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A FOCUSED MISSION Our mission is to advance the scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of pancreatic cancer by: • Increasing funding and support of research into the biological mechanisms and clinical strategies related to diagnosis, treatment and prevention • Facilitating and enhancing the dialogue among members of the medical and scientific communities about basic and clinical research efforts • Heightening public awareness of pancreatic cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention and providing informational support for patients, their families and friends


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Thanks to private funding, 100% of every dollar donated to the Lustgarten Foundation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.


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Dear Friends: 2016 has been an exciting transition year for the Lustgarten Foundation, highlighted by the sale of our corporate sponsor, Cablevision. We are deeply indebted to Cablevision for its support of our mission. That support included underwriting our administrative expenses, which has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the Foundation to its present position as the nation’s largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research. To date, the Foundation has committed more than $132 million to research. As a result of our fundraising efforts, the Foundation raised $13,059,985 in 2016. These funds were put toward our annual research expenditure of $18,710,806, thereby enabling us to maintain our public message that “100% of every dollar donated goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.” This has proven to be a most powerful message for our contributors. In addition, we have reached the highest level of total revenue per year in our history - $45,521,792 for 2016. This includes a significant increase in private funding. These results will not only enable the Foundation to carry on the 100% message to all future donors, but will also allow us to significantly increase our research budget and expand the breadth and scope of our research program beginning in 2017. We have developed a strategic plan to expand our research program this year and to double our research commitments going forward to take on the challenges of earlier detection, personalized medicine and the development of new therapies. We also intend to broaden our marketing program nationally along with our fundraising to support even further expansion. This annual report describes our present research in more detail. It also provides an update on Let’s Win (letswinpc.org), our interactive online community, which has become an invaluable resource helping patients today find information on pancreatic cancer treatments and clinical trials that go beyond the standard of care. We are enthused and fortunate to be able to meet the challenges of the future as we transition. Thank you to all who have made this possible — Cablevision, our benefactors, the Dolan family, our Board of Directors, and all our friends who give us so much support. We look forward to sharing our continued progress with you throughout the year. Sincerely,

Charles F. Dolan

Robert F. Vizza, Ph.D.

Kerri Kaplan


Vice Chairman, Research

President & Chief Executive Officer


WORKING TO DIAGNOSE PANCREATIC CANCER EARLIER Too often, pancreatic cancer patients are not diagnosed until earlier. Initial results are anticipated in late 2017. “We hope to teach computers to not only locate a pancreas after their disease has spread and surgery is not a viable option. At the Lustgarten Foundation, we are committed to working in patient images, but to tell the earliest differences between a with world-renowned pancreatic cancer experts who are normal pancreas and one that is diseased,” said Dr. Vogelstein. Another avenue of research that Dr. Vogelstein is invespursuing novel approaches to detect the disease earlier, which tigating is the “liquid biopsy.” From a simple vial of blood, will empower patients. Lustgarten Foundation Distinguished Scholar, Dr. Bert Vogel- researchers are finding the telltale genetic material that comes stein, is leading several earlier detection projects with the goal from the pancreatic cancer well before symptoms appear. of developing screening methods like we have for breast and Dr. Vogelstein and colleagues are now analyzing data from pancreatic cancer patients at various colon cancer. One of Dr. Vogelstages of the disease. Early results stein’s multiyear earlier detection show that about 40 to 60 percent projects involves bringing togethYears from now, of localized pancreatic cancers are er scientists from a broad range detectable with liquid biopsies. The of disciplines such as radiology, death from cancers goal is to make the technology physics, and vision science, which will be a lot less more accurate. encompasses areas including how Dr. Vogelstein is optimistic about visual information is processed common, and that’s the technology’s potential, buoyed and how artificial systems can going to be in large in part by significant interest from also process this information. the pharmaceutical industry. “There This project is focused on using part due to earlier was a time when people looked computers to recognize patterns detection. at early detection and prevention in medical images just like driverwith a lot of skepticism, but once less cars can identify roads, traffic Dr. Bert Vogelstein industry gets involved and sees the and people. In this case, the hope is to apply advanced technology to CT and MRI images to detect value, there is a significant chance that it gets into the clinical the subtle early changes of pancreatic malignancy that a diag- setting much sooner,” he said. Due to advances in imaging technologies, more people are nostician may miss. Researchers will create an “image bank” with scans from being diagnosed with pancreatic cysts. In fact, up to 13 percent of many patients, some with a normal pancreas and others with people will have pancreatic cysts show up in a CT scan or an MRI. an abnormal pancreas. By comparing images, we will be able to Some cysts may never cause any problems and require monioptimize MRI scanning, allowing for improved image resolution toring only. Others have the potential to become malignant and and a more rapid process. As a result of this project, researchers require surgery. Currently, doctors often test fluid from the cyst hope that patients’ pancreatic cancer tumors will be detected for certain markers that may signify cancer, but the test is only

Bert Vogelstein, M.D., Clayton Professor of Oncology and director of the Ludwig Center at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. 2


accurate about half of the time, often leading to unnecessary surgeries and potential complications. In response, our researchers have identified a panel of genetic markers, which when combined with clinical expertise, can more accurately differentiate between the various types of pancreatic cysts. The aim is to identify cysts that are safe to monitor over time versus those that have the potential to become malignant. Early trials are promising and work is underway to recruit more patients for larger trials. As a surgeon, scientist and Lustgarten Foundation Research Investigator, Diane Simeone, M.D., knows all too well the need for this kind of technology as well as others focused on earlier detection. As associate director for translational research and director of the Pancreatic Cancer Center at the NYU Langone Medical Center, Dr. Simeone is involved in numerous research projects that focus on increasing understanding of the molecular basis of pancreatic cancer and bringing those laboratory findings to patient care. One area of ongoing research involves using current diagnostic techniques to find pancreatic cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream before any sign of cancer is obvious. Dr. Simeone and her team are then growing these cells in the laboratory for therapeutic testing and genetic sequencing. Identifying these circulating tumor cells would result in a tool for earlier detection, when treatment is more likely to be successful. She and others are working to gather enough cells to understand their biology further, and then develop molecular imaging that is able to identify the location of the cancer. “Thanks to improved collaboration and innovative technologies, I believe we are closer to finding earlier detection methods than ever before,” said Dr. Simeone. “Earlier detection is key to ensuring that patients get diagnosed when the disease is at a less advanced, more treatable stage, which will lead to better patient outcomes and ideally more survivors.”

Michael Besner, 46, felt blindsided when he was diagnosed with a pancreatic cyst in 2014. He had no family history of pancreatic cancer or cysts, and he wasn’t experiencing any symptoms. In fact, the cyst was discovered by chance during a scan his doctor prescribed for what Michael thought was a hernia resulting from his very active lifestyle. It took many visits to several specialists until the type of cyst was finally determined. “When I found out that I had a type of pancreatic cyst I couldn’t even pronounce at first, I was completely shocked, overwhelmed, and incredibly scared,” said Michael, a computer software account manager in Orlando, FL, who enjoys playing sports, traveling and coaching his nine-year-old son Ryan’s soccer team. That’s because a pancreatic cyst may, in some cases, turn malignant and progress to an invasive pancreatic cancer. However, doctors don’t yet have a test to determine which cysts may become cancerous. His only treatment choice is Whipple surgery, a procedure his doctors want to avoid if possible. “On one hand my cyst may be fine for the rest of my life, or on the other hand it may become malignant,” said Michael. “I think about the possibility of pancreatic cancer every day. Support from my family helps me cope with my fear.” But Michael is also a believer in the power of good medicine and good research and is grateful to be receiving state-of-the-art care. That’s why every six months he takes a two-hour flight from his Florida home to Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore to be seen by doctors who are experts in pancreatic cysts and pancreatic cancer. He undergoes tests and scans to determine cyst growth, and so far the news has been encouraging. Doctors only see minor growth and no overt signs of malignancy. As part of ongoing Lustgarten-funded research at Johns Hopkins, physicians and researchers like Dr. Bert Vogelstein I think about and his colleagues are developing a gene-based test that can be used to distinguish harmless cysts that require monitoring the possibility of only, from precancerous pancreatic cysts which could require pancreatic cancer surgery. The test may eventually help patients like Michael avoid needless surgery. Michael and other pancreatic cyst patients every day. who have agreed to have samples of their cysts analyzed for this work will help make that test a reality and can impact the outcomes for other patients. Michael Besner

” 3

The second phase of one of our most important projects – the use of organoids for personalized medicine – has begun.


Image of an organoid 4

Two years ago, we announced an incredibly important breakthrough with the development of the personal organoid — a three-dimensional cell culture system which reproduces a patient’s tumor in a dish in order to test it repeatedly. The development of the organoid system was a monumental step forward in pancreatic cancer research because it brings the laboratory closer to the clinic. An organoid can be generated in the lab and then used to test drug response with the aim to identify the most effective treatment for a particular patient. Organoids have been successfully used for other cancers; however, under the leadership of our Director of Research, David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D., we are spearheading the use of organoids in pancreatic cancer through our research at our dedicated laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. “The organoid research represents a unique, customized and urgently needed approach to treating the thousands of patients who suffer from pancreatic cancer,” said Dr. Tuveson. “Organoids have tremendous potential for making a difference in patient care.” In 2016, we completed the first phase of the project, which was to speed up the development process and train more researchers on this important technology to reach more patient studies. The OPT (Organoids for Personalized Therapy) trial has moved rapidly and the Lustgarten Lab is well on its way to

generating the 100 tumor tissues needed for this trial. Project Manager, Hervé Tiriac, Ph.D., has built a team of researchers and clinical partners to develop an approach that is both efficient and fast. Samples have been collected from both biopsies of metastatic cancer patients and tissue section from those who have undergone surgery. The samples were provided by clinical centers across New York State, with additional collaborations with Johns Hopkins University and other leading medical centers. Drs. Tuveson and Tiriac as well as their clinical partners are studying how to speed up organoid testing and make it more efficient with the end goal being to use the organoids to determine which treatment would be most beneficial for a specific patient. In this research project, the patient’s tumor organoid is genetically sequenced, and its genetic makeup is characterized. It is then “treated” with many compounds and combinations of compounds to determine which are the most effective in killing the cancer cells. This process is the essence of personalized medicine, where the precise treatment for each patient is selected based on the makeup of their tumor. Recognizing the incredible potential organoids have to impact patient care, Dr. Tuveson and his team continue to make the organoid technology available to the entire pancreatic cancer research community through an educational course offered at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. In 2016, the lab more

than the number of researchers trained from 30 to 70.

THE NEXT PHASE Our researchers are now confident enough to start a retrospective trial, in which they will compare the organoid’s responsiveness to current standard of care therapies to the patient’s actual clinical experience with these therapies. In that way, the accuracy of the organoid as a predictor of drug response will be demonstrated. The initiation of a clinical trial in collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is also underway. Plans are also in place to move much more quickly to a pilot study to evaluate exciting new therapies on organoids, based on the genotype of the tumor in an additional trial at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Brian Wolpin, M.D., MPH, is leading our organoid research efforts at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, together with Andrew Aguirre, M.D., Ph.D. After performing biopsies of patients’ tumors, Dr. Wolpin and his team conduct genetic sequencing of tumor and normal DNA, grow organoids from the fresh tumor cells, and use a drug screening platform to test multiple treatments and treatment combinations. The goal of this work is to tailor therapy to the specific treatment vulnerabilities of each patient’s cancer.

The organoid research represents a unique, customized and urgently needed approach to treating the thousands of patients who suffer from pancreatic cancer. Organoids have tremendous potential for making a difference in patient care. Dr. David Tuveson

Researchers from across New York, along with collaborators from other medical centers, have ensured the OPT trial is moving rapidly. 5



Anne Glauber We are greatly saddened by the passing of our board member and co-founder of Let’s Win, Anne Glauber, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2014. Anne was an award-winning public relations executive. She was determined to dedicate all her strength to dealing with her illness and all of her talents to raising awareness, sharing information among pancreatic cancer patients and their families, contributing to research and science to find a cure — in short, to put a purpose to her difficult experience. After a courageous fight, Anne passed away on February 28, 2017. She regarded Let’s Win as her most important professional achievement and delighted in turning her devastating diagnosis into a life-enhancing tool for others.


Recognizing that there is an urgent need for patients to communicate amongst themselves and with the medical community about potentially life-changing, non-standard of care treatments and clinical trials, we are proud to partner with Let’s Win. Let’s Win is an interactive online community where patients and families can share information and experiences about new, innovative science-driven treatments, and learn about the latest research, breakthroughs, and clinical trials in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Let’s Win was founded by Anne Glauber, a seasoned communications professional, pancreatic cancer patient, advocate and member of the Lustgarten Foundation’s Board of Directors. In May 2014, Anne’s life was profoundly changed when she learned that she had Stage IV pancreatic cancer. After extensive research and networking, she identified two oncologists, Dr. William Isacoff in Los Angeles and Dr. Allyson Ocean in New York, who were willing to explore new, science-driven approaches that go beyond the standard of care and that

I have Stage IV pancreatic cancer, no family history, only 52 years old. This information could save my life. Thank you for sharing.

Let’s Win is resonating powerfully with our patient and caregiver community. In fact, visitors to the site have increased steadily since the site launched last May, and the site now attracts more than 4,700 visitors each month with over 1,230 receiving weekly email updates. In addition to the “My Treatment” section, where patients share their innovative treatment stories with the goal of helping other patients, the site also includes articles on promising science by leading pancreatic cancer experts, highlights of current clinical trials, a newsfeed, and a comprehensive resource library.

Amy Church, a Let’s Win visitor

were customized precisely to treat her specific cancer in the most aggressive, targeted way possible. Once her treatment was underway, Anne founded Let’s Win along with Dr. Allyson Ocean, an oncologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, Willa Shalit, a communications and digital marketing executive, our President and CEO, Kerri Kaplan, and founding Executive Director, Cindy Price Gavin. Anne launched Let’s Win, as a one-stop comprehensive patient resource that she had been looking for and couldn’t find when she was first diagnosed.



News Let’s Win is designed to: • Fulfill an unmet need, as pancreatic cancer patients are typically offered one of only a few basic standard of care treatment options, none of which has proven effective, long-term. • Alleviate the countless hours of research a patient experiences when faced with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis by crowdsourcing actionable information and offering it all in one place.

Photo Courtesy of Willa Shalit

• Connect scientists and patients for the first time, enabling two-way communication that can advance current research.

Let’s Win founding Executive Director and co-founders, from left to right: Cindy Price Gavin, Kerri Kaplan, Allyson Ocean, M.D., Anne Glauber and Willa Shalit.

Promising Science

Clinical Trials 7

Leading researchers across the U.S. and U.K.


Multicenter, multidisciplinary research projects

$17.5 million Lustgarten Foundation investment 8

Started in 2014, the Lustgarten Foundation — Stand Up To progress in developing strategies against pancreatic cancer Cancer (SU2C) collaboration plays a critical role in promoting using the body’s immune system to attack the tumor. The therapeutic discoveries that can lead to new treatments. In team has initiated three clinical trials of combination therapies. fact, we have funded additional studies around Abraxane, the Two additional clinical trials are focused on testing tumorfirst new drug approved for pancreatic cancer in nine years. targeted agents. We are excited to expand our ongoing work with SU2C, which reflects our $17.5 EXPLORING NEW million commitment to date. Our support, TREATMENTS $35 million combined with an equal contribution AND TREATMENT from SU2C and its collaborators, has has been resulted in $35 million invested directly COMBINATIONS invested in into several multicenter, multidisciplinary The transatlantic SU2C-Cancer Research pancreatic research projects with explicit objectives UK-Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Canto drive innovation to the clinic to tackle cancer research cer Dream Team, led by Dr. Daniel D. Von pancreatic cancer. Hoff, in collaboration with Dr. Ronald M. through this Evans and Dr. Gerard I. Evan, is investigating ADVANCING program. multiple new targets and drugs to attack pancreatic cancer. The Dream Team’s apIMMUNOTHERAPY proach is based on the idea that pancreatic We are currently co-funding three projects examining cancers are “wounds” that never heal. immunotherapy, considered by many leading researchers to The Dream Team is focusing on combinations of existing represent the future of cancer treatment. Immunotherapy in- drugs and new classes of therapies to reprogram the cells so volves using a person’s own immune system to fight and de- they become more sensitive to chemotherapy and push panstroy the cancer cells. The SU2C-Lustgarten Foundation Pan- creatic tumors into lasting remission. Under Dr. Von Hoff’s creatic Cancer Convergence Dream Team, led by Dr. Elizabeth leadership, the Dream Team hopes to improve the survival rate, M. Jaffee and Dr. Robert H. Vonderheide, has made dramatic at least doubling the one-year survival in advanced pancreatic




Transforming Pancreatic Cancer to a Treatable Disease

Reprogramming of Transcriptional Circuitry to Control Pancreatic Cancer

Liberating T-Cell Mediated Immunity to Pancreatic Cancer

Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D.

cancer patients, and maintain remission in patients who have responded to treatment.

UTILIZING SYNTHETIC VITAMIN D TO HELP DELIVER DRUGS TO THE PANCREATIC TUMOR The new Stand Up to Cancer – National Science Foundation – Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Convergence Translational Research Team, led by Dr. Peter J. O’Dwyer, brings together renowned clinicians, a physicist, a quantitative biologist and a computational expert. As a convergence team, these experts can combine their skills and knowledge to help solve medical problems and capitalize on the vast amount of available data about cells, genes and proteins in the hopes of finding insights into treating the disease. One of this team’s projects is designed to explore the effects of synthetic vitamin D on the immune cells that enter the pancreatic cancer tumor. Dr. O’Dwyer and his colleagues will conduct a clinical trial combining synthetic vitamin D with standard of care treatments to target and shut down the cells that surround the cancer cells and prevent medication from penetrating the tumor. The vitamin D research is so promising that we co-sponsored a summit last fall with Stand Up To Cancer exclusively focused on the clinical potential of synthetic vitamin D for pancreatic cancer patients.


Elizabeth M. Jaffee, M.D. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Ronald M. Evans, Ph.D.

Peter J. O’Dwyer, M.D.

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

University of Pennsylvania

Robert H. Vonderheide, M.D., D. Phil. University of Pennsylvania

Gerard I. Evan, Ph.D. University of Cambridge 9

A UNIQUE APPROACH TO RESEARCH The Lustgarten Foundation is the largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research. We have significantly contributed to the growth of pancreatic cancer research by supporting in excess of 200 projects at more than 60 institutions worldwide. To date, our research commitment totals more than $132 million. We are committed to increasing the number of survivors by developing better earlier detection methods and more effective therapies. Thanks to our industry-leading private funding efforts which ensure that 100% of donations go directly to the most accomplished cancer scientists, we are starting to give patients more time and better quality of life through new personalized therapies. Our Distinguished Scholars and Research Investigators receive multiyear grants which enable their labs to focus their research efforts on pancreatic cancer with the goal of delivering better outcomes for patients.


DISTINGUISHED SCHOLARS: Ronald M. Evans, Ph.D. Salk Institute for Biological Studies Research Topic: Drug Development Douglas Fearon, M.D. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Weill Cornell Medical College Research Topic: Immunology

David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D. The Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cancer Center Research Topic: Organoids for Personalized Medicine and Drug Development

Bert Vogelstein, M.D. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Research Topic: Earlier Detection

RESEARCH INVESTIGATORS: Lewis Cantley, Ph.D. Weill Cornell Medical College Research Topic: Drug Development Channing Der, Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Research Topic: Drug Development Stephen Fesik, Ph.D. Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Research Topic: Drug Development Charles S. Fuchs, M.D., MPH Yale Cancer Center Smilow Cancer Hospital Research Topic: Risk Factors Tony Hunter, Ph.D. Salk Institute for Biological Studies Research Topic: Drug Delivery

Tyler Jacks, Ph.D. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Topic: Drug Development Alison Klein, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Research Topic: Risk Factors Steven Leach, M.D. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Research Topic: Combination Therapies Scott Lowe, Ph.D. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Research Topic: Drug Development

Hidde Ploegh, Ph.D. Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research Research Topic: Earlier Detection Julien Sage, Ph.D. Stanford University Research Topic: Drug Development Diane Simeone, M.D. NYU Langone Medical Center Research Topic: Earlier Detection Matthew Vander Heiden, M.D., Ph.D. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Topic: Drug Development

Frank McCormick, Ph.D. University of California, San Francisco Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research at the National Cancer Institute Research Topic: Drug Development 11


Number of walks: 34

Number of teams:


In 2016, we expanded our nationwide walk program to encompass 34 walks, including inaugural events in Butler County, OH; Colorado Springs, CO; El Paso, TX; Hannibal, MO; Louisville, KY; Newport News, VA; and Silicon Valley, CA. Our Pancreatic Cancer Research Walks provide a unique opportunity for patients, survivors, and loved ones to connect with others who are on the same journey and give each other hope and encouragement. Each walk features a Mission Tent, where patients and their families access pertinent information necessary to make informed healthcare decisions, find the latest news in pancreatic cancer research, and learn about other opportunities to engage with fellow patients. We are so grateful for all of the walk leaders, participants, volunteers and sponsors who organized and joined us in 2016. It is because of your involvement and dedication to our mission of finding a cure that our walk program continues to grow each year.

Number of walkers: 15,367 across 18 states

2016 total dollars raised:

$3.7 million OUR 2016 WALKS SPANNED THE COUNTRY: Cumulative walk program dollars raised: $34 million 12

Albany, NY Boston, MA Brooklyn, NY Butler County, OH Cedar Rapids, IA Chicago, IL Colorado Springs, CO Cromwell, CT Denver, CO

Dutchess County, NY El Paso, TX Fort Myers, FL Fremont, CA Hannibal, MO Howard County, MD Lehigh Valley, PA Long Island, NY Louisville, KY

Milford, CT Monmouth County, NJ Naperville, IL Newport News, VA New York City, NY Paramus, NJ Pemberville, OH Pennsauken, NJ San Francisco, CA

Silicon Valley, CA Skowhegan, ME St. Louis, MO Syracuse, NY Valley of the Sun, AZ Westchester County, NY Westborough, MA Westlake Village, CA

SPECIAL EVENTS RAISE AWARENESS AND FUNDING Whether it is a pancake breakfast or a glitzy bash with the Radio City Rockettes, we are incredibly grateful to our volunteers and corporate supporters who make these events possible. In 2016, there were more than 300 community events and fundraisers that raised nearly $3 million, with several of them raising more than $100,000.

THE FIRST ANNUAL RICHARD & JONATHAN LEWIS MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT Nearly 200 people attended the first annual Richard & Jonathan Lewis Memorial Tournament at Glen Head Country Club on Long Island, New York, on what would have been Jonathan’s 40th birthday. The tournament, which was chaired by Lenore Lewis, featured golf, tennis, card games, an auction and a cocktail reception and raised more than $156,000.

HOLIDAY ROCK & ROLL BASH The Madison Square Garden Company and AMC Networks hosted the 16th annual Holiday Rock & Roll Bash at New York City hotspot TAO Downtown. The Bash attracted 800 people and raised $1.2 million. Entertainment included a special DJ set from Grammy Award-winning music producer and recording artist Swizz Beatz, as well as an exclusive performance from the Christmas Spectacular by the worldfamous Radio City Rockettes.

PARTY WITH A PURPOSE The Party With A Purpose cocktail reception, held at New York City’s famed 40/40 Club, attracted over 200 people and raised more than $112,000. This event was made possible thanks to our dedicated event committee and presenting sponsor Celgene.

RACE 4 A CURE Race 4 A Cure took place at the Grand Prix indoor entertainment center in Mt. Kisco, New York. The event raised more than $166,000 and brought together over 500 children, teens and adults for a night of family fun which included go-kart racing, arcade games and bowling.

MICHELLE’S 50TH BIRTHDAY BASH More than 300 family members, friends, and colleagues gathered at Pepe Infiniti in White Plains, New York to celebrate pancreatic cancer patient Michelle Hirsh’s 50th Birthday Bash. Thanks to the support of Michelle’s family and friends, this event raised nearly $160,000.

Michelle Hirsh Michelle Hirsh faced pancreatic cancer like she did everything in her life – with grace, compassion and determination. She survived 30 months before passing away a month shy of her 51st birthday. Through countless treatments, she was able to live life fully and dedicate herself to raising awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer research. She was determined to turn pancreatic cancer into something positive. She will be forever missed. Her light and her love live on through her family and many friends. 13

2016 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS* 2000-2016 ANNUAL TOTAL REVENUE $45,000,000 $45,000,000 $40,000,000 $40,000,000 $35,000,000 $35,000,000 $30,000,000 $30,000,000 $25,000,000 $25,000,000 $20,000,000 $20,000,000 $15,000,000 $15,000,000 $10,000,000 $10,000,000 $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $0 $0

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2000-2016 CUMULATIVE RESEARCH GRANTS $140,000,000 $140,000,000 $120,000,000 $120,000,000 $100,000,000 $100,000,000 $80,000,000 $80,000,000 $60,000,000 $60,000,000 $40,000,000 $40,000,000 $20,000,000 $20,000,000 $0 $0

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*Note: Financial audit in progress at the time of printing. The audited financial statements of the Lustgarten Foundation are available on our website or upon request. 14


2 0 1 6


2016 Total Revenue: $45,074,442





2016 Total Expenses: $23,815,634 82% Research


51% Bequests


4% 1%

16% Contributions

7% Fundraising

14% Events

6% Management & General

13% Sponsor

4% Public Education

6% Investment Income

1% Professional Education

16% Our 2016 total revenue represents an all-time high for the Foundation.

2016 total revenue

2 0 1 5


3% 29%

2016 total revenue2016 total expenses

2016 total expenses 2015 total revenue

2015 Total Revenue: $23,689,448

1% 5% 2%



85% Research

29% Contributions

7% Management & General 5% Fundraising

11% Sponsor

2016 total expenses2015 total revenue

2015 Total Expenses: $22,906,141

29% Bequests

28% Events 28%

2015 total e 2015 total revenue

2% Public Education

3% Investment Income

1% Professional Education


2015 total revenue 2015 total expenses


2015 total expenses



Bequests & Contributions Receivable



Annual Research Expenses



Research Commitments



Ending Total Net Assets


$46,354,687 15




Charles F. Dolan Chairman - Lustgarten Foundation Executive Chairman - AMC Networks Former Chairman - Cablevision Systems Corporation

The Honorable Jimmy Carter 39th U.S. President - Honorary Chairman

Ronald M. Evans, Ph.D. Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Frank A. Bennack Jr. Former Chief Executive Officer - Hearst Corporation

Douglas T. Fearon, M.D. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Weill Cornell Medical College

Robert F. Vizza, Ph.D. Vice Chairman, Research - Lustgarten Foundation William Bell Treasurer - Lustgarten Foundation Former Vice Chairman - Cablevision Systems Corporation Jessica Lustgarten Courtemanche Associate Director, Strategy and Analysis - DigitasLBi James L. Dolan Executive Chairman - The Madison Square Garden Company Former Chief Executive Officer - Cablevision Systems Corporation Jennie Fortunoff Principal - Esterow Events & Consulting, Inc. Kerri Kaplan President and Chief Executive Officer - Lustgarten Foundation Andrew Lustgarten Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy - The Madison Square Garden Company Marcia Lustgarten Former Director, Optimum Community - Cablevision Systems Corporation Sheila Mahony Former Executive Vice President, Communication, Government, and Public Affairs - Cablevision Systems Corporation Charles R. Schueler Former Executive Vice President, Media and Community Relations - Cablevision Systems Corporation Adam Silver Commissioner - National Basketball Association 16

Barry Diller Chairman and Senior Executive - IAC/InterActiveCorp and Expedia, Inc.

Tyler Jacks, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

John S. Hendricks Founder and Former Chairman - Discovery Communications

David Paul Kelsen, M.D. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Mel Karmazin Retired Chief Executive Officer - Sirius XM Radio, Inc. Co-Founder - Infinity Broadcasting

Robert J. Mayer, M.D. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School

Gerald M. Levin Retired Chief Executive Officer - Time Warner, Inc. John C. Malone Chairman - Liberty Media Corporation Rupert Murdoch Executive Chairman - News Corp Executive Co-Chairman - 21st Century Fox Sumner M. Redstone Chairman Emeritus - Viacom and CBS Corporation Chairman - National Amusements Tom Rogers Executive Chairman - WinView Sir Howard Stringer Non-Executive Director - British Broadcasting Corporation Retired Chairman of the Board - Sony Corporation

Bruce Stillman, Ph.D. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D. Director of Research Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Bert Vogelstein, M.D. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

DONORS Our important mission cannot be accomplished without the assistance of the many generous individuals, foundations, corporations, volunteers and organizations that support us. We wish there was enough space to thank everyone who has ever made a gift. However, please know that each contribution is deeply appreciated. FOUNDERS Bill and Ellen Bell Cablevision Systems Corporation Charles B. Wang Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frederick DeMatteis Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lockton III McMullen Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Randolph Jr. The Lustgarten Family Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tow

CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S CIRCLE $10,000,000 + Cumulative Since Inception Cablevision Systems Corporation Estate of Mary Brenneisen The Walter B. Wriston Fund

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $1,000,000 - $9,999,999 Cumulative Since Inception Estate of Lucille L. Tirkfield Estate of Maxine Stein-Kohler Estate of Roberta Coppola KPMG, LLP Levon Graphics Corporation The Lustgarten Family Theodore W. Batterman Family Foundation, Inc.

VICE CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $500,000 - $999,999 Cumulative Since Inception

AMC Networks Celgene Corporation Estate of Dorothy C. Guida Estate of Patricia C. Galgan JCPenney Karen Zissu-Magidson Memorial Fund Ruth and David Levine Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lockton III Mark Broxmeyer Memorial Fund McMullen Family Foundation News Corporation Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Shostak Charitable Fund The Antoinette E. (“Mimi”) & Herman Boehm Foundation The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation The Madison Square Garden Company The Ralph C. Marcove Cancer Research Fund Inc. Mr. Charles Wang

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $100,000 - $499,999 Cumulative Since Inception

21st Century Fox Amdocs Broadband Cable & Satellite Division Arris Ms. Adrienne Atkinson Mrs. Cornelia T. Bailey Mr. Michael Balmuth Bank of America Barbara Mantoni Santaniello Research Fund Inc. Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. Bill and Ellen Bell

Croatian American Charitable Foundation Golf Outing in Memory of Val Blaskovic

Black Twig Communications, LLC Boston Scientific Corporation Brindell Roberts Gottlieb Trust Brisbin Brook Beynon, Architects Cisco Systems, Inc. Clare Rose Foundation, Inc. Croatian American Charitable Foundation Mrs. Dorothy Daly Data-Mail, Inc. Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Deloitte & Touche DevelopOnBox LLC Discovery Communications, LLC Disney and ESPN Media Networks Eli Lilly and Company ESPN, Inc. Estate of Florence E. Wilson Estate of John A. Ryvik Estate of Judith Bandel Estate of Laurie Lima Estate of Suzanne Rapier 17

Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo & Terrana, LLP Frank J. Antun Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frankel Frenz For A Cause, Inc. Frontier Touring Gardner Nelson & Partners, Inc. Genentech, Inc. George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Goldman Sachs Greater Hartford Community Foundation, Inc. Mr. Leo A. Guthart HJ Kalikow & Co., LLC HBO

Hope Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr. Howard Shapiro Memorial Fund Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP Laura and Brian Hull IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign ImClone Systems Incorporated Insurance Auto James S. Swinehart Memorial Fund JP Morgan Chase Jeffrey Rosenzweig Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research Jenner & Block LLP John Alexander Wilkins III Memorial Fund 18

Jones Day Kansys, Inc. Kauff McGuire & Margolis LLP Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Lazarus Marketing, Inc. Linda J. Verville Cancer Research Foundation Loeb & Loeb LLP Martha Washington Straus-Harry H. Straus Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Martin Merrill Lynch Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Miramax Films Morgan Stanley Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP MTV Networks, Inc. NBA Cares NBCUniversal Neil M. Klatskin Foundation, Inc. Network For Good Newsday Nokia Siemens Networks OSI Foundation Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Mr. Robert F. Penardi Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. Port Jefferson Yacht Club (formerly Setauket Yacht Club) Mrs. Richardson Pratt Jr. Mrs. F.F. Randolph Jr. Rensselaer Honda Tom Gorman Memorial Golf Outing Road to Market LTD Ropes & Gray LLP Mr. and Mrs. David E. Salmanson Samsung Mrs. Kathryn Schulberg Virginia Grande Schwenk Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. Greg and Lynda Seck Shearman & Sterling LLP Showtime Networks, Inc. Mr. Adam Silver Sloane & Company Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Sun Microsystems The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Benjamin Neuhausen Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research The Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation The Clarissa & Edgar Bronfman Jr. Foundation The Harry T. Barbaris, M.D. Memorial Fund The Lefkofsky Foundation The Mancheski Foundation, Inc. The Marc Haas Foundation The Mark Abrams Memorial Foundation The Perelman Family Foundation, Inc. The Peter Grosslight Memorial Fund The Richard E. Capri Foundation The Robert & Lynne Grossman Family Foundation The Sandra Atlas Bass and Edythe & Sol G. Atlas Fund, Inc. The Weinstein Company The William H. Isacoff, M.D. Research Foundation Thomasville Home Furnishings Metro NY Time Warner, Inc. Tom’s Cure Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Mr. Leonard Tow Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. UBS Financial Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Udell of London Jewelers Verizon Communications Viacom Wasily Family Foundation West New York Restoration of CT, Inc. William Morris Endeavor Entertainment Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP WLNY TV 10/55 Suzanne and Bob Wright

This listing reflects the total amount of donors’ commitments from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, including gifts, pledges, and payments on prior-year pledges of $2,500 or more. PLATINUM CIRCLE

Estate of Dorothy C. Guida

Hope Foundation Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP KPMG, LLP New York-Presbyterian Hospital Virginia Grande Schwenk Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation Sullivan & Cromwell LLP The Benevity Community Impact Fund The Bern Schwartz Family Foundation The Charles B. Wang International Foundation The Dozen Dimes Foundation, Inc. The Madison Square Garden Company The Mancheski Foundation, Inc. The Ralph C. Marcove Cancer Research Fund Inc. Wasily Family Foundation Suzanne and Bob Wright



$10,000,000 +

Estate of Kathryn D. Wriston Estate of Mary Brenneisen


$1,000,000 - $9,999,999 Cablevision Systems Corporation Estate of Roberta Coppola

DIAMOND CIRCLE $500,000 - $999,999

$100,000 - $499,999 Celgene Corporation Greater Hartford Community Foundation, Inc. Mark Broxmeyer Memorial Fund Road to Market LTD Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Mrs. Kathryn Schulberg The Antoinette E. (“Mimi”) & Herman Boehm Foundation Theodore W. Batterman Family Foundation, Inc.


$50,000 - $99,999 21st Century Fox AMC Networks Arris Mr. Michael Balmuth Bank of America Boston Scientific Corporation Data-Mail, Inc. George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999

Bonide Foundation Inc. Charter Communications Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP Deloitte & Touche Estate of Freda C. Levine Evelyn K. Dobroski Memorial Fund Mr. Robert P. Flicker Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frankel Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fuirst Haymakers for Hope Inc. Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP James S. Swinehart Memorial Fund JP Morgan Chase Karen Zissu-Magidson Memorial Fund Kauff McGuire & Margolis LLP Korn Ferry Latham & Watkins LLP Ruth and David Levine NBA Cares NBCUniversal

Network For Good PJT Partners Port Jefferson Yacht Club (formerly Setauket Yacht Club) Pound The Pavement Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Richardson Greg and Lynda Seck Shostak Charitable Fund The Clarissa & Edgar Bronfman Jr. Foundation The Lustgarten Family The Polly Anthony Memorial Fund The Richard E. Capri Foundation

BRONZE CIRCLE $10,000 - $24,999 A&E Television Networks Amdocs Broadband Cable & Satellite Division Andree Wildenstein Dormeuil & Roger Dormeuil Foundation Arnhold Foundation Assurance Development and Management Corporation Ms. Adrienne Atkinson Baldor Specialty Foods Benhar Office Interiors Mrs. Linda K. Berger Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Shamrocks Fight Cancer 19

Bloomingdale, NJ Fire Department BNP Paribus Bonner Family Private Foundation, Inc. CamberView Partners Mr. John F. Campbell Carol B. Smith Memorial Golf Fund Mrs. Carolann Catalogne Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Chadakoff Citigroup Payment Services Connect One Creative Bath Products, Inc. Croatian American Charitable Foundation Ms. Melodee R. Davis and Family Dell, Inc.

Diana Davis Spencer Foundation Discovery Communications, Inc. Ms. Mary C. Dix Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Dolan Dorothy “Dot� Robelen Memorial Fund Mrs. Laurel Durkay Egon Zehnder International, Inc. Dr. Joan Egrie Entertainment Industry Foundation Evertz Microsystems Limited Fadeaway Records Fletcher Family Foundation Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo & Terrana, LLP 20

Mrs. Helene Fortunoff and Mr. Robert Grossman Mr. Gerald Frankel Frenz For A Cause, Inc. Gail Poinelli Memorial Fund GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program Gerstein Fisher Funds Gerstner Family Foundation Goldman Sachs Mrs. Geneva Gondek Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goodman Guggenheim Partners Mr. Roger Hathaway Howard Shapiro Memorial Fund Laura and Brian Hull IBM Corporation IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign iHeart Media Insurance Auto ITV International Corporation IWCO Direct J.T. Hobby Jr. Endowment Fund J.T. Magen & Company, Inc. Ms. Jacqueline Jackson JustGive.org Kansys, Inc. Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP Mr. Howard M. Krams Ms. Laura Landau Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Lande Mrs. Lenore S. Lewis and Family Liberty Mutual Employee & Matching Gift Program Linda J. Verville Cancer Research Foundation Loeb & Loeb LLP Dr. Edward F. Loeb and Family Luau for Lustgarten - Pancreatic Cancer Research Lydia K. Feidler Charitable Trust Martha Washington Straus-Harry H. Straus Foundation, Inc. Max and Sunny Howard Memorial Foundation Midlands Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Milstein Minnesota Wild Foundation Miranda Fund Mohegan Sun Morgan Stanley MRV Optical Communications Systems

MSC Industrial Direct MUFG Mr. Rafal Murczek Nancy J. Semmel Foundation, Inc. Mike and Lori Nash National Hockey League Oppenheimer Funds Mr. Daniel L. Owens Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pinto Mr. and Mrs. John C. Prato Mrs. F.F. Randolph Jr. Mr. John J. Raggio The Peter Grosslight Memorial Fund The Reiss Family Foundation Rensselaer Honda Tom Gorman Memorial Golf Outing Mr. Marc Rossi Mr. James Rowley Mr. Harvey Rudman Russell & Katherine Hawken Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David E. Salmanson Sandvine Sandy Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Josh Sapan Schenck, Price, Smith & King LLP Score For The Cure in Pennington, NJ Scotia Capital Inc. Scripps Networks Interactive

SevOne, Inc. Showtime Networks, Inc. Ms. Judith Siegfried Mr. Adam Silver Stupell Foundation Inc. Sutherland Global Services The Brooklyn Brothers LLC The Ergonomic Group The Gabelli Funds The Harold L. & Faye Liss Foundation The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation The Hildenbrand Family Foundation The Lakefield Family Foundation The Paul B. Greetin and Beryl S. Greetin Foundation, Inc. The Robert and Marion Schamann Brozowski Foundation The Sandra Atlas Bass and Edythe & Sol G. Atlas Fund, Inc. The Schwartz Family Foundation The Spionkop Charitable Trust The Stewart J. Rahr Foundation The Switzer Group Tom’s Cure Pancreatic Cancer Foundation UBS Financial Services, Inc. Viacom VMware Foundation Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Walsh WideOrbit Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Wilcox Hope and Gavin Wolfe

BENEFACTOR CIRCLE $5,000 - $9,999

A.J.D. Construction Alliantie Technical Group, Inc. American Express Foundation Employee Gift & Matching Program Mr. Joseph L. Arena Mrs. Linda Armyn August A. Busch III Charitable Trust Aurora, IL Police Department Mr. Lawrence T. Babbio Bahnik Foundation, Inc. Bank of America United Way Campaign Barclays Capital

Mrs. Evelyn Barrow Ms. Deanna Bartelini Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Bassini Becton, Dickinson and Company Mr. and Mrs. Charles Besser Ms. Susan Bick Billy Webber Memorial Fund, Inc. BitbyBit Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blomquist Mrs. Barbara A. Bradley Mr. Paul Brod California Community Foundation Canter For The Cure Carol & Jack Kline Fund Carsey-Werner Distribution, LLC Mr. Robert B. Catell Mr. Gary A. Chanowitz Chicago Switchboard Company Ms. Alana Clegg Clifford Chance US LLP Columbia Threadneedle Investments Combined DBL Resources LTD Contract Pharmacal Corp. Ms. Sherry Converse Ms. Ruth Fortunoff Cooper Cops Running For Charity Credo, LLC Mr. James S. Crown CVS Health Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. D’Ambrosio Mr. Manish Dave Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. DeGrazia Delman Mortenson Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Dernburg Mr. Peter Dimon Mr. Robert S. Dow Doyle & McKean LLP Dun & Bradstreet Eastern Star Charity Foundation of NJ Inc. Edward Darman Co., L.P. Epic Estate of Dorothy A. Boyce Estate of Frank Galizia Estate of Thomas J. Furlong Jr. Richard and Mary Felix

FirstGiving Foremost Footwear LLC Jennie Fortunoff and Andrew Chonofsky Mr. and Mrs. Ross Frankel Alex and Ann P. Frick Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C. Mr. John J. Garthoeffner General Motors LLC Gleason Family Foundation, Inc. Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program Mrs. Bernice L. Gotlieb Mr. and Mrs. Bud Gruenberg Ms. Rona M. Guidone Mr. Borys Hayda Haynes and Boone, LLP Jason T. Heckman, M.D. Mr. Merrit Heminway Michelle and Scott Hirsh Hogan Lovells US LLP Mr. Ronald Hohmann Mrs. Inge Horn Mrs. Beryl E. Howkins Ms. Beverly S. Jacobs Mrs. Sylvia Jacobs and Family Jeff Horstman Golf Tournament Joel H. Levitt Memorial Charitable Fund JPMC Foundation Mr. Jens Thomas Jung Mr. and Mrs. Armenag Kalaydjian 21

Haymakers for Hope Inc.

Ms. Robin Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. James Kewley Mr. Kerry J. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Seth Klarman Nicole and Stuart Kovensky Ms. Elizabeth Lamanna Mr. Kenneth G. Langone Laurie Milotte Memorial Fund Mr. Patrick E. Law Lawton Adams Construction Mrs. Beth Lee and Family Mr. Gregg R. Lemkau Lincoln Computer Services, LLC Loren Findorak Memorial Golf Outing Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lustgarten Mr. Michael Mackey Ms. Sheila Mahony and Mr. Chuck Riggs Mrs. Susan Mandel Mark and Gayle Lerch Family Foundation Mr. Doug McDaniel McKeon Dance & Gymnastics Center Mrs. Diane Miller and Family Ms. Phyllis W. Miller Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Mr. Joseph Moretti Morgan Stanley Foundation - Employee Giving Program Mr. Stuart M. Morgan and Family Mr. David Morris 22

Mr. Robert Moss New York Life Nokia Siemens Networks Omega Phi Mr. Jacob Oresky P & J Albaum Family Foundation Ms. Kim Padnes Pascucci Family Foundation Mr. William G. Paullin Ms. Joanne Pearson PeerView Institute for Medical Education Mr. Doniel Perl Ms. Barby Pickett Pine Hollow Charity Fund Inc Ms. Lynn G. Platzner and Family Mr. John J. Powers Pragosport Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Pranzo and Family Proskauer Rose, LLP Mr. Nathan T. Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rappaport Ms. Dolores Riordan Mr. Schuyler Risk Ms. Eve K. Robinson and Mr. Joshua Wiener Roger Klauber Family Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Andrea Rosenfield and Family Mrs. Cheryl Ross and Family Mr. Jeffrey Ross Ms. Laura Rossi Ms. Annemarie Salowski Mrs. Anne Schnesel Mr. and Mrs. Clark Schubach Sherry Shumaker Memorial Fund Mr. Kenneth J. Siegel Siena Engineering Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Snayd Dr. Hilma M. Yu and Mr. Anthony M. Sola Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Sperry Strategic Wealth Planning, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Sultan SunTrust Robinson Humphrey Susan Petersen-Lubow Trust Mr. and Mrs. Adam L. Taetle Mrs. Cathleen M. Taff-Schutz Mr. Martin E. Tanzer and Family

Tekscape It, LLC The Dana Foundation The Gettinger Family Foundation The Ivan Seidenberg Foundation, Inc. The Mary K. Anthony Irrevocable Trust The Moloney Family Foundation The Robert & Lynne Grossman Family Foundation The Simmons Family Foundation, Inc. The Ted and Ruth Johnson Family Foundation The Thalia and George Liberatos Foundation The Virginia Metzler Family Charitable Foundation Thomasville Home Furnishings Metro NY Tribune Media Services Horwith Trucks Mr. Robert S. Trump U.S. Bank UBS Financial Services, Inc. UPS Ms. Alexanderina Vigh Wally Oakland Memorial Fund West Haven, CT Elks Lodge #1537 William Grant & Sons, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William Williams Winthrop-University Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yager Yonkers High School YourCause - AT&T Ms. Karen Zupko

PATRON CIRCLE $2,500 - $4,999 21st Century Oncology AECOM Technology Corporation Allegory AmazonSmile Foundation Ancient Order of Hibernians Division #2 Andrea Anastasio Charitable Fund Mrs. Nancy Armstrong Mr. Christopher Austin Mr. Robert Band Bank of America Charitable Foundation Baroan Technologies Baron Capital Foundation

Mr. Robert Barrack Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berezny Berro Family Foundation, Inc. Bienstock, LLC Bimbo Bakeries USA BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. Mr. Jacob Blickenstaff Bloomberg L.P. BNY Mellon Community Partnership Employee & Matching Gift Program BNY Mellon Wealth Management Ms. Candice R. Bolte Ms. Linda Boss Ms. Taryn M. Bostjancic Bridgehampton EMS Company BTIG, LLC Ms. Laura N. Buehler Charles A. Dailey Foundation Chloe Productions, Inc. Clearpool Group Mr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Cohen and Family Ms. Donna Coleman Ms. Julie Connor The Cooper Family Credit Suisse First Boston Cullinan Companies LLC Cumberland Valley Youth Basketball Association Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Danker Delmonte-Smelson Jewelers, Inc.

Pancakes for a Purpose

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Desmond Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. DonateWell Mr. and Mrs. Adam Donner Mr. Richard Dumas Mrs. Donna E. Edwards Mrs. Daryl Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Ellis Empire National Bank Mr. David S. Erickson Estate of Camille P. Mazza Estate of Laurie Lima Facebook Mr. Michael L. Faltischek Mrs. Rozanne T. Faulkner Fifth Avenue of L.I. Realty Association First Data Foxwoods Resort Casino Mr. Charles Frankel Mr. Mark Freedman and Ms. Francesca Miller Anita Dann Friedman Mr. Mario J. Gabelli Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gannon Mr. Lawrence J. Gannon Cynthia Price Gavin Mr. Joshua Gillon Mr. Daniel Giorno Mr. and Mrs. Dave Girolamo Ms. Anne F. Glauber Glen Oaks Club Barbara and Abdel Ghafir Mrs. Katherine Gohdes Mrs. Sherry Gold Tara and Arthur Goldfrank Mr. Nelson Gomes Good Hope Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Adam Grunfeld Christopher J. Hagen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Haggerty Harkavy-Mack Foundation Mrs. Gail F. Harms Ms. Pamela M. Harper Mrs. Jacqueline B. Harren Hauser’s Truck Service Mr. Harvey R. Heller

Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Herbert Hershey Family Fund Mr. Glen Higgenbotham Mr. Clarke Hitch Horizon Media, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Horowitz Mrs. Loretta E. Howard Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP

Play for Purple Bridge Tournament

International Union of Operating Engineers ITW Foundation Matching Gifts Program J. Horowitz and E. Hardin Fund Jack Haley Memorial Fund Jeff Pirozzi Memorial Fund JFK Air Cargo Association, Inc. Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program Mrs. Patricia C. Johnson Joann Weber Charitable Fund of the Greater Lowell Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kabat Mrs. Louise Kaminow and Family Ms. Ann C. Kaneps Mrs. Dolores Karp Ms. Phyllis Katz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Katz Miss Mallory Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Brad Kitchens Kobre & Kim LLP KPMG Community Giving Campaign 23

Luau for Lustgarten – Pancreatic Cancer Research

Mr. Phil Krejci Ms. Carol L. Lace Mr. Laurence Laddin Las Vegas Sands Corp. Ms. Marianne Lazarou-Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Leifer Tobey Lipschitz Mrs. Marie Lopez Mr. Steve J. Lovell Lucerne Foundation Ms. Ann Martinez Mary K. Anthony Irrevocable Trust Ms. Julie Matonich Mr. Jordan Mayer Mrs. Susan J. Mayfield Merck Partnership For Giving MFS Millennium Partners Cynthia and William Miller Ms. Melissa R. Mirabile Montauk Sports, Inc. Montefiore Health System Mr. and Mrs. Craig Moore Ms. Karen S. Moore My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc. Nielsen NPA Computers, Inc. 24

Och-Ziff Capital Management Matching Gifts Program Old Westbury Golf & Country Club Mr. Steven Orbuch and Family Mr. and Mrs. Greg Orman Mrs. Erika L. Padgett Paramus Park Mall Patricia Armstrong Dressler Foundation Mr. John Pessolano Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Phoenix Communications Mr. Jack R. Pine Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Pliskin Mr. Marc S. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Barry Prevor Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre LLC PVH Foundation Quan, LLC RAD Communications Mr. Lewis S. Ranieri Mr. and Mrs. Gil Raviv Ms. Betty M. Roach Robert R. McCormick Foundation Roberta and Gary Fisher Charitable Fund Ms. Lorraine E. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Adam Rosmarin Mr. Larry Roth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russum Salerno Brokerage Corp. Ms. AnnMarie Santamarina Ms. Mindy Schneider Ms. Katherine A. Sears Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Sesterhenn Dr. Shashin Shah Mr. Thomas Shapiro Shoreline Brewery & Restaurant Mr. Ronald Slevin Mrs. Abby Smith SportsNet New York St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates State Street Matching Gifts Program Ms. Susan B. Stearns Mr. Robert Stone

Stop & Stor Charitable Fund Tashlik Family Charitable Foundation Miss Sara Tecchia The Aboodi & Hoffman Families The Allergan Foundation The Custard Hut The Donald J. Trump Foundation, Inc. The Frank J. Romano Foundation, Inc. The Hallen Construction Company, Inc. The Walt Disney Company Foundation The Weeks-Lerman Group, LLC The Weiser Philanthropic Foundation TKE XI Lambda Chapter, Inc. Mr. Michael Tramontano Mr. Donald Turano Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tuzzo UBS Mr. William Udell United Way of Greater Atlanta University of Colorado Hospital Constance & Anthony J. Vela Mr. Domenick Vita Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waldman Mr. Carl Wand Mr. Jordan C. Wand Mrs. Ilene Weinfeld Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weiss Weitz Family Charitable Foundation Westchester Broadway Theatre Westlake Village Inn Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering White Plains Hospital Center Mrs. Kristin Williams Ms. Megan Wisdom Mrs. Connie Wuestenhagen Mrs. Monica Yandow Mrs. Adrienne Yarnold YourCause Ms. Laurie Zaks Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Zeitlin This list of donors has been prepared with the greatest of care. We sincerely regret any errors or omissions. If you have questions about this list, please contact us at 866.789.1000.

COMMUNITY EVENTS ATHLETICS Bike for Bunny Canter for the Cure in Memory of Arlene Bates Toyne Claire Rose Bavaria Fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer Haymakers for Hope Inc. Fundraiser - Dan Horan McKeon Dance and Gymnastics Winter Wonderland Show Oakland Fishing Trip Purple Pucks for Pancreatic Cancer Research Rick Buehler Cornhole Tournament Score for the Cure Shamrocks Fight Cancer Shooting for a Cure for Pancreatic Cancer The Bear Bowl Tie Dye T-Shirt Tennis Turkey Tournament Tour De Pour Village Cup Regatta World Seido Karate Fundraiser

ENDURANCE 2016 Hamptons Marathon: Jacqueline Carter, Linda Gennusa, Andrew Klaber, Conrad Madey, Katie Megiel, Christine Pagano 2016 New York City Half Marathon: Emanuel Aharonoff, Nathanel Aharonoff, Josh Banilivy, Greg Chapin, Sandra Duffy, Ariel Hakimi, Kevin Hakimi, Paul Hellman, Simon Italiaander, Michael Lenihan, Dan Rothman, Sam Rudman, Marc Saffren, Valerie Tangney 2016 New York City Marathon in Memory of Louis Lloyd Atlanta Track Club’s Thanksgiving Half Marathon in Honor of Rick Sforzini Jo and George’s Jerks Tough Mudder PC Fundraiser Malison Family Triathlon Fundraiser RJA Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon Ski 7 Continents TriAmerica 2016

GOLF AOH Division 2 Golf Outing in Honor and Memory of Msgr. Jim Kissane Bill Tamburro Jr. Golf Tournament Brian McGovern Memorial Golf Tournament

Camille Della Torri Memorial Golf Outing Carol B. Smith Memorial Golf Tournament Croatian American Charitable Foundation Golf Outing in Memory of Val Blaskovic Debbie Open Golf Outing Eddie Ivanoski Memorial Golf Tournament Hit and Run Golf Outing Hoopalator Open Golf Tournament Howard Shapiro Golf Outing Jack Haley Golf Tournament Jeff Pirozzi Memorial Golf Classic Jeffrey K. Elder Memorial Golf Tournament JFK Air Cargo Golf Outing Joe LoCicero Memorial Golf Tournament John V. Duffy Memorial Golf Outing Laurie Milotte Golf Tournament Lenon-Galas Golf Tournament Loren Findorak Pancreatic Cancer Golf Outing Rensselaer Honda Tom Gorman Memorial Golf Outing Richard and Jonathan Lewis Memorial Tournament Scramble for Shelly Terry Hagen Memorial Golf Tournament The Larry Golf Classic

Concert for a Cure - San Diego Dance Away Pancreatic Cancer Dancin’ in the Winter Ga May - in Memory of Mark Kuller Leonard Park Wines and Spirits Event in Honor of Joseph Larizza Let’s Help Find a Cure in Memory of Lou DeSciloi Luau For Lustgarten - Pancreatic Cancer Research Michelle Hirsh’s Birthday Bash Nancy J. Semmel Foundation Beefsteak Dinner Neuron Mirror Book Sales Old Oaks Charity Weekend Pancakes for a Purpose in Memory of David A. Anstadt and John Bradley PBA Local No. 1 No Shave Movember Play for Purple Bridge Tournament in Memory of Curt Lemkau Purple Pumpkins for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and Search for A Cure in Memory of Joseph T. Alessi and George Solomos Race 4 A Cure Silent Auction in Honor of L.B. Owens Susiepalooza Yonkers High School Dance for a Chance


5cacia Run for Pancreatic Cancer at Ohio University 5K Beer Run/Walk in Memory of Beth Moore and Thomas Lesselyong Bob Kochka Memorial 5K Run/Walk Gloria Prodoehl and Diana Agozzino Memorial Run/Walk Hope Begins with Me Pound the Pavement for Purple 5K Run/Walk Purple Ribbon 5K Run/Walk Rock and Run 5K Run for Kasz Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co./Tripp-Lite Race Walk Championships Sherry Shumaker Memorial Pancreatic Cancer 5K Run/Walk The “A” Team for Angela

Dara’s Mitzvah Project In Loving Memory of Dennis Chemick In Memory of Our Beloved Maria Teresa Tiongson Julia Applebaum’s Bat Mitzvah Project

SOCIAL Americana Manhasset Champions for Charity Arcolian Dental Arts Society Christmas Gala Benefit in Memory of Ross Miller and Flo Sheldon Big Apple Cares Casino Night Boston Scientific No Shave November Broadway Showstoppers in Memory of Chris Stone Chaos Against Cancer Cheers to a Cure Chop and Stout Month at Shoreline Brewery


WORKPLACE BTIG Charity Day in Honor of Harriet Plank 25

415 Crossways Park Drive, Suite D Woodbury, New York 11797 Phone: 1-866-789-1000 www.lustgarten.org

Profile for Lustgarten Foundation

Lustgarten Foundation 2016 Annual Report  

Lustgarten Foundation 2016 Annual Report  

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