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The Letter on the 7th 2011 The Letter on the 7th Hello Khad, I want you to take time to read this letter. I know, I have told you that time has change and so is the weather. There is no need to tell you about what we had. What we used to have is all in the past and this letter serve to answer all the questions you’re about to ask. The pack has been broken and so is the bridge. With all that drama recently I stay by you and I never ditch. Please understand why now I’m playing the song called Epiphany and don’t blame it all on me. You see, I have come to the conclusion that, it’s not every birds are meant to be cage and you that type of bird who needs space. I’m sorry if I wrote it in a letter but as you can see…we hardly meet face to face. I close this letter promptly and short but not the love. Check the date on your calendar and see what today means; the seven will always be to remember and so is this letter because all ends meets.

The Letter on the 7th