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2019 Annual Report

leading the way to a cure

Thanks to separate funding to support administrative expenses, 100% of your donation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.

Our Focused Mission Our mission is to CURE PANCREATIC CANCER by: • Funding scientific and clinical research related to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer • Providing research information and clinical support services to patients, caregivers and individuals at high risk • Increasing public awareness and hope for those dealing with this disease The Lustgarten Foundation envisions a world in which pancreatic cancer is curable and patients will be treated effectively and enjoy a better quality of life.

Dear Friends, We hope you and your families are staying healthy and positive during this unprecedented time. With the recent developments surrounding the novel coronavirus, we have never been more grateful for you—our community of supporters, researchers, donors and friends—and are pleased to share with you the progress we’ve made toward our mission of finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. For fiscal years 2018 and 2019,* we have directed an additional $34 million to research, bringing the cumulative total invested by the Foundation to $188 million. This investment reinforces our position as the world’s largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research. We have been breaking new ground in tackling this disease from every angle and are on the verge of achieving additional life-changing developments for patients. We have also embraced the opportunity to grow our organization nationally and move closer to a cure. To that end, we underwent a comprehensive five-year strategic planning process aimed at: • Fortifying our position as the leading organization for pancreatic cancer research in the world • Expanding our national presence • Strengthening our clinical research program with an emphasis on developing early detection tests and personalized medicine • Increasing fundraising • Reinforcing our mission of finding a cure for pancreatic cancer



We sought input from our extensive network to develop individual plans for research, fundraising and marketing and to devise goals, objectives and strategies that will bolster our organization. We invite you to read more about this strategic planning process, including our updated mission and vision statements, starting on page 4 of this report. As you will read throughout the research section beginning on page 6, we are making progress toward advancing early detection methods, discovering new treatments and most importantly, creating a larger community of survivors. These developments include: • Expanding our scientific leadership to propel our research program forward • Furthering personalized medicine using organoids to identify the treatment most likely to shrink the tumor and stop disease progression • Funding additional cutting-edge research on immunotherapy, the CancerSEEK early detection blood test, the FELIX artificial intelligence project and familial pancreatic cancer • Moving science from the lab bench to patients in the clinic by sponsoring nearly 30 clinical trials with Stand Up To Cancer • Opening three new dedicated pancreatic cancer research laboratories at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, respectively, which join our first dedicated laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

We are making progress toward advancing early detection methods, discovering new treatments and most importantly, creating a larger community of survivors.

We are also proud of the distinction the Foundation received in 2019 from Charity navigator, the country’s premier independent charity evaluator. Out of 901 health-related charities evaluated by Charity navigator, we are honored to be one of only eight that has received a perfect score of 100. Charity navigator has also awarded us with 11 consecutive four-star ratings. We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our many friends—the entire pancreatic cancer research community

conducting promising, innovative research as rapidly and thoroughly as possible; our partners, collaborators and sponsors; all of the patients, caregivers, survivors, friends and loved ones impacted by this disease who have joined us, volunteered or led one of our walks or community events held each year; and our dedicated Scientific Advisory Board and Board of Directors, who selflessly volunteer their time and expertise to our pursuit of a cure. We couldn’t accomplish all that we do without you.

Robert F. Vizza, Ph.D.

Charles F. Dolan

Kerri Kaplan

Executive Chairman

Chairman Emeritus

President & CEO

*Effective January 1, 2018, the Foundation changed its year end from December 31 to June 30 to better align with its fundraising activities and its peer organizations. The financial performance information for FY 2018 represents the activity of the Foundation for the period from January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018 and for FY 2019 for the period from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. LEADIng THE WAy TO A CURE


Charting a New Course

Our Five-Year

Strategic Plan (Fiscal Years 2020-2024) Recognizing the tremendous potential for expanding our organization’s research platform, enhancing our clinical research program to help patients have more effective therapy options and more early detection techniques available, building our donor relationships and growing our marketing efforts on a national scale, we embarked on a five-year strategic planning process. We developed this comprehensive plan to incorporate input from a cross-section of our pancreatic cancer community—researchers, patients and family members, board members, partners, sponsors and walk and event leaders—whose insightful feedback played a critical role in helping us shape our future and our roadmap for getting there. Over the next five years, we aim to achieve several overarching objectives: • Fortify our position as the leading organization for pancreatic cancer research in the world • Expand our national presence • Strengthen our clinical research program with an emphasis on developing early detection tests and personalized medicine • Increase fundraising • Reinforce our mission of finding a cure for pancreatic cancer



As part of this process, we have redefined our mission and organizational vision to reflect these objectives: Our mission is to CURE PANCREATIC CANCER by:

The operating principles to achieve our vision include:

• Funding scientific and clinical research related to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer

• Continuing to be the largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research in the world • Striving for excellence • Emphasizing compassion • Having a commitment to serve • Having integrity to our mission, to those we serve and to ourselves

• Providing research information and clinical support services to patients, caregivers and individuals at high risk • Increasing public awareness and hope for those dealing with this disease

The Lustgarten Foundation envisions a world in which pancreatic cancer is curable and patients will be treated effectively and enjoy a better quality of life.

We have developed strategic goals over the next five years that will bring us closer to fulfilling our mission and incorporating our vision so we can have an even more profound impact on everyone affected by pancreatic cancer. REsEARCh GOAls:



• Bring early detection methods for pancreatic cancer to patients

• grow current fundraising events and expand the national footprint for fundraising • Institute a philanthropic growth plan for individuals and foundations • Launch a planned giving legacy program

• Continue to grow our national awareness • Utilize marketing efforts to drive fundraising

• Accelerate the development of therapies • Implement a personalized medicine program • Support basic and translational research in early detection, therapy and prevention • Develop a program for high-risk family members

Each of these goals will be accomplished through specific objectives, strategies and tactics, all aligned to help us accelerate a path to a cure and make a difference in the lives of the thousands of pancreatic cancer patients and their loved ones.



Leading the Way to a Cure Pancreatic cancer research is moving faster than ever before, and there has never been a more hopeful time for patients. Our lustgarten-funded researchers are at the forefront of the most promising breakthroughs changing patients’ lives and enabling some patients to not only live longer, but to also live better. To accomplish these breakthroughs, we opened three new dedicated pancreatic cancer research laboratories, led by world-renowned physician researchers who strive to improve patient outcomes. Additionally, we named David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cancer Center and formerly the Foundation’s Research Director, as Chief Scientist to the Foundation. To add to our scientific leadership, we appointed Elizabeth Jaffee, M.D., Deputy Director at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and Associate Director of the Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Immunotherapy, and an internationally renowned cancer immunologist, as Chief Medical Advisor. Additionally, we have made substantial advancements in personalized medicine, where therapy is tailored to the individual patient based on his/her genetics and tumor characteristics, and have used organoids to determine which treatment(s) a patient is most likely to respond to, rather than employing a one-size-fits-all treatment approach. We have also expanded our partnership with Stand Up To Cancer through the Pancreatic Cancer Collective, jointly funding groundbreaking studies, research on pancreatic cancer in families and grants focusing on discovering potential new treatments. We are supporting several early detection initiatives as well, utilizing artificial intelligence to diagnose the disease at an earlier, curable stage and developing an early detection blood test.







$188 4























DEDICATED RESEARCH LABS *From organizations solely focused on the disease


290 100% RESEARCH















66% (Relief)














Expanding Our

Scientific Leadership We have developed a focused, dynamic research strategy to identify critical areas of research that, when successfully completed, will bring us more quickly to a cure. This strategy centers around understanding the biology of the disease; identifying early detection techniques, utilizing imaging/scans and studying hereditary factors to aid in diagnosis; and expanding our treatment approaches to encompass genetic research, metabolism studies, drug development, drug delivery, immunotherapy and clinical trials. We have expanded our collaborations with two world-renowned physician scientists, Dr. David Tuveson and Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee, to offer strategic direction on our research program. They also play an integral role in navigating the process of moving innovative discoveries from the laboratory into multi-center clinical trials across the country. Both provide significant expertise in pancreatic cancer research and merge their laboratory and clinical research, enabling them to bring new options to patients more rapidly.

In 2018, we appointed Dr. Tuveson as Chief Scientist. In this position, he directs the Foundation’s scientific and research functions. Dr. Tuveson had previously served as the Foundation’s Research Director and has played a transformative role in pancreatic cancer research, generating the first genetically engineered mouse model for pancreatic cancer, a model which is now used throughout the scientific community to test new therapies for pancreatic cancer.

In 2019, we appointed Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee as Chief Medical Advisor. Dr. Jaffee is an internationally recognized expert in cancer immunology, with specific expertise in preclinical and early clinical development of immunotherapies for pancreatic cancer. She is one of the world’s preeminent scholars and scientists working on vaccines and immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer treatment. In her Lustgarten-funded laboratory at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Jaffee is spearheading a new program focused on bringing personalized immunotherapy treatment options to patients. Dr. Jaffee is also focusing on expanding the Foundation’s clinical research program to translate Foundation-sponsored scientific findings for patient benefits; utilizing personalized medicine approaches and new therapies for patients; establishing Lustgarten Foundation Centers of Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Excellence; and developing a national pancreatic cancer database integrating data from sponsored clinical and preclinical trials.



David Tuveson, m.D., Ph.D. Director, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cancer Center; Roy J. Zuckerberg Professor of Cancer Research, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Director, Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; President-Elect, American Association for Cancer Research

Elizabeth Jaffee, m.D. Deputy Director, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins; Co-Director, Skip Viragh Center for Pancreas Cancer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Associate Director, Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy; Dana and Albert “Cubby” Broccoli Professor of Oncology, Johns Hopkins

Pioneering Innovations in Personalized Medicine and Early Detection

To further our mission of curing pancreatic cancer, we have taken bold steps to ensure many more patients become survivors. We are focusing on our personalized medicine program, recognizing the importance of treating each individual patient instead of applying a one-sizefits-all treatment strategy. To complement our personalized medicine research, we are moving forward with an innovative early detection initiative, bringing together the best and brightest minds in science and technology to capitalize on artificial intelligence to help detect pancreatic cancer earlier, when it is more treatable and when more patients are eligible for surgery.

Applying a Personalized Medicine Approach

Through Organoids Dr. Tuveson and his team at the Foundation’s dedicated laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory published their promising research findings in Cancer Discovery demonstrating patient-derived organoids—threedimensional cell culture systems which reproduce a patient’s tumor to test it repeatedly with different drugs—can quickly and accurately predict how patients with pancreatic cancer respond to a variety of treatments, facilitating a personalized medicine approach. Organoids can be derived from patients with even very advanced pancreatic cancer using tiny biopsies and can grow on average in just four weeks. Researchers demonstrated organoids can provide an effective personalized medicine “pharmacotyping,” or drugtesting, pipeline. To do this, the organoid from the patient’s cancer was cultured and then used to test all possible standard of care chemotherapy regimens. Since many of the organoids that did not respond well to chemotherapy were sensitive to a variety of investigational drugs, patients whose tumors lacked specific sensitivity signatures might instead more quickly be treated with experimental agents.

This pivotal research led to the creation of the Lustgartenfunded PASS-01 (Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Signature Stratification) for treatment trial, which will open with 150 Stage IV metastatic pancreatic cancer patients. The Foundation is conducting this trial in collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer Canada. The goal is to use organoids to select the correct first-line standard of care treatment (gemcitabine and Abraxane combination, or modified FOLFIRInOX) and determine how organoids can lead to tailor-made therapies for metastatic pancreatic cancer patients who do not respond to either standard of care treatment.



Organoids: Providing a New Direction in Treatment

In 2017, mechanical engineer and MIT’s Director of Utilities, Ken Packard PE, then 52, of Hamilton, Massachusetts, was on vacation in Maine with his wife Amanda and then 12-year-old daughter Sophie when he noticed he had a swollen lymph node. Wasting no time, he returned to Massachusetts to see his doctor and underwent testing that led to a life-changing, devastating diagnosis: Stage IV pancreatic cancer. As someone who had always been active and healthy, and who had no family history of the disease, he felt completely blindsided, but vowed to turn his grief over the diagnosis into immediate action. Ken sought treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where he remains under the care of James Cleary, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Cleary started Ken on firstline treatment with gemcitabine and Abraxane, a standard of care chemotherapy regimen. When Ken began gemcitabine/Abraxane, his platelet count was very low, and there was concern he could not receive chemotherapy. Dr. Cleary credits Ken’s engineering background with helping him devise a strategy to work around the low platelet count. Fortunately, using this creative dosing strategy, Ken was able to withstand the gemcitabine/Abraxane regimen despite the low platelets. By the end of 2018, after 15 months of grueling chemotherapy, his tumor had decreased by onethird, and he received radiation to shrink it even further. During a three-month break from treatment, however, Ken’s tumor markers began to rise. After trying a different chemotherapy regimen that was ineffective, he resumed treatment with gemcitabine and Abraxane in July 2019, and his pain has resolved and his tumor markers are now approaching the normal range.



Dr. Cleary, who the Lustgarten Foundation funds through the Pancreatic Cancer Collective, our partnership with Stand Up To Cancer, recognizes that one day, the gemcitabine/Abraxane combination may no longer be effective for treating Ken’s cancer. Dr. Cleary is so determined to identify the next treatment option with the greatest chance of fighting the disease because patients with advanced disease— like Ken—don’t have time to waste on therapies that are unlikely to benefit them. He is conducting groundbreaking research on personalized medicine using an organoid—a three-dimensional cell culture system that reproduces a patient’s tumor in the lab to test it repeatedly with different drugs.

James Cleary, m.D., Ph.D. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Ken enjoying Walt Disney World with his wife Amanda and his daughter Sophie

Through this research, Dr. Andrew Aguirre’s lab at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is growing an organoid from a biopsy taken from Ken’s liver metastasis and is testing different therapies on it, as research suggests a treatment that works on a patient’s organoid is likely to work on a patient’s tumor. Currently, one of the therapies he is testing on the organoid is a novel therapy directed against KRAS mutated tumors. The therapeutic strategy combines the trametinib MEK inhibitor and an autophagy inhibitor hydroxychloroquine. This combination has shown promise for pancreatic cancer in the laboratory and there are several clinical trials being launched to evaluate this strategy. “We want to be as prepared as possible with the next treatment that could have a chance of being effective in shrinking Ken’s tumors and preventing further metastases,” said Dr. Cleary. “By using organoids, we are personalizing treatment so we can give Ken the best chance of living longer with an excellent quality of life.”

While Dr. Cleary is committed to ensuring Ken has the best treatment plan in place, Ken is committed to keeping life as normal as possible and being a role model for Sophie, taking this significant challenge and facing it head-on with grace, determination and strength. With the love and support of Amanda and Sophie, his extended family, faith-based community, colleagues and gifted medical team, Ken is thankful he was able to celebrate an important milestone—his 30th wedding anniversary—last summer. “no one deserves to be plagued by pancreatic cancer, and we need to do whatever we can to fund more research that can impact lives,” said Ken. “The groundbreaking research Dr. Cleary and his colleagues are conducting—research made possible by the Lustgarten Foundation—is an important step forward in eradicating this disease. I’m so grateful to doctors like him who are taking innovative approaches to make sure patients like me are on the best treatments possible.”

Using Artificial Intelligence to Detect Pancreatic Cancer Earlier Dr. Elliot Fishman, in collaboration with his Johns Hopkins colleagues Dr. Alan yuille and Dr. Bert Vogelstein and other scientists from a broad range of disciplines, is focusing on artificial intelligence to detect pancreatic cancer earlier. They published promising results in the American Journal of Roentgenology demonstrating computers can be trained to recognize patterns in medical images to detect pancreatic tumors in CT scans, the most commonly used imaging test for the initial evaluation of suspected pancreatic cancer. In this study, all pancreatic cancer cases (60 out of 60) were accurately classified and differentiated from normal pancreases. Dr. Fishman’s research is part of the Foundation’s overall FELIX project (named for Harry Potter’s Felix Felicis, also called “Liquid Luck,” a magical potion that makes the drinker lucky) that focuses on developing new methods using artificial intelligence to detect smaller pancreatic tumors on CT scans. The approach is to carefully analyze thousands of scans by hand and use this information to teach the computers how to detect pancreatic tumors when they are very small and may be missed by a diagnostician, so diagnosis and subsequent treatment can be initiated sooner. next steps include gathering scans of tumors of less than one centimeter to train the computer to find tumors much smaller than current standards and to differentiate them from pancreatic cysts. The goal is to ensure information from the FELIX project is incorporated as standard imaging in MRI and CT scan machines.



CancerSEEK: Detecting Cancer Early Through a Single Blood Test CancerSEEK, designed by Lustgarten-funded researcher Dr. Bert Vogelstein and his team at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, can detect the early presence of multiple cancers, including pancreatic cancer, and can also identify the organ of origin of these cancers. Researchers have initiated a five-year study designed to optimize the CancerSEEK blood test. Through this study, they are following 10,000 women aged 65-75 with no prior history of cancer to determine if CancerSEEK identified the early presence of certain cancers. Additionally, the pancreatic and ovarian cancer portions of this blood test have been “Fast Tracked� by the FDA. The CancerSEEK research lays the foundation for a single blood screening test for multiple cancers that could be offered as part of routine medical checks and represents a significant step forward in how pancreatic cancer is diagnosed.

GENERATE: A BETTER FUTURE FOR FAMILIES AFFECTED BY PANCREATIC CANCER The gEnERATE (gEnetic Education, Risk Assessment, and TEsting) Study (generatestudy.org) is designed for people who have a close relative with pancreatic cancer caused by an inherited mutation in a gene, accounting for up to 10 percent of pancreatic cancer cases. The goal of this study is to improve genetic testing and cancer prevention in family members of pancreatic cancer patients with identified mutations. If a family member does have an inherited risk, there may be options for preventing cancer or detecting it early at a curable stage via frequent cancer screenings. Additionally, gEnERATE Study researchers have recently expanded their enrollment guidelines so participants will only need one first degree relative (parent, child or sibling), with or without a known mutation, to join the study. Participants go through online education about genetic testing; undergo genetic testing from home, at no cost, by mailing in a saliva sample; and complete four sets of questionnaires. Additionally, study enrollees can speak with a genetic counselor by phone before and after undergoing genetic testing. gEnERATE will follow the family members through innovative screening and interception programs led by other members of the Collective, including conducting the first in-human prevention trials in these individuals with a vaccine and studying the blood from the at-risk family members to identify new biomarkers of early pancreatic cancer that can strengthen the work of the CancerSEEK early detection blood test.

The GENERATE Study is being conducted by leading pancreatic cancer experts at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center; Mayo Clinic; MD Anderson Cancer Center; and UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, although participants do not have to be patients at any of these centers to participate in GENERATE.



Advancing Our Progress Through the Pancreatic Cancer Collective



30 cliNicAl





pARTicipATiNG iNsTiTuTioNs










The lustgarten Foundation and stand Up To Cancer have collaborated closely since 2012. To date, we have jointly funded more than 400 investigators from nearly 70 leading research centers in the United states and the United kingdom. By working together, we established 18 multi-institutional teams through 2019 that have planned, started or completed nearly 30 clinical trials, with an additional team established in 2020. In 2018, the Foundation and SU2C entered into a formal strategic partnership by establishing the Pancreatic Cancer Collective (the Collective) to accelerate research for pancreatic cancer patients who desperately need better treatments. The Collective is committed to attracting new collaborators; improving the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer using big data; finding new treatments for pancreatic cancer; and supporting the next generation of pancreatic cancer investigators. In 2018, the Collective awarded $7 million in firstround “new Therapies Challenge grants” to seven teams of top cancer researchers to explore novel pancreatic cancer treatments. The overall goal of this grant program is to bring new, cutting-edge treatments to pancreatic cancer patients, including seeking new uses for treatments developed or approved for other uses. Through the “new Therapies Challenge grants,” each team received up to

$1 million in initial funding. In early 2020, the second round of funding, up to $4 million over three years per team for clinical studies, was awarded to the most successful projects. The Collective has also awarded two $1 million grants for computational approaches using artificial intelligence, focusing on machines programmed to mimic human reasoning. The two teams are each pursuing a different approach to identifying individuals in the general population who are at high-risk for pancreatic cancer. One team is using molecular and genetic data taken from a variety of datasets to find new and accessible ways to identify high-risk individuals. The other team is focusing on the identification of high-risk individuals by applying machine learning analysis to real world data comprising radiological images, electronic medical records and information collected by physicians.



Establishing Dedicated Pancreatic Cancer

Research Laboratories Building on the success of the Foundation’s first dedicated pancreatic cancer research laboratory at Cold spring harbor laboratory, we established three additional dedicated pancreatic cancer laboratories in 2018–2019 at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston), Johns hopkins (Baltimore) and massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston). The opening of these facilities ushered in a new era of research progress and represented an initial $15 million investment over five years. Together, these laboratories position the Foundation as the only non-profit in the world to have four laboratories devoted to pancreatic cancer research, which means more resources, time and talent are being put toward this disease. The opening of these laboratories represents a pivotal achievement. At the time the Lustgarten Foundation was established in 1998, fewer than 15 researchers nationally were studying pancreatic cancer. Twenty-two years later, thousands of researchers are focused on pancreatic cancer and committed to changing patients’ lives, including nearly 100 researchers, lab technicians, project managers and other staff members working in our four dedicated laboratories.

There has never been a more exciting time in pancreatic cancer research. We are now taking our science into the clinic and impacting patient outcomes in real time. I want patients to know that we are making progress. –Dr. Tuveson



Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D., our Chief Scientist and the Director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cancer Center, leads the dedicated Lustgarten Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Dr. Tuveson’s lab, founded in 2012, demonstrated the significant research benefits of a facility focused exclusively on this disease and became the example upon which our three subsequent dedicated labs were based. Dr. Tuveson and his team are designing new models of pancreatic cancer and discovering novel therapeutic and diagnostic platforms to bring new options to patients more rapidly. Under Dr. Tuveson’s leadership, researchers in his laboratory are dissecting components of the tumor stroma (a physical barrier that surrounds the tumor, making it difficult for treatment to penetrate) and determining how they contribute to tumor growth and drug resistance. They are also examining the link between pancreatitis, a condition characterized by inflammation of the pancreas, and pancreatic cancer to better understand the factors that lead to pancreatitis progressing to pancreatic cancer.

David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Johns Hopkins

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Under the leadership of Brian Wolpin, M.D., MPH, Director of the Hale Family Research Center, the Lustgarten Laboratory at Dana-Farber is a critical hub for advancing research from the laboratory to the clinic (a process known as pancreatic cancer translational research), initiating scientifically-driven clinical trials and identifying new approaches to early detection. Dr. Wolpin and his team are also capitalizing on the large, multidisciplinary network of investigators working on pancreatic cancer at Dana-Farber, under the umbrella of the Hale Family Research Center. Together, Dr. Wolpin and his team are analyzing pancreatic cancer subtypes to understand mechanisms of drug resistance and the genetic drivers that determine each subtype. Additionally, they are identifying new blood-based imaging markers for asymptomatic patients and new models for risk prediction to facilitate earlier detection.

Led by Bert Vogelstein, M.D., one of the world’s most cited scientists and Director of the Ludwig Center at The Johns Hopkins Medical School and Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Lustgarten Laboratory at Johns Hopkins is leveraging its expertise in early detection to intercept pancreatic cancer at an earlier stage, when patients may be surgical candidates, and is developing novel therapeutic approaches to treat pancreatic cancer based on genetic alterations. In addition to the groundbreaking work in developing a blood test for the early detection of pancreatic cancer (see CancerSEEK story on page 12), Dr. Vogelstein and his team are also investigating how PanIns, precursors to pancreatic cancer, develop. In parallel, Dr. Vogelstein’s team has developed a Comprehensive Cyst (CompCyst) test, which combines clinical, radiological, genetic and protein marker information to distinguish if pancreatic cysts, which can be common within the general population, can develop into pancreatic cancer or remain as benign cysts.

Led by Tyler Jacks, Ph.D., Director of MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, the Lustgarten Laboratory at MIT is leveraging its unparalleled expertise in cancer biology and engineering to advance pancreatic cancer research. Researchers are also examining the genetic events contributing to the development of pancreatic cancer and studying the immune responses to the disease using molecular profiling to identify tumor mutations. Additionally, Dr. Jacks and his team are exploring ways to attack KRAS, the most frequently mutated gene in pancreatic cancer. They are creating better models that closely resemble the development of pancreatic cancer to aid in the understanding of the disease. They are using cell profiling technologies to identify new targets for intervention as well.

Tyler Jacks, Ph.D.

Brian Wolpin, M.D., MPH Bert Vogelstein, M.D.

ImPACT United in the shared goal of improving patient outcomes, our lustgarten-funded laboratories are increasing collaboration between leading pancreatic cancer researchers and exploring new, promising avenues for understanding and treating this disease. Together, these facilities are accelerating the pace of pancreatic cancer research by bringing the best scientific minds together to ensure many more patients become survivors.



Walking for a Cure

$44.57 mIllION



$5.57 mIllION RAIsED*


WAlks hElD*

1,830 WAlk TEAms






Our lustgarten walks provide patients, survivors and loved ones whose lives have been impacted by pancreatic cancer with a unique opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate, reflect and remember, and most importantly, a reason to have hope that we are making progress in our pursuit of a cure. We are so grateful for all of the walk leaders, participants, volunteers and sponsors who joined us and helped us raise awareness and research funding. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to making a difference for everyone touched by this disease.

THANK You, NoRTHWEll HEAlTH! In 2019, northwell Health served as the presenting sponsor for the Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Walks in the new york metropolitan area. Through these events, northwell Health teamed up with the Lustgarten Foundation to increase disease awareness and promote early detection, treatment advances and new research. Together, we are committed to our shared goal of curing pancreatic cancer, and we are honored to have northwell Health as the exclusive hospital sponsor for our four new york metropolitan area walks in 2020.



Special Events











Building Awareness and Funding


Groundbreaking Research We couldn’t accomplish all that we do without the unparalleled support of our community events organizers, volunteers, corporate sponsors and friends who have joined us at one of our nearly 350 events. FACEBOOk FUNDRAIsERs

like us on facebook.com/LustgartenFDn

Rebecca Taylor/msG Photos

The Madison Square garden Company and AMC networks hosted the annual Holiday Rock & Roll Bash

We are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters who have donated to the Foundation through Facebook and who have encouraged their friends and family members to donate as well in honor of major life milestones including birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Between fiscal years 2018 and 2019, these contributions have amounted to nearly $700,000, helping us considerably grow our research program.

at famed new york City hotspot TAO Downtown. Entertainment included a special musical set from

Thank you to the nearly 4,000 walk and community events

world-renowned deejay and producer DJ Cassidy and

leaders and participants who are following us on our Facebook

an exclusive performance by the Radio City Rockettes

events page @lustgartenfoundationevents. We are adding new

from the Christmas Spectacular.

walks and events each year, so we encourage you to follow us, ‘Like’ our page and stay informed about upcoming happenings taking place in your community!

*Effective January 1, 2018, the Foundation changed its year end from December 31 to June 30 to better align with its fundraising activities and its peer organizations. The financial performance information for FY 2018 represents the activity of the Foundation for the period from January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018 and for FY 2019 for the period from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. LEADIng THE WAy TO A CURE


Joining in Our Mission Community Events From shopping events, restaurant and school fundraisers and concerts, to golf outings, marathons and galas, nearly 350 events throughout local communities were held in fiscal years 2018 and 2019, including more than 170 events listed here raising at least $1,000 each. Thank you to our event organizers and supporters, who joined with us and with the entire pancreatic cancer community as we worked to improve patients’ outcomes.

AThlETICs Armonk Tennis Club Event in Memory of David gould Bear Bowl BFA Pancreatic Cancer Awareness game in Memory of Barbara Clark Big Deb Classic Fishing Tournament in Memory of Deborah Bailey Canter for the Cure in Memory of Arlene Bates Toyne Chaos on the Court Dana Baer Fundraiser Diamond Hill Crossfit Fundraiser Dig Purple in Memory of Dr. Bryce Iwerks Donovan Catholic High School Boys Soccer Team Fundraiser Ed Wehrman Memorial Fishing Trip Fordham Prep Lacrosse Fred Preston Charity Tournament Friday night Lights Pucks Against Pancreatic Cancer gumpy’s Crew Kids Triathlon Jacob nelson’s Coast to Coast Cycling Tour Mary K. Maloney Cornhole Fundraiser Massapequa High School Basketball Alumni game Charity Fundraiser Pitch for a Cure Port Jefferson yacht Club Village Cup Regatta Pumping for Purple Purple Pucks for Pancreatic Cancer Research



Score for the Cure SHAPE Fundraiser Spittoons Steve Koziol Memorial Salmon Derby Steve Rickert Memorial Shoot Susquehannock Pitch for a Cure Swim to Cure Pancreatic Cancer Terry Rau Sr. Pancreatic Cancer Research Co-Ed Washer Tournament The First Annual Matt Fields Memorial Spin Extravaganza The Jonas Salk Middle School Faculty Volleyball Fundraiser

ENDURANCE Haymakers for Hope nyC Event Jo and george’s Jerks Tough Mudder PC Fundraiser Murphy’s newport Marathon new york City Half Marathon (2019: Kristin Baran, Michelle Baran, Michelle Bernstein, Peter Bernstein, Carrie gerber, Rachel gerber, Jay Kondrk, Alex Prior, Harriet Prior; 2018: Tyler Boudreau, gregory Chapin, Francesca Ciarrocchi, Joy Ekema-Agbaw, Rachel gerber, Christine F. Pagano, Beth Panucci, Sandi Trovato, Fatima Tsiouris) RJA Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon Spartan Race in Honor of Orbach St. Anthony’s Triathlon in Honor of Bill Coogan

FUNDRAIsE yOUR WAy Eva and Frank Bachrach Brian J. Richmand Let’s Beat Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser In Honor of Ed Bernstein In Memory of Barbara Epperly In Memory of Bart Wise In Memory of Cynthia Styer In Memory of Denise Capponi In Memory of Denise Kiceina In Memory of Leslie Ward In Memory of Michael F. Donio In Memory of Ralph Barocas In Memory of Ralph Selzer In Memory of Richard Duryea In Memory of Timothy B. Sweeney Tim Maland Oscar “Ozzie” Snyder Memorial WWBCD Bill Coogan Fundraiser

GOlF AOH Division 2 golf Outing in Honor and Memory of Msgr. Jim Kissane Bill Tamburro Jr. Memorial golf Tournament Brett Rollman Memorial golf Outing Bretton Woods golf Outing Brian Mcgovern Memorial golf Tournament Camille Della Torri golf Outing Carol Bossone Memorial golf Tournament Croatian American Charitable Foundation golf Outing in Memory of Val Blaskovic Debbie Open golf Outing

Nearly 350 events throughout local communities were held in fiscal years 2018 and 2019.

Ed Outslay Memorial golf Tournament Eddie Ivanoski Memorial golf Tournament golf Tournament in Memory of Deanne Keim golf Tournament in Memory of JoAnn Mcgovern golf Tournament in Memory of Linda Carothers Hit & Run golf Hoopalator Open golf Tournament Howard Shapiro golf Outing Joe LoCicero Memorial golf Invitational “no One Fights Alone” Li’l Lee Boothe Memorial golf Outing Oakland golf Outing Rensselaer Honda Tom gorman Memorial golf Outing Richard W. grabowski golf Tournament Scramble for Shelly Stephen Dalbec golf Tournament Tee’d Off at Cancer golf Tournament Terry Hagen Memorial golf Tournament “The Jack” Is Turning 10 The Larry golf Classic Thomas Annunziata golf Tournament Tom DeBerry Memorial golf Tournament

sOCIAl Alpha Zeta Omega Fundraiser Americana Manhasset Champions for Charity AZO Lambda nu Fundraiser Big Daddy’s Poker Tournament Boston Scientific no Shave november Bring A Buck Change for Change Cheers to a Cure in Honor of David Padnes Club 199 Fundraiser Cocktails for a Cure Dan Vash Fundraiser Dress Down Day for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Ellen Klaus Fundraiser in Memory of Berny Klaus Essa Bank & Trust Casual Day Friday Facebook Feery’s Fury: Bowling for a Cure Flea Market in Memory of Elyse Kent Fundraiser in Memory of Virginia Urlick gala Charity night grace Wine Fundraiser in Memory of Bruce “Luke” Osborne

HomeServe Jeans Day Fundraiser I.S. 72 Pancakes for Pancreatic Cancer Jerry Lombardi Memorial Keep Smiling Foundation Leonard Park Wines & Spirits Event in Honor of Joseph Larizza Leone’s Winner Long Island Accountant & Financial networking Fundraiser Luau for Lustgarten–Pancreatic Cancer Research Lustgarten Day at Saratoga Race Course Masquerade Extravaganza Melbourne Concert in Memory of Sharon Jones nancy J. Semmel Foundation Beefsteak Dinner naperville Police Department no Shave november no Shave november Chant Engineering Co., Inc. no Shave november Fraternal Order of Police nutty Bunch Dinner Dance One Day More Singing for a Cure Pancakes for a Purpose in Memory of David A. Anstadt and John Bradley Pancreatic Cancer Carnival in Memory of Stephen guerriei Patty’s Posse for Raising Awareness Pearls with a Purpose in Memory of Judy Lund Play for Purple Bridge Tournament in Memory of Curt Lemkau Port Monmouth Fire Company Fundraiser in Memory of Joan gilmartin Purple Pumpkins for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and Search for a Cure in Memory of Joseph T. Alessi and george Solomos Race 4 A Cure Raising Hope For Others Robert graham Store Shopping Event Sal Cannizzo Memorial BBQ Sellers Publishing, Inc. Fundraiser Share your Wish SHB Fundraiser Shooting for a Cure for Pancreatic Cancer Sigma Alpha Mu Beta Iota Chapter Event Southington High School Class of 1968 Fundraiser

Sports Car Club of America Fundraiser St. John’s Episcopal Church Harvest Fair Susiepalooza Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Fundraiser Taylorpalooza The PC Awareness Concert Inspired by the Life of John DiDomenico The Purple Reign Showcase Tie-Dyed T-Shirt Tennis Turkey Tournament We Remember nancy: A Celebration of Life Honoring the Life of Dr. nancy Jill Dintenfass

TRIBUTEs I Love you, Mom In Honor of Pete Lunardi Jody’s Birthday Fundraiser in Memory of Ed Bernstein Katy Hausman’s Bat Mitzvah Sofia’s Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration

WAlk/RUN 5cacia Run for Pancreatic Cancer Research at Ohio University 5K Beer Run/Walk in Memory of Beth Moore and Thomas Lesselyong 5K in Memory of Scott Borger Alpha Zeta Omega Centennial Walk Birchwood Cares 5K Fun Run Bob Kochka Memorial 5K Run/Walk Crush Pancreatic Cancer 5K and Chillin’ for Chili Cook-Off Dan’s 5K Fun Run/Walk grafton High School 5K Trail Race Help Fight Cancer Walk Lake Wallkill Hope Begins with Me Howie Levy 5K: Hills and Hops Pound the Pavement for Purple 5K Run/Walk Purple Ribbon 5K Run/Walk Running for Cancer Research Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co./Tripp-Lite Race Walk Championships Sherry Shumaker Memorial Pancreatic Cancer 5K Run/One Mile Walk Valley Vet Cares Walk Walk for a Cure For Pancreatic Cancer Walk for Hope Fordham Prep School



Financial Performance $188 mIllION


Fy 2019*

Fy 2018*

Total Revenue



Total Expenses


$ 9,268,994

Annual Research Expenses


$ 5,647,053

Research Commitments Outstanding



Total net Assets



* Effective January 1, 2018, the Foundation changed its year end from December 31 to June 30 to better align with its fundraising activities and its peer organizations. The financial performance information for FY 2018 represents the activity of the Foundation for the period from January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018 and for FY 2019 for the period from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.

note: The audited financial statements of the Lustgarten Foundation are available on our website, www.lustgarten.org.

dISTInCTIOn We are proud of the distinction the Foundation received in 2019 from Charity navigator, the country’s premier independent charity evaluator. Out of 901 health-related charities evaluated by Charity navigator, we are honored to be one of only eight that has received a perfect score of 100. Charity navigator has also awarded us with 11 consecutive four-star ratings. These ratings are based on how efficiently a charity will use its support, and to what extent the charity is growing its programs and services over time. Additionally, the rating is a measure of the public’s opinion on how trustworthy, ethical and fiscally responsible a non-profit is considered. We remain committed to maintaining this important rating and we thank you for your continued confidence in us.



Thanks to separate funding to support administrative expenses, 100% of your donation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.

FY 2019 Total Revenue*

FY 2018 Total Revenue*


$14,055,167 35%


Contributions ($9,841,251)

Contributions ($9,763,573)



Investment Income & Royalties ($515,595)

Events ($6,128,105)



Investment Income & Royalties ($1,755,382)

Events ($2,285,405)



Gifts-in-kind ($10,331,929)

Gifts-in-kind ($1,490,594)

FY 2019 Total Expenses*

FY 2018 Total Expenses*


$9,268,994 62%






Research ($24,673,145)

Fundraising ($2,178,985)

Public Education ($11,401,426)


Research ($5,647,053)

Fundraising ($923,840)

Public Education ($1,841,807)


Management & General ($1,399,271)

Management & General ($669,529)



Professional Education ($261,711)

Professional Education ($186,765)



Our Gratitude and Thanks On behalf of the researchers in the laboratories across the country, the clinicians on the front lines of treatment, the patients and their loved ones courageously facing pancreatic cancer and everyone else impacted by this disease, we thank you for your support.




Photo credit: Diana Davis Creative

donors your contribution(s) during fiscal years 2018 and 2019 have helped fund a clinical trial, advanced our early detection projects, made the growth of organoids for personalized medicine possible and allowed us to accomplish so much more. We wish there was enough space to thank each individual, foundation, corporation and organization for your generosity. however, please know each contribution is deeply appreciated, and your ongoing support is enabling us to continue funding the most potentially life-changing research.




Bill and Ellen Bell Cablevision Systems Corporation Charles B. Wang Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frederick DeMatteis Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lockton III The Lustgarten Family McMullen Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Randolph Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tow

$1,000,000–$9,999,999 Cumulative Since Inception

$100,000– $499,999 Cumulative Since Inception

AMC networks Creative Bath Products, Inc. Dolan Family Foundation Estate of Lucille L. Tirkfield Estate of Maxine Stein-Kohler Estate of Roberta Coppola KPMg LLP Levon graphics Corporation The Lustgarten Family Mark Broxmeyer Memorial Fund The Antoinette E. (“Mimi”) & Herman Boehm Foundation The Madison Square garden Company Theodore W. Batterman Family Foundation, Inc.

21st Century Fox Amdocs Broadband Cable & Satellite Division Anne & John Tatta Family Foundation Arris Baldor Specialty Foods Inc. Bank of America Barbara J. Hall Trust Barbara Mantoni Santaniello Research Fund Inc. Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. Bill and Ellen Bell Bethpage Federal Credit Union Black Twig Communications, LLC BnP Paribus Boston Scientific Corporation Brindell Roberts gottlieb Trust Brisbin Brook Beynon, Architects Mr. John F. Campbell Cisco Systems, Inc. Clare Rose Foundation, Inc. Croatian American Charitable Foundation Mrs. Dorothy Daly Data-Mail Inc. Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Deer Pond Farm Fund Deloitte & Touche DevelopOnBox LLC Discovery Communications, LLC Disney and ESPn Media networks Ms. Mary C. Dix Dr. Claude V. greco Charitable Fund Eleanor Schwartz Charitable Foundation Eli Lilly and Company ESPn, Inc. Estate of Florence E. Wilson Estate of John A. Ryvik Estate of John P. Smith

ChAIRmAN’s CIRClE $10,000,000–$50,000,000 Cumulative Since Inception Altice USA Media Solutions Cablevision Systems Corporation Estate of Mary Brenneisen The Walter B. Wriston Fund

ChIEF ExECUTIvE’s CIRClE $500,000–$999,999 Cumulative Since Inception Bristol Myers Squibb Estate of Dorothy C. guida Estate of Patricia C. galgan FCB Health JCPenney Karen Zissu-Magidson Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lockton III McMullen Family Foundation news Corporation newsday Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Mrs. Kathryn Schulberg Sullivan & Cromwell LLP The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation The Ralph C. Marcove Cancer Research Fund, Inc. Mr. Charles Wang



Estate of Judith Bandel Estate of Laurie Lima Estate of Lynda Dembek Estate of Michael Inden Estate of Ronald H. gazzola Estate of Stefi Huber Estate of Suzanne Rapier Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball Mr. Robert P. Flicker Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo, & Terrana, LLP Foundation For A Better World, Inc. Frank J. Antun Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frankel Frenz For A Cause, Inc. Frontier Touring Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fuirst gardner nelson & Partners, Inc. genentech, Inc. george L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Foundation gerstner Family Foundation gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP goldman Sachs greater Hartford Community Foundation, Inc. Mr. Leo A. guthart Haymakers for Hope, Inc. HBO HJ Kalikow & Co., LLC Hope Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr. Howard Shapiro Memorial Fund Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP Laura and Brian Hull IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign ImClone Systems Incorporated Insurance Auto James S. Swinehart Memorial Fund Jeffrey Rosenzweig Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research Jenner & Block LLP John Alexander Wilkins III Memorial Fund Jones Day JP Morgan Chase Kansys, Inc. Kauff Mcguire & Margolis LLP Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Lazarus Marketing, Inc. Ms. Pearl A. Lemieux Ruth and David Levine



Liberty Mutual Employee & Matching gift Program Linda J. Verville Cancer Research Foundation Loeb & Loeb LLP Martha Washington Straus-Harry H. Straus Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Martin Merrill Lynch Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Miramax Films Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Morgan Stanley MTV networks, Inc. nBA Cares nBCUniversal neil M. Klatskin Foundation, Inc. nokia Siemens networks northwell Health Cancer Institute Pancreatic Cancer Center OSI Foundation Paul Hastings Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & garrison LLP Mr. Robert F. Penardi Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. PJT Partners Port Jefferson yacht Club Pound the Pavement for Purple 5K Run/Walk Mrs. Richardson Pratt Jr. Mrs. F. F. Randolph Jr. Rensselaer Honda Tom gorman Memorial golf Outing Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Richardson Road to Market LTD Ropes & gray LLP Russell & Katherine Hawken Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David E. Salmanson Samsung Virginia grande Schwenk Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. greg and Lynda Seck Shearman & Sterling LLP Shostak Charitable Fund Showtime networks, Inc. Mr. Adam Silver Sloane & Company Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation Sun Microsystems

The Benjamin neuhausen Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research The Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation The Charles B. Wang International Foundation The Clarissa & Edgar Bronfman Jr. Foundation The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation The Dozen Dimes Foundation, Inc. The Frank and Adrienne Dobbs Family Fund The gE Foundation The gloria J. Rosenthal Memorial Fund The Harry T. Barbaris, M.D. Memorial Fund The John A. Hartford Foundation, Inc. The Lefkofsky Foundation The Mancheski Foundation, Inc. The Marc Haas Foundation The Mark Abrams Memorial Foundation The Perelman Family Foundation, Inc. The Peter grosslight Memorial Fund The Richard E. Capri Foundation The Robert & Lynne grossman Family Foundation The Robert and Marion Schamann Brozowski Foundation The Sandra Atlas Bass and Edythe & Sol g. Atlas Fund, Inc. The Spionkop Charitable Trust The Weinstein Company The William H. Isacoff, M.D. Research Foundation Thomasville Home Furnishings Metro ny Time Warner, Inc. Tom’s Cure Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Mr. Leonard Tow Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. UBS Financial Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Udell of London Jewelers Verizon Communications Viacom Wasily Family Foundation West new york Restoration of CT, Inc. William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Willkie, Farr & gallagher LLP WLny TV 10/55 Suzanne and Bob Wright

This listing reflects the total amount of donors’ commitments from January 1, 2018–June 30, 2019, including gifts, pledges and payments on prior-year pledges of $1,000 or more.

Platinum CirCle $10,000,000–$50,000,000 Altice USA Media Solutions The Walter B. Wriston Fund

SaPPhire CirCle $1,000,000–$9,999,999 Estate of Mary Brenneisen

DiamonD CirCle

northwell Health Cancer Institute Pancreatic Cancer Center Paul Hastings Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Mrs. Kathryn Schulberg The Antoinette E. (“Mimi”) & Herman Boehm Foundation The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation The Dozen Dimes Foundation, Inc. Wasily Family Foundation

$100,000–$999,999 Baldor Specialty Foods Inc. Barbara J. Hall Trust Bristol Myers Squibb Deer Pond Farm Fund Deloitte & Touche Dolan Family Foundation Dr. Claude V. greco Charitable Fund Eleanor Schwartz Charitable Foundation Estate of John P. Smith Estate of Lynda Dembek Estate of Michael Inden Estate of Ronald H. gazzola Estate of Stefi Huber FCB Health Foundation For A Better World, Inc. KPMg LLP Ms. Pearl A. Lemieux Ruth and David Levine Mark Broxmeyer Memorial Fund

GolD CirCle $50,000–$99,999 Boston Scientific Corporation Charter Communications Estate of Harriet J. Chriss Estate of John I. Porter Mr. Robert P. Flicker german Masonic Charitable Foundation, Inc. gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP Hildenbrand Family Foundation Hope Foundation Irving Hansen Foundation newsday Ms. Susan g. Oberstein Rensselaer Honda Tom gorman Memorial Outing Mr. and Mrs. David E. Salmanson greg and Lynda Seck Shostak Charitable Fund Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation The gloria J. Rosenthal Memorial Fund The Madison Square garden Company The Ralph C. Marcove Cancer Research Fund, Inc. The Richard E. Capri Foundation

Silver CirCle $25,000–$49,999 Stacy and Howard Bass and Family Bethpage Federal Credit Union Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP Deanne Keim Memorial Fund Inc. Estate of Margaret Wilhelm Estate of Susan Littleton Estate of Vincent Fadale Fletcher Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frankel Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fuirst george L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Foundation greater Hartford Community Foundation, Inc. Haymakers for Hope, Inc. Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign Immunovia Insurance Auto Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. James S. Swinehart Memorial Fund

Karen Zissu-Magidson Memorial Fund Mr. Robert Katz and Ms. Elana F. Amsterdam Kauff Mcguire & Margolis LLP Las Vegas Sands Corp. Luau for Lustgarten–Pancreatic Cancer Research nBA Cares Omega Phi Orbis Investment Management Limited–Employee giving PJT Partners Port Jefferson yacht Club Pound the Pavement for Purple 5K Run/Walk Regina Printing Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Richardson Ross and Caren Frankel Family Fund Mr. Marc Samit Mrs. Susan Seiden The Bernard Malberg Charitable Trust The Inlender Family Trust The Lustgarten Family The Mancheski Foundation, Inc. The Peter grosslight Memorial Fund The Robert and Marion Schamann Brozowski Foundation The Sandra Atlas Bass and Edythe & Sol g. Atlas Fund, Inc. Union Congregational Church & Society Ms. Meredith Vieira and Mr. Richard Cohen



Bronze CirCle $10,000–$24,999 A & E Television networks Abbe Berman Foundation Trust Abramson Family Foundation AmazonSmile Foundation Andree Wildenstein Dormeuil & Roger Dormeuil Foundation Anne & John Tatta Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ed Arnold Bank of America Mr. Frank Barefield Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Baum Benhar Office Interiors Mrs. Linda K. Berger Bernice and David gotlieb Philanthropic Fund Berro Family Foundation, Inc. Bloomingdale, new Jersey Fire Department BnP Paribus Bonner Family Private Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Barbara A. Bradley Brian Mcgovern Memorial golf Tournament Bright Funds Foundation Mrs. Carolann C. Catalogne Ms. Ann L. Cavalli Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Chadakoff Citigroup Cowen Inc. Croatian American Charitable Foundation Ms. Melodee R. Davis and Family Mr. Jeffrey M. Day Dime Community Bank Ms. Mary C. Dix Dolan Family Fund at the Cleveland Foundation Dr. Joan Egrie Estate of Jeffrey Tyler Coursen Estate of nora Levine Estate of Richard W. Fitzgerald Estate of Thomas Zimmerman Everyday Hero Floors for the Cure Foundation Mr. Dennis D. Foley Mrs. Helene Fortunoff and Mr. Robert grossman Jennie Fortunoff and Andrew Chonofsky Mr. Charles Frankel



Frederick J. Mancheski Trust Frenz For A Cause, Inc. Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C. Mrs. gail gamboni and Family Ms. Rita garland gerstner Family Foundation Mr. Rich gillespie Ms. Rosemary gillespie global Brands group goldman Sachs Mrs. Rona M. guidone Hittman Family Foundation Mr. Ronald Hohmann Sr. Howard Shapiro Memorial Fund Laura and Brian Hull iHeart Media JK group Allstate gifts Joan Dobbins Trust Estate Joseph Arena and Dr. Thomas D’Eletto Charitable Fund JP Morgan Chase JPMC Foundation J.T. Hobby Jr. Endowment Fund Jean Kaiser Mrs. Marilyn E. Kasperick Kensington Vanguard Holdings, LLC Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter Kleh Korn Ferry Kramer Levin naftalis & Frankel LLP Mr. Howard M. Krams Leslie B. Barrett Foundation Liberty Mutual Employee & Matching gift Program Ms. Tobey Lipschitz Loeb & Loeb LLP Dr. Edward F. Loeb and Family Mr. and Ms. Thomas Lund Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lustgarten Lydia K. Feidler Charitable Trust Ms. Carin Mack Martha Washington Straus-Harry H. Straus Foundation, Inc. McMullen Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Milstein Miranda Fund of the Community Foundation of new Jersey Mohegan Sun Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Morgan Stanley Mr. Stuart M. Morgan

MUFg Mr. Rafal Murczek nancy J. Semmel Foundation Inc. national Hockey League naz Hakimian & Bijan Hakimian Memorial Fund new york Life—yourCause Employee giving Mrs. Carol nick nielsen norma Pace Foundation northside Hospital Mr. John J. O’Brien The Paraschac Family Leslie Patel Paul B. greetin and Beryl S. greetin Foundation, Inc. Paypal Charitable giving Fund PeerView Institute for Medical Education Pledgeling Foundation Carlos and Tracey Ann Rivas Robert R. McCormick Foundation Mr. Jeffrey Ross Ms. Laura Rossi Mr. Harvey Rudman Russell & Katherine Hawken Foundation Sandpiper Lane Foundation Mrs. Anne A. Schnesel Scotiabank Severud Associates Consulting Engineers PC Ms. Susan A. Sherrow Ms. Judith Siegfried Mr. Adam Silver Spionkop Charitable Trust St. Peter’s Medical Associates Stand Up To Cancer Stanley Shalom Zielony Foundation Ms. Susan B. Stearns Mr. Eric J. Steinmann Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Sultan Mr. Vincent Tese The Clarissa & Edgar Bronfman Jr. Foundation The Dean & Mary Harms Memorial Fund The Dolgin Foundation, Inc. The gE Foundation The Jacqueline Jackson Charitable Account

The Schwartz Family Foundation The Sirota Foundation The Sunshine Foundation Tullett Prebon (Americas) Holdings Inc. UBS Financial Services Inc. U.S. Bank Viacom Vornado Realty LP Walden Macht & Haran LLP Wally Oakland Memorial Fund Ann Weiner Wells Fargo Bank William C. Dowling Jr. Foundation Hope and gavin Wolfe Mr. Mike D. yantis and Family Dr. Lai Ming yu

BenefaCtor CirCle $5,000–$9,999 21st Century Oncology, Inc. Ms. Kim Ackley Mr. Howard Adler Mr. and Mrs. James Albers American Express Foundation Matching Program Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Ancient Order of Hibernians Division #2 Mr. Sig Anderman Anheuser Busch Companies Apollo global Management Aurora Policemen Credit Union Bahnik Foundation, Inc. Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bank of America United Way Campaign Mrs. Evelyn Barrow Mrs. Judith Baum Ms. Lillian Baumann Mr. Edward L. Bayarski Mr. Harold R. Beck Mr. Paul A. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blomquist Ms. Candice R. Bolte Linda and Christopher Boss Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation Mr. Evan Calvert Canter for the Cure Capital group Companies Carol & Jack Kline Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Catell Century Elevator Mr. gary A. Chanowitz Clearpool group Ms. Alana Clegg CohnReznick Foundation, Inc. Mr. Leon Condon Mrs. georgia Cooper Mrs. Lisa Dalbec Mr. and Mrs. gary Damast Jeff and Sharee Danker Miss gabriela D’Arrigo Mr. John Day Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Degrazia Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Dernburg Ms. Barbara M. Dinoff Mr. Pat Diorio DLA Piper LLP Dorothy “Dot” Robelen Memorial Fund Doyle & McKean LLP Mr. and Mrs. Marc Duneier Dwight Capital Eberlin & Eberlin, P.C. Edward Darman Co., L.P. Mrs. gail R. Eisenberg Epic Charitable Fund Mrs. Rozanne T. Faulkner Ms. Deborah Fertitta Fifth Avenue of L.I. Realty Association Mrs. Amanda B. Flicker and Mr. Corey Moyer Mr. Dan Foster Ms. Sharon Fressle Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Friedman ginsberg Family Foundation gleason Family Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Sherry gold Mr. John gomes good Hope Foundation Mr. Todd S. greenberg Mr. Richard gruen Mr. Leo A. guthart Christopher J. Hagen Ms. Elizabeth R. Hardin Mr. Merrit Heminway Mr. Paul H. Herbert Hohmann & Barnard, Inc. HomeServe USA Mrs. Kristina I. Horn Judy and greg Horrigan Horwith Trucks, Inc. Mrs. Beryl E. Howkins

ITW Corporate Disbursement Ms. Beverly S. Jacobs Mrs. Sylvia Jacobs and Family Mrs. Brigette L. James John Crain Kunkel Foundation Johnson & Johnson Matching gifts Program Mrs. Patricia C. Johnson J.T. Magen & Company, Inc. Ruth Jungreis The Kalaydjian Family Keiper Family Foundation Keith & Aline Robelen Charitable Fund Mr. Kerry J. Kirby David Kober nicole and Stuart Kovensky KPMg Community giving Campaign Mr. Phillip Krejci Mrs. Joan B. Lane Lawton Adams Construction Mr. John Laxmi and Ms. Diane Laxmi Ms. Marianne Lazarou-Benjamin Ms. Patricia Lehmann Linda M. Cote Charitable Fund Louis and Tobey Lipschitz Charitable Fund Ms. Helen Lowenstein Jeanine Lunardi Luxor Capital group Luxury Properties International LTD. Mrs. Jill Magidson Joseph and Laurel Mancino Mr. John g. Marcato Mr. Joseph Marino Mark and gayle Lerch Family Foundation Marsh & McLennan Agency Ms. Donna J. Matson and Mr. Bob Carpenter Mr. Doug McDaniel Mr. Steven J. Mcgill Ms. Letitia Mellito Meyer Family Foundation Michael and Lori Milken Family Foundation Mrs. Diane Miller and Family Ms. Phyllis W. Miller Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Ms. Margaret Moloney Mrs. Carol Mondjack

Mr. Joseph Moretti Ms. Heather Mulvihill Mr. Frank Musolino, Jr. My Tribute gift Foundation, Inc. nyU Winthrop Hospital Old Westbury golf & Country Club Oresky & Associates, PLLC Ms. Kim Padnes Mrs. Marilyn J. Palmer Paniagua Cycling Mr. yale Paprin Pascucci Family Foundation Pfizer Foundation—yourCause Employee giving Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Pliskin Power Design Mr. John J. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Pranzo and Family Mrs. Helen M. Pruitt PwC—yourCause Employee giving Mr. Samuel A. Raia Mr. Samuel S. Raia Ms. Taryn Reynolds Riverdale Country School Road to Market LTD Robert R. Baumann, Jr. Foundation Mr. Bruce Rockowitz Ms. Sandra Rosenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Ross Ms. Frances J. Roth Mr. James B. Rowley Mr. Daniel Rubin Mr. Scott Saks Salesforce Ms. Katherine A. Sears Mr. Bruce E. Seibert Mr. Robert V. Seminara Ms. Frances H. Shanks Mr. Thomas Shapiro Sherry Shumaker Memorial Fund Mary E. Shigley Showtime networks, Inc. Siena Engineering group, Inc. Ms. Connie Sigel Devon and Michael Silberstein Mr. Anthony M. Sola and Dr. Hilma yu Mr. Marvin S. Soroos Mr. Paul Speranza Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Sperry Dr. Robert Stannard

Mr. Frank Stiebel Stifel, nicolaus & Company, Incorporated Mr. Carl J. Studer and Ms. Michele Miroff Mr. Michael R. Swanson Mr. Martin Tenebaum Thalia and george Liberatos Foundation, Inc. The 2003 Vera C. Pratt Charitable Remainder Trust The Ergonomic group The Frank and Adrienne Dobbs Family Fund The gettinger Family Foundation The Ivan Seidenberg Foundation, Inc. The Kendeda Fund The Lawrence T. Babbio Jr. Foundation The Leo J. and Joanne J. Thomas Family Fund The Moloney Family Foundation The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation The Switzer group The Tom and Cathy Edwards giving Fund The V & L Marx Foundation The Virginia Metzler Family Charitable Foundation The Walter Foundation The William and Sylvia Silberstein Foundation, Inc. Theodore and Karin Mayer Family Foundation Tom’s Cure Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Trois Coeurs Foundation Mr. Richard B. Turan and Family UBS Universal Television & networks group Mr. Domenick Vita Wallack Management Company, Inc. Mr. Alexander Walter Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Webber Kenneth and Joanne Weinman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weiss Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC West Haven, CT Elks Lodge #1537 Mrs. Susan Wexner



Honorable Alfred M. Wolin and Mrs. Jane Wolin Mr. Thomas yannucci Mr. and Mrs. David yarnold Zickler Family Foundation Mr. Evan Zucker

Patron CirCle $2,500–$4,999 A Tribute To grace Wine Co. Mr. Oded Aboodi and Family Mr. Laurence J. Abzug Angela Ahrendts Albany gastroenterology Consultants, PLLC Ms. Melissa Ali All Round Food Bakery Products, Inc. America’s Charities Amerisure Insurance Mrs. Quinta E. Andersen Ms. gretchen M. Anderson Arent Fox LLP AT&T—yourCause Employee giving Mr. Joseph Baerlein Big Deb Classic Fishing Tournament in Memory of Deborah Bailey Mr. Lucia Barcklow Mr. Ben Bates Mrs. Joann M. Bedard Mrs. Vivian Bernstein Bill Tamburro Jr. Memorial golf Tournament Ms. Phyllis Bilus Birchwood Elementary School PTO Ms. Marlene Bittman and Family Black Pearl Spokane, LLC Bloomberg L.P. Blum Shapiro Foundation Bny Mellon Community Partnership Employee & Matching Program Mr. and Mrs. george P. Boehm Mr. Peter n. BonTempo, Jr. Ms. Laura Boothe Ms. Kaleigh Borden Ms. Jane Borg Ms. Marie Brausam Bretton Woods golf Club Brezel Family Law, LLC Joseph Briody



Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brumm Carrington Family Foundation Charities Aid Foundation of America Mrs. gabrielle Cioffi-Kogod Citizens Bank Wealth Management Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP Dr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Cohen and Family Mr. Marc Compagnon Contract Pharmacal Corp. Credit Suisse First Boston Cumberland Valley youth Basketball Association Cypress Woods High School David & Trish Dietze/Juniper Hill Furniture Fund held at the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation Davis Imperial Cleaners Mrs. Debbie DeCabia Ms. Rhoda C. Demiany-Pahl and Mr. David R. Pahl Mr. and Mrs. Peter Desmond Diamond Hill Crossfit Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. Mrs. Susan Ditta Mr. and Mrs. Adam Donner Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Donner Donovan Catholic High School Soccer Team Dynamic Events The Ebertz Family Empire national Bank Mr. Frederick W. Engel Estate of Laurie Lima Estate of Suzanne Rapier Etain, LLC Evening Out, Inc. Eyeking, LLC Ms. Katherine Fellows Mr. Russ Ferguson Fleishhacker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Fressle Anita Dann Friedman & Harvey Friedman Heath Fuller Mr. and Mrs. gregory g. gannon garfield Realty, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Brian gavin gEICO Philanthropic Foundation genesis Diversified Services

Barbara goglio ghafir Mr. Alfred M. gillis Mr. Josh gillon and Family Mr. Ralph gingery Mr. and Mrs. David girolamo Ms. gail gittleson glen Oaks Club goldman Sachs Matching gift Program greenberg Traurig, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Paul Haggerty Mrs. gail F. Harms Harris Beach PLLC Mrs. Jean Hauser Haynes and Boone, LLP Hershey Family Fund Hogan Lovells US LLP Lucy Hollis Mrs. Loretta E. Howard Mrs. Ingrid Hughes Mr. Michael Iacavone I.S. 72 School Fund Jack Haley Memorial Fund Ms. Robyn Jaslow John Ulbrich Charitable Trust, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Joseph and Arlene Taub Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kabat Mrs. Louise Kaminow Mr. Burton R. Kassell Mr. David Arthur Keitz Ms. Alicia E. Kraemer Ms. Alexandra Krauss Mr. and Mrs. Raymond g. Kunz LabSolutions, LLC Ms. Carol A. Lace Mr. Laurence Laddin Latham & Watkins LLP Lee Health System—Regional Cancer Center Mr. and Mrs. Alan Leifer and Family The Lenchewski Family Mr. Steve Leonard Mrs. Jean Lesneski Ron and Ilene Lesser Leventhal Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. Lewis Reeves Properties, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Linsky Lower Allen VFW Post 7530 Mr. and Mrs. Ian MacTaggart Daniel Malkoun

Mr. Parvez Mansuri Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Mayer Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Ms. grace M. Metro Miami Dade County Robbery/RID Platoon Mrs. Jean Miller Moffitt Cancer Center Montauk Sports, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Moore Ms. Karen S. Moore Moran Insurance Mr. James Morey Ms. Anna L. Murphy Mrs. Pamela S. noble Oil Heat Institute of L.I., Inc. Oritani Bank Charitable Foundation Orr Family Foundation Inc. Ostroff Associates Inc. Mr. Clark Pager Mr. William g. Paullin Mr. and Mrs. Doniel Perl Ms. Roslyn Persky Mr. John Pessolano Pfizer Foundation Matching gifts Program Pg Penske Foundation Inc. Phoenix Communications Mr. Jack R. Pine Mr. Joseph A. Pirrello Pliskin Realty and Development Poongin Trading ProHealth Care PSEg Raising Hope for Others Mr. Michael A. Rao gil and Emily Raviv garrett Reisman RFC Fine Jewelry Mr. Warren Richardson Mrs. Karen A. Rich-Erlwein Mrs. Linda Richmand Mr. Chris Riepe Mr. Schuyler Risk Mrs. Betty M. Roach Mrs. Cheryl Ross and Family Ms. Atoosa Rubenstein Ms. Debra Samuelson Mr. James R. Sarka Mr. Joseph Savasta Mr. Donald Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Clark Schubach Mrs. nancy Schuman

Ms. Willa Shalit and Mr. A. James Heynen Mr. Ben Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sheppard Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sieger Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Silver Linda and Mitch Singer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sirek Ms. Carly A. Solon Mr. Charles Solon and Family The Stadtmauer Family Mr. Keith Stechmesser Dr. Zelig Steinberg and Mrs. Pamela J. Steinberg Robert and Debbie Stellato Mr. Robert Stone Susquehannock All Sports Sweat Fixx Tau Kappa Epsilon–Xi Lambda Temra and Joel Wollman Charitable Fund Mr. Frank P. Terzo The Bane Foundation The Bowling Family Foundation The Charles E. & Sylvia B. Day Charitable Trust The Chesapeake Charitable Foundation The Chotin Foundation The Costa Bamossy Charitable Fund The Family of R. Keith Butterfield The Feuerring Foundation The Koblowski Family Trust The Odierno Law Firm P.C. The Sherwin-Williams Foundation The Stop & Stor Charitable Fund The Tara and Arthur goldfrank Fund The TJX Foundation, Inc. The Walt Disney Company Foundation The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation The William Reader Fund Thrivent Financial—yourCause Employee giving Mr. Robert S. Trump Mrs. gernine Tuckner Mr. Donald Turano United Radio, Inc. University of Pennsylvania Valley Hospital Alexis and Lou Ventre

Ms. Alexanderina Vigh Villchur Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Robert Vizza Mrs. Kathleen C. Voigt Mrs. Laureen M. Von Elm Ms. Irene M. Walsten Mr. William B. Webster Mrs. Kathleen Wehrman Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign–yourCause Employee giving Westchester Broadway Theatre Westlake Village Inn White Plains Hospital for Cancer Care Ms. Shannen Wickremasinghe Ms. Joanie Wieleba Mrs. Kristine Wilson Ms. Megan Wisdom Mr. Christopher Woodfield Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Zugerman

frienD CirCle $1,000–$2,499 AbbVie Inc. ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corporation Aberdeen Christian School Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Abrams ABTsolute Training Systems Ackman-Ziff Real Estate ACS Services Inc Mrs. Jenna Adams Advent Intermodal Solutions, Inc. Adventist Health System AdVenture Media Aetna Foundation, Inc. AgP & Sons, Inc. Mr. Donald J. Aharonian Mr. Sean E. Akarsoy Albany Strategic Advisors Havard and Joan Albright Alfred Sanzari Enterprises Richard and Diane Allen Alliance Homecare Allstate Information Management Mr. Michael g. Alonso Alpha Zeta Omega at University of Connecticut Alpha Zeta Omega Pharmaceutical Fraternity Delta Tau

Dr. Jenny Alsop Ms. Susan K. Alvarado American Metals Supply Company, Inc. Ameriprise Financial gift Matching Program Mr. and Mrs. Alan Anderson Mr. Jon A. Anderson Andrew Stafman Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Andryshak Mr. Joshua J. Angel Ms. Ethel H. Annitti Anthony & Sons Bakery Arden Heights Blvd. Jewish Center Sisterhood A.R.E. Rico Memorial Foundation, Inc. Arizona Chapter nECA Ms. Josephine Armenio Pat Arnall James Arnone Mr. and Mrs. David Arnow Mr. neal Aronson Mr. Thomas L. Aronson Mr. Anthony Arturi Ms. Margaret S. Asselin Mr. Joseph E. Aten Ed and Marie Atwood Mrs. Beverley Aurora Amy Avedian Mr. Ben Avery and Family Axis Engineering group LLC Ms. Shelley Azapian Ms. Paulette H. Azaria Max Azria B&W Quality growers, LLC Mr. Craig Babineaux and Mrs. Jennifer Ziegler Mr. Charles P. Balducci Mr. Marc A. Balducci Mrs. Sherri Baldwin Ms. Kathy Balek Mr. Robert W. Balmos Bank of Canton Ms. Heather Barber Barclays Capital Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bardwil Mr. Edward Barlow Ms. Liz Barnett Mr. neil Barofsky C. Redington Barrett

Barry & Alison goodman Foundation The Barry Family Mr. David Barshay Mrs. Lorraine Bashian Mr. William Bassett Mr. Michael E. Bauer Dr. Robert E. Baute Sr. Mr. Anthony Bavaria Mrs. Lucille Bavaria-Kozsey and Family Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Bayroff Beach Ambassadors Inc. Mr. Chandler Beach Robert Beals Ms. Roz-Lynn Beckenstein and Ms. Julie Beckenstein Jeffrey and Barbara Becker Mr. Scott Behnken gordon Bell Ms. Ellen Bender Mr. gerard Beninati Mr. Marc Benioff Dr. and Mrs. Chester A. Bennett The Benson Family The Benvenuti Family Mr. Leonard Berenfield Bergen Pain Management, P.C. Mr. Fritz J. Bergman Berkeley College Mr. Charles Berman Berndt Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. gene Bernstein Mr. Peter Bernstein Rick and Jane Bernstein Mr. Scott W. Bernstein Dr. Wendy B. Bernstein Ms. Farrah Berse Mr. greg Beyer Mrs. Lindsey K. Bialek Mr. Matthew Bibbo Kenneth and Lauren Bickford Mr. Stephen Binder Vicki and Rick Birdoff Mr. Richard J. Birns Mr. Steven Bissonnette Black Bear Asset Management, LLC Mrs. Lisa S. Black Blechman-Morenoff Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Sally Blehl Mr. Keith Block Blount Fine Foods Fund



Ms. Joanne Blum Mr. Mitchell Blutt BMW of Mt. Kisco Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bobry Bob’s Famous Foodmart & Discount Liquors The Boen Family Bogle Vineyards Inc. Barbara Bolen The Bonde Family Booz Allen Hamilton Mr. Craig Borax Dr. and Mr. Adam Borden Mr. John Boruta and Family Dr. Harriet S. Boxer Mr. Michael Boyd Ms. Susan E. Boyd Brach Eichler LLC Mr. James R. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brand Ms. Margaret A. Brand Ms. Debra g. Brandell Mrs. Bernardine Brandis Mr. Richard Brandstedt Mr. Rod Brayman Ms. Debra K. Brede Mr. Michael Breede Daniel and Mary Breidegam Mitchell Brezel Bridgewater Wholesalers, Inc. Ms. Laura Brito Mr. Scott Broder Mr. Richard Bronstein and Mrs. Eileen Silvers Ms. Margaret Brown Peter and Sandy Bruhn Cdr. Kenneth C. Bruley USn (Retired) Mr. William Bruner and Family Dr. David Brust Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP RADM and Mrs. Richard Buchanan USn (Retired) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Buchbinder Mr. Paul Buckley BUDS Floral Importers & Distributors Mr. and Mrs. John P. Buechler Mr. Craig Buehler Kevin Buehler Mrs. Sherri Buelow Ms. Jane Buerger Mr. gerald Bugoff Ms. Jennifer Bulger Bunny Eyez LLC



Mrs. Jan L. Burch Mrs. Mildred Burke Mr. David P. Burness Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burnstine Burton & Rose Kahn Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Buss Mr. Alfred Caiola Mr. Brian Caira and Family Ms. Heather Calamita Mr. Scott Calhoun JoAnn Cambareri Mr. and Mrs. David J. Camputo Ms. Wendy E. Capeluto Caravella Fund Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cardone Mr. Donald P. Carleen and Family Mr. Matthew Carletti Carling Technologies, Inc. The Carnogursky Family Carol Mockensturm Haas Family Fund Mr. Freddy Carrano and Family Andrea Carrick Mr. Keith Cartmell Robert and Miriam Caslow Mrs. Molline Cassuto and Family Ms. Joann Catalano Joseph and Joan Catapano Cavallo Family Foundation Mr. William g. Cavanagh CAVCOMM, LLC Central Texas Chapter nECA Centric Brands Holding LLC Mr. Matthew Cerini Chadbourne & Parke LLP Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Chaitovsky Ms. Bonnie Chambers Chant Engineering Co., Inc. Mrs. Virginia Chapan Charles M. Cappellino Foundation, Inc. Ms. nancy Chase Mr. Mark Cheeks Mr. Thomas Cherner and Ms. Lynn A. Suter Mr. John T. Chevalier and Ms. Suzanne Chevalier Chevron - yourCause Employee giving Shu Chowdhury Mr. Chabetaye Chraime Mark Chraime Mr. William J. Christ Mr. Christenson and Ms. Scarr

Mr. Warren Christie Mr. Tom Christman Mrs. Rita Ciocca Ms. Karen Clanahan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Cleeland Clifford Chance US LLP Ms. Sharon Clinton Clipper Aviation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cobb, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vance Coffman Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cohen Ms. Sharon M. Cohen Mr. Edward Coleman and Ms. Kathleen Dillon Ms. gail Coleman Mr. William H. Coleman Mrs. Carol Collins Colordrift Ms. Barbara Combs Communications Media Advisors, LLC Ms. Rebecca Conroy and Mr. Oren D. Langer Constellation Home Care LLC Consumer Technology Association Mr. and Mrs. Ben Conte Ms. Christina Coogan Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cooper Dr. David Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Corman Ms. Loretta R. Cormier Cornerstone Wealth Management Mrs. Maureen Cornicelli and Family Mr. and Mrs. John Corso Ms. Lynn K. Corwin and Mr. Charles Scardino Mrs. Rebecca Cosby Bob and Pat Courter Covanta Projects LLC Covington & Burling LLP Mr. Ronald Cowell Mr. Alexander J. Cox Mr. Robert H. Cox Cozen O’Connor Foundation Crimson IT Services CSX Foundation Jack and Valerie Cumming Ms. Sandra Cunningham Mr. and Ms. John J. Curley Custom Ink Campaigns CVHS girls Basketball Boosters

Mr. Paul Daly Mr. Michael P. Damm Dan Klores Communications, LLC Danray Supply Company Mr. and Mrs. Troy David Mrs. Beverly Davis Lisa Davis Ms. Dora L. Dawson Mr. Alexandre Dayon Mr. Joseph S. De Sena Mr. William Dearie Deborah nadel Design Mr. Stephen DeFilippis Mr. Joseph V. Degaetano Ms. Elisa J. Deixler Delaware Otsego Corporation Mr. Frank A. DeLisi Dell giving—yourCause Employee giving Janet Dellafera Mr. Michael DellaTorri Delta Zeta—Omicron gamma David Demarco Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. DeMeo Dr. Colby W. Dempesy Mr. Robert Denenberg Ms. Elaine Denton Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Matching gifts Dialsource, Inc. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Dickens and Mr. Russ Strickland Mrs. Annie DiDomenico Mrs. Kelly A. Diee Mrs. Carol Difilippo The Dimmling Family Mr. Peter Dimon Ms. Marylyn Dintenfass Mr. Brian Distelburger Mrs. Carole Dituro Mr. David M. Dolan Mr. James g. Dolan Donate Well Mr. Michael Donio Mrs. Louise Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Scott Donner Ms. Mary Sue Donohue, Esq. Mrs. Barbara W. Dorr Mr. Bruno Dos Santos Ms. Sandra L. Dosick Douglas King Builders, Inc. Douglas Lane & Associates Mrs. Lynne Dowling Mrs. Rose Downes Jeffrey Drebin, M.D., Ph.D.

DTCC Stephen Dubner Dunkin’ Donuts/Marino Organization Ms. Kathleen Dunne and Mr. Charles Carberry Mrs. Shari Dusansky EARS To you–Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund East Coast Signs & Awnings, LLC. East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. Eastern Star Charity Foundation of n.J., Inc. Mr. Jeremy Edelstein Ed’s Fish and Chips Anthony Edwards Efficient Combustion & Cooling Corporation Eh Bee Family Mr. Harvey Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eisman Elite Express Mrs. Daryl Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Ellis Mr. Curtis A. Elsbernd Mr. Christopher Engel Envision Lighting Systems Mr. Michael A. Epstein ERA Rudy Amelio Real Estate Eric Armin, Inc. Ernst & young ESSA Bank & Trust Estate of Arlene Pinkus Estate of Helen Weaver Estate of Lori Sogn Estate of Mrs. Marion Jean Turk Estate of Sharon J. Moryl Ethel & Alexander nichoson Foundation Mr. Joel R. Evans Mr. Ronald Evans Mrs. Linda J. Everd Eversource Energy Foundation, Inc. E-Z Pass Mr. and Mrs. Joel Faber Fadeaway Records Mrs. Betty Fagan Mr. greg Farno and Family David and Leslie Fastenberg Fat Friday Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Fearon Mr. Charles R. Fegley Mr. Jeffrey Feil

Drs. Randall and Sheryl Feingold Mr. James Felty Mr. David Ferguson Ms. Lauren Ferguson Mr. David D. Fero Mr. Eric Feuerstein Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC Mr. Joseph J. Fiech Ms. Beth Finger Ms. Harriet Finkelstein Mr. Jeffrey H. Fischer Dr. and Mrs. Joel Fischer and Family Mr. Andrew Fisher Mr. and Mrs. gary Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Fishman Ms. Janice Fitzgerald The Fitzgerald Family Mr. Stuart S. Flamberg Ms. Francine Flamino Mr. and Mrs. Rob Fleder Alex Fleshner Florida Cancer Specialists John and Diane Flynn Michele Foote Forchelli Deegan Terrana LLP Fordham Preparatory School Charles A. Forma, Esq. Dr. Dennis Foss Mr. John Foulke Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Francesa Frank J. Antun Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Frank Mrs. nina Frankel Mr. Carl Frascogna Mr. and Mrs. Avram C. Freedberg Freed-Hardeman University Ms. Leslie n. Freeman Mr. Adam Friedlander Ed & Lana Friedman Ms. Valentia C. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Howard Friedner Arlene and Richard Fromewick Fryer Dermatology, PLLC Mr. Leonard W. Fuchs Ms. Martha R. gaddy Justin gallagher Ms. Patricia J. galloway Mrs. Elizabeth galvin Mrs. Maria E. garcia Mr. and Mrs. Joe gardill Mrs. Janet T. gardiner gardner-Fisher gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. Steven gartner

Ms. Susan gately Ms. Ellen gehrs Fred gelfand Mr. Marc gelman Mrs. Willa gerber Mrs. Arlene S. gerwin Ms. Emma T. gibbons Mr. Roy S. gilbert and Family The gilbert Family Mr. and Mrs. Clifford gilbert-Lurie Mr. Kevin gilgan Ms. Rachel ginsburg Mr. Mitchell ginzburg giomare group LLC Mrs. geri giorgio girandola & Shutkind Construction Corp. giuseppe nigro Home Lodge 2234 Mr. Alexander glantz Mr. Jay T. glassman Ms. Lili glauber glen Head Country Club, Inc. Mr. Danny glimcher global Contracting Services, Inc. global Research Distribution, Inc. Mr. William D. glynn and Family Mr. and Mrs. Stan goldberg Mr. Aaron goldman Mrs. Debra goldman and Family Candy & Richard goldstein Mr. Ryan goldstein Stuart and Jeri gollinger Mr. Carl golub Mr. and Mrs. Ernest gomez goodhart national gorman Agency, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff goodman Mr. and Mrs. Russ A. goodman Mr. Julian gordon Kimberly gordon Mr. James gotlieb Mr. and Mrs. Peter gottlieb Mrs. Christianna gramling The grasso Family Mrs. Alyson gray Lance gray The gray Family Mr. glen grayeb Mr. Lawrence grayson greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association Mr. Jonathan green Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. greene

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce greenwald Mr. and Mrs. Bryan greenwald greenwich Hospital Ms. Selma greiff Mr. Jeffrey griffith Ms. Eve griliches Mr. Marc grill Mr. and Mrs. John grimaldi Terry and Michael groll Mr. Steve groppi Mr. and Mrs. Eli A. gross Joan and Stuart gross Dr. Robert D. gross Ms. Linda gruskiewicz Mrs. Marcia gsell guardian Life Insurance Company–yourCause Employee giving Ms. Isabel guide Mr. Craig guimes Mr. Cole gunter H&T Waterbury, Inc. Mr. Raymond K. Haarstick Hackensack University Medical Center Ms. Margaret L. Hagen Mary Hague and Alex Wilce Mr. Jonathan Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Haje Mr. James F. Hale Mr. Jerry Halpern Mr. Kenneth B. Hamblett Ms. Elinor Ann Hamm Mr. Charles L. Hamman III Mr. David Hammond Mr. Frank Hanna Mr. Henry Hanna Hannibal Clinic Richard Hans Hansen Family Foundation Mrs. Ellen D. Hardgrave Dr. Rich and Mrs. Cheryl Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Jeff & Sarah Harkinson Dr. John A. Harman Mrs. Susan P. Harrington The Harris Family Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Hartke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harvey Dr. Caryn Hasselbring Mr. Howard Hauben Mr. Eric Haugk Mr. and Mrs. James Hauschild Ms. Eva Hausman and Family



Mrs. Karen Hawes and Family Mr. Spencer B. Hays Hayward Baker, Inc. HCA Caring for the Community— yourCause Employee giving Health Quest Systems, Inc. Mr. norman Heimlich Dr. Antonia Helbling Ms. Megan Helie Mrs. Ellen R. Heller Mr. Harvey R. Heller Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Mr. and Mrs. William Henson Mr. Benjamin E. Hermalin and Ms. Ruth Konoff Mr. Andrew Hermalyn Herricks Middle School Activity Fund Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hershberg Mr. Benjamin Hershkowitz and Ms. Ronit Setton Mr. Daniel Hertzberg Mr. gregory Hill Ms. Patricia Hill Mr. Franklin Hilvers Ms. Linda Himberger Mr. James M. Hirschhorn Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hitchcock Ho Lun USA Industrial Mr. Alfred Hoddinott Mrs. Susan Hoddinott Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffer Ms. Ruth Hoffman Mr. Michael Hogan Hohmann & Barnard Inc. Mr. Christopher Hohmann Mr. Judy Hohmann Jr. Mr. Robert Hohmann Ms. Henrida T. Holloway Mr. James Holzhauer Homeland Surveillance Mr. Lawrence Honigman Paul Hooten Dr. Terry Horowit Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Horowitz Mr. David Howe Mr. Brian M. Hoye HPM Partners Mr. Robert J. Hrebek Ms. Karen Ann Hrzich Mr. Louie Huang Hudson Farm Foundation Inc. Mr. Brad Hunt Mr. glenn L. Hussar Hustle Logistics LLC



Mr. Jared Hutter Hyde your Eyes Optical Mr. Pat Iavarone IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign Independent Investment group Industrial Cooling Integrated Professional Services, LLP IQResearch, LLC Mr. Mark A. Itkin ITW Foundation Matching gifts Program Mr. Stephen Ivanoski Mrs. nancy Jackman Jackson Lewis P.C. Dr. Mitchel Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and Barbara Jacobson Mr. Chris Jacquemin Mrs. Sharon H. Jacquet Mr. Andy James Mrs. Sharon K. Jankowski Mr. Thomas Jankowski Mr. William Jaworski and Family Mrs. Marcia Jeffries Jeffry I. Putnam Foundation JEK Communications, Inc. Joyce and James Jenkins Mrs. Teri Jennings Jerrold A. Salmanson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Daryl L. Jesperson Mrs. Kathryn Jester Mr. Manish Jhanji Joann Weber Charitable Fund of the greater Lowell Community Foundation Mr. Kenneth Joblon Joe Mattera Agency, Inc. Joel H. Levitt Memorial Charitable Fund Dr. Bryan Johnson Mr. Jonathan Johnson Dr. Joseph Johnson Mrs. Shirley K. Johnson Jonas Salk Middle School Ms. Kate Jones Ms. Peggy Jones Mr. Zachary Jones Mrs. Marian R. Jordan Ms. Mary Helen Jordan Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan Jo-Ro Realty Corporation Jos. L. Muscarelle Foundation, Inc. Joseph F. Stein Family Foundation, Inc.

Josh goodman Voice–Overs Joyce Farms JPMC US Employee Funds Jubilee Fund The Jupiter Family K&L gates LLP Maxine Kabolowsky Mr. Eric Kagan Kahlil gibran PTA Ms. Vera Kaling Mr. Bruce R. Kalisch Dr. Frank M. Kamer Mr. Andrew Kane Ms. Ann C. Kaneps Duen-Li Kao KarenZupko & Associates, Inc. Mrs. Michelle H. Karin Mrs. Rosalind Karlitz Mr. Robert Karmen Mrs. Deana L. Karras Mrs. Daryl Karter Kasirer Consulting Mr. gary Katcher Mr. Steven Katz Mr. Jeffrey A. Kaufman Mr. Ronald A. Kaye The Keats Family Julie Kellner Mr. Hugh Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Jean Kelly Mrs. Joan Kelly Mrs. Leona Kern Mr. and Mrs. James Kewley Mrs. nancy Kieffer Mr. William Kilinskas Dennis Kim Mr. Michael Kimak Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kimel Mr. and Mrs. David Kinkela Mr. and Mrs. Brad Kitchens The Kitzmiller Family Dr. and Mrs. Harry C. Klauda Mr. Matthew J. Klaus Mrs. Jeanette S. Klein Mr. David L. Klinger Knauf-Koenig group Mrs. Dolores Kneer Knights of Columbus— De Soto Council 903 Knights of Columbus #12404 Knights of Columbus #5989 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Knowles Ms. Roni Kohen-Lemle Mrs. Barbara Kokot Ms. Sandra Kapell

Mr. Jim Koplik Mrs. Joyce Koppel Mr. Richard Koppel The Koslowsky Family Ms. Carol Kossar Mrs. Kerri Kostulias Mr. John Koudounis Ms. Agnes E. Kovacs Mr. Jeffrey Kowalsky KPMg LLP Mis. Mara Kralian Mr. and Mrs. Steve Krantz Mr. and Mrs. David B. Krasner Mr. and Mrs. Josh Krevitt Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kroin Mr. Arnold H. Kronberg Kronos Incorporated Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Krulik Dr. Razmig Krumian Mr. Edward S. Kubik Jr. Mr. Alan Kucker Mr. and Mrs. Tomislav Kundic Ms. Beth R. Kurlander The Kurman Family Ms. Sheryl Kurtis Kurtz Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Kurtzer Alan and Carole Kushnir Mrs. Lori L. Laake Marcus Lachapelle Lady Faith Ms. Elizabeth Lamanna Mr. Thomas Lamberti Ms. Lisa Lamorte Mrs. Meredith Lander Mr. Paul Landmann Mr. Stuart Lang and Family Mr. Bill Langelier Ms. Rebecca Conroy and Mr. Oren D. Langer Ms. Eliza Lansdale Mr. Robert Latham Khin Latt Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Laub Lawless & Mangione Architects & Engineers, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lawton Lead Forensics, Inc. Ms. Michelle Leaf Dr. Eric Lebby Dr. Irwin J. Lebish Mr. and Mrs. Chris LeBoeuf Ms. Robin Lecroy Mr. Joel Leder

Mr. Aaron Lee Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Frank Lee Lee Health Legacy Sales Associates The Leinoff Family Mr. Wesley Lepatner Ms. Lisa B. Lerner Mr. Richard M. Lerner Mr. Ben Lesch Mr. Richard H. Leung Mr. Joseph Levin and Ms. Meryl Levin Mr. Alan Levine Vicki Levine Mrs. Robin B. Levinton Andrew Levison Ms. Ellen F. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Barbara Levy Mr. Bob Levy Mr. John R. Lewin Mrs. April Lewis Mrs. Lenore S. Lewis and Family Dr. Robert S. Lewis Mr. Fernando E. Licopoli Lightower Fiber networks Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lilly Mrs. Maria Lima Mr. David Lincoln Mrs. Sarah M. Lindblom Mr. Carl H. Lindner III Mr. Robert D. Lindner Lindsay Taylor SPAtique Ms. Luciana Lino Mr. Thomas Lint Mr. David Liola Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lipsky Ms. Judith Livant Dr. Kimberly A. Logiudice Mr. Michael J. Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. Steven London Long Island Accountant and Financial networking Fundraiser Mrs. Marie Lopez Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center glenn Lostritto James B. and Karen Loveys Dr. Kenneth Low Janine Lowy Mrs. Deborah Lucas Ms. Carol Ludwig Mr. Robert Lund

Mr. Thomas Lund Lynn’s Uptown Tavern, Inc. Mrs. Tina L. Lyon Ms. Carol L. MacDonald Mr. James Macgregor Mrs. Mallory MacKenzie Ms. Ruth Macpherson Mrs. Toni L. Madalone Madison Abstract, Inc. Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC Christopher Madson Magical Elves Ms. Rosemarie Magrone Making A Difference Corporation Mr. Jonah Malinger Mr. James Maliszewski Jorie Malk Mallory Alexander Logistics ny Ms. Mary Pat Maloney Mr. Peter Maltin Ms. Linda Malvin The Mantel Family Ms. Camilla Marcus Mr. Robert D. Marcus Ms. Deborah K. Martin Mr. Steve Martin Ms. Susan T. Marx Mr. Michael Mascis Mrs. Donna g. Mason Rita Massinople Mr. Randy M. Mastro and Ms. Jonine Bernstein Mr. Robert M. Matluck Rex and Pat Matthews Dr. Robert Matthews Ms. Mary Ellen Maun Ms. Ilana Mauskopf Max & Ruth B. Stern Philanthropic Fund Max B. Cohn Family Foundation Mr. Joseph D. Mayo III MBIA Foundation Mr. Keenan McBride Mr. Michael McCabe Mrs. Joan McCaffrey Mr. Casey McCanta McCrorie Family Charitable Fund Donald and Beverly McCurdie Mr. Robert K. McCurdy Ms. Kelly McEttrick Ms. Meg McEttrick Mrs. Paula Mcgee and Family Mrs. Mary E. Mcginn and Family Ms. Maureen Mcgowan

Mr. Michael S. Mcgrath Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mcgrath Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. McIntyre Ms. Lowen McKay Ms. Casey McKenna McLean Telecom LLC Ms. Tammy McLeod Pamela Mcnamara Mr. Mike Meadow Medtronic Volunteer grant Program—yourCause Employee giving Medwell Health LLC Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meer Dr. Marc H. Mehlman Ms. Josephine A. Meilan Mr. Richard Melchner and Family Ms. Angela Melluzzo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meltzer Mr. John C. Mercier Ms. Elaine Merians Mr. Michael Merriman Mr. Melvin P. Meyer Michael J. McSherry Charitable Fund Philip and Jean Michael Mid-Island y JCC Mid-Shore Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, Inc. Mr. george Mihlsten Mrs. Ann K. Millar Mr. Waterford Millstone Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Mintz Ms. Elayne S. Mischna Mr. george Mitchell Mrs. Margaret C. Mitchell Mr. Thomas J. Mitchell Mr. glen Mitts Ms. Lezlie Mogell Ms. Colleen Monaghan Mr. James P. Monaghan Ms. Phyllis Mondelli and Mr. Paul Pazniokas Ms. Lynne Monnahan Mrs. Andrea C. Montejano Mr. and Mrs. James Moran Mr. Mike Moran Mr. Mitchell Moranis Ms. Jennifer Moretti Ms. Brooke Morgan Mr. Ryan Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Scott Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Mario Morino Mr. James Moroney

Morris and Lillie Leibowitz Charitable Trust Mr. Andrew Morse Ms. Ellen-Jane Moss M. R. Metzger Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Mueller Mrs. Jane Muhrcke Mr. george Mullen and Family Mr. Kevin Mulligan Mr. Richard Mummendey Murphy & Fahy Construction Co., Inc. Ms. Barbara Murray Mr. and Mrs. Phil Musco Muzio Family Foundation MV, Inc. Ms. Deborah nadel Ms. Marie napoli NATCA Mr. Thomas nathan and Mrs. Karen L. nathan national grid USA Service Company, Inc. nationwide Foundation nature’s Bath Ms. Julie naughton nazareth Area Middle School PTSA Mr. Patrick neal networks Presentations new England Fuel Institute, Inc. new England Interior Specialties, Inc. new Rochelle Federation of United School Employees new york Oil Heating Association, Inc. newell Strength gym Mr. Jeffrey newman Mrs. Ruth newman and Family nextEra Energy, Inc. Mr. Timothy ng Mr. and Mrs. Aaron nichols Mr. Russ H. nichols Mr. Mark nicol nicor Construction, Inc. Mrs. Margie L. niemi Ms. Theresa E. nimmo nJIT Lodge #93 Fraternal Order of Police Mr. and Mrs. Michael nolan northern Trust northville Industries Corp. northwell Health Cancer Institute Pancreatic Cancer Center



Mr. Robin nourmand Mr. and Mrs. David nussbaum nySTEC Dr. David O’Connor Mr. Daniel P. O’Toole Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. O’Brien Jana O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. James O’Connor Ms. Patricia A. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Connor Mr. Tom O’Connor Ms. Sarah Oey Ms. Laura A. Okrent Mr. Marc Olin Ms. Debbie Olita Mr. Bruno Oliveira Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Marco Oliveri Mrs. Cynthia O’Malley Christopher Omark Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Oran Mr. and Mrs. Paul Orthmann Ms. Laura Osanitch Mrs. Susan O’Shea Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Shea, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. O’Shea, Sr. Osilas Foundation Ms. Judith Ott Mrs. Marjorie E. Otto Ms. Chris griffin Owens Mrs. Erika L. Padgett and Mr. Tom Padgett Ms. Jacqueline Page Ms. Alexandra Paladino Mrs. Maccy Paley Mr. John Paloian Daphne I. Panagotacos, M.D. Mrs. Frances Pandolfi Ms. Bessie Panettieri Mr. Vincent Panettieri Paradise Dental Technologies Paramus Associates LP Mr. Hal B. Parton Mr. Morris Pasqual Patt Construction Inc. Mr. Thomas A. Patterson Paulson Mitchell, Inc. Mr. David Pearson Mr. Jerome M. Pekow Mr. Michael Pelosi Mrs. Elizabeth B. Peloso Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Penning Penrad Imaging, LLC Pepper Hamilton LLP



PepsiCo Foundation–yourCause Employee giving Julie Peretz Jane and Richard Perin Brian Perkins Robert Perrin Robert and Mary Beth Persons Ms. Maureen Peterson Mr. Andrew F. Petitti Ms. Cheryl Petrigliano Karen Petty Mr. Alan Peyser Ms. Beth Phalen Mr. Matthew P. Phillips Mr. Anthony Pianese Mr. William Piercey Pine Hollow Charity Fund, Inc. Mr. Daniel R. Piper Mr. and Mrs. neil Piper Pirates Charities Pitney Bowes global Impact Matching gifts Mr. Richard M. Plant Mrs. nancy Platt and Family Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Pliskin Mrs. Lucille M. Plotnick Mrs. Shari Plummer Ms. Robyn Polashuk Mrs. Andrea L. Pollak Mr. Myron Poloner Mr. and Mrs. Ken R. Pomeroy Mr. Andy Pon Mrs. Julia Pon Mr. gene Pope Port Monmouth Fire Company no. 1 Porticello Ristorante The Postyn Family Mr. Eugene Potkay Ms. Brenda Powell Mr. and Mrs. Terry Powell Mr. Dhruv Prasad Mr. Jonathan Pratt Ms. Tina Price PrimusLabs Mr. James Prince Mr. and Mrs. gary L. Prior Mr. Thomas Pritchard Anthony Pritchett Mr. Richard H. Pritchett III Ms. Roberta Purcell Ms. Sue F. Quarta Mr. and Mrs. Terry Quinn Shelley and nathan Rabhan Mr. Richard Rabin

Mrs. Raia Mrs. Benita Raia Mr. David Ralston Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Ramble Mrs. Irene Ramer Mr. Harvey Rappaport Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rathgaber Mr. and Mrs. Steve H. Realbuto Dr. Kathleen M. Reding Reilly Charitable Fund Mrs. nina Reinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reisner Mr. and Mrs. Alex Remnitz Ms. Meaghan A. Repko Ms. Susan Resnick Rex and nelle Jackson Foundation Ms. Carol A. Rhoads Michael J. Rhodes Mrs. Arlene Ribler Richard A. Berkowitz Philanthropic Fund Ms. Jennifer L. Richardson Richmond County Referral Source, Inc. Mr. Robert Richter Mrs. and Mrs. Edward F. Rieger Mr. Randall Riepe Mr. David M. Rievman Mr. and Mrs. Phil Rigby Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rikert Mr. Ian Ringel Timothy and Kathy Riordan Robert Downs Clark Party Planning & Floral Design Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc. Roberta and gary Fisher Charitable Fund Mr. Brian Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Roberts Ms. Eve K. Robinson and Mr. Joshua Wiener Ms. Roberta Robinson Mrs. Rose Robinson Ms. Virginia Robinson Rockette Alumnae Foundation Ms. Malikah Rodriguez Ms. Cynthia Roeters Ms. Melissa L. Roeters Rogers Family Charitable Foundation Ms. Sandra Lee Rogers Diego Rojas Mr. Chad Rork Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rosbash

Mr. Charles Rose Mrs. Helen M. Rose Ms. Emily Rosen Mr. Jon Rosen Dr. and Mrs. Scott Rosen Mr. Alan E. Rosenau Moshe Rosenblum Mrs. Donna Rosenstein Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Rosenzweig Ms. Lizanne L. Rosenzweig Michelle and Adam Rosmarin Ms. Elaine R. Ross Mr. Michael Ross Mr. Paul Ross Mr. Bernard Rosselli Rosso Commerical Real Estate Services Rotary Club of north Cobb Mr. Evan Roth Mr. Todd g. Rothman Ms. Amy Rothstein Mr. Marc J. Rowan Roy J. Zuckerberg Family Foundation Ms. Tracey Rubach Ms. Jami Rubin Mr. Steve Rubin Mr. Donald Rudnick Ms. Jeanne y. Russell Mr. Alex T. Russo Mr. and Mrs. Albert Russo Mr. Peter Ryan SABIC Innovative Plastics Mr. and Mrs. David and Karen Sachs nancy and Roger Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Safron Ms. Susan Salecky Mr. Jacob Salzberg Rise and Joel Samit Samuel & Bertha Marinbach Foundation Ms. Maryann Sanchirico Mrs. Janet Sanders Mr. Joe Sandfort Sandpiper Fund Ms. Rachel Sands and Family Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Sarno Mr. gregory M. Sarno Ms. Teresa A. Sarno-Hewitt Lana Sartre Mr. Tony A. Sasso Mr. Lance Sauerteig and Ms. Wendy Karasin Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sawyer

Mr. noam Schaap Mr. Donald T. Schaefer Ms. Marguerite Schanzer Mr. Thomas Scharre and Ms. Rebecca Swanson Ms. Linda Schector Mr. and Mrs. John E. Schlachtenhaufen Mrs. Donna Schlonski Mr. Kenneth M. Schneider and Family Dr. Henry Schneiderman Mr. Alan Schnitzer Mrs. Carmen P. Schramm and Family Schulman Family Foundation Dr. Wayne M. Schulthies Mr. Harvey Schulweis and Ms. Barbara Benerofe Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co. Mr. Robert B. Schumer Ms. Susan Schumer Mrs. Susan Schumer and Family Ms. J. Virginia Schurz Mrs. Debra J. Schwartz Mr. Martin Schwartz Lisa Heffner Scolnik and Alex Scolnik Mr. Byron Scott Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Scott Seaboard Forwarding Co., Inc. Mr. Mike Seaworth Mr. Michael Sebok Ms. Judith Secular Mr. Bruce Seger Segredo, LLC DBA Liquid and Ruby Lounge Mr. gilbert Seligman Sellers Publishing, Inc. Mr. Richard Sena Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Senter Mrs. Jacqueline Seppy Sequential Brands group Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Serenbetz Severn Savings Bank Mr. and Mrs. William and Kathleen Sexton Seema Shah Mr. Scott Shane Shangy, Inc. The Beer Authority Mr. Michael Shannon II Mr. Andrew O. Shapiro Shapiro Arato Bach LLP Mr. Charles Shapiro

Ms. Diane Angeli Shaw Mrs. Marilyn Shaw Shearman & Sterling LLP Jerry and Barbara Shefsky Kay Shell Dr. Vasudeva Shenoi Shepaug Valley Regional High School Mrs. Jeannine F. Shields Ms. Diane M. Shindle Ms. Judith L. Shmegelski Mr. Steven Shoflick Mrs. MaryBeth Shreiner Mr. and Mrs. Furrokh Shroff Siegel & Reiner, LLP Dr. and Mrs. Joel M. Siev Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Sifonios Signature B&B Coverage Kathy Signorelli-Petrat Mr. Randall S. Sike Mr. gerald Silakowski Silicon Valley Community Foundation Mark and Andrea Silverman Ms. Regina L. Silverman Ms. Pamela Silverstrim Mr. David J. Simon Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Simon Mr. Scott Simpson Mrs. Ruth A. Singleton Mrs. Dianne Sirek Mr. John Sisk and Ms. Judith A. Sisk Mr. Jeffrey S. Sites Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Skin Associates of South Florida Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sklar Ms. Jennifer Sklar-Romano Mr. David M. Slater Reverend William T. Slater Mr. gregory Slomiana Jack and Bonnie Smailes Mrs. Abby Smith Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith Mr. Declan Smith Mr. Eric Smith Mr. Kevin M. Smith Ms. Ruth A. Smith Mr. Orin S. Snyder Mr. Robert Snyder Mrs. Sally Snyder Sofi’s Crepes Ms. Dina Sokol

Something Blue Events South Easton Motor Sales Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation Fund Dr. Joan Spector and Family george Speer Mr. Corrado Speziali Mrs. Stephanie J. Spiegel Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Spitza Mr. Mark Spivey Sports Car Club of America Mr. and Mrs. Eric Squire St. John’s Episcopal Church St. Irene’s Ladies’ Philoptochos Mrs. Ruth Stansfield Martha Stark Ms. Debra Starr Rubenstein and Mr. Andy Rubenstein Dr. Jessica Stealey Mr. Carl Steen Mr. Mark R. Stein Mr. Steven Steinman Stephen and Shelly Verber Fund of Camp Hill Community Foundation David and Sharon Stern Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Stern Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stern Mrs. Ruth B. Stern and Mr. Alan Stern Mr. Perry Sternberg and Ms. Kimberly Sparno Steve Rickert Memorial Foundation Steven and Beverly Rubenstein Charitable Foundation, Inc. Steven g. Witter, P.A. Tom and Barb Stevens Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart Ms. Stephanie J. Stiefel Stone Creative Productions, Inc. Mr. Anthony Storino Mr. Roger Stoy Jr. Mrs. Beth Strom Ms. Heidi E. Strom Dr. Jay Stylman David g Sullivan Mr. Joseph Sultan and Ms. Sandy Chilewich Mrs. Alexis Sulyma Suncoast Beverage Sales, Ltd. Lauren Sussman Mrs. Jessica Sutherland Ms. Eleni P. Sutter

Mr. Peter Swartz Ms. Eileen Sweeney Systematic Control Corporation Mr. Martin E. Tanzer and Family Target Corporation Ms. Lynne Tarnopol Mr. and Mrs. John R. Tassini Mrs. Rachel Teslenko T.E.T. Mfg. Co., Inc Ms. Annie Thai The Anbinder Family Foundation The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Anne Claire Lester Foundation, Inc. The Bassuk Family Foundation Inc. The Bisgeier Family Foundation, Inc. The Butterfly Foundation The Carole J. yaley Fund The Darrel & Audrey Weber Foundation The Dorothy K. Commanday Foundation The Eileen and Leslie Quick Charitable Fund The Emily and Jeffrey Korn Fund The Friedman Family Charitable Fund of The Luzerne Foundation The garcia Companies The Jacobson Family Foundation The James and nancy Pierson Foundation The John & Teri Moehling Charitable Fund The Joseph Camhi Foundation, Inc. The Kelly Family Foundation The Kurush Bharucha-Reid Foundation Inc. The Mattfolk Family Foundation The MCJ Amelior Foundation The Merck Foundation The Milford Bank The Morningstar Foundation The Oatley Team The Priscilla & Richard Schmeelk Foundation The Richer Team at Hanna Commercial Real Estate The Robert D. & Phyllis A. Jaffee Family Foundation The Ruth & Louis gerstle Foundation, Inc. The S.H. Bourne Foundation, Inc. The Simmons Family Foundation, Inc.



The Standard Employee giving and Matching gifts Program The Susan and Tim Jensen Fund The University at Albany Foundation The University of Connecticut The Wegworth Charitable Fund The Weinreb Berenda Carter Foundation Inc. The Woodmere Club Charitable Foundation Theatrical Protective Union Mr. and Mrs. Ira and nan Theodore Mrs. Kathleen Thomas Mr. Francis Thompson II Joan Thompson Mr. Paul Thompson Jayne Thornton Thrivent Community–Silicon Valley Mr. Patrick Tierney Tiffany & Co. Pam and Ricky Tinter Mrs. nancy Tirado Ms. Christine M. Tkach Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Tober Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Tocco Mr. Mark Todrys Tom & Harriet Burnett Family Foundation Tommy Scogs Foundation, Inc. Mr. Michael H. Torkin Torregaveta LLC Toyota of Orange Inc. Travelers Cybergrants, Inc.

David Travis Mr. William g. Trillo Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Trockman T-Square Design TTA, LLC Mr. Richard Turell Ms. and Mr. Jonathan Turell Turner Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tuzzo Ms. Michele Tylutki TZP Cares Foundation UCLA Health–Westlake Village Dr. and Mrs. Ira J. Udell Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Udell Ungerman Electric United Auto Credit United Way of greater Atlanta United Way of Metro Chicago United Way of Monmouth and Ocean Counties US Freight Utility Programs & Metering Inc. Ms. Eileen Vahey Mr. Ravimadhav Vaidya Ms. Mary Van Der Meid Mr. Luke Van Dyke Mr. Brad Van Lenten Mr. David C. Van Singel Mr. nina Van Winkle Mr. Anthony Variale Mr. george T. Varones Vaughan McKee Family Trust Mr. Arun Veeraraghavan Constance and Anthony J. Vela Verizon Foundation Vernon Veterans Memorial Park Mr. Dwayne Verrone Ms. Elizabeth g. Verville Mr. and Mrs. John Vette

This list of donors has been prepared with the greatest of care. We sincerely regret any errors or omissions. If you have questions about this list, please contact us at 866.789.1000.



VFW Post 7530 Home Assoc. Inc. games Fund Mr. Michael Villano Mr. and Mrs. Clinton A. Vince Dr. Dorothy Vincent Mrs. Chris Viola-Weiss Mr. Anthoni Visconsi Ms. Pauline Vizzini Dr. Daniel D. Von Hoff and Mrs. Ann Von Hoff Ms. Erica Vozzolo Mr. David Wachter Mrs. Irene T. Wachter Mr. Steve Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waldman Mr. Jeffrey Walker Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Walkover Burt and Lynn Wallack Marilyn Wallack Mr. Carl Wand Dr. Charles R. Waters, Jr. Mrs. Cindy Waters Waveguide, Inc. Stefanie M. Wayco Wayne S. Flick & William D. Hynes Charitable gift Fund WBF Foundation, Inc. Ms. Barbara A. Weaver Ms. Linda Weed Mr. Zachary Weil Mrs. Barbara Weinstein Mr. Michael Weinstein Mr. Colin Weir Mr. Scott Weismann Ms. Joelle C. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Weissenberg Mrs. JoAnn Welter Patricia Werderitsch Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wertheim Mr. Craig West Westfield Corporation, Inc.

Mr. Harold R. Weston Mrs. Carol A. Whalen Mr. James F. White White Knight Steamer, Inc. Dr. David Whitlock Ms. Margaret Whitson Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Wien Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wilensky Dr. Mark Wilkinson William goldberg Diamond Corp. William Vitacco Associates, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. William and Jane Williams Ms. Kate Williamson Mr. and Mrs. gregg Willinger Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Willis Willis Towers Watson Wilson Automotive Honorable Deanne Wilson Mr. Warren Winslow Mr. and Mrs. David S. Winter Wisconsin Masonic Foundation Mr. Fred Wistow Mr. Steven g. Witter Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Wolf Mrs. Mary Ann Wolfe Mrs. nancy K. Wolfe Mr. David J. Wolffe Mr. glen Wolther and Ms. Donna Rosen Dr. Brian Wraith WRDC DBA Fashion Center W.T. Clarke High School Dr. Jamie yedowitz-Freeman Renee young youngquist Brothers, Inc. Ms. Laurie Zaks Ms. Eva Zemplenyi Loretta Zetterstrom Ms. Susan Zimmer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zimmerman Mr. Seymour Zises

Lustgarten Leadership BOARD OF DIRECTORS:



Andrew Lustgarten

The Honorable Jimmy Carter

James Abbruzzese, M.D.

Chairman, Lustgarten Foundation; President, The Madison Square Garden Company

James L. Dolan Vice Chairman, Lustgarten Foundation; Executive Chairman, The Madison Square Garden Company

Adam Silver Vice Chairman, Lustgarten Foundation; Commissioner, National Basketball Association

Charles F. Dolan Chairman Emeritus, Lustgarten Foundation; Executive Chairman, AMC Networks; Former Chairman, Cablevision Systems Corporation

Robert F. Vizza, Ph.D. Chairman Emeritus, Lustgarten Foundation

William Bell Treasurer, Lustgarten Foundation; Former Vice Chairman, Cablevision Systems Corporation

John Cobb Partner, Paul Hastings

Jessica Courtemanche Vice President/Director, Data and Analysis, DigitasLBi North America

Quentin Dolan Director, MSG Networks

39th U.S. President, Honorary Chairman

Duke University School of Medicine

Frank A. Bennack Jr.

Ronald M. Evans, Ph.D.

Executive Vice Chairman and Former Chief ecutive fficer, earst orporation

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Barry Diller

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Weill Cornell Medicine

Chairman and Senior Executive, IAC/InterActiveCorp and Expedia, Inc.

John S. Hendricks Founder and Former Chairman, Discovery Communications

Mel Karmazin Former hief ecutive fficer, Sirius XM Radio; o Founder, nfinity roadcasting

Gerald M. Levin Former hairman and hief ecutive fficer, Time Warner, Inc.; Chairman, Dialyze Innovation Group

John C. Malone

Elizabeth M. Jaffee, M.D. Chief Medical Advisor, Lustgarten Foundation Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins

David Paul Kelsen, M.D. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Executive Chairman, News Corp; Chairman, Fox Corporation

Sumner M. Redstone

Tom Rogers

resident and hief ecutive fficer, Lustgarten Foundation

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rupert Murdoch

Kenneth Goodman, M.D., F.A.C.R.

Kerri Kaplan

Tyler Jacks, Ph.D.

Robert J. Mayer, M.D.

Principal, Esterow Events & Consulting, Inc. Former Director, Department of Radiology and Attending Physician, St. Francis Hospital

Charles S. Fuchs, M.D., MPH Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital

Former hief ecutive fficer, Tele-Communications Inc.; Chairman, Liberty Media, Liberty Global and Qurate Retail Group

Chairman Emeritus, Viacom and CBS Corporation; Chairman, National Amusements

Jennie Fortunoff

Douglas T. Fearon, M.D.

Executive Chairman, WinView

Sir Howard Stringer Non-Executive Director, British Broadcasting Corporation; Former Chairman of the Board, Sony Corporation

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School

Bruce Stillman, Ph.D. David A. Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D. Chief Scientist, Lustgarten Foundation Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Bert Vogelstein, M.D. The Johns Hopkins Medical School and Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins

Brian Wolpin, M.D., MPH Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School

Marcia Lustgarten Former Director, Optimum Community, Cablevision Systems Corporation

Wynk Design, Inc. wynkdesign.com

Sheila Mahony Former Executive Vice President, Communications, Government and Public Affairs, Cablevision Systems Corporation

John O’Brien President, O’Brien Partners

Charles R. Schueler Former Executive Vice President, Media and Community Relations, Cablevision Systems Corporation

Willa Shalit Co-Founder and Principal, RTM Limited

We are pleased to announce that as of January 16, 2020, Andrew Lustgarten has assumed the role of Chairman of the Lustgarten Foundation’s Board of Directors. Mr. Lustgarten, the son of the Foundation’s co-founder Marc Lustgarten, has served on the Board since 2001. The Foundation is also pleased to announce that James L. Dolan and Adam Silver have been appointed Vice Chairmen of the Board. Dr. Vizza led the Lustgarten Foundation since its inception in 1998, first as President and CEO, then as Vice Chairman and finally as Executive Chairman. Twenty-two years later, Dr. Vizza decided that with the initiation of the Foundation’s new five-year strategic plan, now was the right time to pass the baton to Mr. Lustgarten, whose strategic vision will ensure the Foundation continues to grow and fulfill its mission. Dr. Vizza will remain on the Board as Chairman Emeritus.

Lustgarten Foundation 415 Crossways Park Dr., Suite D Woodbury, NY 11797 516.737.1550 www.lustgarten.org

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2019 Annual Report  

2019 Annual Report  

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