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Creating a BUZZ among the LU Community !

S E PT E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 0

Creating a BUZZ among the LU Community!

S E PTE M B E R / O C TO B E R 2 0 1 0 Residence Life on the Move

Laney and McCauley Residents at Community Service at Pennypack Farm , Horsham, PA

Welcome new students and welcome back returning students! Last summer was quite eventful with the inaugural Summer Bridge program in both Ashmun and McRary halls. Several upgrades were made to the halls such as: updated bathrooms in McCauley; Amos Soffit was repaired; new beds in Thurgood Marshall Living Learning Center South; Ashmun Lobby renovation. This semester we are looking forward to providing quality programming that helps to further expand and develop you holistically. –John Lowney, Director of Residence Life

What’s New @ LU! Meet Thompson Hospitality- Lincoln University’s New Food Service Provider “Thompson Hospitality is proud to be your NEW food service provider on campus. We enjoy a strong partnership with 20 other HBCU’s across the United States which has helped us become the nation’s largest minority owned foodservice company. We look forward to building a strong and lasting relationship with the students, faculty, and staff here at Lincoln University as well. Here are some interesting facts about Thompson Hospitality. Thompson Hospitality contributes to the education of deserving students at the HBCU’s we serve through scholarships and internships.

McRary Hall First Year Students Mix and Mingle

Important Dates Campus Wide! Every Wed.: Wellness Wednesdays Health Services (Cresson Hall) 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Sponsored by Health Services /Men’s Center / Women’s Center

We are the largest African American owned food service company in the United States. Thompson Hospitality is committed to providing students with quality food, excellent service and a friendly environment. Thank you for your confidence and commitment. We encourage you to meet our team.”

Mon. Oct. 11- Fri. Oct. 15: Mid-term Exams Sat. Oct 23: Safe Space Training SUB Multipurpose Room 2:00p.m. Sponsored by the Women’s Center and Counseling Services

Sun. Oct 24- Sat. Oct. 30: LU Homecoming 2010

S E PTE M B E R / OCTOBER 2010 To have information posted in the RESLIFE BUZZ contact: Felecia A. Hutchins

Shawn J. Moore

Organization Spotlight Boys 2 Men “As black men, we need to step up socially, financially, and academically. There are a multitude of problems on our campus, as well as in our communities because of men who could essentially be role models, and advocates, but don’t answer the call. Black men, have become both the solution and the problem. The solution is in us to have the ability to empower, influence, and lead. As upper classmen, it is our responsibility to develop young men. Their development starts from knowing the importance of Lincoln's history, exemplifying pride, taking responsibilities as a man, and understanding your role as a black man with in your community. As men advancing Lincoln University’s Legacy we need to bring back the old Lincoln spirit and efforts of what it means to be a LINCOLN MAN!!!” - Co-founder and Visionary, Micah Wilson

Queens Living Through Legacy “Queens Living Through Legacy stands big on scholarship and effort; However, we do not feel as if one can be defined solely on GPA or scholarly awards. Participation in community activities and political activism are BIG. One must ask the question and yearn to know more, this is all based on your individual morals, insight, concern, and a need/yearn for a queenly bond. Our theme is to Enrich and empower woman while we "Re- Educate our people, Re-Fute His-Story, and Re-Vamp OUR Legacy”. As Queens we believe that it gets lonely on a single throne, therefore we have not truly succeeded until we all are a collective body. Lend your sister a helping hand. A Queen lies in all of you!” – President, Shertona “Mahogany” Hankins

Words of Wisdom

From LU Faculty & Administration

From Dr. Walton Interim Associate Provost for Student Development

Congrats to the winning resident advisor group! Resident advisors Shamoura Welch, Natachie Elie, and Yetunde Olayinka (from left to right) had the best programming /bulletin board presentation from September’s Residence Life In-Service Training.

Thirst for Knowledge Thursdays Launch Thursday October 14, 2010

S E PTE M B E R / OCTOBER 2010 To have information posted in the RESLIFE BUZZ contact: Felecia A. Hutchins

Shawn J. Moore

October Res Life Events Date

Program Title



Sun. Oct. 3

First Sunday Revival



Tues. Oct. 5

We Run LU: Fitness Series (Jogging)

Front of Ashmun


Tues. Oct. 5

Rap, Is It Really?

LLC- South


Tues. Oct 7

We Run LU: Fitness Series (Jazz Dance)

Ashmun Lion's Den


Sun. Oct 10

McRary Hall Council: Snack & Cram Study Night

McRary Lobby


Wed. Oct. 13

Life in a Wheelchair

Ashmun Hall


Thurs. Oct 14

Life of a Reporter

SUB Theater


Thurs. Oct. 14

So You Think You Can Dance?

SUB Multi-Purpose Room


Tues. Oct. 19

We Run LU: Fitness Series (Yoga)

Ashmun Lion’s Den


Wed. Oct. 20

Myth about Greeks Radio Show

LU Radio

12:00p.m. /6:00p.m

Wed. Oct 27

Social Taboo

LLC- South



Recurring/ Monthly Programs Month of Oct.

Rock the Vote: Voter Registration

LLC- North 200

Month of Oct.

Cancer Awareness Month

LLC- North/ Guest Quarters

Biweekly Mon. at 8:00p.m.

Laney Hall Council Meeting

Laney Lounge

Biweekly Mon. at 8:00p.m.

Poetry Club

Laney Lounge

Biweekly Wed. at 8:30p.m

My Buddy and Me

Laney Lounge

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is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ms. Hutchins and MarShayla Kensel (McCauley Hall) At Community Service event in Pennypack Farm , Horsham, PA

The RESLIFE BUZZ: September/October 2010  

Lincoln University The Office of Residence Life presents The RESLIFE BUZZ: September/ October 2010 "Creating a BUZZ in the LU Community!"