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Cert Support- Off Page - Why Would A Small Practice Want Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2? ------------------------------------------------------------------If you're currently considering Dragon速 Medical Practice Edition 2 as an investment for your business this is no doubt due to the fact that your own medical practice is about to implement an electronic health record (EHR) system to be in compliance with the HITECH Act. There are a number of reasons why this medical voice recognition software will be very important to your practice both now and in the future: 1. To meet the guidelines of meaningful use as stipulated in the HITECH Act, you will need to be using your EHR to create a record for every single patient you deal with. The quickest and most hands-free way do this is by using advanced voice recognition software such as Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. 2. Because this software can transcribe dictated notes at a speed of up to 150 words per minute this will basically triple your productivity in terms of transcription work is currently being done. Or to put it in financial terms the average medical practice, with 24 physicians or fewer, can expect to save in the region of $15,000 per year in transcription costs. 3. In environments where it is neither feasible nor safe to move between a patient and your keyboard, voice recognition provides a high-speed and extremely hygienic approach to providing input for your EHR or EMR system. It also leaves you with both hands free to work with your patients. It also frees up the hands and resources of the other healthcare staff working with you - your voice is literally doing all the hard work for you instead. Using a speech enabled EHR in your medical practice may seem like something that you don't really need right now. However when you see the benefits of using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 on a daily basis you'll probably never understand how you managed without it in the first place.

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