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At Lupita Books we love to get people’s attention. We like to surprise people who think they’ve seen it all as much as we love surprising kids who want to learn and have fun while doing it. We take delight in dazzling not only book book lovers but also people who hadn’t even considered buying a when stepping out of the house. To achieve this, we surround ourselves with illustrators who have that that special “je ne sais quoi” and look for paper engineers who can truly really create magic. We also print with only the most reliable partners. Only with their help and with tons of care can we develop irresistible new titles, for these are the ones that will get all the attention.



Four sweet wild animals show what they most like to do. Eye-catching format expressly designed for toddler’s hands!

· Toddlers · 8 pages · 124.7”x x15,515.1”cm.


WHO AM I? Learn who is who in four different scenarios with lots of helpful hints.

· 2-4 years old · 10 pages · 3 titles · 8.4” x 8.4” / 21 x 21 cm.


WOODEN BASICS Educational toys or books you can play with? These books will entertain while teaching about basic concepts. No discussion!

路 4-7 years old 路 8 pages 路 Different sizes 3

LET’S EAT! It’s time to eat! Kids will follow the advice of their favorite animal, open up wide and eat right. Everything you need for a fun feeding experience!

· 2-4 years old · 12 pag. · 8.66” x 12.2”/ 22 x 31 cm

In the same series:


BRUSH YOUR TEETH! Kids will learn how to brush their teeth in this delightful book that comes with a real toothbrush in its own wash bag!

· 106.69”pag.x 8.89” / 17 x 22,5 cm. · 4



Four little board books featuring great stories where imagination is king.

Six cookie-shaped books with adorable illustrations.

· 2-4 years old · 14 pages 6.8” x 6.8” · 14,4 x 14,4 cm.

· Box set with 6 books · 2-4 years old x 12.2” · 2610.2”x 31,5 cm.


FRIDA’S BOOKS These die-cut board books are 100% intended for very young kids, but they’ll also capture the attention of modern moms and dads. Guaranteed eye-catchiness! The backgrounds are a tribute to fashionable wallpaper. Four titles available: Alphabet Numbers Colors Vowels

· · · ·

· Babies and toddlers · From 12, to 20 x 3 pag. · Different sizes 6

“Four in One” BOOKLETS Four chunky board books for toddlers in a mock wicker box. Two titles: “Seasons” and “Times of the Day”,with simple,warm illustrations and cute rhymes. I guess we’re not talking about ”coffee table” books but rather “bib table” books!!

· Babies and toddlers · 12 pages · 103.9”x x103.9” cm




These two foil books introduce basic concepts through a simple plot and extremely elegant illustrations. Basics with style!

It is never too early for kids to learn about their own feelings. These irresistible books are first introduction to concepts such as one’s uniqueness, opposite emotions and what is friendship about. The bright images include die-cuts and color foil.

· 12 pages · 145.5”x x145.5” cm

· 2-4 years old · 12 pages 9.6” x 10.3” · 24,5 x 26,5 cm 8


Where are all the animals going? Follow them and their babies while counting from one to ten! Includes ten wooden abacus pieces to slide while counting.

· 0-2 years old · 12 pages · 8.5” x 11.4”/ 21,5 x 29 cm

LUCA’S ADVENTURES Follow Lucas in his first adventures with these sturdy pop-up books.

· 4-7 years old · 8 pages · 9.4” x 9.8” / 24 x 25 cm. 9

MINI-SCENE BOOKS The covers of these classic fairy tales are really something! Get a special glimpse of the most popular scenes from your favorite stories through an irresistible window.

· +3 years old · 14 pages · 155.9”x 15x 5.9” cm.




Ready, steady, go! Once the sand timer is set, Max and Matilda have five minutes to get ready!

Curious facts about breakfast in a great format.


· ·

These eye-catching boxes contain four punchedBox set with to-shape board books 4 books with fun stories about a very special TV and 8.3” x 8.6” a washing machine. 21 x 21,6 cm.

· +5 years old · 14 pages 9.57” x 10.35” · 24,3 x 26,3 cm. Real · sand timer MATCH IT! An interactive format for very young children.

· 2-4 years old


THE HAPPETS PLAY WITH... Meet the Happets! These board books will introduce kids to the irresistible Happets and help them learn about eight basic subjects. Eye-catching and sturdy novelty elements guarantee lots of fun!

· 2-4 years old · 12 pages. · 6.5” x 7.5” / 16,5 x 19 cm 12


copies sold in 15 languages!


WHAT A DAY! Literally follow the Happets through the pages of these eye-catching books! See how Mumu, Milo and Talalo interact in the different scenarios in these sweet stories.

· Toddlers · 12 pages. · 7.5” x 7.5” / 19,5 x 19,5 cm 14

BABY RECORD BOOK Record the best memories from the very first day on! Box includes book and a plush toy.

TIME FOR BED! Time for bed! But what do the Happets need to do before going to sleep? Follow them as they bathe, brush their teeth and put on their pajamas in a record time! Includes a detachable sand timer.

· Toddlers · 12 pages. 7.5” x 7.5” · 19,5 x 19,5 cm

· Toddlers · 65 pages. · 33Boxx 2212.9”cm.x 8.6” 7.9” x 7.9” · 20Book x 20 cm. 15




When we at Lupita develop characters for our books, we always strive to take them even further, so that they can become stars in other formats too.

Mumu Alfred




Publishing 16 titles in 10 different formats

· iPad app Digital-Interactive

· 52 x 7’ episodes · 2 feature movies TV and Cinema 17

TRAFFIC-LIGHT Follow Max and Matilda through different scenes around town.The gatefolds on each spread and the light and sound module will help kids learn how to become careful young pedestrians.

· +3 years old pages · +16gatefolds 8.4 “x 10.7 “ · 21,5 x 27,5 cm.

TV SHOW This oversized board book will show kids why they shouldn’t watch too much TV -and in the most appropriate format: a TV set that is 100% fun without ever turning it on!


· +3 years old · 10 pages · 8834.3”x 45x 17.6” cm.

GROW YOUR VEGGIES Kids will have lots of fun learning about how to plant and grow different types of veggies at home!!

· 4-7 years old · 10 pages · 12” x 16.4” / 30,7x 42 cm. In the same collection: PLAY


Follow Max and Matilda in their adventures and discover different roles as they play using a range of different tools. 19

BOOKS IN A CASE Take these irresistible book sets everywhere, and you will be able to bake delicious cookies, play doctors or knit with your friends. Accessories included!

· 4-5 years old · 12 pages · Box: 8.6” x 9.4” / 22 x 24 cm · Book: 5.3” x 5.3” / 13,5 x 13,5 cm


SHAPED FRIENDS Little Hen learns how everything works out all right after her big three-egg surprise: with three eggs and three chicks! Little Sheep is very proud of his wool, but he is more big-hearted than snobby and gives away some of his white coat to others who need it more. His generosity is very much appreciated… Includes woolen clothes!

· +3 years old · 10 pages · 8.78” x 12.88” / 22,5 x 33 cm 21

COLLECTION Back from the 60’s and 70’s by popular demand, the irresistible illustrations by Alain Grée’s have become a true icon for generations.Lupita Books is now licensed to develop all kinds of eye-catching titles taking up these nostalgic characters: a perfect match which will appeal both to kids and their parents.

MIX AND MATCH Mix and match the different segmented characters to learn who is who and who does what.

· 3 years old · 14 pages · 5.4” x 11.5”/13,5 x 28,8 cm. 22

JUST IN TIME Follow the characters through all day long while turning the hands of the clock. You will have a first glimpse of how to tell the time!

· 3 years old · 14 pages · 2510”xx2510”cm.

WHEN I GROW UP five shaped characters explain how amazing is what they do. Kids are invited to choose what they think is their favorite vocation.

· +5 years old · 12 pages · 2911.4”x 22x 8.6” cm 23


101 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Turn the wheel and you will find the answers to different questions about kid’s favorite subjects.

· +5 years old · 12 pages 11” · 2510”xx27,5 cm. 24



A great gift-book that will help kids learning how to spell the first words.

These two irresistible themed-cases include three little board books on kid’s favorite subjects.

· +5 years old · 14 pages 7.4” x 11” · 18,5 x 27,5 cm.

years old · 3 x 12 pages · 3Books: cm · Box: 6.64.6x 9.6x 4.6inch.inch.16,511,5x 24x 11,5 cm · 25

TALES IN A BOX With this box set, kids play with press-out characters and detailed settings to retell their favorite classic stores in a highly interactive format. The kit includes: This format includes:

· A house setting · Press-out characters · A 12-page board book

· +3 years old · 12 pages 7” x 9.7” · Book:17,9 x 24,9 cm Box: 7.2” x · 18,5 x 10”. 25,5 cm 26

Seven titles available:

· Tooth Mouse · Tooth Fairy · Three Piglets · Little Red Riding Hood · The Very First Christmas · Snow White · Goldilocks




This set composed of four beautifully-illustrated board books in a carry-bag, will allow kids to take and read their favorite classic tales everywhere they go. Includes four titles:

· The Three Little Pigs · Snow White and the seven Dwarfs · Little Red Ridding Hood · Goldilocks and the three bears

· +3 years old · 12 pages each book x 5.6” · Book: 4.1” 10,4 x 14,4 cm x 11.5” · Box: 9.7” 24,7 x 29,3 cm 28



A bind-up of five classic tales in two eye-catching formats. Special for a great gift ! Contents:

· The Three Little Pigs · Snow White and the seven Dwarfs · Little Red Ridding Hood · Goldilocks and the three bears · Tooth Fairy

· +3 years old · 60 pages · 7”17,9x 9.7” x 24,9 cm 29

THE BEST PRESENT OF THE WORLD What would the very best present in the world be? Check out the pop-ups and gatefolds in this book to find out.

· +3 years old · 14 pages · 10.8” x 11” / 27,5 x 28 cm.

I MEAN IT! What would happen if parents ever decided not to tidy up after their kids? Tons of pop-up fun!

· 14 pages 10.8” x 11” · 27,5 x28 cm. 30

LITTLE STAR This beautiful and inspiring story is retold through state-of-the-art illustrations and great pop-ups. You will see that this is a very special novelty book, beginning with its unique cover!

· +3 years old · 10 pages · 10.86” x 10.86” / 27,5 x 27,5 cm.


LEO’S ROPE When people learn what little Leo is trying to achieve, they all join him in pulling and pulling his cowboy rope.

· +3 years old · 10 pages x 10.86” · 10.86” 27,5 x 27,5 cm. JE DÉCOUVRE L’HAUTE COUTURE A first glimpse into the thrilling world of Haute Couture. Includes sample pieces by some of the most famous designers and a mannequin.

· 4-7 years old · 32 pages · 11” x 11.5” / 25,8 x 28 cm. 32

CLAUDIA & CLAUDE Two very special characters meet for the first time in this tremendously inspiring story. You never can tell what your best friend will look like before you meet for the first time!

· +4 years old · 10 pages · 8.8” x 10” / 22,5 x 25,5 cm.


THE COLORS OF YOUR EMOTIONS This irresistible story will help kids identify their different feelings and moods. Based on the best-selling picture book by Anna Llenas.

· +3 years old · 32 pages 9.2” x 10.8” · 23,5 x 27,5 cm. 34

THE GREATEST FLIGHT EVER Join Thomas’ paper airplane on an incredible flight and find out why he feels so proud of himself!

· +5 years old · 18 pages · 10.6” x 10.6” / 27 x 27 cm.

Includes a poster with step-by-step folding instructions for ten amazing paper airplanes!



TITLE! LET’S DISCOVER Tons of basic information and curious facts about the human body with enriching pop-ups.

· +5 years old · 16 pages 10.3” x 9” · 26,5 x 23 cm.


MAGNETIC ATLAS This simple but tremendously eye-catching format will help kids discover all the continents from the best point of view.

Further to displaying relevant and curious information in different layers for every continent, this atlas includes shaped magnet pieces with which kids will be able to build a world map.

· +6 years old · 24 pages + PVC · 11.8” x 10.6” / 30 x 27 cm. 37

MY FIRST SOLAR SYSTEM Watch the planets orbit around the sun while reading amazing facts about our neighbor planets.


· +6 years old · 14 pages · 10.75” x 12.75” / 27,2 x 31,1 cm

GLOBE BOOKS Discover the world in an exciting new way! These titles come with a globe that kids can inflate and stick to the spine of the book to locate the different continents mentioned in the text and illustration. The globe can be deflated and stored in the clamshell blister, allowing for easy storage. You’ll be able to take the world anywhere!

· +6 years old · 14 pages x 12.75” · 10.75” 27,2 x 31,1 cm +400.000

copies sold in 10 languages!


100 GREAT INVENTIONS OF ALL TIMES Follow the history of mankind through 100 great inventions. Find out what the Greeks, the Romans and the prehistoric peoples invented in this terrific book.

Each spread shows a comprehensive scene including 10 inventions, which are explained in a booklet. Includes state-of-the-art illustrations by Sebastià Serra.

· +6 years old · 24 pages · 10” x 11” / 25,6 x 28,3 cm 40

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 RIDDLES This novelty book featuring magnificent illustrations by Sebastià Serra shows 10 different scenes from around the world. Each spread contains 10 hidden original riddles related to the location in question. The questions and answers are revealed through two die-cut windows and a spinning wheel inserted between the pages. Kids will be able to challenge their minds while travelling around the world!

· +6 years old · 24 pages · 10” x 11” / 25,6 x 28,3 cm 41

CHESS BOOK Learning how to play chess can be easy and fun! This book will teach kids the rules of the game and how to move pieces about the board. Move your pieces well, and soon you’ll be ready to win!


· +6 years old · 22 pages · 10.8” x 11” / 27,5 x 28 cm

BUILD YOUR OWN AMAZING MACHINES Do you know just how much you can do with craft-sticks? It only takes a few very common materials and some clear step-by-step instructions to build as many as 24 fantastic models, including propeller cars, helicopters, bridges or even catapults!

· +6 years old · 24 pages 18.6” x 7.8” / 22 x 20 cm · Book: Box: 11.7” x 10.54” / 30 x 27 cm 43



A clever format with gatefolds to clearly explain how very common things that surround us have changed from the time of our elders.

· +6 years old · 20 pages + 20 gatefols · 10” x 11” / 25,7 x 28,5 cm




Clear text with basic information and images enriched with novelty elements: the perfect way to stimulate curious minds!

· +6 years old · 20 pages · Book: 9.8” x 9.8” / 25 x 25 cm 45

THE HUMAN BODY This novelty book is a first approach to understanding how our bodies work. Kids will discover amazing facts related to how we breathe, feed, move and grow. We only have one body, so we’d better take good care of it!


· +6 years old · 24 pages · 10” x 11” / 25,6 x 28,3 cm

OPTICAL ILLUSIONS Do you believe everything you see? Learn how sight works and how surprising optical illusions can really be through fun and simple experiments. Includes magic glasses, spinning discs and other fun gadgets!

· +6 years old · 24 pages x 10.2” · 12.1” 31 x 26,1 cm


FANTASMOLOGY Meet these three unique experts as they unveil the darkest mysteries – if you dare! This pop-up book set comes with state-ofthe-art illustrations and four thrilling novels.

· 4-7 years old · 32 pages · 11” x 11.5” / 25.8 x 28 cm. 48



If you plug your headphones into this book, you’re guaranteed to learn tons about music.

With all the tools you need to complete more than 100 fun and educational activities.


· 4-7 years old · 22 pages 10” x 7.3” · 25.5 x 18.5 cm.


· 4-7 years old · 14 pages · 10” x 10” / 25.5 x 25.5 cm.


Learning can be so fun!


We at Lupita Books are proud to promote the revamping of this evergreen preschool character. From TV to interactive formats, stationery, apparel and tools, we will strive to bring him to all those little ones who enjoy learning through observation.

Š Violeta Denou







DORA The explorer





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