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Nancy Evans Memorial Scholarship

Student Guidebook 2020-2021

NancyEVANS Evans Memorial Page NANCY MEMORIAL PAGE LU’s first lady, Nancy Evans, had a heart for her local community. As a master gardener, her recognition of the need for growth, renewal and rejuvenation was intrinsic. Upon her retirement from her longtime teaching career, Nancy supported her husband Ken’s career in academic administration, most recently in his role as president of Lamar University. When the couple moved to Beaumont in 2013, they noticed while Lamar University was growing, the adjacent South Park neighborhood- Lamar University’s home since its founding- was struggling. They recognized that inadequate lighting and unsafe areas, coupled with abandoned buildings and streets in need of repair- many the result of damage from hurricanes in 2005 and 2008- needed to be addressed. As the first lady of Lamar University, Nancy was instrumental in developing the South Park Community Garden and transformed buildings and open spaces on campus through her efforts to advance public art. She also established a tutoring program at South Park Middle School and Pietzsch-MacArthur Elementary School to encourage children to prepare for college. These projects reflect both her creativity and commitment to strengthening community connections. Nancy Evans, beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister, teacher, friend, and California native, passed away on June 22, 2018, in Beaumont, Texas (TX). Her spirit lives on through the projects she spearheaded and people whose lives she touched. 2

Nancy Evans Scholars are recognized as prestigious scholars during commencement! Nancy Evans Memorial Scholars wear the customized Stole recognizing them during commencement for their commitment to not only academic success but to their passion and dedication to future scholars through student access and community service. 3

About The Scholarship The Nancy Evans Memorial Scholarship is a significant scholarship open to high school students graduating from a Beaumont Independent School District High School, and is a top scholarship. Outstanding incoming freshmen are invited to apply. Nancy Evans Memorial Scholars receive a full scholarship for four years covering tuition, fees, room and board, and books. The scholarship will be administered by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid in collaboration with the Office of University Advancement, Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Community Relations, Economic Development and Student Access and other appropriate departments. Fueled by the University’s commitment to increasing educational opportunities in the Beaumont Independent School District; the Office of Academic Affairs together with the Office of Community Relations, Economic Development, and Student Access are excited to collaborate with the community on improving academic achievement.


The launch of the scholarship resulted in two new endeavors: •Full scholarships, including four years of tuition, fees, room, board, and a book stipend, to two deserving graduating high school seniors that attend Beaumont Independent School District. •This partnership was created to make college a tangible, desired expectation rather than just a dream for the youth. This collaboration between the university and BISD is aimed at increasing higher education opportunities for the district's graduating seniors. The scholarship will be awarded to the students that display a clear commitment to their education, promising academic success, and embody a spirit for the love of learning. Eligibility To qualify for the scholarship, students: • must be a first-time, in-college freshman entering Lamar University in a fall semester. • must be accepted to Lamar University and intend to enroll full-time following high school graduation. • must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident. • must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at; federal school code: 003581. • must be financial-aid eligible. • must demonstrate superior scholastic ability and graduate within the top 50% of their graduating class. • submit an essay of no more than 1,500 words as evidence of leadership and involvement, outstanding character, service to community and school. Students are to briefly describe future plans and detail their recent leadership experiences. 5

Requirements and Expectations of Scholarship Recipients The scholarship will be awarded to two students entering Lamar University as freshmen in the fall semester. These students will have the opportunity to retain the scholarship for four years or eight long semesters. Recipients must maintain a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA and satisfactorily complete 12 credit hours per semester. The scholars are also expected to commit to service leadership representing the Office of Community Relations, Economic Development and Student Access through ongoing civic engagement and involvement. Furthermore, it is required that the scholars establish a mentor and keep a record of contact. This is a last-dollar award. Students are eligible to receive other funding including any forms of gift aid (university and outside scholarships and grants). Any of these additional awards will be applied to the student’s bill first and the Nancy Evans Memorial Scholarship will cover the remaining balance.

How to Apply: • Visit: • Login using your Lamar University LEA username and password. • Search: "Nancy Evans Memorial Scholarship." • Apply before February 1 for the following academic year. 6

Current Nancy Evans Memorial Scholars Aurora Maldonado, Senior Major: Social Work High School: Ozen High School Elementary: Pietzsch-MacArthur

Arely Medina, Junior Major: Nutrition and Family Services High School: Ozen High School Elementary: Pietzsch-MacArthur

Aylin Galvan, Junior Major: Nutrition High School: Beaumont United Elementary: Pietzsch-MacArthur Alejandro Gomez, Sophomore Major: Mechanical Engineering High School: Beaumont United Elementary: Charlton-Pollard

Valeria Ayala, Freshman Major: Forensic Chemistry High School: Beaumont United Elementary: Fletcher Emily Deal, Freshman Major: Pre-Nursing High School: Beaumont United Elementary: Charlton-Pollard

Learn more about the scholars: 7

Office of Community Relations, Economic Development, and Student Access Our Mission The office of Community Relations, Economic Development, and Student Access is bringing people, ideas, and resources together to affect positive changes in our community as we reimagine our communities as vibrant, growing, and dynamic communities in which to live, work and play.

Our Vision The Office of Community Relations, Economic Development and Student Access builds a more prosperous future between Lamar University and its communities by working together to solve challenges and creating opportunities. 8

Cardinal NEST Innovative Learning Labs • Dedicated to precocious kids learning in areas ap plied to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) • The elementary and middle school labs provide an ENGAGING environment that SPARKS “the love of learning” in the areas of STEAM-related fields • Includes faculty development that promotes STEAMrelated curriculum that encourages teachers to seek additional certification in the STEAM areas. NEST Navigating Excellence, Success, & Triumph

Locations • Pietzsch-MacArthur Elementary • Blanchette Elementary • Charlton Pollard Elementary • Amelia Elementary (Coming soon!) 9

About Our Collaborations Our mission is to create a unique, innovative learning space with alternative seating for the students of underserved elementary campuses. These labs are Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math focused and supports, the development of financial literacy, career exploration, and cultivating a college-going culture. The project includes the purchase of needed items to supply the learning labs and creates a unique and innovative atmosphere for learning. The learning lab space has been provided to Lamar University by the Beaumont Independent School District. Volunteers have been attained by Lamar University and industry. In addition, community volunteers have pledged service hours to the lab’s mission. Lamar University service-oriented student scholars and student leaders will be paired with small group BISD students from a partnered campus as “SOAR (Students Occupationally and Academically Ready)”. The mentor/mentee will be assigned and approved by both a LU representative and a partnered campus representative. Programming and social gatherings will be made possible by the LU Office of Community Relations, Economic Development, and Student Access. Such programming will allow the mentor/mentee to interact at LU athletic events, academic events, and programs offered by Lamar University student groups. This collaboration allows for the pathway model from early college awareness to dual credit supporting firstgeneration, low socio-economic college students.


Cardinals SOAR What is Cardinals SOAR? Cardinals SOAR (Students Occupationally and Academically Ready) is a student commission for student access to higher education. SOAR services the Office of Community Relations, Economic Development and Student Access through service-learning opportunities on Cardinal NEST campus, in small group guidance sessions with BISD students in their NEST and at Community Engagement Events.

SOAR Students Occupationally & Academically Ready


Cardinal SOAR Student Leadership Executive Board Student Leadership Executive Board Taliah Belcher, Co-Chair Rylie George, Co-Chair Aurora Maldonado Alejandro Gomez Arely Medina Aylin Galvan Valeria Ayala Emily Deal Cardinal SOAR Advisory Board Norman J. Bellard, Ex-Officio Teresa E. Simpson, Ex-Officio Kelsey E. Young, Ex-Officio


Cardinal SOAR Advisory Board (Continued) Maegan Collins Clinical Instructor, Political Science Advisor, Cardinal Cares Rebekah Maxwell Advisor, Rotaract Club of Lamar University Lori Wright Clinical Instructor, Social Work Advisor, Student Social Work Organization, Lamar University Chuck Mason President, Mason Construction Andrew Ortiz Public Affairs Advisor, ExxonMobil Employee Volunteer Coordinator, Exxon Mobil Jessica Holmes Customer Service and Community Outreach Analyst II Employee Volunteer Coordinator, Entergy Tony Aguliar Director, Maintenance and Operations, Beaumont Independent School District Trey Clark & Helene Thill LU Athletics Lynn Hill Rotary Club of Beaumont Dr. Freddie Titus Department of Teacher Education, College of Education and Human Development


Student Success Workshops Tutoring When planning for each semester, Nancy Evans Memorial Scholars are assigned a tutor for each course identified by the scholar and Dr. Simpson as a need for their success. Tutors are course/content specific and are trained by the Department of Student Tutoring Academic Retention and Success. Success Partners Each Nancy Evans Memorial Scholar is assigned a Cardinal Success Partner. The Success Partners remain with the student throughout their degree journey. Dr. Simpson meets with each scholar routinely to assess the students’ progress as a successful cardinal. Student Success Workshops The workshops are presented by peer Scholars on areas they most benefited from. Here are a few examples of workshops that are provided:

•Career and Professional Development •Honors College •Study Abroad •Ambassador Program •McNair Scholar Program •Alumni Affairs 14

Community Engagement Events South Park Community Garden Event The South Park Community Garden Event is an event held to bring people from the community together to help plant and soil new fruits and vegetables to promote healthier eating choices. It also encourages local residents to create their own garden and learn more about nutrition and health. The purpose for this garden is to provide access to gardening space, training, and nutritious food for local residents and students. Our hope is to inform new people about our wonderful community garden by hosting this event that is open to anyone wanting to help or volunteer in maintaining the garden.

Kite Festival and Family Picnic This day is all about fun and relaxation! A stress-free day where friends and family come together with their children to fly kites in the air and enjoy delicious treats as they bask in the beautiful sunny weather. Along with all the fun of playing kites, there is also the upbeat music to enjoy as well as games to play.

Alice Keith Pool Party This pool party event is about letting loose while splashing some fun into your day by playing in the pool! Local residents in the community gather to have an exciting day of relaxation and movies while eating delicious food and drinks. Instead of taking a swim in the refreshing pool others can join in on watching entertaining movies and play games that may even include prizes!

A Day in the Park This annual event is one of the biggest yet! Tons of friends and family from the South Park Neighborhood gather around to meet one another. Enjoy a day full of fun and exciting activities as well as entertaining live music and the celebration of our community. In addition to free food and drinks, yummy treats such as ice cream and snow cones are also provided! 15

Advising and Mentorship The Advisory Council for the Office of Community Relations, Economic Development and Student Access is composed of leaders from the community who are passionate about carrying out social and economic progress. The Council plays an important role in fundraising for grant-making opportunities to support collaborative projects in four areas of engagement, including identifying and promoting success stories of people, community and neighborhoods highlighting moments of change. Our Council provides leadership and guidance to honor and celebrate the South Park community and extended community relations, economic development and student access initiatives The Council meets monthly with the staff and scholars of the Office of Community Relations, Economic Development and Student Access to discuss collaborative projects. They also pay a significant part in guiding and developing students in their career path.


Teresa E. Simpson

Advising & Mentorship

Executive Director/ Clinical Instructor in EdLD, Special Assistant to the Dean

Through the Office of Community Relations, Economic Development, and Student Access, students will have access to a mentor to guide them and advise through their college experience. The office serves as a support system from scholarship acceptance to graduation! Dr. Teresa Simpson serves the Nancy Evans Memorial Scholars as their scholarship advisor supporting your access, retention and success as a Cardinal. Contact Dr. Simpson with any questions you may have regarding applying through graduation! The scholars are engaged throughout the academic journey as to support and build on each other’s experience as incoming and graduating Cardinals!


Student Organizations Recipients of the Nancy Evans Memorial Scholarship are encouraged to get involved on campus and join organizations that are suitable for them. This is possible with the hundreds of organizations and clubs Lamar University offers students. Find out where you can get involved here!

Student Government Association Taliah Belcher SGA Secretary-Treasurer “This year I am the Secretary-Treasurer for the Student Government Association. In my position, I am responsible for taking the meeting minutes and the attendance after every meeting as well as assisting the other members with their projects. In addition to that, I have been working on a couple projects of my own. Currently, I am partnering with the Sustainability Committee and the LU Green Squad to improve the sustainability of Lamar. This includes re-establishing recycling, cutting down on waste, and informing people about the importance of implementing sustainable practices. Before that, I worked with LUPD to get the Shuttle Bus Route adjusted from going to Central Mall on Saturdays to going to Parkdale Mall. My experience within SGA has been wonderful. It’s a big responsibility to be the voice for every student on campus but it is also very rewarding. Knowing that I can play a part in the improvement of Lamar, and make campus more enjoyable for the students, is what motivates me everyday. Ultimately, my duty is to serve my fellow cardinals and I am privileged to be able to do so. “ 18

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the voice of students, facilitates new and improved student services and programs, and serves an important role in student judicial proceedings. • All enrolled Lamar University students are represented by the Student Government Association. • All enrolled students have the opportunity to promote, support, and participate in a well-rounded student life program. • Students can serve on the academic affairs, community outreach, environmental affairs, public relations, student organizations, and/or student services standing committees in addition to serving on other university advisory committees.


Reaud Honors College and Th In the Reaud Honors College, we foster a strong sense of community that is supportive of the personal and professional development of each of our students. The Reaud Honors College offers enriched courses in all areas of the University's core curriculum, upperlevel interdisciplinary topics courses and seminars, enhanced offerings in many majors, and opportunities for Independent Study, Honors Contracts and the Honors Thesis. In Honors, students enjoy smaller classes taught by some of the best professors Lamar has to offer. Lamar’s Honors students are encouraged and supported in the conduct of community service, internships, research, and study abroad. Our Honors Student Association is one of the most active student organizations on campus. Students who maintain a GPA of 3.4 or above and complete one of two plans may become Honors College Graduates. As leaders in the Lamar campus community, Honors students develop the skills that they will need in order to excel in their chosen careers. Lamar University's Reaud Honors College boasts a substantial endowment and offers financial support to students both in the form of McMaster Honors Scholarships as well as grants to facilitate student participation in high impact educational experiences. 20

he Honors Student Association

Giving students a voice to improve their academic and cultural life at Lamar University, the Honors Student Association provides a venue for Honors students to exercise their creative energies so they can give back to the Honors community.

YOUR voice will help the Reaud Honors College create innovations with more potential, thought diversity and campus support so the college can successfully anticipate and meet your educational needs and those of future generations. Our student-led organization seeks to provide experiences that promote the growth and development of Honors students, preparing its members for future success, understanding and achievements. 21

Honors Student Association Member Benefits CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT

Expand your interests and have fun while saving money. HSA supports other campus organizations by going on group outings to attend lectures, performances and multicultural events. INTRAMURAL SPORTS Channel your emotional highs and lows into a stress-relieving experience that’s positive and constructive.

Staying physically active gives you a great study break, helps improve your overall mood and allows you to build camaraderie with your Honors peers. 22


Ease from high school life into university life. Honors students provide immediate connection by offering encouragement, guidance and support to incoming freshmen. SOCIAL EVENTS -

Make lifelong friends with other highachieving students and benefit from their experiences to improve your college career. -

HSA organizes creative social gatherings to bring you fun and variety so you will be inspired

and rejuvenated for your studies. SERVICE Focusing your time and attention on someone else’s needs sets a foundation for leadership ability and reflects quality of character.

HSA provides opportunities for you to become actively engaged with volunteer activities both on campus and throughout the Southeast Texas community. 23

Diversity/ Inclusion Resources The Office of Multicultural Student Retention Programs and Services (MSRPS) provides programming that embraces best practices in developing support programs for multicultural/underrepresented students, First-Generation, Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, and Conditionally Admitted students. The office helps students as they navigate their transition from k-12 education to college and college to their professional careers. MSRPS’s primary goal is to provide support initiatives to increase retention, persistence, and timely graduation.

MSRPS achieves this mission by providing students enrolled in its main programs with structured mentoring, high-quality college success learning support, and leadership development skills. MSRPS also offers members opportunities for professional development, integrated cultural enrichment, health and wellness, diversity and global awareness, financial literacy, and goal development. The three main programs are: • Men of Excellence—for students who identify as African American men. • Women of Excellence—for students who identify as African American women. • UNIDAD Scholars—for students who identify as Latinx/Hispanic. Visit or contact to learn more. 24

Student Organizations Organizations Based On Major With more than 200 registered clubs and organizations at Lamar University, students can easily pursue almost any interest. From the moment you begin your journey at LU, you’ll be able to participate in professional, academic, cultural, Greek life, political, recreational, and special interest groups. Bring your student experience to life by checking out all student organizations and clubs and getting involved. You can specifically boost your credentials with organizations and honor societies that are relative to your major.


Types of Organizations Academic Business Professional Faith-Based Honor Society

Hospitality Humanitarian Aid Mutual Interest Non-Profit Poverty Prevention

Religious Service Social/Greek Spirit Sports.... and more

Professional/ Departmental Students of any major can find one or more clubs and organizations on campus to help them with networking and professional development. From marketing to medicine, education to engineering, nursing to psychology and more, departmental and professional clubs have something for every Lamar University student. Examples:

•Accounting Society •Model United Nations at LU •Institute of Chemical Engineers •Lamar Filmmakers Society •Latino Professionals for America •Student Education Association


Mutual Interest • Interested in anime, poetry or film? • Want to connect with other Hispanic, Indian or African-American students? • Passionate about politics? Whatever your interests, you have a good chance of finding fellow students who share them. Examples: •Cardinal Pokemon League •African Student Association •Lamar Veterans Organization •Poetic Souls •LU Design Studio •Science Fiction & Fantasy Club Religious & Service Nurture your faith or desire to serve others, through one of the religious or service organizations on campus. LU is home to religious organizations associated with a variety of Christian denominations and Muslim faiths. If you're interested in bettering your community, get involved with one of many service organizations. Examples: •Fellowship of Christian Athletes •Young Life Quest •Muslim Student Association •Habitat for Humanity •Julie Rogers Gift of Life Advance your credentials: 27

Undergraduate Research & Global Learning The Office of Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research defined: "An inquiry or

investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original, intellectual, or creative contribution to the discipline..." -The Council on Undergraduate Research

GET INVOLVED TODAY! The Office of Undergraduate Research has a mission of inspiring undergraduate students from all majors to explore their field of study and engage in research. 28

We are a resource for all undergraduates in all majors at Lamar University, and we seek to enrich undergraduate experiences through participation in research, scholarship and creative activity. We help students find and develop opportunities to engage in collaborative research with faculty members and other mentors amongst the academic disciplines. We provide funding opportunities for student research and scholarship through a range of programs. Every year the OUR awards grants for support of research and creative activity. The program is meant to encourage undergraduate students from all academic areas to participate in scholarly work mentored by at least one LU faculty member. These grants are open to all majors and consist of a $500 stipend and $1000 in research. Application deadline is always at the end of September and students are required to present their work during the Spring Undergraduate Research Expo. The office also offers Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) for LU students. These fellowships consist of a $2,000 stipend, summer housing at Lamar University, and up to $1,000 for research support. The Office also sponsors two annual Conferences at which students can present their work: one for the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and one for the Humanities, Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Business, and Education. Both Conferences usually take place during the Fall semester. 29

McNair Scholars Program Aurora Maldonado, 2019-2020

‘As a student who wanted to become involved in undergraduate research, I am very grateful for the opportunity to have participated in a guided research program that looks to serve underrepresented students. With an introductory phase into research and graduate school support, the McNair Scholars Program is an essential resource for students who are considering attending graduate school and conducting research. As a McNair Scholar, I was able to explore and plan a research study under the guidance of a faculty mentor, spend six weeks during the summer to conduct it (six-week research internship), and I had the opportunity to share my final presentation at the McNair Research Symposium a year after my acceptance into the program. This experience truly helped me grow academically and professionally. If you are interested in this program, I highly recommend it. Once you are accepted into the McNair Scholars Program, you are in it for the rest of your undergraduate career, even after your year-long research journey. This is an invaluable resource. Finally, research varies across disciplines, so don’t be afraid to find what topics and research methods interest you!’ 30

The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program, or the McNair Scholars Program, assists talented juniors and seniors who are first generation and low-income students, or who are from a group underrepresented at the doctoral level. The program encourages students to pursue graduate studies by providing opportunities to define goals, to engage in research, and to develop the skills and student/faculty mentor relationships critical to success at the doctoral level. Research Internships Opportunities The McNair Research Internship Program provides a six-week summer semester research internship experience. You will be paired with a Lamar University faculty member whose research interests match your own, and under the direction of this mentor, you will participate in a research project. Other highlights of your internship provided by the program include: • up to a $2,800 stipend for the internship period • three semester hours in an undergraduate research course, tuition, room and board during the internship period • funded trips to professional conferences and graduate school visits • access to laptops during internship • individualized seminars on research skills, the graduate school application process, financial support available to graduate students, and preparation for the GRE • access to research and computing facilities and • opportunities to interact with successful role models who have learned terminal degrees

Aylin Galvan 2020-2021 McNair Scholar ‘It is a huge honor to have the future opportunity to work amongst other students within a similar background towards pursuing further education ultimately leading up to earn a PhD.’ 31

National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates

According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in any of the areas of research funded by the NSF. REU projects involve students in meaningful ways in ongoing research programs or in research projects specifically designed for the REU program. Each student is associated with a specific research project, where he/she works closely with the faculty and other researchers. Students are granted stipends and, in many cases, assistance with housing and travel. Undergraduate students supported with NSF funds must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions.


The Office of Study Abroad

Lamar University’s Office of Study Abroad encourages and supports students who wish to participate in study abroad programs that have the potential to broaden their cultural horizons. The Office of Study Abroad organizes numerous Lamar faculty-led study abroad programs throughout the year and coordinates a number of semester exchanges. Programs are offered at all academic levels and across a variety of academic disciplines. The Office awards a Study Abroad Fee Grant to all currently enrolled LU students in good academic standing. It is available for use on all LU short-term faculty-led programs as well as semester exchanges and approved non-LU study abroad programs. The award amount varies, though it is approximately $500. Applications for the Study Abroad Fee Grant and several other study abroad scholarships can be accessed online here. 33

Internships and Co-Op Programs Darien Phillips’ Co-Op Experience

Ever since first stepping foot in the LU College of Business, it has been my goal to gain internship experience with high-profile CPA firms. Lamar University has truly created an environment where students can grow in their field, network, and ultimately land job offers before graduation. In the last 2 years, I have interned once with BDO, and twice with PricewaterhouseCoopers. These internships have been consequential in my continued education as a graduate student, and in my pursuit to earn a CPA designation. The hands-on experience working with financial statements, data analytics, and within several industries has made the material I study more applicable, and thought-provoking. My advice to all students is to begin researching and searching for internships early. Internship experience will build your resume and make your studies more relevant! Learn more about Darien’s story here! 34

Internships and Co-operative education programs are a common form of experiential learning, particularly in such fields as engineering, political science, and business. Internships and Co-ops provide the student with direct learning in a work setting usually related to their career interests. Students receive supervision from professionals within their prospective career field and are able to apply in the workplace what they have learned in the classroom. Students who are interested in internships and co-op programs should consult their respective Departments or Colleges and Lamar’s Center for Career and Professional Development for further information. HireACardinal is our online job database that assist you with: • Off-campus part-time jobs, summer work and Coop listings • On-Campus Recruiting for full-time jobs and Coops • Storage for resumes, cover letters, transcripts, and more! Learn more:


Lamar University Ambassadors Ambassadors In The Office Taliah Belcher Major: Finance & Accounting Classification: Sophomore

‘In all honesty, I have wanted to be an Ambassador since the beginning of my Freshman year. Ambassadors are the face of the school, they are the leaders of campus, and to be one of them was like the ultimate goal. They truly encompass everything I was striving to be and that’s why I so passionately wanted to be one. Now, looking back, and having the ability to say I am an Ambassador is surreal. I am extremely excited for what the Ambassador’s Program has in store and I truly believe this program will help me develop as a person and as a leader. I am most looking forward to all the amazing people I am going to meet. I knew a few Ambassadors before entering the program and have heard exciting things about all of the influential people you get the chance to network with at university functions. I am also honored to be able to represent the study body and to serve Lamar and the surrounding community.’ Darien La' Trell Phillips Major: Accounting Classification: Senior ‘The LU Ambassador Program has afforded me countless networking, and learning experiences. The most profound aspect, however, is serving the university that has offered me life-long friends, opportunities, and ultimately a career. As an ambassador, my role is to represent the student body at executive level events such as the President’s Circle, the Distinguished Alumni Awards, and the College of Business Hall of Fame. During these events, I have shaken hands with the ‘Shakers and Movers’ of the Lamar University community - informing them of how positive changes on campus are benefiting students. The ambassador program has reinforced numerous of my skill sets including leadership, networking, and public speaking. I’ve attended several workshops while in the program, including etiquette dinners, and ball-room dancing lessons. Ambassadors are viewed in the Lamar University community as those who are leaders, excel in academic excellence, and promote positivity in their sphere of influence. Everyday I try to uphold this illustration. Serving as an ambassador has been a great honor!’ Mariah McCoy Major: Accounting Classification: Senior The Lamar University Ambassadors is a highly influential and selective program in which students represent LU at executive-level events. My favorite feature of being an LU ambassador is having the privilege to network with alumni, donors, and instrumental members of the Lamar University Community. Events such as the President’s Circle, Women’s Philanthropy Luncheon, and Distinguished Alumni Awards have enabled me to build relationships with these stakeholders, and simultaneously serve the university. Students in the Program are phenomenal. It is common for students to possess extensive resumes and shine in their academics. To have been selected as a LU ambassador is an honor. More so, it is humbling and an inspiration to befriend so many students that are ambitious, insightful, and love Lamar University! I would encourage all students interested in being an ambassador to apply. While in the program students will be inspired as they develop professionally and serve LU. 36

The Face of Lamar University Lamar University Ambassadors have a rich tradition of promoting service to Lamar University and to the community at large. Ambassadors represent the Lamar University student body at official university events and work to promote university pride among students, prospective students, alumni and friends of Lamar University. Become a member of this select group! To be eligible to apply to become a Lamar University Ambassador, students must: • be a full-time, officially registered undergraduate Lamar University student; • have completed at least one full semester at Lamar University; • have at least three full semesters left at Lamar University after application deadline; • have and maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0; • include a letter of interest, résumé, Lamar University faculty or staff recommendation and approval from your College Dean. For additional information, please contact the Lamar University Office of Alumni Affairs. (409) 880-8921 John Gray Center, Rudy C. Williams Building, Suite 102 37

Academic Support Services The University Writing Center has two locations - one on the first floor of the Mary and John Gray Library and the other on the first floor of Morris Hall - and provides free writing consulting to students and faculty. Graduate and undergraduate students serve as consultants and assist students with their writing for any course by guiding students through the entire writing process. The Writing Center provides consulting in the following areas: understanding the assignment, brainstorming, organizing ideas, revising, editing, and interpreting the graded paper. Each personalized writing conference aspires to more than just the short-term goal of improving a particular paper. Rather, writing conferences actively engage students in identifying and addressing their writing needs so that students improve their composition practices and skills and learn to apply them to various writing tasks and purposes. Students may seek assistance with non-academic writing as well, such as graduate school applications and scholarship letters. Our consulting service is beneficial to students of all writing abilities, as strong writers can also benefit from the collaborative activity of a peer writing conference. To schedule an appointment, students can visit the Writing Center Facebook page at or the main website at 38

Student Tutoring and Retention Services (STARS) REDtalks: REDtalks address issues relevant to helping students succeed in college. Workshops are free, 1 hour in length, open to Lamar University students, and are presented by Lamar University faculty or staff from various departments across the University. Workshop topics are geared for undergraduate students and focus on themes ranging from academic success, to health, to personal growth. Supplemental Instruction: Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program utilizing peer-assisted study sessions to enhance student performance and retention. SI offers regularly scheduled study sessions that are facilitated by trained LU peers who assist students with learning course content and study skills. Tutoring: The LU Tutoring Center offers free individual and small group tutoring for Lamar University undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students. They make every effort to find a tutor in any subject requested. Tutoring is available by weekly appointment or during their walk-in hours. Mary and John Gray Library Reference Services at the Mary and John Gray Library provides reference and research assistance to students, faculty, and staff of Lamar University. The highly-trained librarians and information specialists are excellent resources for determining the best places to find information, what strategies to use to yield the most useful results, and how to determine if you have good or bad information. LIBRARIAN/INFORMATION SPECIALISTS CAN BE CONTACTED BY: •visiting the Reference Desk, located on the first floor of the Mary & John Gray Library and staffed during most of the hours that the Li brary. •calling 409-880-7264 or 1-866-375-5565. •texting 409-209-9411. •chatting with us through Ask A Librarian for immediate virtual assistance. •e-mailing by using LibAnswers reference service to send a question and get an answer within 24 hours. If you need in-depth help with your research paper or other class assignment that requires using the library and its resources, students can make an appointment by calling the reference desk at 880-7264 to schedule an appointment. Students should bring their assignments to the appointment. 39

Contact Staff

Norman J. Bellard Assistant to the President/ Athletic Programs Liaison

Teresa E. Simpson Executive Director/ Clinical Instructor in EdLD, Special Assistant to the Dean

Kelsey E. Young Foundation Development Coordinator/ Community Relations Assistant

Offices 855 Jim Gilligan Way John Gray Center Building C Beaumont, Texas 77705 PO Box 10091 Beaumont, Texas 77710 Office: 409-880-7863


Student Service Leaders

Aurora Maldonado Major: Social Work Classification: Senior Student Director, SOAR Nancy Evans Memorial Scholar

Alejandro Gomez Major: Mechanical Engineer Classification: Sophomore Student Director, SOAR Nancy Evans Memorial Scholar

Arely Medina Major: Nutriton Classification: Senior Student Director, SOAR Nancy Evans Memorial Scholar

Valeria Ayala Major: Forensic Chemistry Classification: Freshman Student Director, Marketing Nancy Evans Memorial Scholar


Aylin Galvan Major: Nutrition Classification: Sophomore Student Director, SOAR Nancy Evans Memorial Scholar

Emily Deal Major:Pre-Nursing Classification:Freshman Student Director, SOAR Nancy Evans Memorial Scholar

Contact Student Service Leaders, Continued

Darien La' Trell Phillips Major: Accounting Classification: Senior Student Director, Cardinal Ready: Student Success College of Business Transformational Scholar

Rylie George Major: Psychology Classification: Junior Student Director, SOAR Mirabeau Scholar

Taliah Belcher Major: Finance & Accounting Classification: Sophomore Student Director, SOAR Mirabeau Scholar

Mariah McCoy Major: Accounting Classification: Senior Student Director, Cardinal Ready: Student Success W.W. & Hilma R. Breazeale Scholar 42

Find out more information from your campus liaison:

CCMR Coordinator, BUHS Olivia Douglas 409-617-5413

CCMR Coordinator, WBHS Karen Martinez 409-617-5540

Ms. Jennifer Feather, Counselor Early College High School 409-617-6600 43