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As we all settle into a new way of living and working, Signify continues to provide unrivalled lighting solutions for every scenario.

Published by Signify – High Tech Campus 48, 5656 AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands

In this edition, you’ll find flower-inspired luminaires that bring a much-needed touch of nature into your space. Plus, discover how smart cities are developing and expanding, and what role connected lighting plays. We also discuss how our circular economy-ready luminaires are helping to build a more sustainable world. And look out for registration to our upcoming webinar, where we champion bringing the benefits of natural light indoors. For each topic, you’ll find a direct link to Signify, Philips, Color Kinetics, or Interact, so you can get more information quickly and easily. And as always, feel free to share this edition with your agency and wider community. Enjoy reading! Anissa Abbou Head of Global Professional Specification, Signify

Editor in chief Vincent Laganier Steering committee Anissa Abbou, Jaap Schuuring, Marinelle van den Munckhof Editing Point 6 Graphic design concept one/one Front cover VUE Restaurant, Singapore Lighting design Klaasen Lighting Design – KLD Photo 5th Avenue Singapore More info Speak to one of our experts Get in touch ›

Innovation in use


Systems for lighting


Innovations in use

Innovations in use

Duo of luminaires for interior design inspiration Tulip Modular Lighting Instruments’ latest range Tulip makes for the perfect couple; with two complementary, clean shapes representing two beautiful stages of a flower. Designed by Studio Kees, Tulip’s Blossom and Bloom create a cosy atmosphere with ambient light. Choose one, two, or even a bouquet of Tulips.

Innovations in use

Tulip Blossom Blossom, the modest luminaire with a soft, contained light.

Innovations in use

Tulip Blossom Light source color 927, 930 warm white Lamp 1x max. 35W Socket E27 ready for LED retrofit bulbs Beam angle C0 99,6° C90 98,7° CIE flux code 70 / 99 / 100 / 100 / 29 Ingress protection IP20 Glow wire test 960° Transfo/gear Not required Colour Black struc, white struc, gold Applications Interior lighting Web catalogue page ›

Innovations in use

Tulip Bloom Bloom, commanding attention with its wider beam of light.

Innovations in use

Tulip Bloom Light source color 927, 930 warm white Lamp 1x max. 35W Socket E27 ready for LED retrofit bulbs Beam angle 116,2° CIE flux code 57 / 95 / 100 / 100 / 39 Ingress protection IP20 Glow wire test 960° Transfo/gear Not required Colour Black struc, white struc, gold Applications Interior lighting Web catalogue page ›

Innovations in use

The right light for the right moment Luma Gen2 The latest generation of our iconic family, the Philips Luma Gen2 range was built to be easily installed, maintained and recycled, and to be applicable in almost any urban environment. Discover the Nano size: a new, cost-effective and lightweight addition. Being system ready, this luminaire enables cities to begin their journey towards smart lighting.

Five sizes available

Innovations in use

Luma Gen2






6, 10 or 20 LEDs

6, 10 or 20 LEDs

30 or 40 LEDs 10 or 20 LEDs

60 or 80 LEDs 20 or 40 LEDs

90 or 120 LEDs 150 or 180 60 or 80 LEDs

System : 720 to 5,800 lm

System 720 to 5,800 lm

System: 720 to 10,660 lm

System: 2,880 to 19,800 lm

System: 7,000 to 55,000 lm






Innovations in use

Drawing dimensions Luma Gen2


Micro, Mini, Medium














238 236








Innovations in use

Applications Luma Gen2

Innovations in use

Luma Gen2 Light recipes enable the spectrum of light to preserve a clear night sky, as well as providing optimal ecosystems for bats.

Ingress protection code IP66 [Dust penetration-protected, jetproof]

Light source color 830 warm white 740 neutral white 757 daylight 518 ClearStar WW 420 ClearStar NW 610 Clearfield

Protection class IEC

Initial chromaticity (0.382, 0.380) SDCM 5 (for 4000 K) (0.434, 0.403) SDCM 5 (for 3000 K) (0.643, 0.331) SDCM 5 (for 1000 K) Initial LED luminaire efficacy 86 to 155 lm/W Initial luminous flux 728 to 26700 lm Optic Distribution extra wide 10 Distribution medium 10 Distribution medium 11 Distribution medium 12 Distribution medium 31 Distribution medium 32 Distribution medium 50 Distribution wide 50

Safety class I Dimming Stand alone DynaDimmer DALI Lunatone Mains dimming Connectivity options Interact City, EasyAir, Watstopper motion sensor Driver Power supply unit with DynaDimmer Power supply unit with DALI and SystemReady interface and constant light output Applications Street and road lighting Web catalogue page ›

Luminaire components

Innovations in use

Luma Gen2 Opening/ closing clip

Housing Electrical connection New cable connector

LED Board

SR connector SR connector

Auto-lock stand GearFlex gear module Spigot

Gasket Spigot

Interface for safety strap


Tilt settings with 2,5 degrees precision

Innovations in use

An easier and safer maintenance process Luma Gen2 When technicians need to replace components of Luma Gen2, they simply remove the GearFlex box and make the adjustments either in their van, or back at the workshop. By being system-ready, this luminaire can be paired with smart city applications like Interact City. This delivers benefits such as light dimming, incident and presence detection, and noise and air quality monitoring. Product brochure PDF ›

Systems for lighting

Systems for lighting

How to build a smart city A phased approach to achieving smart cities How can cities reduce costs, improve sustainability, and provide better services to residents? By investing in smart infrastructure. Download this report, developed by intelligence firm Northeast Group exclusively for Signify, to learn how cities can plan their journey towards smart-city status. Online article page ›

Systems for lighting

Well-being for the win Are smart buildings also healthy buildings? The rise in smart technology is leading to more intelligent and sustainable buildings. But what about the well-being of occupants? Does a smarter building automatically deliver a higher level of well-being? Download our white paper—co-created with Smart Cities World—to learn how smart buildings can improve employee well-being. Online article page ›

Systems for lighting

Start the journey towards sustainability

extracting raw materials

Circular economy-ready luminaires

parts supply

recycle parts harvesting


refurbish distribution




What if we enable your luminaires to meet your evolving needs beyond their rated service life from start to finish – including service and repair, upgrades and replacements – while you just enjoy the best lighting performance?

Systems for lighting

Helping the planet, one luminaire at a time Five benefits of circular economy luminaires

Upgradable: longed via performance upgrades and expanded functionalities

Recyclable: Parts can be harvested for reuse; materials can be recovered with minimal waste


Easy to service:

Luminaire has the ability to interface with a system, sensor or dimmer

Energy Luminaire exceeds the ments mentioned in the EU requirements for light sources

Easy to replace critical components such as driver, control and a selection of mechanical parts

We’ve designed high-quality luminaires for outdoor and indoor use with the circular economy in mind. And, we’ve conducted life cycle assessments for every single one. Discover five significant benefits of circular economy lighting for both you, and our planet.

© Frank Tjepkema, Studio Tjep



Dynamic LED lighting becomes the view

Š 5th Avenue Singapore

VUE Restaurant OUE Bayfront, Singapore


VUE Restaurant OUE Bayfront, Singapore

Š 5th Avenue Singapore

Situated in the prestigious OUE Bayfront on Collyer Quay in Singapore, VUE attracts high-profile clients. So, Klaasen Lighting Design (KLD) was tasked with using light to provide a more comfortable and dynamic dining experience for guests. Founder and Director Martin Klaasen wanted to achieve a unique ambience with dynamic

color, using an indirect light distribution to illuminate the restaurant’s curved ceiling. Klaasen selected Color Kinetics PureStyle IntelliHue Powercore, a premium interior concealed luminaire, iPlayer 3 controller, and Data Enabler Pro to provide integrated data and power. IntelliHue was chosen because of its unique capability to precisely control a variety of white and colored light from the same luminaire.


VUE Restaurant OUE Bayfront, Singapore Lighting design Klaasen Lighting Design – KLD Luminaires Color Kinetics PureStyle IntelliHue Powercore Lighting systems Color Kinetics iPlayer 3 Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro

© 5th Avenue Singapore

Online project page ›


151 N Franklin St Chicago, Illinois, USA

Š Caleb Tkach

Organic serenity in a concrete jungle


ESI Design designed a light trellis, called ‘Sensing Change’, which was developed and implemented by upLIGHT and fabricated by Dimensional Worldwide. Live data feeds power to the installation,

creating a unique and continuously changing display; 390 bars of light play patterns and colors shaped by the local weather. Made of brushed metal fins housing 500 Color Kinetics iColor Accent Compact and Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2 direct view luminaires, it features both 4000 K fixtures and RGB fixtures. © Caleb Tkach

The owners of 151 N Franklin Street tower in Chicago were concerned that the terrace felt unwelcoming. So, they decided to transform it into a digital experience.


151 N Franklin St Chicago, Illinois, USA Experience design ESI Design, an NBBJ studio, and upLIGHT Lighting design upLIGHT Architect of record Adamson Associates Luminaires Color Kinetics iColor Accent Compact Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2

© Caleb Tkach

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NYPA brings smart street lighting to the State of New York New York Power Authority New York, USA


Smart Street Lighting NY was launched in early 2018 by Governor Andrew Cuomo with an ambition to replace at least half of New York’s one million streetlights with energyefficient and sustainable alter­ natives.

Through the program, NYPA provides financial, logistical, technical, and informational support to help cities upgrade their street lighting to connected LED. Interact City IoT lighting software gives municipalities the option of leveraging the connected street lighting system to deploy smart solutions citywide.


“As we implemented Smart Street Lighting NY, we came to understand that these systems are no longer used just to illuminate roads. They are in fact vertical assets that can be utilized for smart city deployment.” Gil Quiniones, President and CEO, NYPA Case study PDF ›



Bringing the benefits of natural light indoors

Live on Thursday Oct 22, 2020 4:00 pm cet/10:00 am edt Cristina Tanase General Manager NatureConnect, Signify Online webinar ›

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