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Utica Institute Museum: “How can I get involved?” May 18, 2019


Our Vision: Preserve the legacy of William Holtzclaw and share the importance of The Utica Normal & Industrial Institute in Southern Black Education


Future home of Utica Institute Museum



Exhibit One: Remnants of Holtzclaw Mansion Gallery One


Exhibit Two: Original Utica Institute Office and equipment. Gallery One

Here’s How We Started •

First wanted the VP Home • Denied access because of several factors • Suggested Hinds AHS facility Hinds AHS • Began clean-up • Created pilot exhibit in one room • Older traveling exhibit in ‘presentation’ room


And then something happened… • •

Upward Bound was funded • Needed classroom space • Needed lab space Suggested VP Home (again) • VP (Dr. Tyrone Jackson) considered this • Presented idea to Dr. Muse • Approved and we moved ahead Started working on renovation


Additional Spaces •

• •

Sports Museum space • JD Boyd Gym • Old Apartment Some work already completed Need a bit more to made habitable



Project Phases Phase 1 Stabilize vp home: replace roof, replace wall between den (gallery 2)and patio. Some plumbing and updating of bathroom

Phase 2 Repair/upgrade sheetrock in gallery 1. Create kitchenette and upgrade all flooring.

Phase 3 Move archives and exhibits into the space (gallery 1 & 2. and archives)


all of us working together Will reach our goal.

Potential Projects •

Utica Institute Museum • Outdoor landscaping • Renovation of Gallery 2 • Installation of wheelchair lift • Historic Interpretative Walking Trail from museum to Holtzclaw Cemetery

Utica Sports Hall of Fame • Tile the floor downstairs - $2800 • Paint the walls & staircase - $1800 • Install spotlights for trophy cases • Upper Deck Renovation to include glass wall railing, lighting and rooms for Football, Basketball & other sports


So, What’s the Point?


Fundraising! We need money to make the dream a reality. Here’s how you can help: • Hinds Foundation

Hinds Foundation online giving form


Thanks! Any questions?

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Utica Institute Museum: How Can I Get Involved?