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WEEK TWO Lu Wang(339870)

temporary computational design techniques This is an Interactive Youth Center designed by Belgrade-based Exe Studio. It intends to show the diversification of city activities within city core. Various structural and visual porosities on this building are become available due to the development of computational techniques. The idea of this building emphasis on the cultural content and its function is for public gathering by different activity space. It provides both programmatical and formal space for human to experience. An amphitheatre and a green space are included in this design.


Computernational technique VS Human Mind

Architecture design is an art activity with some external constraints. However, computational technique can be quite useful when doing some fabricated works. They are rational without any mistakes. However, computational technique lacks creativities and intuition. The communication between computer and human is widely seen in the last decades. Computational technologies are capable to do some small or large parts of design. And they provide great assistances for human from drafting to modelling. However, their understanding to the geometrical information is quite poor.

Week two temporary computational design techniques The pavilion is designed for biological research collaboration between the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE). It is a computer based design and use manufacturing and prefabricated technologies during construction process. One significant innovation is extending the bionic principle to various geometrics by computers that the minimum thickness of sheet for the pavilion is reached.

Week two

temporary computational design techniques The development and utilizing of computer design tool, digital enabled fabrication technologies certainly bring some advantages such as convenient and more possibilities. And it has also a significant influence on the design. It is not only a replacement or alternative way from the hand drawing to computer –aided engineering application. In stead, the use of computational technologies is changing the way of design and design education. The design idea and concept is created through parametric, diagrammatic methods, rather than the geometrical design.

journal week 2  

journal week 2