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This magazine deals with very delicate issues. We tried to write about them with all the respect they deserve, and we hope that no one fells disrespected.

Does anyone think about the famlies of the addicts?

Amelia Griffin Austin, Texas, USA 20 August 2018 Dear editor, I usually read this magazine because it is very interesting and useful in my job. I am psychiatrist, specialist in addictions. It would be better if you can include some more scientific information. For example, how addictions affect your body and brain or addiction cycle. I would like to have the opportunity to have an interview so the readers could learn more about addictions and be more aware of that. You can make a change with a little part of everybody. The interview would be my part.

Joshua Hopkins San Francisco, California, USA 19 August 2018 Dear Editor, As a person who suffered addictions, I wish to provide some perspective from the story “Symptoms” that appeared in the last magazine. I think that the magazine developed well the issue of addictions and how it affects yourself and your social life. I feel very represented with the characters that appeared there. Everyone who has addictions have the same symptoms. At first you feel that everything is ok and normal. However, the symptoms would become several and it would cause death. It is difficult to realize what is happening inside the other person.

Amanda Hadley London, UK 21 August 2018 Dear editor, I have been a reader of this magazine for over a year now and I am always surprised by the accuracy of your stories. This time I want to let you know how inspiring was last week’s weekly case “The story of an addict”. My best friend struggled with addictions in the past and I found the two stories very similar. I believed you told the story perfectly and that lots of people can relate to it. I hope your stories and cases keep inspiring people the way they inspire me.

Amelia Anderson Los Angeles, USA 23 August 2018 Dear editor, I have a kid, well, he is not a kid anymore but for me he is still my child, I think he is suffering from an addiction to alcohol. I tried to talk to him but he didn’t listen to me and told me that he was ok, that he was not abusing from that substance. I really need help, what should I do? It would be amazing that in the next edition of the magazine you could include an article or some interview with a professional about how to treat an addict, and how parents can deal with the situation I can’t wait to read the next one.

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