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FOR THE READERS Luna Sofía Laurean García

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For the readers

HOW TO GET ALONG WITH OTHERS? During time, people have been creating relationships with others. Obviously, they have changed depending on the time, people, place, etc. But always in coexistence with others, there are happy moments, and sad or angry moments. We need to learn how to coexist with others from our society, we need to accept everyone as they are, and, we need to know that everyone thinks different from us. We can’t force someone to thing the same as us, because everyone deserves to believe in what they want and share their opinion. Everyone has his own way of thinking and seeing things, so we should be openminded by accepting the wide variety of minds that exist in our community or society. Without criticizing anybody about their way of thinking or even their traditions, religion, costumes, etc. Making new relationships helps us grow as humans, persons, and individuals. Because we get to know new ideas, beliefs, and costumes. So, we become wiser, get new knowledge, and get a better idea and view of our surrounding. We also need to learn to share our ideas with others to help them grow too. So, there would be a mutual growing. And the society in which we belong will also grow too, because with the sharing of our knowledge the people in there will get new knowledge and consequently the minds on the community will get wiser and more intelligent. So, having good relationships will make us better persons because good minds surround us. But if we get involved with not productive influences we will become as them. So, our personality and life depends a lot on the relations we have.


For the readers

NATURE LOVING The leaves fall to the beat of my heart. Winds fly together with my imagination. Clouds float like my ideas. And the birds sing along with the melody of my soul.

Trying to give an order to my ideas I cannot achieve bottom out in my mind. The words in my mouth do not make sense. And they just come out to escape from my mind, but not feel.

A vacuum of letters abounds in my head. And in return, I get a sea of tears inside of it. Sobbing thoughts. Ideas are floating adrift by the seas of my mind.

And in the cocoon of my soul, it blooms the immarcescibly life expectancy. The life in which we come up with a break And leave with a sigh.


For the readers

WITHOUT YOU (HERMAN HESSE) My Pillow gazes upon me at night Empty as a gravestone; I never thought it would be so bitter To be alone, Not to lie down asleep in your hair. I lie alone in a silent house, The hanging lamp darkened, And gently stretch out my hands To gather in yours, And softly press my warm mouth Toward you, and kiss myself, exhausted and weakThen suddenly I'm awake And all around me the cold night grows still. The star in the window shines clearlyWhere is your blond hair, Where your sweet mouth? Now I drink pain in every delight And poison in every wine; I never knew it would be so bitter To be alone, Alone, without you.


For the readers


Henry could hardly breathe, the explosions seemed to come from everywhere. How could his life be transformed from one day to another? Yesterday he was this normal boy getting worried about school, with a home, a family, and a friend he was secretly in love with… -Oh, my God, Lucy. How? How could Lucy be the first person he thought of? Maybe because she was always his first and last thought of the day. Or maybe because they were together before the bombs started falling from the sky and those enormous planes. That’s it, they were talking; and he had lost her. Henry started panicking. He needed to find her. He started running, avoiding all those questions that suddenly appeared all through his mind: What is this all about? Is this why mom was acting so strange? Is this why Dad had to leave together with the army? Well, they were all good questions, but his priority was to find Lucy. Deep down he felt bad for giving so much importance to her. But she was the only person he could be confident without needing to hide anything. While he was thinking about all these, he distinguished a silhouette, her silhouette undoubtedly. -Lucy! Lucy! – He shouted desperately. She turned around to see where all those shouts came from, and started running towards him. Then he started feeling dizzy and sick. Everything went black. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Sometimes I wonder why I spend/The lonely nights/Dreaming of a song.” That is what he first listens when he wakes up. A girl with a battery radio next to her is what he notices next. He takes little time to realize that the song comes from that radio. He listens thoughtfully to the song, and it sounds familiar to him. Of course, he knows it! It is “Stardust” by Hoagy Carmichael, his parents’ favorite song. After leaving aside the thoughts about the song, he manages to react and realizes that the girl with the radio is Lucy.


For the readers

-Lucy? – He asks trying to figure out how he ended up in such a peaceful place after all those traumatic events. -Shhhh! You are going to make them go away. -To whom? -The prey. I am attracting them with this song. Nice, right? – She says with a proud smile on her mouth. -Lucy, no offense, but I don’t think that works. I mean, the song is great… but not for animals. Thy like “less civilized” stuff. -I think you are right. How do you know all that? -Wilderness explorer, remember? – Henry answered showing with his hand showing the greeting of Wilderness Explorers. -It is true! – She said laughing – How could I forget about it. -Okay, so, before we try anything else, you should tell me what are we doing in the middle of a… - He takes few seconds to look around and surprised speaks – forest? -Well, it is a long story, but when you shouted my name and I turned around you passed away. So, I ran towards you and dragged you into an abandoned cart where I had put all my emergency camping stuff. Last night I heard my parents talking about the possibility that our country entered in war with U.S. so that is why I was prepared. Then I rode away from the chaos that was happening and the only safe place I could think of was the forest, so I rode over here. -Wow, you left me speechless, you showed a lot of courage. -Thanks – she answered smiling shyly. An awkward silence arose for few time but Henry broke it by bringing out the hunting topic.

-We should start preparing the animal traps if we want to have dinner for tonight.


For the readers The night arrived and they were next to a fire they lit with some matches they found in Lucy’s suitcase. Lucy was roasting a rabbit that Henry hunted with his survival knowledge. After eating all the rabbit meat, they went to sleep on the tent that Lucy had brought inside her suitcase.

Meanwhile, a few miles further, the chaos had ended and Lucy’s and Henry’s parents were looking for them with the help of the local police. Asking from house to house, looking for witnesses, but they all seemed to be going through the same or worse circumstances, so they did not care a lot. But then a mysterious man using cloak showed up to the police offices saying that he had seen last night two kids in the middle of the forest, with a cart. A girl of not more than 13 years of age and a boy of a similar age. -Exactly in which part of the forest? – the policeman asked. -That is a lot of information. And I usually do not give information about something without receiving anything in return. -I don´t think I am getting the whole idea. What did you mean, sir? -I should better talk about it with Mrs. Henderson, Lucy’s mother if you did not get that again. – the mysterious man answered sarcastically. The policeman stayed in shock. How could he know the “Henderson’s” last name? Who was this strange man that magically appeared in the town having information about two little kids who were hiding in the forest? Mrs. Henderson was in her house with her older daughter Elise, who was waiting for her boyfriend Mike to continuing searching for Lucy and Henry. Mike belonged to a Rock & Roll band so he had a car where he travelled with his instruments and all his stuff; he had offered to ride them through the town looking for the kids. A knock at the door took them out of their thoughts. -I will go – said the mother. She let out a concealed cry of fright at the sight of such a strange man standing at her door. -Good night, Mrs. Henderson, I hope you weren’t sleeping yet. -No, no, I was… I was… - she did not know what to answer.


For the readers -Mmmm… okay, I will get to the point. I know you are looking for two kids, Lucy, and Henry; please don’t ask how did I get to know that. I just came to tell you where exactly did I see them. -Bless my soul! Thank you, you do not know how much I would appreciate if you could give me that information, Mr.… How should I call you? -Well, that does not matter. I am just here for making a deal with you, if you agree, if not, you can wait to hear news from someone else without being sure if the kids are still breathing. Mrs. Henderson did not know how to react after all those bewildering words.

-Well, I would like to hear about the deal before taking a decision. -Sure, here is the deal: I want Mike, your oldest daughter’s boyfriend, to play with his band at my canteen “The Old Irish” this Sunday evening at 8:00pm. -Right, I need to talk with him about this, but I am almost sure he will accept. Should I ask how do you know all this information and why is it so important to you that my son-in-law plays in your canteen? -I would prefer to leave my source of information unknown. And regarding to your “son-inlaw” playing for me… Well, I have my reasons. Back in the forest, the kids were having some trouble with the tent. During the night, what it seemed to be a person came and scratched the tent with some sharpened object. They were terrified but they did not have a lot of time for figuring out who could have been. They needed to find a place where to stay at night; maybe a cave, or some sort of refugee on a tree. But when they were just beginning to search for a place that looked comfortable they heard this strange noise coming from a bush. -Lucy, hide behind me – said Henry – come out whoever is covering in the bushes, I don’t fear you. A strange man using a cloak came out from the bushes. -Oh, do not worry, there is no reason to be afraid. I am just trying to help you. - How do you know we need help? – asked Lucy coming out from Henry’s back.


For the readers -Well, I was just taking a walk by the forest and I heard your voices. So, I was trying to see if I could help you. I heard you were looking for refugee, and I have a hut here in the middle of the forest. I mean, you can stay there for tonight and tomorrow I will take you to the town. I guess you came from there. - That is right sir. I don’t know what to answer, we would really appreciate your hospitality – Said Lucy. - Please there is no need to say thank you, I just like to help people. So now, follow me. And after saying this he took them deep in the forest, hiding a malicious smile after having success on the first part of his plan.


For the readers

ACRONYM Laughing with the world

Uncovering beauty from anywhere

No matter what, there will

Always be an answer.


For the Readers  

Literature anthology.

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