account. Be glad, be grateful for the good things in your life and take stock of what is important instead.

Move it – find something that you enjoy doing; walking, running, Pilates or yoga, swimming or gym and get going at least 4 times a week. We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful province with warm weather and so many outdoorsy activities on our doorstep. Active lifestyle advantages include weight loss, increased energy, better bone density and strength, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and better sleep to name a few. Your endorphins will be rushing in, making you feel fantastic. Take a chill pill – make sure you have a little down time every day. Take half an hour for yourself, to clear your mind, relax and take stock. You may choose to meditate, read a book or close your eyes but make sure its’ a quiet, reflective space that allows you to revitalize. You will be amazed at how much clarity you’ll have. Phone detox – too much cellphone activity is unproductive and unhealthy. Be brave and put your

There you have it. Healthy living is a simple philosophy. It’s a natural, guilt free price to pay and so good for you. It is the balance that you need, relaxed and stress free. The long term benefits are an investment in you and there is no “seasonal crash course” to speak of. You will live on track, every day.

So I dare you – make the changes, feel the difference, be the difference ... and happy holidays!

FIONA REID An ex-nurse, Fiona hails from the ‘metropolis” of Salt Rock. She has always loved good food with a healthy twist, made with the freshest ingredients and little fuss. A keen traveller, she is always ready to experience new cultures especially the local food. Italian is her weakness but Paleo is her way of life.

Jossi Interior Design is one of Durban's most recognized and respected interior design consultancies. Based in Durban, yet working on projects nationally, Jossi Interior Design thrives on turnkey projects.

We find it best to work closely with the client and the architect from the very start of the design stages, right through to decorating in order to ensure a holistic approach to the overall design.”

Text Jocelyn Jones | Images Supplied | Location Morningside, Durban


he focus is always on the client, with each project designed to suit the client's own personality, taste and requirements in order to create an inspirational interior that is not only unique but comfortable, stylish and timeless. The Principal Designers are Jocelyn Jones and Craig R. Bennett. This pair of designers share a common respect and commitment to the design process, having both served on the National Council of the South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (The IID). Jocelyn is also the Past President of The IID.

Together Craig and Jocelyn have created an amazing team which includes a Project Coordinator and fully qualified Interior Designers who assist the Principal Designers with all drawings and project supervision. The Jossi Design team has been carefully structured to ensure a ”hands-on” approach to their projects and the combination of their training, skills and experience within the building industry ensures that Jossi Design clients have peace of mind as they are guided through the building and design process.


"Through our natural style and creativity, we make our clients dreams become a reality" 74



Unit 2, 3 Madeline Road Morningside 4001

031 303 72 65

info@jossi.co.za www.jossi.co.za

BEACH WEDDINGS Beach weddings are extremely popular on the North Coast due to our beautiful weather and exciting coastline. Choose flowers that can handle the harsh elements like proteas, chrysanths and gerberas.

Being a florist in an area renowned for beach weddings has many challenges and exciting possibilities. Text Sonja Watson | Images Mokka Blooms


y journey into the creative and exciting world of flowers started off by chance around 15 years ago. Not loving the traditional way of flower arranging, I opted not to do any formal training and instead copied my favourite designs out of international bridal magazines. It was a challenging learning curve, but extremely exciting as I soon realised the sky is the limit.


I have been a florist now for 15 years, owning Mokka Blooms in Lifestyle Centre for 13 years and have built a strong brand. Most people can recognise a 'Mokka Bunch' a mile away! Apart from offering the full range of florist services and delivering flowers as far as Tinley Manor in the North and Umdloti Beach in the South, we also love to get involved in planning for your big day. Be it your wedding, office party or Christmas function. Given

that there's a world of ideas and styles at the client's fingertips nowadays, with Pinterest and a host of other creative platforms, they mostly know exactly what they want and what look they would like to create. So it is very important for us to remain current and able to deliver these requirements to the client. Some clients are not that interested in getting too involved in the detail which is when I rub my hands together in excitement! We can then choose the freshest, most beautiful blooms on the market that day and get creative. At Mokka Blooms we always strive to provide a fresh, quality bloom. We visit the flower market every other day and store our flowers in coolers. We choose roses that we know and that have a good track record, as they need to withstand the KZN heat.

& the Art of Arrangement Succulents are extremely popular, versatile and compliment any flowers beautifully.

King proteas and pink stargazer lilies in a bridesmaid's bouquet.

The most fragrant, floral corner in town... CUT FLOWERS • WEDDINGS • OCCASIONS


Shop 12 Ballito Lifestyle Centre

032 946 2029


072 764 7887 www.deckwood.co.za

LEGAL CORNER Management of Gated Estates

The purpose of this section of LUXE Magazine is to highlight practical legal information relevant to estate living. For more information please contact the authors.

Text Tina Halstead & Lazelle Paola | Firm Halstead Paola Attorneys | Tel: 031 566 5810


esidents of gated estates enjoy the benefit of being able, to a certain extent, self regulate the management of how their community operates. This is often done through the actions of Homeowners’ Associations which in turn are subject to certain rules.

In a number of instances the directors or trustees of homeowners’ associations are entrusted with functions that were previously dealt with by municipalities. In a recent Durban High Court decision the court ruled that the trustees of a particular homeowners’ association had acted improperly by purchasing a certain property within the estate. The Court agreed with a group of home owners who objected to the purchase and found that: 1. the constitution of the homeowners’ association did not give it the power to acquire immovable property in the manner attempted; 2. a special resolution was required for the homeowners’ association to purchase the property in question and that a decision that a simple majority of 50% of the home owners was all that was required for the special resolution to be adopted without a mandate from home owners was unlawful. The transfer of the property to the homeowners’ association was therefore interdicted pending the outcome of an extra ordinary general meeting of homeowners. Most of the rights, obligations and responsibilities of directors or trustees of homeowners’ associations are set out in their governing documents, for example their Constitution or Memorandum of Incorporation and Rules and, if the homeowners’ association is a non-profit company established in terms of the Companies Act, 2008, in terms of that legislation. While understandably frustrating for those on the losing end, this case promotes certainty for residents of gated estates. It highlights the fact that while residents in gated estates are obliged to conform to the rules and guidelines, directors and trustees of homeowners’ associations are likewise obliged to comply with the documentation and legislation that governs them. www.halsteadpaola.co.za

Pooling Resources in Gated Estates Text Simon Watson | Firm Cox Yeats Attorneys | Tel: 031 536 8530


he ability to pool resources is a benefit of living in a gated estate. This is generally done through the formation of a homeowners’ association or a body corporate.

Homeowners’ associations and body corporates, often with the support of developers, can be responsible for certain aspects of the supply of water, electricity, waste, transportation and telecommunication related services in the following respects: • • •

attending to the installation and maintenance of infrastructure; monitoring use and administering the collection of accounts; and negotiating rates with municipalities.

The South African Constitution and the Municipal Property Rates Act gives municipalities the power to impose rates on immovable property owners. The Constitution anticipates that these rates are, to an extent, quid pro quo for services rendered. In order to levy rates the Municipal Property Rates Act requires municipalities to have a rates policy and by-laws. When the residents of gated estates who are all members of an association, provide services to the estate themselves which would otherwise be provided by a Municipality, a rate policy may provide for a rebate. If a rebate is possible, the association will likely be required to enter into an agreement with the Municipality which clarifies the extent to which the estate is self supporting and what services are provided by the Municipality. www.coxyeats.co.za



ability, and product range which sets us apart from other suppliers says owner Lila Von Maltitz. The Sandstone Story® is the sole supplier of the unique Saxon Stone renowned for its colour properties

From the start their work has been recognised as unique and has been published in architecture magazines. This year alone The Sandstone Story’s work is part of five Masterbuilder Excellence in Construction Awards.

For more information call The Sandstone Story on 032 946 3249 or visit their Ballito Showroom: Unit 3, 9 Moffat Drive Ballito. www.sandstonesupplies.co.za

he company started when owners Lila and Eugen Von Maltitz recognised a trend in architecture returning to the use of natural stone. Initially they supplied sandstone and over the next few years grew to include other natural stone such as slate and quartzite and then granite, marble and travertine. Most recently the Sandstone Story has introduced a magnificent range of imported porcelain, ceramic and marble tiles to compliment the natural stone.

Transparent Stone Floating Gabion Baskets in the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary.

The tale of how local stone company The Sandstone Story® ended up as one of the largest suppliers and installers of natural stone in South Africa is unexpected and uplifting.

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Ten years and more than 5500 projects later the company has opened offices in neighbouring state and will be expanding further. The Sandstone Story has recently introduced a magnificent range of imported porcelain, ceramic and marble tiles to compliment the natural stone.

It is the Sandstone Story’s program of upliftment and training that has resulted in the superb artisanship and dedication of their stone masons. The success of the Sandstone Story® is owed to the support of the general public and professionals in the building industry as well as the design

TIPS FOR CHOOSING NATURAL STONE No building material speaks of permanence like natural stone. Even when it is used in small ways in a home, stone signals quality and longevity. The material will last a lifetime so make sure you choose correctly. Be careful of the source of stone. Locally produced stone will be cut by workers who are protected by South Africa’s labour laws. Much imported stone comes from regions that accept child labour.”



Masterbuilders Awarded project by D Construction using Saxon Stackstone. 80

PROJECTS OF DISTINCTION Recognised as the best of the best

VISIT THE NATURAL STONE BOUTIQUE: Unit 3, 9 Moffat Drive Ballito (Next to N2) Office: +27 (0) 32 946 3249 or +27 (0) 32 586 0773/4 Cell: +27 (0) 82 339 5571 Email: info@sandstonesupplies.co.za WWW.SANDSTONESUPPLIES.CO.ZA

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