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Tenancy Support Services

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What you can expect from Luminus

Tenancy Support Services

The aim of this service is to provide intensive, structured, housing-related support


What You Can Expect From Luminus

Tenancy Support Services Our Tenancy Support Service gives advice and assistance to tenants who are already living in their home, or who have just moved into their home. The aim of this service is to provide intensive, structured, housing-related support. The service is designed to help identify and work through problems that have affected clients’ lives, which will in turn help with resettlement issues, settling in to a new tenancy or sustaining a current tenancy. We can support on a wide range of issues, as relevant to the needs of each client. Clients will be expected to be a part of an action plan and agree on what support they require and how this support will be provided. While they are receiving support they will be required to get involved in reviewing their progress and work with us in agreeing what happens when the support service comes to an end. All clients receive the support on a voluntary basis and are expected to engage in all aspects of the agreed action plan. 3

Tenancy Support Services

Support is provided by one of our dedicated Tenancy Support Officers, who are all trained to offer help on a wide range of issues. We are able to get funding for this service, for up to two years per client. Our tenancy support service helps people who: • have an identified housing-related support need • are vulnerable • are leaving care, an institution or homeless accommodation • have little or no experience of living on their own • are first-time tenants • have complex social or health issues • are at risk of losing their home or are having difficulty managing their home. Our Tenancy Support Officers will help with: • budgeting and debt issues • home-making • accessing education and employment • claiming welfare benefits • accessing services provided by other agencies and working along side these agencies to provide the service • advice on safety and security issues • accessing social and leisure activities • checking, monitoring and supervision 4

What You Can Expect From Luminus

• providing advocacy and advice services • achieving independence. Our Tenancy Support Officers will: • treat you with respect at all times • respect your confidentiality • involve you in planning, reviewing your support needs and the way in which we work together to manage your exit from the service • provide you with the necessary advice and assistance • refer you to an appropriate external organisation where they are unable to provide the necessary advice and assistance. How to contact our Tenancy Support Service You can access the service through: • Your Neighbourhood Warden or Neighbourhood Officer • Your local council • Any other agency worker who may have concerns about you or your family • By calling our Tenancy Support Service direct on 01480 428568 and asking to talk to the Support Service Manager.


Tenancy Support Services

Who pays for the service? At present the service is paid for by the government through Supporting People. You will not have to pay anything for this service. Your feedback is important to us. If you feel that Luminus services are not meeting the standard we have set out in this leaflet, please contact our Customer Services Team by either: • Calling 01480 428333 • Calling any other Luminus number, where you will put through to our Customer Services Team • Coming in person to our offices at Brook House, Huntingdon • Completing an ‘Online feedback’ form which you can access through our website at • Putting your issue in writing to us at Luminus Group, Brook House, Ouse Walk, Huntingdon, PE29 3QW • Completing a Comments, Compliments and Complaints form – available to download from our website or by requesting one by phone, or in person


What You Can Expect From Luminus

More information on how to get in touch with us and make a comment about our services can be found in our ‘Customer Service’ Service Standard. We will work with customers to review our Service Standards each year, to ensure we continue to meet them and to look at how we can improve services for the future. If you would like to be involved in reviewing our Service Standards please call our Performance Review Officer on 01480 428728.


For a copy of this leaflet in large print, audio cassette or in another language call 01480 428707                        

                    For a copy of this document in large print, audio or in another      call 01480428707 language                01480 428707           Luminus Group • Brook House • Ouse Walk • Huntingdon • PE29 3QW T: 01480 428777 • F: 01480 428555 • • 

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Service Standards What you can expect from Luminus Tenancy Support Services 2