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Lupé is quite simply wine for one. Wine designed to go where glass can’t while offering a great tasting wine in a neat, convenient, flexible package. Class without glass.

Too often people at picnics, outdoor events and festivals and out on the water are forced into drinking things they wouldn’t usually choose. At last Lupé gives wine drinkers a way to drink quality wine in a way that suits their lifestyle.Lupé is a single serve wine offering varieties people love from regions they know.

The Wine Revolution Beer did it...

Spirits did it...

Why hasn’t wine?

Lupé is set to change the way people buy and consume wine 1. 2. Sauvignon Blanc



Wine Region

Sauvignon Blanc Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria Vintage 2011 Volume 187ml Std Drinks 1.9 Alcohol 12.9%

Wine Region

Chardonnay Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria, Australia Vintage 2011 Volume 187ml Std Drinks 1.9 Alcohol 13.5%

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

This wine has a citrus nose that opens into a bright zingy palate full of refreshing lemon and lingering notes of passion fruit with a long crisp finish.

This wine has delicate citrus, lemon butter and herbal aromas. A fresh and well balanced palate with seamless integration of fruit with just a hint of oak.



Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Region

Rosé Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria, Australia Vintage 2010/11 Volume 187ml Std Drinks 1.8 Alcohol 12.6%

Wine Region

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes With chocolate aromas, subtle oak spice and a palate of dark fruit, this well balanced wine finishes long and full bodied.

This luscious rosé exhibits raspberry and sweet rose petal characters with a clean fresh finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria Vintage 2008 Volume 187ml Std Drinks 1.9 Alcohol 13.5%

The Single Serve increased sales by 400% in a single outdoor event. - Jim Cooke, Catering Manager Watford Football Club

Lupé Wines named Top Start-Ups to watch 2012 Since Wine Innovations Launch in the UK they have expanded rapidly into a range of market segments: Retail : Marks & Spencer, 500 stores, 21,000 units sold per week. Outdoor Concerts : Take That 200,000 units sold Catering : Bookers Wholesale 50,000 units sold per week. Hotels : Marriot Hotels England sales increase of 50% Transport : Arriva Rail, sales increase of 22%.

Belinda Kleinig, Marks & Spencer Winemaker

‘We are delighted with the success of Le Froglet Shiraz, not only has it proved a huge hit with our consumers but it has impressed the Decanter judges as well. This is a really exciting step for M&S – our research has shown that our customers really like the greater convenience of lighter weight bottles so we thought we’d take it one step further with great quality wine ready to drink from a glass.’The glasses are merchandised in our ‘Food on the Move’ section and has been very successful amongst commuters, office workers enjoying lunch in the park, impromptu picnics and tourist hot spots.

Shatter proof packaging reduces safety issues. No glass bottle rubbish to worry about. Consumption awareness with standard drinks per glass clearly marked. Tamper evident seal Reduced carbon footprint through: Less packaging Refrigeration time Logistical costs


Georgia Beattie is a young entrepreneur who wants to change the way we enjoy wine. After growing up on the water and amongst the many sporting and social events in Melbourne, Georgia has applied her entrepreneurial degree to create a wine package that suits her lifestyle. The Single Serve is quite simply wine-for-one. LupĂŠ gives wine drinkers a way to drink quality wine that suits an active lifestyle, offering varieties people love regions they know. The Beattie family are no strangers to the wine industry, Georgia started picking grapes for her dad, a winemaker, when she was eight. These days the family continues to make wine and also owns a few boutique bottle shops in Melbourne.

Lupé Profile Overview  
Lupé Profile Overview  

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