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Playing in the Winning Team

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Creating a Safer Neighbourhood

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Residents Groups Disability Advisory Panel

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Repairs by Appointment Respect

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Letting Homes Mutual Exchanges Dealing with Summer Pests

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Quality Repairs and Maintenance Luminus Drives the Way Forward

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Developing all over

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Ferry Project Farming

You will shortly be receiving your customer opinion survey through the post. Please do take a few minutes to complete and return it, as your views are vital to us. All completed and returned forms will be entered into a very special prize draw, with cash

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Easter Bonnet Bonanza Oak Foundation Forum LifeLine

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Full On Fusion Financial Health Check Grants to Community Groups

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Out & About Update

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Unity in the Community

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prizes to be won.

You're Hired! Luminus Group's six young apprentices are well on their way to becoming fully skilled after passing their probation with flying colours. The apprentices, chosen from a field of 130 applicants, are the cream of the crop and reflect Luminus' substantial investment in recruiting new talent. The apprenticeship scheme was launched in a drive to recruit new apprentices, skilled in trades such as bricklaying, plumbing and carpentry, to work within and serve residents of the local community. It is against the law to smoke in this communal area

From 1 July 2007, all enclosed public places and workplaces in England became smokefree. This includes all our communal areas. Notices will be appearing to remind you of the new legislation. Page 2

Playing in the Winning Team …. Luminus looks forward to another 7 successful years Chan Abraham, Group Chief Executive, explains how everyone in Luminus is playing their part in the team that wants to keep winning. After seven successful years of service to communities, Luminus is now looking forward. For everyone who works with us, this means being committed to our vision, strengthening and growing our business and encouraging each person to discover and pursue life’s purpose for them. In a recent meeting with all our employees, we agreed that the three things that have most contributed to our success were great attitude, clear focus and perseverance. Looking forward, we are confident that everyone is enthusiastic to play their part in the Luminus team to help us keep winning. Luminus employees know that success doesn’t just fall into our laps. Every one of us has to be determined to play our part as a member of the team. We believe that the keys to us being a successful team in service to others are: • Trust and confidence in each other • Being decisive and taking action without delay • Good preparation and getting the little things right • Using the right skills and know-how to be really effective in our jobs • Working together to create opportunities to develop the business and the quality of our services • “Wowing” our competitors and the outside world, by being committed to excellence and being the best. I believe teamwork is also helpful in the way that we, our customers and partners work together, since we all rely upon each other. In that sense, our success depends very much on how we can co-operate together. The Luminus story is evidence that this wider picture of teamwork and partnership really does work and we look forward to seeing it develop over the next seven years.


Area Association

creating a



Tenants asking questions about their community safety

Area Association meeting were held on 29 March 2007, with meetings in the afternoon and evening. The topic was Neighbourhood Safety and for almost half of the 120 people attending this was their first meeting. Neighbourhood Safety closely involves the police and we were grateful to Laura Hunt, Chief Inspector with Cambridgeshire Constabulary, who delivered a very interesting presentation on Neighbourhood Policing. For more information on Neighbourhood Policing call 0845 4564564 or visit

40% of attendees were doing so for the first time

100% of people thought the

event was either very well or quite well organised

There were presentations on other aspects of Neighbourhood Safety from Debbie Thorburn, Police Community Support Officer who spoke about her role in the community, Luminus’ Neighbourhood Wardens, Daren James and Marie Barber, who discussed their very important jobs.

Anne-Marie Waterston, the Open Out Coordinator, explained the issues Neighbourhood Warden, Marie Barber surrounding Hate addresses the issues raised Crime and how it of people rated the can be reported in meeting as being useful to them. Huntingdonshire. Her number for any issues relating to Hate Crime is 01480 428726. Luminus Tenant Involvement Officer, Tracey Stone provided an update on tenant involvement activities and spoke about our panel of Mystery Shoppers who regularly check the standard of the services we provide. This obviously inspired some people and by the end of the day we had recruited 11 more mystery shoppers!


The next Area Association meeting will be Thursday 1 November. Page 4

We are working with a number of tenants in the district who are hoping to set up a residents group in the area in which they live. We provide support, guidance and possible funding for anyone looking to set up a group.  The benefits of setting up a tenants or residents association include:   • creating a sense of community in your area or neighbourhood

Residents Groups

• promoting a better understanding between tenants, residents and Luminus • allowing local people to make their views known to Luminus and other service providers

• influencing local decision making. If you and your neighbours are interested in setting up a residents group in your area, please contact Tracey Stone, Tenant Involvement Officer, on 01480 428541 or Patrick Brown, Community Development Manager, on 01480 428575.

Disability Advisory Panel

The Disability Advisory Panel met on 1 April 2007 when 17 tenants attended and heard a presentation given jointly by Trevor Roberts, Head of Neighbourhood Services, and Angie Skipper, Special Needs Officer from Huntingdonshire District Council.  The meeting focussed on canvassing the views of tenants on a new initiative looking at new ways to let our homes, through a Choice Based Lettings Scheme.   The feedback received will be passed to the group who are setting up the Cambridge Sub-regional Choice Based Lettings Scheme.  For further information, please contact Huntingdonshire District Council on 01480 388218 or by email to   This was a very interesting session and we are grateful to those who attended for providing their views on the new scheme.   The next meeting of the Disability Advisory Panel will be held on Wednesday 12 September at 10.30am and the topic for discussion will be the Out & About Scheme.  If you would like to attend, please contact Tracey Stone on 01480 428541 or email Page 5

Repairs by Appointment

are Coming

Luminus is continuing with its plans to introduce a new computer system that will enable customers to be offered repairs by appointment. The system will be introduced to our gas repairs and servicing operation covering approximately 20,000 homes in June 2007. We plan to bring in appointments for all our response repair operations by October 2007. The system will provide our customers with an even better service since they will have more specific information about when a repair visit is to be undertaken and help us to increase efficiency.

Mr & Mrs Douthwaite proudly display their certificate

For four years Warboys residents James and Snowli Douthwaite suffered the continual noise nuisance of cars and mini-motos racing up and down their gravelled roadway. Parties, loud music and crowds of young people only added to their frustration as their quiet country close was turned into a meeting ground for boy racers. The Douthwaites decided to do something about their situation and organised fellow residents to take a stand. They used a variety of methods to collect evidence including filling in hundreds of pages of diary sheets provided by Luminus Group. They then presented the evidence to Luminus and eventually to the County Court, resulting in the perpetrators agreeing not to cause further anti-social behaviour. Eventually, the perpetrators left the property before further court action was taken. The Douthwaites have won the Respect Award for Taking a Stand.

The award is a Government scheme that recognises the commitment, energy and courage of members of the public who make real improvements to their communities. Louise Casey, the government’s coordinator for Respect said: "Winning this award is recognition of the bravery and determination you have shown and reflects the inspiration you have brought to your community." Chan Abraham, Luminus Group Chief Executive said: "I hope the example this couple has set will inspire others to have the confidence to work with local authorities and take positive action to tackle these issues."

What can you do? There are a number of things you can do to help. These include: • Recognising that we all have a role to play in dealing with anti-social behaviour • Reporting anti-social behaviour • Attending meetings we organise • Writing an article in your local community magazine/newspaper promoting a culture of Respect • Helping to organise community clean ups and other local events • Contributing to Estate Audits when held in your area and commenting on the services provided • Not 'suffering in silence'. Page 6

Letting Homes

Mutual exchanges

Are you already a Luminus tenant and need to transfer to more suitable accommodation?

In our last edition of Luminus News we told you that following the Government’s closure of the Homeswap scheme, we had set up our own mutual exchange register.

Or perhaps you know someone who needs a home of their own? If so, you can now apply to join our own housing register, even if you are also registered with Huntingdonshire District Council. For more information and an application pack, please telephone Neighbourhood Lettings on 01480 428527.

However, whilst this was a way of continuing to give you the chance to find other tenants to swap with, it would only have given a limited service to tenants wanting to move outside of Huntingdonshire. To improve the service, we have now subscribed to a mutual exchange service called Homeswapper. If you want to swap homes please go to their website at: Here you can register, and search for, an exchange. Homeswapper is free for our tenants to use.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can call into our offices for help. We also have printed lists that you can search for a possible exchange. Please telephone us on 01480 428588 if you need further information. If you were previously registered under the Homeswap scheme, you will need to re-register with Homeswapper.

Dealing with Summer Pests Insects arrive with the onset of summer and will impact on the enjoyment of your home. So, what do you do if they decide to invade your home?

Wasps - Huntingdonshire District Council’s (HDC) pest control team will treat these. Luminus will pay for the treatment if the nest is attached to the building (including shed/garage). If the nest is in the garden, on a fence etc, then tenants have to pay for the treatment.

Bumble bees - Luminus will pay for HDC to deal with bumble bees if the nest is located within the structure of your home. HDC prefer to remove the nest and relocate it if practical to do so. They will treat the nest if there is no other option (for instance, if it is causing a nuisance close to an entrance door and the nest can’t be removed).

Mortar Bees - HDC will not treat mortar bees, but will advise tenants of this while on site. Nests will need to be located in the structure of the building or shed/garage etc if Luminus are to pay HDC’s pest control experts to take a look.

Ants - Luminus is not responsible for treating ants and tenants need to treat them themselves using powders or sprays available from DIY stores. HDC’s pest control section can be contacted (for pest problems Luminus is not responsible for) on 01480 388319. Page 7

NeighbourhoodPolicing Neighbourhood policing is about putting the community at the heart of everything Cambridgeshire Constabulary does. Each neighbourhood has a dedicated team assigned to it. They’ll work with residents and partners such as Luminus to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood Policing Teams covering the Huntingdonshire area are:

• St Ives and District Team • Huntingdon and District Team • North and West Huntingdonshire Team • Eynesbury Team

• Ramsey and District Team • Oxmoor and Hartford Team • St Neots and District Team

Members of the public are invited to attend meetings with police and local partners to help agree the local priorities. Future meetings dates are as follows and all meetings commence at 7.30pm: Neighbourhood Area


Date & Time

Ramsey & District

Somersham Village Hall

Monday 3 September

Huntingdon & District

Alconbury – to be confirmed

Tuesday 11 September

St Ives & District

Bluntisham Village Hall

Thursday 20 September

North & West Huntingdonshire

Stilton – to be confirmed

Tuesday 25 September

Oxmoor & Hartford

Oak Tree Health Centre

Thursday 27 September

St Neots & District

Buckden Village Hall

Tuesday 2 October


Community College

Wednesday 10 October

For further information on the Neighbourhood Policing team in your area call 0845 456 4564 or visit Page 8

Luminus – delivering a quality repairs and maintenance service A new Quality Team has been set up at Luminus to ensure that our repairs and maintenance services are of the highest standard. The team also guarantees that we pay a reasonable price for repairs carried out by contractors on our behalf. Clive Pauley and Marc White, Quality Surveyors

Our Quality Team covers work such as routine repairs, planned maintenance works including kitchens and bathrooms, improvements carried out to empty homes, and other types of work, such as aids and adaptations for people with a disability.

alsoOxmoor works on otherPlan company projects including our Spot the Solution programme, which brings AsOur partteam of the Action the new about to the Centre communal areas of our local neighbourhoods. Oak Treeimprovements Centre and Maple were created. This ispart the of new of work the Oxmoor An important theHeart team’s is to look at the feedback provided when you complete your Planned and provides local facilities such as doctors, Maintenance/Repairs Quality Feedback surveys. All customers are sent surveys after planned maintenance dentists, pharmacy, shops, community room works are carried out, or when a response repair is requested (except emergency repairs). and offices. This is where Neighbourhood Where concerns are and expressed Wardens, Lisa Harris Sarah about Dicks any haveaspect of the repair works we will carry out an investigation. We may contact you to discuss issues further and/or arrange a visit to your home. relocated to along with the Neighbourhood Policing TeamSurveyors, and the SRB Our Quality Clive(Single Pauley and Marc White state: “We want to make sure that the repairs carried Regeneration Board) out to your home onTeam. behalf of Luminus are always of the highest quality and that you are treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Please do continue to complete the surveys which we send to you and give us your views. If you have concerns about the quality of repair or improvement works please call our Service Centre on 01480 428333”.

Luminus drives the way forward Fifty tradesmen from Luminus Group have passed the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) training programme with flying colours.  Completing the SAFED driver training course is especially important as Luminus deals with more than 30,000 customers and 7,000 homes with a commitment to the highest quality customer care. Luminus has a fleet of a hundred vehicles and ninety-six drivers working within and serving residents of the local community.  The remainder of the drivers will have been trained by the end of July.   By going through the SAFED driver training course Luminus tradesmen learn how to drive more safely, with less stress and a greater degree of fuel efficiency.    Chan Abraham, Luminus Group Chief Executive said,   “Luminus has a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our organisation.  By including the SAFED training in Luminus' excellent driver training programme, we create an ideal opportunity to minimise our environmental impact, reduce our road risk and increase the professionalism of   our drivers." Luminus Tradesman, Jamie Cameron shows off his certificate Page 9

shared ownership and marks the first collaboration between Luminus and English Partnerships. This £10 million project will take until June 2008 to complete and will include a community centre, to be built by MKHA.

Cambridge's Mayor welcomes new key worker homes

Elders housing, Milton Keynes

Whitlocks, Cambridge Luminus is celebrating transformation of a derelict site in Trumpington where we will provide 44 homes for Cambridge’s key workers - the third development by Luminus in the City in18 months.

Brampton We have nearly completed four homes, two two bedroom and two three bedroom, in Brampton, which will be available for purchase under the low cost home ownership scheme.

Very soon some of Cambridge’s most essential workers will be able to move into one of the 44 state-of-the-art studio flats, 35 of which are for renting and 9 for low cost home ownership or outright sale. Luminus hopes that these homes will provide a valuable addition to the life of the local community. The building work started on 5 December 2006, with completion due in October 2007.  Environmental considerations form an important part of Luminus' work and the building has special features which make it energy efficient.  Although earlier housing schemes were built without any government grant, Luminus is very pleased to have had the City Council’s support in attracting a Housing Corporation grant of £525,000 to help towards the cost of the 35 key worker flats.  

Page 10

Parkway, Hinchingbrooke Luminus working in partnership with Barratts is building 28 homes for social rental. The homes, part of a larger development by Barratts, comprise eight two bedroom flats, ten two bedroom houses, eight three bedroom houses and two four bedroom houses. Work has already started on site and we will bring you further news on this development. You could be wasting water if your toilet cistern is constantly running. Also, if your water is metered, your water company will charge for water coming into the cistern and for water going out via the sewage system. Please report it to our Service Centre on 01480 428333 who will arrange for a plumber to come out and adjust the ball valve to stop it happening.

WA R N I N G !

Broughton, Milton Keynes Luminus signed a landmark deal with English Partnerships and Milton Keynes Hindu Association (MKHA) in April 2007 to build 67 high quality affordable homes for older people within the Hindu community in the Broughton area of Milton Keynes. The development, which provides a mix of houses and flats, will be offered for affordable rental and

Shared ownership, Brampton

Luminus Group’s Ferry Project opened ‘Ferry Project Farming’, a fruit and vegetable shop in Norfolk Street, Wisbech, on 30 March 2007, at a special ceremony attended by the Bishop of Ely. A film crew from SEEE (Social Enterprise East of England) were in attendance. The Ferry Project houses homeless adults in Wisbech, providing both emergency accommodation and longer term help.  The shop is part of the Ferry Project’s social enterprises, designed to give work experience and jobs to clients living in the project’s hostels.  The fresh fruit and vegetables the shop sells have been grown by clients of the Project in local allotments. 

The Bishop of Ely opens Ferry Project Farming

Welcoming the new initiative, Chan Abraham, Luminus Group Chief Executive, said, “It is inspiring to see the excellent work the Ferry Project is doing with people who have difficulties that many of us are unlikely ever to experience. The opening of Ferry Project Farming Shop is an important step forward, benefiting not just the homeless but the entire Wisbech community.” The Ferry Project Farming has a van which makes stops around the local area, selling their produce. If you would like to support the Ferry Project Farm please feel free to visit any of the stops listed below:

Thursday 9.45-10.00 10.30-10.45 11.15-11.30 12.00-12.30

Langley Close, St Ives Medway Court, Oxmoor Rectory Gardens, Godmanchester Brook House, Huntingdon

9.45-10.00 10.30 11.15 12.00-12.30 2.00 2.30

Mellors Court, Sawtry Crown Gardens,Alconbury Hilary Lodge, Brampton Brook House, Huntingdon Windsor Court, Somersham St. Marys Close, Bluntisham


Page 11

Easter Bonnet


It was Easter bonnet bonanza around the county at Luminus Oak Foundation's sheltered schemes. There were some extremely competitive bonnet events held, with residents spending many hours in an effort to create the perfect bonnet. Rectory Gardens in Godmanchester held a wonderful Easter Bonnet competition which was won by Molly Vickery.  Her prize was a giant chocolate Easter egg weighing two kilos.  Second place went to Joan Winbourn, and May Dighton came in third. Windsor Court in Somersham also held an Easter bonnet and tea afternoon. They even had their own ‘Easter Playboy Bunny’, complete with bunny ears and tail, in the form of Jane Moore.  The winner of the Easter bonnet competition was Phyllis Peaks and second place went to Brenda Jip.  Over 30 people with 23 bonnets attended the Easter event at Mill House, Ramsey. Residents and friends from Hilary Lodge, Brampton made good use of the Out & About bus to travel to the event.  The overall winner was Isabella Stimpson although every bonnet received a prize.  Bingo and a raffle followed the judging. The only man to take part in any of the competitions, Alan Crawford, won the Easter bonnet competition in The Close in St. Neots.  The judging was by the entertainer for the afternoon, Billy Keys and the event ended with a raffle and afternoon tea.

Out & About driver, Peter Smith presents a prize to the winning bonnet

Other schemes to hold events were Crown Gardens in Alconbury, where they held an Easter tea and Langley Close in St Ives where they had a “name the bunny competition”, raffle and chocolate tea party with a musical medley by their very own resident entertainers, John and Margaret Smith.

Chan Abraham, Luminus Group Chief Executive said, "It's really heartwarming to see the creativity of Luminus Oak Foundation's sheltered scheme residents. The Easter bonnet competition is one of the highlights of the year for the residents and a lot of effort goes into making the bonnets look spectacular. A very well done to all who took part."

OakFoundationForum The next meeting of the Oak Foundation Forum will be held on Wednesday 25 July at 1.30pm at Medway Court, Huntingdon. Brian Ward, the Head of Maintenance Services at Luminus will be talking to the Forum about the possibility of a handyman service for sheltered housing tenants. If you are interested in participating, please contact Tracey Stone, Tenant Involvement Officer on 01480 428541 for further information. Page 12

LifeLine Community Alarm Service

Lifeline is a telephone based alarm system, which enables you to call for help or reassurance if you feel unwell or have an accident whilst alone in your home. For further information please call the Community Services Team on 01480 428562

July 23rd – August 24th 2007

Huntingdon Youth Centre and Luminus Group, alongside other local partner organisations are once again ready to deliver five weeks of fun filled activities during the summer holiday scheme “Fusion: Holiday Activities With Bite”.   Fusion is aimed at providing a multitude of activities for young people, aged between 8 – 18 years old, living on Oxmoor. The project aims to positively challenge anti-social behaviour within Oxmoor by actively engaging young people from a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds.   Last year Fusion was a huge success with up to 150 young people attending sessions during the summer holidays.

This year, Fusion is back with even more things to do and is again based at Huntingdon Youth Centre and Coneygear Park.   Activities take place at Huntingdon Youth Centre between 2pm and 8pm, and Coneygear Park between 2pm and 7pm.      A wide range of topics are covered during the programme, ranging from healthy living, anti-bullying, anti-discrimination to drugs and alcohol awareness.  A variety of sports including football, rounders, frisbee and cricket are on offer as well as lots of arts and crafts including glass painting, junk art and visits from the CCTV van and the local boxing club. For further information call 01480 375030.

Worried about money matters? Help is at hand The Financial Health Clinic provides access to benefits advice, debt counseling services and membership to a credit union. Held on Mondays and Thursdays between 10.00am and 1.00pm in the Oak Tree Health Centre, Huntingdon. Remember, worrying about problems with money won’t solve it, but getting expert advice and support will make a big difference. Call 0845 241 2555.

Grants to

Community Luminus is committed to supporting and working


closely with tenants, residents and community groups that meet our criteria of equal opportunities and work to benefit the communities they live in. We offer financial support to groups, of up to £200 per year towards costs for items such as local newsletters, community events, youth clubs and promoting safer cleaner communities. The grant stream for 2007-08 is now open. For further information and a grant application pack please contact Patrick Brown, Community Development Manager, on 01480 428575.

Page 13

The aim of the Out & About project is to improve the quality of life for older, vulnerable and disabled people, by breaking down the barriers that prevent them from leading more active and healthy lifestyles. The project is going from strength to strength and we now have over 310 members, which is fantastic. Membership is £5.00 per year per person and every member will receive a quarterly newsletter and access to our transport services. As an Out & About Member we have arranged that certain local taxi firms will give you discounted rates on local trips.  One member from Huntingdon has already earned back their membership in discounts on taxi fares. Members have already enjoyed theatre trips, a trip to the Botanical Gardens, and shopping in Market Towns. These trips are examples of the type of activities that we offer but other activities also include exercise classes, adult education including computer courses, days out, arts and crafts and lunch clubs. We are now pleased to say that we are able to accept bus passes for any shopping trips that we do so there will be no charge on these type of trips for bus pass holders. We are always looking for volunteers to help with driving and supporting Out & About.  We are now going to be offering the Out & About Minibus for group hire during evenings and weekends.  Drivers must be MiDAS trained which we can offer through Luminus.  For quotes and availability please call the number below.

Excursions enjoyed by local residents

Out & About is a very exciting new project and the staff are very enthusiastic about it, so if you would like to be involved in this or you know anyone who would benefit from this new service please contact Amy Roe the Activities and Transport Coordinator on 01480 428428. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our Out & About members, Luminus staff and the support we have had from our other partners. Page 14

Unity in the community

FREE FUN DAY Come and join the fun

Saturday 14 July 2007 between 11.00am on

- 3.00pm. To be held at The Maple Centre, Oak Tree Drive, Oak Tree Centre, The Medway Centre and St Barnabus Learning Centre • Face Painting • Hair Braiding • Henna Art • Food from around the world • African Drums & Dance • Boxing Demonstrations • Belly Dancing • Pamper Zone • Free Bouncy Castle

and much, much more... The Diversity Forum

Unity in the Community is presented by the Diversity Forum Huntingdonshire. For more information please contact Anne-Marie Waterston, tel: 01480 428726

Are you interested in becoming a tenant board member for Luminus Homes? If you have an interest in our work, share our values and want to help us develop good quality services, we would like to hear from you. For further information please call Ruth Haldane on 01480 428704 or visit

Tenant Board Tenant Members Board Tenant Members Board Members

Page 15



01480 428777 General Enquiries (Luminus Group Services)

01480 428333 Service Centre Emergencies: where a vital service has broken down and is likely to cause risk to you, your family or neighbours, your home or your belongings. This will be made safe within 24 hours.

01480 428588 Neighbourhood Services

01480 428522 Revenues

01480 428521 Benefits Advice - Sue Cargill

01480 428531 Tenant Liaison Officer - Linda Bevens

01480 428541 Tenant Involvement Officer - Tracey Stone

01945 467596 Luminus Ferry Project

Between 9.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Thursday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm and Fridays 9.00 am - 4.30 pm

For reporting all repairs. Emergency repairs include: • Gas & Central Heating problems (DO NOT ring the contractors direct) • Total loss of water supply • Major water leak (which is causing a flood) • Toilet blockage or toilet not flushing (where there is no alternative toilet in use) • Blocked flue to a boiler or open fire • Total loss of electric power

General tenancy enquiries concerning mutual exchanges, changes to tenancies, garden maintenance, service charges, lettings, boundaries, anti-social behaviour, tenancy disputes and Neighbourhood Wardens. Enquiries about your rent account.

Advice about housing benefit and other benefits.

Enquiries about improvement work being done in your home.

Information about how you can become involved with Luminus Group.

Providing services to the homeless in Fenland

For help to understand this newsletter please ring 01480 428721

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Issue 29 July 2007  

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