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University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA Education

Southwest Jiaotong Univeristy Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Bachelor of Engineering in Landscape Architecture Design

Digital Skills



AutoCAD Architecture Rhinoceros 4.0 V-Ray for Rhino Sketch-Up Adobe Photoshop Illustrator

Revit Architecture Grasshopper Climate Consultant

Marker Drawings Scaled hand-drawings Model Making Laser Cutting Fabrication Wood shop experience

CAOHUI DESIGN Chengdu, China Intern Experience


Masters of Architecture



Participated in the Pi He Cultural Centre project and was responsible for project’s digital model setting up, CAD drawing and photoshop renderings, project’s elevation design, site visits and architecture material picking. Participated in the Pi He Nan An entertainment architectural complex design, including elevation design, roof desing and was responsible for project’s digital model settiing up.

Ganzhou Architectural Design Research Institute, Chengdu Branch Chengdu, Sichuan



Engineering drawings with auto CAD, residential windows and wall detail drawings with auto CAD.

Research Experience

Value of the Chengdu Plain rural landscape features Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China


Team Research Instructor: Fu Ya

It’s organized by SRTP (Student Research Training Program). Our team has 5 students and an insturctor who was focusing on the research of Chengdu Plain rural landscape feature. During the one year research, we collect and study a lot of reference materials and developed several field trips. Finally we achieved our research goal and successfully passed the SRTP.

Scholarship Southwest Jiaotong University 3rd Prize Scholarship of the School of Architecture 2nd Prize Scholarship of the School of Architecture 3rd Prize Scholarship of the School of Architecture

2010.9 2010.3 2009.9 2008.3

2nd Prize Scholarship of the School of Architecture

Student Award Southwest Jiaotong University School of Architecture


LU WANG Address: 949w Adams Blvd, Apt33, Los Angeles, CA, 90007 Email: Phone (USA): 213.400.5658

Excellent Student Award Student of the Year

2009.9 2008.9 2007.9

Excellent Student Award Excellent Student Award

Ohter Southwest Jiaotong University

Southwest Jiaotong University Youth Committee Excellent Youth League Member



01 Library Design 02 Gallery Design 03 Institute Design

04 Urban Design 05 Grasshopper Design


06 Culture Center Design

Lu Wang's Portfolio  
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