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Yang, Meng Lun Department of Foreign Languages ​ and Literature

My name is Lun Meng , Yang. I am ninete en years old and come from Chiayi. Ther e are four members in my family, my fat her, my mother, my brother and me. My father is a technical staff, my mother is a house wife and my brother is a universit y school student. My mother influences me most. She always gives me a lot of su ggestions and helps.

When I studied in the high school, l of ten attended many volunteer activitie s and it made me know ‘’Helping othe rs is the source of happiness’’ Moreov er, l learned how to get along with fri ends and myself delightedly. I think t hat everyone should take his live serio usly and cherish every moment in the world. Of all my subjects, English Rea ding is my favorite subject. It not only broadens my view but also gives me a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to g oing to your company. B ecause I think this comp any is the best in Taiwa n. I promise that if I hav e this chance to enter yo ur school, I will do my b est and study hard.