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Dear Friends: RESEARCH ➡ PROGRESS ➡ HOPE. This is the theme for The Lustgarten Foundation’s 2013 Annual Report. Research is our most critical weapon in the fight against pancreatic cancer. Progress in advancing research encourages and assures us that we are on the right path. And this gives us Hope that we can and will find a way to beat this terrible disease. These three words—Research, Progress, Hope—best exemplify the Foundation’s journey—past, present and future. On the pages that follow, we have highlighted the Foundation’s 2013 research progress, including: • Research programs funded this year by The Lustgarten Foundation totaling $12 million, which brings our research commitments to more than $75 million at the end of 2013. • The ongoing outstanding work conducted by Lustgarten Foundation Research Director Dr. David Tuveson and the team at The Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which focuses exclusively on pancreatic cancer research, such as early detection, improved therapies and drug delivery. • Our expanding relationship with Stand Up To Cancer, which now extends to the co-funding of a second Pancreatic Cancer Dream Team to develop new therapies leveraging the promising field of immunology. We wish to express our gratitude to our many friends—our generous supporters, volunteers, Board of Directors, and Scientific Advisory Board. It is largely because of the tremendous dedication and determination of our supporters that our fundraising reached an all-time high this year of nearly $14 million, which will allow us to increase our research budget for next year. Due to the underwriting of our administrative expenses by Cablevision, 100% of all funds raised go directly to important pancreatic cancer research. We continue to remain steadfast in our mission to fund research that holds the greatest potential to lead to early detection, more effective treatments, and a cure for pancreatic cancer. The Lustgarten Foundation’s mission is to advance the scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment

Thank you for your ongoing commitment in the important fight against pancreatic cancer. We look forward to sharing more

and cure of pancreatic cancer. We are the largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research in the United States.

news about our continued efforts throughout the year as we strive to accelerate our journey of Research. Progress. Hope.

The Lustgarten Foundation was established in 1998 with the help of Cablevision Chairman Charles Dolan and Chief Executive James Dolan, and named after former Cablevision Vice Chairman Marc Lustgarten before he died from pancreatic cancer.


Cablevision has worked closely with the Foundation to support its mission throughout its history, and today that includes underwriting the Foundation’s administrative expenses so that every dollar donated to the Foundation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research. The Foundation and Cablevision are also partners in the curePC public awareness campaign, which leverages Cablevision’s media and telecommunications assets to increase the visibility of the disease and of the Foundation’s efforts. With the support of Cablevision, The Lustgarten Foundation is leading the way in research advancements aimed at detecting the disease earlier, developing better therapies, and ultimately, finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Charles F. Dolan Chairman

Dr. Robert F. Vizza President

Kerri Kaplan Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer



“We now know enough about pancreatic cancer to think about overcoming it because the history of medicine is that once one understands the disease, it is only a matter of time before that disease is conquered…I have a lot more than hope. I am absolutely confident that there will be progress.” —Bert Vogelstein, Howard Hughes Investigator, Clayton Professor of Oncology

and Pathology, and Director of the Ludwig Center for Cancer Genetics and Therapeutics at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine



RESEARCH In the fifteen years since The Lustgarten Foundation was founded: • The number of scientists has increased dramatically from a handful to more than 1,000. •F  ederal funding for pancreatic cancer has grown from $20M in 2000 to $105M in 2013. •T  he number of clinical trials available for patients has increased as therapies have become available. • By the end of 2013, The Lustgarten Foundation will have funded more than $75 million in research grants to support 175 research projects.


PROGRESS Research Leads to Progress: • Our project to sequence the genes involved in pancreatic cancer is leading to early detection tests and new therapies. •W  e understand that a membrane forms around pancreatic cancer, which stops chemotherapy from entering the tumor. We now have a clinical trial to test a drug that, if successful, will break up the membrane and allow more chemotherapy to penetrate the tumor. •W  e have developed an early detection blood test in the lab, which is being tested in a worldwide clinical trial. •W  e are identifying which cysts will develop into pancreatic cancer and which cysts will remain benign so we will be able to distinguish patients who need to undergo surgery from those who do not. •W  e have found new genes associated with familial pancreatic cancer and have a clinical trial for a therapy that may help pancreatic cancer patients with BRCA mutations. •W  e are developing new therapies that use the human immune system to fight pancreatic cancer. •A  new drug, Abraxane, used in combination with Gemcitabine, extends the survival time for patients and has been approved as the new standard of care for patients. We are funding research to better understand why some patients with pancreatic cancer respond better to Abraxane than others.

“There has been a tremendous amount of progress in pancreatic cancer research over the past fifteen years. We have learned a lot about the genetics of the disease…and with these tools are developing better therapies.”



—A lec Kimmelman, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School and Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute




“We know where we need to go and now we just have to make it happen. It’s going to take creativity, relentless effort, and support. I have tremendous hope. It is impatient hope, but tremendous. We will succeed.” —Dr. David Tuveson, Director, Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory and Professor and Deputy Director of The Cancer Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory




RESEARCH UPDATE Dr. David Tuveson leads The Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory in the battle against pancreatic

2013 was another significant year of progress for our ongoing

led by Dr. Hadassa Degani at the Weismann Institute in Israel,

advances in developing better therapies to more effectively

research projects and identifying new areas for research.

using multiple imaging technologies simultaneously to diagnose

combat the disease, improving the ability to get therapies

Dr. Bert Vogelstein and his team have taken their diagnostic

past the tumor’s defenses in order to achieve better

blood test into the clinic in a multinational clinical trial.

Approaches to early detection are critical to curing this

outcomes, and developing new strategies for early detection

Preliminary results of this test, published early in 2014 in

disease and so we continue to expand this program with new

of pancreatic cancer.

Science Translational Medicine, have shown that they are able

research approaches. In 2013, we funded two new projects in

In a paper published in the journal Gut, Dr. Tuveson’s team

to detect DNA mutations that lead to pancreatic cancer in

early detection focused on clinical trials. These grants are led

the blood in more than 75% of patients with advanced cancer

by two leaders in cancer research: Dr. David Kelsen, Memorial

and 48% of patients with early stage disease. The Vogelstein

Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Israel Breast Cancer

helps to break down the thick protective layer, known as the

team is now optimizing this test to be even more sensitive.

Consortium and Dr. Ralph Weissleder, Massachusetts General

stroma, that develops around pancreatic cancers. This

Additionally, the Vogelstein group is continuing its clinical

stromal layer acts as a nearly rock-hard protective shell that

trials focused on distinguishing harmless pancreatic cysts

prevents many cancer fighting drugs from reaching and killing

from potentially cancerous ones by defining the DNA markers

the tumor. Using Hyaluronidase along with chemotherapy

that exist in benign versus malignant cyst fluid. The goal is to

enabled improved drug delivery to the tumor and resulted in

identify which pancreatic cysts will become malignant (about

shrinking the tumors. In 2014, a clinical trial in collaboration

20%) so they can be removed immediately. The clinical trial

with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center will begin to

underway is giving Dr. Vogelstein precious material and

test this drug combination in patients.

insights to better classify these lesions for patients.

cancer. The team of 22 researchers is continuing to make

“This year, the research in our laboratory will be tested in a clinical trial, providing hope to patients and affirming that we are on the right track.” —Dr. David Tuveson, The Lustgarten Foundation and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Early Detection

identified a new drug that significantly improves survival of his mice with pancreatic cancer. This drug, called Hyaluronidase,

extremely small tumors in the pancreas.

Hospital. Dr. Kelsen will be establishing a tissue bank and patient registry of pancreatic cancer families with a history of BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 gene mutations. These families have a high incidence of pancreatic cancer making early detection critical. Dr. Weissleder is developing new early detection technologies based on detecting exosomes, pieces of cancer cells floating in the blood.

The Lustgarten Foundation’s early detection initiative continued to advance early detection imaging research in 2013 to enhance imaging sensitivity in order to detect pancreatic cancers when they are very small. These approaches use new analysis techniques for CT and MRI making them more sensitive and able to identify the presence of pancreatic

Stand Up To Cancer

cancer in its early stages. This research includes a clinical trial,

“Every single person on this team has lost somebody to pancreatic cancer…many of us see patients with it every single day. We can help with their pain and we can improve their survival but we want and need to do more.” —Dr. Daniel D. Von Hoff, Physician in Chief and Director of Translational Research at TGen The need to do more is at the root of the collaboration

Details of the project are described on the next page in the

between Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) and The Lustgarten

Therapy section. In 2013, the two groups then announced

Foundation in supporting Dream Teams—bringing groups of

their commitment to give a total of $8 million over 3 years to

world-renowned scientists together to pursue multidisciplinary

co-fund a new Convergence Dream Team. The new Dream

research efforts in the battle against pancreatic cancer. Given

Team will focus their collaborative efforts on testing new

the success of the first Dream Team, SU2C and The Lustgarten

immunotherapies for pancreatic cancer beginning in 2014.

Foundation collaborated to extend the funding of this team.





The Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Scientific Conference

The past year, the FDA announced the approval of Abraxane

into surgery to remove their pancreatic tumors, a dose of

In the spirit of collaboration and dialogue, The Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Scientific Conference was held at the

in combination with Gemcitibine as the new standard of care

Gemcitabine—the standard chemotherapy—and removed the

Banbury Conference Center in Lloyd Harbor, New York. Thirty-six academic and clinical scientists took part in the three day

for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer. The approval

tumor. Upon analysis, he found that very little, if any, drug

forum, which was held from October 20–22, 2013.

of the first new standard of care in 15 years came as a result

reached the cancer cells of patients who had a lot of stroma

of successful clinical trials that showed an increase in overall

(based on CT images). In addition, by looking at past patient

survival. This is especially promising on the heels of the

histories he found that the patients with the thinnest stroma

2012 FOLFIRINOX trial, which almost doubled survival rates

did best on Gemcitabine and survived longer. Dr. Fleming

in pancreatic cancer patients. But there is more to do. We

and his team are now developing a new clinical trial that

have not slowed our research efforts, but rather increased

tests different drugs that may “open” the tumor and make

our therapeutics portfolio to include 24 research projects

chemotherapy more effective.

and 10 clinical trials.

This year Dr. Carl June, who has successfully developed new

Team initiated several clinical trials in 2013 to test new drug

treatments for leukemia patients, initiated a clinical trial using

combinations and explore ways to further enhance the

therapies that stimulate the immune system to seek out and

effectiveness of Abraxane and Gemcitabine in patients. The

destroy pancreatic cancer cells. The focus of the clinical trial,

Team is led by noted researchers Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, Physician

which includes 10 patients currently battling the disease, is

in Chief and Director of Translational Research at TGen and

to develop therapies to alter and train the immune system

Dr. Craig Thompson, President of the Memorial Sloan Kettering

to target and eliminate pancreatic cancer cells. By extracting

Cancer Center and includes team members from the Salk

and modifying T-cells from the patients, and placing them

Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University

back in the patient, the immune system can more effectively

and the Mayo Clinic. These teams are carrying out four clinical

fight the pancreatic cancer cells. The study is underway, with

trials that will continue through next year. These trials include:

each new patient being treated and monitored closely

therapy to improve its effectiveness in patients • Developing a CT based early detection test • Treating pancreatic cancer patients with Calcitriol, a

therapy even further by working with SU2C to commit funds toward a Convergence Dream Team in Pancreatic Cancer and awarding 8 new grants in the areas of drug development, drug delivery, and immunotherapy. The grantees are: Dr. David Denardo, Washington University; Dr. Stephen Fesik, Vanderbilt

Further advancement also came from an exciting clinical trial that was completed in 2013 from the work of Dr. Jason Fleming, a surgeon at MD Anderson Cancer Center. His goal was to understand, in patients, if chemotherapy drugs are able to penetrate the thick stromal barrier to kill pancreatic cancer cells. To do this, he gave pancreatic cancer patients, going

• Established and strengthened collaborations between groups and brainstormed new ideas to push the field forward.

For the coming year, we have expanded our research in

improve delivery of drugs into the tumor

tumor growth

• Evaluated research progress and suggested ways to speed up and improve projects.

throughout the trial.

Vitamin D derivative, immediately prior to surgery to

• Testing a new three-drug combination to prevent

• Updated The Lustgarten Foundation research community as to progress in the laboratory and clinic.

An exciting new approach to treating cancers is immunotherapy.

The SU2C/Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Dream

• Studying the Abraxane plus Gemcitabine combination

Meeting Outcomes:

University; Drs. Rakesh Jain and Robert Langer, Massachusetts General Hospital and MIT; Dr. Raghu Kalluri, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Dr. Matthias Stephan, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Dr. Greg Verdine, Harvard Medical School; and Dr. Teresa Zimmers, Indiana University. Additionally, we will be supporting a clinical trial in the area of drug development run by Dr. Ken Yu at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Dr. David Tuveson at The Lustgarten Foundation Research Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Program Participants Dafna Bar-Sagi, New York University Langone Medical Center

Sunil Hingorani, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Hadassa Degani, Weizmann Institute of Science

Alec Kimmelman, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

David Tuveson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Channing Der, University of North Carolina

Scott Lowe, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Terry Van Dyke, NCI Center for Cancer Research

Mikala Egeblad, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Douglas Fearon, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Jason Fleming, MD Anderson Cancer Center


Eileen O’Reilly, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Cesar Castro, Harvard University Medical School

Stephen Fesik, Vanderbilt University


Charles Fuchs, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

H. Charles Manning, Vanderbilt University George Miller, New York University Langone Medical Center

Stephen Thorne, University of Pittsburgh

Bert Vogelstein, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Timothy Wang, Columbia University Jen Jen Yeh, University of North Carolina

Quyen Nguyen, University of California, San Diego


THE curePC CAMPAIGN The Lustgarten Foundation and Cablevision’s award-winning curePC campaign raises awareness of pancreatic cancer and of the urgent need for more research through television, print, radio and online public service announcements (PSAs). With Cablevision’s support, 100 percent of every donation to the Foundation goes directly to pancreatic cancer research.

“Pancreatic cancer grows silently in the body and once diagnosed, it’s usually too late. It is the cancer that we doctors fear most because it is so deadly. That’s why I’ve joined together with The Lustgarten Foundation and Cablevision’s curePC campaign to help raise awareness about the disease and the need for more scientific and medical research. I urge others to join us in this important fight against pancreatic cancer.” —Dr. Mehmet Oz

Celebrity Support Dr. Mehmet Oz, world renowned host of “The Dr. Oz Show” and widely respected health and medical expert, and actor Michael Ealy, star of films such as About Last Night and Think Like A Man, join the curePC campaign, appearing in PSAs to help call attention to this deadly disease. Dr. Oz emphasizes that research is the best hope to detect the disease earlier and to save lives, and Michael Ealy reinforces the message that anyone can get pancreatic cancer, which is why we need everyone to join the fight. In addition to Dr. Oz and Michael Ealy, many other noteworthy individuals have joined the curePC campaign, demonstrating their

Follow the curePC Campaign Visit www.curePC.org and find out more about the campaign’s activities and to find out the many ways in which you can follow the curePC campaign, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Join us and help spread the word about the fight against pancreatic cancer!

The Path to a Cure

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

The curePC campaign conducted

This past November in recognition of Pancreatic Cancer

multi-faceted marketing and public

Awareness Month, the curePC campaign launched a new

relations campaigns for the Long Island and New York City walks. These two successful

video series entitled: “Research. Progress. Hope. Leaders in the Fight Against

events combined raised more than $1.6 million, all of which

Pancreatic Cancer.” The videos feature

goes directly to research, and welcomed nearly 10,000

compelling interviews online with

participants walking in the spirit of unity and hope for a cure.

extraordinary scientists and doctors from the world’s top institutions discussing why they joined with The Lustgarten Foundation to beat the nation’s most lethal cancer.

“I lost someone dear to me to pancreatic cancer, so I know the devastation that this disease causes firsthand. I’m proud to support The Lustgarten Foundation and help spread the word about pancreatic cancer and the Foundation’s efforts to find a cure.” —Actor Michael Ealy

support in the fight, such as former President Jimmy Carter, Bryan Cranston, Felicity Huffman, Denis Leary, William Hurt, Danny Aiello, Rosie O’Donnell, Larry King, Matthew Modine, Joan Cusack and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, among others. You can view their PSAs at www.curePC.org.




EVENTS Holiday Rock & Roll Bash On December 5, 2013, Cablevision Systems Corporation, AMC Networks and The Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) once again came together to host another fantastic Holiday Rock & Roll Bash to benefit The Lustgarten Foundation. The 13th annual Bash broke all fundraising records for the event by bringing in more than $1.95 million. It was the fourth consecutive year of record-breaking fundraising. Held at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe, amidst the holiday hustle and bustle of New York City’s Times Square, the festive event entertained 1,300 friends and supporters with an evening of rock-and-roll performances. The audience was treated to The Brian Mitchell Band, featuring a jam session with Cablevision

Pancreatic Cancer Research Walks/Runs Thirty-four walks took place in eighteen states, representing

for The Lustgarten Foundation, also develop a remarkable

every corner of the United States, to raise more than $3.5

corps of ambassadors who spread awareness of pancreatic

famous Radio City Rockettes and their good friend, Santa Claus.

million for The Lustgarten Foundation in our quest to find a

cancer and The Lustgarten Foundation’s work to fund research

cure for pancreatic cancer. Nearly 21,000 people from big

to battle the disease. Thank you to all the organizers and

The most poignant moment of the evening was having Jessica

cities, suburban communities, and rural areas throughout the

volunteers and congratulations to all those who participated

and Andrew Lustgarten join Jim Dolan on stage to speak in

country came out to walk with family, friends, and colleagues

in the 2013 events, the most successful walks and runs in The

tribute of their father Marc Lustgarten, The Lustgarten

in support of the mission. The events, which raise vital funds

Lustgarten Foundation’s history!

CEO and MSG Executive Chairman James Dolan. The evening’s entertainment included a special appearance by the world-

Foundation’s namesake. They expressed their deep appreciation to the corporate sponsors whose generous donations in support of the Bash help fund the Foundation’s promising research and its mission to find a cure. Since its inception in 2001, the Holiday Rock & Roll Bash has raised nearly $17 million for pancreatic cancer research.

The Lustgarten Foundation continually works to create

Lustgarten Foundation’s winter event, is a celebration of the

new and exciting events of all kinds. Party in the Park, the

hope that has come from the promising research funded through the Foundation’s efforts each year. The inaugural Party in the Park, held in January 2013 at Celsius at Bryant Park in New York City, featured special treats for the more than 200 attendees. From views overlooking the ice-skaters below to the mimes and magicians who circulated throughout the room, the merriment of the evening could be felt by all. Of course, the goals of every event are to provide a wonderful experience and to raise funds for research. With more than $100,000 raised and calls for this event to become an annual experience, Party in the Park was a success in every way.


• Westlake Village, CA—One of our two CA based events, Westlake Village is our kickoff event, taking place in sunny CA each February. • Milford, CT; Lincoln, NE; and Nashville, TN—Our three newest locations started in 2013.

Party in the Park


Some highlights from the 2013 Pancreatic Cancer Research Walks/Runs include:

• Cromwell, CT—Held on the TPC River Highlands Golf Course during the Traveler’s Championship PGA Tour each year. In 2013 the walk reached a cumulative total of more than $100,000. • Chicago, IL—Started in 2005 by a small committee of dedicated volunteers, this event now has a successful partnership with The Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. For the past 3 years, the collaborative efforts of the Dash for Detection 5K walk and certified run, created increased fundraising and greater awareness of pancreatic cancer. To date this event has raised $1.6 million.

• New York—Home to the largest number of Walks—7 in total—Albany, Brooklyn, Dutchess County, Syracuse, Long Island, New York City, and Westchester. The National Walk series began on Long Island in 2001 and this walk continues to be the largest annual walk and has raised more than $10 million to date. • Westchester and Paramus Walks— Each hit in 2013 a cumulative total of $1 million. • Boston, MA—On September 28th, The Lustgarten Foundation partnered with Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for one combined walk, Unite to Fight, which attracted 2,500 participants and raised nearly $500,000. • Denver, CO and Pennsauken, NJ—Both of these walks are held on the first Sunday in November, kicking off Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.



Revenue from Fundraising



Charles F. Dolan

Kerri Kaplan

Marcia Lustgarten

Charles R. Schueler

  Multi-Year Grant Commitments as of 1/1/13


Chairman Cablevision Systems Corporation

Director, Public Affairs Cablevision Systems Corporation

  New Grants Awarded


William Bell

Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer The Lustgarten Foundation

Executive Vice President, Media and Community Relations Cablevision Systems Corporation


Andrew Lustgarten

  Ending Balance of Multi-Year Grant Commitments as of 12/31/13


James L. Dolan

Retired Executive Vice President, Communication, Government & Public Affairs Cablevision Systems Corporation

Alan Schwartz

  Grant Payments Due or Paid

Retired Vice Chairman Cablevision Systems Corporation

Matthew Modine

Commissioner National Basketball Association

The audited financial statements of The Lustgarten Foundation are available on our website or upon request to The Lustgarten Foundation.

Chief Executive Officer Cablevision Systems Corporation Executive Chairman The Madison Square Garden Company

Senior Vice President, Global Strategy National Basketball Association

Jessica Lustgarten Manager, Strategy and Analysis Digitas

Sheila Mahony


Executive Chairman Guggenheim Partners LLC

Adam Silver

Dr. Robert F. Vizza President The Lustgarten Foundation


FUNDRAISING REVENUE 2000–2013 $15,000,000

The Honorable Jimmy Carter

John S. Hendricks

John C. Malone

Tom Rogers

Honorary Chairman

Founder Discovery Communications

Chairman Liberty Media Corporation

President & CEO TiVo

Mel Karmazin

Rupert Murdoch

Sir Howard Stringer

Executive Chairman News Corporation

Chairman of the Board Sony Corporation

Gerald M. Levin

Sumner M. Redstone

Retired CEO Time Warner, Inc.

Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founder Viacom

Robert C. Wright

Frank A. Bennack, Jr. Executive Vice Chairman of the Board The Hearst Corporation


Barry Diller


Chairman & Senior Executive IAC


Retired Chief Executive Officer Sirius XM Radio Inc.

Retired Vice Chairman of the Board & Executive Officer General Electric



0 �00














Tyler Jacks, Ph.D.

Robert J. Mayer, M.D.

David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D.

Bert Vogelstein, M.D.

The David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The Lustgarten Foundation Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

David Paul Kelsen, M.D.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Bruce Stillman, Ph.D.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

CUMULATIVE RESEARCH GRANTS 2000–2013 $80,000,000


Gregory Hannon, Ph.D.

Scott Lowe, Ph.D.

Joel Tepper, M.D.

Duke University

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Laura Attardi, Ph.D.

Mathias Hebrok, Ph.D.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Robert J. Mayer, M.D.

Roger Tsien, Ph.D.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

University of California, San Diego

Sunil Hingorani, M.D., Ph.D.

Martin McMahon, Ph.D.

Ralph Weischelbaum, M.D.

Stanford University


Nabeel Bardeesy, Ph.D.


Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center


Sangeeta Bhatia, M.D., Ph.D. The David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

16,000,000 0

John Chabot, M.D.















New York-Presbyterian Hospital/ Columbia University Medical Center

Steven Fesik, Ph.D. Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Charles Fuchs, M.D. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute



Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Ralph Hruban, M.D. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Christine IaccabuzzioDonohue, M.D. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

David Kelsen, M.D. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Alec Megibow, M.D. NYU Langone Medical Center

Frank McCormick, Ph.D. UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Kenneth Olive, Ph.D. New York-Presbyterian Hospital/ Columbia University Medical Center

Andrew Shiau, Ph.D.

The University of Chicago Medical Center

Matthew Vander Heiden, M.D., Ph.D. The David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

Bert Vogelstein, M.D. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Robert Vonderheide, M.D., Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, La Jolla Branch


DONOR LIST The Lustgarten Foundation is at the forefront of pancreatic cancer research and continues to be the largest private funder with the help of our supporters and friends. This important mission could not be accomplished without the assistance of the many generous individuals, foundations, corporations, volunteers and organizations that support us. We wish there was enough space to thank each individual who has ever made a gift, however please know that each gift is deeply appreciated and that 100% of every dollar goes toward research.

FOUNDERS Bill and Ellen Bell Cablevision Systems Corporation Charles B. Wang Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick DeMatteis Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Amos Hostetter Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lockton III McMullen Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Randolph Jr. The Lustgarten Family Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tow

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $100,000+ (cumulative since inception) AMC Networks Mrs. Cornelia T. Bailey Bank of America Barbara Montani Santaniello Research Fund Inc. Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. Bill and Ellen Bell Black Twig Communications, LLC Brindell Roberts Gottlieb Trust Brisbin Brook Beynon, Architects Cablevision Systems Corporation Celgene Corporation Cisco Systems, Inc. Mrs. Dorothy Daly Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP DevelopOnBox LLC Discovery Communications Disney and ESPN Media Networks Eli Lilly and Company Estate of Florence E. Wilson Estate of Judith Bandel Estate of Lucille L. Tirkfield Estate of Maxine Stein-Kohler Estate of Patricia C. Galgan Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball Frank J. Antun Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frankel Frontier Touring Gardner Nelson & Partners, Inc. Genentech, Inc.


Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP Mr. Leo A. Guthart H. J. Kalikow & Co., LLC HBO Mr. and Mrs. Amos Hostetter Howard Shapiro Memorial Fund Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP ImClone Systems Incorporated James S. Swinehart Memorial Fund JPMorgan Chase JCPenney Jeffrey Rosenzweig Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research Jones Day Karen Zissu-Magidson Memorial Fund Kauff McGuire & Margolis LLP KPMG, LLP Lazarus Marketing, Inc. Levon Graphics Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lockton III Loeb & Loeb LLP Mark Abrams Memorial Foundation Mark Broxmeyer Memorial Fund McMullen Family Foundation Merrill Lynch Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation


Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Miramax Films Morgan Stanley MTV Networks, Inc. NBA Cares NBCUniversal Neil M. Klatskin Foundation, Inc. News Corporation Newsday Nokia Siemens Networks OSI Foundation Mr. Robert F. Penardi Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. Mrs. Richardson Pratt Mrs. F. F. Randolph Jr. Ms. Kathryn Schulberg Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. Shearman & Sterling LLP Sloane & Company Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Sun Microsystems The Benjamin Neuhausen Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research The Bernard Lee Schwartz Foundation, Inc. The Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation

The Harry T. Barbaris, M.D. Memorial Fund The John A. Hartford Foundation, Inc. The Lefkofsky Foundation The Lustgarten Family The Madison Square Garden Company The Ralph C. Marcove Cancer Research Fund, Inc. The Robert & Lynne Grossman Family Foundation The Walter B. Wriston Fund The Weinstein Company Theodore W. Batterman Family Foundation, Inc. Thomasville Home Furnishings Metro NY Time Warner, Inc. Mr. Leonard Tow Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Udell of London Jewelers Verizon Communications Viacom Mr. Charles Wang West New York Restoration of CT, Inc. Willkie, Farr & Gallagher, LLP WLNY TV 10/55

These donor listings reflect contributions from January 1 through December 31, 2013



Mrs. Cornelia T. Bailey Brindell Roberts Gottlieb Trust Cablevision Systems Corporation Celgene Corporation Estate of Lucille L. Tirkfield Estate of Patricia C. Galgan Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball Frontier Touring Jeffrey Rosenzweig Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research Levon Graphics Corporation Mark Broxmeyer Memorial Fund Theodore W. Batterman Family Foundation, Inc.

AI Media Group, LLC AMC Networks Bank of America Brisbin Brook Beynon, Architects CBS Corporation Cisco Systems, Inc. Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP Deloitte & Touche LLP DevelopOnBox LLC Disney and ESPN Media Networks Mary C. Dix Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frankel Frenz For A Cause, Inc. Greater Hartford Community Foundation, Inc. Mr. Leo A. Guthart Hope Foundation Howard Shapiro Memorial Fund Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP Infinera Corporation James S. Swinehart Memorial Fund JPMorgan Chase Jones Day Larry Magid Entertainment Group Lazarus Marketing, Inc. Lois J. and Richard W. Vieser Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Martin Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. NBA Cares Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Ropes & Gray Samsung Setauket Yacht Club

$50,000–$99,999 C3 Presents/Lollapalooza Estate of Morton Windish Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP Kauff McGuire & Margolis LLP KPMG, LLP Live Nation News Corporation Newsday Ralph C. Marcove Cancer Research Fund, Inc. Mr. Eric J. Steinmann Sullivan & Cromwell LLP The Antoinette E. (“Mimi”) & Herman Boehm Foundation, Inc. The Bernard Lee Schwartz Foundation, Inc. The Charles B. Wang International Foundation The Mancheski Foundation, Inc. Tom’s Cure Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

SFX Entertainment, Inc. Shearman & Sterling LLP ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc. The Clarissa & Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Foundation The Elkes Foundation The Ergonomic Group The IDT Charitable Foundation The Lustgarten Family The Madison Square Garden Company The Mayrock & Sands Family The MCJ Amelior Foundation The Ruth and David Levine Charitable Fund Time Warner, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Udell of London Jewelers Karen Zissu-Magidson Memorial Fund

$10,000–$24,999 A&E Television Networks Active Video Network Al Jazeera America Alcatel Lucent Amdocs Broadband Cable & Satellite Division AMGEN Andree Wildenstein Dormeuil & Roger Dormeuil Foundation Another Planet Entertainment Arris ASIA TV USA LTD Ms. Adrienne Atkinson Mr. Howard S. Banchik Mr. George Beisel Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Bill and Ellen Bell Bill Silva Entertainment Bloomingdale Fire Department Mr. Howard L. Blum Jr. BNP Paribus Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bogen Bonner Family Private Foundation, Inc. Borderline Amazing Productions Boston Scientific Corporation Mr. John F. Campbell Carol B. Smith Memorial Golf Fund Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chadakoff Citigroup Payment Services Clear Channel Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cohen Communications Specialists Inc. Contec Holdings, Ltd. Creative Bath Products, Inc. Credit Agricole Corporate Investment Bank Croatian American Charitable Foundation, Inc. Cushman & Wakefield Dick Clark Productions/Billboard Discovery Communications

EXCLUSIVE JEWELRY COLLECTION RAISES FUNDS FOR THE FIGHT AGAINST PANCREATIC CANCER London Jewelers continued its partnership with The Lustgarten Foundation in 2013 with its third jewelry collection from famed designer, Ippolita. Ippolita made a special appearance at London Jewelers in Manhasset in June to unveil the design of an exclusive pendant and earrings created to support the fight against pancreatic cancer. The Ippolita drop pendant and snowman earrings in dark amethyst are available at any of the five London Jewelers locations and on line at www.londonjewelers.com.

In 2008, London Jewelers lost their general manager, Michael Spevak, to pancreatic cancer. This devastating loss to the London Jewelers team prompted them to partner with The Lustgarten Foundation, knowing that 100% of all donations to the Foundation go directly to pancreatic cancer research. To date the partnership has raised more than $300,000 for pancreatic cancer research.


Domino Realty Edward W. Smith Jr. Foundation Entertainment Industry Foundation Ericsson Estate of Dorothy W. Gross Yarnis F. Gerard McGrath Foundation Fabrix TV, Inc. Fifth Avenue of L.I. Realty Association Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo & Terrana Gelfand Rennert & Feldman LLP Genentech, Inc. Mr. Zale Glauberman Gleason Family Foundation, Inc. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goodman and Family Mr. Ziv Haparnas Mr. Roger Hathaway Hayashi International Promotion Co., Ltd. Haymakers for Hope, Inc. Haynes and Boone, LLP HBO Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation Houlihan Lokey Mrs. Laura R. Hull Mr. and Mrs. Seth Hurwitz Mr. Walter J. Husak IBM Corporation IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign ION Computer Systems ION Media Networks JEK Communications, Inc. Jenner & Block LLP Juniper Networks Kansys, Inc. Mrs. Marilyn Kasperick Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP Kevin Naquin For Pancreatic Cancer Research Kobre & Kim LLP


Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levitt Liner Grode Stein Yankelevitz Sunshine Regenstreif & Taylor LLP M.A.R.S. Inc. Martha Washington StrausHarry H. Straus Foundation, Inc. McMullen Family Foundation Meltzer Lippe Foundation Mr. Steven Mermelstein and Ms. Tamara Heimlich Ms. Jo Ellen Moore MRV Optical Communications Systems National Football League National Hockey League Natixis North America, Inc. NBCUniversal NetScout Systems, Inc. Network For Good New England Patriots Foundation Nokia Siemens Networks Pancreatic Cancer Alliance of Polk County Paula Feder Foundation Mr. Robert F. Penardi PHD Network PRG Nocturne and PRG Concert Touring Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP RBC Capital Markets Corporation Rensselaer Honda David Roy and Nancy Roy Sagemcom Mr. and Mrs. David Salmanson Sandvine Sarah Tod Fund Scripps Networks Interactive SCS PHL Regional Leadership The Seck Family SEFCU SevOne, Inc.


Shostak Charitable Fund Mr. Adam Silver Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, & Flom, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Slater Sloane & Company Stupell Foundation Inc. Suntrust Robinson Humphrey TD Bank, N.A. The Bank of Nova Scotia The Brooklyn Brothers LLC The Dr. P Foundation The Fitzgerald-Hartley Company The Harold L. & Faye Liss Foundation The MacDonald Foundation The Phelan Foundation The Poses Family Foundation The Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc. The Richard E. Capri Foundation The Robert & Lynne Grossman Family Foundation The Robert and Marion Schamann Brozowski Foundation The Sandra Atlas Bass and Edythe & Sol G. Atlas Fund, Inc. The Schwartz Family Foundation The Stevens Company The Walter B. Wriston Fund The West Endowment Tribune Media Services Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. Turner Construction Company UBS Financial Services, Inc. Udo Artists, Inc. Univision Communications Mr. and Mrs. Michel Vega Vornado Realty Trust W.L. Landau Ethan Allen Dr. David Wirtschafter Mrs. Moncia Yandow Yes Network

$5,000–$9,999 525 America, Inc. Abbe Berman Foundation Trust Actv8 AIG Matching Grants Program Albany Liver and Pancreas Surgery, PC American Endowment Foundation AON Foundation—Matching Gifts Program Mr. Lawrence T. Babbio

Barclays Capital Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bardwil Baron Capital Foundation Mrs. Evelyn Barrow Becker Harrow Beran Family Foundation BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. Boyle Family Foundation Dr. James R. Boyle BR Guest Restaurants Brownstone Investment Group Carolyn Fostel Revocable Trust Century Bank Clare Rose Foundation, Inc. Coney Island Pharmacy Content Partners LLC Ms. Mary Ann Crutchlow Mr. and Mrs. Gary Damast Dr. Thomas Daniel Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP deBlois, Mejia & Kaplan Mr. Ronald J. DeFelice DG Medios Edward Darman Co., L.P. Dr. Joan Egrie Ms. Debbie Elder EMC2 Corporation Estate of John Francis Harman Evenpro Group Exposure Marketing & Promotion, Inc. Fathom Communications LLC Ms. Ellen S. Fox Fox News Channel Frank J. Romano Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Frankel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fullerton George and June Block Family Foundation Gettinger Family Foundation Mr. Miles Gidaly Mr. Walter Gish Gloria Swan Pancreatic Cancer, Inc. Mrs. Lisa A. Gold Mrs. Bernice L. Gotlieb Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gottwald Ms. Rona M. Guidone Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC Haber Corporation Mr. John Halopoff Mr. Charles Helme and Ms. Irene Romero Mr. and Mrs. Chip Hills Horwith Trucks, Inc. Ionidea, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. James Mrs. Rene M. Johnson K&L Gates LLP Mrs. Marion S. Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Armenag Kalaydjian Dr. Frank Kamer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Katz Mr. Christopher Kete and Ms. Tiffany George-Kete King, Holmes, Paterno & Berliner Mr. Kerry J. Kirby Ms. Marjorie Klayman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Klein Mr. and Mrs. Robert Korval Latino Events, CMN Events & Saymon Diaz Law Office of Dennis Roach Lawton Adams Construction Mrs. Gayle L. Lerch Mr. Corey Levine Lightpath Live Nation Merchandise Local One Mamaroneck Shares, Inc. Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLC Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. Mary R. Gilbert Trust Max and Sunny Howard Memorial Foundation Ms. Christa Meinzinger Midlands Community Foundation Mrs. Diane Miller and Family Ms. Phyllis W. Miller Miranda Fund Mr. Stuart M. Morgan and Family Morgan, Lewis & Brockius LLP Mr. Donald P. Muller Nederlander of California Mr. Peter H. Neuwirth Mrs. Cynthia Nevins No One Fights Alone 5K Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP Paul B. Greetin and Beryl S. Greetin Foundation, Inc. Paul Hastings LLP Mr. William G. Paullin Mr. Doniel Perl Mr. Rupert Perry Pfizer, Inc. Phillips-Van Heusen Foundation, Inc. Ms. Lynn G. Platzner and Family Mr. and Mrs. Hy Portnoy

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Pranzo Mr. and Mrs. Barry Prevor Mr. and Mrs. Don Ralphs Rechler Equity Partners Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Resnick Resolution Ms. Gail M. Roller Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rosenberg Mr. Marc Rossi Mr. Don Schneider Ms. Lisa Schneider Mr. William Schwalbe Score For The Cure in Pennington New Jersey SeaChange Sebonack Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Sesterhenn Sherry Shumaker Memorial Fund Mr. Rick Shipp Ms. Barbara Shulman Mrs. Judith Siegfried SMG Mr. and Mrs. Ari Spar Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Sperry SportsNet New York Starr Hill—Red Light Fund Starz Entertainment Ms. Susan B. Stearns Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox PLLC Mr. C. David Strupeck The Sundheim Family Mr. Martin E. Tanzer and Family The Apple Matching Gifts Program The Atlantic Philanthropies The Bob Swartz Memorial Fund The David Geffen Foundation The Dayle H. and Michael Katz Foundation The Ivan Seidenberg Foundation, Inc. The Moss Foundation The Prevor Family Foundation The Spionkop Charitable Trust Tilles-Zuckerbrot Families (TZ Real Estate) Mr. Alexander H. Tisch TiVo, Inc. Mr. Paul Tollett Tribune Media Services Mr. Robert S. Trump U.S. Bank Vector Management Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waldman Waldos Designs

Mr. Kevin M. Wall and Mrs. Sue Smalley-Wall Mrs. Traci A. Weaver WG&S, LLP Mr. David C. Williams Willkie, Farr & Gallagher, LLP Mr. David S. Winter Winthrop University Hospital Mr. Ryan M. Witwer Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wright WVSOM Foundation WWE, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Yablon Dr. Hilma M. Yu Ms. Lai Ming Yu Mr. Walter Zifkin Mr. Irv Zuckerman

Credit Suisse First Boston CSC Indiana, LLC Mr. Brian Davis DCG Fulfillment Mr. Thomas F. DeGrazia Demattia Charitable Foundation Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. Donald J. Fager & Associates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Donner Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dusansky Engineers Charitable Foundation, Inc. EPIQ Systems, Inc. Eyeking LLC Farrell Fritz, P.C. Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & $2,500–$4,999 Fader, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Accardi Mr. Arthur E. Fogel and Family Friends of John V. Duffy Adesa Impact GE Foundation Matching Mr. Howard Adler Gifts Program AEW Capital Management, L.P. Barbara and Abdel Ghafir Alvin J. Bart & Sons, Inc. Mrs. Corinne Glassman American Express Foundation Glen Oaks Club Ms. Andrea Anastasio Mr. Brian Goldman Apex Systems, Inc. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Ashner Family Evergreen Gift Program Foundation Good Hope Foundation B&F Johnstone Supply Mr. and Mrs. Arne Haak Bane Foundation Mr. Sean Handler Bank of America Foundation Harkavy-Mack Foundation Matching Gifts Mr. and Mrs. James Harrison BBC Worldwide and Family Bill Tamburro Jr. Memorial Mrs. Jean Hauser Golf Tourney Mr. Harvey R. Heller Billy Webber Memorial Fund, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blomquist Hershey Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brody Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Mr. and Mrs. Tom Burnett Hildenbrand Jr. Mrs. Kathleen Burns Hogan Lovells US LLP Mr. Sergey G. Butkevich Mr. William E. Hohenthaner Camargo Trading Company Hudson Bay Capital Mr. Frank Carroll Jr. Management LP Mr. Thomas Castellone Mr. Martin Illick Mrs. Carolann Catalogne Integrated Broadband Certilman Balin Adler Hyman, LLP Services, Inc. Charles and Margaret Levin Jeffrey and Debra Feinstein Family Foundation Foundation CIW, LLC Ms. Alana Clegg Dr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Cohen and Family Columbus Center Cobra Club Compassionate Hearts Mr. Mitch Cooper Mr. Patrick Coughlin


The David and Lucile Packard Foundation The Logan Foundation The Myron and Alayne Meilman Family Foundation The Niki and Joe Gregory Charitable Foundation The Price Family Charitable Fund The Sidney & Pearl Kalikow Foundation PPC—John Mezzalingua Jerry Perenchio Living Trust The Virginia Metzler Family Associates Inc. Joel & Lisa Benenson Charitable Foundation Ms. Audra Press Foundation, Inc. The Weather Channel Mr. Thomas Pritchard JustGive.org The Women’s Group of K. James Yager Charitable Fund Mrs. Sue F. Quarta the Greens Renee Malca Cadour Corn Mr. Jeffrey Kan Time & Again Galleries Charitable Trust Mrs. Dolores Karp and Family Times Fiber Communications, Inc. RFCFine, LLC Ms. Daryl Karter Towers Watson Robert Graham Designs LLC Kasirer Consulting Truist Robert R. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Elan Katz Mr. Alan Uhlman Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Michael Katz Valley Preferred Roberta and Gary Fisher Mr. and Mrs. George M. Klett Mrs. Alexis C. Ventre-Weiss Charitable Fund Mrs. Yolanda J. Kunz Verizon Foundation Mrs. Eve K. Robinson and Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Lande Mr. Jeff Wagner and Mr. Joshua Wiener Mrs. Patricia Lanza Ms. Kathy Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rogers Laughter For The Cure Mr. Christian Wall Ron Miller Memorial 5K Live Nation Mr. and Mrs. Damian E. Wall Schenck, Price, Smith & King, LLP Mr. Guy Magno Wally Oakland Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Ernest N. Schnesel Marx/Okubo Associates Ms. Jennifer Rudolph Walsh Mrs. Nancy Schuman McAfee, Inc Wellington Management Mr. and Mrs. Avi Shapira Mr. and Mrs. Jim McClane Company LLP Shapiro, Arato & Isserles LLP Mr. Doug McDaniel Wells Fargo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sheppard Ms. JoAnn McElroy Mr. Herb Wetanson Mr. Claude Sherman MeadWestvaco Corporation Wildcat Athletic Club Ms. Janinne Milazzo and Family ShoreGroup, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gavin H. Wolfe Siena Engineering Group, Inc. Ms. Melissa R. Mirabile ZwillGen PLLC Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Montgomery Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Sifonios Mrs. Abby Smith Moritt Hock Hamroff & $1,000–$2,499 Mr. and Mrs. Bart Sokol Horowitz LLP A & D Restorations, LLC Nathan’s Famous Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David M. Spring A.C. Israel Foundation Ms. Barbara Nichuals and Family St. Irene’s Ladies Philoptochos Access Wealth Planning, LLC of St. Athanasios Mr. and Mrs. Michael Noble Mr. John W. Addis Steel Equities Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Nolan Ms. Kimberly Agresta Dr. Zelig Steinberg and North American Partners in Mr. Joseph A. Agresta Jr. Mrs. Pamela J. Steinberg Anesthesia, LLP Mr. Donald J. Aharonian Mr. Anthony Stemkowski Novartis Foundation Aiken Promotions Mr. Anil Stevens Matching Gifts Albany Gastroenterology Susan and Leonard Feinstein Old Westbury Golf & Consultants P.C. Foundation Country Club Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Alberti Ms. Cathleen M. Taff Mr. Timothy O’Shea Alex and Ani Charity By Design Ms. Penny Rae Takeda Mr. Greg Oswald Alliantie Technical Group, Inc Ted and Ruth Johnson Family Patricia Armstrong Dressler Allied Beverage Tanks, Inc. Foundation Foundation Alnor Oil Company, Inc. Tellabs, Inc. Ms. Christine Pederson The Altman Family Thalia and George Liberatos Mr. John Pessolano Alvarez Charitable Foundation Foundation, Inc. Pittman Family Foundation Ms. Stacey Alvarez The Aboodi & Hoffman Families American Metals Supply Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Pliskin Mr. Mark S. Popofsky Ms. Veronica A. Amici



Mr. and Mrs. Tom Amodio Mr. Alan Anderson Andrews Family Foundation Mr. Joshua J. Angel Mr. Nicholas A. Annunziata Mr. Robert Annunziata Antheus Capital Mr. and Mrs. Michael Appel Aristeia Capital, LLC Mr. Gaelan Armstrong Dr. Milton Arnold Mr. and Mrs. David Arnow Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Aronson Mr. Tom Aronson Mrs. Margaret Asselin Assured Guaranty Matching Gifts Program Atalanta Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Atwood ATX Networks Mrs. Patricia S. August Mr. and Mrs. Alan Azralon John, Stephanie and Lili Balik Barbara Montani Santaniello Research Fund Inc. Barnes & Thornburg LLP Ms. Elizabeth Barnett Mr. David Barshay Mr. Henry L. Bass Mrs. Judith Baum Ms. Lillian Baumann Ms. Virginia Bedford Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP Mr. Michael Beller Mr. Gerard Beninati Benjamin S. Levine Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Chester A. Bennett Mr. Gary M. Bennett Mrs. Lauren Benson Ms. Meryl Berkowitz Mr. John R. Bernhardi Jr. Mr. Michael Berr Mr. David L. Berry Mr. Jay D. Bienstock and Family Mr. Jeffrey Bier Ms. Phyllis Bilus Bingham McCutchen Mr. Richard S. Birnbaum Mr. Steven Bissonnette Ms. Randall Black Ms. Fran Bland Blechman-Morenoff Foundation, Inc. Mr. Jay Bloom Bloomberg TV BLS International Ms. Joanne Blum

BNY Mellon Community Partnership Bob Smith BMW/Mini Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bobry Mr. Frank M. Boccio Ms. Donna L. Boerner Ms. Candice R. Bolte Borman Entertainment Mr. John Boruta and Family Dr. Harriet S. Boxer Dr. Mary Boy John B. Brand Ms. Bernardine Brandis Mr. Paul A. Braun Bretton Woods Players Mr. Manuel Broad Broadridge Foundation Matching Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Joel L. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brown Mrs. K.C. Bruley Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Buchbinder Mrs. Shari P. Buchbinder Buckley Brothers, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Buechler Mr. Thomas J. Burke Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Burriss Mr. Dennis Burt Mr. August A. Busch III Mr. and Mrs. Joel Butler CA, Inc. Cable Audit Associates, Inc. Mr. Stephen M. Cadden Cafco Construction Management, Inc. CAK Entertainment Mr. and Mrs. Greg Calotta Cancer Treatment Centers of America Mrs. Ramon Caporusso and Family Mr. Frank Cardile Cardiovascular Specialists, LLC Ms. Kathryn M. Carlson Mrs. Laura R. Carmine Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carnogursky Mr. Steven J. Caspi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Catapano Mr. Joseph P. Catapano and Family Mr. Robert B. Catell Catholic Health Initiatives Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians, Inc. Mrs. Maria Cerullo Mr. Fred Chaimson Mrs. Patricia Chanin

Mr. Gary A. Chanowitz Charles Kendall & Partners Limited Charles M Cappellino Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Rachel Charles and Family Check Point Technologies, Inc. Mr. Thomas Cherner and Ms. Lynn A. Suter Cheryl Meyer Insurance Agency and Farmers Insurance Mr. Brian Chin Mr. William J. Christ Mr. Thomas E. Christman Ms. Margaret Chu and Family Chubb & Son, Inc. Matching Gifts Program Cisco Systems Foundation Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Clark Ms. Mary Grace Clayton Clearbridge Compensation Group LLC Mr. Monty C. Cleworth Coatue Mrs. Diane Cobb Mrs. Sharon Cobb Mr. Darryl Cohen Mrs. Helayne Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Cohen Collection Bureau of Hudson Valley, Inc. Columbia Gas of Ohio Columbia Records Mr. and Mrs. Marcel G. Comire CommScope Mr. Pasquale R. Concessi Mr. and Mrs. Ben Conte Continental Home Loans, Inc. Mr. Skip Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cooper Ms. Loretta R. Cormier Cornelius King Charitable Foundation Mrs. Maureen Cornicelli and Family Ms. Linda Cote Covidien Charitable Gift Fund Ms. M. Jameson Crane Crossfire Consulting Corp. Crown Media Family Networks CSC Leasing Company Cunniffe Family Foundation Ms. Sandra Cunningham Mrs. Joan E. Dalbon Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Daly Damage Management Ltd

Mr. Michael Damken Mr. Mike P. Damm Daniel and Jane Och Charitable Trust Ms. Ellen Danish Dr. Dudley Danoff Ms. Jo-Ann F. Danzis DaVita Inc. Daymarc Foundation Mrs. Myrna Deady and Family Mrs. Ann DeGrazia Dell USA L.P. Delta Airlines Mr. and Mrs. Eugene DeMark Mr. and Mrs. Peter Desmond Dr. and Mrs. Robert Desnick Ms. Gema Diaz Mr. John DiDomenico DiFrancesco Bateman Mrs. Ann C. DiTroia DKD Entertainment Group Doctors Express Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Donner Mr. Scott Donner Mr. William Donovan Mr. Mehmet Donuk Ms. Shari Dorfberg Ms. Sandra L. Dosick Mr. Anthony Doss Mr. Michael Dowd Driscoll Foods The DuBrul Family The Troy-De Wit Family Charitable Fund Mrs. Susan Durfee

Elite Personnel, Inc. Mrs. Daryl Elliott Mrs. Sharon E. Elliott Mr. Curtis A. Elsbernd Mr. and Mrs. Robert Emery Mr. David O. Eng Enterprise Holdings Foundation Mrs. Darcy Epstein Estes Express Lines Ethel & Alexander Nichoson Foundation Evans-Cockerline Foundation Faber Future Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Davis Factor Jr. Family Management Corporation Mr. Dorone Farber Farmers Insurance Group Mr. and Mrs. Jack Farrell Mr. Richard S. Feinstein Mr. Jerry Feldman Mr. Daniel Fellman Ms. Michelle Fera Fiber Business Solutions Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Filon Mrs. Marilyn Finkelstein Mr. Steven Finkelstein Finn Dixon & Herling, LLP Firstgiving, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Fischer Mr. Kevin Fisher Ms. Anna Flax Mr. and Mrs. Rob Fleder Dr. David Flesner and Family

Dutch Productions Inc. Mrs. Sweetie Dyson Ms. Elaine Eaton ECSM Utility Contractors, Inc. Mrs. Donna E. Edwards Edwards Wildman Palmer

Flexicon Corporation Flysch Family Foundation Charles Forma Esq. Mrs. Jennie Fortunoff Mr. Earl M. Foster Foundation For the Carolinas


Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Fox Ms. Lacey Fox Mrs. Mary A. Fox Mr. Carl Frascogna Mr. Gary Freedman Mr. and Mrs. Brad F. Freer Freeze For Life Trust Mr. Thomas Freston Mr. Ed Friedman Mrs. Elizabeth Friedman Mrs. Rose A. Fusco Mandragona Mr. JC Galante Ms. April E. Galda Mr. Richard J. Galus Gamco Investors, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gannon Mr. Joe Gardill Mr. Mark Garten Mr. John J. Garthoeffner Mrs. Donna Garzillo Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Inc. gérard drouot productions s.a. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Gering Ms. Bobbi Gershenwald and Family Mr. Michael Gerstner Gilardi Properties Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Gilbert-Lurie Mr. Joshua Gillon and Family Giomare Group LLC Mr. and Mrs. Dave Girolamo Mr. Jay T. Glassman GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Marc Glenn Mr. Robert Glockner Mrs. Pamela M. Goggins Mrs. Sherry Gold Mr. Norman Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Goldfrank Mr. and Mrs. Craig Goldman Mr. Tony Goldring


Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Goldstein Mr. Richard Goldstein Ms. Shirley I. Goldstein Goldve Entertainment Mrs. Gloria C. Goodenough Google Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Bradley N. Goodman Ms. Alicia Gordon Ms. Kristin M. Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goulding Mr. Richard Graff Mr. Herbert S. Grant Grant Thornton LLP Green Magic Friends Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Greene Mrs. Pamela W. Greenstein Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Greenwald Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Greenwald Mr. Jordan Greer Ms. Jane Griffith Mr. Marc Grill Mrs. Regina R. Grim Ms. Joan B. Gross Grubman Indursky & Schindler PC Mr. and Mrs. Alan Grushcow Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore F. Guerra Mrs. Annelies Guglberger H2 Events, Inc. Hackensack University Medical Center Ms. Margaret L. Hagen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Haggerty Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Haje Ms. Alison Hall Mrs. Patricia P. Hall Mr. Steven Halvorsen Ms. Kathleen Hamm Mrs. Karen Hammer and Ms. Sarah Jane Hammer Mr. Leon Hammett


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamwee Dr. John A. Harman Harmonic, Inc. Ms. Gail F. Harms Harris Williams & Co. Mr. and Ms. Tim Hart Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hartman Mr. Sean Harvey Mr. Jeffrey K. Hass Haugebak Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hauke Mr. Napoleon Hawkes Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. The Heffner Family Mr. Jack Heiss Mr. and Mrs. Larry Helfant Help is at Hand Mr. and Mrs. Paul Herbert Ms. Marianela D. Hernandez Mr. Richard Hill Ms. Linda Himberger Mr. Alan Hinds Mr. Steve Hochberg Mr. James Hochleutner Mrs. Mary H. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffer Mrs. Denice Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Hogue Ms. Courtney Holben Ms. Gayle Holcomb Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Holden Mr. Bruce Hoppel Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Horowitz Mr. Michael F. Horwith and Family Ms. Sheila Horwith Mrs. Joyce G. Houlihan Hourigan Construction Mrs. Loretta E. Howard Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Howell Mr. Robert J. Hrebek Mr. Frank N. Hughes Mr. Kevin Hundert Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Hutcheson Mrs. Caroline Howard Hyman Mr. Francis Hyman Ms. Amy Berko Iles Imagine Nation Books, Ltd. iN DEMAND Incognito Software Independent Investment Group LLP ING Capital LLC Integrated Professional Services, LLP

Irmas Charitable Foundation Mr. Eric A. Isaacson J. Thomas Jewelers J.B. Marble Co. Jack & Anita Saltz Foundation Jack Haley Memorial Fund Mrs. Sylvia Jacobs Ms. Sharon H. Jacquet Mr. Clete Jaeger Jam Productions Ms. Pat Jehle Mr. John Jenkins Mr. George K. Jennison Mr. Daryel L. Jesperson Mr. Manish Jhanji Jim Alberto Memorial Golf Classic Mrs. Angela B. Jimenez John T. and Margaret Sharpe Advise & Consult Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas Ms. Shirley K. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan Joseph F. Stein Family Foundation, Inc. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Foundation Matching Gifts Program Ms. Susan K. Jung Mrs. Lynne M. Kaiser Mrs. Louise Kaminow and Family Mrs. Sandra Kapell Mr. and Mrs. David Kaplan Mr. Jerome Kaplan Mrs. Joan Kaplan Mrs. Michelle H. Karin Mr. Gary M. Karlitz Mr. Robert Karmen Mr. George Karnoutsos Mr. Alan Kassan Mr. Burton R. Kassell Mr. Gary Katcher Mr. Elliott W. Kater Ms. Carole Katz Mr. Jerome C. Katz Mr. Ronald A. Kaye Dr. Lawrence Keen Kelly Family Foundation Kendall, Brill and Klieger, LLP Kenley Realty Company Kennedy Street Enterprises Limited Mrs. Suzanne N. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kewley KeyBank Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mr. Thomas Kim

Mr. Michael Kimak Mr. and Mrs. Brad Kitchens Mr. Charles F. Kivowitz Mrs. Sandi Klein Mrs. Karen Klutinoty Mr. Thomas Knowles Mr. James G. Kocher III Mr. Paul Koenig Mr. Duane Koss Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kovensky Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Kovner KPMG Community Giving Campaign Ms. Cynthia F. Krasner and Mr. Ron Goldstein Mr. Jeffrey Kuhr Mr. and Mrs. Tomislav Kundic Mrs. Lori L. Laake Ms. Carol L. Lace Mrs. Mary E. Lambird Mr. Joseph LaMonica Mr. and Mrs. Oren Langer Mr. Andrew Laub Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Laub Mrs. Kay Lavin Mr. Stephen R. Stern Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lawrence Mrs. Monika Leach The Learman Family Mr. William Lee Mrs. Deborah A. Lee-Goldsmith Mr. Gerry Lenfest Mrs. Julie M. Lennon and Family Leonard Park Wines & Spirits, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lerner Leslie C Quick Jr and Regina A Quick Charitable Trust Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Levien Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz LLP Dr. Vicki Levine Mr. John Levitsky Ms. Ellen F. Levy Mr. Rand Levy LFP Broadcasting, LLC Dr. and Mrs. Keith Liberman Liberty Mutual—Give With Liberty Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lichtenstein Mr. Ed Lieberman Lightower Fiber Networks Lindemann Abend Foundation Ms. Luciana Lino Mr. Aaron Linsky Mr. Thomas Lint Mr. and Mrs. David List

Local 1109 Communication Workers of America Mrs. Renee Lockhart Mr. William Lockwood Dr. Edward Loeb and Family Mrs. Marie Lopez Ms. Martha Lovenheim Siegel Ms. Deborah Lucas Ken and Carol Ludwig Ms. Rosalind Massow Luger Mrs. Tina K. Lundstedt Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lustgarten Mr. Stephen J. Mack Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mackey Macklam Feldman Management Mrs. Chrissy MacTaggart Macy’s & Federated Department Stores Foundation Mr. Scott W. Madalone Madison Entertainment Associates, LLC MagicSpace Entertainment, Inc. Main Street Radiology LLC Mr. and Mrs. Keith Malison Mallory Alexander Logistics Mrs. Diane I. Mandel Mr. Robert Marcus Ms. Stacy Y. Mark Mr. Steven Marentis Market Touch Media, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Markus Dr. Gabrielle Marshall-Salomon Marthanne Doriminy Fund, New Mexico Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Rocco J. Martino Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martorana Mr. and Mrs. John Marx Ms. Marian U. Masengill Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Matejicka Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mathews Mr. Johnny Mathis Mr. John Mauger Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Mayer Mr. Joseph Mazzone MBIA Foundation, Inc. Mr. Roger McCurdy Mrs. Mary E. McGinn and Family Mr. Timothy J. McGinn McGovern Legal Services Mr. Thomas B. McGuire and Ms. Josephine Powe Mr. Alexander F. McKay Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKeever Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin Ms. Elizabeth A. McNally Mr. Dennis McNamara

Mr. Robert Stock and Mrs. Nancy McTague-Stock The Meder Family Mr. James T. Medick Mrs. Josephine A. Meilan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Melidones Mr. Eric Mellott Mercer Ms. Elaine Merians Dr. Ruth Merkatz Mrs. Linda Messick Metro Parrot Head Club, Inc. Mr. Paul Metselaar Meyers Family Fund Michael W. McCarthy Foundation Microsoft Microsoft Matching Gifts & Giving Campaign Midlothian Optometric Center Milken Family Foundation Minikes Charitable Foundation Mr. Donald Miserandino Mr. and Mrs. Marc Missioreck Mr. Clint Mitchell Mrs. Peggy Mitteldorf and Family MLB Network Mr. and Mrs. John Modzel Mr. and Mrs. John H. Moehling Mojo Concerts Ms. Margaret Moloney Ms. Phyllis Mondelli and Mr. Paul Pazniokas Mrs. Cynthia A. Montague Mr. and Mrs. Michael Monteleone Monticello Associates, Inc. Ms. Karen Moore Miss Brooke Morgan Mr. Ryan Morgan Mr. Scott Morgan Morgan Stanley Foundation— Employee Giving Program Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC Ms. Anna Morgera Morris and Gertrude Furman Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bret Morrison Motion Picture Studio Ms. Nancy Mueller Handal Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Mueller Ms. Jane Muhrcke Mr. George Mullen and Family Mrs. Mary M. Mulvihill Murphy & Fahy Construction Co., Inc.

Mutual of America Foundation Matching Gifts Program My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc. Myers and May Family Charitable Fund Mrs. Susan M. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Nacht Ms. Deborah Nadel Ms. Denise Nahley Ms. Farinaz S. Naimi NAPMW—Hudson Valley Mr. Ralph Nappi Mrs. Catherine R. Nathan National Grid Foundation National Indemnity Company National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Dr. Kishwer Nehal Mr. Adrian Nemcek New England Interior Specialties, Inc. New York Community Bank Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Noble Mr. David Nochimson Nominum, Inc. Norfield Children’s Center, Inc. Mr. James T. Norris and Family Ms. Sue Norris Mrs. Dayna Novenstein Mr. Donald R. Novicky Sr. Mr. Neil Nusbaum and Ms. Deborah Corwin NYK Productions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James O’Connor Mr. Peter O’ Connor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. O’Brien Ms. Sarah Oey Mr. Christopher L. Oleaga Olga and David Melin Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Summer O’Malley Mr. Ron Opaleski Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oporto Mr. Greg Orman Mr. Michael J. O’Shea Mr. Michael L O’Shea Sr.


Outdoor Channel Mrs. Erika Padgettt Ms. Lisa Marie Pagano Page and William Andrew Karo Donor Advised Fund Ms. Jacqueline Page Dr. and Mrs. Jim Palma Mr. Dave Pankratz Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Pantowich Paramus Associates, LP Paramus Rescue Squad Pastime Athletic & Social Club, Inc. Mr. Nicholas Pastore Mr. Dan Peed Peerless Network Mr. Mike Peissis Ms. Maria Pekurovskaya Penino & Moynihan, LLP Pentland USA, Inc. Mr. Ken K. Perry Mrs. Maureen Peterson Mrs. Cindy Petrides Mr. Richard Petrocelli Mr. Andrew Petruzzi Mr. Richard Pfenniger Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Phil & Co. LLC Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mr. Layn R. Phillips Phoenix Communications Mr. Richard D. Piazza Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP Mr. Joe Pisa Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Plaut Mr. Robert Podvin Mr. Andrew Poulos Sr. Ms. Lynn Pressler Mr. Barry D. Pressman Mr. Trevor Price Dr. and Mrs. Angelo J. Procaccino Progeny Systems Corporation Project One, Inc. Mrs. Gail Propp Pryor Cashman LLP Mr. and Mrs. Hal Pugach Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pundyk Mrs. Ruth Queen Mr. and Mrs. Joe Quinlan R.W. Smith & Co. Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rabinowitz and Familty Radware Mrs. Michelle Rafferty and Family


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The Bowling Family Foundation The Carol & Arnold Wolowitz Foundation, Inc. The Core Group The D & B Corporation The D’Onofrio Foundation The Drew A. Katz Foundation, Inc. The Elbrun and Peter Kimmelman Family Foundation, Inc. The G & I Butler Family Foundation, Inc. The Gould-Shenfeld Family Foundation The Grimaldi Foundation The Harvey Silverman Foundation, Inc. The Hollander Foundation The Jack and Patricia Youdeem Family Foundation The Lawrence Gordon Family Foundation The Morgan Group The Pet Shop Boys Partnership Limited The Ray Family Charitable Gift Fund The Recording Academy The Verni Foundation The Walt Disney Company Foundation The Walter & Georgia Imhoff Family Fund

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Mrs. Irene T. Wachter Kahn Wakefern Food Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John Wallace Mr. Stewart U. Wallace Ms. Barbara Walters Mr. David Warmflash Warren Entner Management, Inc. Washington Park Chiropractic Waveguide, Inc. WE Fest Ms. Barbara Weaver Mr. William B. Webster Weeden & Co. L.P. Mr. Glen A. Wegworth Mr. Jason Weiler Mr. Neal Weinstein Mr. Jerry Weintraub Mr. Robert Weiser Mr. Dennis Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weiss Ms. Joelle C. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weiss Mr. Richard Weitz Well Oiled Wine Company Wellfleet Foundation, Inc. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Wells Fargo Shareowner Services Mrs. JoAnn Welter Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wengrofsky Westchester Broadway Theatre Western Regional Medical Center

White Castle Purchasing Co. Mr. James F. White Ms. Linda White Mr. David Whitlock Mrs. Maria Wilcox Dr. Mark Wilkinson Mrs. Jacqueline Willens William C. Dowling Jr. Foundation William Goldberg Diamond Corp. Mr. Gregg Willinger Willinger Talent Agency, Inc. Mr. Robert E. Wolfe Ms. Laura K. Wolff Mr. Michael Woodson Mr. and Mrs. John Woodward Mrs. Janet Wortman Mr. Adam Yarnold Dr. Soheil Younai Mr. Michael Zangrillo Ms. Marek Zareba Mrs. Rebecca S. Zavacky Mrs. Jennifer Ziegler and Family Mr. David Zucker

2013 PANCREATIC CANCER RESEARCH WALKS/RUNS Albany Capital District Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Boston Unite to Fight Bridgewater Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Brooklyn Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Cape Canaveral Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Cedar Rapids Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Chicago Dash for Detection Cromwell 18-Hole Stroll Denver Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Dutchess County Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk

Fairfield County Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Fort Myers Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Fremont Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Green Valley Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Howard County Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Indianapolis Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Lehigh Valley Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Long Island Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Milford Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk

Monmouth County Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Naperville Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Nashville Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Nebraska Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk New York City Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Paramus Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Pemberville Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Pennsauken Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Richmond Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk

St. Louis Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Syracuse Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Valley of the Sun Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Westborough Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk/Run Westchester Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk Westlake Village Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk/Run


COMMUNITY EVENTS 5CACIA Run for Pancreatic Cancer at Ohio University A Neat Boutique: Fill a Bag, Find A Cure A Night on the River Access Wealth Planning, LLC— Baby Boomer Retirement Symposium Al Bressler Memorial Golf Tournament Alex Luscher Bar Mitvah Project Americana Manhasset Champions for Charity Annual Holiday Bake Sale in Memory of Benno J. Bloch, Vincenzo Propato, John Trifoli, Rueben Rivera and Edgar Mitchell AOH Div2 Golf Outing in Honor and Memory of Msgr. Jim Kissane Appalachian Duathlon and Triathlon to Fight Cancer Apple Class Art Witwer Memorial Golf Tournament Asheville Marathon in Tribute to Mike Bruckner Assured Guaranty Jeans Day Avis Golf League Charity Golf Tournament Bags Tournament Becker Battles for PC Fundraiser Bicycle Ride for a Cure— Andrew Cecala Big Daddy’s Poker Tournament Bill Tamburro, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament BJ Walks America Bob Kochka 5K Boston Marathon— Anne Laskowski Bowl for Baba Bretton Woods Ladies Golf Tournament Brian McGovern Memorial Golf Tournament Brianne and Tom Devine’s Wedding Bring a Buck Capital University Tennis Tournament Captain Don Myers JCPD Day at the Track Carol B. Smith Memorial Golf Tournament Carol Van Auken Golf Outing Charity Luncheon in Memory of Teresa Terrill Chillin and Grillin for a Cause Chop and Stout Month at Shoreline Brewery Cooper & Me Croation American Charitable Foundation Golf Outing in Memory of Val Blaskovik Dan Nichuals Memorial Golf Outing Dance for Cancer Dennis T. Davis Memorial Bike Ride Detroit Marathon—Emily and Brian Hixon and Christa Marlowe Donald J. Fager and Associates Inc. Dress Down Day


Dr. P Foundation Memorial Golf Outing Ed Romano Memorial Golf Outing Eddie Ivanoski Memorial Golf Tournament Engineers Country Club Charitable Foundation Founders Day Event Family 4 Ever Bar Night Family Fundraiser for Kathleen Donohue Frank J. Romano Foundation Rock and Run Freeze for Life in Memory of Kevin Waldeck Frenz for a Cause Masquerade Extravaganza Friends Benefit for Pancreatic Cancer Research Gatsby Gala Golf Tournament in Memory of Sean Gipp Greg Chapin Vermont City Marathon GSK IT Department Golf Tournament in Support of Tess Waldman Hamptons Marathon—Mitchell Kain, Andrew Petruzzi, Marc Saffren and Samuel Rudman in honor of Sandy Svetkov Hamptons Marathon— William Nugent Haymakers for Hope Charity Boxing Event Heeling with Every Step Summer Gala Heroes Wear Purple in Memory of Richard Drywa Hit and Run Golf Outing Hope Begins With Me Hope Ride Bike Rally Howard Shapiro Memorial Golf Outing Hundred Hole Hike I Love New York Card Party International Tabletop Day for a Cause International Yacht Collection Triathlon Ironman in Memory of Gail Factor Jack Haley Golf Tournament Jake Aeillo’s Bar Mitzvah Project for Pancreatic Cancer Research Jeff Weaver Memorial Golf Tournament Jeffrey K. Elder Memorial Golf Tournament Jim Alberto Memorial Golf Tournament John Binns Commemorative Ride Across America John D. Stucker Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research John Duffy Memorial Golf Outing John Wentz Memorial Golf Tournament Joseph Vogt Golf Outing Katherine’s Potholders for Pancreatic Cancer Kevin Naquin for Pancreatic Cancer Research Golf Event


Kickin Pancreatic Cancer Kids Bake a Difference for Pancreatic Cancer Cupcake Wars Kira Gedal Silent Auction KMCookiefight for PCR Inc. Memorial Golf Tournament Kyra’s Bat Mitzvah Chesed Project Laughter for a Cure Lenon/Galas Memorial Golf Tournament Leonard Park Wines and Spirits Event in Honor of Joseph Larizza Let’s Boogie for a Cause Luau for Pancreatic Cancer Research Lyndhurst School Distict PC Walkathon Malibu Triathlon—Lindsay Malison Maria Young Walk/Run Marv Christian Memorial Bowling Tournament Maryland Lacrosse Purple Out Massapequa High School Basketball Alumni Game Charity Fundraiser Megan Samarin and Caroline Braga Benefit Recital Mike Purcell 5K/Walk/Kids Fun Run Mo-vember Nadine M. Brunner Grant Foundation Nancy Wernikoff’s Tea in Memory of Serge Naperville Half Marathon— John Kolet NAPMW-Hudson Valley Golf Tournament in Memory of Fran Mackin New York Renaissance Quest for a Cure Scavenger Hunt No One Fights Alone 5K North Rockland High School Extension—Purple with a Purpose NYC Half Marathon Runners— Emanuel Aharonoff, Nathanel Aharonoff, Rick Bohlander, Glen Ludwig, Cindy Miller, Kristen Mogavero, Jennifer Oratio, Rich Quinn and Denise Savelli NYC Marathon Runners—Bonnie McGarrell, Elizabeth Kurzawa and Michael Zangrillo Pancakes for a Purpose Pastime Athletic and Social Club Inc. Lobster Bake Peter Fenerty Memorial Golf Tournament at Province Lake Philip M. Scheier Memorial Golf Outing Philip Schirm Memorial Walk for A Cure Powder Puff Football Game for Pancreatic Cancer Purple Pumpkins for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness in Memory of Joseph T. Alessi Rainbow Loom Bracelets Fundraiser

Raising Hope for Others, Inc. in Memory of Kathleen Loomis Red Solo Cup Beach Bash RFC Fine Shopping Event in Memory of Louis W. Fortunoff RJA Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon Robert Graham Designs Joins the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer Rock Cancer Out Ron Miller Memorial 5K Run/Walk Roslyn High School Benefit Fashion Show Ruffle Scarves Fundraiser in Memory of John Farrell Sal Cannizzo Memorial Barbeque and Fundraiser Salsa for a Cure Score for the Cure in Memory of Charlotte Moran Shakespeare’s “Hamlet: Prince of Denmark” Play Sherry Shumaker Pancreatic Cancer Memorial 5K Walk Shoreham-Wading River Lax Out Cancer Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon—Jess and Jen Hudon Society of Plastics Engineers Golf Outing Something To Dance For Spanish River Community High School Fundraiser St. Irene’s Philoptochos Society Annual Fashion Show St. John Fisher College Women’s Soccer Team Fundraiser Stand Up Comedy Night Remembering Bob Through Laughter Stephen R. Lennon Panceatic Cancer Awareness Golf Outing Steve Hatje Golf Outing Summer Soiree at Mercedes-Benz of White Plains Team PanChance Half Marathon Terry Hagen Golf Tournament The Bridgehampton Club Tournament in Memory of Priscilla Baker The Larry Golf Classic The Pancreatic Project Theta Sigma Tau Bake Sale Thomas Annunziata Memorial Golf Outing Tioga Downs Racetrack Fundraiser Together with Gayle Tom’s Cure Tour de Pour Village Cup Regatta—Setauket Yacht Club Vinny’s Hope for a Cure Wakefern Food Corp Casual Day for a Cause Wally Oakland Memorial Fundraiser Well Oiled Wine Piggy Bank Sales Wiffle Ball Tournament in Honor of Steve Brosky, Jr. Women’s Group of The Greens Book and Author Luncheon Zombie Race Long Island

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nnual Report 2013  

nnual Report 2013  

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