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HVAC APU’s Solution for MIL

HVAC Systems and Mobile Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

TI-7 Tent Air Conditioning Operation areas: Refrigerant: Refrigerant charge: Cooling capacity: Heating capacity: Air current, free: - Condenser: - Evaporator: Operating voltage: Fuse size, power supply: Switchboard: Weight: NATO code:

Unit Cooling/Heating/Air circulation R 134 a 1,9 kg 7000 W +10 °C/+55 °C 7000 W 3400 m³/h 3400 m³/h 400 V 16 A IP44 200 kg 4120580005212

Lumikko Lumikko is a Scandinavian leading Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system manufacture for Armed Personnel Carriers (APC) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV). In addition to Vehicle HVAC systems Lumikko is specialized to manufacture Modular Auxiliary Power systems (APU) for several Military applications. Lumikko has over 40 years experience and deep know-how in design, R&D and manufacture of HVAC systems and Modular APU generators for severe Military applications. In manufacturing process Lumikko uses selected high quality components from well-known reliable suppliers. Lumikko Military solutions are tested according to strict EMC – mechanical and reliability Military requirements and extreme ambient conditions, from -46 °C up to +55 °C. All Lumikko Military solutions fulfill all quality standards and Military requirements. Lumikko has delivered thousands of reliable, high quality HVAC and APU solutions for the toughest environment conditions. Lumikko is trusted, long-term cooperation partner for several wellknown international military equipment manufacturers. Through it’s proven military solutions Lumikko is known of it’s flexibility, state of the art development tools, fully equipped temperature test facilities, capability to develop rapidly tailor-made systems to meet specific customer demands also in niche series. Lumikko provides to APC and IFV users comfortable conditions in driver’s cabin and troop compartments in all ambient conditions.

The Portfolio of Lumikko Includes: --HVAC Systems for Rail Vehicles --Portable Auxiliary Power Units --Vehicle Installed Auxiliary Power Units --Vehicle HVAC Systems --Container HVAC&R Systems --Mobile HVAC Units for Tents and Containers.

LUVK4B Portable Aggregate General information: Aggregate power: Voltages and Frequency: Engine: Generator: EMC: Vibration: Water test for IPx4: Noise level: Weight: NATO code:

Operating temperature area -40 °C...+40 °C Fuel 95E gasoline 4KVA cos phi 1 (continuous), 6KVA (temporary) According STANAG 4135 Honda GX390 GTS 1-phase 6 KVA IP54 IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-3 IEC 60068-2-64, IEC 60068-2-27, IEC 60068-2-6 IEC 60529 According SFS-EN 11200 104 kg 6115580005211

Lumikko – A Specialist in Temperature Control Founded in the 1970s, Lumikko Oy is a privately owned company in Seinäjoki, Finland, focusing on the manufacture on temperature control units for foodstuff transportation vehicles. The company has manufactured Lumikko branded temperature control units since 1972. Since the 1990s, Lumikko products have been exported to the Nordic countries and most EU countries, while our contract service stations cover most of the EU. In addition to transport temperature control units, we design and manufacture air conditioning and heating equipment as customerspecific projects and auxiliary power machinery for moving vehicles such as personnel carriers, trains, transport vehicles and machines. Furthermore, our product range includes tailored water coolers and oil coolers, and portable air conditioning equipment.

Lumikko Oy P.O. Box 304, Roveksentie 18 FI-60510 Seinäjoki, Finland tel. + 358 10 835 5400 fax + 358 6 414 1921

Lumikko HVAC - APU's Solution for MIL - EN  
Lumikko HVAC - APU's Solution for MIL - EN  

HVAC APU's Solution for MIL