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THE COUNTRY:     Mauritius   is   an   island   who   has   just   been   recognized   as   the   “World’s   Best   Island   Destination”   at   the2010   World   Travel   Awards   Grand   Final   Ceremony   held   in   London.   Is   a   sparkling   crystal   in   the   turquoise   waters   of   the   Indian   Ocean,   the   contrast   of   colors,   cultures   and   tastes   makes   Mauritius   so   charming   that   the   scene   is   set   is   opportunity   to   taste   a   unique   sort   of   luxury   and   refinement   that  will  uplift  your  soul     The   Mauritian   people   are   a   rich   mix   of   African,   Chinese,   Indian,   Muslim   and   European   descent,   creating   a   colorful   and   rich   multicultural   society.   Mauritians   work   and   play   together,   celebrating   each   other’s   religious   ceremonies   throughout   the   year   in   an   overall   harmonious   society   which   spills   over   to   create   an   authentic  warm  welcome  to  all  its  visitors.        

AIESEC IN  MAURITIUS:     AIESEC   Mauritius   has   existed   only   for   3   yrs   now.   Mauritius  was  given  an  Expansion  Initiative  status  at   IC  2007.     Then  we  became  official  expansion  country   in   IPM   2008.     Finally   on   our   way   we   became   full   Member  AIESEC  Country  at  IPM  2010.     AIESEC  in  Mauritius  is  a  Small  Country  and  by  now  it   has   one   full   LC   at   University   of   Mauritius   called   LC   UOM,  and   two   expansions   LCs,   at   University   of   Technology  called  LC  UTM  and  at  Mauritius  Institute   of  training  and  development  called  LC  MITD.        


Lead geeen    

Thematic:     Environment  and  sustainability     The  project:     Climate  change  is  becoming  a  major  issue  in  the  world  today.  Mauritius  is  a  vulnerable  island  of  its   effects  on  the  globe  because  the  country  is  an  island,  hence  is  in  a  verge  of  getting  drowned  in  the   deep  blue  sea.    It’s  a  proven  fact  that  most  of  the  causes  of  climate  change  are  due  to  human   activities  that  are  harmful  to  the  environment.  This  is  because  of  the  lack  of  the  awareness  among   the  people.  This  project  will  be  a  starting  point  of  making  a  difference  in  a  rather  practical  way.  We   plan  to  get  closer  to  the  society  to  make  the  society  aware  about  the  cause  of  Climate  change  and   also  its  effects  over  the  human  kind.     With  the  Lead  Green  project,  we  aim  also  to  empower  our  audience  with  the  knowledge  of  various   environmental  issues  and  their  role  in  these  issues,  in  creating  them  and  resolving  them.  It  will  be  a   starting  point  of  making  a  difference  in  a  practical  way.       Objectives:   Conservation  of  the  endangered  endemic  plants  &  animals  and  protection  of  the  coastal  ecosystem   in  Mauritius.   Create  awareness  of  the  environmental  issues  affecting  us  globally  and  in  Mauritius. Initiate   a   green   movement   in   the   country   where   every   person   we   impact   starts   to   take   personal   initiative  in  reducing  their  burden  on  the  environment.   Inspire   the   youth   to   be   environmental   ambassadors   to   their   local   communities   and   encourage   others  to  develop  more  sustainable  lifestyles.   Expose  the  Mauritian  society  to  other  cultures  and  environmental  issues  in  other  countries  though  a   workshop,  exposition  and  presentation.   Encourage  local  communities  to  preserve  the  natural  /cultural  heritage  for  the  future  generation.   Most  importantly,  to  make  our  mother  planet  cleaner  and  greener,  making  it  a  better  place  to  live.   Download  the  concept  note:     TN  example:     TN-­‐In-­‐MU-­‐UM-­‐2011-­‐617  


Every Child  is  ours    

Thematic:   Child  rights     The  project:     In   order   to   have   a   real   impact   in   Mauritius,   Thus,   AIESEC   has   decided   to   embark   in   this   project   as   there  is  a  definite  need  to  empower  and  create  awareness  on  this  issue  through  a  project.     Objectives:     Initiate  a  movement  of  sensitivity  for  the  issue  in  the  country.     Mobilize  human  resources  to  spread  awareness  around  children,  orphans  and  poverty.     Enable  the  youth  of  Mauritius  to  have  an  open  mindset  towards  the  issue.     Create  good  case  practices  in  Mauritius  for  spreading  awareness  that  can  be  adapted  by  other   countries.     Develop  the  interns  coming,  for  them  to  see  things  on  the  other  side  (country  not  only  paradise).       Download  the  concept  note:     TN  example:  TN-­‐In-­‐MU-­‐UM-­‐2011-­‐599    

And God  Created  Woman    

Thematic:     Woman  empowerment     The  project:   Vision   of   the   project   is   to   develop   entrepreneurial   skills   and   cultural   sensitivity   of   young   people   in   MITD  to  have  a  positive  impact  on  the  future  actions  in  business  sphere  and  on  all  society.  

Objectives:   Support  NGO  creating  innovative  ideas  such  as  projects,  activities  etc.   Participate  actively  field  work  where  the  NGO  is  implementing  its  empowerment  program.   Compare   cases   of   women   empowerment   in   their   countries   and   Mauritius   through   PowerPoint   Presentations.   Promote  the  project  throughout  the  6  weeks  and  deliver  a  report  of  his/her  work  experience  at  the   end  of  the  project.     Download  the  concept  note:     TN  example:   TN-­‐In-­‐MU-­‐UM-­‐2011-­‐655    

Faith against  HIV/AIDS    

Thematic:     HIV/AIDS     The  project:   In  order  to  have  a  real  impact  on  the  spread  of  HIV/AIDS  in  Mauritius,  prevention  strategies  must  be   both  comprehensive  and  evidence-­‐based.  In  addition,  prevention  efforts  must  address  factors  that   both  drive  HIV’s  spread  and  hamper  people’s  ability  to  access  essential  HIV/AIDS  services,  including   poverty,  lack  of  education,  and  violence  against  women  and  girls.  Mauritius  has  a  population  of  1.3   million,   with   an   HIV   prevalence   rate   of   0.97%   equivalent   to   around   6800   people   (New   estimate   27th   May  2010).  Thus,  AIESEC  UOM  has  decided  to  embark  in  this  project  as  there  is  a  definite  need  to   empower   and   create   awareness   on   this   issue.   Further   AIESEC   Mauritius   is   a   CSR   accredited   organization     Objectives:   Initiate  a  movement  of  sensitivity  for  the  issue  in  the  country  and  provide  correct  information  about   AIDS     Mobilize   human   resources   to   spread   awareness   around   HIV/AIDS   through   methodology   of   peer   education     Enable   the   youth   of   Mauritius   to   have   an   open   mindset   towards   the   issue.   Eliminate   stigma   and   discrimination  associated  with  AIDS     Create  young  leaders  who  can  positively  work  and  impact  the  society  and  help  in  contributing  to  the   awareness  of  the  issue     Promote  a  healthy  lifestyle  and  avoidance  of  risky  behaviors     Encourage  voluntary  HIV  blood  tests    

Create good   case   practices   in   Mauritius   for   spreading   awareness   that   can   be   adapted   by   other   countries     To  impact  at  least  3000  Mauritians       Download  Concept  Note:     TN  example:     TN-­‐In-­‐MU-­‐UM-­‐2011-­‐622    


All the  TNs  provide  accommodation  during  the  time  of  the  internship  (even  is  not  describe  in  the   TN  form)   6  weeks  is  the  minimum  and  maximum  duration  time   Also  in  case  you  want  to  know  more  about  Mauritius  and  its  culture  and  its  beauty:­‐tmRNa-­‐Jc   Facebook  page  Experience  paradise  Mauritius:­‐Paradise-­‐in-­‐Mauritius/142368992499144   • •

Please download  the  reception  booklet  here:   If  you  need  more  information  contact  please:    Andrea  Giraldo  –  Southern  Africa  Coordinator    


Spain-Mauritius Exchange Project  

Spain and Mauritius have an amazing cooperation in Exchange development.