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LUNGE December 2011

PUT THE BREAKS ON WEIGHT GAIN OVER CHRISTMAS... Losing weight for most of us may be impractical, however aiming to not gain any weight can be a very realistic goal for most, when our exercise output is at With Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time of year for Christmas functions, family and friend catch ups, and that all too good Christmas dinner. It’s also that time of year when our busy lifestyles become so hectic that something has to be sacrificed to fit in all in. That something unfortunately tends to be our weekly workout. So it’s not too hard to see why weight gain during the holiday season is a reality for most. Here’s my top 10 tips to putting the brakes on weight gain at Christmas...

Have a happy 2011 Christmas and an amazing New Year

1. Change your mind-set. Most festive season functions involve plenty of eating and drinking. Instead of indulging at parties, focus on maintaining everyday healthy eating rules and enjoying the social aspect of get-togethers. 2. Don’t stretch Christmas celebrations out for several weeks – stick to a day or two of indulgence only. 3. Monitor what you eat and drink. Don’t forget to count alcohol when you are adding up your calorie intake. 4. Don’t have a second helping at Christmas functions. 5. Don’t pile your plate too high. Grab a smaller plate to eat from. 6. Fill up on salad first and just have small portions of dessert, creamy dishes and meat. 7. Make the most of day light savings. Get outdoors for some walks, a hit of cricket with the family or even a swim at the beach. 8. During School holidays, organise the kids so you don’t miss out on your usual exercise routine. Get your partner to help out and share the load. Find an activity you can do with the kid and family. 9. Set yourself a goal of not gaining weight over the December period and put in place the practical strategies so you don’t fall off the wagon. 10. Weigh yourself each week. If you’ve put on a kilo, use that as a warning sign that you need to eat less or move more over the next few days.

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10 tips to stop weight gain  

10 tips to putting the breaks on weight gain over Christmas

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