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luri & wilma

september/october 2012

oh, awesome autumn

savvy vintage fashion for those who work and those who play • picnicing in rock creek park • luri & wilma goes west • special fall wedding insert

“you have a much better life if you wear impressive clothes.� vivienne westwood

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editors’ letter


and the editors fell in love with... fall fashion finds

see it. want it. snag it. our favorite fall accessories, local designers and tips for shopping thrift


world girl kate harrison of the green bride guide



sustain-a-biz the big bad woof


gal on the up maja svensson of elsa and me


do it yourself, lovely! fashionable weather-approriate diys

fall into fabulous vintage finds for work and play + beauty tips to look lovely all day



the grub foodie fare fit for every occasion


orchard to table what to do with your fall apple pickin’ haul

gone southwest luri & wilma does new mexico


special insert! the makings of a green wedding

contents the fall fashion issue


random and abstract thinker. often late. loves art. prefers fantasy to reality. entertains the idea of simply being a socialite. prefers that all situations are to her liking. could live her life on the front row of fashion shows. stops to smell the flowers. a “gut instinct� kind of girl. right brained.


has the ability to see the whole picture and work her way backward to understand the parts. budgetista. business lady extraordinaire. believes in giving back. loves being organized. boss lady. emotionally involved with work projects. driven by success. logical. pays attention to minute details - may miss the forest for staring at the trees. left brained.

the green team

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charlie heck

managing editor

roy moody

director of photography

megan taylor

marketing and accounts manager

anita namara

graphic illustrator

joyce guzowski

copy editor editorial contributor

janita colbert stylist

anika rich

beauty contributor

chris mclaurin food expert

necole peralta

fashion contributor

mandy pellegrin diy lady

emily hillard bakin’ maven

julie smolinski

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devin loftus

editorial intern

amanda michelle goldchain editorial intern

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tolga erbatur

owner, the codmother

ginger root design boutique

goodwill of greater washington thrift store

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natalia lapchenkova hair stylist makeup artist

amanda miska

miskabelle vintage

tatiana molina model

sydney morris model



cassandra nicole model

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quarter life vintage

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editors’ letter


oh, awesome autumn, our favorite season of the year! welcome to our sixth issue, folks, dedicated wholeheartedly to fall fashion!! well, that and a little bit of good food

so this time we’ve payed homage to vintage and to local designers with four spreads you’re going to love (p.54). you’ll find spectacular fashion-forward diys done up by one of our new gals, mandy pellegrin on starting on page 40. our baking maven, emily hilliard went apple picking in maryland and will share yummy ways to utilize those apples on page 122. as always, chris mcclaurin has cooked up a ton of miraculous dishes and even spills on good recipes for our fall picnic at rock creek park. head to page 104. on the sustainable side of things, we’ve chatted it up with the green bride guide’s kate harrison (p.24), rubbed elbows with maja svensson of elsa and me (p.30) and discovered what’s best for our furry friends from the owners of the big bad woof (p.36). the traveler in you can revel in our trip southwest (p.136) and if by happenstance you’re a bride-to-be, flip to page 164. there’s some good stuff hanging out back there. xo, lovelies! pt & charlie

dig on diy? flip to p. 42

and the editors fell in love with...

see it. want it. snag it. fashionable fall finds.




bowl on


pancho lovin’


boot scootin’ boogie


twinkle toes


coolin’ in the shade

best wrapper alive



old-school autumn bags see it. want it. snag it.

vintage bag lovin’ lady in search of the perfect companion for fall? slide over to etsy and start perusing.






1. such a tooled

this paraguayan hand tooled vintage leather bag is rad. embellished by cream-colored stitching and a silver buckle clasp, take it back in the day and back to paraguay with this cute thing.

2. pretty brown bag

traveling woman? pack your stuff up in this brown bad boy. chocolate and mustard stripes creep across the bottom right corner and scream style to all who sees. go on girl, go your on way.

3. tweeds


if tweed ain’t an autumn pattern, we don’t know what is. journey out of the district in the style with this 70’s tweed suitcase from nickelfrye.

4. o-live you, bag

awesome green vintage bag = folks around you being green with envy. aptly named the “amelia earhart” bag, this 1960’s travel bag boasts avocado-colored lining and obviously, cuteness.

5. grow on me

adorable vintage traveler that’s been hand-painted on the west coast? we’ll take it. get your journeying hands on this chocolate brown suitcase and its heat set hand-painted tree. customize this cutie at no extra charge and add yours and your boo’s initials in that heart you see.

6. the caged bag sings


this red-hot number is possibly one of the most awesome you’ll carry around this fall. vintage vinyl bag incased in a metal caged briefcase . . . seriously? can it get any better? protect your macbook in this bad boy or throw your most treasured trinkets inside for ultimate security.

7. got what ya need

there are four “f”s to remember when discussing this 1950’s needlepoint beauty - fancy, feminine, floral and fabulous.

8. hit the skins

mama’s got a brand new lizard skin bag. it’s from the 80’s and adorable. things to dig on: its patchwork quilt pattern, sienna color, and its very vintage flap and kiss lock clasp.

fabulous 50’s outerwear see it. want it. snag it. >> the green team loves

we pay homage to all eras of the past, but when it comes to coats that harbor class and femininity, the 1950’s takes the cake. styles we adore? see below.



l&w-approved spots to snag vintage outerwear


brick & mortar online junction rock it again butler + claypool nana meeps

miskabelle lucky vintage washed up vintage raleigh vintage persephone vintage


images courtesy of

thrifting with the best of ‘em

see it. want it. snag it. >> how to

thrifting for vintage got ya down? check out amanda miska’s (miskabelle vintage) nifty tips and you’ll have the art of the thrift down pact!

everywhere. 1. look some of my best finds have been in the most unexpected places. for example, there was a rack of kids purses, which i would have no real interest in, but i found a 1940s/50s whiting and davis purse there because it was small.

frequently. 2. thrift at the same place, if you can.

i am a well-oiled machine when it comes to my favorite thrifts. i start in the section marked vintage (which actually hails the least finds for me these days), make my way around to shoes and bags, and then finish by perusing the rest of the store.  because i know the store layout pretty well, i can get through fast and i know where to find my favorite (like boots for fall!).

things. 3. touch and bring hand sanitizer too!

vintage clothes are well-made and fabrics before 1970s tend to be sturdier/non-polyester. i start by eyeing a large rack for prints, and then i sort of pull the arm out of the rack to examine the fabric. from there, if it has potential, i might take it off the rack and explore the full garment for tags, zipper style, etc.

denada design

see it. want it. snag it. >> feature

warmth and style are necessities for fall in the district. good thing local accessories designer, virgnina arrisueño, is all about it. her company, denada design, shells out the best in handmade knits for the ladies (and the mens too, actually) looking to stay fly and at a comfy temp. arrisueño’s scarves, cowls, leg warmers and the like are crafted in the style of peruvian traditions, and so the designer finds herself in her family’s native country often working alongside local artisans on denada’s next collection.


infinity braids

the cowl beehive


so how do you get your hands on something this good? shop the collection online or if you’re more of a brick and mortar kind of person, you can make an appointment to meet arrisueño at denada’s bloomingdale showroom. many styles are available for pre-order as well, just shoot arrisueño an email and tell her wha’cha want. and a little heads up for those hypersensitive cats out there, all denada garments are made from ultra soft, non-allergenic polyamide yarn. now, check out our favorite denada styles below!


the bolero


infinity braid fringe


kate harrison the green bride guide

by amanda michelle goldchain photos courtesy of kate harrison

d girl

elizabeth o’ccnnell and denise hamler of green america.

a green bride guide wedding décor idea, fallen wood love magnets. planning your wedding is stressful enough. so where do you start when you’re thinking green along with white? kate harrison, ceo of the green bride guide website and author of the book, “the green bride guide: how to plan an earth friendly wedding on any budget,” has everything you need to make your walk down the aisle a green one. the green bride guide book was inspired from harrison’s own wedding in 2007. in her book, she wrote, “i read every book and article i could find on the topic and spent hundreds of hours surfing online for green ideas, supplies and vendors. it was an extremely frustrating and laborious process.” harrison noted that focusing on an environmental level can actually lessen the stress of wedding planning and make the whole process a little less daunting. “when you’re looking at your choices through the environmental lens, it can really help hone it down to just a couple of choices, all of which are good instead of a million choices,” she said. taking a look at the common wedding and the environmental impacts therein, harrison noted that the most harm comes from the food and flowers, saying, “the average meal travels 3,000 to 5,000 miles, so, there’s a big carbon footprint associated with food, and most flowers in the united states are grown overseas.”

she recommended using local, seasonal and organic food and flowers. “it tastes better. it’s fresher. it smells better. it’s supporting local green vendors. it’s a really great thing to do if you can.” her book is divided into different sections based on topic (e.g. invitations), type (electronic or paper invitations) and price. reputable and accessible green companies, products and resources are recommended in the book to further extend the reader’s interest and capabilities to learn further. “you can cut the environmental impact of the wedding down substantially,” harrison said. the green bride website states, “each section [of the book] offers low, medium and high end ideas with resources and web links in each category to help you plan a green wedding on any budget.” acting like a yellow pages for green weddings, harrison’s website is an online resource for those who want to learn more after reading the book. “i thought it would be nice to have an online resource because the book has a lot of ideas in it, but there’s no pictures because it is all done on recycled papers and soy inks, and we really wanted to make it inexpensive and accessible,” said harrison.

“i thought it would be nice to have … a place where you can really see, and feel, and touch and get ideas for green weddings. i wanted an interactive website,” she said. “we have over 1,300 vendors that have gone through a leaf rating system. you can see why they’re green in their profile, all their products [and] why they’re green, you can see where they’re manufactured – everything.” harrison also created the nation’s first green wedding certification course through the wedding planning institute. a four week online course, it is “for people who really want to dig deeper on the event planning … and it really goes into depth about sort of what products are, and what products are not green, and why, and what to look out for and also how to plan a green wedding.” in her book, harrison wrote, “part of having a green wedding is thinking about who you are, what your values are and what kind of wedding you would want if the industry were not constantly telling you what you should want.” the green bride guide website is also a member of green america. feeling a bit nosey? find out more about kate harrison, her book and read a free excerpt!

sustainably-produced bluebird of happiness sugar and creamer holders.

kate harrison, ceo and author of the green bride website and book.

sustain the big bad woof

man’s best friend with a low carbon footprint

pennye jones-napier and julie paez of the big bad woof.

n a biz

by amanda michelle goldchain photography by porsha thomas

visit the big bad woof at their two locations: 117 carroll st nw. washington, dc 20012 5501 baltimore ave hyattsville, md 20781

it won’t huff and puff or blow your house down, but it might just blow your mind how the little things we do to show our love to our family pets can hurt them so much. when it comes to pet food, toys and more, the impacts given to our fluffy friends and the environment can be more deadly than meet the eye.

day is equivalent to a person basically eating tv dinners every day.

the big bad woof is a local dc business, founded in 2005, that provides healthy, holistic and locally produced pet foods and supplements. they’ve also got eco-friendly pet supplies, fair trade items and merchandise sourced from local and north american companies.

“we are starting to focus now on a lot of local food producers. we’re really bringing that to the forefront. at the farmer’s market here, we will buy products from them that traditionally have been tossed or have composted. so, we’re developing a relationship with a lot of these companies and we’re buying from them organs, chicken feet, duck feet – all sorts of things that they had been tossing and our customers love it because they shop at the market, and then they recognize it when they come here,” paez said.

a member of green america, the big bad woof is recognized in many ways for its products and its involvement with the community. founded by two lovely green ladies, passionate about food, the community and reducing our carbon pawprint, pennye jones-napier and julie paez, the big bad woof was recognized as a humane business hero by the washington rescue league in 2011. “we recognized there was a need for a good pet store here, and we wanted to impart out values, which were very green and conscious about how we were eating, how we were living and bring that into a store environment,” said jones-napier. making a big impact as the nation’s first benefit corporation, the company focuses on making a positive impact not only environmentally, but socially, implementing a business model that is interactive and impactful with the community. run on a state-by-state level, benefit corporations utilize a sustainable and environmentally friendly business model, while maintaining certain specifications, such as methods on how to best positively take care of employees, the local community and more. “there has to be a social benefit tied to the corporate status,” jones-napier stated. “so, it’s a for-profit company, but it ties into a social mission, which fits us like a glove.” when taking into account the importance of quality, holistic pet food, paez noted that a healthier diet can dissipate health problems that may have been prevalent in the animal before. “the dogs smell better. their coats look better. lots of times, gooey eyes disappear. ear infections disappear. itchiness goes away … and some of the big brand foods are sprayed with used cooking oils, which just add a lot of calories,” she said. jones-napier noted the worst types of ingredients that could be added to pet food, such as filler materials like corn gluten meal, rice brans, soy and trash meat, saying, “dogs actually don’t have the enzyme to digest [those filler materials].” an animal eating food with filler materials every

the big bad woof is producing healthier pet food by integrating into the community and developing relationships with neighboring companies and farms.

“i think that there’s alliance between looking at community, and local economies, and the environment, and how we have an impact and it can start in a small way,” said jones-napier. the big bad woof contributes to its local community further by hosting public informational programs and events on social and environmental issues. they also host several rescue organizations including washington animal rescue league (WARL), the washington humane society, greyhound rescue, companion animal rescue association (CARA) and others. each week local animal rescue organizations host adoption events, working to place animals in good homes and raise the community’s awareness of the animals that are available. for seven years, the big bad woof has hosted woof clinics (see if there is a direct link for this program). held on the fourth weekend of every month, there are in-store workshops and seminars, featuring veterinarians, herbalists, behaviorists and trainers. in its hyattsville, maryland location, the big bad woof conducts quarterly events with busboys & poets, called, “conversations in the corridor.” these events include film screenings and allows activists and community members to speak on local issues. if interested in learning more about healthy and eco-friendly pet care, you can find jones-napier at the upcoming green festival (get link to festival and find time out if possible) on sept. 29 and 30. jones-napier will discuss nutrition and the best foods and herbals for pets. jones-napier noted that this is the first year the green festival has included a pet-specific section with a stage set up.

gal on th

maja svensson of elsa and me

the up

by porsha thomas photographed by eric hale

maja svensson, founder of elsa and me.

eco-loving working and party girls alike will dig on maja svensson’s all-purpose opus. the swedish-born brooklyn-based businesswoman/clothing designer is the brains behind elsa and me, a sustainable dress line introduced to the “rag trade” in 2009. the elsa dress, every-figure-flattering and available to you in a variety of colors (try the neutral sunny wheat or vibrant sweet potato on for size), is cut and stitched locally in brooklyn, ny and produced from 100 percent organic cotton twill. the dud is designed to be a wardrobe chameleon. with a few simple accessory swaps, the elsa will go to work with you from 9 to 5 and then join you on the cocktail party train at 7 – pretty much a true luri & wilma love if there ever was one! it comes as no surprise that svensson, 28, has turned out to be quite the sound business lady. growing up enveloped by passionate women and an entrepreneurial father, the elsa and me creator possessed “mover-and-shakerness” early on. “by nature, but probably most by up-bringing and also maybe because i am the younger sister, i have never been afraid of doing things that i’ve wanted,” svensson said of her cando appetite. “i’ve always been motivated . . . to do things that i like and to feel that i can do what i

set myself out to do.” prior to stepping into her entrepreneurial high heels, the economics major dabbled in corporate business development. with a nudge from her former boss, in december 2011, svensson pushed her creative outlet to the forefront and began slanging dresses full time. when asked what warranted her to go her own way, svensson cited general validation of both her business and design skills. “what empowered me to go full time with my company . . . was the recognition i got through other people both of my design and that i was an entrepreneur,” svensson stated. “my former boss told me when i said i wanted feedback in regards to my aim to look for another job in business development, ’why do you want to go do business development for someone else when you could look into working full time with elsa and me? maja, you are an entrepreneur, and maybe it is time to take the leap?’” leap she did. five months later, corporate america was a thing of svensson’s past and her green fashion biz was on the horizon. so, more greatness about elsa and me? we’ve already dished on the dress line’s organic properties and versatile style, but we adore the fact that with each order placed, the elsa dress is made right then and there and shipped within 2-5 weeks.

even lovelier, the line is named for svensson’s grandmother, elsa, who exemplified the utmost style. “my grandma is still a very elegant lady and i have always admired her delicate sense for classic style as well as her generation’s slow fashion behavior,” svensson said. just fabulous, no? and if that doesn’t get this gal on the up on your good side, perhaps her stance on why she chose to create a sustainable line will. “sustainability to me means taking responsibility, responsibility in what we do and [taking] responsibility in the relationships that we build, “ svensson said. “since i decided to run my own clothing brand, i saw it as a necessity to look into how to create clothing that didn’t have as much negative impact, both in terms of which material that i use, where production is being made, but also in terms of the use of the finalized product - is it a product that can be used for a long time, for a lot of occasions and will it endure normal wear and tear?” ummm, totally love her!! catch up with maja at her next elsa and me dress fitting by becoming a fan of the line on her facebook fan page or signing up for her newsletter. and trust, the next time she’s in dc, we’ll le’cha know!

do it yours

self, lovely! by mandy pellegrin photography by mandy pellegrin

1 clutch | 3 fall trends

call this “teaching a (wo)man to fish,” because this tutorial will show you how to construct a basic clutch just waiting to be customized in a thousand and one ways. a change in material and a few small variations can turn this basic clutch into three distinct fall trends. first up is the basic clutch construction. here’s what ya need: (2) 6” x 12” cuts of fabric for the outside (2) 6” x 12” cuts of fabric for the lining (2) 6” x 12” cuts of heavy sew-in stabilizer (1) magnetic snap closure putting it all together: baste each piece of outer fabric to one cut of heavy stabilizer on each of the shorter ends. the right side of the outer fabric should be facing out. basting is just a long, temporary stitch to hold things in place.

pin the two stabilized outer pieces together with their right sides facing one another, and sew around three sides, leaving one of the long sides un-sewing. to box the corners, form a triangle at the bottom corner edge so that the bottom and side seams are touching. mark a line perpendicular to the seams about 1” from the corner. stitch on this line and trim the excess fabric. turn right-side out. repeat steps two and three with the lining fabric, but leave a gap about 9” long unsewn along the bottom edge. install the magnetic snap closure in the lining by marking and cutting two slits in the center of the bag about 3/4” from the top, unsewn edge. slide the closure’s prongs through the slits from the inside out. make sure the prongs are coming through the side of the fabric with the

seams. you can stabilize it with a small cut of sew-in stabilizer, then finish it off by bending the prongs inward. repeat on both sides. slip the outer bag into the lining, the right sides should be facing each other. pin together and sew around the top. pull the entire bag through the hole you left in the lining and top stitch the hole shut. press and enjoy.















13. 14.


fall trend 1: wine-colored leather leather was everywhere on the runways for fall, and perhaps more notably - wine-colored leather. use a little burgundy table cloth vinyl and some cotton to treat yo’self to your own little take on this trend. here’s what ya need: (3) 6” x 12” cuts of wine-colored cotton fabric (1) 7” x 9” cut of wine-colored cotton fabric (1) 7” x 9” cut of wine-colored vinyl or leatherette (mine is table cloth vinyl) (2) 6” x 12” cuts of heavy sew-in stabilizer (1) magnetic snap closure putting it all together: cut one side of each of the 7” x 9” cuts at complimentary angles. sewing angled edges together, right sides facing. press and trim to 6” x 12”. proceed with steps one through nine of the basic clutch.



3. 4.

fall trend 2: white-on-white fold-over we love white and we’re not giving’ it up! it may be after labor day but we’re still rockin’ it. okay, if you’re not ready to jump headfirst into this fall trend, maybe a lil’ clutch is the perfect way to dip your toe in post-summer white. this one features a couple of textures of white fabric in a pretty sleek fold-over design. here’s what ya need: (4) 12” x 13” cuts of winter white cotton fabric (1) 12” x 13” cut of winter white transparent fabric (2) 12” x 13” cuts of medium sew-in stabilizer (2) magnetic snap closures putting it all together: baste together one cut of stabilizer, one cut of cotton, and one cut of X (in that order) on the 13” sides. on this piece, install the female end of one of the magnetic snap closures in the center 2.5” from one of the 12” edges.

install the male end of the magnetic snap closure in the center 1.5” from the the other 12” edge. proceed with steps two through nine of the basic clutch, keeping the male snap installed in step one at the top of the bag. when complete, use the outer closures to make your clutch fold-over.


2. 3.


fall trend 3: camping blanket-inspired fabrics rough it in style with this fall-inspired clutch. all the rage this season, jackets and coats are lookin’ more like stylish camping blanks. this rough and tough clutch uses a camping-blanket inspired fabric but keeps it chic with a narrower, baguettestyle size. here’s what ya need: (2) 5” x 14” cuts of flannel camping-blanket inspired fabric (2) 5” x 14” cuts of a complimentary cotton fabric (2) 5” x 14” cuts of heavy sew-in stabilizer (1) magnetic snap closure proceed with steps one through nine of the basic clutch putting it all together: proceed with steps one through nine of the basic clutch.

gold tassel necklace

gold's been the 'it' metal for a hot minute, and it doesn't look like the trend is letting up anytime soon. pick up a few basic jewelry-making supplies to create this statement-making little number. here's what ya need: gold chain in 2 different thicknesses 5 jumbo jump rings 2 large jump rings 16 small jump rings 2 sets of pliers

technique: the primary (and really only) technique you'll need is the most basic one in all of jewelry making -- separating a jump ring/chain link. to do this, you grip the link or ring on each side with a pair of pliers - one in each hand. tilt the pliers in opposite directions to separate the link or ring just enough to accomplish whatever it is you're trying to do. close the link or ring by doing the opposite. putting it all together: using the technique described above and the thicker of the two chains, create (20) 6" chains and 10 (3") chains. using the thinner chain, create (15) 6" chains and (6) 3" chains. separate the 6" chains into 5 sets. each set should include 4 of thicker chains and 3 of the thinner chains. separate the 3" chains into 2 sets. each of these sets should include 5 of the thicker chains and 3 of the thinner chains the links of the thinner chains might be too small to fit onto your jumbo jump rings. if that's the case, you can combine each set of 3 6" small chains with a jump ring on each end. separate one of the jumbo jump rings and thread it onto a set of the 6" chains. on the same ring, thread another of the 6" sets and close the jump ring. open another jumbo jump ring, thread it onto the ends of one of the 6" sets in step 3 and continue end to end so that you end up with: jumbo ring - chains - jump ring - chains jumbo ring - chains - jumbo ring - chains jumbo ring - chains. to create the necklace, bring the set of chains with the detached end around to the jumbo ring with only one set and link them up in the same way as in step 3, but leave

this last jumbo jump ring open.

create two tassels from the two large jump rings and the two 3" sets of chains. again, if the small chain is too small to fit onto the large jump ring, you'll need to put a small jump ring on the end. open one of the large jump rings, slide on an entire 3" set of chains, and close. repeat with the other ring and set of chains. slide the large jump rings with the tassels onto the remaining open jumbo jump ring and close.


2. 3.








no-sew lady like bow tie

it’s happened a million times - you walk into your local thrift store, your eye is caught by a stunning fabric, but the style, the lines, the size are all wrong. look at that gorgeous, bright, painterly silk. but oh, no! look at those shoulder pads and that double-breasting. this is a simple project that can give some of those lovely fabrics a new life -- no sewing required!


here’s what ya need: thrifted fabric scissors permanent fabric glue putting it all together: cut or create a strip of fabric about 5” x 76”. since my fabric started as a dress, i just cut two 5” wide pieces off from the hem. undo the side seam of each piece, and attach them by glueing them together (right-sides facing) along one of the short ends.


fold the fabric in half lengthwise, right sides facing one another, and pin together. cut the ends off at an angle. glue the edges together by squeezing a modest bead of glue along the inside edge. leave an unglued gap in the middle about 2” long to pull the fabric through. pull the fabric through the hole. glue the hole up and press. now tie it up in a pretty little bow and rock it with a loud neon blouse or add some edge to it with a studded leatherette jacket.


4. 5. 6. 7.

sneak peek: the runcible spoon

vintage looks for work and play beauty tips for looking lovely all day

fall into f


autumn beauty trending by anika rich

changing seasons means you’ll be seeing a different set of makeup staples on beautiful ladies worldwide. let us get you hip to the beauty trends for this fall! • dark lips are in, but in a very different way. reddish-brown tones will be lining lips this autumn season. deep colors like mulberry and dark burgundy, red colors with brown undertones, and, in general, variations on red and brown combinations have been seen on the fashion runways and maybe soon in a mirror near you! • while fresh faced looks are usually saved for spring, they’ll be all the rage this fall. nude tones are used in every area of the face, with light beige or bronze colors on cheeks, and a natural lip with clear or tan gloss makes for a simple yet elegant fall beauty routine. • brown shadows and liners on eyes are in style as well. consider brown to be the new black when attempting a smoky eye or dramatic look for a night on the town. for a fun, everyday approach to the new trend, use a liner in any brown from beige to espresso along with your usual mascara for added drama.

apple hair mask diy beauty how to >> get luscious locks for fall

by anika rich photography by emily hillard

it’s cliche we know, but an apple a day keeps the doctor away - and your mane tame. that’s right, this little mask utilizes apples during their peak autumn season, which is the perfect time to add some moisture and sheen to those sun-kissed, chlorinestripped locks! here’s what ya need: 2 3 1 1

to 3 medium or large apples tablespoons apple cider vinegar teaspoon fresh lemon juice tablespoon corn flour

put it all together: peel apples and put them in a food processor (or just grate them, like cheese). put the apple in a bowl. add the vinegar, lemon juice, and corn flour to the apples and mix until fairly smooth. apply apple mask to dry hair. cover with a shower cap and relax for 20 to 30 minutes. rinse with warm water.

pretty faces

grape glamour by anika rich

we’re pretty much functioning winos at luri & wilma. it starts at the top you see, our editor-in-chief is heavy on the red and our managing editor has got to have her white. it makes sense then that this issue’s pretty faces is based upon the stuff. get dolled up and drink up.



merlot: this deep berry decadent red wine. make ma to the lips, using a on the cheeks, and only

look is based on the blackberry, plum, and cherry flavors of these dark colors look wearable day and night by limiting dradark purple or burgundy lipstick. a light dusting of bronzer liner and mascara on the eyes makes this look stunning.

chardonnay: the soft white wine with its golden color and traces of vanilla and spice is the inspiration for this look. use a gold shimmer shadow all over the eye lid (and for even more glam, use gold glitter on the lids in the same way that you would apply liner). brown or gold blush give the cheeks a soft glow and a nude lipstick or gloss pulls it all together. rosÊ – this light, rosy look is based on the wine in between red and white, known for its pink color. for this face, a coral color swept across the lids with a pink, peach, or orange blush (yes, you can still wear summer blush in the fall!) on the apples of the cheeks. The gloss used here was pink and shimmery, but any light colored gloss will work wonderfully!



lacq me long time fall in love with butter london’s autumn/winter 2012 collection.


lovely jubbly


fall picnic,

photographed by roy moody

grab the girls and settle down for a ‘nic in rock creek park.

, anyone?

fall weather wear for the working girls


g 9 to 5 photographed by roy moody

grab yourself a cocktail and shake the work day off.



photographed by roy moody

you’ve worked, you’ve pre-gamed, it’s time to step out.


n’ out

photographed by roy moody


sure it’s the fall fashion issue, but who would we be without a section dedicated to lip-smacking good eats?

e grub

by chris mclaurin photographed by roy moody

curry tomato soup ingredients:

1 lb. canned whole tomatoes 1/2 yellow onion 4 garlic cloves 1 knuckle ginger 1/2 lime - juiced 1 tbsp. curry powder 1/4 tsp. ground cardamom 1 tsp. cumin seeds 1/2 cup cream or half & half olive oil salt putting it all together: dice the onions and saute in olive oil over medium heat once slightly caramelized add minced garlic and ginger - saute until garlic and ginger are fragrant add curry powder, cardamom, and cumin seeds stir and let cook for one minute add diced tomatoes and lime juice allow soup to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes puree with stick blender, food processor, or blender add cream and season with salt

roasted cauliflower ingredients:

1 head cauliflower 1/4 cup pine nuts 1/4 cup golden raisins 1 tsp cumin seed 2 tbsp. olive oil + some for searing 2 tbsp. red wine vinegar 1 bunch cilantro cayenne pepper salt putting it all together: cut head of cauliflower into individual florets - cut florets in half (each piece will be rounded on one side and flat on the other) sear cauliflower, flat sides down, over mediumhigh heat in olive oil once flat sides are nicely browned flip pieces over and sear rounded side (you want the cauliflower to be cooked but still have a nice snap) mix olive oil and vinegar with raisins and bring to a boil toast pine nuts chop cilantro mix seared cauliflower with, raisin mixture, nuts, and cilantro. season with salt and cayenne pepper

asparagus with sumac ingredients:

1 bunch asparagus olive oil 1.5 tsp. ground sumac salt pepper 1 lemon - zested putting it all together: trim woody ends from asparagus toss asparagus with oil, sumac, salt, and pepper roast at 375 until cooked through but still snappy once cooked toss with lemon zest

mediterranean roasted chicken ingredients:

4 chicken thighs (bone-in, skin-on) 1 8oz. can artichoke hearts 1 lemon - juiced 1 yellow onion 1 red bell pepper 3 garlic cloves 1/2 cup pitted kalamata olives 2 cups chicken stock salt pepper 1/2 tsp. red chili flake olive oil putting it all together: heat olive oil in skillet that is large enough to hold all 4 thighs at once season thighs with salt and pepper sear thighs, skin side down, until nicely browned flip and sear for an additional minute remove chicken from skillet add thinly sliced onion and bell peppers saute until onions begin to caramelize add minced garlic, artichoke hearts, olives, chili flake, lemon juice, and salt to taste nestle chicken (skin-side up) in veggies add chicken stock (adjust the amount as needed, you want a majority of thighs to be submerged but the skin to be dry) roast in oven for 25 minutes or until a thermometer reads 165 degrees at the thickest part of the thigh)

orzo salad


1.5 cups orzo 1 large tomato 1 chunk feta cheese 2 tbsp. olive oil 1 lemon - juiced salt pepper 1 bunch parsley putting it all together: boil orzo in well salted water until al dente - drain chop tomato crumble cheese chop parsley mix cooked orzo with remaining ingredients season with salt and pepper

ingredients: mousse: 8 oz. semisweet chocolate 2 tbsp. butter 1/2 cup cream + 1 cup cream grilled bread: 1 baguette olive oil crunchy salt balsamic strawberries: 1 pt. strawberries 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp. sugar putting it all together mousse: chop chocolate and mix with diced butter bring 1/2 cup cream to a boil pour boiling cream over chocolate/butter let sit for 5 minutes stir until fully emulsified - chill whip 1 cup cream to medium peaks fold whipped cream into chocolate base grilled bread: slice baguette drizzle with olive oil grill or toast sprinkle with crunchy salt balsamic strawberries: mix vinegar and sugar bring to a boil and reduce by half hull and chop strawberries mix reduced vinegar with strawberries let strawberries macerate in vinegar for at least 30 minutes (serve room temperature) *to serve - a slice of bread, a dollop of mousse, and some berries tasty!

balsamic strawberries & chocolate mousse on grilled bread

remember that picnic? here’s what to cook for it. flip.

lentil salad ingredients:

1.5 cups dry french lentils 1 carrot 1 red onion 1/4 cup olive oil 1 bunch parsley 1tbsp. sherry vinegar 2 tsp. dijon mustard 1 pinch chili flake salt pepper putting it all together: cook lentils in salted boiling water until soft but not mushy drain and chill lentils shave carrots and red onion mix vinegar and mustard whisk in oil chop parsley mix lentils with vinaigrette, carrot, onion, parsley and chili flake season with salt and pepper

chipotle/bacon dip


1 cup greek yogurt 6 pieces bacon 2 chipotle peppers (in adobo sauce) 6 scallions 1 lemon – juiced salt pepper putting it all together: cook bacon until crispy – chop until small pieces use the back of your large chef’s knife to scrape the chipotle peppers into a paste chop scallions into small disks mix everything and season *serve with bread, crackers, or vegetables

smoked macaroni salad

cherry & pistachio brownies

1 lb. penne pasta 4 tbsp. butter 4 tbsp. ap flour 2 cups whole milk 3 cloves garlic 1/2 cup smoked gouda 1 bunch chives 1 bunch tomatoes 2 ears corn salt pepper

1.5 sticks butter 2 oz. bittersweet chocolate 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1 cup white sugar 1 cup dark brown sugar 3 large eggs 1 cup ap flour 1/2 cup dried sour cherries 1/2 cup shelled green pistachios crunchy salt


putting it all together: cheese sauce: melt butter add flour and mix frequently until light brown (you’re making a roux) once just golden and not floury tasting whisk in milk add minced garlic and shredded cheese season pasta: cook pastas in salted water until al dente veg: chop chives, tomatoes, and cut your ‘raw’ corn off of the cob to finish: drain pasta mix in cheese sauce once cool add your veg season with salt and pepper


putting it all together: melt butter and chocolate – either in the microwave or over a double boiler mix in remaining ingredients add to 9x9” parchment lined backing pan top with crunchy salt bake at 350 degrees until a skewer inserted into the center comes out with just a bit of wet batter (between 30 and 40 minutes) *if you have the willpower allow brownies to cool before cutting and eating

apple of apple pickin’ at homestead farm photography by emily hilliard

my eye

orchard to table

what do do with your apple pickin’ haul by emily hilliard

the moment the leaves begin to turn and the air gets a little crisp, i start planning my annual apple orchard visit. scouting out the appropriate orchard is serious business; we need a few hours dedicated to apple picking and meandering, and eating of course - that’s the best part! once i’ve settled on the perfect, apple pickin’ destination, i collect a car-full of friends who are looking for an outside adventure on an otherwise quiet saturday. if you’re new to the apple pickin’ fun of fall, here’s how to pick a place and what goodies to look for this season: i give preference to what apples the orchard’s are turning out, in particular, which apples will make the tastiest pies. i love an orchard that grows heirloom apples like the arkansas black (which, hence the name, is almost black in color), blue permain or the newton pippin. these are usually rare, old, regional varieties whose seeds have all but been lost due to industrial agriculture. though they can be finicky to grow or ship, they have the best flavor. out of all heirloom varieties, i give special preference to the northern spy, which in my opinion, is the best baking apple you can find. if an orchard doesn’t carry northern spies or other heirlooms, i’ll settle for the standard mcintosh, gala, or braeburn, all of which will make a fine pie. oh, like i had to mention but just in case, - make sure that the orchard actually allows visitors to pick the apples. as wandering through the endless rows, climbing the trees for the highest (and surely the most delicious) apples and throwing cores at your friends, is what pickin’ is all about! always take into account the treasured farm pressed cider. if the farm presses cider and perhaps most importantly, if they have fresh apple cider doughnuts, i’m sold! now i’m a yankee by birth, and up north, whether in the mid-west or new england, it’s pretty much obligatory that an orchard has doughnuts. but travel a little south and finding apple cider doughnuts is a bit tricky. but fret not my dear southerners, i’m here to share a recipe for those holy sugar ‘n’ spiced harbingers of fall (plus some more ideas for your apple pickin’ haul).

apple butter

adapted from the river cottage preserves handbook makes 4-5 8-ounce jars ingredients: 3-4 lbs. cooking apples 2 ½ c. apple cider granulated sugar 1 tsp. cinnamon ½ tsp. ground cloves ½ tsp. ground ginger ¼ tsp. allspice putting it all together: 1. core and chop the apples into large pieces and place them in a large stockpot with the cider and 2 ½ c. water. cook them on mediumhigh heat until they are very soft, about 20 minutes, then remove them from the heat. 2. process the apples through a sieve or food mill until it is reduced to a purée—essentially apple sauce. this will also allow you to remove the apple skins and seeds. measure the puree quantity and return it to the cleaned stockpot. for every cup of puree, add 2/3 c. sugar. 3. add spices (the above are suggested spices but feel free to omit some and add others according to your preference). on medium heat, bring the purée to a boil, stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved. then boil the mixture rapidly for 10-15 minutes until the mixture begins to sputter. reduce heat to medium-low and keep the apple butter at a rolling simmer until it reduces substantially, and is dark, thick and creamy. this could take an hour or longer. 4. once the apple butter has reached the right consistency, remove it from the heat and pour into hot sterilized jars. seal immediately, following proper canning instructions for food safety. use within 1 year and keep in the fridge once opened.

rustic apple tart with apple butter ingredients:

nothing-in-the-house pie crust 2 lbs. baking apples 5 Tblsp. sugar: white and turbinado mixture 1/2 c. homemade apple butter (see recipe) 1 tblsp. lemon juice putting it all together: 1. make pie crust as per the directions and chill the dough. once it has chilled for approximately an hour, remove the dough from the fridge and preheat oven to 375 degrees F. roll out the crust in 10 to 11-in circle. place the crust between two sheets of parchment paper, place on a cookie sheet and return it to the fridge while you prepare the dough. 2. core and cut apples into delicate thin slices (i like to leave the skins on, but you can peel them if you prefer). toss apples with lemon juice and 3 tblsp. sugar. take crust from fridge, remove the top layer of parchment paper, and spoon the apple butter onto the pastry dough, spreading evenly, but leaving a 1-inch edge. 3. arrange the raling circles the edge. fold ing firmly, and seal. sprinkle the apples and or until crust cooked. enjoy!

apple slices in concentric spiover the apple butter, leaving the crust over edges, pressbrush with the remaining egg to 2 tblsp. sugar over the top of crust. bake for 35-45 minutes is golden brown and apples are

click me to get the nothing-in-the-house pie crust recipe!

apple cider donuts

apple cider donuts

adapted from smitten kitchen

ingredients: 1 c. apple cider 3 ½ c. flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. baking soda 1 scant tsp. cinnamon + 1 ½ tblsp. additional for topping ½ tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. nutmeg 1/8 tsp. ginger 4 tblsp. (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature 1 c. sugar + 1 c. additional for topping 2 large eggs ½ c. buttermilk a lot of veggie oil for frying putting it all together: 1. pour apple cider into a medium-sized saucepan, and over medium heat, bring cider to a boil. reduce heat to medium-low so the cider is gently simmering. let simmer about 30 minutes until it has reduced to about ¼ c. set aside and let cool. 2. in a medium bowl, combine all dry ingredients except for sugar and set aside. 3. with an electric mixer, beat the butter and sugar on medium-high until smooth and creamy. then add the eggs, beating after each addition. once the mixture is well combined, reduce the speed to low and add the reduced apple cider and buttermilk, beating until just incorporated. add the dry ingredients and mix until well combined, smooth, and the dough begins to come together in a ball.

4. on a cookie sheet lined with floured parchment paper, roll out the dough to about ½ inches thick. move the dough and paper to a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. once the dough has firmed up in the freezer, remove and cut with a doughnut cutter (or ball jar and a shot glass!). place the doughnuts onto another cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. once you’ve cut all the doughnuts, place them in the fridge for about 20 minutes while you prepare your oil. 5. now before we get to any hot grease situation, make sure you are wearing closedtoed shoes and are properly clothed—hot oil can be dangerous so be careful! okay, everyone safe? using a pot or pan with tall sides, pour in enough veggie oil to reach a depth of approximately 3-inches. put a candy thermometer in the side of the pan and slowly heat the oil over medium heat until it reaches 350 degrees F. 6. pre-pare your post fry set-up: stack a few layers of paper towels on a plate for doughnut blotting. mix the 1 c. sugar and 1 ½ tblsp. cinnamon together in a wide shallow bowl and set aside. 7. now you are ready to fry! add a few doughnuts at a time (3-4) to the hot oil and fry until they turn golden brown (this may take some testing and sampling), approximately 1 minute. flip

the doughnuts over and fry the other side for about 30 seconds-1 minute. use a metal slotted spoon to remove the doughnuts from the grease and blot them on the paper towels. Then dip them into the cinnamon-sugar. 8. though tempting to eat right away (and you should definitely eat them while fresh and warm) try stringing the doughnuts using a sturdy rope or twine and tie them up, like a hammock, between two trees or posts. challenge your pals to eat them from the string, without hands. just a way to make a party that already has doughnuts, even better.

now, go pick your own!


becraft’s farm 14722 new hampshire avenue silver spring, maryland (301) 236-4545

northern virginia great country farms 8780 foggy bottom road bluemont, va 20135 (540) 554-2073

butler’s orchard 22200 davis mill road germantown, maryland (301) 972-3299

green thumb – days hill farm 14694 days hill lane sumerduck, va 22742 (540) 439-8316

homestead farm 15600 sugarland road poolesville, maryland (301) 977-3761

hartland orchard 3064 hartland lane markham, va 22643 (540) 364-2316

johnson’s berry farm 17000 swanson road upper marlboro, maryland (301) 627-8316

hill high farms 933 barley lane winchester, va 22602 (540) 667-7377

larrliand farms 2415 woodbine road woodbine, maryland (301) 854-6110

hollin farms 1408 snowden road delaplane, va 20144 (540) 592-3574

Phillips Farm 13710 Schaeffer Road Germantown, Maryland (301) 540-2364

inglewood farm 5253 inglewood farm lane bealeton, va 22712 (540) 272-6906

rock hill orchard 28600 ridge road mount airy, maryland (301) 831-7427

marker-miller orchards 3035 cedar creek grade winchester, va 22602 (540) 662-1391

sharp’s at waterford farm 4003 jennings chapel road brookeville, maryland (410) 489-2572

stribling orchard 11587 poverty hollow lane markham , va 22643 (540) 364-3040 valley view orchard 1562 leeds manor road delaplane, va 20144 (540) 592-3730

gone sou


winning the west in new mexico copy and photography by charlie heck

this fall, we head back to where the west was won. and no, we aren’t talking about our lone-star-birth state, but we are giving some love to our next door neighbor, new mexico, the land of enchantment. traveling to new mexico is not for the newbie. seasoned sightseers know this state is a historic gem, but with only one major airport (albuquerque) you best be use to driving the open road. we were lucky. we had a wedding to attend to so plenty of peeps were on hand to show these recently-turnedeast-coasters just what new mexico had to offer. and we went deep into the heart of the west. starting in cimarron, nm through the raton pass, around to taos, eagle nest and angle fire – we saw a little bit of it all. now there aren’t a ton of vintage shops or crazy night time festivities, but if you’re itching to see time move a little slower and listen to tales of long lost gun fighters, then my dear, head to the southwest!

express st. james hotel 617 south collison cimarron, nm 87714 575.376.2664

st. james hotel, in our book, is the best place to stay when in northern new mexico! this hotel has been entertaining guests of the living and not-so-living since 1872. built by a frenchmen who settled in washington, dc, as a chef, henri lambert traveled to northern new mexico and fell in love with the region. situated on the famous santa fe trail, its cimarron location attracted quite the colorful “wild west” characters. from the men behind the badge to the outlaws running from them and the ladies in between, lambert knew how to entertain them all - thus began the st. james. now there’s many a tale of the men and women who spent their final living moments at the st. james. if you’re brave enough, you can stay on the “historic” side, but beware, you’ll not be lodging alone. many famous people have stayed there over the years, – wyatt earp, jesse james, buffalo bill and billy the kid (just to name a few) – and it’s rumored some of those spirits still “check-in” from time to time. the historic side boasts 12 rooms, all done up 19th century style. with furniture from that time period, you’ll also be television, phone and ac-free. fret not if you’re not the biggest fan of the unknown or amenities of the past, they do have a two-story annex with rooms done up a little more modern and ghost-free (maybe!).

mystery mister 1506 haight street san francisco, ca 94117 415.552.4226

don’t let the name of this little vintage jewel fool you, mystery mister is not just for the gents, not at all! i fell in love with this little spot immediately - with the woodstock, flower power dresses and rompers tacked to the wall. mystery mister is a mix of vintage clothing, accessories and knick knack oddities located in the haight ashbury.

while browsing the racks at sway, i came across an awesomely fashionable gal wearing “to die for” platform sandals we chatted a bit and continued shopping. a few blocks down, i saw the same woman arranging the window at loft 1513 boutique. loft is truly unique, not only does yugala, boutique manager and designer house an ever changing list of local and international designers but they construct and create many of the ecofriendly designer pieces right there in the self sustained boutique! let’s not forget about my fashionable new friend, swati. she is the designer behind swati jr* jewelry, which is available through loft 1513. her jewelry collection boasts big, bold, gold pieces.

community thrift

taos, new mexico

from there, we’re off to taos, nm. about an hour drive, this town boasts one of unesco’s world heritage sites - the taos pueblo. bordering the town on its north side, this pueblo has been occupied for nearly a millennium and is considered the oldest continuously inhabited community in the united states. the site is open daily for tours.

the taos pueblo photo courtesy of luca galuzzi 120 veterans highway taos, nm 87571 575.758.1028

be sure to stop and grab a plate of green chile enchiladas before you begin your travels again, we’ve got a bit of road to cover!

the rio grande gorge

head out northwest of taos for the new mexican equivalent to the grand canyon - the rio grande gorge. this spot is not for the faint-hearted of heights. the rio grande gorge bridge is 650 feet above the rio grande and is the fifth highest bridge in america. built in 1965, it was called the “bridge to nowhere,” as there wasn’t enough money to continue the road from the other side. now you can keep on cruisin’ through, walk the bridge and partake in the local vending stands set up along the bridge’s entrance.

earthship #2 earthship way taos, nm 87571 575.751.0462

now in new mexico the term “living off the grid” can mean two completely different things. since the early 1970s, michael reynolds has been redefining the term “self-sustaining architecture” with his earthships. headquartered right outside of taos, these 100 percent “off the grid” homes look somewhat like a trip to the future. but, if these homes are the future, you’re going to be ecstatic.

earthships can be built in any part of the world and provide electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and sustainable food. they’re now in every state and almost 20 countries on five continents.

made from recycled and natural materials, earthships get their electricity from the sun and wind power, water from rain and snow, heat and cooling from the sun and earth, and food is grown inside and outside. the water situation is a doozy! what is collected from the elements is treated to make it drinkable, then the water used from bathing and cooking is recycled for toilet usage. the sewage water is then filtered again to nourish food growth.

moody photography

earthships can be designed as single family residences, residential developments, commercial structures and disaster relief projects. you can take a tour of the model homes or even stay a night in one.

headin’ to a weddin’ a luri & wilma special

fall 2012 edition

the d


staysi lee bridal

wai ching clothing

elizabeth st. john

dalena vintage

punk rock bride

somethi wild honey pie vintage

ing old


ing new melinda rose design

something a wedding story


submitted by stephanie vineyard lewandowski

while both of my grandmothers are alive, neither could travel to be part of my wedding day festivities in july 2012. instead, they each lent me something with special meaning to carry on my wedding day. my paternal grandmother lent me her gold heart-shaped locket. the initials engraved on it, jn, are my great-grandmother’s, julia norton. she gave the necklace to my grandmother, katherine, on her wedding day. inside the locket are photos of my grandfather in his military uniform and sergeant patches. my grandparents married in the midst of WWII, and my grandfather needed to earn his patches and the pay raise that came with it in order to marry. the locket symbolizes my grandparents marriage and embodies the same emotions she felt on her wedding day as i did on mine. my maternal grandmother lent me her rosary. we are a catholic family, and my grandmother once considered becoming a nun. she had terrible luck losing her rosary, so she purchased a silver and blue rosary and had her name engraved upon it. she treasures this rosary and thought it important i borrow it on my wedding day as my something blue. finally, my maternal great-grandmother was a skilled crochet-er. though no longer alive, she made yards of tatting for all her grandchildren. my mother wrapped pieces of the tatting around my bridal bouquet. it meant a lot to me to carry items from the influential women of my family, and each item was a special part of my wedding day outfit.

somethin melinda rose design

ng blue

do it yours wedding dĂŠcor diys

self, lovely! by charlie heck photography by charlie heck roy moody and porsha thomas

fabric garland

here’s what ya need: thrifted sheets rotary cutter cutting board scissors rope large ruler


putting it all together: cut the top and bottom of your sheet off, it will make cutting much smoother. place the sheet on a cutting board (or cardboard, just something separating the rotary cutter from your nice floors) and place the ruler on the sheet. using the ruler as a guide, cut the sheets with a rotary cutter.


cut the strips in half. tie each strip on your rope, tightly together. trim to make a relatively straight line.




novel flowers

this is one of those crafts that went one way in our heads and then turned out to be somethin’ a little different. but, it turned out super cute and classy!


here’s what ya need: card stock a super old, fallin’ apart book scissors round-head fasteners flower image pencil putting it all together: we googled flower images and picked our favorite one, we suggest ya do the same. we then made three different sizes and pasted them on a word document. there is a touch of design skill that goes into create the flower sheets but not too much, so no need to purchase photo shop or anything. print out your flowers on card stock and cut them out. cut out your vintage book pages and use a pencil and two sizes of the flowers you just cut out to trace flowers on the pages. cut out those flowers. mix and match sizes and use the round-head fasteners to secure the three layers of your flowers.



paper bag flowers we used 72 white bags and 72 smaller, kraft paper bags to make two different sizes and colors. you need six bags to make each flower, so choose the number of flowers you want and multiply by six. here’s what ya need: 72 white, recycled paper lunch bags 72 brown, recycled paper lunch bags twine, string or heavy thread single hole punch double sided tape scissors pencil putting it all together: lay paper bag flat with the bottom of the bag facing up. take the bottom of the bag and fold the square bottom of the bag together and smooth flat. draw a line across the natural fold of the bottom of the bag (use a ruler if necessary to make the lines straight) and a triangle at the top. cut along the line at the bottom and the triangle top. punch a hole in the middle of the bottom. place two pieces of double sided tape on each side of the bag, near the bottom. repeat above steps for 5 more bags, stacking each onto the other and pressing to secure the double sided tape. loosely (and we mean loosely) tie a knot through the holes at the bottom. slowly, pull the bags around to make a full circle and secure the top to the bottom bag.




4. 5.

putting it all together

moody photography

where did you get that?

page 76-77 cream beaded cardigan from butler + claypool plaid skirt from miskabelle vintage page 78-79 jacket from miskabelle vintage navy and cream sailor dress from shop our closet page 80 winter jacket from miskabelle vintage black cream, plaid double breasted dress from butler + claypool page 82 top from miskabelle vintage belt from shop our closet pants from butler + claypool page 86 from left to right, cream dress from miskabelle vintage Sj1jTg, black and white polka dot dress from butler + claypool, black and cream plaid, double breasted dress from butler + claypool page 88 cream dress from miskabelle vintage page 90 black and white polka dot dress from butler + claypool page 91 black and cream plaid, double breasted dress from butler + claypool page 96-97 silver shimmer top and belt from shop our closet black and gold ball skirt from butler + claypool

C CHARM. a public relations boutique

The Fall Fashion Issue 2012 (online only)  

*This issue is an oldie but a goodie and before we transitioned to print. Vintage duds, indie designers, good eats and local loves. Welcom...

The Fall Fashion Issue 2012 (online only)  

*This issue is an oldie but a goodie and before we transitioned to print. Vintage duds, indie designers, good eats and local loves. Welcom...