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 It

is the capital of the Republic of Ireland.  Is located near the center of the East coast of the island.

Today Dublin has a population of more than a million habitants. Call it the "city young" because half of its population is less than 30 years. This phenomenon is that in turn is a modern city and its people very cheerful and friendly.


The city has literary history of worldwide fame, having produced many prominent literary figures, including Nobel laureates like William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett. Other influential writers of Dublin are Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and the creator of Dracula, Bram Stoker.

The largest libraries and museums in Ireland are based in Dublin, including the National Print Museum of Ireland and the National Library of Ireland.

ď‚› One

of the busiest areas is the so-called Temple Bar (the old quarter, where you don't have visitors from all over the world) or places on different themes.

It is also very traditional stroll from Trinity College, the most prestigious university in Ireland.


In front of the entrance to the university is also called the statue of Molly Malone, traditional Dublin. Gives name and lyrics to many songs related to it but has never been known if it is only a legend or really existed, but it is said that he was a woman who worked as fish day and night was lady of company of students and a professor at Trinity College.

ď‚› St.

Patrick's Cathedral is the largest Cathedral in the Church of Ireland. It is dedicated to the Holy pattern national and built at the well which is said was the place where the Holy baptizing the pagans to convert them to Christianity.

Very important and traditional Dublin also is the factory of Guinness (founded by Arthur Guinness), where at the end of the factory tour you can enjoy one of its best beers in the terrace at the top from where there is a magnificent panoramic view of whole of Dublin.

In the center of Dublin is also the park of St Stephen's Green.

ď‚› Popularly

live music is played in the streets and avenues in general and the city has produced several rock bands of international success as U2.

The clover is one of the main symbols of Ireland.

Weather in Dublin is so variable that locals often say that Dublin has a unique climate. The four seasons of the year every day are presented in Dublin.

Last year, my sister and I stayed three weeks in Dublin learning english.


Presentación sobre la ciudad de Dublin

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