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"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about."-Rumi The Metropolitan Chicago Synod Assembly write up can be found on Page 6 Turn to page 7 to help battle hunger in Chicago at the Burgerfest-volunteers needed this Saturday, July 21st. Page 8 has information regarding VBS and Rally Day



Church Staff Timothy Brown, Pastor Karley Berry, Nursery Attendant Bonnie Fallen, Secretary Lyle Harlow, Choir Master/Organist Tim Heverin, Asst. to Sexton Amy Holmes, Administrative Assistant Brian Myers, Youth Director Julie Manis Nursery Attendant

Sunday School Teachers Vicki Thoms- 3 year olds Laurie Nelson-4 year olds & Kindergarten Jenny Araujo-3rd & 4th grades Susan Barreto-5th thru 8th grades Helpers/ Floaters: Paula Giovacchini Nancy Wall Wendy Thompson Art: Tom Johnson Music: Marcia Mawe Drama: Joe Jensen Luther Memorial Church of Chicago 2500 W Wilson Avenue Chicago, IL 60625-3026 Phone: 773-539-3018 Fax: 773-539-3599 Office Hours: Monday 10:00am-5:00 pm Tuesday & Wednesday 8:00am-12:00 pm Thursday 8:00am-5:00 pm Friday 8:00am-12:00 pm

2-The Voice Summer2012

Church Council Marcia Mawe(President) 773-784-5409 Scott Lorraine(Vice President) 773-677-4374 Jill Smith(Secretary) 773-506-9474 Aaron Schoof (Treasurer) 773-401-1516 Bruce Bowers 847-830-2829; David Byerly 312-519-1484 Misti Peppler 773.469.6390; Lara Prestipino 773-583-3584

To email the office: Information for the weekly email or bulletin: To submit information for the VOICE:


Greetings Disciples, Because we’re an urban congregation, summer takes on an interesting role for us. Not only do we feel the heat radiating off of the concrete with more intensity (I swear it’s hotter in the city than in the ‘burbs, even with the help of Lake Michigan), it also means that we get many visitors. Guests. People visiting relatives for the summer. Couples newly moved into the neighborhood. Grandparents house-sitting for jetsetting kids. With the influx of visitors, as well as the flux of our own summer schedules that are a bit more lazy, there is actually an increased need for hospitality at the church. In the family of Christ there is no such thing as a stranger, there are only guests and family. In the waters of baptism we hear God’s call upon our lives, moving us into a holy way of living. This holiness means that we look at the world through different eyes; eyes that don’t see unfamiliar faces, but rather faces that reflect the radiance of God. I’m specifically remembering the story of Abraham found early on in Genesis where he welcomes three wayfaring strangers into his tent for dinner, only to find that he was hosting God. This story is echoed in the Gospel of John as post-resurrection Christians are walking the road to Emmaus, meet a wanderer on the road whom they invite back for dinner, and end up hosting Christ at their table. So, my friends, make coming to worship the God who knows no strangers a priority. And when at church, go out of your way to welcome someone into our community. We must show radical hospitality to all who are called through our doors because I don’t believe it’s a mistake they’re there. God has called us together, and continues to call us together. How can you extend that welcome? See you in church. Bring your Bibles. Peace, Pt…

The Voice Summer 2012-3

YOUTH NEWS Well Hello Church, So I know the original number I reported was something like $2600 raised by the Youth to overcome hunger through the 30 Hour Famine, but I have to admit, I was wrong about that number. We extended the deadline by just a couple weeks and after all the money was collected, your Youth Group had raised over $4200!! Quite an amazing feat if you as me! Thank you all for your support, donations and prayers. What’s next for the Youth you ask? Summer break! Well, from school anyway. Our Confirmation students will be spending a week at Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center from Sunday June 24th to Friday June 29th. For those in high school, we’re packing up and heading east to Skyview Ranch from Monday July 9th to Saturday July 14th. And we’ll be wrapping up the summer camping trips with a TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) weekend the first weekend in August. All three trips will offer a unique look into what it means to live and love as Christ demonstrated for us. If you are interested in more information or sponsoring a Youth Group member for a summer trip please let me know, I’d love to go over details with you. Luther Memorial Church Youth Group… A CREED to believe in A COMMUNITY to belong to A CALL to live out A HOPE to hold on to Youth Group is held on Monday evenings opposite of Confirmation evenings, from 7-8:30pm. June Youth Group will be held on the 4th and the 18th and July Youth Group will be held on July 2nd and 30th

4-The Voice Summer 2012

Brian Myers Youth Director

MUSICAL MUSINGS An Unofficial Resource You may or may not have ever run into the predicament that I find myself in occasionally. As I plan worship music for Sunday services, or as I come across Scripture that really resonates with me, sometimes I really want to find a song that is based on a particular Scripture directly. Music based on Briana Travis Scripture helps us to remember that Scripture, and that might just help us Celebration Band Director meditate on it beyond just the readings in Sunday services, right? Right! It is not always easy to think of a song that draws on a particular verse or passage, but I recently found one resource that can help in a pinch. It is not exhaustive, and it certainly doesn't include everything that we use in church, so if you want to know about a particular song, please ask me or Lyle, but I just thought it might be nice to be able to find a song about 1 John 3 if I feel like it (or whatever passage is relevant at the time). Here is the information for one website that lists songs specifically by Scripture reference: Maybe no one cares right now. That's okay. Maybe, someday, you'll read a verse that you wish you could remember through song, or you'll want to teach your children Scripture through song. You never know! Lyle Harlow

What is an Organ? Anyone who has peeked inside the console of an organ might look at all the knobs and switches and wonder, what IS an organ? The simple answer is that an organ is a synthesizer. Organs are symphonic instruments, meaning that they can play many “instruments” at the same time, and create sounds by combining different types of sounds together. There are four families of sound on a typical organ—Flutes, Strings, Reeds and Diapasons. The flute section has a variety of round tones which mimic various types of flutes, from concert flutes to piccolos, and many other flutes which don’t actually exist in the orchestra. Flutes are generally soft to medium loud, and are the basis for choral accompaniments, softer hymn verses, and other music which requires an uncomplicated sound. The Strings might include cellos, viola, gambas, etc. and provide tonal color the the organ’s music. They are almost always soft to medium loud, much like the flutes. Strings, which add tonal color to the organ’s sound, are frequently used as the accompaniment to the organ’s softer solo stops (stops on a different keyboard to emphasize a melody). Some strings, such as a Celeste, actually have two sets of pipes attached to them (for the time being, our “pipes” are virtual) that are slightly out of tune with each other, to give the effect that they’re shimmering. String stops are rarely a part of the “full organ” sound because they aren’t loud enough to be heard. Reeds are the fiery superstars of the organ sound family. They are also the most recognizably similar to their orchestral cousins. Reeds come in every volume level from soft and delicate (the Vox Humana, fashioned to sound like the human voice), to mid-range (the Oboe), to bombastic (the Concert Trumpet, which sounds a little like an air horn). Unlike the other families of sound on the organ, Reeds actually look like horns—they have a reed a the bottom very much like that of an oboe, and a cone shaped body that makes them look much like the long trumpets that we think of heralds using. Diapasons are the only family on the organ that does not have an orchestral counterpart. They are the foundation of the organ’s sound, and the basis accompanying hymns and larger works. Like reeds, they come in a full range of sizes, from the soft “stopped” diapason, which sounds like a flute, to the “open” diapason, which has a very large, full sound. Organs also have a variety of other bells and whistles (some of which really sound like bells or whistles). Next month, we’ll dive into the other features of the organ that help to make it the “King of Instruments.” The Voice Summer 2012-5


This year’s theme for the Metropolitan Chicago Synod Assembly was “for God ALL things are Possible!” The assembly took place over two days, June 1 st and 2nd and was held at the Tinley Park Convention Center. I had previously never been to a synod assembly so I was not sure what to expect. I am happy to report that I was not thrust into such a situation by myself though, as David Byerly, and Dieter and Diane Schulte also attended to represent Luther Memorial Church. This year there were only a couple main issues that the synod was voting on. Both the Resolution Supporting the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act and the Resolution Calling for Banking and Corporate Responsibility passed with very little opposition. If you would like more information on either act please don’t hesitate to find Pastor Tim or myself and we can get that information to you! The assembly also elected the voting members for the 2013 church wide assembly and I am excited to say that our very own Dieter Schulte was elected for the Northeast Conference! There are only 19 voting members, aside from the bishop and the vice president, in the synod so this is quite an honor! Congratulations Dieter! The assembly also offered several breakout sessions and workshops. They did a very good job of providing items of interest for pastors, lay members and visitors alike. Wrapping up, I wanted to pass along a note that the bishop had passed on to us. You can see it in the accompanying picture. Each attendee was given two of these cards. One was for us; the other was for someone else. This one is for you, and my encouragement to you is to keep passing this along. Not only is it incredibly encouraging, but also it is a great reminder of Christ’s love and the grace of God. submitted by Brian Myers

Guiding Principles Called into Community by Jesus Christ: We Believe Prayer is Essential, Encouragement Fuels Ministry, Questioning is Healthy, All are Invited to Engage, God is Speaking, We are Called to Act THANK YOU to ALL for a wonderful year of learning about God and his wondrous and amazing love and grace for all of us. It’s a pleasure and privilege to be part of this ministry. Hope you have a great Summer Break full of fun, family and friends. Safe travels. A special THANK YOU to Lisa Heverin who was the 1st/2nd grade classroom teacher this school year. (She had worked as an assistant in the 4 year old/ Kindergarten class for several years prior as well) She has decided to discontinue her full-time (every Sunday) teaching to begin her journey in motherhood. Thank you Lisa for all your work and dedication. We wish you the best. If you or someone you know might be interested in serving as a Sunday School teacher/ helper please contact me ASAP. We have several options available. In Christ, Jenny Araujo (773)784-1738 or 6-The Voice Summer 2012


We never imagined ourselves taking on a project of this magnitude and yet here we are, a few days from pitching our proposal to a board of directors. The Lincoln Square Food Pantry Project has been gathering information, stories, guidance, and experience over the past 4 months. This has helped to shape a proposal which we hope will gain enthusiastic support from the Common Pantry board members. We need their support to move forward with our current plan. They have years of experience and a desire to expand. This partnership is extremely valuable in that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we can utilize existing resources and support a local pantry. As we continue this journey we ask that you please keep this project in your thoughts and prayers. We are anxious to move forward and will need all the help and support we can gather. Ways you can help

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AT BURGERFEST!! Common Pantry is partnering with the Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce for their Annual Burger Fest to raise funds for the pantry. All we need to do is provide volunteers to staff a gate during the festival.

Where: Burger Fest, on B elmont between Damen Ave and Western Ave. When: S aturday, July 21st What: Staffing a gate at B elmont and Hoyne for 2 hours This is a really fun and easy way to get involved with Common Pantry. Responsibilities are pretty simple – take in donations, put on wristbands, tell people where the bathrooms are, etc. All volunteers must be 21 years of age or older. Come on out and sample some burgers, enjoy refreshments and make an impact on the community. We need two (2) people at the gate for each shift. Shift Times 10:30am – 12:30pm 12:30pm – 2:30pm 2:15pm – 4:15pm 4:00pm – 6:00pm 5:45pm – 8:00pm 7:45pm – 10:00pm If you are available to work a shift or have questions on this opportunity, please contact Common Pantry’s Director, Scott Best, at 773.327.0553 or at Our Mission: To provide our neighbors with a community space where nutritional food, personal items, and social services are available at no cost in a friendly and safe environment. Email us at with questions, comments, or requests. Look for more info, personal stories, and thoughts from our team at http:// The Voice Summer 2012-7

Vacation Bible School-2012: Ordinary People/Extraordinary God! When: August 6th-10th, 9am-1:30pm Where: Luther Memorial Church of Chicago, 2500 W. Wilson Ave Who: Youth who are potty-trained through those who have completed 5th grade Cost: $40 for the first registration, $20 for each additional registration from each family Please note this is a reminder for those signed up. Registration closed on June 15th. This year Luther Memorial is joining up with Ebenezer Lutheran, Holy Trinity Lutheran, and Resurrection Lutheran to offer an amazing Vacation Bible School experience that should not be missed. With the help of the staff at Lutherdale Camp in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, we are proud to present “Flawed and Forgiven: Ordinary People/Extraordinary God.” Through the lens of Biblical characters the youth will experience that God’s love is for all, that we are God’s children, that God is with us in hard times, that God’s love transforms us, and that we are called by God in this world. More details will be provided after registration.

Save the Date for RALLY DAY!! September 9, 2012 10:00 am There will be one service on Rally Day. This is the kickoff for the Sunday School year. Please join us for fellowship and fun. There will be food after the service. Watch the weekly email for updates. There will also be blessing the backpacks on this Sunday, games, face painting, ministry opportunities for the community and more! If you are interested in being part of our Sunday School Volunteer staff, please let Jenny Araujo know.

8-The Voice Summer 2012

COUNCIL UPDATES OUR NEW ORGAN is here!! The debut was on Sunday, July 1st. The first hymn played our new organ for the congregation was A Mighty Fortress is Our God. This was also the last hymn played during the service on our old organ on Sunday June 24th. Lyle treated the congregation to Stars and Stripes Forever for the old organ’s final postlude. Watch for photos and future organ updates as we moved forward. LMC has waited a long time for this to become a reality. Thank you to all who have been part of making this a reality. The organ was officially blessed and dedicated on Sunday, July 15th

Welcome to our nursery attendents, Julie Manis and Karley Berry. They were installed at the 10am service on July 15th, please drop by and say hello to them. We will feature additional information about them in the next issue of the VOICE. Sincere thanks to Dorothy Tracy for her nursery service in the past. Her time and talents were appreciated and enjoyed! A team to find a Youth and Family Director has been formed. Thanks to our volunteers serving on this team: Ben Meier, Marcia Mawe, Todd Lido, Vicki Thoms, Kurt Drain and Mary Ann Drain. Some of the things that will be handled by this new staff position include creating a welcoming and creative environment for youth and families to engage the Scriptures, recruiting and supporting volunteers, teachers, and all instructors in their ministry using a gifts-based criteria. The director will maintain a cooperative relationship with the Pastor, Jr. and Sr. High Youth Director, and all ministry teams associated with family. Planning and executing one large family event per season and two large church events with a family focus offsite. The individual will be expected to concentrate 20-22 hours a week on the above duties and responsibilities. We plan to have a Youth and Family Director in place by Rally Day, which is Septemeber 9th

Are you interested in working getting involved with this publication?? We are looking for an individual to create content, organize and edit submissions and layout the newsletter. The VOICE will be distributed six times per year and this is a paid position. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Marcia Mawe via email:

April Offering: $30,259 $26,285/month needed to meet our budget

Avg. Attendance: 9am - 185 11am - 101

May 2012 Offering: $19,415 Avg. Attendance (2 of each type of service in May): 9am - 134 11am - 77 10am - 185

The Voice Summer 2012-9




10-The Voice Summer 2012


Please let the office know if you have an anniversary/ birth/baptism that you would like to add to our roster. Email us at office.luther@


Congratulations to the Martinez Family To Patrick and Sonja on the birth of their son, Sebastian Alfredo Martinez, born June 28th, weighing in at 5 lb. 6 oz. All are doing well. Sonja wishes to thank everyone for their prayers and support

Congratulations to the Hotary Family. There was a Baptism July 8th for Emmett Warren Hotary, born March 12, 2012. Parents: Matthew & Anne-Marie Hotary; Sponsors: Robert Litchy and Stephanie Litchy.


If you do not see your birthday or anniversary listed, please contact the church office so that our records are complete. Thank you!

JUNE BIRTHDAYS June 1 Persphone Drain June 3 Stuary Llewellyn June 4 Naomi Schnur June 5 Daniel Dueholm Pr.Kevin Massey June 6 Scott Lorriane June 8 Charlotte Schubert June 9 Lucas Gayeski Linda Mundt June 10 Beau Wellen June 13 Christine Ebens John Peppler June 14 Elizabeth Meadows June 15 Sandy Black John Hammergren June 18 Wayne Busch June 19 Colleen Utesch June 21 Susan Meadows June 22 Lily Beerhalter Sean Benham Byran Utesch June 26 Christopher Thoms Amorie Wellen Jerry Giese June 28 Louise Brady Erican Schmitz June 29 Rebecca Heneghan Derek Thoms

June 30 Liten Conway June 31 Kevin Cammarata JULY BIRTHDAYS July 1 Susan Raymer July 2 Scott Stanczak July 3 George Cammarata Emilia Harvey July 4 Hugo Ayala July 5 Frieda Kraus July 6 Todd Beeby July 7 Gregory Meltzer July 9 Christopher Brauer Laken Wolf Padraig Harvey July 10 Rev. Ben Dueholm July 11 Charles Miller Sr July 12 Marilyn Gaguer July 13 Mary Medina Rebecca Nelson July 15 Sarah Lorraine Tom Johnston July 16 Lillie Gylling Audrey LIstoa July 17 LIsa Pucylowski July 18 Sharon Manjack Aaron Coleman Diane Schulte

July 19 Rachael Shaw July 22 Adriana Flocco Benjamin Meier July 23 Teagan Heneghan Irene Krueger Arlene Olson July 24 Richard King July 26 Shane Eagan Casey McMillin Emily Miller July 28 Briana Travis July 30 Michelle Beuscher James Henderson July 31 Delaney Kirk Morgan Roewer AUGUST BIRTHDAYS August 1 Jacqueline Callister Ian Skelly August 2 Sean Harvey Cheryl Welsh August 5 Kristy Arrington August 8 Joe Jensen Kathryn Lehar August 9 Justin Bush Guillermo Martinez Benjamin Lingertat Denise Steele August 10 Austin Doering August 11 Andrew Paschal

Jill Smith Lila Suriano August 12 Alice Lutzer Evita Rudzite Davide Schulte August 13 Misti Peppler Jeffrey Schulze August 17 Marc Mac Quarrie August 18 Lucas Horacek August 19 William Masterson August 20 Ian Henderson Owen Russell August 21 Maya Hernandez August 24 John Kerry August 25 Eleanor Harvey August 26 Francesca Metros August 28 Robert Young Jr. Helen Wedhe August 29 Jason James August 30 Lance Hill

The Voice Summer 2012-11

PRAYER PAGE Members/Life Struggles George Callister June Hanselman Michael and Frieda Kraus Family of Olga Lehman Harriet Luehrs Kurt Matthesius Eileen Matthesius Charlie and Sis Miller Lois Moore Pucylowski Family Raack Family Naomi Schnur David & Mary Schulz Raymond Shores Sr. Lila Suriano Gertrude Snider Marian Thompson Kimberly Tracy Helen Zoch

Friends/Relatives Life Struggle Bob Aksaint Aunt Nancy Paul Brenegan Brianna, McKenzie, Christian, Rhonda, Tom, Shannon & Lori Kent Byerly & Adam Byerly Katie-Martha Cammarata’s sister Kent Byerly McKenzie Colacino

Daly Family Eric Family of Nancy Bowers Family of Mary Jaeschke Father of Matt Wiemer Agnes Fish Marilyn Gauger Nancy Hickey Mary Jaeschke Larry Klein Barbara Liakakos Maddy & Walter Mary & Edward Mait Family Abe Matthew Meirwen Morrell Mother of Karl Raack Mother & Father (Kirk Family) Louise Nygard Ruth Olson-Jon Peppler’s Aunt Tressie Paschal David Prestipino Family Joan Rice Williams Family Donald Woscik Cathy Wrobll Zimmanck Family

Our Deepest Sympathy To Kurt Matthesius and Family. We are saddened by the death, June 24th of Eileen Matthesius.  Eileen joined LMC in 1955 and has been a dedicated member all these years.  The funeral was held at Luther Memorial Church on Friday, June 29th.  Blessed are they that die in the name of the Lord.

12-The Voice Summer 2012

Prayer Chains Prayer is a powerful tool. If you’d like to be added to the Prayer Chain list please feel free! There are two groups: one that connects through email and one over the phone. If you’d like to join either group or add a prayer request, please contact the captains. Via Email: Jenny Araujo Via Phone: new member needed. Please contact Linda Miranda lbak525@sbcglobal. net / 773-334-8620

Ongoing Ministries at LMC Lunch with Pastor First Thursday of the month Beginner’s Room Join Pastor Tim in conversation Ravenswood Mobile Pantry Second Saturday of the month 8:30-11:30 am 4332 N. Paulina St Kerry John Peace Vigil The 15th of the month 7:30 pm Sanctuary Dieter Schulte Night Ministry Prep Third Thursday of the month Alternating Noon/7pm Please check with Diane for timing Gym/Fellowship Hall Diane Schulte Night Ministry Cookie Bake Can be dropped off in LMC kitchen by Third Wed of the month 400 needed Night Ministry Serving Third Thursday of the month RSVP only Mark Pucylowski


We see the need, and we will respond!

We love our church family, and we choose to act as a family as part of the body of Christ. With that said, we are officially introducing a "Meal Train" ministry into our family. When one of our members has a baby, has major surgery, etc., it might be hard to get to the grocery store or to find the time to cook every day for a while. In those times, we can demonstrate our love for those families and individuals (even if we don't know them well yet) by helping with meal preparation and deliveries. We will be using a web service called "Meal Train" at to coordinate meal preferences, dates, times, etc. When a member of our church family is in need of some meal help, they can reach out to Briana Travis, coordinator, and we will set up a private link on the website to coordinate meals. When another member of our church family wants to participate, they can reach out to Briana Travis, and she will either coordinate details with them directly or send them the private internet link to set up a meal drop off on their own. This will help us to make sure that our church family is taken care of and shown the love of Christ in a tought time, and it will help us make sure that they don't receive 6 lasagnas! If you have questions or are interested in being on an email list to find out when families/individuals need meals, please email Briana at Thank you in advance!

Join us for Thursdays are Fine with Wine August 9, 2012 at 7:00pm If you haven’t been able to attend, do you best to take part in this fun way to get to know our growing congregation!

Hospitality Help!! We are looking for members who are interested in helping with Coffee Hour. Some Sundays of the summer we have been enjoying our coffee and treats outdoors. Those tables and chairs don’t magically appear, so if you are interested in helping bring them outside before the 9am service or after the 11am service, that would be much appreciated. We will also be looking for people who are willing to ‘host’ coffee hour. This would be as simple as making sure visitors are welcomed and know where to go. Please feel free to talk to me about ideas. Lara Prestipino 773-386-2407 The Voice Summer 2012-13

WELCA NEWS Our First Annual Chili Cook-Off was a huge success. We had 14 entries and many very satisfied tasters/judges in attendance. There was a tie for third place between Bette Vidina and Carl Raack. Second place went to Misti Peppler. The top prize was awarded to Anneka Anderson. Congratulations to all of our cooks and judges. Many thanks go to the Service Group for coming up with this idea and implementing it. It seems that there will definitely be a repeat of this event, but look for it to happen in January of 2013. We took in $487.00 that evening. The recipes are available for a donation. Please contact Dixie Downes if you are interested. ( or 847-679-2631) Our Thank Offering service for the churchwide Women of the ELCA was held on June 3 rd. Our unit at Luther Memorial uses many materials that the churchwide office produces and they need our support to continue developing new programs and continuing the programs that are already running. If you would like to write a check, it should be made out to ‘Women of the ELCA’ with ‘Thank Offering’ in the memo line. There will be envelopes available that day. Please consider making a gift in honor or in memory of a woman in your life. Most Sincere Thanks to Frieda Thoroe for her decades of service at the WELCA treasurer! She loyally served in this position for many years. Thank you Frieda. Welcome to our new treasurer Ellen Kelley! She was elected treasurer at the general meeting in June. Please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 8th from 9:30am til noon. We will be learning more about each of our ministries and having some time together! In Christ, Linda Miranda WELCA President

Bake Sales Proceeds from Plant Sale Thanks to all who donated baked good items for our garden efforts at the Manor Garden Club Plant Sale in May. We raised $140 and were able to purchase plants for the front/back gardens and some mulch for the Campbell parkway. I would especially like to thank Dixie Downes, Dorothy Witschonke, Jackie Callister, Linda Miranda, Linda Khoury, and Anneka Anderson for helping out at the sale. We are always looking for assistance with the gardening at Luther Memorial. If you have an interest in donating some time – please talk to Audrey Downes, Linda Miranda or Dorothy Witschonke. Thanks again!

14-The Voice Summer 2012

community news

Dear member of the ELCA, It’s been a few days since the close of our challenge for World Malaria Day, and I want to share an update with you. Even though we’re still counting the generous outpouring of gifts from ELCA members, we’re very hopeful that our $200,000 goal will be met. So far, we’ve received more than $120,000 in online donations and we know that many individuals and congregations have placed gifts and offerings in the mail. It’ll take a few more weeks to total these gifts, but I’ll keep you posted. Thanks to your generous gifts and support, we believe that the ELCA Malaria Campaign will launch work in Liberia earlier than anticipated. In a country where malaria accounts for 30 percent of deaths in hospitals, this couldn’t come at a more important time. We are a church that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work – thank you for your gifts, your prayers and your partnership. In Christ,

Jessica Nipp Coordinator, ELCA Malaria Campaign

P.S. Our work in Liberia is just one example of the amazing things our church can accomplish together through the ELCA Malaria Campaign. Our work is far from over. We have an overall fundraising goal of $15 million by 2015 to support the work of our partners in 12 countries in Africa. Your gifts of any size, at any time, make a difference.

The Voice Summer 2012-15


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