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Luminus triumphs as the UK’s No.1 for staff wellbeing

Supremely Well-Balanced! For the second year Luminus Group has achieved outstanding national recognition as one of the UK’s 100 Best Companies To Work For, achieving 12th place (from 16th in 2008) on a prestigious list of winners. Arising from an independent survey of employees, Luminus scooped The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For award and was ranked Number 1 in the country for a good work-life balance, with a 81% positive score.

For the leadership of Group Chief Executive Chan Abraham, Luminus staff gave a top five score of 86% prompting judges to say that he “runs the company on sound moral principles” and gives “inspirational” leadership. A further 84% of staff said they had “a great deal of faith” in Mr Abraham who started the business in March 2000.

Judges were very impressed with the opportunities employees have to engage with their leaders, through fitfor purpose forums, “Take it to the Top” (where they Strong leadership get personal time with Judges said, Mr Abraham to discuss looks after the wellbeing of staff issues) and an annual “Luminus beats every other opinion survey. The company for this question and comprehensive benefits Luminus staff glow with job satisfaction”, package, including subsidised gym adding, “The key to the company’s membership and an online personal engaged workforce is strong leadership health management system, also won praise. which looks after the wellbeing of staff.”

Chan Abraham, Luminus Group Chief Executive

Everyone associated with Luminus is delighted with our national recognition as one of the UK’s Best Companies to Work For. Inspired people give inspirational service – and seek to put it right where necessary. These are tough times for everyone and the greatest challenge is leadership. There are no shortcuts to being able to inspire your people and if it doesn’t come from deep inside you then you either need to find out how you can change or get another job that uses your skills better. Uninspired leaders produce discouraged followers and UK plc is full of both. We need to change that. Luminus will continue to emphasise the value of good leaders and managers, and relentlessly pursue excellence for the benefit of others. We hope that many will feel part of our success as we continue to demonstrate a more excellent way of doing business and encourage others to do the same.

Luminus wins national award for Building Sustainable Communities

Luminus wins 3 Stars 'Extraordinary' Best Company

Luminus has triumphed at the prestigious LGC & HSJ Sustainable Communities Awards. Luminus was presented with the Building Sustainable Communities award, having been selected from a total of more than 200 entries. Luminus staff celebrate an ‘extraordinary’ result

Luminus Group has achieved outstanding national recognition as one of the UK’s Best Companies, gaining “3 STARS EXTRAORDINARY” status. Luminus received the award for its positive action in the Oxmoor region. Luminus, working in partnership with the District Council, Police and Primary Care Trusts, has made Oxmoor a safer and cleaner place to live, whilst providing essential services for residents. Luminus is now looking to the future to build upon this success. The judges stated that, “Luminus had good engagement with their partners, showing excellent consultation planning with strong links to their surrounding street scenes and using modern methods of construction with regard to energy and recycling. Following their new design, Luminus saw evidence of a reduction in anti-social behaviour.”

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Best Companies accreditation uses an independent survey of employees and a star rating system. One star is first class, two stars are outstanding and three stars are extraordinary. The key message emerging from the wideranging national survey of employees is described by Best Companies as “Faith in the Leader”. Survey results showed more clearly than ever before that companies with the highest morale, the lowest absenteeism, where people really felt proud to work, and the lowest stress levels, were where they felt they trusted their leader and that that person was engaged with them.

Group Chief Executive, Chan Abraham said he was delighted that Luminus had achieved this national award adding, “ We believe in our people and are 100% committed to them. This independent survey shows that the vast majority of our employees feel the same way about us. I strongly believe that this high level of trust and confidence is one of the reasons for Luminus Group’s continued success and excellent performance. Luminus will continue to invest in our people and our communities, to encourage others to be confident about the future and to create a sense of hope in these difficult times. If we can inspire other business leaders and their staff then we will have achieved one of our main goals of demonstrating a more excellent way.”

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Everyone associated with Luminus is delighted with our national recognition as one of the UK’s Best Companies to Work For. Inspired people g...

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