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María Guadalupe López Arroyo Podcast series project

j) Steps to create the podcasts. Once the students have a clear idea of what a podcast is and how to create one, tell them that one characteristic of a good podcast is adding music and/or sound effects. Tell them to watch the Audacity tutorial ( to download and install the software if they want to. Chances are they already know it and also some other software, but the recommendation is always welcome. The students should have their scripts ready and corrected before starting their recordings. Tell them they can record themselves as many times as necessary on Podomatic or Audioboo, so they don’t have to worry about their mistakes or pauses. Ask the teams to rehearse with you before recording to check for pronunciation, intonation, stress and rhythm. Remind the students that the podcasts should be clear, they have to sound confident and fluent, but they’re not expected to create a completely professional product; a well-planned, confidently-delivered one will do. After listening to the students reading their scripts and making the necessary recommendations and corrections, ask them to start recording. The three members of the team should say something on the recording. If they choose to, each member can answer one question, and therefore each member’s voice can be in each episode; if not, all of them can participate in the three episodes, but everyone has to contribute. In each podcast, the students will focus on their three questions, and in the third episode, they have to answer question 13, What’s a suitable punishment for people

who trade with slaves? Why?, as the closing for their last episode. Ask the students to remember their questions and have them at hand at all times when they create their scripts, when they rehearse and when they record their podcasts in order not to get off topic. k) Checking out the products Once all the teams have recorded their podcast episodes, ask them to upload them to Audioboo or Podomatic. The students have to specify which website they’re using in order to avoid confusion and to find them easily.

Podcast series project  
Podcast series project  

Podcast series by advanced English students. Topic: Slavery in the modern world.