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HOMECOMING DELIGHT Golden Eagles use stifling defense, bullish offense to race past North Surry in key Northwest showdown  Wilkes Central wins at Ashe County for first time since 2000  Starmount, Wilkes Central still on MVAC title collision course  Luke Hampton powers Alleghany past Buckin’ Elks


It’s tough to predict state playoff match-ups By Eric Lusk Editor

Tis the season when high school football fans across North Carolina start ramping up talk of the state playoffs. Who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s going to play whom? It used to be that diehards on message boards had the brackets all but figured out by this point, save for the last few details. But it’s almost impossible to predict match-ups now because so many variables come into play. Someone emailed this week asking that we run a story, a la ESPN’s Bracketology, pinpointing possible playoff scenarios. We’d love to do that, but there still isn’t enough concrete information to make reasonable projections. We do know that each of the four classifications will be broken down into two, 32-team brackets (1A, 1AA, 2A, 2AA, etc.) that will eventually produce eight state champions. We know that the 32 schools with the highest enrollment (known as Average Daily Membership numbers) in

each class will go in the “big” brackets (1AA, 2AA, 3AA, 4AA). The smallest 32 will go in the “small” brackets (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A). Some schools already know whether they will go big or small. Starmount for example is easily “small” 2A, while a school like Mount Airy is more on the border of being 1A or 1AA. We won’t know for sure until two things happen: the state releases the official ADM numbers (look for them in the next week) and the full 64 teams in each classification are set. One more variable: the state is using a regional pod system for playoff match-ups, to cut down on travel and to avoid having situations where an East Duplin, for example, would drive to Elkin or Cherokee (or vice-versa) in the first round. But you can’t know who’s in which pod until you know who’s in the playoffs, period – and then you need to know who is going big and going small. Think you can figure out who might be playing who based on this information? If so, more power to you. We’ll just wait until the actual brackets come out and talk about them then.

Monday Morning


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On The Cover

Surry Central’s Luke Haymore (9) celebrates a win over North Surry


Rick Papsun, TC Gammons, Phil Goble, Tim Weatherman, Jimmy Kuhn, William Sparklin, Kelly Snow, Christopher Noble





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Monday Morning Quarterback

In The Rearview Mirror Friday, Oct. 14 Games

NORTHWEST 1A/2A Surry Central 42, North Surry 26 North Stokes 34, East Surry 21 West Stokes 34, South Stokes 14 Mount Airy 35, Bishop McGuinness 7 MOUNTAIN VALLEY 1A/2A Starmount 55, North Wilkes 18 Wilkes Central 29, Ashe County 14 Alleghany 35, Elkin 32 Forbush 26, East Wilkes 6 West Wilkes open

On The Horizon Friday, Oct. 21 Games

NORTHWEST 1A/2A Mount Airy at South Stokes East Surry at North Surry Surry Central at North Stokes Bishop McGuinness at West Stokes MOUNTAIN VALLEY 1A/2A Elkin at Wilkes Central Starmount at Alleghany North Wilkes at West Wilkes Ashe County at Forbush East Wilkes OPEN

is a digital publication of:

Lusk Media 126 Valleybrook Drive Elkin, NC 28621 All rights reserved. OCTOBER 17, 2011


Week Nine In Review

Week Nine In Review

First & 10

Ten things to take away from week nine of the football season By Eric Lusk



Forbush is getting the most out of a limited roster. Coach Chris Johnson reported low overall numbers coming this season, and injuries further hampered things in East Bend early on. But Friday’s 26-6 triumph at East Wilkes pushed the Falcons to .500 in MVAC play (3-3) and set up an important showdown with Ashe County (also 3-3) for this week. Both Ashe and Forbush are vying for third place among the 2A schools in the conference behind Starmount and Wilkes Central.


Roughly one-seventh of state’s remaining unbeaten teams reside in our coverage area. West Stokes (9-0), Wilkes Central (8-0) and Starmount (8-0) are three of the 22 varsity teams from around the state that still have undefeated records. There are still seven unbeaten teams in 2A, the classification that the Wildcats, Rams and Eagles all compete in.


Can we look ahead to Oct. 28 yet? Starmount and Wilkes Central, the two unbeatens left in the Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference, play teams this week with a combined 3-14 record. While anything is possible – that’s why you play the games, right? – it’s highly unlikely that the Rams and Eagles will stumble before their all-the-marbles showdown in Boonville on the 28th.


Starmount has now won 31 straight conference games. The Rams came into the season riding a streak of 25 league victories in a row. Coach Scott Johnson’s team improved to 6-0 in this year’s Mountain Valley 1A/2A standings with Friday’s 55-18 triumph at North Wilkes. Mount Airy had a conference winning streak of 31 in a row halted earlier this season by West Stokes.


Teams must not like to kick off to Surry Central. We’ve watched more than one opponent squib kick or pop a kickoff virtually straight up in the air to avoid Golden Eagle return specialists Wes Brown and Jared Dimmette. But in games like Friday night, that ploy ended up backfiring. Surry Central took advantage of some short fields to put



controls its own destiny now. If the ’Cats win out, they are conference champs. If they lose once, and Mount Airy wins out, West Stokes and the Granite Bears would both finish 6-1 in conference but West would own the tiebreaker edge based on a head-to-head win.

9 Photo by Jimmy Kuhn/

Eorn Jenkins (9) and the West Stokes Wildcats improved to 9-0 with Friday’s win at South Stokes. West Stokes is one of seven 2A teams still undefeated. scoring drives together against North Surry, including one that started the second half. The Eagles’ winning TD late against East Surry also came on a short field.


You really can throw out the records sometimes. Alleghany and Elkin surely didn’t play like teams carrying just one win apiece into their meeting Friday night. Both teams battled hard for four quarters as if a conference title was on the line. Alleghany prevailed 35-32, with Luke Hampton providing one of the most impressive all-purpose performances of the season (see related story in this issue).


Welcome back North Stokes. The Vikings started the year 3-0 and

were one late-fourth quarter penalty flag away from being 4-0. But 3-0 eventually became 3-5 after the heartbreaker at Rosewood and conference losses to South Stokes, North Surry, Mount Airy and West Stokes. Friday brought an end to the losing skid, with the Vikes beating East Surry in Pilot Mountain. That result means it’s still a dogfight in the Northwest Conference for 1A playoff positioning behind Mount Airy.


Surry Central may get thank-you letters from West Stokes fans this week. The Golden Eagles’ win over North Surry put West Stokes in the driver’s seat to earn the top 2A seed from the Northwest Conference for the state playoffs. It also helped the Wildcats’ overall conference championship cause. West WWW.YADKINVALLEYSPORTS.COM

Better arrive early if Surry CounPhoto by Eric Lusk ty rivals like North Surry, Surry Forbush players Chase Barker, Grayson Fulp, Alex Mitchell and Brittan Baity Central, Mount Airy or East Surry pose during the preseason. The Falcons won a big game on Friday night. are playing each other. Two of the best crowds of the season have filled Surry stadiums the past two weeks, with thousands turning out for Mount Airy-North Surry on Oct. 6 and an overflow crowd packing Surry Central’s homecoming game this past Friday against North Surry. This week’s Surry showdown will see North Surry hosting East Surry. Mount Airy then travels to East Surry on Oct. Jason Myers Darrell Byrd 28. A bit of Monday Morning Quarterback advice: Leave 15 minutes earlier than you normally would unless you like a long, long walk.



The rich get richer, or so it seems. West Stokes and Starmount won junior varsity championships in 2010 in addition to having great varsity seasons. This year, both the Wildcats and Rams are undefeated in JV conference play as well as varsity play going into the final two weeks. West Stokes’s JV squad is still unbeaten in all games, and Starmount’s JV unit has just one loss, to East Surry in a weather-shortened game back in August.


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Week Nine In Focus

Realignment chatter State beginning process of redrawing league borders By Eric Lusk Editor

Dr. Adam Delp

Dr. Craig Hensley

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Conference expansion and realignment has been a hot topic in college football for the past couple of months. It’s about to become a regular conversation piece among North Carolina high school sports fans as well. Every four years, the N.C. High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) adjusts its conference and classification alignment to keep up with how enrollments in member schools are changing. We’re currently in year three of the latest alignment, which went into effect at the beginning of the 2009-10 school year. By the end of this academic year, all schools around the state should know where they are going to be for 2013-17. Meetings and conversations have already begun. A preliminary plan will be released by the NCHSAA by the end of November. Regional meetings to discuss the plans will happen in January, with a second draft if needed coming in February. Here is some of the chatter we are hearing now from athletic directors, coaches and other school officials around the Yadkin Valley Sports coverage area about what may happen here. Keep in mind that everything is still very preliminary – just like with the college realignment saga – and subject to change. * Starmount will become a 1A school again. The Rams moved up from 1A to the bigger 2A classification during the 2005-09 alignment and have done quite well at that level. Starmount advanced to the Final Four in football a few years back, won a state title in volleyball last fall (and might win another this year), played for a state title in basketball and WWW.YADKINVALLEYSPORTS.COM

Photo by Eric Lusk

Starmount could be a 1A school again during the 2013-17 realignment.

softball a few years ago, etc. But enrollment numbers have dropped to the point where it is believed the school will move back to 1A for the 2013-17 alignment. StarmountMount Airy and Starmount-East Surry could be conference games again in a few years. * The state will keep its current four classification system (1A, 2A, 3A and 4A). There has been talk of adding a 5A class, and some even suggested dropping down to only three. But the state seems resolute in keeping what is in

place now. Adding or subtracting classifications would present a lot of headaches in terms of building reasonable conferences with schools of similar enrollments. * Coaches and athletic directors seem to believe that the NCHSAA wants to do away with split conferences (1A/2A combos for example) whenever possible. Obviously that would greatly impact our current conferences, since both the Mountain Valley and Northwest leagues have 1A and 2A schools. From a competition standpoint, it would make the most sense (imagine a 2A league this year with Starmount, Wilkes Central, North Surry, Surry Central, West Stokes, Ashe County, Forbush, etc. – wow!). But the move back to single classification conferences will present additional travel budget issues for some schools, especially those like Ashe County or Alleghany. * There has been chatter about some of the smaller Winston-Salem schools dropping to 1A for the next alignment. That might mean that Bishop McGuinness and Winston-Salem Prep get shifted away from the Northwest Conference to join them. But we’ve been told by one AD that it could mean 1A schools like North Stokes and South Stokes might move with the WinstonSalem/Bishop contingent, essentially splitting the Surry and Stokes 1A schools into separate conferences. * A couple of local AD’s mentioned that Avery County, which currently plays in the Western Highlands 1A/2A, might join a conference from this area with 1A schools from Wilkes, Alleghany and Surry counties. * For more on realignment, visit and search for realignment. OCTOBER 17, 2011


Week Nine In Focus

All-purpose showcase Alleghany’s Luke Hampton beats Elks from many angles back Ethan Atwood for two huge gains. Atwood ran untouched for a 32-yard touchdown on the first and converted a key third down on the eventual gamewinning drive. Defense — Hampton anchored the Trojans’ interior line and was involved on several key tackles in the game. “I had a pretty good game, but right now, I don’t know, I’m just a little beat up,” Hampton said.

By Kelly Snow

Contributing Writer

When Alleghany senior Luke Hampton lined up to kick an extra point late in the first half of Friday’s game at Elkin, he asked the snapper to wait just a second. He needed to catch his breath — and it was understandable. Hampton, also a running back for the Trojans’ offense, had just barreled through the middle of the Buckin’ Elks’ defense for a 60-yard touchdown, his second of three in the game. The senior had a performance that will be remembered for years on Sparta Mountain as he willed his Trojans to a 35-32 victory at Elkin for their first conference road victory as a member of the Mountain Valley 1A/2A. Hampton carried the ball 22 times for 295 yards and three touchdowns, including one on a 48-yard return after a punt was partially blocked in the first quarter. He finished with six runs of more than 20 yards, including a 30-yard touchdown that gave Alleghany the lead for good with three minutes to play in the game. “Hampton dragged us at times,” Elkin coach Scott Wood said. “He’s a big, strong kid. You have to give him a lot of credit.” But Hampton’s effort running the ball were just part of his contributions in the game. Special teams — Hampton was Alleghany’s kicker, and while he didn’t have a stellar night on kickoffs, he did have a 27-yard field goal late in the first quarter that lifted the Trojans’ lead to 9-0. He also booted a pair of extra points. Blocker — When Hampton wasn’t carrying the ball in the Trojans’ WingT formation, he was blocking for his younger brother Jake. Late in the first half, Jake took a handoff made a couple of cuts and followed behind a crushing



File Photo by Eric Lusk

Luke Hampton, shown here in 2010, had a monster game Friday at elkin.

crack-back block from his big brother for an 18-yard gain. Decoy — Hampton was running through arm tackles throughout the game, forcing the Elks to devote a lot of attention to slowing him down. The Trojans took advantage of this for a pair of huge plays where Hampton was just a decoy. He took two handoffs from quarterback Grant Caudill and gave the ball immediately to crossing running

Preseason setback Hampton was an All-Mountain Valley 1A/2A selection last year as a linebacker and was going to be counted on to carry the load in the Trojans’ Wing-T running attack this season. But a hugely successful senior season came into jeopardy before it even began. While running the ball in preseason, Hampton ducked his head before taking a hit and suffered a significant injury. The impact led to two bulging discs, one each in his neck and back and injured vertebras. Hampton missed the first two games of the season, but returned in time to help the Trojans knock off North Wilkes in week three and snap a 19-game losing streak. The senior was far from 100-percent in his return. “My team needed me and I needed to play,” Hampton said. “With it being my senior year, I wanted to play.” Hampton wasn’t able to play offense and defense full-time when he initially returned, but is getting back to playing nearly every snap of the game. “The thing people don’t realize is that he’s been banged up all year,” Alleghany coach Frank Sessoms said. “ At the beginning of the season, we were just trying to get him through the games and try not to play him on both sides of the ball. We need to get his legs back under him and nurse him through these injuries a little bit. He’s definitely been a big boost for us.” WWW.YADKINVALLEYSPORTS.COM

Week Nine Revisiting Our Burning Questions

Week Nine Revisiting Our Burning Questions

We asked, they answered During pre-game coverage last week, we posed five burning questions about area high school football at www. Below are the questions — and how what transpired on Friday night helped to answer them: 1. Can North Surry bounce back? What we wrote: “The Greyhounds took it on the chin last Friday against Mount Airy (53-33 loss), suffering their first ‘L’ of the season. North Surry still has a lot to play for and needs a win tonight against Surry Central to keep conference title hopes and strong 2A playoff seeding alive. The Golden Eagles will be celebrating homecoming and have a tough offense to contain.” What happened: Surry Central provided a satisfying 42-26 victory to its overflow homecoming crowd, essentially knocking the Greyhounds from the conference title chase. The Eagles’ offense was indeed tough to contain, but the defense stepped up too. Central picked off three Alex Ratcliff passes, with Luke Haymore taking one to the house for a momentum-changing touchdown in the first half. 2. Can Elkin make it two wins in a row? What we wrote: “The Buckin’ Elks finally erased the goose egg from the win column last week at North Wilkes. But it was a dogfight, finishing up 2114 (with no points scored in the second half). Alleghany would seem like a solid ‘W’ for Elkin in most other years. But this isn’t most other years for one of the youngest teams in the conference. Getting another ‘W’ would surely boost the confidence of this youthful group. What happened: Alleghany senior Luke Hampton stole the show, piling up 295 rushing yards and scoring three touchdowns as the Trojans won 35-32. Both teams played inspired football in



What happened: North Stokes got back on track after losing five in a row and beat the Cardinals in Pilot Mountain 34-21. East Surry dropped to 2-3 in conference play, tied for second place with South Stokes. Mount Airy leads the 1A side of the Northwest standings with a 4-1 conference mark. North Stokes is now 1-4. The Granite Bears seem safe as the top 1A seed but everything else is still up for grabs. 4. Can Wilkes Central avoid the trap game at Ashe County? What we wrote: “The Eagles haven’t won in West Jefferson in about a decade, including a tough loss in a Monday night game a couple of years ago that wrecked chances to earn a share of the MVAC title. Wilkes Central needs to fend off the Huskies to keep dreams of an unbeaten regular season and conference championship alive.” What happened: Mission accomplished. It was a hard-nosed game for sure, but Wilkes Central pulled away in the second half for a 29-14 triumph. The Eagles moved to 8-0

overall, 6-0 in the Mountain Valley 1A/2A — keeping pace with Starmount. Barring anything unforeseen, both Wilkes Central and Starmount should be undefeated on Oct. 28.

Elite Eight Power Rankings How They Fared * Who’s Next?

1. Starmount (8-0)

5. Who will win the battle of the birds? What we wrote: “Forbush and East Wilkes both find themselves in the middle of the MVAC pack. Either the Falcons or the Cardinals will pick up an important conference victory tonight. East Wilkes could all but lock up the No. 2 spot on the 1A side of the conference with a win. Forbush could keep pace with Ashe County in the battle for third place on the 2A side if it can prevail.” What happened: Brittan Baity and Zach Chambers powered the Falcons to a 26-6 victory in Ronda. The win moves Forbush to 3-3 in the conference and gives them a strong shot at earning at least a .500 season in conference play and possibly a .500 season overall.

Last Friday: Beat North Wilkes 55-18 This Friday: Visiting Alleghany

2. West Stokes (9-0)

Last Friday: Beat South Stokes 34-14 This Friday: Hosting Bishop

3. Wilkes Central (8-0)

Last Friday: Beat Ashe County 29-14 This Friday: Hosting Elkin

4. Mount Airy (7-2)

Last Friday: Beat Bishop 35-7 This Friday: Visiting South Stokes

5. North Surry (6-2)

Last Friday: Lost to Surry Central 42-26 This Friday: Hosting East Surry

6. West Wilkes (5-3)

Last Friday: Open This Friday: Hosting North Wilkes

7. Surry Central (5-3)

Last Friday: Beat North Surry 42-26 This Friday: Visiting North Stokes

8. East Surry (2-6)

Last Friday: Lost to North Stokes 34-21 This Friday: Visiting North Surry

Photo by Eric Lusk

3. Can East Surry make it three wins in a row? What we wrote: “The Cardinals

have beaten all of the 1A teams on their schedule thus far. Unfortunately, they’ve only played two, topping Bishop McGuinness and South Stokes over the past two weeks. A win Friday at North Stokes would put the Cards in position to finish second on the 1A side of the Northwest — quite a feat considering the 0-5 start.” WWW.YADKINVALLEYSPORTS.COM

“It was a big game if we played in front of nobody, but I think the crowd really helped us out tonight and we really appreciate that.”

Dustin Triplett scored a touchdown for Wilkes Central, and the Eagles beat Ashe County in West Jefferson for the first time in more than a decade.

stretches, but the Elks couldn’t punch in one more score in the fourth period to prevail. Alleghany earned its first conference road win since joining the Mountain Valley 1A/2A in 2009.


Surry Central coach Monty Southern following Friday’s homecoming win WWW.YADKINVALLEYSPORTS.COM

OCTOBER 17, 2011


Week Nine Game Coverage STARMOUNT 55, NORTH WILKES 18

Rams still rolling in MVAC HAYS -- Things couldn’t have started any better for heavy underdog North Wilkes in its home game against Starmount on Friday night. The Vikings took the opening kickoff against the three-time defending Mountain Valley champions and marched 77 yards for a touchdown. Andrew Ayers’ 1-yard run with 5:09 left in the opening quarter put North Wilkes up 6-0 and had the home crowd jumping. But Starmount answered quickly and often, picking up steam through the first half and eventually rolling to a 55-18 triumph. The Rams trailed for all of 21 seconds after Ayers’ score. Jac McCracken took a handoff 50-yards for a touchdown with 4:48 left in the first period. Both teams missed their extra points and the score was knotted 6-6. The game stayed tied for all of 40 seconds. Starmount senior Dillon Bray returned an interception 32 yards to put the Rams ahead for good. Christian and Chaston Martin also rushed for touchdowns in the opening half for Starmount. Ayers completed a beautiful 89-yard touchdown pass to Chris Eaton with 2:02 remaining before the break. But the Rams quickly doused any North Wilkes momentum from that play when Hurt returned the kickoff back 80 yards for a score. Starmount held a 42-12 lead at halftime, also getting 2 points from a safety. Martin rushed for two touchdowns in the third period. Ryan Walsh caught a TD pass from Ayers in the fourth quarter for the final margin. The Rams won their 31st con-



Photo by Tim Weatherman/

Christian Hurt returned a kickoff 80 yards for a touchdown for the Rams in the first half at North Wilkes.

ference game in a row, dating back to the 2007 season. Starmount improved its overall record to 8-0 with Friday’s triumph, 6-0 in the MVAC. North Wilkes dropped to 1-8, 0-7. Starmount enjoyed two 100-yard rushers. Martin finished with 114 yards on seven carries. McCracken put up 104 yards in six totes. As a

team, the Rams rushed for more than 400 yards. North Wilkes finished with 287 total yards, a respectable number against a foe like Starmount. Starmount will make another road trip next Friday, traveling to Alleghany. North Wilkes, meanwhile, will conclude its conference schedule against visiting West Wilkes. WWW.YADKINVALLEYSPORTS.COM

Week Nine Game Coverage FORBUSH 26, EAST WILKES 6

Refreshed Falcons top Cardinals By Rick Papsun

Contributing Writer RONDA – A mid-season bye week for most teams is just the shot in the arm to cure what ails them. Such was the case for Forbush as, fresh and rejuvenated following a week off, the Falcons controlled every facet of the game Friday night in rolling to a decisive 26-6 Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference over host East Wilkes. The win vaults Forbush (3-5, 3-3) two places in the conference standings, to where it now stands in fourth place behind league powerhouses Starmount and Wilkes Central and third-place West Wilkes – a team the Falcons lost to in the waning seconds earlier this season. Now, with just two games left in the regular season, the Falcons are looking to make a playoff run with games against Ashe County (4-6, 3-4) and Elkin (1-8, 1-6). Behind the blue-collar effort of senior back Brittian Baity, who returned to the lineup following an injury three weeks ago, Forbush was able to jump on the Cardinals early and often and set the tone for the remainder of the contest. That tone was set on the opening drive of the game as Baity rushed for 41 of his team-high 114 yards, including the last 11 yards on a touchdown run, as the Falcons marched 72 yards on nine plays in taking an early 6-0 edge. “I thought we were pretty evenly matched with East Wilkes coming into this thing,” FHS coach Chris Johnson said. “But getting off to that quick start helped us a lot. It changed things. He added that getting Baity back was crucial in that he contributed not only on offense, but defensively as well, making several key tackles throughout. The Falcon defense was able to pin East Wilkes deep in its own territory for





G.C. Parks makes a leaping catch of a halfback pass from Brittan Baity during the first half. East Wilkes’ Jathan Sales defends on the play. most of the first half, keeping the momentum on their side during that time. Cardinals’ coach Monty Chipman said that made the biggest difference in the contest. “Field position was real crucial tonight,” he said. “They did a real good job jumping on us early. And with their defense setting the field position, it really took us out of what we wanted to do. “They really whipped us up front tonight and we left our defense on the field

way too much,” he added. “We usually feed off of big plays on defense and Forbush did a good job taking us out of that.” And it was the Forbush defense that accounted for the team’s second score of the night, as linebacker Casey Evans picked off a Grant Tharpe pass and scooted 40 yards into the end zone. A Baity run for the conversion made it, 14-0. The Falcons put the game way during a five-minute stretch midway through the second half when they scored three times. The first of those scores coming on a bad snap on an East Wilkes punt that went into the end zone for a safety. Three minutes later, freshman Alex Torres booted a29-yard field goal to make it 19-0. Then, following a four-and-out by East Wilkes, Forbush put the proverbial nail in the coffin when it took just four plays to score again. This time it was Baity registering his second TD of the night on a 21-yard unabated jaunt to paydirt. East Wilkes scored late on a 12-yard run by Ethan Adams, but it was way too little, way too late to make up for the 26-0 deficit. For the night, Baity was complemented nicely by backfield mate, freshman Zach Chambers, who rushed 13 times for 92 yards. Chambers, who got the starting nod early this season when two of the Falcons’ backs went down on injuries, has improved steadily this season. “We took him off defense (this week) and that did help him a lot tonight,” Johnson said. The Falcons now ready for a key home game with a pesky Ashe County outfit. Last year, Forbush went to Jefferson and came away with a 27-14 upset win, and the Huskies will be looking for revenge this time around. “I’m really concerned about Ashe County,” Johnson said. “We’re going to prepare for this one like a crucial game, because it is.” OCTOBER 17, 2011


Week Nine Game Coverage SURRY CENTRAL 42, NORTH SURRY 26

Eagles put breaks on ’Hounds By Eric Lusk Editor

Surry Central had a simple defensive goal heading into Friday’s homecoming game against North Surry – hold the prolific, no-huddle Greyhounds under 30 points. “They hadn’t been under 30 all year,” Golden Eagles coach Monty Southern said. Surry Central achieved its goal – with four points to spare – and handed North Surry its second consecutive loss. The Golden Eagles picked off three Greyhound passes and unleashed a prolific offense of their own en route to a 42-26 triumph. Wes Brown rushed for 189 yards and two short-yardage scores for the Eagles (53, 3-2 in the Northwest). Luke Haymore returned one of Central’s interceptions 35 yards for a touchdown. Jared Dimmette and Caleb Mitchell ripped off scoring runs of 26 and 47 yards in opening half, helping the home team build a 28-20 intermission advantage. “We defended really well,” Southern said. “Their offense is so good. It’s so explosive. They’ve got a quarterback (Alex Ratcliff) who can run and throw, a running back (Jason King) who is as tough as nails and then a receiver (Jacob Pelfrey) that makes plays. It’s tough to prepare for all of that. Mark Snow (Central defensive coordinator) did a great job getting our guys ready.” For awhile in the opening half, it looked like a shootout was developing where the last team with the ball had the best chance to win. The teams traded TDs in the opening quarter, then Ratcliff weaved his way 19 yards for a score early in the second period to put the Greyhounds up 14-7. But Surry Central answered North’s touchdown quickly. The Greyhounds committed a penalty on third-and-one, giving the Eagles a first down at the North Surry 47. On the next play, Mitchell was off to the races, breaking a couple



Photo by Eric Lusk

Jared Dimmette scored the first touchdown of the game for Surry Central.

of tackles on his way to the end zone to make the game 14-14. The first backbreaker play for the Greyhounds came on the first snap after the kickoff. Ratcliff had a pass bounce off a receiver’s chest, and Surry Central’s Haymore snagged the ball out of the air. He enjoyed clean sailing to the end zone, and Orlando Perez’s third PAT of the night put Central up 21-14. North Surry managed to get back on the board when Ratcliff completed a 40yard touchdown pass to Jacob Pelfrey with 6:02 left in the half. But the second backbreaker play happened after that. The Greyhounds were whistled for a 5-yard penalty on the extra point when a player failed to put in his mouthpiece. The ’Hounds missed what would have been a game-tying PAT, and that small miscue seemed to haunt them the rest of the night. “We’ve struggled all year with the kicking game,” North Surry coach Brian Hampton said. “It seems like every time

we get some momentum, we do something like that and we lose momentum. That was big.” Surry Central tacked on another touchdown before halftime to go up 2820. Brown recorded the first of his two scores from 2 yards away. Kicking woes hurt North Surry again to start the second half. Central recovered a squib kickoff at its 42 and turned the short field into another touchdown. The Golden Eagles converted a fourth-down play to keep the series alive, eventually scoring when quarterback Jesse Martin plowed in from the 2. North Surry marched 85 yards in eight plays on its first series of the third period. Ratcliff completed several long passes to Chase Gough and Pelfrey, including a 16-yarder that set the Hounds up at the Surry Central 1. Ratcliff plunged in on the next play to make it 35-26. But North Surry couldn’t convert the two-point play, and they remained behind by two scores. The deficit eventually became 16 points when Brown scored his second touchdown of the night. As the game wore on, the Greyhounds found it tougher and tougher to stop Brown. The bullish junior back had just nine yards on five carries in the opening half but had runs of 15, 28, 31, 12, 12 and 52 after intermission, often dragging multiple tacklers with him as he churned for extra yardage. Surry Central finished with 350 yards on the ground in all. “Defensively, they are tough to stop,” Hampton said. “Brown is a good football player but they’ve got other people over there who are weapons too, and coach Southern has done a great job. They run a little bit of all three of the options – the midline, the outside and the inside. You can’t stop all three. “You just hope you get a bad play here or there and you can get them in third and long situations and make a play. Tonight every time it was third and long, they made a big play and we didn’t.” WWW.YADKINVALLEYSPORTS.COM

Week Nine Game Coverage ALLEGHANY 35, ELKIN 32

Trojans snap road losing skid (2-7 overall, 2-4 MV1A/2A) since 2007. Contributing Writer “Both teams played hard. Nobody quit, when you get teams with one ELKIN — The Alleghany High win, you’ll usually see one side quit, School football team had a new, fun but not here,” Sessoms said. “This experience as it traveled back up the definitely didn’t look like two onemountain after playing a Mountain win teams. You really hate to see a Valley 1A/2A opponent. team lose a game like that.” This team was able to celebrate a Seth Creed had a big game for victory. The Trojans edged Elkin 3532 on Friday for their first conference the Buckin’ Elks, finishing with 115 road victory as a member of the yards rushing and two touchdowns. Mountain Valley 1A/2A — a league Running back Nick Phillips added a they joined in 2009. The road win 63-yard touchdown burst that capped against a conference foe was the off a three-touchdown explosion for first since a 2006 victory at Bishop Elkin the second quarter. McGuinness as a member of the It was over when…Strickland’s Northwest 1A/2A. fourth-down heave bounced off the “After last year not winning a game, outstretched hand of Nick Phillips, and now winning two, this (win) can’t but it was actually over two plays do anything but help us,” Alleghany earlier when Alleghany’s Taylor coach Frank Sessoms said. “We’re Nester sniffed out a screen pass. The a work in progress, but we’re going Buckin’ Elks were facing 2nd-and-10 to get there. It’s just going to take us from the Trojans’ 45-yard line with some time. It’s going to get better, but 1:20 to play when Strickland lofted a this is a boost for us. We needed this.” screen pass to Sam Lane. Nester read Senior Luke Hampton carried the the play the whole way, drilled Lane Trojans to victory — literally. The for a two-yard loss and put Elkin bruising running back rushed for behind the chains. a whopping 290 yards and three Turning point — Elkin posted touchdowns, including a first-quarter 14 consecutive points after spotting score on a partially-blocked punt. Alleghany nine first-quarter points Hampton had six carries of greater and forced a three-and-out. The than 20 yards, including a 30-yard Buckin’ Elks were rolling — and then scoring burst that gave Alleghany the they roughed the punter on a kick lead for good with three minutes to Photo by Eric Lusk that many in the home shade of blue play in the game. “(Hampton) has real good vision and Elkin quarterback Josh Strickland rolls out in a believed was tipped. Hampton promptly took advantage makes great cuts, but it all depended recent game. of the new life to the possession and on how our offensive line played and rumbled for a 40-yard gain, inside the what seams they gave him,” Sessoms Quarterback Josh Strickland converted a Elkin 12-yard line. Three plays later said. “He does have a little bit of speed in fourth down early in the drive, but couldn’t Alleghany punched it in, retook the lead him. He made a lot of second cuts in the connect on his final three pass attempts, and stole all the momentum away. secondary and got free.” including one that sailed over the head of “I’d say they won the battle on special Elkin (1-7,1-5) definitely had its chances a receiver that had slipped deep behind the teams and that may have been the on the final possession of the game to pull out a win for the second consecutive Trojans’ secondary. Strickland had a solid difference,” Elkin coach Scott Wood week. The Buckin’ Elks were poised to outing, completing 10-of-25 pass attempts said. “We had that penalty on the punt start the drive in great field possession, on for 117 yards and touchdown — a beautiful and the blocked punt and those are things we worked real hard on. It’s just its 41-yard line, but a questionable late-hit 25-yard fade to Chris Hudspeth. The loss was Elkin’s first to Alleghany disappointing.” penalty, backed them up inside the 30.

By Kelly Snow

Featuring “The Balloon Lady” and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the “Dawn Treader” Date: Saturday, October 22 Where: Elkin Park Band Shelter Time: 5:00—9:00 p.m. Fun for all ages: hotdogs, nachos, cotton candy, popcorn, crafts, games, music, a cake walk and fossils Bring your own chair or blanket

In case of inclement weather, we will be at Elkin Valley Baptist Church’s gym (in the Christian Life Center: CLC) doing the same fun things!


OCTOBER 17, 2011


Northwest 1A/2A

Conference Reports Northwest 1A/2A Northwest 1A/2A Standings TEAM

West Stokes (2A) Mount Airy (1A) North Surry (2A) Surry Central (2A) South Stokes (1A) East Surry (1A) North Stokes (1A) Bishop McGuin. (1A)




5-0 9-0 Bishop 4-1 7-2 @ South Stokes 3-2 6-2 East Surry 3-2 5-3 @ North Stokes 2-3 4-4 Mount Airy 2-3 2-6 @ North Surry 1-4 4-5 Surry Central 0-5 2-6 @ West Stokes

Photo by Jimmy Kuhn/

South Stokes’ Damien Martin vs. West Stokes.

Top Players & Performances


Ty Simmons rushed for 145 yards and scored two touchdowns, helping Mount Airy cruise past Bishop McGuinness 20



Austin Long (West Stokes): Rushed for a team-high 137 yards in the Wildcats’ win over rival South Stokes. Long got the scoring started with a 53-yard burst just 70 seconds into the game. Austin Fleming (West Stokes): Not far behind Long’s rushing tallies, finishing with 135 yards in all. Fleming, the Wildcats’ starting quarterback, scored on runs of 4, 13, 26 and 15 yards. Tyler Bullard (West Stokes): Gave the Sauras’ offense fits all night, finishing with 10 tackles – including two sacks and three tackles for loss in all. Bullard also recovered a fumble. Eight of his tackles were solo hits. Jacquan Martin (South Stokes): Finished with an even 100 rushing yards and found the end zone on a 3-yard run in the fourth quarter. Jaron Withers (South Stokes): Pulled the Sauras to within 14-7 with 2:30 left in the second quarter after a 46-yard TD burst. Justin Rogers and Zach Singleton (South Stokes): Swarmed to the ball all night, finishing with a game-high 16 tackles and 13 tackles, respectively. Singleton made three hits behind the line of scrimmage. Rogers had 11 solo hits, while Singleton had 10. Wes Brown (Surry Central): Somewhat quiet in the first half, the junior back finished with 189 rushing yards on 20 carries. As the game wore on, Brown proved tougher and tougher to bring down. His touchdown runs covered 5 and 2 yards. Luke Haymore (Surry Central): His 35yard interception return for a touchdown in the second quarter came just 27 seconds after WWW.YADKINVALLEYSPORTS.COM

another Golden Eagles’ score and gave the home team a huge dose of momentum. Caleb Mitchell (Surry Central): Gave the Eagles another weapon with the North Surry defense keying on Brown. Mitchell scored on a 47-yard run in the second quarter and finished with 65 rushing yards. Jesse Martin (Surry Central): Though his stats were rather tame — 8 rushing yards and one TD; 4-for-6 passing for 80 yards with no TDs — coach Monty Southern singled his quarterback out for his pivotal role in the win over North Surry. “He is not quite 100 percent. But he really gutted it out and was a true leader for us tonight,” Southern said. Jared Dimmette (Surry Central): Scored Central’s first touchdown on a 26-yard run. He also had a huge pass break-up defensively on a throw to North Surry’s Jacob Pelfrey, who had gotten behind the defense. The ball was a bit underthrown, and Dimmette was able to knock down what could have been a Greyhounds’ touchdown. Alex Ratcliff (North Surry): Though he was picked off three times, the senior still had a stat-stuffer night. Ratcliff completed 19 passes for 247 yards and two scores. He also rushed for 59 yards and two more scores (runs of 1 and 19 yards). Jacob Pelfrey (North Surry): The area’s most prolific wide receiver made two more touchdown catches. He finished with seven catches for 139 yards. Ty Simmons (Mount Airy): Stepped in for injured starter Kashous Martin and rushed for 145 yards on 10 carries (14.5 yards per

tote average). Simmons caught a 9-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter and later in the period rushed for a score from 3 yards out. Austin Taylor (Mount Airy): Helped beat the Villains with his arm and legs. The junior quarterback completed 6 of 7 passes for 142 yards and two TDs. Taylor also rushed for 92 yards on eight keepers. His 7-yard TD run in the first period gave Mount Airy an early 14-0 lead. Dylan Wright (Mount Airy): The kicking game is a huge but often underappreciated aspect of high school football. Wright booted all five PATs, giving him 29 for the year (as well as four field goals). Tanner Joyce (Mount Airy): His one pass reception covered 80 yards and resulted in a back-breaking score that put the Bears ahead 28-0 in the second quarter. Zach Koons (East Surry): Paced East Surry’s offense with 82 yards on 17 carries. He scored one touchdown. Garrett Wood (North Stokes): The Vikings quarterback/defensive back rushed for two touchdowns, threw a touchdown pass and picked off an East Surry throw, helping North Stokes end a five-game losing skid. Matt Hopkins (North Stokes): Returned an interception for a touchdown to seal the Vikes’ first conference victory. His pick-six put North Stokes up 34-7 late in the third quarter. Sean Hamacher (Bishop McGuinness): Rushed for 77 yards and a touchdown in the Villains’ game at Mount Airy. OCTOBER 17, 2011


Conference Reports Northwest 1A/2A

Full Schedules & Results Bishop McGuinness

North Stokes Vikings

Surry Central Golden Eagles

2-6 Overall * 0-5 in Northwest

4-5 Overall * 1-4 in Northwest

5-3 Overall * 3-2 in Northwest

Aug. 20 Aug. 26 Sept. 6 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

at High Point Christian W (40-12) Open at Highland Tech W (31-6) South Davidson L (16-19) at North Surry* L (13-39) South Stokes* L (6-28) at East Surry* L (6-34) Surry Central* L (26-47) at Mount Airy* L (7-35) at West Stokes* North Stokes*

* denotes Northwest 1A/2A Conference game

Alleghany W (44-22) Patrick County (Va.) W (24-0) at North Iredell W (32-0) at Rosewood L (43-46) South Stokes* L (7-13, OT) North Surry* L (28-63) at Mount Airy* L (13-33) at West Stokes* L (6-45) East Surry* W (34-21) Surry Central* at Bishop McGuinness*

* denotes Northwest 1A/2A Conference game

East Surry Cardinals

at Wilkes Central L (7-48) East Wilkes W (51-0) South Davidson W (33-6) Open at East Surry* W (27-23) Mount Airy* L (33-38) at West Stokes* L (14-34) at Bishop McGuinness* W (47-26) North Surry* W (42-26) at North Stokes* South Stokes*

* denotes Northwest 1A/2A Conference game

North Surry Greyhounds

West Stokes Wildcats

2-6 Overall * 2-3 in Northwest

6-2 Overall * 3-2 in Northwest

9-0 Overall * 5-0 in Northwest

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 5 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

at West Iredell L (0-33) at Starmount L (17-30) West Montgomery cancelled Newton-Conover L (9-30) Surry Central* L (23-27) at West Stokes* L (7-17) Bishop McGuinness* W (34-6) South Stokes* W (21-13) at North Stokes* L (21-34) at North Surry* Mount Airy*

* denotes Northwest 1A/2A Conference game

at Forbush at Elkin Ashe County Open Bishop McGuinness* at North Stokes* at South Stokes* Mount Airy* at Surry Central* East Surry* West Stokes*

W (33-9) W (61-10) W (33-24) W (39-13) W (63-28) W (45-21) L (33-53) L (26-42)

* denotes Northwest 1A/2A Conference game

Mount Airy Granite Bears

South Stokes Sauras

7-2 Overall * 4-1 in Northwest

4-4 Overall * 2-3 in Northwest

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

Starmount Thomasville at Carroll County (Va.) at Central Davidson West Stokes* at Surry Central* North Stokes* at North Surry* Bishop McGuinness* at South Stokes* at East Surry*

* denotes Northwest 1A/2A Conference game

L (19-20) W (23-7) W (21-6) W (27-20) L (6-17) W (38-33) W (33-13) W (53-33) W (35-7)

West Wilkes L (12-14) North Wilkes W (42-13) Open at Alleghany W (34-12) at North Stokes* W (13-7, OT) at Bishop McGuinness* W (28-6) North Surry* L (21-45) at East Surry* L (13-21) West Stokes* L (14-34) Mount Airy* at Surry Central*

* denotes Northwest 1A/2A Conference game

at Albemarle Forbush Central Davidson at McMichael at Mount Airy* East Surry* Surry Central* North Stokes* at South Stokes* Bishop McGuinness* at North Surry*

* denotes Northwest 1A/2A Conference game

W (9-7) W (38-0) W (27-20) W (28-20) W (17-6) W (17-7) W (34-14) W (45-6) W (34-14)

Athletes repaired here. Let our orthopedic specialists, who are former athletes themselves, get you back in the game when you have been sidelined by an injury. World-Class Team—Hometown Choice Dr. William Johnson | Dr. Jonathan Snyder || Dr. C.S. Whitman, IV All In-Season Athletes Will Be Seen Within 24 Hours | Serving the Tri-County Since 1992 ELKIN OFFICE 400 Johnson Ridge Medical Park Elkin, NC

(336) 526-4500

MOUNT AIRY OFFICE 423 S. South St, Suite 201 Mount Airy, NC

(336) 789-9041

SPARTA OFFICE 12 Willis Street Sparta, NC

(336) 372-3003

Mountain Valley 1A/2A

Conference Reports Mountain Valley 1A/2A MVAC 1A/2A Standings TEAM

Starmount (2A) Wilkes Central (2A) West Wilkes (1A) Ashe County (2A) Forbush (2A) East Wilkes (1A) Alleghany (1A) Elkin (1A) North Wilkes (1A)




6-0 8-0 @ Alleghany 6-0 8-0 Elkin 4-2 5-3 North Wilkes 3-3 4-5 @ Forbush 3-3 3-5 Ashe County 3-4 3-6 Open 2-4 2-7 Starmount 1-5 1-7 @ Wilkes Central 0-7 1-8 @ West Wilkes

Photo by Tim Weatherman/

Matthew Shepherd of North Wilkes (20).

Top Players & Performances

Justin Vannoy of East Wilkes reaches out in mid-air for the football in the back of the end zone. Vannoy got his hand on the ball but couldn’t complete the one-handed catch Friday against Forbush. 24



Chris Watt (Wilkes Central): It was tougher sledding than usual for Eagles’ running backs, but Watt had a solid night. He rushed for 67 yards and scored three touchdowns. On defense, Watt recorded eight tackles defensively and forced a fumble that stalled an Ashe County drive at the Eagles’ 5. Watt was the coaches’ pick for Wilkes Central Player of the Week. Dustin Triplett (Wilkes Central): Almost hit the century mark at Ashe County, rushing 19 times for 98 yards. He scored one touchdown. Defensively, Triplett tied for the team lead with 10 hits, including six solo stops. Chasey Caul (Wilkes Central): Reached double figures in tackles with 10, helping the Eagles stave off the Huskies in West Jefferson. Sam Gammons (Ashe County): The Huskies’ quarterback recorded two football fields worth of offensive yardage against Wilkes Central. Jac McCracken (Starmount): Quickly erased North Wilkes’ early lead Friday with a 50-yard touchdown burst. McCracken finished with 104 rushing yards on just six carries. Christian Hurt (Starmount): Returned a kickoff 80 yards for a touchdown late in the second period and also had a TD run of 30 yards. WWW.YADKINVALLEYSPORTS.COM

Chaston Martin (Starmount): Rushed 44 yards for a score late in the first period to help the Rams break the game open. Martin then added two more touchdowns, on runs of 6 and 20 yards in the third period, to salt the game away. Martin led the Rams’ ground attack with 114 yards on seven carries. Starmount had 416 rushing yards in all on the night. Andrew Ayers (North Wilkes): Threw touchdown passes of 89 and 30 yards, and rushed for a short-yardage score against Starmount. His TD on the Vikes’ first possession gave North Wilkes a lead over the defending conference champions. Chris Eaton (North Wilkes): Ran a beautiful pattern and got behind the Starmount defense, hauling in Ayers’ 89yard touchdown toss late in the second quarter. Brittan Baity (Forbush): Enjoyed a banner night at East Wilkes after missing a few games with injuries. Baity finished with 114 rushing yards on 23 carries. He had 41 yards on the team’s first drive of the game, which resulted in an 11-yard Baity scoring run. He put Forbush ahead 26-0 in the fourth period with a 21-yard scoring run. Baity also completed a pass for 13 yards and ran in a two-point conversion. Zach Chambers (Forbush): Nearly

gave the Falcons two 100-yard rushers, finishing with 92 yards on 13 carries. Casey Evans (Forbush): Speedster earned a pick-six in the second quarter, returning an interception 40 yards to push the Falcons ahead 14-0. Ethan Adams (East Wilkes): Put the Cardinals on the board with a 12-yard run in the fourth quarter. Adams finished with a team-high 69 yards. Luke Hampton (Alleghany): The senior helped carry the Trojans to their first conference road victory since joining the MVAC in 2009. Hampton rushed for 295 yards and three touchdowns, including a first-quarter score on a partially-blocked punt. Hampton also kicked a 27-yard field goal and two extra points. His touchdowns came on runs of 60 and 30 yards, with the latter being the game-winner with 3:18 left. Josh Strickland (Elkin): Freshman quarterback completed 117 yards worth of passes, including a touchdown of 25 yards to Chris Hudspeth. Seth Creed (Elkin): Powered his way for 115 yards and a touchdown on 17 carries. Nick Phillips (Elkin): Got most of his 76 rushing yards on one play, a 63-yard TD sprint late in the second quarter. OCTOBER 17, 2011


Conference Reports Mountain Valley 1A/2A

Take Care Of Your Athletes At D-Rex

Full Schedules & Results Alleghany Trojans 2-7 Overall * 2-4 in MVAC Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

at North Stokes Grayson County North Wilkes* South Stokes at Wilkes Central* Forbush* at East Wilkes* Ashe County* at Elkin* Starmount* at West Wilkes*

Elkin Buckin’ Elks 1-6 Overall * 1-4 in MVAC

L (22-44) L (12-55) W (28-16) L (12-34) L (8-53) L (18-47) L (0-51) L (12-35) W (35-32)

* denotes Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference game

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

4-5 Overall * 3-3 in MVAC West Caldwell Watauga at North Surry (E) at Elkin* Starmount* at West Wilkes* North Wilkes at Alleghany* Wilkes Central* at Forbush* East Wilkes*

W (41-6) L (14-32) L (24-33) W (28-6) L (14-51) L (0-31) W (34-7) W (35-12) L (14-29)

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

L (14-26) L (0-51) W (27-7) L (0-28) L (0-17) W (14-13) W (51-0) L (0-35) L (6-26)

Thomas Jefferson at South Stokes at Alleghany* Wilkes Central* at Forbush* East Wilkes* at Ashe County* Elkin* Starmount* at West Wilkes* at McDowell

* denotes Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference game

W (33-17) W (55-18)

5-3 Overall * 4-2 in MVAC L (9-33) L (0-38) L (5-44) L (13-14) W (36-13) W (47-18) L (0-35)

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

at South Stokes Avery County at Wilkes Central* Forbush* at East Wilkes* Ashe County* at Elkin* at Starmount* Open North Wilkes* Alleghany*

W (14-12) L (34-35) L (0-34) W (14-13) W (17-0) W (31-0) W (35-0) L (17-33)

Your Source For SpeedGel Therapy Targeted Treatment. Rapid Recovery. We also carry sports braces, hot & cold therapy, tapes & wraps, bandages and more

Senior Care

* denotes Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference game

North Wilkes Vikings Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

W (20-19) W (30-17) W (44-5) W (28-0) W (51-14) W (55-6)

West Wilkes Blackhawks

1-8 Overall * 0-7 in MVAC

* denotes Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference game


North Surry at West Stokes Starmount* at West Wilkes* North Wilkes* at Alleghany* Wilkes Central* Open at East Wilkes* Ashe County* at Elkin*

at Mount Airy East Surry at Forbush* East Wilkes* at Ashe County* Elkin* Open West Wilkes* at North Wilkes* at Alleghany* Wilkes Central*

* denotes Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference game

* denotes Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference game

3-6 Overall * 3-4 in MVAC

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

Forbush Falcons

East Wilkes Cardinals West Davidson at Surry Central Elkin* at Starmount* West Wilkes* at North Wilkes* Alleghany* at Wilkes Central* Forbush* Open at Ashe County*

L (6-55) L (0-35) W (21-14)

2-5 Overall * 2-3 in MVAC

* denotes Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference game

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

8-0 Overall * 6-0 in MVAC L (13-25) L (10-61) L (7-27) L (6-28)

* denotes Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference game

Ashe County Huskies Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

East Montgomery North Surry at East Wilkes* Ashe County* Open at Starmount* West Wilkes* at North Wilkes* Alleghany* at Wilkes Central* Forbush*

Starmount Rams

Wilkes Central Eagles 8-0 Overall * 6-0 in MVAC

W (55-35) L (13-42) L (16-28) L (0-48) L (13-36) L (13-14) L (7-34) L (14-21) L (18-55)

Aug. 19 Aug. 26 Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Sept. 16 Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28

Surry Central at West Iredell West Wilkes* at North Wilkes* Alleghany* Open at Forbush* East Wilkes* at Ashe County* Elkin* at Starmount*

W (48-7) W (55-47) W (34-0) W (48-0) W (53-8)

Better People, Better Service

W (35-0) W (35-0) W (29-14)

450 Winston Road  Jonesville Monday - Friday from 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; Saturday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

* denotes Mountain Valley 1A/2A Conference game




SEPTEMBER 12, 2011


Back Page Worth 1,000 Words

Basketball Surry Central’s Wes Brown celebrates the Golden Eagles’ 42-26 win over North Surry. Brown rushed for 189 yards and two TDs. Your radio source for Ashe County sports

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