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The Cycl Theatre The Cyclo Théâtre is a shadow theatre, designed to play short stories like a paper theatre where miniature rhymes with poetry.

The Cyclo-theatre is the outcome of an old dream which started taking shape on December 2007. The aim was to build a small mobile shadow theatre, easy to carry, a “catchall” theatre, in order to perform indoor as well as outdoor, day or night… a small scale world, like paper theatre where miniature rhymes with poetry.

It is a little castle on wheels designed to play different non-verbal short stories, for all ages and also to welcome up to 7 spectators at each performance. A parallelepiped of 1,70 metres high and 70 centimetres wide set on 3 wheels. On each side, 3 shutters show red curtains when opened; these are the two small theatre boxes: one where the technician works and the other one for the spectators (1 to 7) who put their heads through openings in the curtains meant for that purpose.

Since its creation, the Clair de Lune Theatre Company gives priority to non-verbal shadow theatre, making it open to all ages, and where music plays a double and essential part: in one hand, it gives inspiration to the stories and on the other hand, it is the narrator itself, telling the non-verbal tales. Poetry and burlesque humour lead us, taking a critical look and comments at nowadays’ matters. Through its creations in The Cylco-Theatre, the Boutique Fantasque and Faux Semblants, the Company wishes to deepen a fresh new look at the men/women relations and genders.

La Boutique Fantasque

Faux Semblants

In a famous theatre, a magician is performing a transformation trick. He thinks he can control everything and is full of himself; but his assistant, a woman, does not appreciate his behaviour and turns out to be cleverer than what she looks like!

The story of Little Red Riding Hood, who has a trick or two up her sleeve, Of a grandma who has an engineering degree, Of a Wolf who’s got to watch his step. A quite «cracked up» version from the original one where we are very much looking forward to seeing granny and Little Red Riding Hood take things in hand.

For all audiences from 3 years old

Paulo Ferreira Born in Portugal, Paulo Ferreira lives in Brussels for many years where he has studied illustration, comics and clown art. His will to create a shadow theatre comes from his love of puppets and the deep admiration he has for Lotte Reiniger, a german director of silhouette cartoons. His first steps in shadow playing is the adaptation of a tibetain tale called The life of Guésar de Ling. In 1990, Clair de Lune Théâtre is created. Thereafter, he creates the following plays: The Nightingale and the Emperor, Dances, The Circus is here, Dride and the magic Jewel, and in 2007, he imagines a Cyclotheatre where he plays The Fancy Boutique, Pretence. This ingenious little moving castle enables him to go from festival to festival throughout Europe.

Elise Dethier Born in Brussels, Elise Dethier has studied set design (scenography) in the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Liège and got graduated in urban and rural spaces in the ENSAV La Cambre.From 1997, she goes on training courses and professional experiences in different companies as the Arsenic, Biloxi 48, Le Public theatre, and the Opéra royal de la Monnaie. She directs La Boutique fantasque (the fancy boutique) and Faux-semblants (Pretence) for Clair de Lune Théâtre.

Presse «A small theatre pedaling really well» «The Cyclo-Theatre is an animation you regularly find in festivals and is worth staying a few minutes line and giving a close look, finally discovering a shadow-play jewel! All dressed up with “compulsory” fancy, Paulo Ferreira settles his small world with kindness and volubility. Who is going to sit on the small folding seat? Children naturally! Parents will put their heads through openings neatly created in the red curtains which are protection curtains for the “La Boutique Fantasque” play. During five delicious minutes, grown-ups will remember their childhood and the smallest ones will discover a fantastic art which, unfortunately, is less and less practiced but which requires lots of work, imagination and technical brilliance, virtuosity! A musical and humorous journey into a theatre quite as larger as life, its spectators, its orchestra, its scenography and Rossini music nourishing the ears… We won’t tell more, but, really, as soon as you meet the Cyclo-Theatre in a festival, please, offer yourself a lovely cruise deep in nostalgia and, better than that, show this half-forgotten art to your children.» Muriel Hublet | Le plaisir d’offrir 2008

«Clair de Lune has teased the sun» «On Saturday and Sunday, families get to open spaces on Saint-Martin street. In the dazzling autumn light, small structures were expecting them. In an ingenious and tiny luggage box, the Clair de Lune Theatre was offering five minutes of pure poetry. Seven spectators at a time, in a finecut and gilded pocket set, just like an old theatre: a moment weaved with amazing shadows.» Francoise Lison | Le Courrier de l’Escaut 2008

Clair de Lune thÊâtre Av. de Juillet 27, 1200 Brussels Belgium Tel + 32 476 78 18 76 Info@clairdelunetheatre.be www.clairdelunetheatre.be

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