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June 28, 2013



Publisher's Letter

Content Welcome to BOO YA!

Welcome to BOO YA!, the Teen Online Magazine made by teens. BOO YA! is a project developed with 8th grade students at Panamby Bilingual School, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The whole idea of the project is to engage students and put them in contact with the entire process of designing and creating a magazine. So they were active members in all steps, from deciding which sections should be included to chosing a good brand name and a logo. Then, researching the topics, writing the News Articles, revising and publishing them in a bloglike website was the next step. To conclude the project, it was necessary to promote the magazine among other students and within the school's community, a task that was beautifully done with the creation of flyers and leaflets and also word of mouth marketing.

So, whenever you feel like getting to know a bit more of what teens actually like and are interested about, you can

Keep Calm and Go BOO YA!


BOO YA! Team






















Projeto Tamar new attraction: Sea cockroach

In an attraction called Submarine, you can see and touch a sea cockroach in Projeto Tamar for five dollars.

In Projeto Tamar Praia do Forte, a new

this type of animal is omnivorous, in

attraction is making the public crazy.

other words, they eat whatever is in

This fascination is called Submarine

front of them, meat and plants.

and only for five dollars! There is where

you can see animals that are found

In this attraction, firstly you sit in a room

under 1,700m below the surface. In

and watch a 6-minute video about

Submarine you can see the king crab,

beyond the sea and its animals, then

a crustacean that can reach 2 meters;

you enter a room with no light, because

also, there is a hag fish (Myxini

where these animals live the sunlight

formes). But the stupendous thing is

doesn’t reach. That’s why the guide just

that you see and touch a Sea

turns on the light when there are

cockroach (Ligia oceanica). This type of

tourists in the room.

animal is found below 700m under sea,

Felipe Simões Pereira de Souza



Bats attacking Penguins

Innocent penguins have been attacked by horrible bats at Atacama Desert southern Peru.

The researchers discovered the surprising

These birds predominate near a cavern

news when they were observing how the

where cute creatures rest and defend

penguins react with other species (during

themselves. But still, the pitiless bats were

the 165 they’ve stayed).in addition, when

able to feed from the little chicks, which

they analyzed the tape they got shocked,

were more distractive. The hungry bats

shameless bats were biting the tiny

would attack at dawn when no light or

vulnerable animals. Although they’ve seen

almost no light remained.

bite marks on penguins, they’ve also found

in sea lions.

The scientists, when they saw the video,

couldn’t believe the bats were feeding on

The Humboldt species lives near the

creatures. This action has never been

coastal south of America where they

recorded before.

reproduce, protect from the harmless sea lions’ colony and hunt for fish.

Patrick Peebles



Fat hamster Larry gets stuck in a tube

Larry is a grey and white colored hamster. It is very fat. Its owner is Gustavo Izzo 13, the guy that gives lots of food to Larry so it can’t lose weight after so much effort on exercises.

3rd of January 2013 was the date Larry got

Gustavo said he would try to pull it out but

stuck trying to take his food up to his

he couldn’t. They needed to call a

“house”. Before it got stuck, Gustavo was

carpenter so he could break off the tube to

changing its food pot. Larry got as much

take Larry out. “This was the strangest

food he could before Gustavo took its pot.

case I’ve ever seen!” Told the carpenter.

“Come on Larry, your food is back!” said

Gustavo with a strange look at Larry who

Larry is still alive thank God. He lost some

was stuck. “Larry was doing some strange

weight and is healthy and happier than

noises trying to get out.” Told Gustavo

ever. Gustavo learned he wont give Larry

so much food again to Larry so it doesn’t get stuck again.

Gustavo Izzo


New Collection

The shop Poah is coming with the new winter collection!

Poah is a store where girls can buy

In addition to buying those clothes, you

everything they want, it’s a shop for girls

enter Poah´s website,

from 6 to 16. There isn’t a place for Poah,

there you can find the number of Renata,

it is at Renata´s house, the designer and

then you call her and she will go to your

owner of the store. Finally, the new

house with a bag that has the new winter

collection is coming with new shirts, skirts

collection and an envelope. However, you

and pants for this season.

choose what you want and take it out of

the bag, and put the money inside the

Firstly, the most beautiful piece of Poah

envelope. She will go to your house and

are the shirts, that have new prints, for

get the bag.

example a combie, a forever symbol, a

skull, YOLO symbol and some of them

Concluding, Poah is a confection where

have laser cut on the back. And the skirts

you choose what you want. In each

have tapestries, for example zig zag,

season it launches a new collection that

snake and others. There are also the pants

has new and remarkable clothes. So, if

(leggings) with colors that are really

you want to call Renata, she will give you

adorable, the colors are: gray, purple and

what you want.

blue. All of those clothes are very stylish because of the bright colors.


Luiza Zatiti Monsanto de Paula


Costume’s winter/fall collection

Costume is a store for teenagers and for women. It is on sale up to 50 percent.

Costume is a Brazilian clothing store for

crosses and frills, and there is lace on the

teenagers and adult woman. The store

pants and shorts. Besides the color black

was created on 1 January 1985.The brand

and white, Costume also uses red and

started by selling knits and sweaters; as

green on most of the pieces. Also T-shirts

time went by, it became reference for

have details on the collar and cuff with

teenagers, by also manufacturing

application that makes them exclusive.


Moreover, Costume has accessories like

belts, bracelets, necklaces and scarfs.

The first store was opened at Iguatemi

shopping mall. Nowadays, Costume has

Always at the end season, the pieces go

12 stores, located at different shopping

on sale, because they have to get ready

malls. Costume is expensive, and it

for the next collection, for example, at the

became famous because most teenagers

end of summer, summer pieces go on sale

wear it.

to give space for a new fall collection that

will arrive. You can buy online or at the

Costume has a new winter collection for

store. Costume is a good store and has

2013.The color trend of this collection is

different and beautiful clothes. 

black and white. Almost all T-shirts have Julia Sanz Iglesias 9


Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman friendship

The Disney Channel “Shake it Up” stars, Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman are friends in real life.

The comedy series introduces the best friends, CeCe Jones, as well as Rocky Blue, whose dreams of becoming professional come true when they become background dancers on the most popular teen dance show, “Shake it Up, Chicago”.

Shake it Up premiered on November 7, 2010 and has confirmed its third season on June 4, 2012. The American show is recorded in Disney Channel’s Hollywood Studios.

For the show, the girls had to learn how to dance, although both enjoy dancing. They, also recorded three music videos for Shake it Up, “Watch Me”, “Something to dance for” and their new music video “Fashion is my kryptonite”. The last one was posted on Disney Channel’s Youtube account in August, 2012. The music was recorded during “Shake it Up special episode-Japan”.

Although, the 15-year-old, Bella and 16-year-old, Zendaya, didn’t know each other before “Shake it Up” began and they met there, they became really close and now, they stay the whole time together. They usually go out to places, such as Starbucks or the shopping mall, during the recording breaks. Both of them live now in Los Angeles, California, which makes them closer.

According to Zendaya, you can’t be bored near Bella because she is full of energy. But, Zendaya is really shy. So, they balance each other, every time. Bella commented about her relationship with Zendaya and said: “When we met, there was energy. It was like we were meant to be together”.

They are actually really different. Bella is messy, however, Zendaya is clean and is a perfectionist. But, they do have similarities, such as their favorite movie, which is “White Chicks”.

The girls also played the “BFF Frenemies Game”, which is a question game that evaluates how much you love your best friend. At the end, Bella won.

Manuela de Souza Silva Faria


All about Haylor: what actually happened

You thought you knew all about the big Haylor scandal, well, here’s what actually happened.

Ok, here you’ll read about a topic that’s been flipping teen girls’ heads (including myself!) since November: it’s Haylor! Meanwhile, as a directioner, I didn’t really think they’d last, but as a writer, I’ll state the facts and only the facts!

It all started back in March, when Harry Styles and Taylor Swift first met during One Direction’s Up All Night Tour (2012) in North America. Since then, they’ve had a crush on each, but Taylor was with Conor Kennedy for a while. Then, in November of last year (2012) – after she broke up with Kennedy – 1D had a show in NYC at Madison Square Garden, they were caught (T.Swift and Harry S.) walking around together in Central Park. That’s when everybody flipped! From then on, Taylor received a lot of hate tweets and hate mail, and everybody (well, most people) disapproved their relationship. But what made most directioners crazy was their New Years Eve kiss!

Obviously, Harry and Taylor have had other boyfriends and girlfriends before their fling. Taylor is the one that has had the most (known) boyfriends out of the two. Some are Joe Jonas, Conor Kennedy, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Zac Efron, among others. Harry also dated a few famous people. From all of them , the relationship most people’ve heard about is his affair with Caroline Flack, XFactor UK host.

But soon, this Haylor thing came to an end when they went on vacation to the Caribbean. There have been rumors of a big fight they had during the trip. Additionally, some people have been saying that T.Swift said “You are lucky to even be with me!”

As a typical “Taylorish” move, it seemed that she was trying to get “revenge” on Harry in two situations. Situation number one: at the Grammy’s, when she sang “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, in the part of the song when she was talking on the phone, she made a strong British accent. Situation number two: in her “22” video, she dressed an awful lot like Harry. Was it a “coincidence”, or did she mean something by it? Nice move, hum Taylor!

Little curiosity • Taylor has dated over 10 guys in the past 3 years • The video clip of Kiss You released the day that the press discovered that the Haylor affair ended.

Olivia Donohue de Rezende



Exercises. Do they stress or calm us down?

Although many people think workouts let us tired and sweaty, workouts can also make our stress resistance increase and our anxiety decrease.

Doctors recently discovered that working

University of Colorado made researches

out can stress out people. Usually, when

using rats to see if even people who are

most people work out, the exercise

forced to exercise get their stress declined.

elevates their mood, increases stress

resistance, it decreases anxiety, and it also

The first thing the scientists did was

lessens symptoms of depression and

aggregate a group of adult rats. Next, they

generally leave vivacious. Do people who

gave some of them access to running

are forced to do workouts and don’t like

wheels so they could exercise, freely. The

them, get their stress reduced?

scientists observed that the rats would run

fast and then do a pause and go slower.

For a long time exercise scientists have

After another group of rats were used,

analyzed this question, but they never

however this time the scientists would

really get an answer. That is why scientists

control them. The scientists made the rats

at the Center for Neuroscience at the

run part of the day when they would be 12

Health exercising and subsequently stopping, just

The rats were volatile and well-adjusted.

like the non manipulated rats did, thus

naturally the results were equivalent to the

After all the experiment, the doctors finally

ones of the voluntary runners were

got an answer to their problem. Even

equivalent to the ones of the voluntary

forced accomplishments increases stress


resistance. It was tested that even if you

don’t want or like to exercise, meanwhile

After some time a third group of rats was

when you finish your accomplishment, you

managed. This time the rats would run on

will fell happier, less anxious and more

little treadmills at a constant speed. The


treadmills didn’t allow the rats practiced or

remained inactive. All of the rats practiced

At the really end of the experiment,

or remained relaxing during six weeks.

Dr.Greenwood was still asking himself why

Last but not least the rats were exposed to

didn’t the treadmill runners get less

stressing experiences.

anxious and he got to a conclusion. The

way the exercise was done. The treadmill

The next day the rats were laid in a cage

runners were not allowed to run and stop,

designed to measure the levels of anxiety

they ran continuously. He also got to

or confidence, if they stood still or hided on

another conclusion. The way you exercise

the dark corners of the cage, they were

may infer on your emotional impacts, it will

advised as highly anxious or kinetic. The

change a lot the way you’re going to be, if

ones that exercised on the treadmill and

you exercise continuously, than if you work

the ones that didn’t work out showed they

out a lot stopping sometimes.

were exceedingly uneasy. They chilled and

ran to the darkest corner of the cage. Just

The last but not least conclusion

the opposite of the rats that exercised on

Dr.Greenwood and the scientists had, was,

the treadmill and didn’t exercise, the ones

“The study is a useful reminder that

who exercised on the running wheels,

exercise is a proven, inexpensive and non-

were extremely confident and were

pharmacologial means of combating

walking around, and even going to lighten

stress- even, as it turns out, the stress of


feeling that you should be exercising.”


Isabela A. M. C. Ribeiro


How to take care of your skin

Some tips and advices to keep your skin beautiful and young.

While I was surfing the, I found where

fall we need to do an exfoliating body

Dr. David Goldberg told us how we

wash. In winter we need to use a

need to take care of our skin, to be

moisturizer because contains glycerin

always beautiful in the four season. So

for extra hydration; furthermore use

here are some tips, in summer you can

hand cream and wear gloves to protect

use sunscreen, for example, or use

them from the cold. In spring we need

foundation that contains sunscreen that

to discard replace skin products over

helps prevent wrinkles and skin cancer,

two years old. With this tips you will be

you should also drink eight glasses of

beautiful in the four seasons.

water a day for proper hydration and try

coconut water for added nutrients. In

Dr. David Goldberg also said how we 14

Health need to take care of dry or oily skin. In

showers nothing hot because it can dry

dry skin we need to apply body oil all

your skin.

over your face and follow with

Second tip: it’s really important to sleep

moisturizer; additionally use a

8hours, because this keeps your skin

moisturizing bar or body wash that

beautiful. When you get enough rest

doesn’t strip skin of nutrients. In oily

your whole body stays calm and is that

skin we need to use non-comedogenic

what makes your skin looking health.

moisturizers that don’t block pores but

Third tip: sugar con actually break

still hydrate. Don’t over wash skin

down the color in your skin, so don´t

because it can cause it to produce

eat too much sugar.

more oil; you should also use a

Fourth tip: 10 minutes a day of

benzoyl-peroxide wash to reduce acne

exercises can make a big difference in

causing bacteria. With this tips your

keeping your skin looking great, and

skin will be always beautiful.

can be anything, just a walking, for


Now I will give you some additional


With this tips you will be always

First tip: long showers dry your skin

beautiful for everyone, and for every

and you need to keep your skin max,


you need to be sure to take tapped

Juliana Leal Ibrahim



Snow Storm in Europe

A very powerful snow storm has just happened in Europe

Swaths of northern Europe were in the grip of snow, ice and high winds Tuesday, damaging roads and causing disruption to rail and air travelers. Additionaly, many plane companies such as Eurostar canceled their trips and told passengers to stay at home.

In additon to the snow, winds have gusted to 50 and 60 kilometers per hour 931 to 37 mph, consequently making travel even more dificult. The strom also caused problems for drivers, with some trapped in their vehicles over night by accidents and road closures.

About 10,000 passengers were affected because of the trip cancellations and because of the train cancellations, about 27 scheduled trains couldn’t make trips. The bad weather can also affect services on Wednesday with further cancellations.

Northern Europe was the most affected place with some locations seeing up to the fourty centimiters, 16 inches of snow, however, there were also other places in Europe like a part in the south that was also affected.

Passengers that couldn’t travel will be offered exhange on refunds and after they will also be offered to travel next week. 700 out of the 1238 flights have been cancelled affecting 7,000 passengers.

Conditions should improve at the end of the day on Wednesday, but the cold temperature will remain through the end of the week.

Nicole Lustig



Stargazers get ready for Pan-STARRS

Stargazers gearing up for this weekend's close encounter with the comet Pan-STARRS may be able to get an even better view than they expected. 

Eclipse Travel, a German travel company

The Bonn-based astronomical travel

based in Bonn, will take 88 people to see

company has teamed up with charter

the comet from a plane, flying 11

agency Air Partner and Air Berlin to

kilometers (36,000 feet) above the Earth.

organize a Boeing 737-700 flight, AB1000,

for its first comet observation trip.

Pan-STARRS is expected to have the

longest visible tail length and span next

The one-time flight will follow a zig-zag

Saturday, March 16, when the flight is

flight plan to give all passengers the best

taking place. Eclipse Travel claims the

possible views. Flyers can reserve two

flight will give even better views of the

adjoining seats or an entire row if they

comet than those on the ground.

don't want to share the window. 

Laura Chryzman Danielides 17


The Avengers

The movie “The Avengers”, released in 2012, became the third highest-grossing film of all times.

The movie “The Avengers”, produced by Kevin Feige, and directed by Joss Whedon, is a Disney cast film inspired by Marvel’s superhero comics. The film, about “Nick Furry’s (boss of S.H.I.E.L.D.) brings together six superheroes to form “the avengers”, to help save the Earth from Loki (Thor’s adoptive brother) and his army (the Chitauri). It includes Iron Man, a playboy and philanthropist (played by Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America, a World War II veteran, frozen in suspended animation before waking up in the modern world ( played by Chris Evans), Hulk, a genius scientist who exposes himself , during an experiment, to gamma radiation, and transforms into a monster, when agitated (played by Mark Ruffalo), Thor, the crown prince of Asgard (played by Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow, a highly trained spy (played by Scarlett Johansson), and Hawkeye, a trained agent and a master archer (played by Jeremy Renner).

This movie began its filming in New Mexico. After one month, the secondary filming took place in Pittsburg; Pennsylvania; Ohio; New York City; and at the NASA Plum book Station. The film was released in 2012, but its planning was developed since April, 2005. It got so successful it grossed $1.51 billion worldwide, becoming the third highest grossing film of all times.

“The Advengers” got so successesful that they are planning to premier in 2015 the film “The Avengers II”, which also reunites the six Marvel superheroes to pull the world out of a terrible disaster, when an unexpected enemy called Thanos threats global security. They are also planning to add Spiderman into the film, which they aren’t exactly sure because Spiderman is from Sony. The actors will have an increase, since the first film was the third highest grossing film. The one who should have the largest increase is Scartlett Johansson, who became the “darling” of Hollywood.

Giulia D. Bussmann



All about Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is an American science fiction drama movie directed by Gary Ross, based on Suzanne Collins´ book.

The movie takes place in a postapocalyptic democracy of Panem build up by 12 districts, where certain boys and girls between the ages of 12-18 must participate in the Hunger Games, a televised annual event in which “tributes” are demanded to fight to death until there is one remaining victor. Firstly, the story begins with a girl called Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) who volunteers to take her younger sister’s place in the games. With Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), the movie involves many conflicts and rivalries between the characters and every kid which had being chosen will try to survive.

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the leading actresses, was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She is Karen and Gary Lawrence´s daughter, and since she young she acted in church plays, and around her 14 years, she began her real actress career.

Josh Hutcherson, however, as born on October 12th, 1992. He first began working as an actor in 2000 and so he went on performing and acting in different movie genres. He makes many other movies as well.

From the day the movie was first realized, the Hunger Games movie have been making a huge success.

Naomi L. Goldenberg


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” was published on February 1st, 1999 and the movie came out in 2012, directed by the author (Stephen Chbosky).

“The Perks Being a Wallflower” was

(Charlie), Nina Dobrey (Candance),

first a best seller and in September

Jonny Simmons (Brad), Ezra Miller

21st, 2012 it became a movie. The

(Patrick), Paul Rudd ( Mr. Anderson),

movie became a big hit, it was more

Emma Watson (Sam), Mae Whitman

successful than the book. By getting

(Mary Elizabeth), Nicholes Braun

that much popularity, the movie

(Ponytail Derek), Julia Garner (Susan).

received many awards, for itself and

Many of the actors are really famous.

the actors and actresses. The main

characters were: Logan Lerman

The movie talks about a fifteen-year20

Movies old boy named Charlie that is passing

received 29 million dollars worldwide.

through the suicide of his friend Michel.

There were many sound tracks

To lessen the fear and excitement of

including “Could it be another change?”

starting high school alone, Charlie

“Come on Ellen, “Tugboat”, “Asleep”,

starts to write a letter to a stranger,

“Low”, “Teenage Ruot”, “Dear God”,

someone he heard was nice, but has

“Heroes”, “Evensong”, etc. It was a

never met in person. At school, he

good soundtrack choice.

makes a new friend and mentor in his

English class, professor Bill. Then at a

Mainly, there were positive critics about

school game he meets Patrick and his

the movie; also the lead cast received

step-sister, Sam, that later on became

positive comments about their acting.

his two BFFs during the school year,

Some critics had a less positive

Charlie has his first date and his first

response to the film, with the main

kiss, he deals with bullies, he

criticism being that the portrayal of

experiments drugs and drinking, and he

teenage issues is idealized and casting

makes friends, loses them and gains

uninspired. In the movie they transmit

them back. Charlie hopes to get out of

an inspiring message, which is: “We

his head and into the real world,

accept the love we think we disserve”.

participating in life instead of just

Also it passes the message that you

watching it fly by.

are not alone and that what you are

going through is valid and deserves

In addition, it was filmed in Pittesburgh,

respect and to be celebrated. If people

Pennsylvania, started on May 9th and

are feeling down the movie gives a

ended on June 29th, 2011. The movie

sense of hope.

Camila Camarero Lima



Somebody that I used to know

Gotyes’ song "Somebody that I used to know" won the Grammy awards 2013 as hit of the year.

Subsequently, the song also reached

views. Finally, all of Gotyes’ effort has

the number one on the Billboard hot

been rewarded when he sold more

100. It’s pop music and it has the

than 7 million CD copies , and , turned

participation of Neo-zelander Kimbra.

one of the most sold hits in all times.

The Grammyes’ hit of the year was the

Born on 21 May, 1980 Gotye is

first music position in: Australia, United

bilingual, speaking Dutch and English.

Kingdom, the USA, and in 23 more

He also speaks some Japanese, which

countries. In Brazil it reached the 39th

he learned at the university.

position on the Billboard. Until 2012 it

had already become the most celled

The singer earned with the song in

music in English territory. On YouTube

Austria, the US and the UK in 959,059,

it has much more than 37890361

71 dollars.

Francesca Bruna Boscarioli Ramenzoni 22


“Don’t you worry child”

“Don’t you worry child” the best song ever. By Swedish House Mafia shown in the famous website Billboard, that has more than 708 million followers.

Swedish House Mafia, a group of three Swedish boys: Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. They started the group in 2008 and they are still together. Their most famous song “Don’t you worry child” is still played on radios all over the world. Swedish House Mafia’s clip of the music on Youtube has plentiful of viewers, more than 6311005 spectators.

Anyhow, they created other songs like: “Get dumb (feat. Laidback Luke)”; “Leave the world behind (part.Deborah Cox and Laidback Luke); in addition, “One” (part. Pharell Williams); also “Miami 2 Ibiza” (part.Tenie Tempah); “Save the world” (part.John Martin); etc. But “Don’t you worry child” was the song that made them really famous DJs, producers, writers and singers.

However, the Swedish House Mafia released the song five months ago in October, 2012. Due to it, they were winners of MTV Europe Music Awards for best Swedish Act in 2012. One of the factors of this Grammy Award was the message of the song, it’s wonderful. It says that even if everything is horrible, you don’t need to worry because heaven’s got a plan for you. The music is electronic mixed with pop.

This music is so exciting that it is shown on the coolest site called “Billboard”. On Billboard there are the hot 100 songs; music of all genres; Billboard 200 music; International; videos; photos; artists; many new articles and much more. Go to http://

Ilana Kotler 23


Rock in Rio in September

Rock in Rio is back in September of this year. It is back after the last show which was in 2011. Many good singers are coming to Rio de Janeiro.

Rock in Rio begins on September 13th,

Mars and Capital Inicial are presenting.

a Friday, and it ends on a Sunday,

At Sunset Stage, Electronic and Rock

September 22nd. On the first day,

Street, there are no singers or bands

Beyoncé, Ivete Sangalo and Cazuza-O

scheduled for September 14th. On

poeta está vivo are playing on World

Sunday, September 15th, there are

Stage. There is still a spot for an artist

only two spots left for a show at World

on Friday 13th. For singers and bands

Stage, the other two spots are being

for the Sunset Stage, Electronic and

occupied by the pop star Justin

Rock Street, like wise there is nothing

Timberlake and Jota Quest. On the

schedule yet. On Saturday, September

other hand, the only show on

14th, at World Stage, Muse, Florence

September 15th at Sunset Stage, is

and the Machine, Thirty Seconds to

Ivan Lins with George Benson’s. At 24

Music Electronic and Rock Street stages

Stage, and the other stages there is

there is no information yet. Then there

nothing scheduled.

are no shows on 16th, 17th and on

18th of September, on the other hand,

Rio de Janeiro is going to be a mess

Thursday, September 19th, Rock in Rio

but they are used to it, since Rock in

continues. At World Stage, the one and

Rio was created in 1985, with it first

only Metallica, Alice in Chains, Ghost

presentation in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro

B.C. and Sepultura with Tambours de

they already had four chows, in 1985,

Branx are playing. There are no shows

1991, 2001, and 2011, on the other

scheduled on the other stages for the

hand there are more plans for more

19th. On Friday 20th Bon Jovi, Nickel

shows, this in year and in 2012. Lisboa,

Back, Match Box Twenty and Frejat are

Portugal, had five presentations and its

playing at World Stage. Ben Harper is

next presentation is going to be in

playing at Sunset Stage and there are

2014. Madrid had three shows and

no other shows scheduled for the other

Argentina is having its first.

stages. Saturday 21st, Bruce

Springsteen & the E Street Band, John

The tickets have begun selling on April

Mayer, Phillip Phillips and Skank are

4th. It was a big competition; the tickets

playing. Last but not least, on Sunday

are already sold out. If you want more

22nd, the last Rock in Rio day, Iron

information check the website: http://

Maiden, Avendged Sevenfold, Slayer 

and Kiara Rocks are playing on World

Gabriela Perez 



Corinthians will play Libertadores without cheering crowd

The Brazilian team will play without cheering crowd due to the death of Kevin Espada in Ururu on 20th of February.

Corinthians will play Libertadores 2013

toward San José’s crowd. At this

without a crowd, since the death of

moment, the flair hit Kevin Espada, a

Kevin Espada in the game against San

14-year-old boy. There were 12

José de Ururu, on the 20th of February

suspects, however, a youth admitted

in Ururu, Bolivia. What happened was

the crime, although, the other suspects

that when Corinthians scored a goal,

continue arrested. The flairs are sold

somebody released a signal flair

for R$125 and they reach 350km/ph. 26


In the last game, Corinthians played it

Firstly, the confederation decided

with a black strip on the arm to honour

Corinthians would have the punishment

the victim of the tragedy. Kevin used to

to play Libertadores 2013 without

live 300km away from Ururu, otherwise

cheering crowd. Some lawyers went to

Kevin watched a lot of San José

court to suspend the punishment, but

games, that was the first game he

the only thing they could do was play

watched on the stadium. He went with

without cheering crowd only when

his cousin, who said in an interview

playing without the mandant of the

Kevin was very excited. The youngster

stadium, for eighteen months in Copa

was also a fan of Boca Juniors and

Santander Libertadores.

Kaká, a Brazilian midfielder. After that,

San José scored a goal and the game ended in a tie of 1X1.

Rodrigo Larsson Vidigal



Playstation 4 News

The PS4 is one of the most awaited consoles for the next generation and, since 2011, some rumors have been up from the new console produced by Sony.

Firstly, the new console of Sony, the Playstation 4 has a new configuration and graphics never seen in games. The C.E.O. said it’s Sony’s “most powerful platform ever” will allow “world to come alive with greater fidelity and intensity.” Playstation cloud services will be rolled out in phases, with the ultimate goal being to give players access to all of their favorite PS2 and PS3 titles.

on it. Sony’s console will cost approximately four hundred dollars. The only game confirmed that will be exclusive for PS4 is Diablo IV.

Lots of people are anxious for the new design, but nobody knows how it will be. This anxiety will finish when Playstation 4 releases, but there is no date still. Maybe it will be released in E3 (game convention). Similarly to the PS3, the controller is the same. Maybe, the color will be black, but it isn’t known yet. The new controller was presented during the event “Playstation Meeting 2013”, held in New York City, United States, along with news and services related to the Playstation family of gaming.

The controller is new too. It has a touch pad in the middle and new analogics. But the revolutionary thing is the new button “share”; it is not known what it will do. It is also not known if Playstation 4 will be better or worse than the Xbox-720 because meanwhile Microsoft is working

Theo Armelin de Haro




GTA 5 comes with the longest story and map of all the series.

The new game of the series Grand Theft Auto (GTA), GTA5, will come in September 17 2013. It will be launched in USA, with a beginning price of 60 dollars. It will come for the platforms: ps3, xbox 360 and pc, also with the same prices and the same content. It will not have the same characters and or the map, but the producer said it will be the GTA with the best and longest story of all.

have a lot of nice cheats and it will be allowed to play online. The producer, Rockstar Games, still didn’t confirm what guns it will have but they only said it will have an enormous diversity.

GTA 5 will be similar to the other GTAs. However, the game will have three main characters: Michael, a gangster; Trevor, an ex-presider; and Franklin, a wanted man. The game will also have a huge story and the biggest maps of all the other GTAs. Like the other games of the series, it will

The game ( violent and allowed only for 16 years or older) will not be allowed in some countries because they think that if they let GTA 5 to be sold some people can copy and be violent, consequently killing someone.

Some gamers think that GTA 5 will be the best game of the year, similar to GTA 4, however, they think it took so long to be ready. 

Lucas Caligaris Fecuri



Minecraft in Schools

Minecraft is being used in schools for teaching

Every day, more and more teachers are

employing the world-building game

The game is being used to apprimorate

Minecraft to engage and educate students,

more than just computer skills. It lends

but they are using a Minecraft custom

itself to science, technology, engineering

game pack (that modifies the game) called

and math explorations. Additionally,

“mod�. The mod makes it easy to get the

language teachers are strengthening

game running smoothly and have the

societies function, and history teachers are

students playing together in no time. The

having their students recreate ancient

producers of this mod are the Minecraft

civilization. The students and the teachers

EDU owners, which is a small

are having a great experience. To make it

collaboration of a small team of educators

all accessible to your classroom, it costs

and programmers from the United States

$41 US dollars. In the future they will make

and Finland. The founders are working

a personal edition for people who want to

with Mojang AB, of Sweden, which are the

try at home. It will cost $7 US dollars. 

Minecraft designers, to carry on the game accessible to schools all around the world. Steven Thurler Crauford 30


A Story of Survival

After being abused by an aggressive husband, an Afghan woman restarted her life

The young Aesha Manammazai from

house, and she was adopted by an

Afghanistan was a victim of physical and

American family, who gave her treatment

mental abuse. They caught her and took

and now she have a younger sister, and

her to the top on a mountain, her legs and

she is okay.

arms were tied together.

In addition Aesha married him not just

She suffered a lot and not just from her

because she liked him, but because she

husband, but from his whole family. One

was obligated because her family had a

day she decided to run away ,and then

debt with his family, now she says she

they cut her ears and her nose, in

suffered a lot about it and that she didn’t

particular they were really bad people.

want to remember, above all she also sad

for everybody, the women’s never lose

After cutting her they ran away and let her

their hope on life, that is what she did, and

their alone, she fainted at the same time,

she is very well.

when she woke up and she went to a

Valentina Justo De Luca 32


Abigail and Brittany

Abigail and Brittany are Siamese twins, each one has a separate head, but their bodies are joined.

They are highly symmetric, giving the

They are normal twins just with their

appearance of heaving just a single body

bodies together, they are just like us.

with little variation from normal proportion.

Some of their organs are doubled up each

The twins were born in Carver Country,

twin has a separate heart, stomach, spine

Minnesota, on 7 of March in 1990. After

and spinal cord.

them they have a younger brother called

Dakota and one sister named Morgan. At

Each twin controls her half body, operating

age 12, they underwent surgery at Gillete

one of the arms and one of the legs. The

children’s healthcare to correct scdiosis

two of them can speak and do things

and to expand their chest cavity to prevent

normally, each one has her own

future problems with breathing, but now

personality, says different things, think

they are 16 years old and they are as well

different things.

as us and we hope to stay like that. 

Maria Victoria Trussardi 33


The pope resigned

The pope Benedict XVI resigned because he didn’t have more strength to do the pope’s obligations

On 28 February 2013 the pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Alois Rotzinger from Germany shocked the world by saying he was resigning to be pope.

The new pope was elected by the cardinals, the election happened in the Sistine Chapel, where only the cardinals can enter. When the Sistine Chapel chimney releases black smoke it means the pope wasn’t elected and when it releases white smoke it means the pope was elected.

Joseph said that he was resigning because he was too old (85 years old) and didn’t have more strength to do the pope’s obligations, so Joseph said it was to the church’s good.

On 14 March 2013, the new pope was elected at 3:06 pm at the Sistine Chapel. The new pope is Argentine and his name is Francis I. When he was elected thirty minutes of white smoke went out.

The pope Benedict XVI was elected on 19 April 2005 in Vatican, he was elected pope with 77 years old. After leaving the Vatican, Joseph is going to the summer castle of Vatican. That is Gandalf Castle.

Cecilia Cruz Lancellotti



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