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Knowledge Partnering Legal Affairs

Grant Development

LUMC has signed a second collaboration

Spin-off VarmX has been set up this year. The

LUMC has signed a license agreement with a

Michaël Peyrot, connected to the Centre for

agreement with biopharmaceutical company

company has developed a drug called Pseudoxa

French pharmaceutical company concerning

Linguistics, has been awarded an NWO Vidi

Bellicum concerning the search for novel cell

that can stop the bleeding for patients taking

research relating to in vitro and in vivo cancer

grant because of his multidisciplinary research

immunotherapies for cancer treatments. LUMC

blood thinners. This can prevent the critical and

models and the development of new cancer

into reconstructing the ancient migration

academics with the department of Hematology

often fatal consequences of internal bleeding.

treatments by Oncology’s Thorbald van Hall

routes of early Indo-European speakers of the

have discovered a way of equipping cells with

Prof.dr. P.H. Reitsma

and Sjoerd van der Burg.

language of Tocharian from western China to

Dr. T. van Hall | Prof.dr. S.H. van der Burg

Europe. ‘Tracking the Tocharians’ will involve

T-cell receptors, which can recognize specific anti-genes on cancer melanoma. Ovarian

research fields including history, archaeology

cancer is one of the target areas that the

and genetics.

LUMC research will focus on, and Bellicum will

Dr. M. Peyrot

develop the research results into therapeutics. Dr. M.H.M. Heemskerk

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Annual Report 2016  

Read more about the Luris cases, projects and events of 2016!

Annual Report 2016  

Read more about the Luris cases, projects and events of 2016!