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Putting Images on T-shirts Putting images on t-shirts has been a long practice. Different and creative photos on shirts are seen worn by many people and are even designed in different shapes and colors. There are also images that express a statement. The common ‘World’s Greatest Mom’ print on a shirt, for example, is often worn by parents as it is specially made by their children. With all the t-shirt photo designs around the world, t-shirt manufacturers began to use high-technological machines to deliver high-definition images and statements on shirts. These are what they typically do.

Materials Needed In order to successfully put on a high-quality photo on a shirt, few tools are necessary. Some use a computer software using

Windows, while some designs are done by the Mac software. The editing of the images is done by means of a photo management editing software. When the design is approved, it will be printed out using an inkjet printer. There is a special kind of printer that will provide a highdefinition image, ready to be used in inking the image to the shirt. The ideal material for printing shirt is cotton, as it can withstand heat and absorb the ink without damaging the fiber. An iron and an iron flat surface also are needed to transfer the image from the computer to the shirt.

The Printing Process The printing process will start once the design is approved. The image has to be flipped back so when it is inked on the shirt, it will not have a reverse image. When this is done, the photo is printed out on an iron-transfer paper. This is a special kind of paper where the ink is not truly absorbed and hence, can be transferred to another material when heated. The image is then ironed on the shirt carefully on a flat surface. This is a very crucial step as all the details of the image should be completely and perfectly transferred on the shirt. After this, the paper is left to cool before peeling away – and the whole printing is done.

These are usually the steps that t-shirt manufacturers do in putting images on shirts. Doing it alone may be difficult, especially when bulk pieces should be done. To get high-quality customized shirts, visit Gulati Group.

Putting Images on T-shirts