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SPEACIAL THANKS TO: Photographer Naomi James Stylist Anurak Donovan Stylist Assitant Kamran Rajput Michelle Wadey Graphic Designer Jasmin Sehra Sarah Sajid Advertising Illustrations Claudine O’sullivan Kamran Rajput Designers Robert Wun Contributors Davide Barbieri

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EDITOR’S LETTER “The Story Of The New Adiction” Foreword By Reena Jokhan Editor & Chief

Welcome to Lust’s very 1st issue Are you ready for the fashion revolution? Lust will be enthusiastically embracing what is being heralded as the democratisation of fashion in the seasons to come, as we witness the landscape of the fashion industry changing dramatically. The ways in which we consume and create fashion are evolving at warp spead, you are the driving force behind this revolution. You hold the key to the brave new fashion world, because your voice can be finally heard. These are exciting times, and out of change comes creative genius. Our very 1st issue of Lust celebrates all that is exceptional about the world of fashion, and how can be brought to life for you over the meticulously crafted pages of a magazine you can hold in your hands, keep and treasure. Everything we do is for the Lust of fashion ours and more importantly yours. Enjoy.


Street Style




Resort 2013


Street Style Strut Text by Reena Jokhan

There is a unfounded argument that the real spectacle no longer takes place on the catwalk, or even in front row, but on the streets outside. Lust says, its not about the clothes, ‘Street Style’ is just about the way you wear them, as street style fashion makes it clear that any pattern, any time, makes it a fair game. From street style to couture, and everything in between, Lust goes out in the streets of London, and speaks to the men, that sport the attitude to wear it. Welcome to street style inspiration

How would you describe your style?

Robby: Casual and chic Chris: Functional Zane: Less is more

What are the key pieces in your wardrobe? Robby: Shoes Chris: Vintage accessories Zane: Bespoke suits

What item would you like to own? Robby: Saville row suit. Chris: A couple of pieces in Church’s Zane: Blazer

Where do you get inspiration for what you wear? Robby: Adverts Chris: Shop displays Zane: People watching

Do you create, follow or ignore fashion? Robby: Create Chris: A bit of all three Zane: I’d like to think I’m an individual, but what is original now?

Do you think men are more interested in fashion now?

Robby: Absolutely yeah, a bit too much Chris: Its nice, masculine but wellgroomed style has come back, I really like this whole ‘Metro Sexual’ thing. Zane: Yeah, especially in London, you have to be fashionable, 10 years ago men never really gave a shit, now its more acceptable & expected.

Text by Kamran Rajput

“The new age of the world is around the corner.� The new age is the defining of the youth empowerment, the constant reminder that the youth are building into a powerful body, birthing of a new path and ideology of the modern day teenager. The new age is fascinated by sex and anything sinful, reanalyzing our desires, Loosing their innocence and their ability to be surprised of explicit content. The new age of fashion is the same, change and developing into something new and exciting. Something different yet still has the meaning that fashion holds to modern society. We are loosing our will to live our lives without technology and this means that society must move with the times, surrounded by pornography and explicit sophistication. Youth are the future creating a society where words and the human body have meaning, desensitized from the contents of sin. The youth of today are involved with more than just creating the future, they are the future. Building a society out of the sins of the past, nothing will stop the culture change that has happened within the last 10 years. Nothing will be the same as it was 10 years ago, moving away from the ideas of the past and looking towards the future.


# Craig Green collgae by #Anurak Donovan

# Naomi James photograph collgae by #Anurak Donovan

# Jay Camilleri collgae by #Kamran Rajput

# Xander Zhou collgae by Anurak Donovan

# Matthew Miller collgae by #Kamran Rajput

# Martine Rose collgae by #Kamran Rajput

# Mugler collgae by #Kamran Rajput


Street Style Bloggers Text by Reena Jokhan

There is a peacock of parade of editors, buyers and bloggers compete to be photographed, often in clothes borrowed from designers for the occasion, & street bloogers are the very first to upload their interpretation of street style fashion, as an oulet for the world to see their creative talent similar to street artists spraying grafeti on the streets of London. It’s a fantastic ridiculous circus, generating an surplous audience such as Tommy Ton’s Jak & Jil blog, reaching 1.5 million hits a month.

Lust sources a top 5 pick of best of international street street bloggers, from major cities, including New York, Paris and London.

1. The Sartorialist- New York street fashion blog Founder/blogger/photographer Scott Schuman began The Sartorialist, with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. In addition to the blog, Schuman’s work has been featured in GQ, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and Interview; for GQ, Schuman shot and edited his own page for over three years.

2. Garance Dore-Street Style photography from Paris. Started since 2006, Dore offers Paris Street fashion snapshots as well as illustrations & videos. 4. Face Hunter- London Street Style photography from Paris. A man out and about in London & beyond: eye candy for the style hungry, & has a weekly column in the Observer 5. Street Style aestheticIt’s not just the clothes…it’s the people who wear them This blog that reminds you just why you fell in love with fashion in the first place. Street style vintage at it’s best.


3. Street Peeper- Global street fashion & street style blog. Phil Oh started in 2006 travelling around the world taking photos of people who had fun and interesting style. The huge success of his blog led to, recently becoming a contributor to Vogue. com (US) and to other international magazines like Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Elle China, and more. I try to mix up the photos between industry insiders, kooky fashion kids, streetwear dudes, and other random people who catch my eye.

LUST SPOT Text by Reena Jokhan

With its young & trendy crowd, London Town is at the cutting edge of style.

1. Old Spitalfields Sunday Market

Known for attracting huge crowds, Old Spitalfields Market is not just about big names in the industry, it also encourages young budding designers, as the market sizzles with the noise of young graduates showcasing their wok. Stalls are pilled up with fabrics showcased by young designers.

2. Portobello Road- The Fashion Market Probably due to the influx of the young and beautiful & filthy rich into Notting Hill area, the whole fashion scene at Portobello has exploded. This is vintage at it’s best, fashion stalls are spread around the market, so if you’re hardcore you’ll need to do the whole stretch.

3. Brick Lane It’s one of the most hidden treasures in London, comparable to Soho in New York, and made famous by local fashion designers showcasing their work independant shops, this cosmopolitan hub radiates from life.

Lust’s A-Z for Street style inspiration 4. Camden Lock Market Established since 1974, fashion & vintage is at the centre of Camden’s fashion heritage; there you will find a boho mix of street style designers and vintage one offs

5. Covent Garden Hardcore fashion fiends should head up Neal St, for iconic fashion, known for its unknown & established brands.


Surrounded by the solid metals and silver screens of modern day technology, we seek inspiration and influences from past events. Metamorphosis morphs an idea into reality, rejuvenating the past and recreating the past to suit the present. Metamorphosis happens all around as we change our styles, our clothing, the way we think and our ideas. The recreation of an idea is practically similar to a reaction between elements that create something completely different from the original state. Ideas are building and rebuilt. This recreation is like the idea we use to create a strong piece of work. Lust believes that metamorphosis should be adapted for the 21st century, as living in today’s society, which is constantly morphing itself. Moving away from the old and making way for the new, we are living within a culture where we are building our lives around the structures of modern technology and new experiences. In this exclusive fashion spread we introduce the morphing and the development of a creative idea, the foundation of creativity and artistic pleasure, an addiction


Styling Anurak Donovan PHOTOGRAPHY Naomi James

Text by Kamran Rajput

Models Rcquel Smith, Julian Ardley, Jeremy Luke Edwards


#Robert Wun

Racquel wear Robert Wun, Both Julian and Jeremy wear Arena.

ROBERT WUN Q&A Text by Kamran Rajput

“Fashion designer, based in London and Hong Kong. Eyes lost in nature. Wandering with innovative visuals and bizarre ethos.”

Did you always know you wanted to be within an artistic and creative environment?

How long did it take you to create a piece and how did you go about creating the final piece?

Yes I believe I was strongly linked to art and design since I was a child. Drawing was the first skills I had before going to any schools.

It’s time consuming but not as much as the idea developments and how you spend hours in just thinking how to push it to the extreme. I think fashion is mathematical in a way. That’s how craftsmanship and value is added in wearable art.

What and who are your inspirations? Everything in nature mostly, oh & Andy Goldsworthy

What were your inspirations whilst you were designing the ‘b u r n t” collection? Through the collection, Burnt wadding was used as a major key material, all those flares and ruffles are wadding with burned out gradient patterns. Highly crafted in-between with glass organza. The Ombre affects works like a harmony between two extremes. Man and Nature, Black and White. Which is something I always fascinated and inspired from.

Do you see yourself designing couture pieces?

What is your philosophy about the art of fashion?

I think bespoke couture is more about craftsmanship and artistic ethos where skills and ideas from dreams could be transformed 3-dimensionally. Mass production is like diffusion from the couture idea. Breaking down a bigger picture to different parts and further develop them in different perspective. it would be Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci and also Iris Van Herpan.

Fashion to me it’s like the harmony between elements and extremes. Nature and artificial, Man and Art.

The fashion industry is quite throat what inspires or motives you to keep persevering in this industry?

Where do you see Robert Wun the brand in five years time?

My biggest and only motivation is from myself, it is call of passion, perhaps.

Everywhere, possibly London first.

Who you wear? I would say Rei Kawakubo and Iris Van Herpan.


What excites you about fashion? Fashion can be so different from different individual’s aspect. But is this distance it generates, that makes it interesting and intriguing. ‘’If you stand for nothing, you lose”

# Illustration by #Claudine O’sullivan


Lust’s Preview Resort 2013 Illustrations and Text by Kamran Rajput

Looking at the themes for 2013 resort collections, it is clear to say that pastel and florals were a major theme, designers opted to take the collections for a more relaxed and have very simple designs, with the use of simple colours yet still have strong cuts and shapes. Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel opted for a pastel palette, which battled down the walk in Versailles, using the pastel tones of whites, pinks and purples. However using splashes of deep royal purple, to echo the royal atmosphere of the French palace. The female dresses embellished with the simplicity yet detail that goes into a signature Karl Lagerfeld creation. The collection portrayed a true theme of modern fashion with elements of post punk footwear that of creepers and converse, however the collection didn’t loose elegance as the heels were still present. The entire collection created a dreamy pastel atmosphere like the story, book life style that of the princess of Versailles. Thakoon, another designer has also opted for using pale blues and greens and peaches, to represent his resort collection, Thakoon, has created a collection that looks very wearable and feminine, florally printed and simple designs, Thakoon uses these elements to create a very feminine feel to the clothing. A very classy yet simply way of looking very chic with very beautifully constructed clothing.

Neon pinks, sky blues, and electric oranges, was the colour palette for Valentino resort. The collection was made of lace flowers, while its silhouette—the high neck, the long sleeves, the full skirt. the very feminine collection had opted for a 60s look about their clothing. Valentino having used the vibrant neon pinks echoed a very pop art element to the clothing with splashes of orange. Whilst having used these vibrant colours, the collection still contains very pastel tones. For example pale yellow and greens. Having used these tones it has maintained the femininity and classiness of a Valentino piece. Stepping back in time to the 60s and 70s, will be a poplar theme for Resort 2013, Fendi used pale yellows, and very muted tones, a few pinks and splashes of blue, but overall the collection maintains the trend of using pastel tones and bring to life with the splashes of vibrant colours or a print, to bring the outfit to life. Fendi also brought forward simple cuts feminine cuts, majority of which were skirted or dressed, similar throughout to the entire season of resort 2013.


A - Z LIST A Affair p37

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L Lust Spot p25

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M Metamorphosis p28

V Vintage p25

E Editor’s Letter p:7

N New Age p14

W Wun Robert p33

F Facehunter p25

O Oh Phil p25

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G Goldsworthy Andy p33

P Portabello Market p26

Y Youth Empowerment p14

H Herpan Van Iris p33

Q Q & A’s p12


I Illustration p36

R Resort 2013 p37


Illutration by Claudine O’sullivan

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