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Issue 32 - April 2008

Chan Abraham and staff celebrate winning the UK Housing Excellence Award for Sustaining and Regenerating Neighbourhoods

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Welcome Luminus is celebrating winning an award at the 2007 UK Housing Awards in recognition of its work in Oxmoor, Huntington. The Group’s regeneration work, along with the Oxmoor Opportunities Partnership (a group of over 30 local organisations, who formed to help create a safe, vibrant community in Oxmoor) over the last seven years has succeeded in breaking the cycle of deprivation, improving community safety and in giving residents a better quality of life. Luminus won the Sustaining and Regenerating Neighbourhoods category at the UK Housing Awards, presented by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and Inside Housing magazine at a ceremony in London on 8th November.   Luminus Group Chief Executive, Chan Abraham, commented, “We are delighted to have won this award because it is a testimony to the importance of staying the course in order to bring about lasting change in communities. The success of regeneration at Oxmoor has been based upon visionary and decisive leadership, belief that change is possible and persevering commitment by residents, staff and the many partners who have been involved. To every one of these, we in Luminus give our heartfelt thanks. We look forward with great anticipation to another seven years of great quality of life in all the neighbourhoods and communities in which Luminus is seeking to inspire the vision for change.” Page 2

The opening of the youth centre, juice bar, in Oxmoor

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Fit for purpose in 2008

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Luminus Customer Opinion Survey Neighbourhood Warden Update

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Gas Safety Check Checking Systems

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Fit for purpose in 2008 …. building on success for the future Chan Abraham, Group Chief Executive, explains the Luminus theme of Fit for Purpose in 2008. Wouldn’t it be great if everything always went according to plan and nothing ever went wrong? Well, perhaps that is a lot to ask for! However, in Luminus we do want to get things right, first time and every time, as far as is humanly possible. This is why we have set our theme for 2008 as Fit for Purpose. We are all used to being in situations where things we buy break down, or arrangements that we rely upon fail. Sometimes this is due genuinely to circumstances beyond people’s control. However, customers of Luminus have become used to a quality of service that exceeds normal expectations and is quite often much better than accepted standards in the UK. We know this because our customers say so in surveys and in the many complimentary letters we receive. We want to build on this successful record. So, throughout 2008 we are looking carefully at all areas of our business to make sure that we are doing things as effectively as we possibly can. We want to add to the good things that we have already done and I would really appreciate hearing from you with any ideas, comments or suggestions that you may have. You can let me know through attending the Area Association meetings, coming to one of our special tenants surgeries, contacting a member of my staff or writing to me direct. I will personally make sure that every letter that comes to me is acknowledged and that you receive a reply. With the feedback we receive from our customers, combined with the enthusiasm of our employees, we are looking forward to strengthening Luminus in demonstrating a more excellent way of doing business.


In the previous edition of Luminus News, the under 35’s were asked for their ideas on how the area in which they live can be improved. The lucky winner of an iPod Nano is 15 year old Sarah Homewood from Huntingdon, whose idea was to have a free hotspot area in Huntingdon for internet access. Nigel Finney, Executive Director (Operations) at Luminus said “this was the most positive idea received, as it is aimed to get a wide range of customers connected to Luminus”.

Sarah is shown here receiving her prize from Chan Abraham, Group Chief Executive.

The topic of the last Area Association, which was held on 1 November 2007, was “The Environment, You can make a difference”. Speakers from Huntingdonshire District Council's Environmental Team talked about greener living, which included items on recycling and reducing your carbon footprint. All attendees received a “goody bag” with free samples and information on how to save energy and recycle. Thanks go to Waitrose, Anglian Water and Huntingdonshire District Council for their generous contributions. Mr Johnson from Yaxley received a surprise cheque for £250 for attending the previous Area Association and completing a feedback form! See below for details of the next Area Association, which is taking place on 3 April 2008.

Come along and tell us what you think!

Demonstrating a more excellent way of doing business Page 4

A new way of letting homes in Cambridgeshire Since the last edition of Luminus News our new choice-based way of letting homes, Home-Link, has started. At the beginning of February, applicants registered for housing with Councils and Housing Associations in Huntingdonshire, Cambridge, East Cambridgeshire, South Cambridgeshire, Forest Heath and Bury St Edmunds were sent a welcome letter and User Guide explaining how the scheme works. The first edition of our fortnightly Home-Link magazine was issued in time for people to express interest in homes advertised as available when ‘bidding’ opened at 9am on Friday 22 February 2008. On the whole, most customers gave a positive reaction about the scheme and felt it a good idea to be able to have more involvement in choosing where they want to live. For some, the adverts raised awareness of homes available in areas they have not previously considered.

For information about the Home-Link scheme and available properties being advertised go to: Web: For enquiries about Luminus homes advertised in the Home-Link property magazine: Tel: 01480 428345 Email: Web:

Improving our service to


For enquiries about your Home-Link Application, contact Huntingdonshire District Council: Tel: 01480 388222 or 388223 Email: Web:

We have recently carried out a review of the service we provide to leaseholders, with the help of an independent expert. A number of areas have been identified for improvement. These include, providing clearer information, improving the way we consult on major improvements and raising staff awareness of leasehold issues. On 31 January we held 2 meetings for leaseholders and shared owners to explain the findings of the review and how we want leaseholders to be involved in helping us improve our service.  We will be holding regular meetings throughout the year to discuss the different areas we want to work on and all leaseholders and shared owners are welcome to attend.  The next meeting is being held on Thursday 17 April in Brook House, Huntingdon at 10:30am and 7pm. If you would like to attend please contact Tracey Stone, Tenant Involvement Officer on 01480 428541 or Page 5

Finding Out Your Views We asked all Luminus Homes and Oak Foundation tenants to complete a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey in October 2007, three years after we conducted the last survey. This survey is an important part in our customer consultation process and helps to identify how we can make our services better for our residents. We received over 2,000 completed surveys, which Mr B Dudgeon receives his winning cheque represents a response rate of 35%, our best figure yet. We are happy from Chan Abraham, Group Chief Executive to report that early indications show that satisfaction levels with the organisation have risen since 2004. Comprehensive results will follow in the next issue of Luminus News. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete and return your form. The names of all those who returned their survey forms were put in a hat and the winners were drawn out. The first prize of £1,000 was won by Mr B Dudgeon of Huntingdon, who was presented with a cheque by Chan Abraham, Group Chief Executive in December. 2nd prize of £500 – Mrs N Chappell of Eaton Socon

4th prize of £150 – Mr & Mrs Anthony of Grafham

3rd prize of £250 – Mrs M Phillips of Warboys

5th prize of £100 – Mr & Mrs Harris of Huntingdon

Neighbourhood Warden Update Some changes took place in the Neighbourhood Warden team in February, with the recruitment of two new Wardens. Lorraine Wallis and Tina Drage joined the team on 4 February 2008. Lorraine is a well known face around Luminus as she has worked for Luminus as a Neighbourhood Assistant, since December 2006. Tina joins us having worked as a learning assistant at a local primary school for the past 9 years. We hope to develop our Neighbourhood Warden service even further throughout 2008, with each Warden having a number of objectives to meet. The Wardens will liaise more with the local community. We hope this will help us to identify the needs and expectations of our tenants, where we can seek out achievable solutions to any problems, as well as providing a direct line of contact to all agencies within the local area. Alongside this we are striving to develop more community initiatives and some of the community projects that are currently being developed include:

• Biodiversity Gardening as part of St Neots in Bloom • Junior Wardens in Oxmoor and Eaton Socon • Learning opportunities in Oxmoor • Witness and victim support • ‘Secret Garden’ project at Norris Road, St Ives • Community vegetable garden in St Neots The team will be out and about in the community, so please let your local Warden know of any ideas that you may have concerning areas Luminus can help to improve.

Page 6

Tina Drage and Lorraine Wallis join the Neighbourhood Warden Team

If you would like to know who your Neighbourhood Warden is, please contact Luminus 01480 428550

Tenancy Support & Resettlement Service Within our Community Services department we have a team of Tenancy Support Officers, who provide a range of support services to residents including teenage parents, single parents, single people, families, Gypsies and Travellers and those with issues of drug and alcohol, domestic violence, learning disabilities and mental health. We have experienced and highly trained staff who provide support to many Luminus residents in their homes.

• Managing tenancy set up (gas, electric

The aim is to: • Provide people with the necessary skills to make a better life for themselves • Provide information and knowledge to residents to make their own decisions • Prevent people losing their homes • Provide opportunities to enter education, training and employment

To apply, contact Luminus' Tenancy Support and Resettlement Service on 01480 428569.

Tenancy Support Officers can help with: • Debt management • Claiming benefits • Support with furnishing homes

• • • • • • •

connection, TV etc) Budgeting/domestic/life skill social skills Support with finding employment Counselling/emotional support Advice, advocacy and liaison Social and leisure activities Support and befriending Access to training and education

Resettlement Service We also have a team of Tenancy Support and Resettlement Officers who work alongside agencies, including Police, Probation and statutory agencies. We support people who are excluded from housing because of their life style. The aim is to get them “out of crime and into treatment”, changing the community in a positive way by reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and making them good neighbours.

Luminus and Huntingdonshire District Council are working with a charity called Inspire – wellbeing through arts, to provide an opportunity for residents in Oxmoor, Huntingdon, to take part in a creative project. The aim is to involve as many people as possible through schools, clubs and other local organisations to take part in a series of creative activities to encourage people to get involved in the life of their community, in a fun and enjoyable way. Oxmoor residents will soon be able to find out more about this exciting project. If you are interested and would like further information please contact Claire Mathieu or Lorraine von Gehlen from Inspire on 01223 441106 or Alan Haines, Luminus Community Services Manager on 01480 428720. Page 7

Luminus is a member of the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Benchmarking Club managed by HouseMark.   HouseMark is a joint venture by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and the National Housing Federation (NHF), dedicated to improving housing standards. HouseMark are the social housing sector’s leading provider of performance improvement and value for money services.   HouseMark measures ASB activity of Luminus Homes against some 121 Organisations.  This provides Luminus with a helpful gauge against which it can compare its performance.    Recent results recorded in the 2nd quarter of 2007-08 provide the following information:    • Luminus has consistently recorded less ASB activity than the nationwide average • The most common forms of ASB recorded by Luminus are noise, harassment/threats and littering. This is by and large in line with nationwide figures

Your safety

• We use family/tenancy support measures more than the average. Luminus actively uses family/tenancy support measures in resolving cases of anti-social behaviour • The number of Possession Notices we serve is about the same as other organisations • We serve more demotion of tenancy notices than other housing organisations • Luminus evicts more residents for ASB than the average benchmarked figure. These figures demonstrate that Luminus takes antisocial behaviour seriously. Luminus Neighbourhood Officers together with their ASB Team colleagues respond to perpetrators of anti-social behaviour with a combination of support and enforcement.  Where intervention action is unsuccessful, Luminus will take legal action against perpetrators of ASB including injunctions, demotion and eviction.


is important to us!

Your safety is of importance to Luminus, therefore, we would like to ask you to keep your eyes and ears open for any potential health and safety issues. Help us to help you by identifying potential problems and reporting them to us by calling our Health and Safety Adviser, Keith George on 01480 428625 or by emailing Issues include amongst other things; potential trip hazards, and broken light bulbs in communal areas.

If you see a problem, please report it! Page 8

Bushmead School are now participating in the Junior Warden scheme. The new group of Wardens celebrated by touring Cambridgeshire County Council’s CCTV bus. They were presented with a bag of Junior Warden goodies by Neighbourhood Warden, Sue Malerich.

Checking Systems Annual Gas and Boiler Service Why is it important for you to ensure that you have your gas appliances checked each year?

• Safety

To ensure you and your family are not put at risk from gas escapes or carbon monoxide poisoning. We also make sure that your emergency control valve is operating correctly and visually inspect your own gas appliances, giving advice on safety if necessary.

• Saving you money

The service engineer will test your boiler to ensure that it is operating to its optimum performance; a boiler could be burning more fuel than necessary if it is not serviced each year.

• The environment

If your boiler is not serviced annually it could be emitting too much carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, and causing damage to the ozone layer.

• Damage to property

A heating system that is not checked on a yearly basis is more prone to water leaks. This can cause damage to your property if it is left unchecked. For these reasons it is important for you to keep your appointment for your Annual Gas Safety Check! If you think that you have not had a Gas Safety Check within the last 12 months, please contact us and we will be pleased to inform you of your next service date. Please call Luminus on: 01480 428688/494 or e-mail us at:

Be safe, save money and save the environment!

Update – recent media coverage regarding faulty hot water systems Following the recent media coverage regarding faulty thermostats in old electric heating systems, Luminus as a responsible landlord would like to inform you that although there is no current legislation for landlords to retrospectively replace the thermostats on immersion heaters, we have decided to check them on all our hot water immersion heaters (where fitted), and electric hot water and heating systems, when we carry out the annual safety check, or when we have advised the temporary use of the immersion heater.   Our engineers will ensure that the thermostats are set no higher than 60°C and that they have an automatic cut out fitted (most modern types of immersion heater have these fitted as standard).   Tenants with cold water storage tanks fitted in the loft space incorporating an immersion heater should be aware of the following warning signs if there is a problem:   • excessively hot water coming out of the hot water taps

• excessive noise or ‘bubbling’ from the hot water cylinder

• hot water coming out of certain cold water taps (some cold storage water tanks also feed bathroom taps and toilet cisterns)

• steam or excessive moisture in the roof space. Please be advised that combination boilers, sealed systems and mains fed hot water systems are not affected.

Page 9

Development Update it Wh

, ks loc

We have completed 44 homes at Trumpington, Cambridge and they are available for sale and rental to key workers throughout the Cambridge area.

ge rid mb


The nine studio flats for sale are being marketed by Cambridge based firm, Encore, and the flats for rental are being let by Luminus. For further information please contact Paul Chatterton, Neighbourhood Manager, on 01480 428540 or email

In Benwick we have built seven two and three bedroomed homes. These homes are on a new development constructed by Taylor Wimpey and are available for renting by applicants from Fenland ick District Council. nw

Luminus has won the National Home r I m provement te s he Council Award for c Registered Social an Landlords – completed dm modernisations, for the work o G completed at Anderson Crescent, Godmanchester. The work cost £1.5 million and transformed 29 old unity-style concrete framed and clad properties into warm brick-clad homes. Completed in December 2005, residents take pride in their smart, energy efficient homes. Before



During Page 10

In December we ran a campaign to encourage tenants in arrears to pay some of the amount they owe during the two rent free weeks. We also offered help and advice on benefit issues and managing finances to those tenants who wanted it. This campaign reduced rent arrears by £103,000! If you are having financial difficulties or have rent arrears, please contact us on 01480 428522 (north team) or 01480 428500 (south team). We have staff who are able to provide benefit advice and help you take control of your finances. If you have rent arrears, contact us now before your debt increases and becomes more of a problem.  

We can help!


Tracey Croucher, Financial Inclusion Officer What is Financial Inclusion? Financial inclusion is about everyone having the opportunity to access the financial services needed to manage on a day to day basis, being able to deal with financial distress, where to go to if this happens and planning for the future. Financial exclusion affects some of the most vulnerable members of our society such as those living on low incomes, lone parents, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and the unemployed.

About me? I previously worked for the National Probation Service implementing education, training and employment activities across Cambridgeshire. However, financial inclusion is an area of particular interest to me and on seeing the advert for this role I just had to apply. After a grueling interview process I was ecstatic to be offered the position! The challenge ahead is very exciting, the role of Financial Inclusion Officer is new, giving me lots of opportunity to develop the role and expand on the work already undertaken by my colleagues in Neighbourhood Services and Community Services. What have I been up to so far? I have been very busy, networking with community groups, meeting agencies that provide financial initiatives and identifying funding streams. In order for me to develop projects I firstly need to identify the areas of need and target groups, and I have been gradually meeting with colleagues to gain the necessary knowledge that will enable me to do this. I am currently working on the Financial Inclusion Strategy and reviewing the HEAT and Insurance Schemes currently offered to Luminus tenants.

We are holding five tenant surgeries across Huntingdonshire, where you are able to visit us to ask any questions or find out more about Luminus. 1 May 2008 – Maple Centre, Huntingdon 8 May 2008 – The George, Ramsey

5 June 2008 – Information Centre, Yaxley 26 June 2008 – Priory Centre, St Neots 17 July 2008 – Free Church, St Ives Trevor Roberts, Head of Neighbourhood Servcies, Reg Wilcox, Chair of the Tenant Services Consultative Forum, Neighbourhood Wardens, Surveyors and the Housing Officer for the local area, will be on hand to deal with your enquiries. Page 11

Are you being served? We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new project to publish a range of Service Standard leaflets. From listening to comments about our services, carrying out satisfaction surveys and by working with people who attend our many tenant involvement activities, we already have a good understanding of what our customers want. We also have a Customer Satisfaction Commitment which states the overall quality of service you can expect from us. Our new Service Standards will help us work in partnership with our customers and agree how services should be delivered. They will also outline standards which can be expected before the services are delivered, rather than just asking people how it went.



go ut rep air Dea s ling beh w i th a avio ntiur soc ial Lettin g hom es Manag in

We are aiming to publish the leaflets for most of our services in April. The leaflets will be available in our reception areas, on our website and will be given to all new tenants and leaseholders. We also plan to include them in our brand new Guide for Tenants, to be launched later this year. Please contact Tracey Stone, Tenant Involvement Officer, on 01480 428541 or email if you are interested in getting involved in developing and monitoring the Service Standards.

g empty homes

Collecting rent


We are looking at the following Service Standards


Page 12









Adaptations for people with a disability t volvemen Tenant in laint comp r u o th y ng wi Deali ncy tena & d oo ourh t b h g e Nei gemen hom a r u man o gy vin o r ty rsi Imp e r v Di ou & h t lity wi ua g q n E ti s ica n ice u v s r r e mm e ss Co stom r ts ou efi cu h n f be to u d O an e m co ice n I v ad


ello my name is Mike Taylor and I am the Business Manager for Hope Social Enterprises (Hope), which is part of Luminus Group. I have three business areas that I manage and I am sure that somewhere within them Hope may be able to help you. We are a Re-use, Repair and Recycle company, with the aim of providing quality high street seconds at a fair price (currently a £35 iron sells for £6), whilst providing employment to the vulnerable, homeless and long term unemployed. I will endeavour to communicate more of what we can offer in future publications but for now some of what we can offer in our product range are mentioned below: Bed spreads Saucepans All Bedding Throws Bread bins Curtains Tea towels Bins Picture frames Lampshades Vases Cd racks Slow cookers Magazine racks

Suitcases Ironing boards Coffee makers Blenders Kitchen scales Toasters Cushions Towels Bathroom items Irons Kettles Handbags Glassware Sandwich makers

We also stock refurbished fridges, freezers, washing machines and other goods as requested. We also have a wide range of second hand furniture.  Donations of furniture are always welcome. Our outlets are: Wisbech: Regal Road, Telephone 01945 581910 and 95 Norfolk Street , Telephone 01945 580684 March: 15-17 Commercial Road, Telephone 01354 658732 If you have any enquires, requests or ideas please contact me on 07710 732125 or by emailing



Ferry Project Success We are pleased to announce that the Ferry project has been successful in its bid for grants worth £1.1 million. This money will be used to build three environmentally friendly warehouses in March, Cambridgeshire. One warehouse will provide a home for Hope Social Enterprises. This project employs six people and stops old furniture going into landfill by cleaning, repairing and re-using it. SOFA also supplies work experience to long term unemployed people in the Fens. The second warehouse will provide new businesses with start up units. The idea is to encourage some of Ferry’s homeless clients to start their own businesses, helping them to get back to being independent. However the start up units will be available to anyone wishing to start a new business in the Fenland area. There are a number of environmental businesses interested in using the third warehouse. The grants were awarded by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) and from the EU via the European Rural Development Fund. Richard Ellis the Chair of EEDA said “EEDA recognizes the importance of social enterprises like the Ferry Project in helping some of the region’s most vulnerable people.” Page 13

We are also looking for people who have spare time and want to get involved in the community. We have several members in wheelchairs or who just feel a little anxious going out on their own. So we are seeking volunteers or “buddies” to help support our members on trips out.


For further information or to get involved please call the Out and About team on 01480 428428.

Do you feel stuck at home day in day out? Do you wish you went out more? Do you want to make new friends? Do you wish you had something fun to do? Do you have time to spare during the day? If you have answered YES to any of these questions then Out and About wants you! Out and About is an activities and transport project for the elderly, vulnerable and disabled. We are always looking for new members and volunteers. We take members out for day trips, shopping, historical homes and gardens, pub lunches, city centres, theatre shows and lots more.

Rectory Gardens & Godmanchester in Bloom The sheltered scheme residents at Rectory Gardens, Godmanchester decided to get involved in ‘Godmanchester in Bloom’ and applied to take part in this community venture. The pictures accompanying this article show the beginning of the work to clear the rear garden ready for planting. The residents have already started fundraising and Luminus Oak Foundation has agreed to donate staff time and money towards the project.  The next step is for a meeting to be held to agree the new layout for the rear gardens and discuss what features and plants would look best in the area. This meeting will take place shortly.  The aim is not only to enter Godmanchester in Bloom but to encourage all residents to sit out in the gardens and enjoy the environment. Page 14

Cambridgeshire Police and Trading Standards are asking people to make sure they understand what they need to do to ensure a smooth change over when television reception changes from analogue to digital.

D o n ' t Fo r g e t

Switching over to Digital Television

Luminus 2008

Diary Dates 23 April – Disability Advisory Panel 23 April – St George’s Day

Luminus are keen to make sure that this is 30 April – Oak Foundation Forum not an opportunity for rogue traders (Mill House, Ramsey) and distraction burglars, who may take advantage of vulnerable people. There is plenty of time in the Cambridgeshire area to make sure that people are well informed as switchover does not take place here until 2011. No one will call on a householder without an appointment and a ‘help’ scheme is available. For further information please call Digital UK on 0845 6 50 50 50.

Happy Retirement Roger Hovell, Improvements Tradesman, retired on 16 November 2007. He has been with Luminus since 2000. Roger was one of our Multi-skilled Tradesman and a mentor for one of our apprentices. Anne Courtney, Sheltered Housing Manager, retired on 31 December 2007. Anne will be enjoying her retirement living at her second home in France with her husband.   Betty Watkins, Customer Service Adviser, retired on 31 December 2007. Betty was looking forward to her retirement to enable her to spend more time with her husband, children and grandchildren.   Bernie Wilsher, Sheltered Housing Manager, retired on Friday 4 January 2008 after working for Luminus since 2000. Bernie is going to enjoy her retirement visiting relatives abroad and holidaying with her husband.

Roger Hovell

Betty Watkins

Anne Courtney

Bernie Wilsher

Page 15



General Enquiries (Luminus Group Services)

01480 428333 Service Centre Emergencies: where a vital service has broken down and is likely to cause risk to you, your family or neighbours, your home or your belongings. This will be made safe within 24 hours.

01480 428588 Neighbourhood Services

01480 428522 Revenues - NORTH

01480 428500 Revenues - SOUTH

01480 428521 Benefits Advice - Sue Cargill

01480 428531 Tenant Liaison Officer - Linda Bevens

01480 428541 Tenant Involvement Officer - Tracey Stone

01945 467596 Luminus Ferry Project

01480 428314 Home Ownership Officer - Mel Davies

Monday to Thursday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm and Fridays 9.00 am - 4.30 pm

For reporting all repairs. Emergency repairs include: • Gas & Central Heating problems (DO NOT ring the contractors direct) • Total loss of water supply • Major water leak (which is causing a flood) • Toilet blockage (where there is no alternative toilet in use) • Blocked flue to a boiler or open fire • Total loss of electric power

General tenancy enquiries concerning mutual exchanges, changes to tenancies, garden maintenance, service charges, lettings, boundaries, anti-social behaviour, tenancy disputes and Neighbourhood Wardens. Enquiries about your rent account (North Area).

Enquiries about your rent account (South Area).

Advice about housing benefit and other benefits.

Enquiries about improvement work being done in your home.

Information about how you can become involved with Luminus Group.

Providing services to the homeless in Fenland

Providing assistance to home owners and leaseholders

For help to understand this newsletter please ring 01480 428721

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Luminus News Issue 32 March 2008  

Luminus News Issue 32 March 2008