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CO2 Surgical Laser

Model: BS-COL1 This BS-COL1 portable CO2 laser is widely used for dermatological surgery and plastic treatment. The laser source is sealed CO2, and the wavelength falls at 10.6um. Micro-computer provides high definition of laser beam which ensures the treatment effect, also safety. The 7-joints articulated arm support is also equipped on this portable model for the convenient of treatment. The cooling system is enclosed liquid based circulation, with little sound when working. CO2 Laser Medical Instrument is widely used, and adapted to surgery, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, plastic surgery, anoenterology, dermatology etc., where is needed the shallow cutting in open and intuitive operations such as, stanch-bleeding, solidafication, carbonization. It can get remarkable curative effects, especially in the treatments of cervical erosion, underarm odor, VD disease (such as condyloma acuminata), corn, etc. It also has curative effects to some dermatological diseases and some animal illness.

Features:       

Sealed-off CO 2 laser technology CW,Pulse and Super Pulse Operation Modes Thin Film Key Switch, Microprocessor Controlled Alphanumeric Message Display 7-joint spring balanced articulated arm Pilot Beam Of Diode Laser Safety Protection with automatic alarm

Technical Specification: Light type

Sealed off CO2 laser beam

Spectra wavelength

10.6 um


0.5 – 15 Watt

CO2 tube life-span

> 1000 hours

Working mode

CW,Single pulse,Repeat pulse,Super pulse

Delivery mechanism

7 joints spring balanced articulated arm support

Cooling System

Liquid circulation system

Working radius


Working mode



220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

CO2 Surgical Laser