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EC Declaration of Conformity No: RMD 1020 Rev. D . We, EmersonProcessManagement Heath Place Bognor Regis West SussexPO22 9SH England declareunderour soleresponsibilitythatthe product,

Model 1151 Smart Pressure Transmitter manufacturedby, RosemonntInc. 12001Technology Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3695 USA to which this declarationrelates,is in conformitywith the provisionsof the European CommunityDirectives, includingthe lat~stamendments, as shownin the attachedschedule Assumption of conformity is based on the application of the harmonized standardsand, 'when applicable or required, a European Community notified body certification, as shown in the attached schedule.

~~ÂŁ ~_J (signature) Ron Migliorini

(name-printed) Vice President, Marketing & Sales,EMA

1STMay 2003

(functionname -printed)

(date of issue)

FileID: 1151CEMarking

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Schedule EC Declaration of Conformity RMD 1020 Rev. D EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) Model 1151 Smart PressureTransmitter EN 50081-1: 1992; EN 50082-2: 1995; EN 61326-1: 1997 --Industrial

PED Directive (97/23/EC) Model 1151GP9,0; 1151HP4,5,6,7,8 Pressure Transmitters QS Certificate of Assessment-EC No. PED-H-20 Module H Confonnity Assessment

All other model 1151 Smart PressureTransmitters SoundEngineeringPractice Transmitter Attachments: Diaphragm Seal -Process Flange -Manifold


A TEX Directive (94/9/EC) Model 1151 Smart PressureTransmitter BAS99ATEX1294X-lntrinsically Safe& Dust Certificate EN50014: 1997 + Amds 1&2~EN50020: 1994,EN50284: 1999, EN 50281-1-1: 1998 BAS99ATEX3293X -Type n & Dust Certificate EN50021: 1998, EN 50281-1-1: 1998 CESI03 ATEX03 7 -Flameproof Certificate ENSOO14:1997; ENSOO18:2000; ENS0284: 1999

File ill: 1151CEMarking

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-Schedule EC Declaration of Conformity RMD 1020 Rev. D PED Notified Body Det Norske Ventas (DNV) [Notified BodyNumber: 0434] Veritasveien1, N-1322 Hovik, Norway

A TEX Notified Bodies for EC Type Examination Certificate Baseefa [2001] Limited [Notified Body Number: 1180] HarpUf Hill

Buxton,Derbyshire United Kingdom CESI [Notified BodyNumber: 0722] Via Rubattino 1 -20134


A TEX Notified Body for Quality Assurance Baseefa [2001] Limited [Notified Body Number: 1180]

HarpurHill Buxton, Derbyshire

United Kingdom



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CE-1151 - rmd1020