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September 15 2012 Issue #2

Happy Birthday to our

Bashful Blue Bookworm! "What does Sailor Mercury mean to you?"

this issue dedicated to Mercury

Japanese Focus

new monthly feature explores Sailor Moon's language

Back to School

inspired fashion sets you on the right track

New Feature: Fanfiction

Written stories now share the spotlight with fanart and cosplay

Editorial Well, there's only one way to start off the second issue; with "Thank you!" Thank you to the people who reblogged our zine on Tumblr. Thank you to everyone who tweeted about us on Twitter. Thank you to all the people who showed Lunacy to their friends, encouraged others to read it, and helped spread the word in every way they knew. Thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed Issue #1 - and a quick, quiet "thank you" for putting up with our numerous teething problems. We're proud to say, that thanks to you, our magazine's launch was a resounding success. Before switching to for hosting, our first issue had over 1000 combined downloads. After being published on Issuu, it was viewed there by over 600 readers. Frankly, that's amazing. It's an awe-inspiring testament to the power of the Sailor Moon community. The feedback and support you've given us has been priceless, and we hope we can continue to inspire in you those same feelings in all our future issues. September 10th was Sailor Mercury's birthday, and in celebration, this issue is dedicated to her. We're also introducing two new features we think Ami would approve of; the Fanfic Spotlight, a written accompaniment to our visual Fanart and Cosplay Spotlights; and Japanese Focus, a monthly article that explores and explains the finer parts of the language making up most of Sailor Moon's canon. We are proud to bring you Lunacy's second issue, and hope that, with your help, it will become just as successful - if not even more than the first. @LunacyMagazine The moonlight is a message of love. Image sources (from top): Mercury image based on resources from

With the revival still in full swing, GE Animation is making more and more merchandise pertaining to later seasons and fans rejoiced at the release of their beauitful new Star Locket pendant, a particularly sought-after item due to the rarity of older toys made in its likeness.

Contents Editorial


Manga Colouring


Shopping Guide


Including a review of GE Animation's first wave earrings


Inspired Fashion and trinkets inspired by the world of Sailor Moon

Fanfiction Spotlight


Airplane by LovelyLytton

Cosplay Spotlight


Beautiful and creative Mercury costumes

Music Recommendation


Chill out with BGM from Ami's chapter in Sailor Moon: Another Story


Japanese Focus Exploring the truths and myths of "Ami Mizuno"



Games, comics, and contests galore! See our Stories & Sightings

Credits & Thanks


With this issue: 3 Sailor Mercury ring tones

"Mercury Power, Make-Up", "Someday... Somebody..." and Ami-chan's First Love "Mercurius = Enemy" speech Reading on .mp3 | .m4r compatible with iPhones (synch with iTunes)

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Shopping Merchandise Review Design Functionality Price Quality

Overall: Hi everyone! We will be reviewing the GE Sailor Moon stud earrings in this issue, specifically Sailor Mercury, Venus & Jupiter's! I purchased mine from eBay for $13.99 each + $1.75 shipping. The packaging for these earrings is quite nice. As a collector, I love packaging that displays the item well without having to open it!

Fanmade Finds Whatever happened to Mercury's super computer after the first couple of seasons? Majokko theorizes that it became a cute little charm hanging from her phone. Well, maybe not, but it can be true for you with this adorable 3 cm dangling acrylic phone accessory. Mercury Computer Phone Charm US$6.00

A couple quick facts about these earrings: Size: 1/4" in diameter Material: Lead-free base metals As far as design goes... it's nothing exciting... but I guess they are pretty accurate to the anime. I mean, what can you really do with Mercury & Venus' round, solid-colour studs? Jupiter's earrings are quite detailed and I think they did well on the rose design. These earrings are definitely subtle enough to wear casually in everyday life, which is a plus in my opinion! For cosplay purposes, however, I think these are a little too small. Proportionally, I think the ones Jupiter wears are almost twice this size! Overall, I think paying close to $15 per pair is a little high for what they are and how they look. But, I'm a sucker for jewelry, and these are official Sailor Soldier earrings!! How can anyone resist?! After the first wave of merchandise, GE also released Mars & Moon's earrings - I will be reviewing those in a future issue! additional photos:

Perfect for cosplayers or people who just want to look smart, these blue-tinted visor shades are made of a single piece of curved plastic. Sailor Mercury Visor Glasses US$20.00

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody! This sleek, eye-catching iPhone case features a beautiful design to spread your love of Mercury in a stylishly subtle manner. There are two different covers available for the iPhone 4S/4, and options for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G. iPhone/iPod Touch cases starting from US$34.10

Inspired As serendipity would have it, our Soldier of Wisdom’s birthday falls right in line with the time most of us are heading back to school. Sailor Mercury’s famed mental prowess is equally as formidable in her civilian form as Ami Mizuno. Certainly "maybe she’s born with it" comes to mind, but Ami’s command of her studies (as well as battle) has always been a testament to her preparation and unrelenting commitment to the task at hand. Something which, lucky for us, is within reach. And what better to channel that resolute spirit this Fall than a back-to-school shopping list inspired by the top student in the nation? Get organized and have your gear ready, tech or traditional. When Sailor Moon was first published, Mercury’s supercomputer astonished us with its advanced design and capabilities we could hardly conceive. These days that’s not so out of reach, especially with phones that are getting smarter and smarter. So why not dress them up with her gadgets in mind?

Zatchels metallic leather satchel bag

Swaine Adeney Brigg golfing umbrella


Marc Jacobs Amy watch



SuperTrash Girls Rainboots


Justice Kate Spade New York floating liquid pen Deborah Dot phone $6.00 case in turquoise/white


Below right: Indigo 2013 academic planner in blue


Below left: Blue crystal desk calculator


In retrospect, Mercury really had something going with her blue theme. I wonder if it wasn’t half the secret to success. After all, what better color to sustain peace of mind when the inevitable stress of knee-deep classwork comes rolling in? Whether it be the daily grind, a test, or even the Autumn downpour, take a cue from Sailor Mercury and tackle it with a ready ease.

Sailor Trinkets

Sailor Mercury makes her debut in the 8th episode of Sailor Moon, Season 1. The theme of the episode is the intense and seemingly pointless academic pressure that kids suffer. The genius Ami still goes to cram school every day and only ends up being bullied by the kids around her for being a cold and unapproachable snob. It is interesting that her power ends up being defensive (not offensive), based on obscuring (blinding fog, bubbles) or chilling the enemy (coldness, ice)! Want to try out using Sabão Spray/Mercury Bubbles Blast for yourself? This wicked LED bubble gun might do the trick - it lights up the bubbles in bright blue as they stream out of the gun. Light-up LED transparent bubble gun Buy online at $4.49

or Amazon: $6.64

Night bubble gun photo:

Forever 21 colorful rhinestone hoops US$5.80

Charlotte Russe sueded uber platform pump in "Nude"


Dorothy Perkins Baroque cross necklace US$22.00

Republic Miso denim cut out dress ÂŁ15.00

Tory Burch Raffia logo ballerina flats

Kenneth Cole New York Structured Bangle $19.19


Etrusca hammered 18ct gold plated button stud earrings


ModCloth Work With Me dress in "Mustard"


Forever21 faux gem studs in blue/dark grey


H&M wedge heel ankle boots in black


Quiksilver QSW stripe tank in "Shorebreak" $31.99

H&M 5-pocket pants stretch twill in dark blue US$24.95

Fanfiction Spotlight Once in my life, I was anti-fanfiction. It

was not so much that I did not want fanfic to exist in the world, but that I did not see the value of it, and I wanted nothing to do with it myself. By nature, I am what you might call a canonist: I view canon material as sacred. If you want to make me flail in anger, try suggesting that Naoko Takeuchi made a mistake. In my mind, fanfiction was something that fans did to try to “fix” something they did not like about canon. I did not want to see my precious, sacred manga altered by the likes of an amateur. Now, I will tell you exactly the day that this all changed. It changed on the day that, partially as a joke to make me angry, a friend sent me the link to a fanfic that opens the first chapter with Sailor Moon being killed.

I remember sitting back in absolute shock. Can you do that? Just... just kill the main character, just like that? And- and- and have the story continue without her, like there even could be a story without her, because she is Sailor Moon and that is the story, the whole story, and no other story could possibly exist, and... I was entranced. I remember spending hours reading through that story. It was not so much that it was good, but that it had startled me into revelation. And that revelation was: you can have other stories, other perfectly good, wonderful, painful, magical stories, that exist side-by-side with canon, and maybe they diverge far from canon or maybe they run neatly beside it, but they can’t hurt it. In fact, maybe canon is enriched by their existence. Maybe canon is like this golden thread that is beautiful on its own, but if you weave other threads around it, they make that thread stronger and prettier and more interesting than it was before. I have been a Sailor Moon fan for, by my calculation, about 17 years. The reason that I am still a fan, the reason that my love for it endured through the years when there was no new canon to fuel it, is because I had so many other stories to sustain me. For me now, as both a reader and writer of fanfiction, the story of Sailor Moon is as much about the “fanon” as it is about the canon.

With that in mind, there are few authors who can turn canon on its head like LovelyLytton. Now, I may just be saying this because her current story, On Razor’s Edge, has rendered me an emotional wreck, but rarely have I held my breath for such long intervals while clinging to every word my eyes can latch onto as I have while reading Lytton’s stories. She has written many, but perhaps the most well-known of hers is the predecessor to On Razor’s Edge, Airmail. Set after the events of the series, Airmail is the story of four Japanese men who each suddenly remember their lives as Shitennou (or Four Kings). As they struggle to come to terms with who they once were, and all that they have lost, the Sailor Soldiers are also struggling - with memories of lost loves, with new career paths, with vows that were once broken. The way that each character deals with the past is very, very different, yet altogether human. Some are self-destructive, some are inclined to run and hide, some are determined to rebuild. Airmail may be a story of love, but this is no simple love story. Like the characters themselves, it is haunted by a lingering darkness that permeates every interaction. There is no pretending that the slate has been wiped clean, not for anybody.

Everything in his flat was made out of either metal, glass or leather, giving it an air as unwelcoming as the one the Dark Kingdom had exuded a millenia ago. She wondered if this was yet another way of punishing himself. - Airmail, Chapter 11

But it is perhaps this fact that makes every happy moment feel so precious and earned. When Airmail makes you laugh, when it makes you smile, it always feels like a delightful surprise.

It was a mark of how at ease Minako was with Mercury's reincarnation that she could stand the lack of words. Silence usually unnerved her. A light blush crept over the pale girl's skin, when she finally answered. "I want to read a romance novel in public." Surprised, Minako looked at her friend. She had expected something more along the lines of 'I want to find the cure to some terminal disease that most of you haven't even heard of', but the sweet simplicity of Ami's statement led to a nod first, and a smile second. "I think this is a very good goal you have set yourself there." - Airmail, Chapter 3

Some days, all you want is a little bit of lighthearted happy fluff. But there are other days that you want something more complex, and those are the days when you need to make a cup of tea, grab your nearest huggable object, and lose yourself in some Airmail. At 42 chapters, Airmail is complete. Read the story online;

Or have a look at LovelyLytton's other works:



Cosplay Spotlight

by scpg89 | | |

scpg89 celebrated the announcement of the 2013 anime by creating this series of mock promotional images, drawing influences in style, design and poses from Naoko's own works. His spectacular line includes Tuxedo Mask and even Luna, Artemis and Diana; as of writing, the only main Sailor yet to be completed is the enigmatic final soldier, Saturn.

by LexiFree


Eternal Sailor Mercury, complete with visor goggles and an awesome mini super computer made from a custom (though, sadly, non-fuctioning) blue DS case. Watch out, Beryl; she's got you in her sights.

right: by


Mercury exploring her element in a dazzling underwater photography series, an infamously tricky technique even for professionals.

Music Song: "The Frozen Mountains" from the Switzerland chapter in the RPG Sailor Moon: Another Story or "Village of Glacier, Kainess" excerpt from track Searching for Crystals CD: Sailor Moon: Another Story Music Collection Sailor Moon: Another Story was an RPG, or roleplaying game, that was released for the Super Famicom in 1995. Unfortunately, it was never released in English, but fans have put together an unofficial translation. Though the battle system can get frustrating at times, the story is very charming, and it's a Sailor Moon RPG! If you haven't played it already, you should definitely check it out. Although the song is the theme of the Switzerland area, this recommendation will focus on its usage in Chapter 2. In Chapter 2, the Sailor Soldiers have to recover the Four Kings' "Hi" or "Light" stones. The four Inner Soldiers split up and go to the different countries the Hi stones are located in. Sailor Mercury's mission is to travel to Switzerland to find Zoisite's Hi stone. She's suddenly ambushed by a large number of monsters, and is unable to fight them off, falling to Kainess Village below. She is discovered and rescued by Hans, who seems to love, or at least admire Sailor Mercury, despite being dismissive of her battle capabilities. The song itself, while conveying tranquility and peace, seems to harbor a little bit of sadness as well, which is perfect for someone like Ami. She's often the voice of reason within the Sailor Team, balancing out the other Soldiers' personalities Makoto can also be quite calm and reasonable at times, although she can fall into Usagi and Minako's mischief or her own anger - but she is also very reserved, very unsure of her abilities, easily embarrassed, and quite tentative about matters of love. Her social life also suffers due to her intense studying to stay on top of the class and passing their high school entrance exams.

For being a song from a Super Famicom game, the bass tone is very impressive, its richness providing depth to the melodies. On top of the bass is haunting violin-like synth, and arpeggiated metal chimes/bells - which can get grating at times, although they don't detract from the track too much. The bass and violin persist to eventually create very pleasing intertwining melodies, although it does take a while to get there. Their contrast compliments each other very well, the bass playing happy notes underneath the melancholy violin.

The song itself, while conveying tranquility and peace, seems to harbor a little bit of sadness as well, which is perfect for someone like Ami. Sailor Moon: Another Story has an official soundtrack, and it gives the game version a facelift with a wider variety of instruments than the original format would allow. You can listen to both versions on the Lunacy Tumblr. Honestly, this song is one of the reasons why Sailor Mercury's sub-chapter is my favorite during Chapter 2.

Listen to this song online at the Lunacy Magazine Tumblr; check the #Music Recommendations tag for every song we feature!

Japanese Focus Ever wanted to learn more about the Japanese behind the translations found for Sailor Moon? This article is for you! Each month you will find a new article demystifying complex translations or debunking rumors related to the original Japanese found in Sailor Moon. Here you’ll find gratuitous use of linguistic vocabulary related to the study of Japanese as a foreign language. I will do my best to include footnotes for such vocabulary words at the end of each editorial. As many of us are setting off on a new academic journey with a new school year, I think it’s only fitting that we begin our segment with the soldier of wisdom: Sailor Mercury! Today I want to analyse a common misconception about the meaning of Sailor Mercury’s civilian identity, “Mizuno Ami”. All over the internet, you will find people saying that the proper translation for this character’s name is “Asian Beauty of Water”, or “Secondary Beauty of Water”. Sometimes you can even find it as “Friend of Water”, which is way off! I’m here to explain why these translations are misinformed. Let’s take a close look at the Japanese kanji to find out why these translations aren’t accurate:

水野亜美 The name is of Japanese-origin; it is not foreign. If it were foreign, it would almost certainly be written in katakana – more on that later! I propose that most of the meaning in her name comes from her surname, and that if people look too hard trying to find as much meaning in "Ami", things will get muddied. First, let’s break everything down kanji by kanji.

水 This is the kanji for the word “mizu”, meaning water. Sometimes, when paired with other kanji to make "compounds", it is pronounced as “sui” – but we’ll come back to that in a moment!

野 This is the kanji for the word “no” – this particular kanji signifies the word “field” in English, but is used in the surnames of the main cast of Sailor Moon as a pun due to sounding exactly like the Japanese particle “no” (meaning “of”), written like this: の

水野 Together as a compound, this word reads as “mizuno”, with the literal meaning “water field”. However, taking the pun of the “no” character into account, the reader is supposed to understand that the translation can also mean “of water”. So far, so good. This is the easy part of the translation, especially since “Mizuno” is a fairly common last name in Japan.

Here’s a picture of Mizuno Ami’s - surname first - profile from a search Luna performs in Act 2 of the Sailor Moon manga. Here we find the creator’s intended ‘spelling’ of this character’s name. Now that we have the kanji, we can determine two things.

亜 And here’s where translating Ami’s name becomes problematic. This is going to shock a lot of people, but here’s the truth: there is no translation for this character in English by itself.

This kanji is only found in compound form with other characters. For example, it appears commonly in the pre-World War II vocabulary for the following geographical locations – Asia: 亜細亜, Arabia: 亜拉毘亜 and Russia: 露西亜 (all typically written in Katakana these days). In fact, the only stand-alone meaning you can get from this kanji is that it is representative of the “a” sound in Japanese, in certain words. By itself it has no meaning. If you look in a Japanese dictionary, you’ll also see it appear in words for chemical compounds or elements, like zinc, iron, and aresenite. (In fact, 亜 is often used to represent the suffix -ite in chemistry! Cool huh?) Here’s where most people get confused. They see this character in the word for “Asia”, and assume that this character is just an abbreviation for that word. It isn’t. The character does appear in compound words that mention Asia (such as 欧亜, "Europe and Asia"), but it isn’t a stand-alone abbreviation. So when people tell you that her name has anything to do with the word “Asia”, they’re already a little lost. Another use of the character above is used for the prefix “sub” – found in compounds for words like 亜こん棒状の (subclavate) and 亜せん妄 (subdelirium). A lot of fans have thus speculated that the intended reading of the 亜 character is to refer to its usage in medical terminology. The saying goes that because Ami is the second girl we see in the manga to become a sailor soldier, she is the “secondary” or “sub” character and so her name reflects this. The name “Ami” is fairly common in Japan, and it isn’t only given to girls who are younger sisters or “secondary” children. Essentially, I don’t think the kanji used in the first part of “Ami” is meant to signify that Sailor Mercury has a "secondary" status. Since neither the “sub” translation theory nor the “Asia” translation theory hold any water, we must disregard them. That means we are to take the kanji 亜 at face value by how it is used in colloquial Japanese, as a first name; which means that the kanji itself has no meaning other than to indicate how you pronounce it - as "a".

美 Lastly we have this kanji, pronounced as “mi” or “bi” depending on the compound it’s in. This character means beauty. It is commonly found in Japanese girl’s names. No mystery to bust here; let’s move on!

So what should Mizuno Ami be translated as? Personally, I don’t think it’s usually appropriate to translate Japanese names into English. Often times the meanings of the individual kanji have little to do with the modern use of the name. For example, let’s look at the English name Abigail. Technically, if you research the etymology, it’s originally a Hebrew word meaning “my father is joy”. This fact has little to do with the name’s popular usage in modern day America, and you can bet that most Abigails in the world have no idea about the full etymological implications of their name. The history is almost irrelevant. What counts, when explaining to foreign readers a novel with a character named “Abigail”, is that "Abigail" is a popular English language girls’ first name. There is such thing as looking too far for meaning in a name, and people who want full translations of character names often end up doing so. "Mizuno", with its "of water" pun, is supposed to be a light-hearted reference to the fact that she transforms into Sailor Mercury. As I mentioned earlier, the 水 character can be pronounced either as “mizu” or “sui”. The word for the planet Mercury is 水星 – pronounced suisei. This just adds another layer to the joke. There’s no hidden meaning beyond that. But can’t Ami’s name be translated as “friend” since it’s French? Even if Ami’s name were intended to be French, the word “ami” is the masculine form. As our Ms. Mizuno is female, her name would be written with the feminine form of the word: “amie”. Even ignoring the noun gender problem in the French name theory, Ms. Mizuno’s name is written with kanji. This clearly lets the reader know that her name is of Japanese origin. Words that are taken from other languages (like amie) are almost always written in katakana. As Ami’s name is not written in katakana, we can pretty safely say it's not French. (Incidentally, did you know that the creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi, once published a short story called “Rain Kiss” in a Japanese shoujo manga monthly magazine called “Amie”? True story – it appeared in Amie’s March 1997 issue!) Foreign Vocab: kanji (also referred to as “characters”)



This issue's puzzles ! are all about Mercury



1) Weakness: --- letters 2) Miniature tool only Mercury can use 3) One of Mercury's voice actresses 4) PGSM image song (2,4) 5) Name of the Daimon that took her Pure Heart 6) Game Mercury is skilled at 7) Favourite sport


1) Mercury's rival 2) Father's occupation 3) Shine Aqua --4) Mercury's castle 5) Has a big crush on her 6) Favourite of the Three Lights 7) References to this movie appear in Mercury's data 8) Lyric: Genius the ---


The crossword can be a challenge, so a new hint is posted every day @LunacyMagazine on Twitter!

/ p:/ htt

a m

. ht m l ilor_ moon/v03/c016/47

an ga

e/ m

Naoko Takeuchi initially wanted to make Mercury a cyborg, an idea she recycled later for Hotaru.



n o K w... u o ? Y

. ox af g n


d i D


GRIEMA HISWDCNA Language Breakdown: 4 English 1 Other



Unscramble the Sailor Mercury-themed words on the left; then, using the letters in the purple circles as your new scrambled letters, solve the puzzle with your picture clue!

Last Issue: Seen Sailor Moon in a place you didn't expect? Send your sightings to us at LunacyMagazine.tumblr dot com or tweet us @LunacyMagazine!

r Sailon g Sighti Sailor Moon still knows how to draw in customers! This, er, potentially "unofficia game was spotted at a carnival boothl" in Japan by @athenia45.

“Usagi, I don’t care what Lady Gaga wore in her last video - this doesn’t look good on you!” - moonlightbishoujo.tumblr

I thought this was SAILOR Moon not KEITH Moon. - hcshannon.tumblr

Caption Contest

Got a funny caption for this image? Then tweet it to us on Twitter! The winner will be featured in the next issue!

Tweet us your caption using the #LunacyCC hashtag!

For Ami's birthday, we asked you

What does Sailor Mercury mean to you?

... And here's what you told us! "A reminder that just because you’re introvert and quiet doesn’t mean you can’t be an interesting person with big dreams and a bigger heart. "

- eosrising.tumblr

"My best friend in elementary school always drew the Mercury symbol in the corner of her test/homework papers, in hopes of some mercury power."

- jiamekare.tumblr

"She taught me that I can be a intelligent, reliable, sweet and kind person. And she taught me that true strength is not always physical force"

- puppetfubuki.tumblr

"Watching the social outsider/book nerd be a strong woman who is capable of forming these amazing friendships without changing the core of her self or alter her dreams is very empowering to me."

- concord-grapes.tumblr

"My friends said Mercury had ugly hair. Then when we played Sailor Moon I always had to be Mercury because I had short hair like her. That hurt. We were six years old and too stupid to appreciate her character." - colonelhathi.tumblr

"Excuse you, I have fabulous hair."

"Mercury is the senshi that I feel I'm most like. When I was growing up, I was picked on in school for being smart and a "teacher's pet". Most of the "friends" I had were just nice to me to get answers. I saw myself in Ami, misunderstood and an outcast because they were smart. However, Ami taught me a valuable lesson: It's okay to be smart, that it is something to take pride in."

- haysheh.tumblr

"Sailor Mercury encouraged me to have confidence in myself because she was shy but so awesome and it didnt make sense for her to doubt her abilities but she did! It taught me that everyone is insecure sometimes but with a little faith in yourself and encouragement from some great friends, anything is possible."

- thebreezefromtheseine.tumblr

"Ami taught me that intelligence carries with it the responsibility to try to improve the world for others, and should not be used just to achieve personal gain; that studying hard is important, but no less important are kindness, compassion, and friendship."

- beyondodette,tumblr

Keep an eye out for the next question to answer at! Photo Source:

Credits & Thanks Manga Colourings: SimplySailorMoon

Featuring my own manga colorings & graphics, I also love to blog fanart, graphics, edit, sales posts, cosplays, and anything else related to SM.

Merch Review: SailorMoonCollectibles

Collecting Sailor Moon toys & photography are my two biggest hobbies! Watch them come together at my blog!

Inspired Style: Afshan

Sailor Trinkets: sailormoonlife

I’m Afshan from relativity-pudding. I cry a lot about Sailor Moon and clothes.

“J” has a terribly expensive Sailor Moon habit for such a poor graduate student.

Canon Fashion: Nadine

Thanks to great and very creative followers, SMO has grown into a blog dedicated to feeling good about yourself and having fun through style!

Music: Shylo Elliott

I hate not having any actual musical skill since I want to re-interpret Sailor Moon songs in all of my favorite genres!

Japanese Focus: Elly

Fanfiction Spotlight: Ellorgast

Elly is a professional Japanese to English translator, rabid Sailor Moon fan, and mother to one.

Reader and writer of fanfiction. Mamoru and Shitennou fangirl. Likes cats.

Cartoonist: Cassie Freire

Cassie Freire lives in New York and really likes sharks. She has a webcomic, Catnip Circle, and a short comic, Magical Shark Girl Pretty PonPon.

Editor, Cartoonist: Frizzy

I run a Sailor Moon webcomic called "Four King Hell!", except when I don't. I have "spreads self too thinly over too many projects" disease.

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Sailor Sighting: Japanese carnival game photo from @athenia45 on Twitter Inspired: | | | | | | |

Coloured manga paper doilies reference: Ice crystals stock photo: Ice 1 by ~LilyStox on DeviantART.

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Our Sailor Moon manga images are taken from Manga Style and Miss Dream. |

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Lunacy #2 (September 15th 2012)  
Lunacy #2 (September 15th 2012)  

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