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Australian Hotels Association (WA): An Authority in the Hospitality Industry Since 1892

Since 1892, the Australian Hotels Association (WA) has been one of the authorities in the hospitality industry. Today, the association represents over 80% of the industry in the area, in different fields of interest such as government advocacies, quality training services, business advice, and many marketing opportunities.

An association with vision and purpose The AHA envisions an innovative, unified, and excellent hospitality industry in Australia, which is why it aims to develop the interest of its members, reach new heights of success, and maintain the important role of the industry in every Australian’s way of life.

The association has multiple values too, to wit: 


Teamwork & Unity

Strength & Courage




Integrity & Accountability

Fun & Passion



A compendium of services To carry out its objectives, the association provides different services. The primary provision of the association to its members is a series of courses to improve overall service quality. The most prominent course is the responsible service of alcohol or RSA, which awards a certificate to those who finish it. RSA training can be either in a classroom setting or distance learning via the Internet. Practical training courses about hospitality are also present in the roster, as well as management of licensed premises. It is also the role of AHA to represent its members to the government. This is the reason the association lobbies different propositions to local, state, and federal governments. AHA communicates with various agencies and collaborates with community organisations to fulfil its core purposes and objectives. Through policy development and research, the AHA connects with the authorities for the industry’s betterment.

As for the case of workplace relations, the association performs wages and hospitality award interpretation, provides helpful advice for businesses with issues in recruitment and termination, and lectures and dialogues that promote occupational health and safety. Some know the association because of its signature events. Shows such as the Accommodation Hotel Industry Gala Ball, the annual Hospitality Expo in WA, and Hotel and Hospitality Awards for Excellence have embedded the AHA in the history of Australia’s hospitality industry.

The association has gone a long way in promoting their trade in the country, but it continues to push for more improvements and projects for its members’ sake.


Australian Hotels Association (WA): An Authority in the Hospitality Industry Since 1892