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MEXICO A look at why Mexico is so popular with tourists, and why it has taken over the world rankings in murders, suicides and rapes. Mexico is a must visit destination for all young and independent city-dwellers.

Mexico, a city with thousands of matchbox houses once ranked among Earth’s deadliest patches through years of criminal war in Ciudad Juarez, an industrial and narcotics corridor bordering America’s safest large city El Paso, Texas. More than 10,000 people were murdered across the Mexican city of 1.3 million in less than five years. Many were young men gunned down on streets like these. At fewer than two a day, murders citywide likely will finish the year at about a seventh (14 percent) of those three years ago.

Endemic extortion endures. But most other violent crimes, including kidnappings, stand at a fraction of what they were. Will the peace last? Nearly all the causes of the violence remain, lurking on every street. Lets face it, who dosent want to visit a city where the possibility of kidnap is high, and the chance of being shot in the srtreet even higher.


Pink Lady’s. Popular with all locals and visitors to the city, Pink Lady’s is the best place in town to let of any steam. The women working at this bar are said to be ‘out of this world’ and whatever your taste there’s one lady for every man or woman. $4 per entry


Tucked away behind built up houses and buildings, this small wooden hut sells the best burgers and hotdogs in town. Popular with the local gangs, it’s the one stop shop for all ‘foodies’. This little hut is also prone to wandering off and ending up at the other end of town. Ask a local gang member if they have seen ‘the hut’ and we’re sure they’ll point you in the right direction (or not).

3x2 Part of a chain of connected restaurants. This is a hamburgers lover’s paradise, open 24 hours a day and only 3 reported food poisons a week, you’ll love what this fast food restaurant has to offer.



The restaurant is also next door to Hazzard, a video game shop which is also a great place to hangout.

“killings swept like cholera, They wanted to inject power and fear into the people of mexico” ”

Markets. This is a bargain shoppers paradise, with over 80 stalls selling everything from textiles to knifes, be sure to stock up on all your essentials before heading out at night. Free

Club Zarape. Over the last five years this local techno club has gained a reputation among a diehard party crowd who never call it quits before sunrise. With the best drug dealers in town hitting this club evey night, and a selection of the the finest party girls this town has ever seen, Club Zarape is the best bar in town for anyone wanting, drugs, girls and booze.

Club Zarape is also know for the famous driveby shooting of 1993, where over 14 people died, and the sexual assolt of 18 women in August 2013, makes this club the most popular club in town. On average only 3 stabbings a week and only $1.25 to attend. DISCHARGE CARDS ACCEPTED HERE.

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Eat, Drink & Hangout like a local in Mexico.