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2017 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

2017: A year of Driving discovery and delivering results for A positive outcome.

2017 was indeed a memorable year in which the Foundation realized significant accomplishments in research, advances in fundraising, strong financial results, and progress in our mission to find a cure for the thousands of patients and their loved ones faced with pancreatic cancer. The Foundation committed another $22 million to research in 2017, bringing the cumulative total invested to date to $154 million, reinforcing our role as the largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research in the nation. As you will read in this report, 2017 was marked by groundbreaking advancements from our Lustgarten Foundation funded researchers. From the first FDA approval of an immunotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer— Keytruda®—to a promising early detection blood test—CancerSEEK—to new approaches in personalized medicine—organoids—we are on the cusp of unparalleled scientific discoveries that will profoundly impact patients’ lives and accelerate the path toward a cure. In addition to our research achievements, we experienced our best fundraising year with revenue amounting to $59 million, which includes two substantial estate bequests. Our financial strength will enable us to increase our commitment to new research in 2018 to $25 million. Further, we have been able to establish a separate dedicated fund, not from general contributions, to cover administrative expenses going forward, so we can continue with our strong message that “100% of your donation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.” To further increase the research dedicated to pancreatic cancer, and to leverage our resources, we expanded our successful collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer, a major international force in cancer research. Together, we have formally established the Pancreatic Cancer Collective and jointly funded it initially with $25 million. The purpose of this formal strategic partnership is to accelerate research to improve outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients. Our two organizations are uniquely positioned to engage and influence medical institutions, researchers and companies to achieve meaningful results faster. Since 2012, we have jointly funded more than 170 investigators across 28 leading research centers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Priorities will include early diagnosis and new therapies. In 2018, we will be marking our 20th year of fostering pancreatic cancer research. To commemorate this milestone, we are changing our logo and updating our branding strategy to meld our rich history with our vision for the future— where pancreatic cancer patients become long term survivors. We are grateful to our many generous supporters, volunteers, walk leaders, event sponsors, Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board, researchers and collaborators. And most importantly, we are privileged to honor and recognize an individual whose vision, support and determined efforts are largely responsible for founding and developing the Lustgarten Foundation—Charles F. Dolan—who transitioned from the role of Founding Chairman of the Board to the new role of Chairman Emeritus at the end of 2017. We are delighted that he will remain on the Board, and we thank him for his dedication. In his place, one of our founders and former President and CEO, Robert F. Vizza, Ph.D., will serve as Executive Chairman of the Board. We look forward to sharing our continued research progress and other Foundation announcements with you throughout the year.

Robert F. Vizza, Ph.D.

Charles F. Dolan

Kerri Kaplan

Executive Chairman

Chairman Emeritus

President & CEO


our focused mission

Our mission is to advance the scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of pancreatic cancer by: Increasing funding and support of research into the biological mechanisms and clinical strategies related to diagnosis, treatment and prevention  acilitating and enhancing the dialogue among F members of the medical and scientific communities about basic and clinical research efforts

2017 was a significant year for advancements from research funded by the Lustgarten Foundation. From the first FDA approval of an immunotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer to a promising early detection blood test, we are on the cusp of unparalleled scientific discoveries that will significantly impact patients’ lives and accelerate the path toward a cure.

Heightening public awareness of pancreatic cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention and providing informational support for patients, their families and friends

Core to the Foundation’s research strategy is funding the dedicated Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory at the world-class research facility, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and funding the Distinguished Scholars Program, a new Translational Clinical Program and the Research Investigator Program. The scientific research of Lustgarten Foundation Chief Scientist, Dr. David Tuveson, who also leads our dedicated lab, is now being applied in the clinic. Most notable are clinical studies being conducted by Dr. Brian Wolpin that are utilizing the organoid to tailor treatment options for individual patients.


Thanks to separate funding to support administrative expenses, 100% of your donation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.

Driving Results



Organoid Testing

Brian Wolpin, M.D., MPH, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, is changing the way that pancreatic cancer patients are being treated, offering an innovative new approach with promising preliminary results. Dr. Wolpin and his team employ personalized medicine to study the disease of each patient. By working to give each patient treatment that is tailored to his/her tumor, Dr. Wolpin’s team is identifying new therapy combinations for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.

The second personalized medicine approach Dr. Wolpin uses involves growing organoids in the laboratory from fresh tissue biopsies, which provides an opportunity to go beyond DNA sequencing to identify new therapy approaches. An organoid is a three-dimensional cell culture system which reproduces a patient’s tumor in a dish in order to test it repeatedly with different drugs, with the aim of identifying new potential treatments. Dr. Wolpin is working to determine whether drugs that are effective in treating a patient’s organoid in the laboratory also work to treat the cancer when given to the patient.

DNA Sequencing Dr. Wolpin takes a two-pronged approach to implementing personalized medicine. His first approach focuses on genetic sequencing of both the tumor DNA and the inherited DNA. All of Dana-Farber’s patients with pancreatic cancer are given the opportunity to have their tumors genetically sequenced and their inherited DNA sequenced. The goal is to have all of the sequencing data available in six to eight weeks, the point at which follow-up CT scans show if the current treatment is working. The sequencing findings are then used to identify new treatment programs for patients, which may include off-label use of medications that treat other cancers.

Understanding the biology behind the disease, what drives it, and what makes a particular therapy effective, is critical to treating and fighting this disease,” said Dr. Wolpin. “We are moving away from a one-size-fits-all treatment approach, with the goal of providing patients with the treatment options that have the best chance of improving their outcomes.

Genetic Sequencing: Impacting Patients in Real Time

In approximately one-third of patients, we find a mutation or genetic alteration that can be treated with a therapy that is either in clinical trials or used for other types of cancer. —Brian Wolpin, M.D., MPH   Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

In 2015, real estate developer Doron Broman was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer that metastasized to his liver, when he was only 44 years old. Given how progressive his disease was, he was told he had less than one year to live. From the moment he received this devastating diagnosis, Doron vowed to stay optimistic and fight the disease the best he could—not just for himself, but for his wife, his teenage daughter, and his parents. He researched the leading pancreatic cancer treatment centers in the country, found oncologist Kimmie Ng, M.D., MPH at DanaFarber Cancer Institute, and traveled to Boston from his home in Florida for treatment. Dr. Ng took a biopsy of his tumor and discovered that Doron’s tumor had a BRCA2 mutation. Typically, patients with this mutation respond well to treatment with the chemotherapy FOLFIRINOX, and subsequently, Doron received this potent therapy.

would likely benefit him. He is one of the first pancreatic cancer patients to take Lynparza, and it has worked so well since he started it two years ago that he has his life back—working, traveling, exercising, and looking forward to his future. Doron’s most recent scans continue to show no evidence of disease. “Genetic sequencing is changing how we look at cancer treatment and is giving patients like me more options,” said Doron.

After eight months of taking FOLFIRINOX, Doron received the incredible news that he had no evidence of disease. To minimize his chances of a recurrence, Dr. Ng prescribed Lynparza® (olaparib), an FDA-approved treatment for certain types of breast and ovarian cancer. She based this decision on the genetic mutations found in Doron’s tumor, which indicated that the off-label use of this treatment

Driving Results


TREATING PANCREATIC CANCER BY HARNESSING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Lustgarten Foundation Distinguished Scholar Dr. Bert Vogelstein and his team at Johns Hopkins had two major breakthroughs this year. The first was the approval of Keytruda® for pancreatic cancer patients and the second, the development of CancerSEEK, a blood screening test.

Keytruda is the first example of ‘personalized immunotherapy.’ A specific immune treatment can now be recommended for patients based exclusively on the genetic characteristics of the tumor. If the tumor shows a repair defect, then it is very likely that it will respond to this drug, regardless of how advanced the cancer is at the time of treatment. This is a potential life-changing therapy for these patients. —Bert Vogelstein, M.D.   Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center

Keytruda: Providing New Hope for Patients

Keytruda® is the first cancer drug based on a genetic characteristic, rather than tumor site, to be approved by the FDA for use in pancreatic cancer patients. Last spring, in an unprecedented, fast-tracked review, the FDA approved Keytruda® as the first immunotherapy treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer patients whose tumors have a unique genetic mutation called mismatch repair deficiency. This deficiency alters their capacity to repair DNA, which is a factor in cancer development. It is estimated that approximately 1 in 50 advanced pancreatic cancer patients have tumors that are mismatch repair deficient, making them candidates for this type of therapy. Keytruda is the first cancer drug based on a genetic characteristic, rather than tumor site, to be approved by the FDA for use in pancreatic cancer patients. The Lustgarten Foundation played a critical role in bringing this new treatment to patients by funding the research, encouraging patients to get tested, and funding patients’ testing to determine if their tumors are mismatch repair deficient.

Last October, retired elementary school principal Ed DeFino, 77, of Westchester County, NY, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had spread to his liver. His cancer was discovered during a routine scan of his right kidney, a test he undergoes yearly since his left kidney was removed in 2006 due to cancer. Ed and his wife, Kathleen, felt blindsided by this diagnosis; the only symptom Ed was experiencing was some lower back pain that he had attributed to his arthritis. After processing the shocking diagnosis and seeking advice from friends who survived the disease, they were referred to Dr. Paul Oberstein, then practicing at The Pancreas Center at Columbia University. Dr. Oberstein conducted a

genetic analysis on Ed’s tumor and determined that his tumor was mismatch repair deficient, making him a candidate for treatment with Keytruda. Based on this mutation and concern about side effects from chemotherapy, Ed was able to bypass chemotherapy treatment and started receiving Keytruda every three weeks beginning in November 2017. After four Keytruda treatments, his pain improved, the tumor in his pancreas shrunk between 50%-75%, and one spot in his liver disappeared.

at New York University’s Perlmutter Cancer Center and Assistant Director of the Perlmutter Cancer Center’s Pancreatic Cancer Center, has seen how promising immunotherapy can be in treating patients like Ed whose tumors have specific genetic mutations. As a standard course of practice, all of Dr. Oberstein’s pancreatic cancer patients are now tested to determine if their tumors are mismatch repair deficient.

“I feel blessed that my tumor is responding so well to Keytruda,” said Ed. “I know that this therapy has the best chance of working for me.” Dr. Paul Oberstein, Director of Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology

Driving Results


DETECTING CANCER THROUGH A SINGLE BLOOD TEST Researchers led by Dr. Vogelstein at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have designed a blood test called CancerSEEK that can detect the presence of pancreatic cancer as well as ovary, liver, stomach, esophagus, colorectal, lung and breast cancers. The test has the capacity to not only identify the presence of early cancer, but also to identify the organ of origin of these cancers. “The potential this has for pancreatic cancer is unprecedented,” said Anne Marie Lennon, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, and Director, Pancreatic Cyst Center of the Ludwig Center at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. “We know that in 80%-85% of pancreatic cancer cases, it’s detected too late, leaving the patient with few options. Developing a blood screening test for pancreatic cancer has been an urgent goal, because catching the disease early will be the way we get to long-term survival.”


The test results for pancreatic cancer were very promising. The sensitivity of the detection method was 72% and the specificity was greater than 99%. Sensitivity and specificity are terms used to evaluate a clinical test. Sensitivity is the ability of a test to correctly identify those with the disease (true positive), whereas test specificity is the ability of the test to correctly identify those without the disease (true negative). New blood tests for cancer must have very high specificity; otherwise, too many healthy individuals will receive positive test results, leading to unnecessary follow-up procedures and anxiety. This test is so critical because these eight cancers account for more than 60% of cancer deaths, and pancreatic cancer and four others in the panel have no screening test available. This study lays the foundation for a single blood screening test for multiple cancers that could be offered as part of routine medical checks. The estimated cost for the test will eventually be less than $500, which is comparable to or lower than other screening tests for single cancers, such as a colonoscopy. While further studies are necessary to establish the clinical utility of CancerSEEK and demonstrate that it can save lives, this test marks a significant first step toward a new era in how pancreatic cancer is diagnosed. The next steps are to increase the sensitivity of CancerSEEK and to test it on high-risk patients, which the Foundation is funding.

The test has the capacity to not only identify the presence of early cancer, but also to identify the organ of origin of these cancers.

We are continuing to make large-scale commitments to leading pancreatic cancer researchers, funding studies that seek to stretch the boundaries of science. This research will continue to pave the way toward our ultimate goal: to create a larger community of pancreatic cancer survivors.

Through his Lustgarten Foundation Research Investigator grant, Stephen Fesik, Ph.D. and his team at Vanderbilt University discovered a family of molecules that target the protein SOS (Son Of Sevenless). Targeting SOS is critical because SOS activates KRAS, a gene that, when mutated, contributes to approximately 90 percent of pancreatic tumors. This research is so groundbreaking because in the 30 years since its role in human cancers was discovered, researchers have been unable to develop drugs that are effective in binding to, and turning off, KRAS. Leading global pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim is collaborating with Vanderbilt University on a multi-year program to license the molecules discovered by Dr. Fesik, with the goal of getting these molecules into a clinical trial and ultimately developing new cancer treatments that work by directly blocking KRAS or indirectly preventing KRAS activation via SOS.

Driving Results


more powerful than ever

Promising New Projects funded in 2017 Detecting Pancreatic Cancer Earlier The Stand Up To Cancer–Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Interception Dream Team is researching and identifying individuals at high-risk for developing pancreatic cancer based on family history and “intercepting” the cancer in those high-risk people. The team—from six renowned institutions—is testing 2,000 pancreatic cancer patients for hereditary mutations and screening their immediate family members for potential pancreatic cancer risk. Additionally, a small subset of high-risk individuals who are currently cancer-free are enrolling in the first-ever vaccine trial to prevent pancreatic cancer. The team will also apply computational algorithms for developing improved imaging tools for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in high-risk cohorts, and collaborate with an existing Lustgarten Foundation-funded team of scientists to develop blood-based biomarkers for the early detection of pancreatic cancer.

Increasing Surgical Interventions The need to do more is at the root of the collaboration between Stand Up To Cancer and the Lustgarten Foundation. Working together since 2012, this relationship has flourished with now more than $85 million of combined funding and, thus far, 170 investigators at 28 research centers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Announcing the Pancreatic Cancer Collective In addition to funding four new projects in 2017, in April 2018, the Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer entered into a formal strategic partnership by establishing the Pancreatic Cancer Collective. The goal of the Collective is to accelerate research for pancreatic cancer patients who desperately need better treatments. Building on the successful outcomes of our multi-year history, the Collective will attract new collaborators, improve the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, use technology and data to develop new treatments for pancreatic cancer, and support the next generation of pancreatic cancer investigators. Initial funding for the Collective is $25 million. David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D., the Foundation’s Chief Scientist and Director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cancer Center, and Nobel laureate Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D., chair of the SU2C Scientific Advisory Committee, Institute professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and member of the Department of Biology and the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, will serve as the Collective’s scientific leaders. “This is a watershed moment in the field of pancreatic cancer research,” Dr. Tuveson said. “Through the Collective, these two organizations are uniquely positioned to engage and influence medical institutions, researchers and companies to achieve meaningful results faster.”

Enabling more patients to have surgery has the potential to dramatically improve long-term survival. The objective of the new Stand Up To Cancer–Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Interception Research Team is to implement a clinical trial of borderline resectable and locally advanced pancreatic cancer patients comparing those who receive chemotherapy and losartan, a medication used for high blood pressure that is thought to “open up the blood vessels,” to those who receive chemotherapy, losartan and an immunotherapy treatment called nivolumab before surgery. Initial data from this work show impressive increases in both the number of patients able to have surgery and improved outcomes for those patients who received treatment first.

Advancing Immunology Treatment Modifying Immune Cells The Stand Up To Cancer–Lustgarten Foundation Research Team is exploring CAR T-cell therapy, which uses specially modified immune cells to find and destroy cancerous cells. The team is headed by Drs. Carl June, Shelley Berger, and E. John Wherry at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, who are pioneers in CAR T-cell therapy development. Despite great success in treating certain types of leukemia and lymphoma, it has been difficult to apply CAR T-cell therapy to solid tumors. This Research Team, however, is investigating new ways that CAR T-cell therapy can be applied to pancreatic cancer patients. Their research is focusing on epigenetics, which are factors that influence the way genes are expressed. Understanding Long-Term Survival Understanding why some people survive pancreatic cancer for long periods of time could lead to improved treatments for patients. A new Stand Up To Cancer–Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Convergence Research Team will build on the work of an earlier Convergence grant co-funded by the Lustgarten Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer to understand how a patient’s immune system could lead to long-term survival. Our own immune system is able to unmask and destroy cancer cells. Researchers have observed that patients with long survival rates have 12 times more active immune cells responsible for recognizing and killing the tumor. Using DNA sequencing, computer science and immunological techniques, researchers will work to understand why immune cells from long-term survivors recognize specific and unique mutations. They will then use this information to develop a method for creating vaccines to treat pancreatic cancer.

Driving Results


Providing Patient Support

To further help patients and their loved ones navigate their pancreatic cancer journey, we also launched an online support community, Pancreatic Cancer Connections, in partnership with Let’s Win and Inspire, a leading healthcare social network. Pancreatic Cancer Connections provides a safe space for pancreatic cancer patients and their loved ones to share their experiences, get valuable coping resources, and support one another. Patients and loved ones can sign up for Pancreatic Cancer Connections at no cost and will be welcomed into an engaging and supportive community to discuss topics including treatment options, nutrition, and coping with the disease.

In 2017, Let’s Win was inducted into the PR News Platinum Hall of Fame for inspiring communications to better serve pancreatic cancer patients and all those impacted by the disease. According to PR News, editors select Hall of Fame communications campaigns that will be remembered for years to come because of their originality and unexpectedly large impact beyond their intended audiences. Let’s Win also hosted a series of monthly collaborative Twitter chats called PancChats, on topics relevant to the pancreatic cancer community. Patients, caregivers, physicians, researchers, advocacy groups, and others impacted by the disease participated and shared the latest information on topics including clinical trials, familial pancreatic cancer, and early detection. The PancChat series reached more than 30.6 million people and is continuing in 2018.

Sharing science solutions for Pancreatic Cancer An interactive online community where patients and families can share information and experiences about new, innovative science-driven treatments and learn about the latest research.

Through our collaborations with Let’s Win and Inspire, we are educating and engaging patients and the entire pancreatic cancer community. As we move forward, we will continue to expand on our commitment to helping patients and their loved ones navigate their pancreatic cancer journey.

As we continue to fund the most innovative research portfolio, we are also focused on serving as a resource for patients, their loved ones, and everyone impacted by pancreatic cancer. To fulfill this goal, in 2017, we significantly expanded our patient support services through our relationships with Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer (“Let’s Win”) and Inspire. Let’s Win is an interactive online community where patients and families can share information and experiences about new, innovative science-driven treatments and learn about the latest research, breakthroughs, and clinical trials in the fight against pancreatic cancer. Let’s Win has been recognized by former President Jimmy Carter, who joined the Let’s Win Advisory Committee and filmed a message of support. Additionally, the Let’s Win website expanded to include a video library which features a Survivor Series and a section for patients and caregivers on managing the disease. More than 74,000 people visited the site in 2017.

“Let’s Win has become for me a very valuable destination for a variety of information outside of the standard of care, clinical trials and various options people have been exploring. As a patient, I see in Let’s Win a great tool to weigh new and complementary treatments.”

– Pancreatic cancer patient, Israel

“Your site is amazing! So thrilled to hear how people have taken a bolder approach to treating pancreatic cancer with some spectacular successes.” – Pancreatic cancer patient’s wife, United Kingdom

“Let’s Win is an important source of inspiration and information for the pancreatic cancer community. Its first-person accounts from long-term survivors, and its constant updates on current research and emerging clinical practices, are defining a path from higher hopes to better outcomes.” – Pancreatic cancer patient, United States

Driving Results


walking for a cure In 2017, we expanded our national walk program to encompass 39 walks, including inaugural events in Annapolis, MD; Mechanicsburg, PA; Staten Island, NY; and Tampa, FL. Our Lustgarten Walks provide patients, survivors and loved ones who are on the same journey an opportunity to come together for an inspirational day of hope. Together, we are raising awareness, increasing research funding, and honoring everyone impacted by pancreatic cancer. Thank you to all of the walk leaders, participants, volunteers and sponsors who joined us in 2017 and whose involvement ensures that our walk program continues to thrive.


$39 million

raised since inception

2017 Statistics

more than

15,000 $4.3 walkers across 17 states

Pancreatic cancer survivor Jeff Weiss, his daughter Rachel Jurist, and other family members participate in the Long Island Walk, raising awareness and research funding.

million raised

Driving Results





“You have cancer”

Last summer, volunteer walk leaders from more than 30 Lustgarten Walks gathered on Long Island for two days of training, networking and inspiration. Walk leaders shared ideas and best practices, brainstormed how to make the walk program even more successful, learned about marketing and fundraising for the walks, and connected with others who have been deeply affected by pancreatic cancer. The highlight of the conference was the tour of the dedicated Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where walk leaders met with researchers who are on the verge of scientific breakthroughs in understanding and treating the disease.

by fernando licopoli

We hear or read countless words in our lifetime. Most of them we forget, like smoke that quickly dissipates. However, there are words we do remember. Usually they are simple expressions like “I love you,” which are uncluttered by hidden meaning and make us feel reassured, comforted, and personally connected. On the other hand, there is one three-word statement we always remember, but don’t want to hear: “You have cancer.” A doctor conveyed those terrifying words to me—over the telephone rather than face to face—in June 2009. After delivering this crushing news, he told me I should find a surgeon. I was paralyzed by fear that everything I took for granted, including my family and friends, would disappear. We met with a physician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City shortly after my diagnosis. My test results showed that a malignant tumor blocked my bile duct and prevented my body from removing toxic waste. That duct passes through the pancreas where my tumor was. Prior to my diagnosis, I was suffering from symptoms including a grinding pain in the middle of my abdomen, fatigue, cloudy whites of my eyes, jaundice and intolerable itching which began benignly around my chest but progressively spread until I itched from head to toe and nothing could relieve it. I was lucky these symptoms appeared early and the tumor was detected at a treatable stage, as most patients are not diagnosed until the disease has progressed. I underwent the only potential “cure,” a surgical procedure known as the Whipple. Only 15%-20% of patients are eligible for this surgery.

To cope with this complex surgery, I drew strength from my family’s encouraging words, such as “we support you,” “we will fight this together,” and “I won’t lose you.” I was very fortunate that the Whipple procedure to remove part of my pancreas and small intestine and my entire gall bladder was successful. Following surgery, my wife saw an ad in our Long Island newspaper for the Lustgarten Foundation’s Pancreatic Cancer Walk, and I discovered that 100% of donations directly fund research. Less than one month after my surgery, my family and I attended the 2009 walk. Unfortunately, the vast majority of participants walked in memory of someone who died from this disease, and I met only one other survivor. By 2011, there were nearly a dozen survivors at the walk’s Survivors’ Tent. In 2012, following a move to Florida, I started attending the Foundation’s annual Fort Myers Walk and have met more survivors each year. Unfortunately, there are still just a few of us compared to those walking in memory of loved ones. June will mark my nine-year anniversary as a survivor. To commemorate this milestone, I invite everyone impacted by this disease to join our pancreatic cancer community at one of the Lustgarten Foundation’s 40 walks nationwide. I urge you to add your voice of encouragement and come together with me and other survivors, patients and loved ones for a day of hope, promise and progress. Together, let’s make sure there are more people like me waiting to greet you at the Survivors’ Tent.

Hearing the other walk leaders’ ideas, finding out about the support the Lustgarten Foundation provides, meeting the staff members who support us, meeting with Dr. David Tuveson, and touring the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory made the entire experience very moving and very motivating. Everyone made me feel like part of the Lustgarten Foundation team! —Ann Marie Warner,   Walk Leader, Syracuse, NY

Driving Results


events We are incredibly grateful for the continued support of our volunteers, corporate sponsors, and everyone impacted by pancreatic cancer who joined us at one of our 300 community events and fundraisers in 2017.

Strike Down Pancreatic Cancer (Above) Board member Jennie Fortunoff and her friend Alonna Ostad organized Strike Down Pancreatic Cancer, a bowling event at Syosset Lanes on Long Island, in memory of Jennie’s husband Louis W. Fortunoff and Alonna’s friend and youth sports coach Steve Bryan. Race 4 A Cure (Left) Several New York and Connecticut families impacted by pancreatic cancer hosted the fourth Race 4 A Cure at Grand Prix NY in Westchester. The event featured activities for the whole family, including a silent auction, entertainment and music from Total Entertainment, indoor go-kart racing, bowling, bounce houses and a delicious menu from highly acclaimed restaurants.





states held community events

million raised through community events and fundraisers

community events and fundraisers held

events raised more than $1,000

Holiday Rock & Roll Bash (Above) The Madison Square Garden Company and AMC Networks hosted the 17th annual Holiday Rock & Roll Bash at famed New York City hotspot TAO Downtown. Entertainment for the event included a special DJ set from Grammy Award-winning music producer and recording artist Swizz Beatz, along with an exclusive performance from the Christmas Spectacular by the world-famous Radio City Rockettes (photo provided by Angela Cranford/MSG Photos). Richard & Jonathan Lewis Memorial Tournament (Right) Lenore Lewis organized the second Richard & Jonathan Lewis Memorial Tournament to commemorate the lives and legacies of her husband Richard, who died from cancer, and her son Jonathan, who passed away from pancreatic cancer. The tournament featured golf, card games, merchandise from local vendors, a cocktail reception and a dinner at Glen Head Country Club in Long Island.

Driving Results


Thanks to separate funding to support administrative expenses, 100% of your donation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.

2000–2017 Annual Revenue (dollars in millions)

2000–2017 Annual Revenue $60 (dollars in millions)

financial highlights 2017





Total Expenses



Annual Research Expenses



Research Commitments Outstanding



Ending Total Net Assets



50 $60 40 50 43% Bequests ($25.4 million)

30 40 20 30 10 20

2017 Total Revenue


0 10





































17% Gifts-in-kind ($10.1 million) 12% Events ($6.9 million)

57% Research ($18.9 million)

2017 Total Expenses





million in total revenue 2017

million in research grants awarded cumulative

9% Investment Income ($5.5 million)

10% Fundraising ($3.3 million) 5% Management & General ($1.7 million) 27% Public Education ($9.1 million)

19% Contributions ($11.2 million)

1% Professional Education ($0.4 million)

2000–2017 Cumulative Research Grants (dollars in millions)

46% Bequests ($23.2 million)

2000–2017 Cumulative Research Grants $200 (dollars in millions)


$200 160

2016 Total Revenue

180 140


160 120 140 100 120 80 100 60

12% Events ($6.0 million) 11% Sponsor ($5.8 million)

80 40 60 20 40 0 20

14% Contributions ($6.9 million)






































Note: Financial audit in progress at the time of printing. The audited financial statements of the Lustgarten Foundation are available on our website or upon request.

12% Gifts-in-kind ($6.2 million) 5% Investment Income ($2.8 million)

66% Research ($19.5 million)

2016 Total Expenses


23% Public Education ($6.7 million)

5% Management & General ($1.4 million) 5% Fundraising ($1.7 million) 1% Professional Education ($0.3 million)

Driving Results




Your 2017 contribution has helped fund a clinical trial, advanced the latest technology to detect pancreatic cancer earlier, made the growth of organoids possible, and so much more. We wish there was enough space to thank each individual, foundation, corporation, and organization for your generosity. However, please know that each contribution is deeply appreciated.


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Bill and Ellen Bell Cablevision Systems Corporation Charles B. Wang Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frederick DeMatteis Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lockton III McMullen Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Randolph Jr. The Lustgarten Family Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tow

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AMC Networks Celgene Corporation Estate of Dorothy C. Guida Estate of Patricia C. Galgan JCPenney Karen Zissu-Magidson   Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lockton III Mark Broxmeyer Memorial Fund McMullen Family Foundation News Corporation Rolfe Pancreatic   Cancer Foundation Sullivan & Cromwell LLP The Antoinette E. (“Mimi”) &   Herman Boehm Foundation The Bern Schwartz Family  Foundation The Ralph C. Marcove Cancer   Research Fund Inc. Mr. Charles Wang

President’s Circle $100,000– $499,999 Cumulative Since Inception 21st Century Fox Amdocs Broadband Cable &   Satellite Division Arris Ms. Adrienne Atkinson Bank of America Barbara Mantoni Santaniello   Research Fund Inc. Bear Stearns Companies, Inc.

Bill and Ellen Bell Black Twig Communications, LLC Boston Scientific Corporation Brindell Roberts Gottlieb Trust Brisbin Brook Beynon, Architects Mr. John F. Campbell Cisco Systems, Inc. Clare Rose Foundation, Inc. Croatian American Charitable  Foundation Mrs. Dorothy Daly Data-Mail, Inc. Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Deloitte & Touche DevelopOnBox LLC Discovery Communications, LLC Disney and ESPN Media Networks Eleanor Schwartz Charitable  Foundation Eli Lilly and Company ESPN, Inc. Estate of Florence E. Wilson Estate of John A. Ryvik Estate of Judith Bandel Estate of Laurie Lima Estate of Suzanne Rapier Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball FCB Health Forchelli, Curto, Deegan,     Schwartz, Mineo, & Terrana, LLP Frank J. Antun Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frankel Frenz For A Cause, Inc. Frontier Touring Gardner Nelson & Partners, Inc. Genentech, Inc. George L. Ohrstrom, Jr.  Foundation Gerstner Family Foundation

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP Goldman Sachs Greater Hartford Community   Foundation, Inc. Mr. Leo A. Guthart HJ Kalikow & Co., LLC HBO Hope Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr. Howard Shapiro Memorial Fund Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP Laura and Brian Hull IBM Employee Charitable   Contribution Campaign ImClone Systems Incorporated Insurance Auto James S. Swinehart   Memorial Fund Jeffrey Rosenzweig Foundation   for Pancreatic Cancer Research Jenner & Block LLP John Alexander Wilkins III   Memorial Fund Jones Day JP Morgan Chase Kansys, Inc. Kauff McGuire & Margolis LLP Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Lazarus Marketing, Inc. Ruth and David Levine Linda J. Verville Cancer   Research Foundation Loeb & Loeb LLP Martha Washington Straus–   Harry H. Straus Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Martin Merrill Lynch Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky   and Popeo, P.C.

Driving Results


Miramax Films Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Morgan Stanley MTV Networks, Inc. NBA Cares NBCUniversal Neil M. Klatskin Foundation, Inc. Network For Good Newsday Nokia Siemens Networks OSI Foundation Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton   & Garrison LLP Mr. Robert F. Penardi Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. Port Jefferson Yacht Club Mrs. Richardson Pratt Jr. Rensselaer Honda Tom Gorman   Memorial Golf Outing Mrs. F. F. Randolph Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Richardson Road to Market LTD Ropes & Gray LLP

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Salmanson Samsung Mrs. Kathryn Schulberg Virginia Grande Schwenk Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. Greg and Lynda Seck Shearman & Sterling LLP Shostak Charitable Fund Showtime Networks, Inc. Mr. Adam Silver Sloane & Company Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation Sun Microsystems The Benevity Community   Impact Fund The Benjamin Neuhausen Fund   for Pancreatic Cancer Research The Bernice and Milton Stern  Foundation The Clarissa & Edgar Bronfman Jr.  Foundation The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation The Dozen Dimes Foundation, Inc.

The Gloria J. Rosenthal   Memorial Fund The Harry T. Barbaris, M.D.   Memorial Fund The John A. Hartford Foundation, Inc. The Lefkofsky Foundation The Mancheski Foundation, Inc. The Marc Haas Foundation The Mark Abrams Memorial  Foundation The Perelman Family   Foundation, Inc. The Peter Grosslight   Memorial Fund The Richard E. Capri Foundation The Robert & Lynne Grossman   Family Foundation The Sandra Atlas Bass and   Edythe & Sol G. Atlas Fund, Inc. The Spionkop Charitable Trust The Weinstein Company The William H. Isacoff, M.D.   Research Foundation

Thomasville Home Furnishings   Metro NY Time Warner, Inc. Tom’s Cure Pancreatic   Cancer Foundation Mr. Leonard Tow Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. UBS Financial Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Udell of   London Jewelers Verizon Communications Viacom Wasily Family Foundation West New York Restoration of CT, Inc. William Morris Endeavor  Entertainment Willkie, Farr & Gallagher LLP WLNY TV 10/55 Suzanne and Bob Wright

This listing reflects the total amount of donors’ commitments from January 1, 2017–December 31, 2017, including gifts, pledges, and payments on prior-year pledges of $1,000 or more.

Platinum Circle $10,000,000–$50,000,000 Estate of Mary Brenneisen The Walter B. Wriston Fund

Sapphire Circle $1,000,000–$9,999,999 Altice USA Media Solutions Creative Bath Products, Inc.

The Antoinette E. (“Mimi”) &   Herman Boehm Foundation The Dozen Dimes Foundation, Inc. The Gloria J. Rosenthal   Memorial Fund The Madison Square   Garden Company Theodore W. Batterman Family   Foundation, Inc.

Gold Circle

Diamond Circle



AMC Networks Associated Capital Group, Inc. Boston Scientific Corporation Clare Stadtmauer Memorial Fund Dolan Family Foundation Estate of Helen Greenberg Estate of John I. Porter Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP Greater Hartford Community   Foundation, Inc.

Celgene Corporation Eleanor Schwartz Charitable  Foundation Facebook FCB Health Mark Broxmeyer Memorial Fund Newsday Mrs. Kathryn Schulberg

Hope Foundation KPMG, LLP Leslie B. Barrett Foundation NBA Cares Road to Market LTD Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer  Foundation Greg and Lynda Seck Mr. Adam G. Silfen Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation Sullivan & Cromwell LLP The Benevity Community   Impact Fund The Bern Schwartz Family  Foundation The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation The Flora Family Foundation The Ralph C. Marcove Cancer   Research Fund, Inc. The Richard M. Powell Foundation Wasily Family Foundation

Jamie Nicholls and Fran Biondi   Charitable Trust Karen Zissu-Magidson   Memorial Fund Kasowitz, Benson, Torres   & Friedman LLP Kauff McGuire & Margolis LLP Ruth and David Levine Network For Good New York Presbyterian Hospital Paul Hastings Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton   & Garrison LLP PJT Partners Port Jefferson Yacht Club Pound the Pavement for Purple   5K Run/Walk Proskauer Rose LLP Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Richardson Ropes & Gray LLP Mr. and Mrs. David E. Salmanson Shostak Charitable Fund The Lustgarten Family The Mancheski Foundation, Inc. The Ross and Caren Frankel   Family Fund The Stephen J. Meoli Memorial  Foundation The Sunflower Fund The Wolf Family Verizon Foundation

Silver Circle $25,000–$49,999

Bronze Circle

Mrs. Jackie Adell Bank of America Charter Communications Mr. Anthony M. Civale Mr. Thomas E. Claugus Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP Dr. Claude V. Greco   Charitable Fund Deloitte & Touche Mr. Robert P. Flicker Foundation For A Better World, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frankel Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fuirst George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation Goldman Sachs Gives Haymakers for Hope, Inc. Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP Insurance Auto James S. Swinehart   Memorial Fund

$10,000–$24,999 A & E Television Networks Dr. Andrea Abramson Andree Wildenstein Dormeuil &   Roger Dormeuil Foundation Anne & John Tatta Family  Foundation Mr. Ed Arnold Bahnik Foundation, Inc. Bank of America United Way  Campaign Barclays Capital Benhar Office Interiors Mrs. Linda K. Berger Bethpage Federal Credit Union Mr. Leon Black Bloomingdale, New Jersey Fire  Department BNP Paribus Bonner Family Private   Foundation, Inc.

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP CamberView Partners Mr. John F. Campbell Mrs. Carolann C. Catalogne Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Chadakoff Citigroup Payment Services Clifford Chance US LLP Mrs. Mary E. Corrado Croatian American Charitable  Foundation Andre and Roushy Dahan Mr. and Mrs. Gary Damast Ms. Melodee R. Davis and Family Davis Polk Deanne Keim Memorial Fund Inc. Dechert LLP Delman Mortenson Charitable  Foundation Discovery Communications, LLC Ms. Mary C. Dix Dolan Family Fund at the   Cleveland Foundation Dorothy “Dot” Robelen   Memorial Fund The Tom and Cathy Edwards   Giving Fund Dr. Joan Egrie Jeff Elder Family Fletcher Family Foundation Mr. Marvin A. Flood Mrs. Helene Fortunoff and   Mr. Robert Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gavin Gerstner Family Foundation Goldman, Sachs & Co. Ms. Alyssa Gonzales Harris Family Fund Mr. Roger Hathaway Heritage Home Group   Charitable Trust Professor Benjamin E. Hermalin Mr. Scott Hirsh Howard Shapiro Memorial Fund Laura and Brian Hull IBM Employee Charitable   Contribution Campaign iHeart Media Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Irving Hansen Memorial  Foundation J.T. Hobby Jr. Endowment Fund J.T. Magen & Company, Inc. Ms. Jacqueline Jackson JP Morgan Chase

Judy Field Memorial Foundation, Inc. JVZ Foundation Mrs. Marilyn E. Kasperick Mr. William Hunter Kleh Nicole and Stuart Kovensky Kramer Levin Naftalis   & Frankel LLP Mr. Howard M. Krams Ms. Michelle R. Kunerth Latham & Watkins LLP Liberty Mutual Employee &   Matching Gift Program Loeb & Loeb LLP Dr. Edward F. Loeb and Family Lord Abbett & Company, LLC Luau for Lustgarten–Pancreatic   Cancer Research Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lustgarten Lydia K. Feidler Charitable Trust Ms. Carin Mack Martha Washington Straus–   Harry H. Straus Foundation, Inc. McMullen Family Foundation Mechanical Contractors   Association of New York, Inc. Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Milstein Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky   and Popeo, P.C. “Miranda Fund” of the Community   Foundation of New Jersey Mohegan Sun Mr. and Mrs. Scott Morgan MUFG Mr. Rafal Murczek Nancy J. Semmel Foundation Inc. National Hockey League Ms. Carol Hulbert Nick Nielsen Mrs. Susan Oberstein Mr. John O’Neil Mr. Jeffrey Paraschac Mr. and Mrs. Fred Poses Andrew and Terry Prekopa Mrs. Daisy S. Rajsingh Mrs. Harriet A. Ramlo Mrs. F. F. Randolph Jr. Real Time Consultants, Inc Reed Regina Printing Rensselaer Honda Tom Gorman   Memorial Golf Outing Robert R. Baumann Jr. Foundation Mr. Marc J. Rowan Mr. Harvey Rudman

Russell & Katherine Hawken    Foundation Mr. Clark Schubach SCI Architects, P.C. Scotia Capital Inc Seido Juku Benefit Foundation Mr. Jared Selengut Ms. Judith Siegfried Mr. Adam Silver Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher   & Flom LLP Stand Up To Cancer Stanley Shalom Zielony  Foundation Ms. Wanda Stralka Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Sundheim Thatcher Foundation The Dr. Sylvan A. Schotz   Charitable Fund The Hildenbrand Family  Foundation The James and Bernadette   Harrison Charitable Fund The Paul B. Greetin and Beryl S.   Greetin Foundation, Inc. The Peter Grosslight   Memorial Fund The Robert and Marion Schamann   Brozowski Foundation, Inc. The Sandra Atlas Bass and   Edythe & Sol G. Atlas Fund, Inc. The Schwartz Family Foundation The Spionkop Charitable Trust The Stewart J. Rahr Foundation The Switzer Group The West Endowment Thomasville Home Furnishings   Metro NY Mr. John M. Timperio Tom’s Cure Pancreatic   Cancer Foundation Travers Smith LLP UBS Financial Services, Inc. U.S. Bank Viacom Vinson & Elkins LLP Wally Oakland Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Walsh Weil, Gotshal & Manges, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weinstein Wells Fargo Bank West Haven, CT Elks Lodge #1537 Hope and Gavin Wolfe Mr. Michael Yantis and Family

Driving Results


Benefactor Circle $5,000–$9,999 Mr. Laurence J. Abzug AmazonSmile Foundation American Express Foundation   Employee Gift & Matching Program Ancient Order of Hibernians   Division #2 Angels of Hope Foundation Mr. Joseph L. Arena Miss Courtney M. Arneson Aurora, IL Police Department Baerlein & Partners LLC Bank of America Charitable  Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joel I. Barnett Ms. Nikole Barone   and Mr. Joseph Barone Mrs. Evelyn Barrow Ms. Lillian Baumann Mr. Edward L. Bayarski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blomquist Linda and Christopher Boss Mrs. Barbara A. Bradley Brian McGovern Memorial   Golf Tournament Bright Funds Foundation CareFirst Carol & Jack Kline Fund Carol B. Smith Memorial Golf Fund Mr. Jim Casey Mr. Robert B. Catell Charles Steven Monat   Foundation Ltd. Cintas Corporation Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP Ms. Alana Clegg Credit Suisse First Boston Mr. Evan Damast Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. D’Ambrosio Robert Decarlo Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. DeGrazia Deloitte & Touche Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Dernburg Deutsche Bank   Americas Foundation Dime Community Bank Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Donner Doyle & McKean LLP DTCC Edward Darman Co., L.P. Mr. Jamshid Ehsani

Epic Charitable Fund Evening Out, Inc. Ms. Deborah Fertitta Jennie Fortunoff   and Andrew Chonofsky Foundation Source Mr. Alan M. Fressle Mr. and Mrs. Rick Fromewick Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C. Mr. John J. Garthoeffner GE Foundation Matching   Gifts Program Gleason Family Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Sherry Gold Goldman Sachs Matching   Gift Program Good Hope Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goodman Mrs. Bernice L. Gotlieb Mr. and Mrs. Eli A. Gross Mr. Richard Gruen Mr. and Mrs. Bud Gruenberg Ms. Rona M. Guidone Hanna Family Investments Mr. John J. Hannan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Healy Mr. Merrit Heminway Mr. Dan Hersh Mrs. Inge Horn Dr. Terry Horowit Horwith Trucks Mrs. Marie H. Hostetler Houlihan Lokey Mrs. Beryl E. Howkins Jacob Oresky & Associates, PLLC Ms. Beverly S. Jacobs Mrs. Sylvia Jacobs and Family Jay Horowitz & Elizabeth   Hardin Fund Jeff Horstman Golf Tournament Mrs. Patricia C. Johnson JP Morgan Securities The Kalaydjian Family Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Kazam Dr. Gary F. Keiper King & Spalding Mr. Kerry J. Kirby Mr. Scott Kleinman Mr. Phil Krejci Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Lande Lawton Adams Construction Mr. John Laxmi   and Ms. Diane Laxmi Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Lerch

Tobey Lipschitz Mr. Robert Lourie Ms. Helen Lowenstein Mr. Michael Mackey Ms. Sheila Mahony   and Mr. Chuck Riggs Mr. Charles Malpass Max and Sunny Howard   Memorial Foundation Meltzer Lippe Foundation Mrs. Diane Miller and Family Ms. Phyllis W. Miller Montauk Sports, Inc. Mr. Joseph Moretti Morgan Stanley Foundation–   Employee Giving Program New Jersey Outdoor Alliance New York Life NYU Winthrop Hospital Omega Phi O’Melveny & Myers LLP Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ostrow Ms. Kim Padnes Pascucci Family Foundation Paula Feder Foundation Mr. William G. Paullin Paypal Charitable Giving Fund PeerView Institute for   Medical Education Mr. and Mrs. Doniel Perl Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts   Program–YourCause Employee   Giving Program Ms. Barbara Pickett Power Design Mr. John J. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Pranzo   and Family REI 3, LLC Ms. Meaghan A. Repko RFC Fine Jewelry Mr. Timothy Riepe   and Ms. Elaine Riepe Ms. Eve K. Robinson   and Mr. Joshua Wiener Roger Klauber Family   Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Cheryl Ross and Family Mr. Jeffrey Ross Mr. Richard Ross Mr. James B. Rowley Schenck, Price, Smith & King LLP Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schneider Mrs. Anne A. Schnesel

Ms. J. Virginia Schurz Score For The Cure in Pennington,   New Jersey Mrs. Susan Seiden Selden Standard Ms. Willa Shalit   and Mr. A. James Heynen Showtime Networks, Inc. Siena Engineering Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Sola Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Sperry Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Sultan Suntrust Robinson Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Adam L. Taetle The Fortner Family Charitable Fund The Gettinger Family Foundation The Ivan Seidenberg Foundation, Inc. The Lawrence T. Babbio Jr.  Foundation The Missouri Kansas Wireless   Association Inc. The Moloney Family Foundation The New York Blower Company The Sidley Austin Foundation The Ted and Ruth Johnson   Family Foundation The Thalia and George Liberatos  Foundation The Virginia Metzler Family   Charitable Foundation The Walter Foundation The William and Sylvia Silberstein  Foundation Mr. Donald Turano United Air Conditioning  Corporation University of Pittsburgh Mrs. Daria Wallach Ms. Anna Weintraub Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weiss Western Refining Southwest, Inc. William C. Dowling Jr. Foundation Mrs. Kristin Williams Mr. and Mrs. William Williams Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilpon Honorable Alfred M. Wolin and   Mrs. Jane Wolin Mr. and Mrs. Dave Yarnold Zeta Phi Eta, Alpha Chapter Mr. Frank Zuckerbrot

Patron Circle $2,500–$4,999 21st Century Oncology Abbe Berman Foundation Trust Aberdeen Christian School Inc. Mr. Howard Adler Akin Gump Strauss Hauer   & Feld, LLP Albany Gastroenterology   Consultants, PLLC Mr. Thomas Albert Alpha Cubed Investments Ms. Quinta E. Andersen Mrs. Nancy Armstrong Mr. Thomas L. Aronson Mr. Michael R. Artura Mr. and Mrs. Jeff W. Aston AT & T–YourCause   Employee Giving Mr. James K. Baer Ms. Martha G. Bannerman Mrs. Judy Baum Mr. Gus Black Bloomberg L.P. Mr. John Blue BNY Mellon BNY Mellon Community Partnership   Employee & Matching Program Bock Family Charitable Gift Fund Ms. Candice R. Bolte Mr. Peter N. BonTempo Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brown Ms. Laura N. Buehler Ms. Andria Bunnell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burnstine Business Asset Relocations, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carniaux Carrington Family Foundation Mrs. Suzanne Chamberlain Mr. Gary A. Chanowitz Derek Chilvers Mr. Michael Civale Classic Audi Clearpool Group Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Cleeland Mr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Cohen   and Family Ms. Serena Connelly Contract Pharmacal Corp. Mrs. Georgia Cooper and Family Custard Hut LLC Mr. and Mrs. Errol Cvern Daniell Family Foundation Inc.

Mrs. Carol Ann DeAngelo Mr. Stephen DeFilippis Mr. and Mrs. Peter Desmond Mr. and Mrs. Adam Donner Mr. Ed Downing Mr. Eric Duclos Mrs. Shari Dusansky Miss Katie J. Edin Efficient Combustion   & Cooling Corporation Mrs. Gail R. Eisenberg Mrs. Daryl Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Ellis Empire National Bank Estate of Josephine Snyder Estate of Laurie Lima Mr. and Mrs. John T. Evans Mr. Kevin J. Farrell Mrs. Rozanne T. Faulkner Mr. Mark Fedorcik Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. Mrs. Amanda B. Flicker and Family Forchelli, Curto, Deegan,   Schwartz, Mineo, & Terrana, LLP Mrs. Ruth Fortunoff-Cooper and   Mr. Brian Cooper Mr. Phillip Francone Frank J. Romano Foundation Inc. Mr. Charles Frankel Anita Dann Friedman The Furrh Family Galowski Family Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gardill Ms. Nadia Gerbasi Mr. Alfred M. Gillis Mr. Joshua Gillon Mr. and Mrs. Dave Girolamo Glen Oaks Club Glow Go With Courage, Inc. Abdel and Barbara Ghafir Tara and Arthur Goldfrank Mrs. Geneva Gondek Gordon H. Smith Corporation Gutman Family Foundation Mrs. Denise Haak Christopher J. Hagen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Haggerty Halo Top Creamery Mrs. Gail F. Harms Hauser’s Truck Service Haynes and Boone, LLP Mr. Harvey R. Heller Ms. Susan M. Hering

The Herring Family Hershey Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hochberg Howard Family Charitable   Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Loretta E. Howard Jack Haley Memorial Fund Jerome Stevens Pharmaceuticals Johnson & Johnson Matching   Gifts Program Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kabat Mrs. Louise Kaminow and Family Mrs. Rosalind Karlitz Mrs. Dolores Karp Kasirer Consulting Kellenberg Memorial High School Kohl’s Department Stores, Inc. Korchek Technologies The Koslowsky Family KPMG Community Giving Campaign Mr. David Kretz Ms. Loren K. Kushner Ms. Carol L. Lace Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Laub Ms. Marianne Lazarou-Benjamin Ms. Lisa Lerner Mr. and Mrs. Ron Lesser Mr. Andrew Levander Mrs. Elizabeth P. Levengood Dr. Robert S. Lewis Mr. Aaron Linsky Mrs. Marie Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Lovell Lt. George Gutierrez Jr.   Middle School Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mackey Mrs. Jill Magidson Dr. Heather Magnan Maples and Calder Ms. Ann Martinez MasterCard–YourCause   Employee Giving Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Mayer Ms. Elizabeth Ponce McClain Mr. Doug McDaniel Mrs. Holly McMullan Mr. Mike Meadow Medtronic Foundation–  YourCause Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Michael Ms. Jean Miller Ms. Melissa R. Mirabile Mr. and Mrs. Craig Moore Mr. Brian Mora Moran Insurance

Nathan’s Famous Services, Inc. New York Life–YourCause   Employee Giving Newman’s Own Foundation Ms. Eileen T. Nugent Mr. John O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. Jay Odintz Mr. Lionel Ohayon Mrs. Cindy O’Keeffe Old Westbury Golf & Country Club Oppenheimer Funds Legacy  Program Mr. Steven Orbuch and Family OritaniBank Charitable  Foundation Ostroff Associates Patricia Armstrong Dressler  Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bret Pearlman Mr. and Mrs. John F. Peiser Ms. Roslyn Persky Mrs. Mary Beth Persons Mr. Jack R. Pine Pledgeling Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Pliskin Dr. Stacy Plum Policemen’s Benevolent  Association Mr. and Mrs. Terry Powell PPC–John Mezzalingua   Associates Inc. Projector PSA Inc. Mr. Lewis S. Ranieri Mr. and Mrs. Gil Raviv Rechler Equity Partners Richard E. Tesler, Esq. Mr. Warren Richardson Mr. Ernest Riefenhauser Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Riese Mr. Schuyler Risk Mrs. Betty M. Roach Robert R. McCormick Foundation Mr. Alasdair Robertson Ms. Lori Rooney Mr. Barry Rudofsky Ms. Debra Samuelson Sandpiper Lane Foundation Mr. Mark Satov Ms. Diane Saxton Ms. Mindy Schneider Ms. Katherine A. Sears Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Sesterhenn Dr. Shashin Shah Mr. Thomas Shapiro

Driving Results


Mr. Leon Shaulov Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sheppard Ms. Connie Sigel Mrs. Pamela H. Singer Somers Point Business  Association St. Peter’s Surgery State Street Matching   Gifts Program Stifel Nicolaus Stop & Stor Charitable Fund Tampa General Hospital Ms. Linda S. Tardiff TD Bank, N.A. The Coughlin Family Trust The Hallen Construction   Company, Inc. The Koblowski Family Trust The Simmons Family   Foundation, Inc. The SO Charitable Trust The Walt Disney Company  Foundation The Woodmere Club   Charitable Foundation Mr. Philip Tiemann Tomaselli Consulting Company Mr. Stephen Tomaselli Jr. Ms. Jodie M. Towle Trowel Housing Corporation Mr. Robert S. Trump Ms. Gernine Tuckner University of Pennsylvania UPS Alexis and Lou Ventre Ms. Alexanderina Vigh Mr. Domenick Vita Mrs. Irene T. Wachter Mrs. Katherine Walker Mr. Mark Walker Mr. and Mrs. Christian Wall Wallack Management   Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan C. Wand The Weingarten Family Mrs. Carol Whalen and Family Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering White Plains Hospital Center Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wight Mrs. Kristine Wilson Ms. Megan Wisdom YourCause Employee Giving Xerox Ms. Laurie Zaks

Friend Circle $1,000–$2,499 Mr. Chico Timbadia A.C. Israel Foundation A.R.E. Rico Memorial   Foundation, LTD. Ms. Mary L. Abbott ABCO Peerless Sprinkler  Corporation Aetna Foundation, Inc.–   c/o Cybergrants, LLC AGP & Sons, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Havard Albright Mr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Alesia Allergan Alliance Bernstein Matching   Gift Program Allstate Employee Giving &   Matching Gifts Campaign Ally Financial, Inc. Alpha Zeta Omega   Pharmaceutical Fraternity Ms. Susan K. Alvarado American Asphalt American Express PAC Matching   Gifts Program American Metals Supply   Company, Inc. American Society of Perfumers America’s Charities Mrs. Rosemary Ames Ms. Angela Ammazzalorso Ms. Andrea Anastasio Ms. Gretchen M. Anderson Andover Properties Annapolis Cars, Inc. Anthony and Sons Bakery Mr. Farhad Anvari Applied Materials Foundation   Employee Engagement Fund Mr. and Mrs. David Arnow Artemis Gallery Mr. Anthony Arturi and Family Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Asch Mrs. Margaret Asselin and   Mr. David Carpenter Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas Atrevida Partners Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Atwood Mr. and Mrs. Larry Auriana Mr. and Mrs. William W. Austin AXA Foundation Axis Engineering Group LLC Mr. and Mrs. Alan Azralon

The Azus Family B&W Quality Growers, LLC Mr. Brian Bae Ms. Barbara J. Bailey Mr. Tyler Bailey Ms. Alice B. Baker Mr. Skardon Baker Mr. Charles P. Balducci Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ballan Mrs. Sharon Bane Ms. Coleen Banks Mrs. Celeste Baran Ms. Grazia Anna Barberi Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bardwil Ms. Liz Barnett Mr. Robert Baron Mr. Robert Barrack Barron Family Charitable Giving   Fund of the Princeton Area   Community Foundation The Barry Family Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie E. Bartel Ms. Elizabeth C. Basirico Mr. William Bassett Mr. Ben Bates Ms. Nicole Batiste Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bauer Mr. James Baum Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Bayroff BCB Community Bank Mr. Chandler Beach Ms. Roz-Lynn Beckenstein and   Ms. Julie Beckenstein Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Becker Mr. Marc Becker Mrs. Joann M. Bedard Ms. Paula Behm Mr. Scott Behnken Mr. Evan Bell The Bellandi Family Mr. Arthur Bellini Ms. Jill Bender Dr. and Mrs. Chester A. Bennett Mr. John Bennett Ms. Christine Bensche The Benson Family Mr. Larry Berg Mrs. Kelly Berman Dr. Wendy B. Bernstein Mr. Michael Berr Mr. Colin P. Berthoud Mrs. Bonnie Beveridge Mr. Jay D. Bienstock and Family Bill Tamburro Jr. Memorial   Golf Tournament

Billy Webber Memorial Fund, Inc. Ms. Phyllis Bilus Mr. Steven Bissonnette Mr. and Mrs. David Black Black Pearl Mr. Jacob Blickenstaff Blue Sky Bio Ms. Joanne Blum Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bobry Booster LLC Ms. Laura Boothe Mr. John Boruta and Family Ms. Taryn M. Bostjancic Boston Scientific–YourCause   Employee Giving Mr. Samuel Bottini Bottomless Closet Mr. George Bousis Dr. Harriet S. Boxer Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brady Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brand Margaret A. Brand Mr. Jon W. Brassel Mr. Rod Brayman Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C. Bretton Woods Golf Club Mrs. Cynthia Brighton Mrs. Kendra Broad Broadridge Matching Gift Program Broadway Cares/Equity   Fights AIDS Mr. Tom Brockley Mr. Scott Broder Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bronstein Ms. Marsha Brown Mr. Kenneth Bruley Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brumm Mr. William Bruner and Family Ms. Madelyn J. Buchanan RADM and Mrs. Richard Buchanan   USN (Retired) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Buchbinder Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell I. Buchbinder Mr. Paul Buckley Mr. and Mrs. John P. Buechler Mr. David Burch Mrs. Jan L. Burch Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burger Mr. David P. Burness Mr. and Mrs. Tom Burnett Mr. Jim Burrows Mr. Dennis Burt Burton & Rose Kahn   Family Foundation Mr. Charles Bustin

Mrs. Suzie Buxton Mr. and Mrs. John Byrne Cafco Construction   Management, Inc. Ms. Jennifer Cahn Caithness Long Island, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Calamita Callaway Volunteer Rescue Squad Miss Alexandria Campillay Mr. Richard Caplin The Carnogursky Family Mr. Douglas R. Carpenter Mr. Freddy Carrano and Family Mr. Michael Carroll Casino M8trix Mrs. Molline Cassuto and Family Ms. Shelley Castor Mr. Joseph P. Catapano   and Family Cavallo Family Foundation Mr. William G. Cavanagh CAVCOMM LLC CDS Global Community   Contribution Committee Century Mortgage Company Ms. Linda Chadwick Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Chaitovsky Ms. Bonnie Chambers Mr. Jasper Chan Charles A. Dailey Foundation Charles M. Cappellino   Foundation, Inc. Charles Schwab Foundation Mr. Robert Chasanoff Mr. Mark Cheeks Ms. Melissa Chemick Mr. Thomas Cherner   and Ms. Lynn A. Suter Chicago Switchboard Co. Mr. William J. Christ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Christman Mr. Stanley “Stas” R. Chrzanowski Chubb Insurance Mrs. Gabrielle Cioffi-Kogod Mr. James Clark Ms. Marilyn J. Clark Ms. Charlene Clayton Mr. Montgomery C. Cleworth Mr. Samuel Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Vance Coffman Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cohen Monica, Jeff, Danielle   and Frances Cohen Ms. Sharon M. Cohen

Ms. Gail Coleman Mr. William H. Coleman Mr. James Colligan The Collins Family Ms. Caroline Collins Mrs. Kathleen Collins Mr. Charles W. Connors Ms. Rebecca Conroy   and Mr. Oren D. Langer Constellation Home Care LLC Mrs. Meredith Conte Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cooper The Cooper Family Mrs. Lisa Copeland Mr. Peter Copses Mrs. Maureen Cornicelli   and Family Mr. and Mrs. John Corso Ms. Linda Cote Country Gifts ‘N Stuff Mr. and Mrs. Peter Courtemanche Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Courter Mr. Robert H. Cox Ms. Ivory Crofoot Mr. and Mrs. Pete Cullen Cumberland Valley Youth   Basketball Association Mr. David Cummins Mr. and Ms. John J. Curley Mr. and Mrs. John D’Addario Mr. Roy J. Daigle Mr. Michael Damken Mr. Michael P. Damm Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Danker Danray Supply Company Danzi Family Foundation, Inc. Daphne I. Panagotacos, M.D. Mr. Manish Dave David Buntzman Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Troy David Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Davis Lisa and Frank Davis Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dazzo Mr. Joseph S. De Sena De Soto Council 903 Mr. William Dearie Dechert LLP Mr. Frank A. DeLisi Mr. and Mrs. Michael DellaTorri Deloitte Tax LLP Mr. Walter Delph Ms. Nancy Dereksen Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Dessen Deutsche Bank Securities

Mr. Antonio Di Caro Diane E. Davies Trust Mrs. Marie DiBello Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dietze Mrs. Carol Difillippo Mr. Peter Dimon Ms. Amanda DiPilato DKC LLC. Mr. Lawrence J. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. George Domolky DonateWell Mrs. Louise Donnelly Mr. Paul V. Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Scott Donner Mary Sue Donohue, Esq. Donovan Catholic High School   Soccer Team Mrs. Alexis Dorfman Mr. Jed Dorfman Ms. Sandra L. Dosick Mrs. Carol M. Dotson The Downes Family Mrs. Stephanie Drescher DRX Newark 01 LLC/   Doctor’s Express Mr. and Mrs. Ned Dubofsky Mr. and Mrs. Raymond   Henry Duelfer Jr. Mr. Douglas Dunn DuraSystems Barriers Inc. East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. Mr. Robert H. Eckert Mr. Brandon Eddy Mr. Donald Ehrgott Dr. and Mrs. Paul Eisenberg Mrs. Gayle M. Ellis Mr. Curtis A. Elsbernd Mrs. Joyce W. Engler Mr. Rajiv Eranki Ms. Lisa Erbes Eric Armin, Inc. Mrs. Robin Erker Ms. Kari Erlewine Ms. Nancy J. Eschedor Estate of Richard Fredricks Estate of Helen Weaver Estate of Suzanne Rapier Mr. and Mrs. Richard Esterow Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Evans Mrs. Willa J. Everson Everyday Hero F&F Supply, Inc. F.W. Sims, Inc. David and Leslie Fastenberg

Ms. Vangelia Fawcett Mr. Charles M. Fegley Ms. Mary Frost and   Mr. Mark Feingold Mr. and Mrs. Michael Feinsod Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Feinstein Mr. and Mrs. Ross Feldman Richard and Mary Felix Mr. James Felty Mrs. Jean Fenerty Fenimore Asset Management, Inc. Ferguson Family Fund Ms. Clara M. Ferro Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Ferro Mr. Eric Feuerstein Mrs. Rosemary Fink First Ipswich Bank First Northern Credit Union Dr. and Mrs. Joel Fischer   and Family Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fisher Mr. Gary Fishlock and   Ms. Betty Thompson Mrs. Michelle Fishman The FitzGerald Family Ms. Francine Flamino Mr. and Mrs. Rob Fleder Mr. William B. Flood Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Florio Mr. and Mrs. John K. Flynn Charles A. Forma, Esq. Ms. Catherine Forth Mrs. Nina Frankel Ms. Christine E. Franklin Mr. Carl Frascogna Avram & Rhoda Freedberg Fund Mr. David Freedman Ms. Robin Freedman Ms. Leslie N. Freeman Mr. Brandon A. Freiman Ms. Celia Fried Mr. Edward A. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Eric Friedman Ms. Michelle Friedman Ms. Pamela Fuehrer Full Service Roofing, Inc. Ms. Maryann Gabriel Mr. Maurice Gallagher Mr. Lawrence J. Gannon Mrs. Maria E. Garcia Ms. Ricki Gardner Garfield Realty, Inc. Mr. John M. Gaynor GEICO Philanthropic Foundation

Driving Results


Friend Circle $1,000–$2,499 (continued)

General Reinsurance Corporation   Matching Gifts Program Mrs. Linda A. Gennusa Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Gerber German Masonic Charitable   Foundation, Inc. Mr. Louis Germinario Ms. Bobbi Gershenwald   and Family Dr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Gilbert Mr. Ralph Gingery Giomare Group LLC Mrs. Geri Giorgio Ms. Gail Gittleson The Honorable Rudolph Giuliani   & Mrs. Giuliani Giuseppe Nigro Home Lodge 2234 Mr. Jay T. Glassman Mr. Joseph Glatt Glen Head Country Club, Inc. Glenmont Abbey Village Glover Perennials Mr. William D. Glynn and Family Mrs. Katherine Gohdes Gold Family Foundation The Goldsmith Family Candy and Richard Goldstein Ms. Shirley I. Goldstein Mrs. Judith S. Golomb Mr. Carl Golub Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gomez Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Gorsky Dr. Brent Gottesman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gottlieb Mr. Peter Graber-Lipperman Mrs. Chris Gramling The Gray Family Jennifer Greely Ms. Hazel Greene Mr. Joseph L. Greene and Family Mr. Mike Greenstein Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Greenwald Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Greenwald Greenwich Hospital Mr. Jordan Greer Ms. Jane Griffith Ms. Meg Griggs-O’Connor Mr. Marc Grill Mrs. Lynn Grimbilas Mr. Steve Groppi Mrs. Marissa Gross-Donnelly Mrs. Iris Groten Mr. and Mrs. Marc Grumet Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haack

Ms. Mary Hague Mr. Drew A. Hahn Mr. Thomas A. Hall Hallberg Family Charitable Fund Mr. Robert Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hammons Hampton Veterinary Hospital, P.C. Ms. Nancy Mueller Handal Mr. Adam Handwerker Mr. Henry Hanna Hannibal Clinic Hansen Family Foundation Dr. John A. Harman Mr. Chad Harrod Mr. William M. Hartnett Dr. and Mrs. James R. Harty Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harvey Mr. Howard Hauben Mrs. Eva Hausman and Family Mrs. Karen Hawes and Family Mr. Spencer B. Hays Ms. Lorraine Head Mr. Adam Hebener Mr. Drew Hecht Ms. June Heck Mr. Patrick Heider Dr. Antonia Helbling Mrs. Lynn Hennessey Mr. and Mrs. David M. Henrie Mr. and Mrs. Bill Henson Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Herbert Mr. Andrew Hermalyn Mr. Benjamin Hershkowitz Mr. James Hill Mr. James M. Hirschhorn   and Ms. Judy Sello Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hitchcock Mr. Jason Hodes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffer Ms. Elizabeth Hoffman Mr. Michael K. Hoffman Mr. James E. Holder Mr. Victor Hollender Mrs. Joann Holman Homeland Surveillance Mr. Jacob Horak Mr. Jeff Horn Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Horowitz Mr. Robert H. Hotz Jr. Ms. Dee Wetmore Howard Ms. Nadia Hoyte Mr. Robert J. Hrebek Hudson Farm Foundation, Inc. The Hughes Family

Friend Circle $1,000–$2,499 (continued)

Ms. Heather A. Humphrey Mr. Brad Hunt Mr. Gregory Hunt IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign Independent Investment Group LLC Industrial Cooling Mr. Ira Ingerman Innovation and Design Building–   Jamestown, L.P. Inserra Shop-Rite Supermarkets Integrated Professional   Services, LLP The Ippolito Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Israel Mr. Adam Isserlis Mr. Stephen Ivanoski Mr. Matt Jacobs Dr. Mitchel Jacobs Michael Jacobson Mrs. Sharon H. Jacquet Jagger and Jade Mrs. Brigette L. James Mr. William H. James Mr. Thomas Jankowski Mrs. Linda M. Jayne Jeffry I. Putnam Foundation Mr. Keith Jepsen   and Ms. Kathleen Dore Jerrold A. Salmanson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Daryl L. Jesperson Jewell Tool Technology JFK Air Cargo Association, Inc. Mr. Manish Jhanji Joann Weber Charitable Fund of the    Greater Lowell Community Foundation Joemax Telecom LLC John L. and Susan T. Vette   Family Fund John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. Dr. Bryan Johnson Mr. Greg Johnson Ms. Jody Johnson Mr. Robert T. Johnson Ms. Shirley K. Johnson Mr. Howard “Jay” Jones Ms. Marian R. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan Joseph Camhi Foundation, Inc. Joseph F. Stein Family   Foundation, Inc. JPMC Foundation The Jupiter Family K&L Gates LLP Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kabol

Dr. Ira N. Kalfus Dr. Frank M. Kamer Mr. Jeffrey Kan Ms. Ann C. Kaneps Mr. Gary M. Karlitz Mr. George Karnoutsos Mr. and Mrs. David Karp Ms. Daryl Karter Mr. Burton R. Kassell Mr. and Mrs. William Kastner Mr. Gary Katcher Mr. and Mrs. Lennard Katz Ms. Phyllis Katz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Katz Mr. Robert Katz Mr. Steven Katz Mr. Ronald A. Kaye Mrs. Amy Kealey Keeseys Service Center Ms. Julie Kellner Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Kelly Mr. Martin Kelly Ms. Suzanne N. Kennedy Dr. and Mrs. Zvi Kennet Mr. Christopher Kete and   Ms. Tiffany George-Kete Mr. and Mrs. James Kewley Mr. Shawn Khan Mrs. Nancy Kieffer Mr. William Kilinskas Mr. Michael Kimak Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kimel Ms. Kim A. Kitchens Ms. Martha Kitzmiller Dr. and Mrs. Harry C. Klauda Mrs. Ellen M. Klaus Mr. and Mrs. Larry Klein Mr. Jeffrey A. Kline Mr. David L. Klinger Knights of Columbus No. 5989 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Knowles Ms. Cheryl Kohring Mr. and Mrs. William Kokot Mr. Richard Koppel Ms. Agnes E. Kovacs Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kringdon Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Krulik Mr. Edward S. Kubik Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tomislav Kundic Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Kupritz Ms. Beth R. Kurlander Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kushnir Mr. Jonathan Kuttin Ms. Belinda Lai

Lam Research Corporation Mr. Thomas Lamberti Mr. Paul Landmann Mrs. Linda Landow Mr. and Mrs. William Langsam The Laub Family Lawn Dawg, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lawrence Ms. Rebecca Learman Mr. Bret Leas Mr. Chad A. Leat Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Leff Mr. and Mrs. Alan Leifer   and Family The Leinoff Family Ms. Kristin C. Lemkau Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Leonard Leonard Park Wines & Spirits, LLC Mr. Sidney Lerman Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lerner Leslee Vichengrad Trust Mr. Richard Leung Ms. Marianne Levan and Family Mr. Jeremy C. Leven Jonathan Levinson Mr. Michael Levitt Ms. Ellen F. Levy Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lewin Mrs. Lenore S. Lewis and Family Dr. Robert Lichtenfeld Lightower Fiber Networks Mrs. Laura R. Lilawski Mrs. Maria Lima Ms. Luciana Lino Mr. Thomas Lint Mr. David Liola Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lipsky Mr. Michael Lipstein Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lipton Live Oak Bank Mrs. Renee Lockhart Mr. Todd Loden Mr. John Loman Ms. Rosanna Lombardi London Jewelers Longo Toyota-Scion-Lexus Mrs. Cynthia M. Lopez Dr. Kenneth Low Mrs. Deborah Lucas Lynbrook Massapequa   Lodge #822 F & AM Mr. James MacGregor Mr. Brian MacIntosh Ms. Susan Mackenzie

Macquarie Mrs. Elizabeth D. Magidson Ms. Rosemarie Magrone Mahopac Hockey Association Majesty Title Services, LLC Mrs. Thane Malison Mr. Douglas C. Manditch Marc W. Griffin Separate   Property Trust Estate Mr. Joseph Marchuk Mr. and Mrs. Alan Marcus Mr. Robert D. Marcus Mr. Brian Marino The Mark Family Ms. Deborah K. Martin Mr. Steve Martinez Mr. Michael Mascis Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Masiello Mr. Dwight Massey Mr. Randy M. Mastro and   Ms. Jonine Bernstein Mr. Steven Matays Richard and Clare Mathe Ms. Ilana Mauskopf Mr. Joseph D. Mayo III Mr. William McBlair Mr. Keenan McBride Ms. Joan McCabe Mr. Kim Mccurdy Ms. Marilyn McGair Ms. Paula McGee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McGrath Edward and Janice McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKeever McKinsey & Company, Inc. Dr. Darren McKnight Mrs. Jessica McNamara Mead Johnson Nutrition–   YourCause Employee Giving Ms. Josephine A. Meilan Mr. Richard Melchner and Family Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Melidones Ms. Angela Melluzzo Ms. Stephanie K. Melnyk Memorial Sloan Kettering   Cancer Center Ms. Sandra Mercer Ms. Elaine Merians Mr. Melvin P. Meyer Michael and Lori Milken   Family Foundation Mr. Stephen Michaels Ms. Andrea Michelcic Midlothian Optometric Center

Lance and Hillary Milken  Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Miller Mrs. Eliza Miller Mr. Timothy Miller Mr. George Mitchell Mrs. Peggy Mitteldorf and Family Mr. and Mrs. John H. Moehling Ms. Margaret Moloney Mr. James Monaghan Monroe Moxness Berg PA Mr. Colin Moore Ms. Karen Moore Ms. Anne Moretti Miss Brooke Morgan Mr. Ryan Morgan Mr. Stuart M. Morgan and Family Mr. James Moroney Mr. Joe Moroney Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Mueller Ms. Jane Muhrcke Mrs. Weezie Mullaly Mr. George Mullen and Family Mrs. Vicki Mullen Mrs. Mary M. Mulvihill Mr. Mark Mulvoy Murphy & Fahy   Construction Co., Inc. Mrs. Alice Jane Murphy Ms. Anna L. Murphy Muzio Family Foundation National Association of Professional    Mortgage Women–Hudson Valley Mr. Thomas Nathan National Philanthropic Trust Nature’s Bath Neal Communities of   Southwest Florida, LLC Mrs. Janet Neissa Mr. Robert Nemiroff and Family Ms. Edna M. Neville New Energy Concepts, LLC New England Interior Specialties, Inc. New York Racing Association New York Thoroughbred   Horsemen’s Association, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Brian Newbegin Jessica and Michael Newshel NextEra Energy, Inc. Mr. Russ H. Nichols Ms. Linda Nicolas Mr. Tom Nicolosi NJTHA Inc Noble Elevator Company, Inc.

Ms. Pamela Noble Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nolan Mr. Matt Nord Northrop Grumman Charitable   Matching Gifts Program Mr. David Nussbaum Mrs. Susan O’Shea Mr. Michael O’Brien Ms. Maureen O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Connor Ms. Laura A. Okrent Old Oaks Foundation, Inc. Ms. Debbie Olita Mr. and Mrs. Marco Oliveri O’Melveny LLP Ms. Jilma Orantes Mr. Ralph Orciuoli Mr. and Mrs. Greg Orman Mrs. Julie Orofino Mr. and Mrs. Paul Orthmann Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Shea Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. O’Shea Sr. P & F Industries, Inc. Ms. Jacqueline Page Mrs. Marilyn J. Palmer Mr. John Paloian Panas Volleyball Booster Club Paramus Associates LP Paramus Rescue Squad Mrs. Anna Paret Mr. Hal B. Parton Mr. and Mrs. Larry Passantino Pastime Athletic & Social Club, Inc. Peaked Hill Fund Dr. Jill E. Pechacek Dr. Sheng Peng Mrs. Laurie Pennington Penrad Imaging, LLC PepsiCo. Foundation   YourCause Employee Giving Mr. Dan Peregoy Mr. Steven M. Pesner Mrs. Ivy Peterson Mrs. Maureen G. Peterson Mr. Andrew F. Petitti The Petrucelli Family Mr. Alan Peyser Pfizer Foundation Matching   Gifts Program The Grossman Family   Philanthropic Foundation Mrs. Genevieve Phillips Phoenix Communications Mr. Tony Pianese

Driving Results


Friend Circle $1,000–$2,499 (continued)

Pine Hollow Charity Fund, Inc. Richard Pink Mr. and Mrs. Neil Piper Mr. Joseph A. Pirrello PJ Mechanical Corp. 4798 PNC Foundation Matching   Gifts Center Mr. Christopher M. Poggiali Mr. Andy Pon Porch LLC Mr. and Mrs. Marc Porter Mr. Louis Poulos Mr. Jonathan Pratt Premium Point Company Ms. Tina Price Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Prior Mr. Richard H. Pritchett III PSEG Mr. Vincent Pugliese Ms. Nancy D. Pundyk PwC - YourCause Employee Giving Ms. Sue F. Quarta Quigley-Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Terry Quinn Mrs. Ellen Rabina Dr. Veena PK Rai Raising Hope for Others Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Ramble Mrs. Irene Ramer Mr. Harvey Rappaport Mr. Matthew Rascoff Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rathgaber RCA Records Mr. and Mrs. Steve H. Realbuto RealHR Solutions LLC Ms. Jennifer H. Reardon Ms. Portia T. Redfield Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   Matching Gifts Program Dr. and Mrs. Robert Reiner Garrett Reisman Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reisner Mr. Alex Remnitz Rex and Nelle Jackson Foundation Ms. Carol A. Rhoads Mr. Ethan Ribler Mr. Jim Richard Mrs. Karen A. Rich-Erlwein Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Rieger Ms. Margaret R. Riemer Mr. and Mrs. Phil Rigby Right Choice Realty Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rikert

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Riley Dr. David F. Ring Mr. George A. Rippey and   Ms. Linda Paulsen Robert Graham Designs LLC Ms. Cynthia Roeters Ms. Melissa L. Roeters Mrs. Remedios Rogel and Family Roger Rockers Memorial Mr. Jeffrey M. Rollman Romenesa Foundation Mr. Chad Rork Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rosbash Mrs. Helen M. Rose Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rosenblatt Mr. Moe Rosenblum Mr. and Mrs. Charles L.  Rosenzweig Ms. Lizanne L. Rosenzweig Mrs. Jessica Rosh Mr. and Mrs. Adam Rosmarin Mrs. Joan Rosof Ms. Elaine R. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Ross Ms. Laura Rossi Rosso Commerical Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Roth III Mr. David Roth Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roth RSL Par LLC Ms. Tracey Rubach Mr. Robert Ruberton Mr. Andres Rubio Ms. Jeanne Y. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Albert Russo Mr. Alex T. Russo Mr. Lawrence Russo Mr. Seth Ruthen Mr. Patrick Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Safron Salesforce Ms. Barbara Salmanson Ms. Annemarie Salowski Mr. Jack Saltz Samuel & Bertha Marinbach  Foundation Ms. Maryann Sanchirico Mr. David Sanderson Mrs. Heather Sandor Sandpiper Fund, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Sarno Mr. Gregory M. Sarno Ms. Teresa A. Sarno

Friend Circle $1,000–$2,499 (continued)

Mr. Aaron Sasson Mr. Lance Sauerteig and   Ms. Wendy Kavasin Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sawyer Saylor Park Ventures Mr. Eugene Scalia Mrs. Jessica Scarpelli Mr. Noam Schaap Ms. Linda Schector Mr. and Mrs. John E.  Schlachtenhaufen Mrs. Donna Schlonski Mr. John Schmidt Mr. Donald Schneider Mr. Kenneth M. Schneider   and Family Mr. Paul Schrage Schulman Family Foundation Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co. Mr. Robert B. Schumer Mr. John J. Schuster Mr. William Schwalbe Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schwam Mr. Jason C. Schwartz Mrs. Nicole Schwartzberg Sebonack Golf Club Ms. Judith Secular Mr. and Mrs. Peter Segal Mr. Bruce Seger Mr. Bruce E. Seibert Mr. Gregg G. Seibert The Seidman Family Sellers Publishing, Inc. Mr. Robert V. Seminara Mr. Peter D. Serating Sertex Utility Services Mr. Kent Sesker Mr. and Mrs. Woody Shackleton Mr. Scott Shane Mr. Andrew Shapiro Mrs. Marilyn Shaw Dr. Malini Shenava Shinnyo-en Ms. Judith L. Shmegelski Mr. Herbert Shoffner Shoreline Brewery & Restaurant Mr. Joseph Shreiner Mr. Perry J. Shwachman Ms. Martha Lovenheim Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sieger Ms. Robin L. Sieranski Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Silver The Silverman Family

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Silverman Ms. Pamela Silverstrim Mrs. Phyllis E. Simon Mr. Adam Singer Ms. Elisa Singer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Singer Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Singer Mr. Jeffrey S. Sites Ms. Jennifer Sklar-Romano Dr. and Mrs. Jim Slater Reverend William T. Slater Mrs. Rose Ann Slawson Mrs. Abby Smith Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith Mr. Declan Smith Ms. Ruth A. Smith Mr. Stephen S. Smith Mr. Orin S. Snyder Ms. Dina Sokol Mr. Robert V. Somma Dr. and Mrs. Jack Soterakis Spartan Construction, Inc. Mr. Paul T. Spataro Ms. Amber J. Spierer Mr. Sean M. Spiller Mr. and Mrs. Ben Spitza Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Squilanti Mr. and Mrs. Eric Squire St. Anthony’s High School   Franciscan Brothers St. Nicholas Ladies   Philoptochos Society St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Ms. Jill Stallings Dr. Janet Stallman and   Mr. Jay Stallman Mr. Peter Stapleton Ms. Debra Starr State Farm Companies  Foundation Ms. Susan B. Stearns Mr. Mark R. Stein Mrs. Marcia Steinberg Dr. Zelig Steinberg and   Mrs. Pamela J. Steinberg Mr. Robert S. Stellato and   Ms. Debbie Scordino Mr. Stephen Stenson Mr. Jonathan Stern Mrs. Ruth B. Stern Mr. and Mrs. Marty Sternberg Steve Koziol Memorial   Salmon Derby

Steven and Beverly Rubenstein   Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mr. Aaron Stone Ms. Reagan Stone Mr. Robert Stone Dale Stortz Striano Electric Co., Inc. Mr. Neil Stronski Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stuursma Mr. Joseph Sultan and   Ms. Sandy Chilewich Mrs. Alexis Sulyma Summit Home Improvement Mrs. Patricia Sutera Ms. Eleni P. Sutter Mrs. Eileen Sweeney Mrs. Jacqueline Taddei Mr. and Mrs. Ross H. Taff Mr. Howard Tager Tashlik Family Charitable  Foundation Mrs. Mary M. Tassini Mr. William J. Taylor   and Ms. Vassie Ware Ms. Barbara Taylor-Hatje Telco Access Partners LLC Mrs. Rachel Teslenko Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thacher The Allstate Foundation The Anbinder Family Foundation The Anikstein Family Foundation, Inc. The Associated Inspiring   Jewish Community The Beechwood School The Bowling Family Foundation The Conduent, Inc./E-ZPass NY The Darrel & Audrey Weber  Foundation The David and Lucile Packard   Foundation Matching   Grant Program The Dorothy K. Commanday  Foundation The Estate of Frank V. Galizia The Floyd and Barbara Warkol   Charitable Foundation The Heffner & Lokhin Families The Hollander Foundation The Island’s Creative Escape The John and Marianne   O’Neil Fund The Kelly Family Foundation The Last Cowboy LLC

The Morningstar Foundation The Morris Corporation The Oatley Team The PeterSan Group/PeterSan   Legal Staffing The Polen Foundation The Robert & Lynne Grossman   Family Foundation The Stewart Family   Charitable Fund The Sun Products Charitable   Fund, Inc. The Valley Hospital Auxiliary The Variable Annuity Life   Insurance Company The Westchester Bank The Wilf Family Foundation Theatrical Protective Union Mr. Francis Thompson II Ms. Michelle Tiongson-Valte Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Tober Ms. Doris Tolins Tommy Scogs Foundation, Inc. Town Square Pizza, LLC Mr. Michael Tramontano TransAlta Centralia Generation Transportation Control   Systems, Inc. Mr. John Tripodoro Trippe Lite Manufacturing Co. Ms. Rose Tullo Ms. and Mr. Jonathan Turell Mrs. Kelli Turner Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tuzzo Two Sigma Investments Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tyler TZP Cares Foundation UBS Financial Services, Inc. UBS Matching & Employee   Gifts Program Union Pacific Corporation United Way Metro Chicago United Way of Central Jersey, Inc. United Way of Long Island University of Chicago Medicine University Physicians, Inc. Mr. Michael Urschel Mr. Daniel Vaillant Mr. and Mrs. William Van Winkle Mr. George T. Varones Mr. Arun Veeraraghavan Constance and Anthony J. Vela Ms. Elizabeth G. Verville

Mrs. Margaret K. Vickers Dr. Dorothy Vincent Mrs. Erica D. Vinograd Mrs. Chris Viola-Weiss Mr. David Vogel Mrs. Kathleen C. Voigt Ms. Erica Vozzolo VPM Management, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Waldenberg Waldner’s Business   Environments, Inc. Mr. Patrick Wall Mr. and Mrs. Burt Wallack Mr. Wolfgang Wander Waveguide, Inc. Wayne S. Flick & William D. Hynes   Charitable Gift Fund Mr. Drew Weber Mr. Robert Weber Mr. Robert Webster Mr. Glen A. Wegworth Mrs. Kathleen Wehrman Ms. Eileen S. Weinberg Mrs. Ronit Weinberg Mr. Scott Weiner Mr. Colin Weir Mrs. Allison Weiss Ms. Joelle C. Weiss Mrs. Cindy K. Weissman Weitz & Luxenberg Weitz Family Charitable  Foundation Wells Fargo–YourCause   Employee Giving Mrs. JoAnn Welter Mr. Todd A. Wendling Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wertheim Westchester Reform Temple Westfield Corporation, Inc. Dr. David Whitlock Mr. Neal Wichard Mr. Bob Williams Drs. Derek and Valerie Williams Willis Towers Watson Honorable Deanne Wilson Dr. and Mrs. James M. Wilson Mr. David S. Winter Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Wirshba Wisconsin Masonic Foundation Mr. Fred Wistow Ms. Melinda Wiswell WMD Asset Management WME Foundation

Ms. Katherine Wolert Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Wolf Mr. Glen Wolther Ms. Beth Worley Mrs. Janet Wortman WRDC DBA Fashion Center Mr. Alex Wright WVSOM Foundation, Inc. Ms. Carole Yaley Corso Yang Family Charitable Fund Mrs. Patricia M. Yarbrough Mr. and Mrs. Jordan A. Yarett Mr. Ron Yoshino Dr. and Mrs. Soheil Younai Dr. Lai Ming Yu Royce Yudkoff Mr. Edward Zadigan Mr. Aric Zamel Mrs. Jennifer Ziegler and Family Mr. Peter Ziegler Mr. Gary G. Zimmerman Mr. John P. Zito Mr. Roy J. Zuckerberg

This list of donors has been prepared with the greatest of care. We sincerely regret any errors or omissions. If you have questions about this list, please contact us at 866.789.1000.

Driving Results


community events From restaurant fundraisers and music and art shows, to golf outings and marathons, nearly 300 events throughout local communities were held in 2017, including more than 160 events listed here that raised at least $1,000. Thank you to our community events organizers and supporters, whose commitment to finding a cure is unparalleled. We couldn’t accomplish all that we do without you!



Basketball Purple Game in Memory   of Barbara Clark Bear Bowl Big Deb Classic Fishing Tournament in   Memory of Deborah Bailey Billiards Tournament in Memory of   John Russek California North State University Charity   Basketball Game Dancers for Cancer Fundraiser in   Memory of Carolyn Bavero Dig Purple in Memory of   Dr. Bryce Iwerks Donovan Catholic High School Boys   Soccer Team Fundraiser Kellenberg Memorial High School   Softball Benefit Game for   Lustgarten Foundation Legend Shotokan Karate Fundraiser Mahopac Hockey Fights Cancer Mako Mania Massapequa High School Basketball   Alumni Game Charity Fundraiser Oakland Fishing Trip Pledge it Strike-Out Pancreatic Cancer Port Jefferson Yacht Club Village   Cup Regatta Powder Puff Football Tournament Purple Pucks for Pancreatic   Cancer Research Rick Buehler Cornhole Tournament Score for the Cure Steve Koziol Memorial Salmon Derby Steve Rickert Memorial Shoot Swim to Cure Pancreatic Cancer Tennis Tournament In Honor of   Dr. Monquidh Al-Sawwaf Terry Rau Sr. Pancreatic Cancer   Research Co-Ed Washer Tournament Wiffle Ball Fundraiser in   Memory of Kelly Poulos

2017 New York City Half Marathon:   Sandra Duffy, Linda Gennusa, Rachel   Gerber, Angelo Orciuoli & Ralph Orciuoli Appalachian Du/Triathlon Chicago Marathon: Ellen Rosof in   Honor of Stephen Rosof David Wright Marathon Gumpy’s Crew Kids Triathlon Jo and George’s Jerks Tough Mudder   PC Fundraiser Rachel Gets Muddy For Cancer RJA Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon Ski 7 Continents

Golf AOH Division 2 Golf Outing in Honor   and Memory of Msgr. Jim Kissane Bill Arneson Memorial Golf Outing Bill Tamburro Jr. Golf Tournament Brett Rollman Memorial Golf Outing Bretton Woods Golf Outing Brian McGovern Memorial   Golf Tournament Camille Della Torri Golf Outing Carol B. Smith Memorial   Golf Tournament Carol Van Auken Golf Outing Croatian American Charitable Foundation   Golf Outing in Memory of Val Blaskovic Debbie Open Golf Outing Eddie Ivanoski Memorial   Golf Tournament Golf Tournament In Memory of   Deanne Keim Hoopalator Open Golf Tournament Howard Shapiro Golf Outing Jack Haley Golf Tournament Jeffrey K. Elder Memorial   Golf Tournament

JFK Air Cargo Golf Outing Laurie B. Jackson Memorial   Golf Tournament MCA New York Charity Golf Outing Missouri Kansas Wireless Association   Charity Golf Tournament Rensselaer Honda Tom Gorman   Memorial Golf Outing Richard and Jonathan Lewis   Memorial Tournament Richard W. Grabowski Golf  Tournament Scramble for Shelly Steve Hatje Golf Outing Terry Hagen Memorial Golf  Tournament The Larry Golf Classic Tom Lonek Golf Memorial Tournament William Cutillo Memorial Golf Outing

Milestone Birthday & Retirement 3 in 1 Celebration Community Connections in Memory   of Jerry Lombardi Community Connections in Memory   of Lynne DeGraw Community Connections in Memory   of Stefano DeSena Community Connections in Memory   of Susan Olesen Giuliana Cambareri’s 75th Birthday Hanukkah Party in Memory of   Raymond Chifulio Ilana Feder’s Bat Mitzvah Project

Social Alpha Zeta Omega Americana Manhasset Champions   for Charity An Evening of Acapella and Doo Wop   in Memory of Lou and Chuck ArtBoom Art Show in Memory of Shelly Grosnas BBQ For Cancer Beef and Barleys Restaurant   Fundraiser in Memory of Berny Benefit Concert in Memory of   Rosanne Kleppsattel Big Daddy’s Poker Tournament Boston Scientific No Shave November Bring a Buck Camargo Trading in Memory   of Nadine Brunner Cheers to a Cure Chop and Stout Month at   Shoreline Brewery Citi Investment Research Americas in   Memory of Joel Levy Coasters for Cancer Fundraiser in   Honor of Brendan Eisenmenger Coins for a Cure Community Garage Sale at Pelican Conduent E-Z Pass New York Service   Center Fundraiser Custer’s Cruise In Dance Your Pancreas Off Elementary School Fundraiser in   Memory of Norbert Flammia Facebook Friends of the Sea Fight the Big C Fundraiser in Memory of Joy Johnson Fundraiser in Honor of Karen Barone Fundraiser in Honor of Arlene Cassello Gala Charity Night GaMay-in Memory of Mark Kuller Halloween Challenge Hustle Have Hope Pizza Bingo Night Hot Birds and The Chili Sauce in   Memory of Sharon Jones Hurricane Mat Club Fundraiser in   Honor of Jina Tanzman Ice Bucket Challenge International Tabletop Day for   Pancreatic Cancer Research Judy Field Memorial Foundation   Music Festival

Keep Smiling Keesey’s Service Center Annual   Charitable Car and Bike Show KicksbySammy Leonard Park Wines & Spirits Fall   Event Fundraiser For Pancreatic Cancer Let’s Help Find a Cure in Memory of   Lou DeSciloi Luau For Lustgarten - Pancreatic   Cancer Research Lustgarten Day at Saratoga   Race Course Lynbrook Massapequa Lodge   Chili Fundraiser Mark’s Feedstore Charity Feed Day for   Pancreatic Cancer Research Mid Atlantic Chili Heads Nancy J. Semmel Foundation   Beefsteak Dinner Nancy Wernikoff Tea NAPMW in Memory of Francis Makin National Grand Bank Dress Down Day Neuron Mirror Book Sales   and Poetry Contest Nutty Bunch Dinner Dance Old Oaks Charity Weekend One Day More Singing For A Cure Pancakes for a Purpose in Memory of   David A. Anstadt and John Bradley Party with a Purpose Pastime Athletic & Social Club Inc.   Lobster Bake PBA Local No. 1 No Shave November Play for Purple Bridge Tournament in   Memory of Curt Lemkau Porch Restaurant Fundraiser Purple Pumpkins for Pancreatic   Cancer Awareness and Search for   A Cure in Memory of Joseph T. Alessi   and George Solomos Race 4 A Cure Raise Your Voice to Research in Honor   of Grace Ain’s Bat Mitzvah Raising Hope for Others Robert Graham Store Shopping Event Sal Cannizzo Memorial BBQ Selden Standard Fundraiser in   Memory of José Marin Share Your Wish Shooting for a Cure for   Pancreatic Cancer

Strike Down Pancreatic Cancer Summer Fund Drive In Memory of   Randy Evans Susiepalooza The Battle Isn’t Over-Help Cure Pancreatic    Cancer: A Tribute to J.R. Smith The Floral Park PC Fundraiser Tie-Dyed T-Shirt Tennis   Turkey Tournament Wine, Body & Spirit Zeta Phi Eta, Alpha Chapter Fundraiser 7 Days in May

Walk/Run 5cacia Run for Pancreatic Cancer   Research at Ohio University 5K Beer Run/Walk in Memory of   Beth Moore and Thomas Lesselyong Bob Kochka Memorial 5K Run/Walk Crush Pancreatic Cancer 5K and   Chillin’ for Chili Cook-Off Gloria Prodoehl and Diana Agozzino   Memorial Run/Walk Hope Begins With Me Karen McGary 5K Run/Walk Kelley’s Heroes 2017 Charity Walk Nanuet High School Walk No One Fights Alone 5K Pound the Pavement for   Purple 5K Run/Walk Purple Ribbon 5K Run/Walk Rock and Run 5K Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co./Tripp-Lite   Race Walk Championships

Driving Results


Principal Investigators of Currently Funded Projects

lustgarten leadership

Vinod Balachandran, M.D.

Tyler Jacks, Ph.D.

David Pellman, M.D.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Board of Directors

Corporate Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Robert F. Vizza, Ph.D.

The Honorable Jimmy Carter

James Abbruzzese, M.D.*

39th U.S. President, Honorary Chairman

Duke University School of Medicine

Frank A. Bennack Jr.

Ronald M. Evans, Ph.D.

Executive Vice Chairman and Former Chief Executive Officer, Hearst Corporation

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Barry Diller

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Weill Cornell Medical College

Shelley Berger, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Jaffee, M.D.

Children’s Hospital Boston

Executive Chairman, Lustgarten Foundation

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

David Ryan, M.D.

Charles F. Dolan

Andrea Califano, Ph.D.*

Carl June, M.D.

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Columbia University Medical Center

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

David Sabatini, M.D., Ph.D.

Weill Cornell Medical College

David Kelsen, M.D.

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Channing Der, Ph.D.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Lewis Cantley, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Gerard Evan, Ph.D. University of Cambridge

Julien Sage, Ph.D.

Chairman Emeritus, Lustgarten Foundation; Executive Chairman, AMC Networks; Former Chairman, Cablevision Systems Corporation

William Bell Treasurer, Lustgarten Foundation; Former Vice Chairman, Cablevision Systems Corporation

Stanford University

Jessica Lustgarten Courtemanche

NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center

Diane Simeone, M.D.

Vice President/Director, Data and Analysis, DigitasLBi

Alison Klein, Ph.D.

NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center

James L. Dolan

Alec Kimmelman, M.D., Ph.D.

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Douglas Fearon, M.D.

Steven Leach, M.D.

Ronald Evans, Ph.D.

Hidde Ploegh, Ph.D.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Weill Cornell Medical College

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Andrew Feinberg, M.D.

Scott Lowe, Ph.D.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Stephen Fesik, Ph.D.

Anirban Maitra, M.D.

David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Matthew Vander Heiden, M.D., Ph.D. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

David Paul Kelsen, M.D.

Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Time Warner, Inc.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Jennie Fortunoff

John C. Malone

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School

Principal, Esterow Events & Consulting, Inc.

Kenneth Goodman, M.D., F.A.C.R.*

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Kerri Kaplan

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Daniel Von Hoff, M.D.

Frank McCormick, Ph.D.

TGen HonorHealth

Andrew Lustgarten

Charles Fuchs, M.D., MPH

University of California, San Francisco Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research at the National Cancer Institute

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Benjamin Greenbaum, Ph.D. Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

Philip Greenberg, M.D. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Tony Hunter, Ph.D. Salk Institute for Biological Studies

George Miller, M.D. NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center

Mandar Muzumdar, M.D. Yale Cancer Center

Brian Wolpin, M.D., MPH Dana-Farber Cancer Institute *Grant was approved in 2017; work started in 2018.

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy, The Madison Square Garden Company

Charles R. Schueler

Eileen O’Reilly, M.D. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Former Executive Vice President, Media and Community Relations, Cablevision Systems Corporation

Willa Shalit* Co-Founder and Principal, RTM Limited Co-Founder, Let’s Win

Adam Silver Commissioner, National Basketball Association *Dr. Goodman and Ms. Shalit joined the Board of Directors in 2018.


lustgarten foundation

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

David A. Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D. Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Sumner M. Redstone Chairman Emeritus, Viacom and CBS Corporation; Chairman, National Amusements

Bert Vogelstein, M.D.

Tom Rogers

*Dr. Abbruzzese and Dr. Fuchs joined the Scientific Advisory Board in 2018.

Sir Howard Stringer

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Bruce Stillman, Ph.D.

Executive Chairman, News Corp; Executive Co-Chairman, 21st Century Fox

Former Director, Optimum Community, Cablevision Systems Corporation

Sheila Mahony

Robert J. Mayer, M.D.

Rupert Murdoch

Executive Chairman, WinView

Peter O’Dwyer, M.D.

Columbia University Medical Center

Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Tele-Communications Inc.; Chairman, Liberty Media, Liberty Global and Qurate Retail Group

Marcia Lustgarten

Former Executive Vice President, Communication, Government and Public Affairs, Cablevision Systems Corporation

Kenneth Olive, Ph.D.*

Tyler Jacks, Ph.D.

Gerald M. Levin

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Michael Goggins, M.B.B.Ch., M.D.

Mel Karmazin

Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital

Executive Chairman, The Madison Square Garden Company; Former Chief Executive Officer, Cablevision Systems Corporation

Bert Vogelstein, M.D.

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Founder and Former Chairman, Discovery Communications

Charles S. Fuchs, M.D., MPH*

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Former Director, Department of Radiology and Attending Physician, St. Francis Hospital

E. John Wherry, Ph.D.

John S. Hendricks

Former Chief Executive Officer, Sirius XM Radio, Inc.; Co-Founder, Infinity Broadcasting

President and Chief Executive Officer, Lustgarten Foundation

Yale Cancer Center Smilow Cancer Hospital

Chairman and Senior Executive, IAC/InterActiveCorp and Expedia, Inc.

Douglas T. Fearon, M.D.

Non-Executive Director, British Broadcasting Corporation; Retired Chairman of the Board, Sony Corporation

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

415 Crossways Park Dr., Suite D Woodbury, NY 11797 516.737.1550

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Driving Results  

2017 Annual Report

Driving Results  

2017 Annual Report

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