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Why we do crime Ontro: Returning from Cuba I seen a lot and after speaking to my brother from a next mother (Ranco) about the country we live in - he said put pen to paper and so I did. Government has conspiracy of using fear of increasing crime as an excuse to register guns and systematically disarm the public, Giving greater control to a centralized bureaucracy or parties (jlp/pnp) that would finally monitor the movement of cash and credit cards through uplinks into the computers, Rationalizing the growing control of the electronic economy as crime prevention, Or as a necessity to collect taxes or prevent sabotage. Take inconsideration, in every nation capitalism had failed the low class causing outcaste and the reason was vivid even a blind man can see it through the fog; for poor people, there existed absent opportunities to participate in the system, Effective education wasn’t there, The jobs weren’t there- at least for some country so to speak. The interest of money and corporate in the Country (Jamaica) buy Government, Media, Institution and Entertainment and eventually dividing the Country into haves and havesknots. This is dedicated to: me and who it may concern; for these words, shows we share the same pain.

Luther King Ferguson Writing #5