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Welcome to Luminate! Tena koe. Nga mihi atu ki a koutou. Nau mai, haere mai, karanga mai! Welcome to Luminate, an earth-friendly festival of music, dance, arts and culture with a focus on environmental sustainability, intentional community, knowledge sharing, creativity, inspiration and celebration. If you haven’t been before, let this booklet entice you to join us for our 6th exciting year in 2013. Luminate is renowned for delivering an impressive program of live & electronic music, inspirational workshops, environmental initiatives, and even life-changing experiences! At the very least it’s a great place to have a holiday, make new friends and meet like minded people. The festival runs for 8 days, with 5 zones of music and 5 zones of workshops, plus many other features. We hope this booklet will enlighten you about this very unique event, filled with people of all ages who gather from throughout Aotearoa-New Zealand and from many places around the planet.

Luminate Festival at Canaan Downs

“Luminate has established itself as the must do, alternative festival of the Nelson-Tasman Region” Wild Tomato, May 2012 2

Night scene of live stage at Luminate Festival

The magic land of Canaan Downs nestles high up in the Pikikirunga mountain range, above the hustle of daily lives. A place where we can reconnect to nature and revitalise mind, body & spirit. The layout of the festival is aligned with sacred geometry to resonate closely with the harmonics of nature, and the setting is stunning: karst rock formations surrounded by native beech forest. Luminate synchronises with the ancient seasonal festival of Lughnasadgh (“lunasah”), midway between summer solstice and autumn equinox, a potent time to give thanks to the earth mother for her nurture and abundance. There is much to find out about the wide range of activities at Luminate. Enjoy reading this booklet, browse our website (, join us on facebook, and get to know us. We look forward to welcoming you to Luminate Festival; we invite you to shine your light!

“A family friendly event immersed in rhythms of peace, love and friendship… children amongst adults cutting the dust on the dancefloor, a clear sign the alcohol ban was a good move. It was a truly wonderful experience for my family, we will be there early for 2013!” Bianca Dias, participant, Luminate 2012


Words from Luminate Trust Five years of Luminate have sped by, and as we look towards our sixth we are excited by the future potential and are very appreciative of all that has been achieved so far. The festival has been growing in numbers and quality of production each year, and we’re delighted that Luminate has established such a great following and reputation. Festivals can play an important role in strengthening community, enriching the cutural diversity of a region, and creating a wide range of opportunities for participation, networking and social interactions. Knowledge-sharing aspects can empower people with skills to improve their quality of life and benefit the wider community. Whilst embracing these aspects, Luminate also offers a unique chance to enjoy a diversity of world-class music, and creates a space for the celebration of life as we reconnect with nature in a loving and respectful way. One intention behind Luminate is to raise awareness by showing functional alternatives of how to live in a caring way that is conscious of the earth’s finite resources. The simple choices of how we spend our time and money are powerful ways to activate change, and when aligned with sustainable pathways these choices support nature in co-creating healthy, natural abundance for all life forms. We are not perfect; this is a work in progress as knowledge and alternatives become more available. Canaan Downs native beech forest


Earth-friendly community at Luminate

We believe that growing healthy organic food in a sustainable way, building with natural materials, living simply, re-using resources, composting to return nutrients to the land, trading with local goods and services, taking time for friends, family, creativity and knowledge sharing, are all fundamental ways to build resilient, self reliant communities that can thrive for future generations. Everyone is a valued participant at Luminate, from ticket buyers to musicians, volunteers and children, as together we are co-creating an example of harmonious community, choosing sacred action in a contemporary paradigm with roots connecting back to our ancestors and open-hearted vibrations rippling into the future. The Trustees of Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust would like to express their gratitude to funding partners, crew, volunteers, supporters, contributors & festival participants, Huriawa, Papatuanuku, and to all members of the Canaan Downs Collective for being kaitiaki of the land. Aroha x Jules Harper, Trustee LFEST, Festival Director Rita Davies, Trustee LFEST, Festival Director 5

Earth Friendly Luminate’s environmental initiatives permeate all strands of the festival, and many are working examples which anyone can utilize in their daily lives. Do you know what makes Luminate Earth-Friendly? • No rubbish bins or recycling facilities on site - be prepared to pack out what you bring in and leave no trace • Market traders do not use disposable plates & cups, or sell any drinks in cans or plastic bottles, so remember to bring your own plates, cups, cutlery and water container • Our composting toilets create a resource, feeding trees and returning nutrients to the land. There is a composting area for all food scraps • We use natural and recycled materials and re-use resources for infrastructure and décor, wherever possible • Eco/solar showers, earth oven, 2 solar powered PAs • Earth-friendly products used for showers dishwashing & cleaning • Printing is all on eco paper • Family friendly, non-alcohol event • All cafés run by Luminate are Organic and vegetarian • Our clean environment strategies significantly minimise waste and conserve resources.

Shift Happens

At Luminate we believe that toilet matter isn’t waste, it’s a resource. The planet desperately needs nutrients returned to the earth so that the soil can be healthy and plants can flourish. Composting of toilet matter completes the natural cycle. Over the years we have developed the composting toilets at Luminate Festival to be safe, effective and smell-free. This way we all create a wonderful resource to feed the Canaan Downs land. We recommend reading The Humanure Handbook, by Joseph Jenkins, for detailed information on composting toilets, especially if you need to take a shift ; ) 6

Music Overview Luminate has a solid reputation for delivering a stunning line up of international and Kiwi artists. Welcoming a wide range of musical diversity spread over 7 days and 5 zones, Luminate offers a stimulating mix of live acts and contemporary electronic music. Ganga Giri at Luminate 2012 Find your rhythm at the Live Stage with global musicians, live bands, fusion and electronic producers; get your fix of cutting edge dance music at the Electronic Zone; go primal with the drums and indigenous instruments of Tribal; take it horizontal in the Chillout Lounge with down-tempo grooves and performers; or bring an instrument and join in the fun at the Village Stage.

This booklet gives a brief overview of the flavours of each music stage at Luminate 2013. For more details and to keep up to date with line-up announcements, check out our website:

You may also like to subscribe to our free online newsletter, to be the first to receive music updates and exciting news on all things Luminating. A full program of scheduled music will be released in January.

The Barons of Tang at Luminate 2012


Live Stage Luminate’s main stage features a world-class line-up of exceptionally talented live bands and musicians from NZ and around the world. Genres include World Grooves, Gypsy, Celtic, Maori, Pacific, Folk, Roots, Reggae, Dub, Soul, Funk, Nu-Jazz, Exotic beats and Tribal rhythms.

Pacific Curls at Luminate 2012

Enjoying music being performed live in a beautiful, natural environment is an incredible experience, and often generates an amazingly uplifting atmosphere. We are fortunate to be able to bring an awesome range of live music to Luminate thanks to the generous support of the artists. Many of these musicians also contribute to other aspects of the festival, such as hosting workshops or playing alternative sets. Live Stage is also home to fusion artists who skillfully merge live instruments with digital technology to forge new and exciting, integrated pathways of musical creativity and performance. Late at night you will find the finest international producers of cutting-edge electronic music, who create complex, exquisite, multi-layered soundscapes using an array of computers, synthesizers, samplers, fx units and other mind-boggling devices to keep you dancing and smiling till sunrise - expect an eclectic, flowing journey through Dub, Breaks, Psytrance, Minimal Tech, Progressive, House, Dubstep, Glitch-hop, Electro-swing, Esoteric beats and lots more... 8

Every evening our circus performers will mesmerize you with stunning fire & uv shows, or acts of visual trickery and dexterity, whilst the VJ & lighting team will add colour and movement to enhance the atmospherics of the night. Live stage runs continuously from Friday 11am to midnight on Monday. Whether you love greeting the mornings with laid back tunes or atmospheric beats; grooving in the day-time to intricate rhythms and instruments from around the world; joining the crowds in the evening for a big night out dancing to live bands and fusion artists; or staying out all night under the stars with the electronic producers; whatever your tastes and rhythms, let the Live Stage music entrance you. With a carefully selected schedule of original, quality music full of creative diversity and positive intent, it’s worth keeping an open mind at Luminate and checking out artists you’ve never heard of or don’t usually listen to – you may be pleasantly surprised!

Adham Shaikh at Luminate 2011

“To be surrounded by pristine beech forest added to the sacredness of the event along with the wonderfully creative layout of each zone. We had a fantastic time dancing to top class acts & hope to be there again next year.” Geoff Williams, participant Luminate 2012 9

Electronic Zone The E-Zone will deliver fun, playful and inspirational music to energise and uplift your body and soul, at anytime of the day or night! From Thursday evening to sunrise on Tuesday, we take you through a tantalizing taste of the most current styles of dance music, from House, Minimal Techno, Progressive, Psytrance, Dub, Dubstep, Glitch, Funk, to Gypsy, Swing, World Grooves and more.

E-zone luminate 2012

This is a 100% dedicated Electronic Music Zone tucked in beside the beautiful Canaan Downs beech forest, with decorations inspired by nature and aligned with sacred geometry. We are presenting some of New Zealand’s finest producers, DJs and VJs from throughout the north and south islands, along with some very well renowned international guests joining us for the ride. A carefully selected schedule will ensure a flowing journey composed of a wide range of rhythms and sonic manipulations, with deep pulsing bass and cutting edge production. Let the music inspire you to get into the groove and forget about the stresses of “normal” life for a while. Have fun on the dancefloor, express yourself through your own dance, whatever it may be, or just chill-out in the e-zone café with a cuppa, while the beats wash over you to replenish your spirit. Come and immerse yourself in what the E-Zone has to offer at Luminate 2013! 10

Tribal Zone Tribal brings the ancient to the now, in a universal melting pot of global culture. Honoring the elements of earth and spirit and the cycles, together we create earthen music and dance, celebrating as our ancestors have done for time beyond memory. By day Tribal provides the space for some of Luminate’s Knowledge and Inspirational Sharing Sessions (K.I.S.S.) offering activities such as African drumming and dance, didgeridoo, harakeke (Maori weaving crafts), percussion, world voice, drum maintenance and more.

Tribal zone at Luminate 2012.

By night Tribal becomes a high energy drum circle, fire dancing jam zone, and a playground for all where the boundaries between performers and audience dissolve. Bring your drums, your toys and your open heart. Kick off your shoes and feel the pulse of the earth. Our collective heartbeat is the entrancing rhythm of the drums. Tribal runs from Thurs 10pm until midnight on Wednesday. “Luminate was the most positive renewing uplifting spiritual experience I have had. The tribal zone was a constant reminder of those who had gone before me, and the me that is now...A place of return. A place where strangers became very close loved ones.� Mary Bell, Luminate 2012

Drumming workshop at tribal


Chill Out Lounge Enjoy a mug of chai or a bliss ball while soothing soundscapes permeate your cells and encourage a heightened state of quantum relaxation. Allow sonic tapestries of blissful ambient, downbeat, or otherwise horizontallyinclined music to relax you... While generally in super-cruise mode, spontaneous bursts of slowmotion, groovy dancing may prove a bit infectious and hard to resist‌ A comfortable space to relax and unwind, enjoy talented musicians from around the world or DJs mixing ethnic beats and downtempo grooves, while a fun mix of performers and renegade shows entertain in the evenings. Bellydance entertainment in the chill lounge

Pop into the Chill Out Lounge anytime, day or night, and you may find yourself up close with some of the headline musicians jamming out an alternative set in this informal, intimate atmosphere. The Chill Cafe, run by Luminate Trust, serves a range of Organic teas and munchies, and opens on Wed 30th Jan. Music in the Chill Lounge runs from Thurs 10pm untilThurs 10pm until midnight on Wednesday.

People love chillin’ in the chill


Village Stage At the heart of the market, the village stage hosts musicians, singers, dancers, clowns, storytellers, jugglers, acrobats and costume characters. It’s an open-mic style stage, and whether a seasoned professional, or up-and-coming talent, all are welcome, from children to seniors. All who are interested in showcasing their musical gifts or performance, suitable for the ambience of the Village, may register at the Village stage. You will have a happy audience as participants browse the market and enjoy refreshments. Note: only music which you have the right to perform can be accepted, “covers� are not permitted.

Mudfaery Soup on Village Stage


We bring you movies and documentary films to enlighten and inspire. You can expect a variety of topics from crop circles to quantum physics, from natural health to planetary healing. In our choice of movies we endeavor to find the right balance between information and inspiration, awakening and solutions. Bring a warm rug, grab a chai and settle in to enjoy entertaining and stimulating viewing. The movies will screen each evening in Marama from 9pm until late. 13

Knowledge and Inspirational Sharing Sessions (K.I.S.S.) Luminate’s vision is to share knowledge, express creativity, invoke healing, and discover contemporary and traditional arts and culture. It’s a space of celebration and connection, empowering us with new skills to benefit our own lives and our community. Knowlegde and Inspirational Sharing Sessions at Luminate 2012

This is where K.I.S.S. comes in – a full schedule of workshops and activities spanning five zones and covering a plethora of topics. From permaculture, alternative energy, yoga, qi gong, sacred geometry, mayan calendar, harakeke/weaving, holistic health, to music production, poetry and songwriting. Are you keen to hone your communication skills, or free up your body with dance or yoga? Do you need to know how to grow your veggies organically, or what to do when sewerage systems fail? Maybe you just want to listen to the legends of this fine land, Aotearoa, or learn alternative healing techniques. Yoga workshops always popular at Luminate


Many workshops are presented by our musical performers, sharing their passion and expertise. Learn from expert didgeridoo players, drummers, and electronic music producers who perform to audiences around the world, and enjoy getting into the Luminate spirit by freely sharing their creative and technical skills.

African dance workshops in the tribal zone at Luminate 2012

A full schedule of workshops will be released in January. You may also like to subscribe to our free online newsletter, to receive KISS updates and exciting news on all things Luminating. Workshops run each day 8am – 8pm , from Thursday 31st Jan – Wednesday 6th Feb. For more details on the workshop presenters and topics for Luminate 2013, visit.

“It’s a great opportunity to experience so many diverse workshops, and we treasure the invaluable knowledge gained. Luminate is a very important medium for social exchange of knowledge, growth & creativity which we are lucky to have in our region.” Lisa Williams, paticipant Luminate 2012 15

The Flaming-Juggle-Poi-Toy Zone

The Flaming JPTZ hosts a spectacular array of fire, uv and luminous performers each night, and by day offers an extensive program of circus style workshops catering for all ages and abilities. Ever wanted to walk a slack line (a bit like a bouncy tightrope), learn to juggle, hula hoop, ride a unicycle, crack a whip, twirl a staff or dance with fire poi? Some of New Zealand’s finest performers and teachers of circus skills join together for Luminate, sharing their knowledge and offering team-taught workshops, inspiration, fun and stunning performances. Alongside the beautiful beech forest, with the groovy sounds of global music from the live stage nearby, it’s a great place for families to play together and not miss a beat. Sessions in the morning offer kids the chance to explore and increase their skills on a daily basis, while afternoon sessions are open to adults too.At night, in between scheduled Fire performance at the performances, JPTZ, luminate 2012 you can even try practicing your new moves in poi, staff and clubs with fire!! Here, in our popular and supervised ‘virgin burner’ slot, you are given support and advice of the safety measures practiced by professionals. Prepare to learn a lot, play a lot and be thoroughly entertained! A full schedule of JPTZ workshops will be released in January. In the meantime, for more details and updates on the JPTZ for Luminate

2013 go to

“I’ve been deeply influenced by the attitudes, the welcoming and accepting atmosphere, as well as the friendships that have been formed as a consequence of going to Luminate. Seeing the talent and fun had by the performers inspired me to continue, and passionately pursue fire spinning.” Ryan Walker, Luminate 2012


Hauora – Healing Hub The Healing Hub – Hauora offers a wide range of alternative health therapies, such as massage, reflexology and reiki, as well as a daily schedule of holistic, health-related and consciousnessexpanding workshops. Our aim is to provide an empowering, uplifting and deeply Peaceful location for the healing hub nurturing healing space where alternative health practitioners apply their wisdom, knowledge and skills to help bring our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states back into balance. Approved healers pass an application process to ensure a high quality of service is offered to festival participants at all times. In addition, a hand-built roundhouse offers a comfortable space for all to share healings for free. Take the time to unwind in the sanctuary of Hauora, an activated healing space which we provide for the benefit of all those who seek a return to joy, health and wholeness. A full schedule of Hauora workshops will be released in January. In the meantime, for more details and updates on the Healing Hub at Luminate 2013, visit “Luminate was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed providing the rebirthing breath work workshops. And they were particulary powerful experiences for some people given the beautiful healing energy created by the Luminate experience, on the crystal mountain.” Emma Skellern, Luminate 2012

Haurora a place for healing


The Village Market Luminate’s market is the central happening ‘home’ of the festival, offering quality, yummy healthy food, a range of wonderful products, and entertainment from the Village Stage. It’s a great place to catch up with friends over a mouth-watering meal, coffee, juice or snack, and for parents to relax while the children enjoy a variety of activities.

Eds Juicebar at Luminate 2012

Local arts and crafts provide a fascinating browsing or shopping experience, with many unique goods and treasures to find, including jewelry, fire/juggling toys, gemstones, paintings, pottery, second hand goods, new and recycled clothes, and more. Looking for a new party outfit? Luminate market may be just the place to find a super cool score! Luminate’s market offers delicious and nutritious menus from around the world. Our Kai Organic café serves a variety of healthy organic vegetarian meals from morning to night. The beautiful Cob Pizza Oven offers tasty, wood-fired, organic pizzas made to order. A wide variety of food outlets are carefully selected to offer a stimulating range of options to keep your taste-buds happy. Remember, bring your own plate, cup & cutlery; market traders at Luminate do not give out disposables, and there are no rubbish bins or recycling. Composting and dishwashing facilities are provided. Earth oven, wood-fired pizza

“I felt completely at home amongst friendly relaxed people. I think one of the best things about the festival, was you could just be yourself. The food was yummy and very reasonably priced and I love it that you had to take your own plate etc – packaging is one of my pet hates!!” Glenys Robertson, participant, Luminate 2012 18

Children, Teens & Families At Luminate, children and teenagers are an integral part of the festival. As an alcohol-free event, Luminate is a safe, supportive space with its relaxed pace, friendly atmosphere and beautiful, natural environment. Many of the workshops are suitable for all ages, whilst we also program specific activities aimed at the younger ones – circus skills at the Juggle-poi-toy zone; music, arts, crafts and nature workshops, and much more. Children are welcome to book a slot on the Village stage, and families love cruising around the land on their bikes.

Games and fun for the kids at Luminate 2012

Discounted tickets are available for 14-18yr olds, and kids under 14 gain free admission. From babies to 97 year olds, all ages merge together, enjoying a good dance to music, or feasting on yummy food at the Market. Luminate Festival proves to be a great place for a family holiday; a beautiful campsite, with a broad range of activities and entertainment thrown in! Families enjoy this magical time together as we co-create an example of sustainable community. “This is a wonderful event for families. I would recommend Luminate to any parent whose teenager wants to have a first festival experience.� Martine Bouillir, Councillor, TDC


Festival Information Dates:

Wed 30th Jan: Gates open10am. Settle in, set up camp. Thurs 31st Jan: Workshops, Hauroa, JPTZ and Market begin 10am. Festival Opening Ceremony at sunset. Tribal, E-zone & Chill open 10pm. Fri 1st Feb: Live stage opens 10am. All zones open. Sat 2nd - Mon 4th Feb: All zones open. Live Stage closes midnight Monday. Tues 5th Feb: E-zone closes at sunrise. Chill & Tribal remain open. Wed 6th Feb: Last day of workshops, healing and market. Closing ceremony at sunset. Chill & Tribal close at midnight. The Info Hub: is a central place at the festival to get the latest news and updates on all things Luminating. Also found here are a site map, lost and found property, emergency communications. Cell phone coverage: is unreliable at Canaan and mostly non-existent. Eftpos service: at certain times of day only, again not always reliable due to location. No alcohol or dogs; Thankyou for your cooperation in this. Vehicles may be required to be searched to gain admission. Any alcohol found will be confiscated and not returned. Sorry, we can’t allow dogs or other pets.

Camping & Facilities The extensive camping area in Canaan Downs means that there’s plenty of space for friends and family to park up together, and quiet places well away from the event’s activities. Amenities include composting toilets and eco showers. Camping is a pleasure at Canaan

Canaan has pure mountain spring water, please conserve it at all times. You are responsible for your own rubbish and must pack it out with you. There are no rubbish bins or recycling on site. Keep in mind, if you do create a decorated space around your campsite, that everything needs to be tidied away and left as nature would have left it. Leave no trace.


What to bring? • Tent, shade and shelter • Warm bedding • Clothes for sun protection, sunhat • Warm clothes for cold nights and a raincoat • A torch with spare batteries • Plates / cups / cutlery / refillable water bottle • Containers to put any rubbish & Family camping & bikes are great fun recycling into, to take off site with you • Earth-friendly dishwashing liquid and shower products • Other camping gear eg folding chairs, warm rug • Your bicycle • Whatever medications you may need • Enough cash for your needs • A spirit of self-reliance and positivity

Bring what you need

Where to take your rubbish & recyclables Both Takaka and Motueka have rubbish and re-cycling stations situated just outside the town centres, (signposted on road between Takaka and Pohara, and road leaving Motueka towards Nelson). As there are no rubbish bins or recycling at Luminate, you will need to be prepared to pack out what you bring in and leave no trace. Consider leaving excess packaging at home, or even better avoid buying products in packaging in the first place! 21

Travel & Location Nelson is the closest city, less than 2 hours drive to the festival site. The towns of Takaka and Motueka are on either side of Takaka Hill, and less than 1 hours drive to the festival. We are approximately 4 hours drive from the ferry at Picton. Cannan Downs is approx 10 kms along Cannan Rd which joins SH60 at the top of Takaka Hill, half way between Motueka and Takaka. Canaan Rd is a narrow, winding, gravel road, so caution and low speeds are required. Buses run between Nelson and Takaka. They will drop you at the Canaan Rd junction if you request this in advance. Phone Golden Bay Coachlines to make arrangements (see p34).You would then have to hitch a ride, as walking the 10km road is not recommended. You can arrange sharing lifts in advance by posting on various car-pooling websites, or on the Luminate facebook page.

View from the top of Canaan Road


Tickets Tickets to Luminate cover camping for 8 days, admission to the festival, entrance to workshops, access to all activities & amenities, plus a contribution to the sustainable land management of Canaan Downs. Big thanks to everyone who buys tickets and actively participates in cocreating Luminate – you are awesome! We look forward to gathering with you all very soon.

Where to buy Tickets Local Shops: Auckland: Cosmic Christchurch: Cosmic Dunedin: Cosmic Greymouth: i-Site Motueka: i-Site

Nelson: i-Site Takaka: Golden Bay Organics Wanaka: i-Site Wellington: Cosmic Online:

• Early Birds $185 , limited numbers (10th Oct – 20th Dec 2012) • Standard pre-sale $225 (21st Dec 2012 – 30th Jan 2013) • Gate sales $250 (from 30th Jan 2013) • Youth (14 - 18 yrs) $85 (from 15th Sept 2012- 30th Jan 2013) Note: All 16yrs and under must be accompanied by an adult guardian attending the Festival. Photo I.D./proof of age is required to gain admission with a Youth ticket, and may be required for adult guardians. • Children (0 - 13yrs) free admission • Seniors (75yrs+) free admission Early Bird, youth, children and senior tickets are subsidised by Luminate Festival Trust, with additional support from our funding partners including Positive Futures Trust. Note: Your wristband must be worn at all times during the festival and clearly visible. Anyone found on site without a valid ticket & wristband will be fined, and may be prosecuted for trespassing. Vehicles may be required to be searched to gain admission. Refer to the Luminate website for all terms and conditions of tickets and admission.













Thanks to the advertisers in this booklet. We recommend checking out what they have to offer. Enjoy your holiday in Golden Bay and Nelson-Tasman. Thanks to all the businesses, media partners, ticket outlets and sponsors who are supporting Luminate 2013.

This booklet is printed on eco-paper with non-gmo vegetable based inks.


Luminate ~ Taste it! With an expanding menu of summer festivals, why choose Luminate? What makes it unique from the other fabulous feasts of events on offer? For starters, Luminate has its own sense of timing, positioned to be energetically in sync with seasonal rhythms; the beginning of February is the halfway point between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. This was traditionally honored by Celtic communities as Lughnasadh (Lunasa), a time to gather, share and celebrate in grateful awareness for the nourishing gifts from Mother Earth. It marks the beginnings of the bounty of the summer harvest, a much-anticipated transition in the seasonal food available, and is also acknowledged by Maori and other cultures living closely with nature. Indeed it seems the whole festival is powered by the paradigm-shifting qualities of yin; co-operation, supportive well-being and intuitive holistic connections, with women in many of the key roles. Assisted by the ‘yang’ structures, technology and outward energy, the festival brings mindfulness to the balance and unity of these equal polarities within us. The guiding principles of Luminate provide an environment where we can be the very best of ourselves; vision and action towards ecological sustainability, zero-waste, non-alcohol and family-friendly, within an expressive array of cooperative creativity. The essence of Luminate is also inspired by the potential of co-creative consciousness. Or in other words...“Now that we found love, what are we going to do with it?”…For the first time, 2012’s Luminate facilitated ‘Activate’, a powerful gathering circle to set intent and visualize, unifying abundant heart energy with holistic physics to experiment/experience the inseparable relationship between spirit and matter. The site layout of Luminate has been designed on a sacred geometric universal blueprint, the ‘template of compassion’, utilizing the golden phi ratio and the rhombic tricontahedron, which accentuates our interconnectedness throughout the macro to micro-cosmic levels; this contributes to the cohesive ambiance while providing a pivotal portal for ceremony and future-thinking dynamics. On top of this profound foundation, with reverence to the ‘crystal mountain’ and its native beech forest, there are simply oodles of fun to be had! Fantastic music and dancing, inspiration and learning, and time for self and others with friends past, present and future (it’s all one!). Are you tempted to taste diverse new flavors? And maybe add your own... vanilla is nice, but for a bit more spice, I recommend savoring the delights of Luminate! Written by marsha jones, golden bay, 2012 36

The Significance of Festivals Throughout time and culture, all around the planet, people have gathered for celebrations and rituals involving music and dance. On this fact alone, we could reasonably suggest that such events must be of vital significance to humanity. So why are such gatherings important to us? I can only talk of my own experiences and ideas, of my own glimpses of the worlds beyond the veil of mundane reality. For reasons perhaps more resonant to the instinct than the intellect, more grounded in mystery than in economics, it seems that we gather to connect to something much bigger than ourselves. Festivals certainly seem to provide good fuel for evolution. There is magic of the ages played out in music and dancing with common intention, and once tasted, is never forgotten.... I believe it is because of our potential to create a shared experience of that ancient magic of life and beyond, that we continue to dance and gather together. Something about dancing and music seems to weave an alchemy that affects the dimension of feeling. Connecting with it gives an overwhelming feeling of belonging and inner peace. As we deepen our dance, as we move into the connection with the moment through the music, we begin to build a charge. The charge gathers momentum, builds like a wave, and like a fire can build to a raging inferno of energy. Dancers and musicians synchronise, connecting with magic and music, inspiring those around them. And for an eternal fleeting moment, we receive a taste of the pure freedom and inspiration that simply is at the cutting edge of creation. I am currently working on a film that looks into these concepts, featuring footage from Luminate 2011 and interviews with many of its contributors. My website is AJ Hickling, music producer, drummer and filmmaker.

Luminate Eco-Doco – It’s the Shift!

Featuring interviews from festival organisers, musicians, presenters and performers, with highlights from the previous two years, this short 8 minute documentary provides an insight into environmental initiatives and the motivation behind Luminate Festival. We would like to thank the Nelson Environment Center and the TDC for their support and funding contributions; AJ Hickling, Charlie Fox, Jay Horton and Steffan Lorenz for filming; and Pheye Creative for editing and production. The doco is available to view online at 37

Canaan Downs Collective Canaan Downs is one of New Zealand’s most iconic, natural outdoor venues, and has a rich history of music events, going back to The Gathering of the late 1990s-early 2000 era, and more recently the Canaan Downs Festivals and Luminate. The Canaan Downs Collective formed in 2011, and raised sufficient funds to purchase the land to become responsible kaitiaki-guardians of this beautiful space. This project is an example of cooperative land ownership, sustainable land management, community participation and innovative environmental initiatives. The aims and objectives of the Canaan Downs Collective include: • manage the land in an environmentally friendly manner • assist regeneration of the beech forest • protect and enhance the biodiversity of the native flora and fauna • ensure that Canaan Downs remains available and accessible to our communities for events which are in harmony with the land and our vision • establish food growing initiatives • provide a sanctuary for at risk endemic species Canaan Downs covers 200 acres, with approximately half in native beech forest and half in open grassland. The geomorphology includes karst (limestone) features and marble/quartz outcrops. The land contains some of the oldest rock formations in New Zealand, and sits at around 2000ft in the Pikikirunga mountain range. Currently there are 37 members in the Collective, which includes people from all over New Zealand, a few living overseas, and Luminate Festival Trust.

Canaan beech forest

There are opportunities available for people who are aligned with our aims and objectives to become involved. Be inspired to join us as we co-create this collective vision, continuing the legacy of this unique and amazing land. For more info, email


Luminate Crew

We acknowlegde the considerable efforts and dedication from all our crew and volunteers who have helped to manifest Luminate over the years. Special thanks to: adriana (workshops, funding & jules’ pa) * aj (filming & tribal) * al, ian, linda, lyndsay (tribal) * andre lightstyle (web design) * ben rgb, tope (lighting) * carey, steady, tarnz (gate crew) * carolyn & bomun (healing zone) * chelle (info hub) * cynthia (workshops décor) * dion (site guardian crew) * ed & amira (village stage) * emma & bronwyn (trustees) * gayle (volunteer coordinator) * graeme (eco amenities crew) * grange (ceremony & firewood crew) * grellis, clayton sacral, hugh, flow (sounds) * hannah, lucy, manu, sage (various help) * helen (resource manager) * isaac (audio workshops) * jason (movies) * jay pheye (video & graphic design) * jen (live stage design) * jenny, sruti (kai organic) * josh, jimmy, enfys, clavey (e-zone) * ngaire, wyatt (chill) * nikki & emma (jptz) * oli okiwa (signwriter & tribal) * redwood (shamanic poetree) * rewi (tdc liaison & renegade) * rob (facebook) * roo, roni, john, rachael, bex (live stage construction) * rose (editing) * sacha (promotions) * sara j, bruna (artist liaison) * sarah (village market) * selena (village market, e- zone café & rita’s pa) * sijay metamedia (graphic design) * starlight & owen (live stage) * suzi & lars (pizza) * tamal (engineering & firewood) * wendy seafront (graphic design) * wendy c, pete s, dan, ra, justin, pete j, ian d (electrics/plumbing/building) * Photography credits: alan jansson, charlie fox, emma tree, krissy jensen, lisa bound, steffan lorenz, talita walterfang. Big thanks to all other crew past and present, you are very much appreciated. Respect to all the musicians, performers, healers and workshop presenters who share their skills and creativity with such passion. Gratitude from jules, production coordinator rita, site coordinator



Luminate Festival Booklet 2013  
Luminate Festival Booklet 2013  

For a glimpse into Luminate Festival, we hope you enjoy reading this booklet. Luminate is an earth-friendly festival of music, dance, arts a...