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Spring 2015 715 Falconer St. 716.665.8137

Lutheran Board of Directors W. Clark Poppleton, Chair Karen Rine, Vice Chair Brigetta Overcash, Secretary Gary Johnson, Treasurer Bishop John Macholz, Upstate New York Synod Alan Anderson Theodore Bogdan R. Michael Goldman J. Eric Livengood Timothy Magnuson Kim Peterson Don S. (Dean) Weaver, Jr. Terry Turner, Chair Lutheran Foundation Board

Foundation Board of Directors Terry Turner, Chair Gordon Black Jon Castle Joel Gaden John Griffith Matthew Moore

Glen Campbell’s Courageous Documentary

“I’ll Be Me” Coming June 4th

Lutheran and Jamestown Community College are bringing a profound and moving program to the Scharmann Theatre, based on the life of country legend Glen Campbell. There will be a guest appearance by his wife, Kim, who will introduce the documentary film, Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me and share her story with the audience. She will be available to answer questions following the movie. (see page 2 for details). His heart wrenching song I’m Not Gonna Miss You is featured in the video. Kim has given her constant support to her husband who continues to awe the world with his musical prowess. Since his diagnosis in 2011, she has stood by him through a tumultuous sea of adversity. She and Glen courageously decided to share his battle with the disease by inviting renowned filmmakers to document Glen’s Goodbye Tour, a 151 show world tour culminating in the documentary, which includes his home movies, performance footage, and recent scenes as his life deteriorates from dementia. Your support helps us bring these programs to our community. Thank you! Alzheimer’s Disease touches all of our lives as we age. Although it is not a normal part of aging, the risk of developing the illness rises with advanced age. The National Institute on Aging research indicates that the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease doubles every five years beyond age 65.

This was a tough winter for all of us, and spring gives us a fresh start, and what better way to start than with some tulips! I hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter. I call this issue our annual report, as it gives you a picture of our audited financials, as well as lives touched through the years. Your donations go directly to helping many of the people we serve, to begin a new start. You’ll read about Mark who gained his independence because of Grace Community Services. You’ll see fresh starts for the people we serve in all levels of housing and of course with the youth at G.A. Family Services. Everything we do is enhanced because of you and your generosity. I am so grateful to all of you and want to note the list of donors for 2014 and the members of our Touching Lives Club and Juliet Anderson Rosch Society. Thank you to everyone who gave thoughtful gifts in memory or in honor of our loved ones. Because of you, we saw a new record of giving in response to

our year end appeal - $18,655! That beats the record of last year of $17,007. Thank you so very much! August 17th is the date for our Twelfth Annual Lutheran Charity Golf Tournament, and as a donor, you are invited to play. Details are included in this newsletter. Thank you to all our dedicated sponsors, as you have raised over $300,000 since we started the golf tournament in 2004! If you’d like to receive your newsletter via e-mail, please send an email to me at I am more than happy to continue to mail you a copy, but if you want to receive it via e-mail, just let me know. I appreciate your remembering us with your time, prayers, and financial gifts. Thank you so much for being a part of our family.

Save the Dates!

Edgewood Community Presents…

“Honoring Our Veterans” “Cooking with the Spice Goddess” Monday, May 11th 6:30 p.m. Lutheran Chapel, RSVP: 720-9122 Bal Arneson, Celebrity Chef and Author India Inspired Simple and Healthful Foods Taste Testing

“Avoid Being Scammed” Thursday, May 14th 6:30 p.m. Lutheran Chapel, RSVP: 720-9122 Sheriff Joe Gerace Learn ways to outsmart the scammers

Tuesday, May 19th 6:30 p.m. Rosch Center, Aldren Ave., RSVP: 665-8197 Video Interviews with Greg Peterson

“Dementia, The Glen Campbell Story” Thursday, June 4th 7:00 p.m. JCC Scharmann Theatre, RSVP: 720-9122 Guest Speaker: Kim Campbell Award Winning Movie “I’ll Be Me” The Campbell’s share their story of dignity and hope for families with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Free and open to the public.

A Plan for a Bright Future

What better way to tell you about our Therapeutic Foster Care program, than with a testimony from someone who has benefited from it? Monica has been in foster care for eight months, and this is her heartfelt story. “I’ve made immense progress since being in foster care,” she says. “I attend school every day now and have a 92.7 GPA. My teachers have recommended me for jobs, which is how I got my current position at the VFW in Arcade as a cook/ busser.” She was addicted to cocaine, prescription pain killers, and alcohol before entering foster care. “On June 19, it will be eight months since I’ve been in care and eight months that I’ve been clean,” Monica adds. “I now have a high level of respect for myself and those around me. I have a plan now and am putting everything I can into my future. Moving in with my father will further my growth as an independent young woman. He pushes me to be the best I can. The foster care program has strengthened our relationship. Furthermore, both my father and my foster parent have helped to guide me along the path to be a better person and break free of my past in order to move forward.”

HP Exercise Program

A New Special Pin for Touching Lives Club

Members of the Touching Lives Club will be receiving a new pin this year. Instead of a pin every year, members will receive the pin once; and each year, the pin will be given to new members. “We want to recognize our donors for their generosity but at the same time be responsible with their contributions,” said Gwen Axelson, development officer. “By not purchasing a pin every year, more of our donors’ contributions will go directly to programs and services.” The Touching Lives Club recognizes donors on an annual basis. Donors are recognized through membership in one of three giving clubs, representing gifts received from January 1 through December 31 each year. The Mission Circle honors donors at the $125 to $499 level. The Vision Circle honors donors at the $500 to $999 level, and donors giving $1,000 or more are members of the Leadership Circle. Donors are also honored for their consecutive giving at 3-5 years, 6-9 years, and 10 years or more; regardless of the gift amounts. Those who have given $10,000 or more since the Foundation was created in 1996 become members of the elite Cornerstone Council. TLC members will receive the new pin at the Annual Donor Recognition Luncheon set for Tuesday, May 5th, in Christ Chapel.

The residents at Hultquist Place know that mobility improves their lifestyle and ability to maintain independence, therefore Resident Council requested that a portion of the EQUAL grant funding provided by the Department of Health be used to create an exercise program. Candra Roach, Director of Activities, is working with the Jamestown YMCA to create a program. With the help of the Y’s expert trainers, specialized fitness equipment has been purchased, and an instructor will provide a half-hour class to the residents on a weekly basis. This will be in addition to the three exercise classes already held weekly. The focus of the instruction will be balance, strength and range of motion and will begin in May. Our Quality Improvement team is anxious to see the positive outcomes for the residents.

2014 Annual Report

Financially, Lutheran had another successful year despite major challenges that all healthcare and human services providers are facing. In the midst of major changes to our payment systems, we’ve made significant capital investments to realign all of our care models and delivery systems. Our continuums of care are aligned and fully integrated, giving us a competitive edge. Critical to our ability to make these investments is your ongoing support. The Lutheran Foundation granted $370,000 last year to our various programs. Prudent investments, your generous contributions, and watchful oversight by our Board continue to make Lutheran successful. We cannot thank you enough.

Tom Holt


Clark Poppleton

Chair, Board of Directors

Jason Beckwith Chief Financial Officer

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UNRESTRICTED REVENUES: Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center ....................... 14,631,828 Hultquist Place ..................................................................... 4,435,724 Lutheran Senior Housing .................................................... 1,963,079 GA Family Services (FYE 6/30/2014) ................................ 11,118,854 Grace Community Services ................................................. 3,956,295 TOTAL UNRESTRICTED REVENUES ....................... 36,105,780

UNRESTRICTED EXPENSES: Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center ........................ 15,152,012 Hultquist Place ..................................................................... 4,429,849 Lutheran Senior Housing ..................................................... 2,002,823 GA Family Services (FYE 6/30/2014) ............................... 10,769,240 Grace Community Services ................................................. 3,985,718 TOTAL UNRESTRICTED EXPENSES ........................ 36,339,642

CHANGE IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS .................. (233,862)

TOTAL ASSETS .............................................................. 68,432,206 TOTAL LIABILITIES .................................................... 18,819,921 TOTAL NET ASSETS ..................................................... 49,612,285

FOUNDATION UNRESTRICTED GRANTS: Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center ............................ 100,000 Hultquist Place ........................................................................ 200,000 GA Family Services .................................................................. 50,000 RSVP/Foster Grandparent Program .......................................... 20,000 TOTAL GRANTS BY LUTHERAN FOUNDATION ....... 370,000

Lives Touched Program

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center




Hultquist Place




Warner Place 28 31 33 Senior Housing/Senior Life Matters




GA Family Services














* Includes duplicate admissions. Of 291 admissions in 2014, almost 50% were duplicates. For the Best of Times series; 3,200 people have attended. Some have attended multiple times.

LHRC Update

Your contributions have been hard at work at the Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center. Renovations in the Lutheran Home are complete, but we continue to replace older furniture and touch up paint in the resident rooms. • It was a busy 2014 with 291 admissions, and 219 of them were on our sub-acute/ rehab unit.

St. Joseph’s Table Spurs Childhood Memories for HP Residents The Activities Department at Hultquist Place has committed to providing residents with moments that touch their heart. This March, Hultquist Place celebrated its first St. Joseph’s Day. This feast day is centuries old and deeply engrained in the Italian culture. Intercessions by St. Joseph relieved a famine, and in honor of this, the richest in each town created a buffet for all to attend. No one was to go hungry. “It was so beautiful it reminded me of my Grandmother!” exclaimed Josephine Morgan a Hultquist Place resident at the celebration in the Dining Room. Jo relayed the story of how she and her cousins sat in the kitchen while the ten children chosen to attend from the St. Mary’s Children’s Home in Dunkirk were served first as the honored guests in her Grandmother’s Dining room. As was true in Hultquist Place, an altar with three tiers was created with a statue of St. Joseph holding the Infant Jesus. Della Panebianco, another resident, tells how the celebration ‘brought tears to my eyes’. She recounted how her parents came from Sicily to Ellis Island and were hired by a coal company to work the mines in Pennsylvania. When an opportunity existed to join the Department of Public Works in Jamestown, her family relocated to this area. Della particularly remembers her parents teaching her that when someone was ill, they would pray to St. Joseph and if the person recovered they would commit to providing a big meal to the poorest in the neighborhood. “It brought back so many memories to see the altar and be served the wonderful meal.”

• We implemented new electronic medical record software in October. This new technology allows all our caregivers to document, develop care plans, run reports, and pass medications through one system. • We hired a full time geriatric nurse practitioner, Doreen Iula. She, along with Dr. Albert Persia, and a second nurse practitioner through the OPTUM vendor, Laura Seastrum, will provide the medical oversight for all of our residents. • Desiree Mechling, RN, who has been the Nurse Manager on our sub-acute/rehab unit, will begin her duties on April 13 as Director of Nursing. We look forward to her bringing her expertise into her new role. • The Bridges Program, which is our very successful day time dementia program, is now running seven days per week. • Our Community Life program (formerly known as Activities and Volunteer Programs) continues to expand and offer new and exciting programs for our residents. Attendance is increasing, especially during the evening shift, including both residents and families. • One of most successful new programs was our Lenten “Artful Prayer” sessions. • Warner Place, our medical model adult day care, continues to thrive with a daily census of 20 registrants. • We congratulate Erin Lobb, our charge nurse on the sub-acute/rehab unit, who was chosen as one of the JCC Alumni Nurses of Distinction. • We encourage you to visit us to see firsthand what wonderful things are happening in our lovely building.

Mark is all decorated for Easter!

A Story of Independence

Community Habilitation, provided by Grace Community Services (GCS) in the Rochester area, is designed to help people develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible. Mark Sabia’s story highlights how GCS helps people learn the skills they need to lead active and independent lives. At the age of 7 months, Mark fell off the changing table causing a permanent disability, and in that moment his life was changed forever. He has lived with his parents his entire life and has worked in the food services industry for 25 years. Mark enjoys a close relationship with his family, however as his parents began to age, Mark knew that he needed to move out and begin life on his own. He received support from GCS Community Habilitation staff in household tasks such as organizing mail, budgeting money, paying bills, and preparing healthy meals that would enable him to live an independent and happy life.

In the summer of 2014, Mark moved out of his family home and, with continued support from Grace Community Services, he has made a remarkably successful transition into the community. He lives totally independently and receives a few hours of support and coaching each week. This assures that he is following his budget, shopping comparatively, eating healthily, and keeping an appointment calendar. Mark’s dream of independence has been realized, and his parents have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that he has successfully attained the skills that allow him to be safe and happy in his own apartment. Thank you for your contributions that are being put to good use serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Foster Grandma Mary Lenna, (left) offers her support, while enjoying the company of the kids during a craft session at the James Prendergast Library.

50 Year Milestone Reached

The Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) reached its 50 year milestone this year on a national level. Lutheran began sponsoring the program here in 1983. FGP matches “In-need” children with a mature adult to help them to become academically successful. Using their wisdom and life experiences, a senior volunteer can produce such amazing effects on a child. Many times, Foster Grandmas and Grandpas are the only constant adult present for a child. Foster Grandparents serve over 61,605 hours annually working one-on-one with children as directed by their teacher or site supervisor. Just think what a wonderful legacy of service this is!

Volunteers are alive and well in Chautauqua County, and RSVP is recruiting, placing, and directing them to address our critical needs in our county. Presently, 59% of our volunteers (well over 300) are dedicated to Food Security – serving at Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries, congregate meal sites, delivering prepared meals to the homebound, eliminating hunger throughout the county. Many others serve with the disabled or elders, assisting them to “Age in Place” or giving them “Access to Care”. We are blessed in our county to have so many kind and compassionate volunteers. Thank you for your financial support in these two areas, as they are so important to our community.

Improvements at Edgewood

Edgewood Communities continues to see improvements. Upgrades included common areas, decks, boilers, siding, and new energy-efficient windows. This work continues into this year as well. Thank you to our financial supporters and to Juliet Rosch, a former duplex resident, who set up the Anderson and Rosch Charitable Foundation that makes these improvements possible. With the renovations complete in the nursing home, we are now turning our attention to our independent living side, to make sure that we have the amenities to meet

the needs and wants of the “next generation.” A market research firm and architects have been hired to begin working on this comprehensive plan.

Lutheran’s BENEFACTORS 2014

You, our donors, are so thoughtful, generous, and kind. Thank you for thinking of us and remembering the thousands of adults and children we serve every year. Every day you are a critical part of fulfilling our mission. You change the lives of many for the better. Our youth are given the love and support they need to secure a permanent home. Older adults are given the love and support they need to maintain their independence and quality of life. With our sincere heartfelt appreciation, we say “Thank You” to all of you.

Bequests, Wills, Trusts & Foundations Anderson & Rosch Charitable Foundation Chautauqua Region Community Foundation Clarence & Marguerite Culver Living Trust Hultquist Foundation Carl Hultquist Trust Earle O. Hultquist Trust Marguerite P. Hultquist Trust Jean McLean Davis Trust Alberta Morse Trust Wayne G. Nordine Trust Karl Peterson Trust Elmer & Eleanor Rose Trust Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation Emmett L. Smedberg Trust Evelyn Taillie Trust

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Eleventh Annual Lutheran Golf Tournament DOUBLE EAGLE TITLE SPONSOR M & T Bank Manning & Napier

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Jamestown Mattress Company Jamestown Mechanical Sandra Kindberg Mr. & Mrs. Earl Kratzenberg Deborah A. Kruse J. Eric & Julie Livengood Matric, Inc. Janice D. Nagle Northwest Insurance Services Martha Paulson W. Clark & Julie Poppleton Doug & Andrea Preston Ron & Karen Rine Virginia M. Rumfelt Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation Carol Sorg Southern Tier Woodcarvers Guild St. John’s Lutheran Church Roland A. Swanson Richard & Terry Havens Turner, Jr. David & Grace Vennberg 3-5 Years Ahlstrom Schaeffer Electric Elizabeth P. Anderson Donald & JoAnn Anderson John E. Anderson David & Kellie Bargar Mr. & Mrs. G. Michael Berg Clayton & Dolores Berlinghoff, III Betty Lou Blixt Mary Ann Bollman Richard & Rita Brown Harold & Sharon Brunacini John E. Bylund C. C. Industrial Development Agency Sherwood & Carol Cadwell Paul W. Card Chautauqua Region Community Foundation Warren M. Crandall Damon & Morey Maggie Dreyer Thomas C. Dudas Barry & Patricia Eckwahl Erie Insurance Management Company Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation Michael & Laura Felice Suzanne A. Foley Stuart & Rochelle Gebell Harry & Gloria “Dodie” Glatz R. Michael & Barbara Goldman Lyndon & Melanie Gritters Mr. & Mrs. Jerome R. Hammar John & Patricia Hanson John & Jean Holt Paul & Nancy Holt Hultquist Foundation Jamestown Awning Jamestown Electric Supply Joyce A. Johnson Roger E. Johnson Katrina I. Jones Betty L. Kelly Judith Lazenby Marie C. Lindahl Stan & Sara Lundine Kathleen A. Lynch Paul & Debbie Lytle Greg Mackie Major Appliances Manning & Napier Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Newhouse

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James J. Reed Doris “Maxine” Reed

Marlyn “Molly” Griffith John & Mary Jane Griffith

Burton and Florence Lesser Marie C. Lindahl

Lucille Reed Bob & Sharon Hamilton

Alyce Hanson John & Patricia Hanson

Richard and Eleanor Lovejoy Rebecca Roesch

Frederick J. W. and Dorothy Heft Muriel Murphy

Philip Mastrosimone Sue C. Mastrosimone Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Overturf Anne D. Pemberton

Anita T. Rolph Mr. & Mrs. Jerome R. Hammar Robert H. Rolph Josephine Letta Sanbury Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Andrews Kathleen A. Lynch WCA Hospital

Elvera Nelson Janice D. Nagle

Werner B. Schmidt Kurt Schmidt

Frank and Bertha Walsh Patrick Walsh

Nels John Linne Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Smith

Margaret O. Sixbey Chautauqua County Funeral Directors Association Sandra Kindberg Lind Funeral Home Kim & Becky Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Present John & Doreen Sixbey

A. Roger Wennberg Mr. & Mrs. William S. Rice John C. and Catherine B. Wheeler Nancy A. Wheeler

Arnold Holmberg Maxine Holmberg Clifford and Edna Holt John & Jean Holt Janice Hunter Jeffrey Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Richard Solimeo Susan Jackson Charles E. Jackson Marilyn H. Johnson Roger E. Johnson Dorothy “Dottie” Kruse Deborah A. Kruse Robert I. Utter Florence Lacki John L. Lacki Arthur and Jean Larson Carol Sorg Charles C. Larson Nancy L. Larson Joyce L. Larson Ted Larson Miles & Gloria Lasser B. Jean Voltmann Gary Lazenby Jennifer Apetz & Paul Ferrell Mr. & Mrs. David Baxter Mr. & Mrs. David E. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cappiello Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dickhut Stuart & Rochelle Gebell Carole J. Haas Mary Hanlon Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Heinig The Indian Landing School Cornelia V. Labrum Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Lame Karen M. Lum Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Maurer Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Medina George & Betty Middlebrook Mr. & Mrs. Paul Monachino, Jr. Lynda Newman Alison Seeley Barbara J. Seils Donald C. Shannon Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence C. Teel Mr. & Mrs. James A. Tourangeau Mr. & Mrs. Mark Turner Patricia C. VanKouwenberg

Weldon “Sonny” Nelson Janis Nelson David S. Newman Lynda Newman Marion S. Newhouse Richard M. Brown CDC Division of Oral Health Charles Dobbins Dorothy W. Dobbins James & Debra Dobbins Robert & Lyn Dee Dobbins Pamela S. Lodestro Mr. & Mrs. Laverne Strathearn Mr. & Mrs. Charles Telford Norman Newhouse Barbara A. Newhouse & Family J. Maxine Olson Quint & Heidi Lawson Mr. & Mrs. James J. Schmitt R. Norman Olson Janet M. Anderson Bemus Point Inn Ray & Kathy Carlson Audrey M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kingston Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Kling Jamestown City Hall Employees Mr. & Mrs. Randall L. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Scholla, Jr. Laurie Sorg Mr. & Mrs. James K. Wirsen Martin & Mary Helen Raistrick Patric Crist & Robin Michos Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Peterson Barbara Elaine Strong J. Oscar and Lillian Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Jon C. Peterson Shelly L. Pettit Norma Pettit Carolyn M. Pillsbury Marlene P. Volpe Sarah Pollaro Janice D. Nagle

Mary E. Smith Warren M. Crandall Rexford M. Smith Sue Boland Patty Buttafaro Mr. & Mrs. M. Richard Dudkowski, II Sally Galati Angela Genco Charles & Esther Gustafson Tim Gustafson & Family Audrey M. Johnson Roger E. Johnson Jerry & Jane Lockwood Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Nelson Janis Nelson Anne Samaritano Roy V. Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Merchant Robert Steere Phyllis Steere Bessie J. Strobl Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Strobl David J. Sturges Gwendolyn C. Axelson Frederick E. Giddy Hultquist Place Resident Council Larry & Laura Nelson Theodore & Sharon Passarelli Richard & Barbara Sturges David and Violet Sturges Theodore & Sharon Passarelli Family of David and Violet Sturges Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Young Karl Swartz Anonymous Robert & Fanchon Fuller Warren & Anne Nelson Timothy Thoren Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Blegen Daniel & Sally Thoren

Phyllis E. Till Lyla L. Bowen Corry Contract, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Moose Mr. & Mrs. Martin R. Ohman Regency Finance Company Tin Petunias Angelo J. Volpe Mary S. Volpe Jack Waddington Charles & Virginia Nelson

Eloise Wood Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Newhouse Janice E. Young Joel & Nancy Gaden Kathleen A. Lynch Freda Zanetta Mr. & Mrs. John W. Crowe Julie Dudgeon Stephen P. Gale Mr. & Mrs. James Joy Ellen L. Leggett Kathleen A. Lynch Nancy Stevenson Anthony Zanetta Joseph M. Zanetta Jacqueline Zutler

IN HONOR OF … A1 Staff Robert & Mary Borowski Burns and Family Ruth Anderson Anderson Surveying, Inc. David M. Anderson William Boerst and Family Betty Lou Blixt Loretta Faugl Wade E. Elliott Elmer Eugene Fletcher Wade E. Elliott Dianne Fromal Wade E. Elliott Alice Hillebert Kathleen A. Lynch Thomas E. Holt Sharon Hamilton Paul & Nancy Holt Thomas Holt & Staff Daniel & Brigetta Overcash, Jr.

Joan Hult Rachel H. Kasianowicz Shirley J. Lepsesty Mary Borowski Burns Lutheran Senior Housing Staff Gordon & Jeanette Carlson John Lyttleton Wade E. Elliott Patrick McGrath E. Margaret Crowley Daniel M. Meyers

Edith Morrison Dorothy A. Boehler Virginia Olson Wade E. Elliott Martha Paulson Charles & Virginia Nelson George & Helen Pigounakis Wade E. Elliott Tami Pike Wade E. Elliott Ronald Rine Karen A. Rine

Rev. Daniel and Lois Rumfelt Miriam S. Laundry Marie C. Lindahl Virginia Rumfelt Miriam S. Laundry Matt & Abby Smith Wade E. Elliott

Kris Waddington Joel & Nancy Gaden Barbara Weckwert Wade E. Elliott Edward Weckwert Wade E. Elliott

Joan Y. Swanson’s Retirement Roland A. Swanson

Karl Weckwert Wade E. Elliott

Jennie Vilardo Nathaniel & M. Jane Kirkland, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Strobl

Betty Lou Zenns Martha A. Zenns


We gratefully acknowledge our visionary partners who have committed their resources through estate plans, wills, trusts, charitable gift annuities, and life insurance to ensure the success of Lutheran both now and in the years to come. Mary Jane Abbate* Helen S. Anderson* John E. Anderson Theodore W*. and Ruth E. Anderson Gordon and Sally Black Wilda F. (Billie) Bloomquist* Daniel and Faith Carlson Gordon Carlson* Andrew S. Cusimano, III Isabelle C. Erickson* Ebba E. Friberg* Joel and Nancy* Gaden Shirley C. Glatz Charles and Esther Gustafson Clifford E. Gustafson* Frederick J. W. Heft*

Audrey S. Johnson* Betty L. Kelly Thomas J.* and Shirley F. Kelly* Mary S. Kooman Ethelyn M. Krauss Miriam S. Laundry Charles and Lois Lindquist Charles B. Magnuson* Donald and Carolyn Modisher Linnea Myregaard* Richard and Donna Nelson David* and Lynda Newman Carl L. and Audrey H. Olson* Harold and Florence Olson Lucile H. Parsons* Carolyn J. Peterson

Join us for the 12th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Mark your calendars early! The 12th Annual Lutheran Charity Golf Tournament is slated for Monday, August 17, at the Moon Brook Country Club in Jamestown. As a valued supporter of Lutheran, you can enjoy a day of golf and help the people we serve for an entry fee of $250. This fee covers green fees, a golf cart, lunch, refreshments on the course, a nice gift, and a wonderful hors d’oeuvre buffet to enjoy. Our generous sponsors and supporters have raised $300,000 since the first year in 2004! The tournament is a four-man, two best-ball format and begins at noon with a shot gun start. We’re on hand early at 10:30 a.m. if you want to get in a bit of practice. We have single spots to fill, so if you’re interested, please give Gwen a call at 716-665-8137.

Marion Potter* Genevieve Roche* Daniel and Lois Rumfelt Harry J. Sands* Georgia R. Schlifke* Warren F.* and Jane B. Sellstrom J. Kenneth and Dawne Soderquist Kenneth and Lois Strickler Donald and Shirley Struchen Evelyn S. Sundholm Elaine R. Swanson* Roland A. Swanson Evelyn Taillie* *Deceased

Lutheran Foundation Newsletter - Spring 2015  
Lutheran Foundation Newsletter - Spring 2015