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Joshua Luther T Product Designer a.k.a @luthr1 everywhere else

I’m a third year Industrial Design student from Indonesia. I have a deep passion for Automotives Design, Appliances and Furniture. I believe that design should have a balance between Art and Technology which leads to a harmonious product that creates a better experience for everyone. I love constraints in design. For me, they are important elements to push my creativity beyond limits and create such unique unexpected results that I wouldn’t think of before. "Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent." - Joe Soprano


Jakarta, Indonesia




Instagram: @luthr1

Personal Skills


Communication Skills

Apprentice in Automotive Restoration Company


Analytical Skills

(Jun-Aug 2017)

High-school 2011-2014 Time Management Skills

Calvin Christian School, Jakarta

Technical Skills Management Skills


Microsoft Office Sketching


Brawijaya University, Malang

visualize the customer needs on


Nopember, Surabaya.

GPA 3.29 / 4.0



Custom Tire Stencil Seller-Producer Tyre.Art (Aug 2017- Present)

This is a small business that I've started since April 2017. The business idea comes from the passion I have toward automotive in general.


The company now only run by me

Automotive Design

we sell tirebomb for car tires. z

Drawing and Sketching

with the help some of my friends,

Product Design

Freelance in Medical Product Development

Car Modification

Biozatix Indonesia

Appliances Design Furniture Design


Jakarta which focuses on Land Cruiser FJ. My task was to

Autodesk Fusion 360 Autodesk 3dmax

restoration garage based in restoring mini coopers and classic

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh


NSquare3d Autoworks is a

Biology 2014-2015

Industrial Product Design


NSquar3d Autoworks

Video Making 3d Modelling

(June 2016- Present)

In this company, I contribute mostly developing basic medical product and redesigning the UX/ UI of an OEM products.

Latest Project

Portfolio This part of my portofolio shows the latest projects that I’ve done and the ongoing one.

ONGOING Project This is an ongoing project that I’m doing for the transportation class. The concept is a mobile capsule hotel which has a capacity of 24 capsules. This Mobile hotel is fully equiped with toilet, Air Conditioner system, Water circulation, solar paner, etc. This is a group project of four.

My part are mainly being the conceptor of all the Ideas and also doing the 3d modelling. The Software that I am using for 3d modelling this project is Autodesk Fusion 360. Changes are expected to be made because this is an ongoing project.

Latest Car Sketch This is the latest sketch project that i did in recently. To draw the three cars, the technique I used was combining traditional pen and paper for sketching and rendering the colour digitally. However I used copic markers and pen for the truck.

reoration mod

Portfolio This portfolios shows my works during my Apprentice period at a Reoration Garage.

LandCruiser FJ45 Long wheel base convertion

Mini Morris Wagon Reimagine.

Red Mini Morris Restomod Mini Rover 1.3L Restomod

University Projects

Portfolio This part of portfolio shows some of my university projects that I’ve done.

LTHR Grid Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Edition

BALISONG Butterfly knife



LTHR grid designed to be your perfect companion to bring your important stuff simply and neatly.


LTHR grid uses soft and smooth calfskin leather. it’s a very popular choice because of its delicate Simplicity and elegance


LTHR grid is sewed by an experience Leather Craftman that has been in the industries for over 30 years.

LTHR grid is made for modern gentlemen ,created with the finest leather material and hand crafted by one of the finest leather craftmen from Surabaya. Inside, there is a grid system that helps you to keep your personal belongings neatly and safely with grid storage system that is included inside of the fine leather clutch.

Balisong,butterfly knife is created by merging the digital technology of 3d modeling and laser cutting with the craftmanship of Indonesian knive making. This knife id created from 3mm stainless steel which cutted with laser, then forged and sharpened by the craftman from Malang, Indonesia, creating such beautiful dan dangerous piece of art.




Rattan Lounge Chair OPERATIONAL



LICHT is an enclosure for your gopro in order for you to get a better grip and better shooting experience from your action camera. This project is created by rapid prototyping methods which is 3d Printing, designed using Autodesk Fusion 360 and then printed with PLA Filament.

In this project, I learned about one of Indonesian’s natural material which is Rattan, and how to process it. during the project ,I had to think carefully about the design in order to surpass the restriction from the material itself, yet still be functional and estethically pleasing.

3d Modelling

Portfolio This iportfolio shows my skill in 3d modelling using two dierent softwares.

This is part of my school assignments where we have to do a 3d model of a car. I choose Lamborghini Miura

This is a practice project that I did to learn about 3d Surfacing in Autodesk Fusion 360. The concept I took in this project are dynamic lines which translated to the design of the car it self (early 2018).

The program that I used for this project are Autodesk 3dmax and Adobe After Effect for the video edit (mid 2016).


Patology work station NIKKI Rattan Lounge Chair

This is a 3d render of my university furniture class project in which we learned the unique material of rattan. The program I used for this project is Fusion 360 (late 2017).

This is the project that i did when I was working as a freelance the medical equipment distributor in Indonesia, Biozatix.

This project is created with Fusion 360. The purpose of the project is to create a digital file which will be use to laser cut and bended later to create the overall form. (Late 2017)

Joshua Luther Thenadi Resume and Portfolio  

I’m a third year Industrial Design student from Indonesia. I have a deep passion for Automotives Design, Appliances and Furniture.

Joshua Luther Thenadi Resume and Portfolio  

I’m a third year Industrial Design student from Indonesia. I have a deep passion for Automotives Design, Appliances and Furniture.