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February 28, 2013

Behind the lens

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Emily Voss (‘13) chats about opening a photography studio, her NYC internship and the beauty of the camera. Dylan Hinton

Staff Writer

Growing up, Emily Voss (‘13) had a unique career aspiration. “I was always artsy, and I wanted to be a medical illustrator,” Voss said. “Then I tore the tendons in my wrist and had a few surgeries and realized I wouldn’t be able to do detailed illustrations like that.” Luckily for Voss – and the photography world – when a pencil case snapped shut, a camera bag opened.

“I started delving into photography when I was in 8th or 9th grade. My twin sister was my main model, and I’d drag her outside and snap photos of her all the time,” Voss said. Though she never had formal training, Voss dove dedication to her craft has paid off, and after graduating this spring Voss will be opening VOSStudios in Wausau, Wisc. “I can’t believe how many hours she’s putting into it already,” Voss’ friend and model Sarah Lemon (‘13) said. “This business is the next step for her, and I know it’s going to go well.” Voss has spent her summers shooting senior portraits in her hometown of Wausau. She is in the process of renovating her studio, which was built in 1867. When her but hopes to travel around the world and incorporate aspects of fashion photography into her work. “It’s been so much work,” Voss said. “I’ve been trying to be a student and a real person at the same time.”

The road to opening her own studio has been paved with determination and incredible opportunities. Voss took an internship under fashion photographer Jill Wachter over J-Term her junior year. The experience introduced her to the world of fashion photography, and to an assistant of Annie Liebovitz, the famous portrait photographer. Voss showed the assistant her work, and

semester of her senior year as an intern for Liebovitz. “She talks about [the internship], and it just sounds like ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’” Lemon said. “It’s all so intense and such a completely different world than Decorah.”

photography. “We were photographing some of the most beautiful women in the world, and their photographs are still

edited to the point where it’s just n By comparing unedited and r by side, Voss hopes to demon photographs of models can be, an extreme nature of fashion photogr for Voss’ project, and was impre professionalism. “She is so comfortable to be “She gives great advice and is alw intimidating. It makes posing her Through her stunning photogra internships and eye-opening proj she has much to offer the world photography. With the opening o own graduation from Luther rapi

to her. “My camera is my passport not always outgoing, but my c opportunity to meet the most am the most incredible places.”

February 28th Issue  

Chips: The student newspaper of Luther College fifteenth issue of the year

February 28th Issue  

Chips: The student newspaper of Luther College fifteenth issue of the year