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Soft Jewelry Catalogue 2013/14

Strelicious Classic Collection

Out of one single piece of textile, the bracelets are braided from 2D to 3D creating an exciting effect of light and shadow. Coming in 15 different colours Strelicious bracelets are real eyecatchers acting as an inter-ace between fashion and jewelry.

Strelicious Classic Large

Strelicious Classic Small

Strelicious Classic X-Small

Strelicious Classic Rings

Strelicious Multichain Collection

Multichains are made out of little puzzle like pieces (in different shapes) that are braided into another creating a single jewellery piece, with endless modular usage and infinite combinations: belt, necklace, headpiece... Flexible and strechable Multichains are intriguing and sexy.

Strelicious Graphic Collection

Graphic collection shows three dimentionality in a graphical way, by simple graphical optical illusions a virtual 3D feeling is created.

Strelicious Delicatèsse Collection

Soft and delicate as flowers. The Delicatèsse collection is soft, made of textile combined with silver. The little flower like balls float on silver strings-

Strelicious Statement Collection

Made of one piece and with only one exclusive design for each colour, Statement collection is the Strelicious product for individualists.

Strelicious One-Loop Collection

With one single loop from 2D to 3D, these pieces are simple and yet intriguing and sexy.