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Ying Ying Liu 劉螢螢 Soprano and pianist Founder of

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Dr. Ying Ying Liu ( 劉螢螢 ), as the daughter of China’s most renowned 20th century composer Liu Chi ( 劉熾 ), grew up surrounded by the beauty and power of music, which she credits with helping her family overcome many hardships during China’s Cultural Revolution.

She is steeped in Eastern and Western musical traditions and earned her DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) from the Eastman School of Music in the U.S. She taught music at the university level, and performed as a classical pianist and soprano in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

As Founder of LumiVoce - A Voice for the Wild, Ying Ying now devotes her musical talent to wildlife conservation, a cause she is passionate about.

About LumiVoce • LumiVoce was founded in 2016 in order to shed light (Lumi) on the plight of wildlife that are being driven to near extinction by human demand, and to provide a voice (Voce) so that these endangered species may be heard and protected. • LumiVoce harnesses the power of innovative music to demonstrate the interconnectedness of all living things, and inspires people to protect our natural heritage.

Hong Kong Formula - E party @ K.S. Sze 2017 - 60 people

American Chamber of Commerce Women of Influence Conference 2017 - 300+ people

WE club closing ceremony at Lan Kwai Fong 2017 - 200+ people

First single global release 60 countries 150 platforms - 2017

Ying Ying Sang “Wanwu-All Living Things” at Animals Asia Gala Nov. 2017 Hong Kong. 180 people

Benefit event for TNC Crown Wine Cellars - 50 people 2016




Funds raised will go towards wildlife conservation efforts

Charles Bedford TNC Regional Managing Director - Asia Pacific

Autodesk Diamond Club Global Gala 250 people at Sky 100, 2015 with players of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta

Le French May concert with Alain le Pichon and Friends HK Academy for Performing Arts Concert Hall 2014

Quark Finance Private Event 夸克⾦融家宴 2014

CCTV Top 10 Composers’ nationally televised live concert to millions of people - 2013

“Sound of Spring” Concert Beijing Concert Hall 2012

Yi Zhi Sheng 忆之声经典名曲⾳乐会 Classics Concert 2012

Private Chamber Concert at Bravo Club 2012

Robb Report Jaguar/Land Rover Private Event at 798 and Roosevelt Club in Shanghai 2011 - 30 people

Legion D’Honneur Gala at Grant Hyatt 2010

Chamber Music Salon Series Beijing Capital Club 2011 - 50 people

Mid-Autumn Chamber Music Art Series Beijing Capital Club 2011

All About Love to benefit Changing Young Lives CNY + Valentine’s at Crown Wine Cellars 50 people 2010

Xiamen 2010 New Year’s Concert with Mr. Shi Shu Cheng and the Xiamen Philharmonic

LumiVoce 2017 Impact Report

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