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f With Robins’ desserts, you are able to treat yourself, treat others, but most importantly treat the world. The business model Robins uses within Goldilocks Goodies allows for a greener earth in more ways than one. The plastic bags used to wrap loaves and individual cookies in are cellulose-based, which makes them both compostable and recyclable. Rice paper bags are used for family-sized cookies. Additionally, according to Robins, anything that can be recycled is recycled, and everything that comes out of the Goldilocks Goodies kitchen is composted. Furthering her help to the community, Robins said, “I use local services, and local farmers and local ingredients whenever I can.” Goldilocks Goodies is partnered with Lancaster Farmland Trust, a private, non-profit organization working to preserve farms. A portion of Robins’ sales goes to the annual fundraiser. Robins stated that her family has been there for five generations. “I want it to stay looking like the farmland that it was when I grew up.” Commenting on shopping locally, Robins said, “I think that it’s great that there’s a lot of focus more recently on shopping local and buying local and thinking local, and as a small business owner, I can testify to the fact that it means such a difference to someone like me.” “Spending $5 or $10 at your local grocery or local café or your local By Charlie Heck market – whatever the industry is – you have no idea the difference one person can make by shopping locally instead of buying online or Photo by Roy Moody buying at a huge retailer,” she said.

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