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our new web site

.com leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels spot rectangle 160 x 150 pix. (left side)

(header or footer)

half page

top right 400 x 90 pixels

300 x 600 pix.

to advertise:

(right side)


3:1 rectangle

160 x 600 pix.

300 x 100 pix.

(left side)

(right side)

submit artwork to:

medium rectangle 300 x 250 pix. (right side)

footer 728 x 90 pixels

Contact your sales representative or call 412.298.7425 or email

make payment to: Pittsburgh Quarterly Online Attn: Doug Heuck 1140 Fox Chapel Road Pittsburgh, Pa. 15238

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3 months

6 months

12 months

(any of the above sizes)

(any of the above sizes)

(any of the above sizes)

(any of the above sizes)

$ 1,725./mo. $ 1,500./mo. $ 750./mo.

863./mo. 750./mo. 375./mo.

777./mo. 675./mo. 338./mo.

644./mo. 560./mo. 280./mo.

558./mo. 485./mo. 243./mo.

specified section gross: $ 1,150./mo. net: $ 1,000./mo. charter: $ 500./mo.

575./mo. 500./mo. 250./mo.

518./mo. 450./mo. 225./mo.

various pages gross: $ 863./mo. net: $ 750./mo. charter: $ 750./mo.

518./mo. 450./mo. 375./mo.

460./mo. 400./mo. 338./mo.


home page gross: net: charter:

open rate (no print combo; any of the above sizes)

432./mo. 375./mo. 188./mo. 380./mo. 330./mo. 280./mo.

374./mo. 325./mo. 163./mo. 345./mo. 300./mo. 243./mo.

*Lmited availability, as ads on the site for the next 3 months will be non-rotational and exclusive to those first to reserve. Commitment need by Aug. 20 to recieve charter rate. After this date, all rates revert to the standard rates listed at right.

Acceptable file specifications:

For charter period, all online ads should be single frame, non-looping, non-rich media.

Recommended file size should not exceed 25k. Files preferred as 72 dpi RGB .png or .jpeg.

Please include the URL you would like your ad to direct to, if you plan to have the ad link to your website.

Your ad must be complete, accurately sized, and require no special work on our part prior to being posted online or additional fees may apply.

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